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2008 Foreword from Mark Joyner
ark, why did you let go out of print? I can't undererstand why someone with a best-selling book would want to stop selling it.” “ I’ve been asked that many times, and I guess the short answer is that “money isn’t everything.” It’s a trite cliché, but one that fits.



At the time I thought that teaching people about the loop-holes in the human mind that allow people to be manipulated was, while not inherently wrong (it can most certainly be used for both good or evil), not the best place to begin teaching people about marketing. A more wholesome starting point is outlined in the next book I wrote: The Irresistible Offer. In it, I teach people something new in the lexicon of business, but blindingly obvious – that is that the “Core Imperative of Business” is to make an offer. That all business is merely a quid pro quo – a this for that – an exchange of value between parties. To really do business well – don’t dress up your offer – just make one that is so obviously beneficial to your prospect that he’d be crazy to pass it up. An obvious truth, but one that is not taught in business school. Instead, we focus too much on the art and artifice of marketing. We focus too much on smoke and mirror to make our offers seem like they are more than they really are. And that is what is wrong with Mind Control Marketing as a concept. The ideas are



Yes, I could have continued to sell the book, but I didn’t believe at the time that it was the right thing to do.

. extremely powerful, but if you use them as your starting point, you’re starting a broken business. In The Irresistible Offer I talked about “offer intensifiers” and that is the rightful place to which MCM should be relegated. Now you know better, and I hope you use this potentially dangerous information in that proper context. The Irresistible Offer is freely available at most bookstores and I highly recommend you pick up a copy and keep it on your bookshelf next to your print out of MCM. If you don’t want to purchase the print book, we've included an ebook version at no charge, located in the Bonus tab attached to this product. Another way to use this information is to make yourself less influence-able. That is, these tricks and tactics are in use all day every day – whether we are conscious of them or not. And those who are using them do not always have our best interests in mind. If we can spot these processes being used against us, it frees us up to make better, healthier decisions. And that is a gift that will be worth much more to you after you use this information to make a pile full of money and then realize, as I did, that money isn’t everything. Mark Joyner Auckland, New Zealand April 2008




.I N C Mark Joyner Illustrated by Max Kuo S T E E L ICARUS .COM How Everyday People are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology and Ruthless Military Tactics to Make Millions Online M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .MindControlMarketing.

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To my staff at and to my angel (you know who you are…) M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .J. .I N C M. .

my Battalion Commander while at the 751st Military Intelligence Battalion in the R.a god-damned pain in the ass that saved my life and made me look better than I deserved.shhh! My illustrator Max: you took my scribbles and turned them into accurate snap-shots of my brain. sadly): SSG Jimmy Brown . Will. . Jim. Chris. etc…).you are the fiercest of warriors and if you don't make Sergeant Major of the Army one day it will be a damn crime. Joe Vitale. Forrest. You are soldiers in the Army that is taking over the world of business .K. Joe. I would like to thank a few authors who have inspired me and whom I am pleased to know personally. Command Sergeant Major Randy Woods . Ted Nicholas. Sam. The soldiers who taught me the most (your ranks have probably changed by now . Jeanie C. Sergeant Major Wun Jo Kim of the R. as badly as I did . ... Jim B. to all of the employees of Aesop.Acknowledgements First.. Lisa. I still remember to this day when you and I finally came to terms . Andrea.and we've almost all grown out of touch. Kevin. Carolyn. Copperheads! To all of the soldiers mentioned here . Army . the old "Skeno" crew: (Vicci. Erica. The Jay-Jeanie-Patsie Clan. John.thank you.O. LTC David Reaney .S. SSG (first name?) Tucker . Jr. The Eric-Trish thanks for believing. To the soldiers of the 751st Military Intelligence Battalion. the Tower Crew: (Beth.I hope you read these words and can enjoy in the moment the impact you are having on so many lives.H. and the list goes…) all surf-brothers past and present.First Sergeant while I served in Alpha Battery 1-17th Artillery Battalion . Jimmy N. Steve.your terms . Too many to list here.just watching you was a constant lesson in enlightened leadership. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . And thanks to all who have ever "served. To the fellow graduates of Officer Candidate School class 3-95.who I met first on the DMZ . and Dad.. but you were an amazing inspiration. & Sr. Sarah. Belinda.I wonder if you all realize what an impact you had on me? If you're still in .I N C .your words kept me alive during some of the darkest hours of my military career. Stewie. SFC Andy Medler .. Kelly.J. Bruce. 1990 .one of my teachers at OCS .and I was a far better Officer from that day "Smoke" while I served my first "green cycle" as a Platoon Leader in the Artillery .most notably (the ones who believed in me the most): Brande. Vernon. (you… where do I begin?) Finally. De-mo. Mom.E-2-10 Basic Combat Training in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. My angel S. To the soldiers of the 1-17th Field Artillery Battalion.O. Andy K. Bessie." All of my "online marketing buddies": you are just too damn numerous to even begin! You know who you are. Branden W. Few of you needed are a wise and fearless soldier.C. Kylie. All my friends and family . A. Not many could have pulled that off. but most notably: Jay Conrad Levinson ("Where is my box of Jujubes?!"). Joan. Joe Sugarman. Brook.. and Robert Anton probably don't remember me.K.

VII What People are Saying about MindControlMarketing.” -. “Mark Joyner candidly shares dozens of hard-won lessons from his years as a US Army officer and Internet entrepreneur.specifically. Author.raleighpinskey. Consultant. boldness. consultant. I did. Just one idea in this book could make (or save) you millions. Guaranteed Marketing LLC “Mark's book is not only wonderfully informative.the result is ‘Special Forces’ marketing at its finest.” -. Chairman of BluBlocker Corporation . framing.Raleigh Pinskey. “Nobody else is teaching this stuff. adeptly applying those 6th Century Art of War strategies to a 21st century battlefield…the Internet. this well thought out.’ In the game of marketing. yet simple combination of art & science is inspiring to the deep- M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . author and speaker on “The Power of Choice” www. His wonderful storytelling ability and Mark's uncanny approach to business is replete with real world examples and poignant lessons that are priceless to anyone wanting to market a product or service on the net. He'll clear up many misconceptions and set you straight on what works and what doesn't work and how to determine the difference. not only exquisitely motivating . and it has made me a wiser businessman.Kevin Donlin.Joseph Sugarman.Robert Allen. You'll be wise to read how he did “A wise man once said: ‘90% of this game is half mental. this guy knows exactly why people buy “Mark Joyner has created extraordinary success for himself and hundreds of others online.000 years worth!) will help you outflank.” -. MindControlMarketing. outmarket and outperform your competition. and an even more unique ability to get them to buy. Mark's insights into cognitive dissonance. and military strategy (2. He has a unique ability to understand how people buy. Combined with his mastery of human psychology -. . . -.” “Mark Joyner is the reincarnation of Sun Tzu. This man who sells millions of dollars of products online annually and develops sites that get millions of visitors monthly is a tactical genius. author of “Multiple Streams of Income” “Mark Joyner blends his remarkable success on the internet with his knowledge of military tactics to create a book on how to succeed on the web that is unlike any other book you'll find will give you a winning mental edge.

La Valle. Mark Joyner is the expert that experts turn to when they want to improve their marketing online.’ your readers will know for a fact why nothing a business person ever does can be finished . ‘Know thyself. Nor will my income. is well worth 10-times the cost of the book . My marketing will never be the is the most compelling and useful book on Internet Marketing I've ever read.’ “Any person reading MindControlMarketing.. This is the single most mesmerizing and effective book on Internet Marketing I've ever and HelpHenry. TheDuplicator. resulting in ACTION. His ideas will turn your website into a powerful money machine. Devour est levels of the reader's neuroogy.but . Remember: The same psychological principles and military tactics your readers will be learning to use in their marketing campaigns are being used by those marketers from whom they M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . it goes far beyond that. Mark Joyner doesn't hold anything back. “I only meant to read the introduction. I immediately went to my websites and made changes. After two hours of non-stop amazement. co-author of “Persuasion Engineering ™” “Don't read this book. “That little secret. but I couldn't put the book down. will gain a self-knowledge they will not find in any of the other strictly ‘marketing’ books. CEO. . . alone. after reading your explanation of ‘The Zeigarnik Effect." -. Thank you. and why it should always be left unfinished... where it counts most!” “MindControlMarketing.I N C “I feel guilty that I paid so little and got so much.John J. without will. a person must obey the admonition.VIII MindControlMarketing. But . “MindControlMarketing. He enlightens the reader with gripping examples and riveting metaphors that make this page-burner an instant classic. “An absolute must for anyone who thinks they know something about Internet Marketing. be hailed by marketing people as the definitive work on the psychological principles and military tactics to be employed in successful marketing campaigns. in order to succeed in any business.there are countless lessons in the book for those who want to know themselves. “Read this book before your competitors do. As a matter of fact. “It has long been known that.Tom Wood. I'm glad I got it before my competitors did.

and began to revise my web marketing strategy. “After reading MindControlMarketing. regurgitating other people’s ideas and making false business building claims . moneymaking art form. combines them with his real life experiences and delivers a “must-read resource” for anyone doing or even thinking about doing business online. those who study the psychological principles and military tactics you have explained will begin to understand the mental workings necessary to becoming a real entrepreneur.Anthony Mora. Then I got up.What People are Saying about MindControlMarketing.Roger C. I've seen a ton of people trying to make a buck. the studious reader will see why their own thinking has kept them just one-step away from the achievements they desire. Straw.” -.” -. “By realizing what motivates them. All too soon it was “Mark Joyner helped create cyberspace marketing. and author of "The Alchemy of Success" and "Spin to Win. Inc.J.” to learn to improve their marketing this book!" -. I was still reading at 3:00 AM. . the heavyweight champ in viral marketing offers you not only his unique “Mark Joyner's new book avoids the tedious details and been-there/done-that feeling one gets from most web IX are buying. Parker. Want to be a success on the Net . With not in this book. President & CEO of Anthony Mora Communications. he has turned it into a sophisticated. . secrets and insights.F. He has not only redefined Internet marketing. he breaks new ground by encouraging you to think out-of-the-box and base your web marketing strategy on lessons learned psychological research and military warfare. made coffee. http://www. Mark Joyner takes psychology and warfare.BusinessLyceum. but his tips. I went to bed and started reading it at midnight. your readers can better understand how to motivate others. “Though most of your readers will buy and read MindControlMarketing. military history and web marketing.I N C “How good is Mark Joyner's new book? Last night. “Recession-Proofing Your Web Site. yet easy-to-use. “If I had this book when I started my online business. I would easily have another M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT ." “As an Internet Marketer and CEO. “Only an ex-military intelligence agent and battlefield warrior could write a book that integrates psychology. author.

Copywriter/Consultant. an entrepreneurial startup. Mark Joyner proves he's not most people because in MindControlMarketing. . direct and lead them into buying your product or service.Mike Litman.X MindControlMarketing. “Mark Joyner takes online marketing up to a whole new level with this superb book. author of "Hypnotic Marketing" and numerous other books and tapes.Read and use these strategies . or a Fortune 500 CEO . making this a joy to read.Bob Bly. www. to boot. "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books . Co-author #1 International Best-Seller "Conversations with Millionaires. but they apply to practically all areas of $1.surefirecustomerservicetechniques. Stories and drawings bring these previously secret principles to life. The book is as enlightening as it is fun to he reveals the insights and tactics that have guided him . presents lessons on how to succeed in online marketing from an entrepreneur who has made millions of dollars doing so. many are personal acquaintances of his) but in fact surpassed them when it comes to applying their methods to the Internet. So if you are in management. then you don't deserve to be online in the first place!” -. President & CEO.mrfire.I guarantee you'll love and profit from them! “This book should be priced at $100." “Most people who do brilliantly at something are unable to share the core strategies that enabled their success." “This quirky book.” -. For that “This astonishing book reveals how people REALLY think--so you can capture. Inc.also M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . A masterpiece. If you ever dreamt of making a fortune online. web development.Ford Saeks. author. www. no less--and dramatically improved a sales letter I wrote.I N C -. Prime Concepts Group. Mind-expanding. I actually took just one clever idea--from a cartoon.” -.000.000 or more because if you can't easily benefit from the tactics Mark Joyner reveals here. sales.Joe Vitale. the book is worth many times its cover price. These tactics may be designed for your online business. But the author also restates and makes crystal clear some of the proven principles and tested techniques of persuasion that work in all media.000 in my pocket today! “An innovative masterpiece for getting the competitive edge online. which compares Internet marketing to warfare and contains bizarre cartoons.Jay Conrad Levinson. this book is mandatory reading. This shows he has familiarized himself with the marketing masters (indeed. He blends solid online marketing experience with little known psychological insights. Riveting. com “An extraordinary array of proven business building secrets guaranteed to skyrocket your internet profits upward then skyward! This book is destined to become the classic for leapfrogging your online competition!” -.

com “The best book of the new millennium!” -.Patricia Fripp. .David Garfinkel. www.” -. If you're ready to learn how to make vast sums of money marketing online. Reveals the psychological keys you need to earn a fortune online. CSP. Mark Joyner writes in an easy-to-understand way. authors.I N C -.Paul and Sarah Edwards. Discover how to earn millions with zero marketing cost or risk. XI unlike most people .ebooksecretsexposed.he knows what it takes to succeed on the Web." -. "Getting Business to Come to You" “Buy and study this book. what so many others have only talked about. Mark Joyner's amazing online success story comes to life. “Online marketing is the most cost effective way of doing build a super-successful dotcom. “Full of jealously guarded marketing secrets by one of the world's most successful online entrepreneurs. over and over. co-author. Past President National Speakers Assn.” . Mark holds nothing back in this how-to-succeed-on-the-Internet classic.Robert Anton Wilson. co-author of “Illumanitus!” M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .What People are Saying about MindControlMarketing.Ted Nicholas. author of “Magic Words that Bring You Riches” “Mark Joyner is the real deal -. This book is destined to become the online Marketing Bible. That's because he's done. get this book and read every word!” -. that makes implementation seem possible.

. Would You Like My Credit Card Number. No Sir.I N C 3 The Foot in the Door Phenomenon Fending Off Your Mouse Click to Oblivion . Sir? 4 The Zeigarnik Effect The Power of Unfinished Thoughts 5 Cognitive Dissonance Happiness Means Never Having to Say You're Wrong 6 Conformity to Emotions You Smile. I Weep 7 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Tapping Into the Pursuit of Satisfaction 8 Framing Beauty May Be Only Skin Deep. But Who Wants to Be Ugly? 9 Uncertainty It's a Sure Thing That There's No Such Thing as a Sure Thing Par t T wo: War fare 1 0 Killer Junior Impending Death is One Hell of a Mother of Invention 1 1 Heavy Ground Waging the Economic Art of War M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . I Smile.Contents Introduction Preface Par t One: Psychology 1 Conformity to Group Norms The Herd Mentality and How to Use It 2 Obedience to Authority Yes Sir. You Weep.

I N C 1 7 Boldness and Taking Risks The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing .com 1 2 Deception Avoiding the Deadly Delete Key 1 3 Concentration Kick Your Opponent Where It Hurts .. And More 1 5 Continuous Operation How to Keep the Machine Running 1 6 Quick Victories Pick Battles Worth Fighting 1 8 “Don’t Never Take a Chance You Don’t Have To” (from the Ranger Handbook) “Bold” and “Stupid” are Not Synonyms 1 9 “Don’t Ever March Home the Same Way..” (From the Ranger Handbook) If You Don't Float Like a Butterfly.Right in His Dispersion 1 4 Factors of Recognition Seeing is Believing . You're Going to Get Stung by Some Smart Bees 2 0 The Fox and the Rabbit Desire is Everything M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Take a Different Route So We Won’t Be Ambushed. .XIV MindControlMarketing.




hat could I do?

When Mark let me have a sneak peek at this book when it was still in outline form, I gasped in disbelief. I then wrote him the following e-mail: "Why, Mark? WHY? Why are you releasing this information to the public? I mean, I know you want to help people, but why release THIS information?" He ignored me. He went on to write the first draft of his book. After I saw it, I sent Mark this e-mail: "Mark, again, I strongly recommend that you do do not release this information to the public. Isn’t this information worth more to you if you keep it yourself? This book reveals how people REALLY think--so anyone can capture, direct and lead others into buying any product or service. Most importantly, do you really want just anyone having this kind of power? I’m not sure just anyone can be trusted not to abuse these ideas. Keep this to yourself!" Mark disagreed. He said people could protect themselves when they know these psychological tactics. He also said that others could use these principles to ethically make money by persuading others. He went on and completed his book. You're now holding it in your hands. Why was I so concerned about him releasing this material? Is it really all that powerful? Look: Imagine if the deity who programmed human behavior showed you the operating manual he had worked from. You would then know the black-holes and blind-spots in people's minds so you could easily capture their attention and direct their behavior. Wouldn't you hold some truly phenomenal power in your hands? Wouldn't you have to be careful about who you influenced?

Wouldn't you be able to make more sales, lead more minds, and even command segments of the public to submit to mass obedience?






Mark's book is that very spell book. It reveals the way our minds operate so you---or anyone who knows this once forbidden information---can control the behavior of others. I kid you not. Mark has taken his top secret experience in Army Intelligence, his years learning Asian military and martial arts secrets, and his legendary track record for making millions of dollars on the Internet, and weaved it all into a deceptively easy to read little nuclear device: This book. I have never seen a book like this before. Ever. Yes, there are many books on persuasion in print. But none have been written by a genius. None have been tested in the marketplace. None have explored the "command buttons" in the human psyche as this one does.

I've seen Mark use the principles in this astonishing book to make unknown people famous (like me), sell hundreds of thousands of e-products (such as my own e-books), and persuade people to join his ranks (his mailing list is now well over one million names - how far over one million he won’t reveal, of course). How did he do it? How can you do it? It's all explained in the following pages. This book is riveting. Mind-expanding. Fun. Chilling. Challenging. An unquestionable masterpiece. I urge you to read it quietly, use it secretly, and keep it locked away from your competitors. -- Joe Vitale, author of "Hypnotic Marketing" and numerous other best-selling books and audiotapes



I actually took just one clever idea from this book--from a cartoon, no less--and dramatically improved a sales letter I wrote. That may not sound very impressive until you realize I'm considered the hot shot of letter writers. I'm called “the world's first Hypnotic Writer.” My first e-book, "Hypnotic Writing," (published by Mark's company), continues to be an immortal best-seller. Yet one little cartoon from Mark's book, illustrating one very powerful psychological insight, helped me dynamite all of my previous sales letters!





ith a title like - the ethical integrity of this book may immediately come into question. Let us address it straight away.

Sometimes it is simply to get our friends to go along with our plans, or to get our children to obey, or for our children to persuade us! Yet, we are still practicing mind control every day. Why not, then, learn to master this art?

Somehow, it is socially acceptable to persuade others subtly if done with a smile on your face. But the minute your intentions become clear, your integrity is immediately in question. I say this is a silly social convention that insults your intelligence. Why not accept your nature and excel at this thing you do?

And then we might ask, is influence per se really unethical? When Gandhi influenced his people to partake in acts of passive protest, was this unethical? When the forefathers of the United States influenced people to rise up against the tyranny of 18th century Great Britain was this unethical? When looking at it this way, it becomes clear that it is not the act of persuasion or mind control in itself that is unethical, but its application. Is mind control then only ethical when applied with good intentions? Well, the Nazis believed their intentions were good… One might go further and say that no matter how well-intentioned, the use of persuasion and mind control to get someone to do anything against their will, no matter how seemingly benign, is unethical. I am of this leaning.



The purpose is to teach people how to improve the influential power of their marketing - specifically through marketing on the Internet. However, anyone who wishes to improve the effectiveness of any marketing endeavor, their ability to persuade, their leadership skills, or even their ability to get along better with their fellow man can benefit greatly from these ideas. All of these things can be improved by having a certain amount of control over the minds of others. Although this form of persuasion is sometimes extremely subtle, we all practice it every single day of our lives whether we like it or not. Sometimes we do so unconsciously.


yet for various reasons (be they social. With all this said. Is it wrong to use the power of persuasion to tear down these barriers? In my opinion. In my opinion." I'll say it again: truly giving someone the ability to choose is what separates the ethical application of persuasion from the unethical application of these ideas. In closing. However. You may be selling a product that someone truly needs. truly giving someone the ability to choose is what separates the ethical application of persuasion from the unethical application of these I would put forth that there are a great number of things people know deep in their hearts that they should do. When looking at a web page. one may say "If truly giving someone the ability to choose is the ethical measuring stick of persuasion . many acts which are widely regarded as horrible have been perpetrated in the name of "what is good" or "what is ethical. . you're reading this aren't you? M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . these words have been chosen to create a certain amount of curiosity and excitement in your mind. but for various reasons they may not be able to express this love.XVIII MindControlMarketing. Did it work? Well. You may be deeply in love with someone . the ethical application of mind control or influence occurs when through its application you simply give someone the psychological freedom to do something they truly want to do. it is impossible for the marketer to apply the sometimes-demeaning strong-arm tactics used in face-toface selling.why use the words 'mind control' in your title?" You'll learn more about this later.and they may be in love with you. They know they need it. We could say "only for good purposes" or "only for things that benefit them.when the power of your influence may be stronger than that which is preventing them from making a decision. This is why I love the Internet so much. emotional or otherwise) they cannot bring themselves to do so. You can then apply these techniques and let them choose again . I am quite certain these ideas will be used for nefarious purposes. but in short." but these ideas are so nebulous and of such universal contention (go to a bar some time and engage people in a discussion of "what is good for them") that their discussion becomes moot. You know they need it. there is something blocking them from making this correct decision. Further. Yet. motivational.I N C . I feel it's better to make these concepts public knowledge as those who truly wish ill-will on people will find ways to do so with or without my help.

and what it does. .” M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . and whereon it works.I N C .Marcus Aurelius .Part One: Psychology “The controlling intelligence understands its own nature.

This group became test subjects in the study of a phenomenon called the "Autokinetic Effect. try this at a party and see how people react relative to those around them. however. Looking at twentieth-century history alone. in fact.) In Sherif's experiment. In 1935. The Nazi era. our herd instincts in personal financial behavior plunged a nation into the Great Depression. Look at a stationary point of light in a dark room and the light may appear to wobble at times.. German citizens were asked why they turned in their dissident neighbors to the authorities." You can test this effect yourself. when asked a third and final time as individuals. another herd followed Hitler as he sowed the seeds for World War II. We like to act and think in groups. even if they had to recant on their first answer. there are numerous examples of herd decision-making. Psychologist Mazafer Sherif took a group of people into a dark room and asked them to look at a tiny point of light in the distance. the test subjects were asked. 1 . In individual homes. the fear of being seen as group outsiders. if the light was moving or stationary. Then. The answer given by most of the subjects was highly dependent upon the overall opinion of the group. It was. Hitler's power meant far less than people's fears over what their friends and neighbors were thinking. In action and opinions. tend to move in herds. first individually and then as a group. Many people attribute the atrocities of the Third Reich to Hitler's personal charisma. both good and catastrophic. though. provides an important case study of herd behavior at work. In the 1930's. During that same generation. People tended to agree with the prevailing majority. instead. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Interviewed years later. opinion was almost equally divided: about half saying they saw movement. As soon as they were put together as a group. The existence of group-think has even been verified scientifically. As individuals. they said. (For some real fun..I N C .Conformity to Group Norms The Herd Mentality and How to Use It 1 H umans. the subjects tended to hold on to the opinion of their group over their own previous individual view. Homo sapiens are natural followers. like cattle. It wasn't because they loved Hitler. their individuality began to vanish.

And others . This is your herd. The Internet is full of herds. The key point you need to realize. you wouldn't think this to be the case. more discerning. is that these herds are invisible until a clever thinker comes forth and defines them. let's take this knowledge about herd behavior and put it to productive Now.will follow once they see that your herd exists. M Not only will seeing your herd increase the likeliness that your prospects will do business with you. Internet users are also spread throughout the globe. AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . but it will also increase their satisfaction after the purchase as well. though. Let's put this in more concrete terms. It’s up to you to define the existence of the herd and show it to your prospects. It's human nature to go with the crowd.2 MindControlMarketing. just like you do. hundreds. Nonetheless. and better educated (though this distinction is changing as Internet use becomes more widespread). and your prospect will tend to follow the herd. that what you're offering is the best to be found. not packed together in a dark room looking at a point of light. Internet users tend to be more savvy. instead of striking out alone into uncharted waters.I N C . You offer products and services that you believe are the best in your industry. maybe even thousands of people who have used your products and services and believe.your prospects . there are herds to be found on the Internet pasture. . At first glance. Show your potential clients and customers that others have gained tremendous satisfaction from your product line. There are tens.

By creating a unique and stellar service that exceeds expectations and.1. you will swiftly generate a herd worth boasting about. success stories. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . tend to follow the herd .com is a free viral traffic building tool I built in 2. Humans. Make friends in discussion groups and chat rooms. Think: testimonials. Conformity to Group Norms 3 Principle: Conformity to Group Norms. Testimonials: "'Mark Joyner is the Tiger Woods of Internet Marketing' Mike Litman.both in action and opinion. Make happy customers. in every way. wows your customers. then you need to create one. like lemmings and cows. Your herd is your happy customer base. Jerome Chapman started using it on a Friday and by Monday morning. . Lesson: Identify and then clearly define your herd to influence future herd members." .001. Human beings and cattle for example. If you don't have a herd.337 people had visited his site as a result. Key Term: "Herd" Any group that moves together. case studies. Others will follow this herd if they know it exists. 2.I N C Success Stories: "ExitBlaze. host of Business Breakthroughs Radio Show" Action: Aggressively compile information about your herd and display this information for all to see.

lemmings don't really follow each other off of cliffs.I N C . but this incorrect pop-science provides an apt metaphor. Nazis.) AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . All cases of herd-like behavior. Conformity to Group Norms in action? Can you think of any other examples? (OK.4 MindControlMarketing. . Depression Era M Lemmings.

1. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . . Conformity to Group Norms 5 Scientific experiments have shown that the opinion of the group influences the opinion of the individual.

com M Why is no one saying "me too"? AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .6 MindControlMarketing. .I N C .

I N C . Conformity to Group Norms 7 You may know there are thousands of people happily using your product. . but have you assumed that your prospect already knows this? M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .1.

I N C . too. you can influence people to conform to that group. . By showing that other people are happy with your products." M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . The use of testimonials is one way to define such groups.8 If you "define" the existence of a group. your prospects will be more likely to set aside their fears and say "me.

the students themselves were the subjects of Dr. but the wired-up man in the glass room was a paid actor. and they would not be legally or ethically liable for whatever happened. Obedience to authority was demonstrated vividly in 1965 in the laboratory of a scientist named Stanley Milgram. The students didn't know it.I N C . members of the "turned on" generation were just as slavish to authority as their buttoned-down parents. The experiment progressed with the voltage of the "shocks" increasing and the actor's yelps of pain transforming into screams of terror. The difference was. The man in the glass room sat in a chair with electrodes attached to his head and body. Toward the end of the experiment. instead of listening to the admonitions of Lyndon Johnson. glassed-off room connected via intercom. the electric shock was to increase in intensity. the lab assistant would ask the actor a series of questions. it became apparent to the student subject that the actor (who the student thought was the real subject of the experiment) was in critical condition and that further shocks would probably kill him. Actually. would enter Milgram's lab to find a lab assistant holding a clipboard and a man sitting in an adjacent. even during the rebellious 1960's when we thought hippies believed in nothing more than drugs. but the student subject didn't know any of this. the student was directed to give the actor an electric shock.Obedience to Authority Yes Sir. Milgram told the students that he was conducting psychological research on the effects of punishment on learning. As the "experiment" began. Each time the actor answered incorrectly. there was no electricity and the actor was convincingly yelping in pain. Would You Like My Credit Card Number. This rule has always been in effect. one at a time. He recruited a group of young college students and directed them to help him conduct some important research. 9 M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Of course. This was an "officiallysanctioned" experiment. free love and their own tie-dyed brand of anarchy. Milgram's research. they were worshipping at the altar of Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Garcia. . Sir? 2 I f a command comes from the mouth of authority. Each student. we tend to obey. With each wrong answer. No Sir. Little did they know. The student was told with authority that it was OK to go ahead.

I had a few hundred subscribers.") Authority will work for you . but in 1995 I was still an obscure figure. "If I were a politician. my name did become quite wellknown across the Net.I N C I learned this principle myself back in 1995 when the Internet was just beginning to boom. (Or at least they thought they were taking someone’s life. They knowingly took the life of another human being. Make yourself an authority and use it to your best advantage. . now I wasn't exactly Hugh Hefner lounging in my silk pajamas calling Playboy subscribers to renew their subscriptions. Putting your words on a web page does the same thing. rent the movie “Finding Forrester. intentionally or not. the young protege asks Sean Connery's character. I called a customer about an order and introduced myself. Compared to killing someone.” In a sales tool. "If I write a book. She went on to explain how she avidly read every issue of my e-mail newsletter. and that’s all that matters when considering the psychology that drove their behavior.. "Women will have sex with you if you write a bad book. If you need a visual reminder of the importance of authority.I simply wouldn't have used my influence in this way otherwise. was a GI sitting in his underwear (not silk) in his Oklahoma living room. will women have sex with me?" Connery replies. shouldn't it? (It certainly gives a better understanding of the Creedence Clearwater Revival lyrics from 1969. what I sold her was a great product she genuinely needed . She probably would have followed any reasonable business advice I gave her at that moment. "Oh my God! You mean this is THE Mark Joyner? I can't believe it!" OK. Did I take advantage of this woman's thrall over my "authority" to sell her some products? You're damn right I did. and the outcome was the same as had been observed among the students. It dawned on me that. . Why not? Of course. 62 percent of the students taking part in this experiment were willing to administer the fatal shock. publishing an e-mail newsletter about doing business online while still serving as an Army officer during the day." Putting words in print conveys a certain authority. using authority to close a sale ought to be a cinch.incredibly well .10 MindControlMarketing. At the time. simply because someone in authority said it was alright to do so. I could prove that monkeys Amazingly. One day. the experiment was repeated using people drawn from all walks of life..) Later. Over time. Mark Joyner. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . at that time. I had been in the e-commerce game for about a year. The lady on the other end of the phone blurted out. I had become an authority to this woman and others who read my words.

the only electronic book ever to receive this award normally reserved for software applications.2. .. would it have been as effective? My testing says “no. Certifications: If you were selecting a web host for your website. "Search Engine Tactics. Subsequently.000. certifications. There was a link at the bottom of the article that recommended my full-length course on Internet Marketing (killertactics. Authority can be squandered just as surely as it can be acquired.000 times when we stopped counting in 1998. I used this fact to gain more credibility and respect for the book.” Endorsements: If you heard that Arnold Schwartzenager said eating spinach was the single most important factor in building his physique. Be careful. you can use your authority to generate revenue by recommending products. Lesson: Partner with. You can do this by writing a newsletter that offers helpful information to your prospects. Then. Product Awards: An electronic book I wrote years ago. wield and create authority on the Internet to influence your prospects. If Pavarotti said the same thing.lived.I N C . endorsements.a very clever entrepreneur who knows how to turn email subscribers into money). That single link was responsible for selling 45 copies of the course in one day. do you think an official looking certification from a professional organization would influence your decision to choose them? What if it said. product reviews. If that link had not appeared at the bottom of the article. Obedience to Authority 11 Concept: Obedience to Authority. Articles: I wrote an article for a well-read Internet publication called Internet Day in 1998 (created by my friend Mel Strocen . it would have a different effect entirely. we tend to obey. would you eat more spinach? Note that the more credible the endorsement the more effective. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . though. Think: articles. If you abuse your authority by recommending products you wouldn't use yourself. your position as an authority figure will be" was given a "5 Star" award by ZDNet . If a command comes from the mouth of an authority we recognize.9% up time by the Web Host Excellence Board"? Action: Immediately begin positioning yourself as an authority in your field. the book had been downloaded over 1. product awards. "Certified for 99.

12 M Who were the real rebels? AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . .

I N C . Obedience to Authority 13 People respond so strongly to authority that they can be coaxed to do even the most wicked acts if the authority assures them it is OK. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .2.

I N C . Makes you wonder about the nature of knowledge… M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .14 MindControlMarketing. .com The funny thing about authority is that two people can speak authoritatively and matter-of-factly about concepts that seem to contradict one another.

Obedience to Authority 15 You can establish yourself as an authority and no one needs to be the wiser about who you "really" are. And why should they know? Even the Pope goes to the bathroom… M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C .2. .

Many religious organizations and cults are masters of the art. neo-Nazis and other hate groups know they can't build their organizations by making cold calls to ask people to participate in hate crimes. If you ever have one ring your doorbell.) It would also do you well to pay attention to some of the world's best practitioners of sneaky psychological tricks: door-to-door salesmen. they won't get a foot in the door. Even beyond the Net. Likewise. A door in the face is more like it. before more nefarious activities are introduced. a field in which you're always just one mouse click away from rejection. Let's take vacuum cleaner salesmen. don't automatically slam the door in his face. Let him play out his shtick and learn some lessons from him. They'll simply ask you if you want to take a personality or IQ test. 17 M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .The Foot in the Door Phenomenon Fending Off Your Mouse Click to Oblivion 3 G et someone to agree to a small thing.” and it's one of the most important rules you can learn about Internet marketing.I N C . (Essential disclaimer: I'm not putting down any religious or political movement for their beliefs or suggesting that their constitutional freedom of speech should be limited. and most essential. . step toward getting them to agree to a large thing later. You will never see a Scientologist asking someone on the street if they would like to spend thousands of dollars on a lifetime of therapy. but when you take that test you’re also taking part in a very well-scripted system designed to get you deeper and deeper into Scientology. and leaving my readers the right to draw their own conclusions. That's the first. for example. The number of steps between a personality test and blind devotion are surprisingly few. You don’t know it at the time. It's called “The Foot in the Door Phenomenon. If someone walks up to a strange house and asks the residents if they would like to buy a vacuum cleaner. Recruitment starts with a meeting or a party. I'm just comparing sales processes. you can see the Foot in the Door Phenomenon at work every day.

) Once the salesman gets his foot in the door. When you do this. The effective vacuum cleaner salesman will come to a door and say. Make no mistake about it: people will always love the prospect of getting something for nothing. the show begins. " Door-to-door salesmen have learned from years of trial and error that you've got to start small before you can sell big. "Free" does work. Offering a free tea-cozy would not be a good way to find people to purchase your carburetor-cleaner. It's tougher on the Internet. Instead. I have a formula for this. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Smart door-to-door vacuum salesmen wouldn't waste their time on people with hardwood floors. You don't have the advantage of being physically inside a person's space and they can zap you off your computer screen in a second without a speck of remorse. Tie-In and Collect.I N C . the same principle applies. many would-be Internet entrepreneurs thought you could strike it rich on the Net simply by offering something for free. planning and research behind it. . Before the dot-com shakeup. But. You would be astounded at how frequently these door-to-door professionals close the sale.18 MindControlMarketing. Would you mind if we vacuumed your living room carpet? It's free of charge and there is no obligation." Target your foot-in-the-door approach toward a prospect who you know will be interested in your products. ma'am. you've got to put some thought. We're here today helping people out in the neighborhood. I call it. getting a foot in the door and keeping it there means that you must get your customers' attention and then provide them with something of sufficient value to keep them interested. Nevertheless. Once someone is in your home. The free cleaning is actually a sales presentation for the vacuum itself. You don't give something away without having a firm strategy for guiding your target customers to the next step. Your free offer should only be of interest to someone who would clearly be interested in your products. They thought the money would just roll in. The web surfer doesn't even have to be polite to you. On the Net." (A similar technique is the "cold" sales call in which the potential customer is told they have "won" a free carpet cleaning. it's got to be part of your foot-in-the-door sales strategy. you're overcome with a natural sense of hospitality and a reluctance to ask them to leave empty-handed. "Excuse me. they're busy combing through the "Help Wanted" ads today.

Only then did it become clear a sales pitch was taking place. .I N C On the Net. Every time I get my foot in the door. names and e-mail addresses are gold (NOTE: if you don’t have permission to contact them. The vacuum guys did this seamlessly. As they vacuumed your carpet for free. you've got the opportunity to make money again and again. . In my career. I give something valuable (and of genuine interest) to the reader. they are “Fool’s Gold”). but you can always pick up a few more sales with well-executed follow-up. Once you get your foot in the door. they talked up the wonders of the machine. I contact these prospects again and again with further foot-in-the-door gambits. The Foot in the Door Phenomenon 19 Tie-In your sales process once you have your foot in the door. Create a compelling. the use of foot-in-the-door strategies has enabled me to build e-mail lists with hundreds of thousands of names. though. desirable linear path from freebie to closing. The repeat readership on these lists is quite high. You may not get them immediately with your tie-in.3. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . With their permission. Collect contact information from your prospects.

" . "Target.I N C . Get someone to agree to a small thing first. The hook should not obligate the prospect in any way. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .com Concept: The Foot in the Door Phenomenon. Use my formula. compelling hooks to draw prospects into your sales process. or it may scare them off. Use this to generate subscriptions to the newsletter you developed in Chapter 2. and it will be much easier to get them to agree to a large thing later. tie-in. An ad for aluminum siding: "Is your home at risk? Let our Home Repair Specialists visit your home for a free weather risk assessment." Action: Analyze your product and develop a "target.20 MindControlMarketing. Tie-In and Collect" to render the best result from your footin-the-door gambit. collect" free offer. Lesson: Use simple. An ad for a health club: "Come in for a free body-fat analysis.

3. The Foot in the Door Phenomenon 21 If you get a chance to observe any recruiting process at all . There is much to learn about the human mind there… M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .drop everything and study every aspect of it.I N C . .

22 Your foot-in-the-door approach will be even more effective if you make the "small task" something that is of great interest to the prospect. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .I N C .

because they don't even see your face. there is no harm done by ignoring you. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . The Foot in the Door Phenomenon 23 It's easy for web surfers to close a door in your face . In their minds. .I N C .3.

." AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . and collect.24 MindControlMarketing. tie-in. avoid a sense of obligation. and " M Remember: Make it easy.

in interviewing the subjects. We know. was one of the most widely-watched news events in history. She found. Bush's acceptance speech. The world was on edge. We are magnetically drawn to stories with uncertain conclusions.. once the election was finally resolved.I N C Let's flash back to the final weeks of the year 2000. This is known as the Zeigarnik Effect. She gathered several test subjects and had them perform a series of tasks. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . I am floored by something else altogether . It makes us feel uncomfortable. not allowing them to complete all of them. The lack of equilibrium associated with an unfulfilled task creates discomfort and causes that task to stay in the server's memory until completed. People who normally couldn't give a damn about politics could talk about nothing else but the intricacies of Florida election procedures. 25 . Years ago. and it has tremendous implications for Internet marketers. My theory is that the incompleteness of the task at hand . that organisms move toward a state of equilibrium. it keeps our attention until we can bring closure to it. She noticed that this complex information would completely disappear from the server's mind once the food was delivered to the table. As an Internet marketer myself. a researcher named Bluma Zeigarnik was fascinated by food servers.created a state of imbalance in the server's mind..when things are incomplete. that the incomplete tasks were consistently remembered with greater frequency and intricate detail. amazed that they could remember lengthy lists of ordered items and be able to match them with the right customers. from Gestalt Psychology. This phenomenon is called the Zeigarnik effect. If something is unfinished. George W.and intrigued .The Zeigarnik Effect The Power of Unfinished Thoughts 4 P eople don't like it when things are left incomplete.the yet-to-be-fulfilled food order . What was all of America discussing? We were obsessing over the presidential election. Bush would be occupying the Oval Office. Why? Because we get uncomfortable . Zeigarnik took this work a step further. . waiting to see if Al Gore or George W.

I N C Is the relevance to successful Internet marketing becoming clear? .26 MindControlMarketing. “Headline News” leads into their sports report with a trivia Something almost sexual in nature. imagine its potency if you tell a housewife that there is a common household item that can harm their families. Something every one of us has in our bedrooms … STOP RIGHT THERE! Notice how you're moving rapidly on to read the next sentence. . It would have made you uncomfortable to stop reading at this moment and leave that unfinished business hanging.. Used properly. An unfinished story can be one of your greatest assets. When I ended the paragraph above with the phrase "something else altogether . and make him keep following you in search of a satisfying conclusion." I left some unfinished business on your mental plate. That housewife will follow you with great persistence and determination to find out the answer to the mystery you've placed before her. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . If you still have doubts about the efficacy of this approach. I then intensified this by painting a picture around this blank spot in your mind. Maybe you don't give a rat's ass about sports. the Zeigarnik Effect provides the kind of psychological edge to get your foot firmly in the door of any web surfer and keep him moving inevitably deeper into your sales process. but odds are that you're going to sit through the entire sports broadcast and two sets of commercials to hear the answer to the trivia question. If this works for sports trivia. You begin telling a story that attracts a potential customer's attention. The Zeigarnik Effect is at work in your own mind. turn your television on to CNN “Headline News” sometime. Every half hour..

the longer you keep them reading your ad "There are five tactics your Internet business must employ immediately if you want to prosper in the next 90 days. The Zeigarnik Effect 27 Concept: The Zeigarnik Effect. Action: Analyze your marketing efforts. My testing indicates that ads with a Zeigarnik Effect tend to out-pull those that don't have one.4. Does your business employ all 5?" Remember the online marketing course I told you about in Chapter 1? This tagline was part of our most successful ad campaign for selling the course ever. the likelihood of a successful sale increases exponentially. Can you think of ways to employ the Zeigarnik Effect to compel people to stick with you? Remember. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . From a highly successful website (killertactics. . Pose questions that can only be answered by reading your ad copy. Lesson: Use this knowledge to lead people into your sales process. Zeigarnik can be used at virtually any step of your sales process to pull people along. People are uncomfortable when something is left incomplete.

See what I mean? The O.'s attorney? OK.28 MindControlMarketing. Simpson trial was probably one of the longest running exercises in Zeigarnik ever.I N C . now name your Quick quiz: What was the name of O. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .J.J. .

4. .I N C . The Zeigarnik Effect 29 M The Zeigarnik Effect AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .

.30 MindControlMarketing.I N C .com M Incomplete tasks are painful . AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .even if we don't particularly care about the outcome.

each subject would spend far greater time looking at ads for the cars they had selected. there is something else that makes us uncomfortable. would not admit error. shedding their earthly burdens before their planned ascension to Heaven. Festinger showed them advertisements for each of the cars. sound reasons for the actions we take so that we can always justify those actions in our own minds." If the human thought process places such importance on being right. there was no celestial Rapture on that October day. Members of the cult. 31 . to the best of our knowledge. Among the many interesting things I observed there was the rise and fall of an end-of-the-world cult. Army Military Intelligence Corp in Korea in 1992. Well. though. He showed his test subjects pictures and specifications of cars and asked them to select the one they thought was best. The "Church of the Living Stone Mission for the Coming Days" predicted that Jesus would return to earth on October 28. Inevitably.I N C . the ones found dead in their bunk beds wearing black Nikes.Cognitive Dissonance Happiness Means Never Having to Say You're Wrong 5 B esides things that are left incomplete. with their bags packed to join the outer space aliens who would be swinging by to pick them up) still claim that the cult's teachings were accurate. don't you think we should be putting this knowledge to use? In 1951. After making their selections. We don't like it when our actions conflict with our thoughts. "I wish I had gone with them. This persistent desire to avoid admitting error goes to incredible extremes. an insightful thinker named Leon Festinger studied people who had a near-religious devotion to automobiles. Surviving members are still quoted as saying.S. 1992. We want logical. Case in point: I was serving in the U. that death is preferable to admitting error. Many of the cult's followers went so far as to sell their homes and personal belongings. Members of the notorious "Heaven's Gate" cult (remember. They offered a myriad of irrational reasons for Jesus's failure to show up. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .

If we can provide potential customers with compelling reasons and sound evidence that they are making the right choice. those that offered a reason . Social psychologist Ellen Langer conducted a well-known experiment in which students were sent to cut in line to use a very busy library copy machine. as long as they were given a reason (even a bad one) that would justify the decision in their own minds. This lesson holds true in everyday life. It's simply too painful to view evidence that we're wrong. because I need to make some copies") . . you had better be sure that you've addressed all of their questions and potential fears.even an embarrassingly lame reason ("can I cut in front of you. assure them that they won't have to worry about being wrong.I N C . Before you close a deal with an Internet People will go to great lengths to prove to themselves that they have made the right decision. On the Net. Make certain your customers have the information they need to justify their buying decisions. consumers take advantage of the world of information at their fingertips and absorb more material before they make their buying decision.were allowed to cut in more than nine out of every 10 times they asked. Those that simply asked to cut in were turned away about half of the time. In other words. However. People were willing to delay their own progress to the copy machine. it becomes that much easier for them to pull the trigger on that decision. Internet customers tend to be a bit more discerning than the average buyer. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . says Festinger's “Theory of Cognitive Dissonance”.32 MindControlMarketing.

but people are still swayed by this example. They will be more comfortable with the decision since the reasons you gave them will make it easier to defend their spending choices. They don't want to find out their beliefs are wrong.I N C . Use scientific People are uncomfortable when their beliefs and actions are in conflict. Cognitive Dissonance 33 Concept: Cognitive Dissonance. Yet. quotes from experts. but some of the reasons we give people to persuade them to buy it are not always fully explained in the ad copy. AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . it's still quite effective … See the URL below for more: http://www. These reasons must be compelling. credible information to justify a buying decision. were only 5 dentists surveyed in this very scientific piece of logical justification? Notice it doesn't specify. .any kind of concrete. and we stand behind it.5. From a TV Commercial: "4 out of 5 dentists surveyed recommended…" So.webmastermultitool. polling research . Action: M Analyze your ad copy and ask if you have provided your prospect with reasons and justifications for their purchase.htm Lesson: Make it easier for your prospects to make a buying decision by giving them reasons to do so. The product is actually quite good. From a sales letter: We offer a product called "Webmaster Multi-Tool" that automates a number of various marketing tasks for Internet entrepreneurs.

com M Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary." AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . .34 MindControlMarketing. we tend to hold fast to our "beliefs.

I N C ." AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .5. . Cognitive Dissonance 35 M "Subjects spent far more time looking at the ads for the cars they chose.

36 MindControlMarketing. AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .com M What the unconscious mind thinks before making a buying decision. .I N C .

5. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . "because my professor will fail me if I don't get this back to him in 5 minutes." The existence of the word "because" seems to make it easier for us to accept commands. Cognitive Dissonance 37 The lame excuse "because I need to make some copies" was accepted almost as frequently as the seemingly plausible excuse. .

Clearly." That's the recorded canned laughter that the show's producers play every time one of the characters has a funny line. It's amazing. then he will make the subconscious assumption that he. Never underestimate the importance of demonstrating that your products and services will make people feel happy and more fulfilled. virtually every single situation comedy on network television has had a "laugh track. On one site. The television industry has long been aware of this concept. The idea is a simple. smiling faces to their imagery would increase sales of their products. 39 . I Weep 6 J ust like how herd instinct affects the way we act and form opinions. too. we also like our emotions to mirror those expressed by others in our group.I N C The marketing whizzes for Coke. but effective one. I Smile. though. If Joe Consumer associates happy people with Coke. how many of us laugh at the most hackneyed. . I had images of somber. I used images of happy. except for one key facet. Marketing experts have used this knowledge with great success for years. We've grown so accustomed to the laugh track that we hardly notice its presence when we watch a show. lame jokes simply because we hear the sound of other people chuckling. For years. On the other. people want to associate themselves with others who have found the keys to happiness and delight. The site with the smiling faces pulled nearly 60 percent better than the dead serious site.Conformity to Emotions You Smile. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . serious business people using the software. I've tried this approach myself and can testify that it works. The two sites were identical in every way. Pepsi and the rest of the soft drink industry found out long ago that adding happy. You Weep. Once. will be much happier if he drinks a Coke. ecstatic software users. I ran a split-run test of two websites selling Internet marketing software.

If you go over the top showing people in unrestrained ecstacy. Others shared their room with an actor who was instructed to act absolutely giddy with glee. not of which was a hired actor. In 1962. . This is information that you need to use with some degree of restraint. you lose credibility and any prospects of a sale. Without exception. and locked them in a room with other test subjects . albeit subtle. People want to feel happy. impact on closing a sale. the research team of Schater and Singer gave people epinephrine.I N C . Some of the test subjects were placed in a room with an actor who was told to act we like to mirror the emotions of those around us.40 MindControlMarketing. satisfied customer can have a tremendous. People want to be happy. A simple image of a It's truly amazing .and critical to understand . but they also want the assurance of knowing they are handing their credit card numbers to a level-headed professional organization. the test subjects mirrored the emotions of the actors in the room with them. a drug that is known to intensify emotions. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .

6. balance. From Television Commercials: "Have a Coke and a smile. The type of emotions you display must also be dictated by the type of product or service you're selling. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . obviously. but do it professionally. put on a Windex shine. assured confidence. The grins shown on faces consuming breakfast cereals won't. . This is a tough.I N C Action: . try to incorporate a happy and upbeat tone into your advertising. help a funeral home sell its services. they may assume that purchasing your products will make them happy as well. Lesson: If people associate happy images with your products. but critical.whether those emotions are radiant happiness or serene. Conformity to Emotions 41 Concept: Conformity to Emotions. Find the value in showing visuals of emotions . People tend to mirror the emotions of the group around them." (new lyrics for the song "Put on a Happy Face") When appropriate." "So.

.I N C .42 The comedy soap-opera parody "Soap" did not have a laugh track .many people did not like the show because they said they couldn't tell if it was a comedy or a soap opera… M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .

I N C .6. Conformity to Emotions 43 M They thought the effects of a drug were being tested. . However… AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .

com The test subjects were all given the drug epinephrine . People tended to follow the lead of the actor.44 MindControlMarketing.the only difference being that one room had an actor who was instructed to act happy . .the other room had an actor who was instructed to act like he was irritable. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C .

6. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . . it will be easier for them to make that buying decision.I N C . Conformity to Emotions 45 If you can make people feel good about doing business with you.

46 MindControlMarketing. People also want to rest assured that the people to whom they are giving money are credible and trustworthy… M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .I N C .com But don't take the concept of "happiness" too far.

we immediately begin working to satisfy the next. ** Turn page for diagram 47 M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . For most of us..I'm thinking of the homicidal kids at Columbine High School in Colorado who called themselves "The Trench Coat Mafia" . You identify your potential customers. You have just created a revolutionary product. Even acts that seem irrational .I N C . Think of every decision. Once we satisfy a lower need on the scale. a new innovation that will help businesses produce more at less cost. it would be quite easy to argue that everything we do is for the satisfaction of one of our fundamental human needs. you prime them to hear your sales pitch. you'll notice that money doesn't have a specific place on this pyramid. Years ago. As an aside. but you haven't convinced anyone that they need it in order to enrich their lives." Ballgame's over in the first inning..can stem from a perceived need to belong and be accepted. a gentleman named Abram Maslow developed a theory on human motivation based upon what he termed. Let's set up a hypothetical example of how this knowledge comes into play. and a need to strike out at those who frustrate the pursuit of that need. not a need in itself. money is a tool that represents safety and security. in pursuing the satisfaction of these needs. "The Hierarchy of Needs. when you step back and really analyze it. You may have the world's greatest product. and you launch into it by saying. The world is ready to beat a path to your doorstep.. . it's quite easy to see where Maslow is coming from. In fact. You haven't addressed your customers' basic human needs.. Money is a symbol." Maslow argued that all human action is spent. every action we take in life . "Our product automates supply chains with bottom-up six sigma integration . more sophisticated need. either directly or indirectly. They have a definite hierarchy.Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Tapping Into the Pursuit of Satisfaction 7 I t can be argued that everything we do is motivated by our desire to satisfy certain basic needs. You've already lost.

and explore 6) Aesthetic: symmetry. bodily comforts. 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 2) Safety/security: out of danger 3) Belongingness and Love: affiliate with others. be competent. order. be accepted 4) Esteem: to achieve. to understand. etc. and beauty 7) Self-actualization: to find self-fulfillment and realize one's potential 8) Transcendence: to help others find self-fulfillment and realize their potential Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .com 1) Physiological: hunger. gain approval and recognition 5) Cognitive: to know.48 MindControlMarketing. thirst.I N C .

With those words. better yet. Or. You've linked your product to the satisfaction of vital needs . Could the salesman have started his pitch with a stronger appeal? Well. security. profit. Brian Tracy.and this is. "Our product will save you time and money by automating your supply chain. The next step is to intensify the need.make a sales pitch without keeping Maslow's Hierarchy foremost in mind. he had said. you will succeed by breaking each feature down in terms of how it can help satisfy your customers' basic needs. (a world-leading sales expert and a truly captivating speaker) says that the first step of the sales process is to demonstrate to the buyer that they have a need for the product. you can call out to your target audience and address human needs at the same time. a very important concept. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs 49 If you are seeking to sell a product or service. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . When discussing your product. lay out the facts and benefits of your product line so vividly that the customers can draw the conclusions themselves. How much more will you accomplish when you and your supply chain managers can devote more attention to other opportunities? How much additional profit will that generate for you?" . My friend. Let's backtrack to that example I used at the beginning of this lesson.7. indeed.time. However. you're in the game with a better chance to win. instead. I never . Imagine what you will do with all this extra time. you absolutely must find a way to appeal to the needs of your customers.I N C What if. .repeat. it could be argued that he "called out to his specific target audience" from the first line . success. never .

Need for belonging: "Like a good neighbor. . you need to revamp your approach. your newsletters. Everything we do is motivated by a desire to satisfy certain basic needs. If your wording is so focused on processes and functions without attention being paid to basic human needs." Need for sex: "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins. Lesson: In every sales technique you Concept: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. your e-mails." (The famous commercial with the young Brook Shields in Calvin Klein jeans .I N C . Nothing.50 MindControlMarketing.) Action: Review all of the verbiage you use in your web site. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT ." "Fly the friendly skies of United.implying that she was not wearing any underwear. associate your products and services with the satisfaction of essential human needs. State Farm is there. Ensure that every word you use is aimed at satisfying at least one of the levels on our hierarchy of needs.

.7. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs 51 M Perhaps the need to belong to "the group" is more important than we realize. AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C .

com Tell people how your products and services will satisfy their basic needs.I N C . "What's in it for me is not enough. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT ." That "what" needs to be something important to your prospect. .52 MindControlMarketing. Maslow's Hierarchy can help you determine what is important.

Richard Nixon understood this. But Who Wants to Be Ugly? 8 T he way people react to information is as dependent on the presentation of the information as it is on the substance of the information . In other words. Who. The Eisenhower-Nixon ticket looked like a shoe-in until allegations arose concerning an alleged political slush fund that Nixon's rich buddies had created for him. In 1952. it's not mere coincidence that female news anchors on local TV stations all have perfectly-kept hair and the shiniest smiles modern dentistry can provide. For years. 53 . astute professionals have understood that information makes a bigger impact if it's expertly framed. The pressure became so intense that even Republican Party heavyweights were urging Nixon to step down and let someone else take his place at Ike's side.I N C . but people weren't buying it. but when it comes to information. Nixon simply denied the allegations. It was in the midst of the 1952 presidential campaign. could ever fault a politician for accepting a puppy for his little girls? M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . he made the claim that the only gift he had ever received as a politician was a little cocker spaniel named Checkers." Richard Nixon performed one of the greatest feats of political jujitsu the nation had ever seen. We all like to say that we don't buy products based on the packaging.Framing Beauty May Be Only Skin Deep. Nixon knew that his political survival depended upon giving the American people something they could embrace and defend. He did that by delivering on national television his famous "Checkers" speech. after all.if not more so. In this address. Nixon was running for Vice President on the ticket headed by Dwight Eisenhower. the way people react is greatly dependent on the way that information is packaged and presented. more than two decades before Watergate branded him forever as "Tricky Dick.

This was a fascinating example of psychological manipulation at work. Nonetheless. NLP emerged in 1975 as the brainchild of a young graduate student of computer programming named Richard Bandler and a linguistics professor named John Grinder. Does your viewpoint toward the painting change? If you're absolutely honest. A student of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) might say that Richard Nixon had "reframed' himself. They’ve both been great to me. buy my painting!" You would walk by while trying to avoid eye contact. Here’s a real world example that further demonstrates the power of “framing”: Imagine that you're walking down a street and you encounter a shabby-looking. I've met Richard Bandler a few times and have known one of his top students. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Nixon didn't say anything at all new. put it in a beautiful gilded frame and place it on a wall in a swanky Manhattan gallery. .54 After the speech. If that's the case. and many related fields. how to package a message to make it more appealing. unbathed artist trying to peddle his paintings on canvas.I N C . I still point people to NLP for further study in influence and human behavior. his popular approval shot through the roof. Their work at the University of Santa Cruz was surrounded by controversy since its inception. Imagine. as well as many other immensely useful concepts. John Lavalle. and after studying both NLP. (The social liberals among you will insist that you would never judge artwork poorly just because it's being peddled by a street person. but I will give my own disclaimer. take that very same painting off the street. you'll admit that you are going to give that painting much more serious consideration in the posh gallery than you ever would on a street corner. two attractive people flanking the artwork and talking about how much they admire it. but it remains a fascinating study. for years. but there is no denying that it offers some tremendously powerful ideas. "Hey. as well. He yells at you. Nixon was transformed from a run-of-the-mill dishonest politician to Mr. The gallery owner strides toward you and asks you if you were interested in buying the painting. then I urge M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Now. In terms of substantive information. man. Some accuse it of being a “pseudo-science” derivative of other fields [like Ericksonian Hypnotherapy].) Study NLP and you learn the concept of framing. enthusiastically urging that Nixon be kept on the ticket. (NLP may be surrounded in controversy. People called and wired telegrams to GOP offices. Middle America.

must frame your message in the way you want it to be received. The "frame" in which information is presented greatly influences the way in which that information is perceived and accepted. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . much more skeptical and less inclined to part ways with their money at your site. In 1995. a positive review for your product with a link to your site will result in a very receptive customer inclined to make a purchase from you.I N C . The path they travel will frame their perceptions as well. The effect of the route taken to get to your site is of dramatic importance. though. they may see you as a big joke and never come back.8. believability and trustworthiness. Your success depends heavily on how your website is perceived. Framing 55 you to e-mail me at ceo@aesop. poorly-organized. a website selling a product is going to have to make claims about what that product can do. and you need to be thinking about how you can be framing yours to amplify your message. design. you're likely to walk right back out the door. A click that frames your site well brings you receptive customers and clients. A website is no different. framing is absolutely critical. how material is organized . so much so that you should monitor it in your market testing (using tracking tools such as those found at ROIbot. you're probably more likely to take your credit card out of your wallet in a well-lit. with ill-informed employees and located in a bad neighborhood. People may look upon you and your company with great respect after viewing your to tell me your first-person story of the evening in which you invite that street artist to dinner in your home. If you walk into a store that is dirty. and that message will result in increasing sales.) It's human nature. Surround those claims with a frame of authority. When you're running an Internet business. A negative review of your product may bring you some curious browsers. I suspect my mailbox won't be filling up with these stories any time soon. I coined a phrase that is now an Internet Marketing Truism: "All clicks are not created equal. For example. For example. Your concerns can't stop. credibility. ." A click that frames your site poorly will bring you poor responses. Everything about your site wording. smartly laid-out business with a crack staff waiting on you. By You also need to be acutely conscious of how potential customers get to your site. at the way your site is constructed. By contrast. Think of your own buying habits.

com affiliate program is one of the largest and most successful on the Net. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . For example. Work with other websites that review products and services to gain positive linkages to your site that will result in receptive customers.56 MindControlMarketing. many affiliate programs will advertise a "conversion rate" (ratio of website visitors to sales) for their Concept: Framing. Another critical element in framing involves the links that bring customers to a ensure that your message has authority and credibility.the copywriting. One group of affiliates was asked to display "advertisement A" on their site. We've tested many various types of affiliate advertisements and in the process. the conversion rate of a website can not be viewed in a vacuum. the way in which material is organized ." Both ads went to the same site. Advertisement B pulled 523% better than advertisement A. context certainly matters. we were able to prove once again the importance of this concept. Action: Review all aspects of your site . so it would stand to reason that each advertisement would render a similar "click to sales" ratio. From our ROIbot. The way people react to a message is highly dependent on the manner and context in which it is presented. We've found that this is an entirely useless figure and has no justification in reality. and another group was given "advertisement B.I N C . .com affiliate program testing: The ROIbot. and we verified that the results were indeed statistically significant. the visual elements. A classic example of this was demonstrated by a split-run test we ran with two affiliate advertisements. Lesson: Success in Internet marketing is affected by how well a website is packaged. As you can see. That is. independent of the manner in which a visitor arrives at the site.

and that made all the difference. He was still essentially saying "I didn't do it." What changed was the way he framed this information. Framing 57 Nixon's message hadn't changed. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .8. .I N C .

M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C .com The "frame" in which information is presented greatly influences the way that information is perceived.58 MindControlMarketing. .

com is the same in both cases… Does it matter that the patch leading to the site is different? An over the top example." M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Framing 59 Both pages link to the same site. . Which case do you think would be more likely to generate sales? The contents of www.mindcontrolmarketing.I N C . but you get the point: "All clicks are not created equal.8.

the principle states that we can't be certain of anything because the very act of looking at something changes its nature. developed an important theory about this concept. how then. Roger Bannister set a new world-record and ran the mile in less than four minutes. I see you running away to the next chapter just because I mentioned the word "physics.” In 1926..Uncertainty It's a Sure Thing That There's No Such Thing as a Sure Thing 9 W e can't really know anything." Simply put. The significance of these seemingly nonsensical statements will be clear in a moment. At least. Perhaps the following example will make things clear: There's no such thing as absolute. unchanging knowledge. In the 1954 olympics. So. we don't really know anything. (I think that's true. did these doctors "know" it was "physically impossible" to run a mile in under four minutes? Getting a headache yet? Who are we to trust? Let's try to bring some clarity to our lack of “knowing.. Werner Heisenberg.) Heisenberg is probably best known for his "Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Let's get right to the bottom line in plain English. And the bottom line is.I N C Stay with me here. I've been told this by authorities who have certain knowledge about “knowing. (Whoa . 61 M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . in an absolute sense. .” But who knows?) This chapter is all about what we know about Internet marketing. Doctors said in the early 20th century that they "knew" that it was “physically impossible” for a human to run a mile in less than four minutes. . a physicist and one of the founders of quantum mechanics. and about anything else in life for that matter." Stop right there! I promise that we're not going to start discussing esoteric mathematical formulae.

Those who don't have a clue. I'm on a first name basis with most of the bestknown "marketing gurus" alive today. Those who realize that even the gurus are wrong sometimes. and can't know anything for themselves until they test it. Yet. Heisenberg admits that. you know…" Then blow their minds with a quick explanation of Uncertainty. the outcome of your testing can be affected by factors you could never imagine. Those that realize that (holy shit!) even their own testing is uncertain at best. Those who have read lots of books and have subscribed to the teachings of a marketing guru or two and. Heisenberg aside. It is impossible to "see" anything without changing it in some way (see the cartoons at the end of this chapter for a clear explanation of this phenomenon). The fact is.) 4. I know very few who are at level four and can admit that they can never be absolutely certain about anything. "We may not be able to know the location of a particle. . what relevance does Heisenberg's theory have for you in your business life? More specifically. (Most marketers get to this point. then stop testing things themselves. or never control. For example. at your next party. No matter how rigorous you are. while his principle rules out absolute certainties." You can have some fun with Heisenberg's principle. if we can't know anything. He said. we're changing it through our interaction with it. it does allow for probabilities. measure something. but you can have a good idea of where it might be. I know thousands of marketers. "You can't really know that. market testing can never be truly scientific because there are too many variables in play. but think they understand advertising and marketing because they've spent so much time on their couch watching TV. feel that they know it all. Most marketers fall into one of four basic categories: 1. and develop their strategies Get it? The minute we examine something.I N C . thus. you simply cross your arms and tell them. Beyond that usage. then what good does market testing do us? The effectiveness of marketers can often by gauged by how well they understand what they don't know.62 MindControlMarketing. though. 3. when someone is arguing with you and makes a forceful statement. even though they keep giving lip service to the topic of testing. shine a light on something to get a better view of it. That is why this chapter comes with an ironclad moral: Drawing broad conclusions M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . 2.

in at least a rudimentary sense. By contrast. you can engage in all of the scientific testing and all of the statistical analysis you can possibly afford." In other words. At the end of the day.9." "confidence intervals" and "predictions.I N C . we are willing to admit that we never know anything for sure. Use your resources wisely. but it still comes down to rolling the dice and making judgment calls. offline only to find out that not a single one of your tests is giving you a positive Return on Investment. though. . to improve your odds. I don't want this chapter to dissuade you from engaging in market testing. if not millions of dollars. You can blow hundreds of thousands. Studying the science of statistics gives you a systematic way of dealing with your uncertainty. The great thing about Internet marketing is that market testing on the Internet is generally much cheaper than market testing offline. In my own office." M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . The key is to make those judgment calls as sound as you can by collecting and learning from statistical data. Internet marketing campaigns are cheap. I highly encourage you to spend some time learning. but we also spend time talking about "probabilities. not falling into the trap of squandering excessive sums of money on a "sure thing. we talk a lot about marketing principles and about the lessons that have been passed down from all of the greats in the field. Uncertainty 63 from your testing can be hazardous to your financial health. Think of the cost difference between sending out a direct mail piece and an e-mail. There are steps you can take. the science of statistics and apply it to your marketing. sometimes even free.

And. while maintaining the flexibility to change when unknown factors have unplanned effects on your marketing efforts. maybe a little story about something called "Killer Junior" can answer that question for you. AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . . You're probably still asking yourselves.64 MindControlMarketing.I N C . Nothing can ever be known for certain. It's highly appropriate to end our section on science by talking about uncertainty. it stands to reason that we should pay close attention to doctrines that have meant life for those who have followed them.. because the very act of examining something changes the nature of the entity being examined. we're abandoning science altogether and going to Concept: Uncertainty. remember that soldiers throughout history have followed the principles that I'm about to share with you. Before you judge the following section harshly with your newly-developed skeptical scientific eyes. and death to those who have ignored them. what the hell do wartime principles have to do with Internet marketing? Well. Action: Gather statistical data on your Internet marketing efforts. M They have stayed alive while watching their enemies die. As we delve into the next section. So. they have won.. Use that data to develop probabilities and likely avenues of success.. armed with those principles. Lesson: Realize that your best efforts at market testing should not yield broad conclusions because you must always be wary of unknown factors.

.I N C . M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Uncertainty 65 Somebody's lying.9.

Heisenberg says that we can never know the true. So. can we know anything at all? M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . because our very act of observing changes what is observed.I N C . .66 MindControlMarketing. unchanged nature of We can't observe something without touching it in some way. Light has to hit an object first before we see it… So.

. what's the point? AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Uncertainty 67 M If uncertainty is the ultimate level of marketing education.9.I N C .

and the combination of your past experience and your acquired marketing knowledge to guide you. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . .68 MindControlMarketing. over time you will make better and better marketing With hard stats as your foundation (uncertain at times as they may be).

enable the end to be extended. but by giving a higher value to the means.I N C . . Liddel Hart .B.Part Two : Warfare "Art can not only bring the end nearer to the means." M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .

One of the activities essential to waging that war was called "defending a fire base. they were being influenced by the newer. some patriotic) went off to a land they didn't know to die in a war they didn't understand. but the bottom line was still the decimation of a herd of good kids who did what their country asked them to do. Understanding about the herd mentality is essential in knowing how to build your customer base. Artillery units in Nam were arranged in "fire bases. It's not a promising situation when you're surrounded by 20 highly-skilled killers and you have long-range howitzers at your disposal. Before we get to that point." 10 S U. turned on and dropped out. we talked about herds and the Conformity to Group Norms. Let's focus on the herd that went off to fight a war. It's like a regular artillery round only. protested the war.S. though. This discouraged the Viet Cong for a short time. even when the odds are against us.Killer Junior Impending Death is One Hell of a Mother of Invention ometimes all it takes is a minor shift in perception to allow men to remove their shackles of limitations and mediocrity." These fire bases were great for blowing things up at a distance." The herd pretended to be individual anarchists. Another herd of young kids would have none of it. In those years.I N C . and enable the accomplishment of great things. though. instead of firing a heap of shrapnel at someone far away. unfortunately. Their vulnerability. This was a nasty little weapon. even more powerful authority of television. . government tried to dismiss this war as a police action. Thus. "tuned in. took drugs. came when the enemy got too close (and getting close was. it shot razor-sharp needles directly at close range targets. though.S. Earlier in this book. The U. 71 M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . but while they were protesting the authority of the government. They stayed home. This chapter has nothing to do with herds. one massive herd of young kids (some naïve. the flachette round was invented. let's talk again about the two herds of kids who made up the majority of the youthful population of the United States in the 1960s. one of the Viet Cong's true talents). Instead it has everything to do with what each of us can do as individuals to overcome our limitations and succeed.

Once the technique was Unfortunately. How do you set the rounds off close to the base without killing your own people? Junior's solution was brushed aside as impossible by many. Junior was a resourceful guy. they duck. at his disposal. Viet Cong troops were much more hesitant to attack a fire base after this. and b) send out a withering. except for one problem. Junior realized that he had. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT ." and you need to defend it with the zeal of the U. a lot of boys would have died in the process.S. He could have waited for the Army to develop some new technology that would help him better defend his fire bases. the Viet Cong was never once able to overrun a U. indefensible blast of shrapnel at close range Viet Cong targets. But.resourceful as they were .S. the brilliant commander (nicknamed "Junior") of a very effective artillery battalion (whose callsign was "Killer") got sick and tired of seeing his fire bases so greatly distracted by these attacks.I N C People were dying today.figured out that they could avoid the flachettes simply by ducking. though. One day. .72 MindControlMarketing. The performance of the U. These artillery rounds were set to blow up well off in the distance. they would dance and shout out. but what if the fuse were set so that the HE round would blow up at a much closer range? That would solve the problem of the enemy ducking under the flachette rounds.S. We fire a round of flachettes. firebase in the Vietnam War. He got particularly irritated upon learning that the Viet Cong were simply ducking under flachette rounds while they crawled even closer to his fire bases. HE (stands for "high explosive") rounds that would send waves of deadly shrapnel at the enemy. and we're still in a world of trouble. "I'm going to live!" Your business is your "fire base. Because of their unflinching responsiveness and seemingly unstoppable ability to adapt. so he needed a solution today. It was a stroke of genius. Army Field Artillery. Junior sat down with a piece of paper and figured out a table of distances and fuse settings for a regular HE round that would: a) prevent the men firing the cannon from getting hit by shrapnel. all artillery units in the Army started implementing Junior's innovation and the job of defending a fire base became much easier. Army Field Artillery in Vietnam was simply brilliant. the "enemy" . that when Infantry soldiers were reassigned to Field Artillery units. The effect was immediate and devastating. . as an HE round wreaked devastation in all directions. The Field Artillery were so renowned for these impressive displays of defensive tactics.

My good friend Ted Nicholas. innovative solutions. plan for success. We must find ways to excel despite our limitations. one of the best copywriters in the world. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . started his first business with only $79 in his pocket. and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Today he has two homes on two continents. a good many people learned the painful lessons that problems cannot be solved simply by throwing heaps of money at them. instead.I N C . public companies are not motivated to find innovative solutions to problems.10. in and of itself.. Stop planning for ways to explain failure. And some people will tell you it’s impossible to start a business for less than $100. you have every motivation in the world to find answers to stay alive. This system is based on perception rather than actual performance. Read the above paragraph again . Some prefer to take refuge in excuses. is one of the most respected gentlemen in the world. When the "dot com bubble burst" in 2000 and the market crashed. Start looking for ways to accomplish your goals with the resources you have at hand.000." We've learned at the outset of the 21st century that money is not. those other guys are doing well. They use their lack of resources as a reason for their failures . Thousands of American businesses have started with virtually nothing.) The Internet world presents a case study in the value of "Killer Junior" solutions. but I could do it even better if I had their money ."Yeah. but have generated great masses of wealth through persistence and innovative thinking. Too many people didn't realize the value of. and the need for. If you operate a small Internet business. You can do what these business successes have done... a solution. Therefore. . Stop making excuses.. Killer Junior 73 I call "Killer Junior Solutions" cases in which people with limited resources solve problems that others with far greater resources could not. Stop waiting. The answer lies in having the desire to seek and develop your own "Killer Junior" solution. Public companies are formed on the basis of private investors funding the growth of the public company.

com Concept: Killer Junior.74 MindControlMarketing. Brainstorm avenues that can help you attract new customers and retain current ones without relying on infusions of cash. . and that threaten your future viability. Action: Honestly assess your current situation. Lesson: You must develop a success plan that doesn't rely strictly on financial resources. rather than simply money.I N C . Determine the obstacles that stand in the way of your goals and objectives. Your future must be based on innovation. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Success is directly tied to innovative thinking that overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Killer Junior 75 The Viet Cong soldiers quickly learned how to defend themselves from the flat-trajectory flachette rounds.I N C .10. Until… M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .

.com High Explosive rounds used in an innovative way solved the problem.I N C . It took "Killer Junior" thinking to come up with this solution. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .76 MindControlMarketing. Killer Junior doesn't care if you duck.

Killer Junior 77 M "Famous Last Words" AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .10.I N C .

11 O M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . in which you strive for surprise. deception and strong advantage. Let's go back to Sun Tzu. He defines eight types of ground on which combat can occur. Sun Tzu calls this ground deep in enemy territory "Heavy Ground. you open a whole new world of promise and possibilities for yourself.I N C . Of those. Sun Tzu says. to understand how to win at business. 79 . A Deadly Ground battle is one without “Art. You immediately realize the ramifications and consequences of such a battle. We Westerners are increasingly getting the point.Heavy Ground Waging the Economic Art of War ne way to win wars is to go undetected. Solutions that other people cannot fathom will become second nature for you. that this is the worst way to fight a battle. Such a battle is one of brute force. and there can only be one winner. He with the most firepower will win.” and allowing this to happen reflects badly on the commander. You catch your enemy totally off guard and use that element of surprise to gain crucial victory. A Heavy Ground battle makes amazing things possible. Compare this to the Heavy Ground battle. simply by gaining a strategic advantage. deep into enemy territory. Asians have known this for centuries. the ultimate win/lose scenario. two are of great interest to those of us in marketing: Deadly Ground and Heavy Ground." As I explained earlier in the book. but it will likely be a "pyhrric victory" with heavy casualties. Once you open your mind to the concept of business-as-warfare and begin to think metaphorically. quite correctly. Your opponents will find you inscrutable. It becomes a pure fight-or-die battle. before launching your attack. A Deadly Ground battle occurs when two forces meet and there is no escape route for either. Imagine a five-year-old girl with a sharp knife sneaking up behind Arnold Schwarzenegger. It allows a weak force to paralyze a stronger force. it is tremendously advantageous to learn how armies win wars.

Who has the greatest strength in this fight . You can fire your primary weapon . In fact. You lose in those first few seconds. it is foolhardy to fight a Deadly Ground battle. When the consumer has so much more power than the marketer.80 MindControlMarketing. the marketer. The odds are against you at the outset because today's consumer has a very low tolerance for advertising. he becomes a casualty to a far smaller.your advertising . will lose virtually every time.I N C . do you win an advertising battle? Think about how you lose a Deadly Ground battle. It's pretty clear who has the upper hand. this battleground is particularly daunting because your average Internet user is well-educated. They've seen so many ads that even the most innovative. making it a harder sell right from the get-go. Let's shift the metaphors now to Internet marketing. you might have a chance of winning. . whose resistance you hope to conquer. all things being equal. the consumer is always the stronger combatant. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Ignoring your ad does the consumer no harm. then. You versus the or your potential customer? Let's set up the battlefield scenario. my friend . weaker opponent.. For the Internet marketer. dynamic advertising piece does not generate a bit of excitement. A battle fought on Deadly Ground will always go to the stronger army. Either you win by defeating your target's natural resistance and convincing him to respond to your ad. Imagine a Deadly Ground battle. At that moment. when the consumer sees your advertising and immediately dismisses it as intrusive junk. You present your prospect with an ad. he may even save a couple of bucks by not giving it any attention.. You. a fight to the death. But how does one fight a marketing war on Heavy Ground? How does one gain that element of surprise? Read on. you have your win/lose dynamic in place. most people log on to the Internet not for commerce. and in the Internet marketing world. Additionally.but it's going to be ineffective because you cannot overcome your target's defenses. or he defeats you by ignoring you. How. If you were able to fight this battle on Heavy Ground rather than Deadly Ground. but for If Arnold does not see her coming.

I N C . There is no downside to the consumer in dismissing advertising without giving it a moment's attention.11. with the stronger combatant virtually always being the winner. the consumer is always the stronger combatant. Are you fighting Deadly Ground battles in which you fire advertising at your targets without seeking more effective ways to penetrate their defenses? If you're using your advertising artillery consistently without success. Review your own marketing campaigns in terms of your outreach to consumers. Lesson: In a contest of wills between marketers and consumers. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . A Deadly Ground battle is one in which one combatant must win and one must die. Action: . it's time to reassess your strategy. Heavy Ground 81 Concept: Heavy Ground.

.I N C . It's not much of a stretch to apply military metaphors in the same way… M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .com We use sports metaphors in our language every day.82 MindControlMarketing.

M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Heavy Ground 83 A heavy ground attack takes place deep inside enemy territory. .I N C .11. Get in quietly and hit hard before they realize you’re there.

84 M So many direct marketing battles are fought on deadly ground… AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . .


Avoiding the Deadly Delete Key



uccess in both war and business hinges greatly on our ability to recognize "cues" in human behavior, and learning how to capitalize on that knowledge.

We learned in the last chapter that attempting to fight a Deadly Ground battle against your target consumer's natural anti-advertising defenses is a losing battle. You simply cannot make a consumer, whose every reflex is to toss a piece of advertising in the trash without giving it a serious look, alter their ingrained habits.

Let's go back to the teachings of Sun Tzu and understand something important about human nature. Each of us have conditioned our minds to react certain ways when we see particular "cues" in the world around us. When a consumer sees printed material, for example, that looks like an advertising circular, they are "cued" to toss it in the trash. When we, as marketers, learn what those cues are and understand how consumers react to them, we are all the stronger for it. Sun Tzu said, "Warfare is the way of deception. Therefore, if able, appear unable. If active, appear non-active. If near, appear far. If far, appear near. Attack where they are not prepared, go out to where they do not expect." These are vital teachings in marketing, just as they were crucial to the Viet Cong's success in Vietnam. "Charlie" (the Viet Cong soldiers) used to drive good old "Joe" (the men wearing the U.S. uniforms) crazy by using Sun Tzu's tactics. Late at night, just for good-hearted fun, Charlie would run out in front of Joe's fox holes to shake trees and raise a ruckus. This would wake Joe up and put him on alert. He'd have to remain that way for much of the night until he was certain Charlie wasn't there to kill him. Charlie would run away, laughing heartily about making Joe lose valuable sleep time. Charlie would play this game several times a night for a few nights in a row, causing Joe's frustration and sleep-deprived anxiety to grow greater. Finally, after a few nights of this, Joe would throw in the towel and say to himself, "Ah, Charlie's




Fight this kind of war in the Internet economy, and you will lose.


just up to his old tricks. I'm going to get some shuteye." Of course, when Joe finally surrendered his vigilance and decided to get a little sleep, ol' crazy Charlie would sneak in with a group of his friends and kill Joe in his sleep. Quite a practical joker, ol' Charlie was. Ha ha. Good one. Over time, we all become conditioned to react a certain way to particular cues. The North Vietnamese studied the way the U.S. soldiers reacted to particular cues, and then adapted their strategy accordingly. The only way to succeed in the Internet marketplace is to do the same. Study the way a cynical consumer population acts and reacts, and then shape a strategy that will penetrate their skeptical defenses.

We, as Internet consumers, equate eZines with junk. And junk acts as a cue for us to act in a particular way. When we go through our e-mail every day, we've become pretty adept at discerning which missives are wastes of time and which are worth reading. We keep our finger eagerly poised on the delete key to prune away the e-mail garbage, just saving the items worth our attention. It's essential, as marketers, that we recognize this behavior and make it a component of our planning. At my own office, I have trained my staff to recognize and remove any cues that will make our e-mail look like junk mail or content-free newsletters. This has improved our response rates dramatically. My company sends out several eZines. I make sure that they contain very few, or absolutely no, advertisements. I've found other ways of "monetizing" my newsletters so that I don't have to fill them with ads. (I use subtle product recommendations and so on - never blatant advertisements.) If our newsletters are first viewed as a personal letter, this gets the recipient's attention. Eventually, though, they're going to realize that it's a newsletter that is also being received by several hundred other people. That's why we have to make sure that the newsletter is not viewed as an intrusion. These newsletters contain content that is so valuable that recipients find them a welcome arrival instead of a newsletter. Also, we remind them that they subscribed to the newsletter and that it is not unsolicited junk.



Let's talk about eZines (e-mailed newsletters). Anyone who has been online for any significant length of time has probably signed up for a few of these electronic publications. Sadly, we come to find that the vast majority of these eZines are devoid of valuable content, and are simply a vehicle to pummel us with advertising. It doesn't take long to realize that there isn't any point in reading these.


12. Deception


Every form of advertising, no matter how competently created, has a set of cues that blinks like a flashing warning light, signaling the consumer that it's an ad. These cues put marketers immediately on the defensive, and in a battle that is being fought on Deadly Ground. The key here - and it is so vitally important - is to remove the cues from your advertisements, and keep your prospects from immediately putting up their defenses. If you can get your prospect to at least view your ad, even for a few seconds, with his defenses down, you've managed to get at least a little information into his consciousness (or a lot of information if you're really good), and you're fighting on Heavy Ground instead of Deadly Ground. At this point, the advantage has shifted to a degree in your direction. When their defenses are down, your next objective is to communicate enough information to build both curiosity and credibility. If you can do that, your chances of closing the sale increase dramatically.




M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .anything that cues in your prospects mind that they are being "pitched. . Ever.I N C Cue . Consumers are conditioned to reject material they consider "junk. Make a point of sending substantive material that will be of benefit to your prospects. and if you don't understand this." I would never in any way misrepresent myself. or any product or service. read this chapter again until you "get it. There is a huge difference here." . Deception is a key strategic concept in war and in advertising. your eZines. my company. your advertising and all of the material you use to communicate with your prospects. Key Term: Note: Please understand that what I am proposing here is quite different from "deceptive advertising. and that will be seen as an asset to their lives instead of an intrusion.88 MindControlMarketing.not to convince them they're purchasing products they won't actually Concept: Deception. Focus on the ways in which you label your materials so they seem personal and not a form of anonymous mass advertising. I'm referring to using deception to play with a prospects perception and attention. in order to further a legitimate (and honest) sales process ." Lesson: In order to make an impact on prospects. it is essential to recognize and remove the cues that will cause automatic rejection of your advertising. Advertising contains cues that put buyers' defenses on alert. What I'm talking about is quite different." Action: Review your e-mails.

I N C . .12. Each time they thought it was the sound of Charlie creeping up on them. the soldiers were kept up late at night by the rattling of the trees. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Deception 89 At first.

They wouldn't let Charlie fool them anymore! AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .com M After a while.I N C . . they learned the game.90 MindControlMarketing.

12. Deception 91 M Yep. ol' Charlie wouldn't fool them this time.I N C . AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .

." AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C .92 M Each of these emails cues off "spam.

. Deception 93 M This one. however.I N C . It begs to be opened. AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . cues off something different.12.

We're not going to review the entirety of that 1863 battle. But General Lee thought the Federals were running out of ammo as well. Lee was concerned.such is the sequence and each is a sequel.Right in His Dispersion he principles of war.Concentration “ Kick Your Opponent Where It Hurts . One of his top units. Once he does that. Liddel Hart . read it again.B. and be filled with an understanding of how you can apply these lessons in business to give yourself a decided strategic advantage. At the climax of a protracted and bloody artillery battle.' And for any real value it needs to be explained that the concentration of strength against weakness depends on the dispersion of your opponent's strength. though.I N C . his dispersion.' But for truth this needs to be amplified as 'the concentration of strength against weakness. General Robert E. you are going to come back to that paragraph. Your dispersion. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . let me go to the heart of what this paragraph means. had already suffered significant losses. Make sense? It made a lot of sense to the Union Army during the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War. 95 . They were running low on ammunition. And when I take the time right now to put it in context. Hart is saying that you must put a weakness on display for your opponent to see. and it's one of the best historical examples of Hart's Theory at work. he must then create weak spots of his own. Instead. Pickett's division. your concentration .'concentration. we're going to focus on smaller drama within the larger conflict. can be condensed into one single word . not merely one principle. First. When your opponent concentrates his resources to attack what he perceives as your weakness. True concentration is the fruit of calculated dispersion. In essence. It was called Pickett's Charge. you focus your strengths to attack his newly-created weaknesses and defeat him. which in turn is produced by a distribution of your own that gives the appearance and partial effect of dispersion." 13 T That is probably the greatest paragraph ever written about war.

to begin thinking about your business in a way that will give you a tremendous edge over your competition. a local independent gym cannot compete against the big boys on price. In that light. Remember. of your competition as your "opponent. Now."your dispersion. it can be interpreted that his concentrating his power in that area ." If your opponent is offering a product at a low price and bases his consumer appeals on price. Federal guns cut down most of Pickett's men . when the Federals opened fire with their artillery. . Then. for the moment. your concentration . every product and every business has numerous points of weakness.such is the sequence and each is a sequel. and then pit your concentration against his dispersion? Local gyms these days are having a tough time competing with the huge chains like Bally Total Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness." Pickett's men charged the Federal Center on open ground. There is no such thing as a perfect business. does it make sense for you to compare the price of your product to the price of his? Of course not. Lee believed it was time to give Pickett's division the "go ahead" to charge into the center of the Federal lines and go for the kill. The artillery stopped firing. the Federal troops provide the appearance of being out of ammunition (your dispersion). Every product. In other What Lee didn't know was that the Federal artillery had made a calculated decision to show Lee a perceived weakness that they knew he would want to attack. this chapter is critical in helping you transform potential failure into actual success. without any artillery of their own to cover their movement (his dispersion). More accurately. Pickett's men charge out into the open. How can you define your opponent's weakness. If you cannot effectively lower your price. his dispersion. With a low budget." First. to say the least.96 MindControlMarketing. wounding or capturing two-thirds of them. Then. match your strength versus his weakness.killing. the key to success is to put your concentration against your opponent's dispersion. let's apply this theory to your business. giving Lee the impression that they were completely out of ammunition. If they try. The big guys have obvious advantages. the Federals make the kill by opening up their artillery on Pickett's exposed men (your concentration). The Confederates were shocked. equipment and hours. They can offer 24-hour service and a world-class facility. This showed the beauty of Hart's theory of war . M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Let us think.I N C . they'll be like the 98-pound weakling getting sand kicked in his face.on price. This is the famous "Pickett's Charge. every business has a dispersion. a weakness. Remember that the purpose of this book is to enable you to experience a shift in perspective.

why pay for it? Consumers have dispersions too. you can find almost any information for free online if you've got the time and the inclination to look hard enough. I love customers. Like Pickett. It can be argued that the power of the Internet consumer is concentrated in his ability to find free information online. touting a certain degree of exclusivity. uncommon information) against the consumer's dispersion (lack of time). everybody goes there.) If you win. For today's busy consumers. though." This approach works because it pits the concentration of the small gym (exclusivity. an analysis would probably uncover many. One not-so-obvious one is the fact that everybody goes there. and they don't want to use their spare minutes searching the web.I N C . Point out this linkage and make it painfully obvious to your consumer opponents that they can't live without the convenient access to information you're offering. it's time. We're talking metaphors here. what's their weakness? What's their "dispersion?" Well. waving their credit cards in your direction. Concentration 97 The big chains are so strong and. consequently. you're in an exclusive club and you don't have to wait in line to lift weights. "Sure. they seldom have that kind of time available. What if you think of your customers as your "opponents. always crowded). This is one of the greatest obstacles for people who sell information. With us. you get to take some of the customer's money. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Clever gym managers are charging more for their memberships . he keeps it and you get nothing. Yes. In this case. If you lose. less crowding) against the dispersion of the big gyms (open to all. the consumer? As an info-seller. put your concentration (a large supply of readily-available. they'll charge right into your midst. Want to succeed against your opponent.13." (Hey. . So. but just try getting a chance to use the equipment! It's always overcrowded. Let's make this even more interesting." they say. If people get a sense they can find the same information for free. "you can go to Bally's and get a cheap membership.and developing a clientele .

Battles are won when you successfully pit your strengths against your opponents' Concept: Concentration. Action: . assess the greatest needs (or weaknesses) of your prospects and tailor your marketing to attack them. Conduct an in-depth study of your competitors. assess the weaknesses of your competition and promote those strengths that lie in direct contrast.98 MindControlMarketing. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Lesson: In determining your selling points.I N C . Likewise. What are their weaknesses? High prices? Lack of selection? Lack of convenience? Overcrowding? Make a list of their vulnerabilities and then develop a corresponding list of your business's strengths. Write ad copy that communicates the contrast.

13. Then… Pickett's charge. . Remember: "Your dispersion. when in fact.I N C . your concentration. his dispersion. Concentration 99 The Federals stopped firing and this gave General Lee the impression that they were out of ammunition." M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . they had abundant ammunition left.

. Attacking a company with low prices by lowering your own is attacking a strong point. Attacking their quality.I N C .100 MindControlMarketing. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . if it's lacking. is an appropriate attack on a week point. not on the Concentrate on the dispersion.

I N C . Pit your concentration (an instantly deliverable solution to his problem) against his dispersion in this way. He doesn't want to spend his whole life looking around. Concentration 101 The consumer always has a great dispersion of time. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .13.

And More n both war and business. Shape: Imagine a desert horizon.S. which is a silhouette of an object projected against its background. being seen is essential to maintain your economic life. Visibility. do it slowly.. There are good reasons for that. Noise: It doesn't take a doctorate degree to understand this one." Or.. Because the shape does not blend into the environment. it's critical to memorize these items. the vehicle is spotted immediately.a cast shadow. if you do. Millions of dollars have been spent and years of psychological research conducted to understand how to be (and not be) seen. to put it in layman's terms. In war." For the soldier. "Reflectance is the amount of energy returned from a target's surface as compared to the energy striking the surface. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . because they are the factors that will get you spotted by the enemy. and suddenly you see a large boxy vehicle sticking out among them. In business. and a contained shadow. Army Field Manual 20-3. it will catch the enemy's eye and trouble will be on the way.and. 14 I Reflectance: FM 20-3 says.. Slow. looking in outline like softly rounded ocean waves. They include: . whether in warfare or the marketplace. being seen can get you killed. regular movement is usually less obvious than fast. For a soldier. Mayhem and carnage inevitably result. "Movement always attracts attention against a stationary background. that means don't move. which is the dark pool that forms in a permanently shaded area. both of these are not good things. You gaze across the sand dunes. Shadow: FM 20-3 says there are two types of shadows . is a science. Movement: FM 20-3 says..I N C According to U." In non-military language. there is an extraordinary amount of attention devoted to the matter of being seen. 103 . We've all seen movie scenes in which a soldier walking quietly through a forest accidentally steps on and breaks a twig. there are seven "factors of recognition.Factors of Recognition Seeing is Believing . if a soldier has anything that reflects light. erratic movement.

To stay incognito may be life for soldiers. I'm going to offer some proven ways in which you can exploit the principles of recognition to get the attention of your prospects. In marketing. these items can place and keep you prominently in your future customer's awareness. even if vehicles are covered in camouflage nets. and you'll find that you're turning off far more people than you're attracting. and their resulting sensory overload will cause them to tune you out. For example. Too many marketers go over the top with their attention-getting schemes. Dump a few tablespoons all over yourself. It's one of the reasons soldiers wear camouflage face paint in combat. In other words. Patterns: Among a random natural setting. though. We want to avoid being hidden. it doesn't matter what other great marketing techniques you have up your sleeve because all is lost. if you leave them sitting in a nice. . even if both surfaces are the same color.I N C ." Irregular variations in color or shades of color produce this same effect. vehicle tracks change the texture of the ground by leaving clearly visible track marks. Keep something important in mind. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Bombard your prospects with too many of these tips too often. though. "A rough surface appears darker than a smooth surface. Used sparingly.104 MindControlMarketing. gaining their prospects' attention. A group of vehicles lined up nicely is much easier to spot because of the pattern it creates. but losing any shred of credibility in the process. Desire. A little goes a long way. and all else follows. Getting and keeping the customer's attention must come first. orderly row. These tips are like a very nice cologne. a rigid orderly pattern will stick out. but it's death for marketing. If you're invisible. Attention always comes first. in the classic ad copy formula AIDA (Attention. we should take the admonitions of FM 20-3 and put them in reverse. some smart enemy soldier is going to figure out that God doesn't usually line up dirt mounds that way. Action).com Texture: FM 20-3 says. Interest. That's why.

rather than simply use these examples.I N C Try incorporating the suggestions included in this chapter to improve the look of your website and sales materials. Selective and sensible use of attention-getting techniques can set your selling materials apart from your competitors. Lesson: Attracting attention to your products and services is all-important to building a clientele. Also. make a list of other creative ways to apply this concept . .14. . There are definite techniques that can grab and hold your prospects' your marketing.the utilization of recognition factors . Action: M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Factors of Recognition 105 Concept: Factors of Recognition.

Once we have their attention. we exploit the principles of shape and texture to get our readers’ attention. Using these principles in combination like this can be quite powerful! M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C .106 Here. . we immediately use the psychological principle of "Obedience to Authority" in order to influence the buying decision of our prospects.

M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . It takes you maybe a single day on the Net to figure out "where the ads are." What happens then? You start tuning them out. This is now an unconscious and automatic act. even though I love looking at marketing.I N C . If your prospects aren't scrolling past these banners physically. Factors of Recognition 107 A banner ad in the standard position as you see above is a very bad idea. .14. Personally. I scroll past the banner on a web page to get it totally out of my mind. they are doing so mentally.

com In this unusual position. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . so the brain cannot immediately tune it out as it can the banner in the expected position. Can you think of some other tricky ways to get a banner ad seen? Think outside of the box. It's out of the ordinary.108 MindControlMarketing. the banner is much harder to ignore.I N C . .

M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . creating a sense of motion.14. In this case here. . a small piece of animation will easily grab the attention of your visitor.I N C . the little arrow animates by fading in and out of view. Factors of Recognition 109 Among a motionless web page.

animation does not stand out at all. .com Conversely. Motion is only a factor of recognition when it is found among stillness. on a web page that has animation at every corner.110 MindControlMarketing.I N C . M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .

of course. Factors of Recognition 111 Your reader has to start reading your salesletter before he can read the whole thing.14.I N C . The problem is. . M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . the reader sometimes needs an extra nudge here and there to push him along that path.

Capitalize on this position by a) getting your most important benefit out there in your first shot. What matters is that it works. b) capturing the curiosity of your reader.112 MindControlMarketing.uncluttered by anything else. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .above the main text in a larger type .I N C .com Headlines should be positioned on a page as you see above . One could provide many psychological and psychobiological reasons why the eye falls here first. and c) addressing what is likely to be on the mind of your prospect. None of that matters for our purposes. .

" Some soldiers performed quite well in a garrison environment . Period.I N C ."garrison soldiers" and "field soldiers. he will get less work done than his counterpart working shorter hours and getting more rest. there were plenty of things about field life that could get to you the dirt. happy. but Army research has indicated that sleep is a "combat multiplier. When I was given my first taste of real "tactical" life in the Army. Similarly. Or.Continuous Operation How to Keep the Machine Running s our challenges get more and more demanding. and energy levels are a matter of critical importance in the military." That is. the lack of showers or latrines. Our first night out on a long field operation.meaning back home in the barracks with showers and hot meals . as this soldier said. In other words. If the same soldier is forced to work longer with less sleep. rested and well-fed soldiers fight better. Many officers thought that this meant soldiers should be trained to operate with less sleep." Of course. it is said that the tempo of modern warfare is increasing drastically and that our ability to sustain "continuous operations" is vital. I learned a very important lesson from a seasoned soldier with whom I served. they broke down and ceased to function. Jay Conrad Levinson. the lack of sleep. this soldier told me there were two different types of soldiers . getting more sleep allows the soldier to get a much greater amount of work done in a shorter amount of time. the horrible food. It was difficult to keep your energy levels high. 113 . Life in the military teaches important lessons about how to keep yourself energized for the tasks at hand. and it's getting faster rather than slowing down. In the Army Field Manual 22-11 (Military Leadership). the tempo of e-business is break-neck.but when they were out in the field. how do we keep ourselves equipped for the task? This is a critical question in an era when business never stops. when first working with my company 15 A M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . "Put him out in the field and he'll go from man to bitch in half a day.

Given a complete manuscript.' That's the new pace of business and those who can't keep up are clearly going to fail. when publishing an electronic book.I N C ." overtime is strictly forbidden except in a case of extreme crisis. . can crank out a world-class piece of work in as little as a week. but when you need it .” Jay discovered a fact of life in Internet marketing. it does us all well to keep the military's advice in mind.and there is no question you will . It takes over a year for most print books to be published! To prepare yourself for this pace. Work fewer hours. my company. This advice may not seem important to you will save your life. Online business happens on an Internet publishing deal said. Take care of yourself. 'Internet Time. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . For our office to function well on "Internet Time. "I had no idea you guys could do things so quickly.114 MindControlMarketing. You inspired me to coin a new term. and the hours you do work will be more productive. Get more rest.

limiting your work hours and giving yourself ample rest on nights and weekends. Monitor your performance output and document to yourself that your production remains high. Continuous Operation 115 Concept: Continuous Operations. and fit. People function more effectively when well-rested. . when you give yourself ample rest. Action: Discipline yourself to stick to a strict schedule. well-fed. or even higher. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . being competitive means keeping yourself in top shape and your energy levels continuously high. Lesson: In the fast-paced world of Internet marketing.15. well taken-care-of.

com M Sometimes the soldiers that excel in garrison life are not the same soldiers that excel in the field. AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . .116 MindControlMarketing.I N C .

I N C . M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .15. . "Continuous Operations" can wear you down fast if you don't take care of your basic needs first. get more work done in less time. Continuous Operation 117 Soldiers that are well rested and are treated well.

" We can learn important lessons today from the life of the Greek leader Pyrrhus. Then even the wisest of counsels would not be able to avert the consequences that must ensue. we get the term "pyrhhic victory. that spending a great deal of time on search engine positioning will open the doors to enormous success They employ a great many innovative techniques to gain a high placement in M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . "If troops lay siege to a walled city. many small businesses get greedy and think." In business. 119 .as impressive as they may have been .I N C . In Internet marketing. erroneously and to their detriment.C. Pyrrhus utterly defeated a Roman Army in Heraclea.fighting battles that will sap our essential resources. When weapons are blunted and ardor dampened. If the army is exposed to a prolonged campaign. was that the two bitter and protracted battles . seek a quick victory. though. who led successful conflicts against Rome in 280 and 279 B. the nation's resources will not suffice.left him with heavy casualties and a severely weakened army.Quick Victories Pick Battles Worth Fighting 16 I t’s not always wise to fight every battle that comes your way. Take search engines. the neighboring rulers will take advantage of these complications. search engines can be a great source of targeted traffic for your website. who wrote. we must all ask ourselves if we are falling into the trap of trying to lay siege to walled cities . for example." meaning "a victory that comes at great cost. Yes. "When doing battle. The problem for Pyrrhus. The problem is. In 280. their strength will be exhausted. Sun Tzu said it best. we often find ourselves trying to take on a walled city or two. and did the same a year later at Ausculum. A protracted battle will blunt weapons and dampen ardor. From this bit of history. strength exhausted and resources depleted." What is gained by winning if you suffer losses that leave you unable to fight the rest of the war? Pyrrhus should have listened to Sun Tzu.

if any fruit. and I've created two search engines myself. or do it too often. The larger point I want to communicate. he heard the story of someone else selling a similar site for $1.000. though. and the search engines may ban you. They do very well with it.all the time. > There are many other. This led to a long and fruitless negotiation process that screwed up the whole deal.000 and it angered him. > Getting that number one ranking probably won't deliver the flood of traffic you imagine it will. He walked away having wasted months of time in negotiations. far simpler Internet marketing tasks that will render a greater return-on-investment with far less effort. What gives you a number one ranking today may leave you in 4000th position tomorrow. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . All of your hard work may suddenly be for nothing. He went back to the buyer and told them he wanted more. In fact. He had never envisioned having $100.their ranking algorithms . again. though. Hard work. is the concept of a quick victory. Sometimes they are the various search engines. Then. this book will have paid for itself.) Most people. There are a few people out there who have truly mastered the art of search engine positioning. it ends up not being worth the time they invest.120 MindControlMarketing. feel free to ignore this point. though.000 and this money would make a profound change in his life.I N C . Now.000 for his website. Let me give you a few reasons why this is the case: > Search engines are constantly changing the rules . your hard work may go straight down the drain. squandered. (If you are one of these people. At first. > Submit the same content too many times. though. . I've known too many people who have regretted their choices to eschew the quick victories that were handed to them. he was ecstatic about the deal. and without a single dollar in his pocket. I've got nothing against search engines. They are also very rare. if you walk away from this chapter with this knowledge about search engine promotions alone. in the long run. I wrote one of the first books on search engine promotion. spend hours and hours fighting the search engine wars only to see their efforts bearing little. Again. Now. Usually. so I know a little about the topic. A friend of mine was once offered $100.

M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . or any of the concepts in this book for that matter. Have you fought a protracted legal battle that left you with nothing? Have you been working on that "one big project" that never seems to come to fruition? Are you married to a promotion concept that just isn't working? Are you spending hours upon hours trying to move up the search engine ladder with nothing to show for it? Seek the quick victories and move forward. Quick Victories 121 Had he simply taken the quick victory that was laying on his doorstep. $100. .000 richer.000 doesn't compare to a cool million. but it's a hell of a lot better than zero (not even factoring in the wasted time).I N C . Extend this concept. Yes. my friend.16. and see how they can be applied in other ways. he would have been $100.

projects and conflicts that have the potential of consuming large amounts of time and resources without necessarily yielding substantial gain. Give higher priority to those victories that can be won quickly. . People and armies lose wars by fighting difficult. Action: M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .com Concept: Quick Victories.I N C Evaluate your ongoing business actions. prolonged battles that leave their resources depleted. .122 MindControlMarketing. Lesson: Avoid engaging in tasks. so that you can move on to other important matters. Ask yourself if you are spending inordinate amounts of time on affairs that have not yet produced significant benefits for you and your business.

I N C . but at a great cost.16. Quick Victories 123 If only Pyrrhus knew he would unwittingly coin a phrase. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . A “Pyrrhic Victory” is one in which you win. .

.com M Sound like anyone you know? AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .124 MindControlMarketing.I N C .

I N C . emotional stamina). Usually. it pays just to accept a quick and sure victory that consumes fewer resources (time. .16. though. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Quick Victories 125 Sometimes it pays to drag things out for a better result. money.

The water leading up to the beaches was thoroughly mined. I mean daring. The ground was covered with row after row of wire. The beaches were mined. let your mind turn to one of the greatest moments in the history of war . gutsy actions to take what you need. The execution of this deception was brilliant. The Normandy beaches the Allies invaded on D-Day were probably some of the most treacherous military fortifications in history. and the beach ground was easily accessible by German machine guns positioned safely away in the hills above. 127 . as well.) Finally. but not much more than that. but keep in mind that the beaches stormed by those brave soldiers that day stretched over 50 miles. By bold. code named “Fortitude South. 17 H M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . When you think about boldness. Most know D-Day as an invasion that turned the tides of the European Theatre in World War II for the Allies. The fifth and most important deception. Four of the deception plans were devised to make the Germans think that D-Day would not happen on the Western shores of France at all. Suffice it to say that the landings themselves were a living hell (the movie “Saving Private Ryan” gave us a small taste of what this day was like. Let's set the scene.Boldness and Taking Risks The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing istory has taught us that more battles have been won by bold moves than by the blunt flexing of brute force. The Allies ran false convoys.D-Day.” was devised to let the Germans think that the Allies would indeed invade France's Western shores." This was a five-fold plan to confuse the Germans about the allies' true plans for re-capturing France. fearless. Boldness is a concept you must “feel” to the depth of your bones. what makes this truly one of the greatest examples of boldness in history is a little-known deception code-named "Bodyguard. D-Day was one of history's great examples of balls and brilliance at work.I N C . but that the invasion would happen at the Pas de Calais rather than at Normandy.

and cut the North Korean forces in two.S. Why can't we. Even those that get scribbled out on a legal pad seldom make it into the actual planning stages. though. one wonders whether or not the landing would have succeeded. I know many business owners who allow their ideas to be steamrolled by the ever-present bureaucracy before they even see the light of day. all of the existing South Korean and U. Of the billions of ideas that are tossed around our collective heads each day. forces arrived in Korea after the invasion from the North. Kim Il Sung intelligently concentrated most of his forces around Pusan. Yes. But without even an effort. Instead of doing the expected. ". Liddel Hart said. This made a huge difference in what happened that day. a small city just south of Seoul. . he took a sizable chunk of his forces up to broadcast false radio transmissions and even set up a decoy tank division in Dover.I N C . No one would have expected this attack as the geography of the beach makes for an incredibly difficult landing operation.128 MindControlMarketing. we may have seen images of bodies strewn over 50 miles of European beach in the biggest military debacle ever. forces there were trapped in the "Pusan Perimeter. slim becomes zero.. This plan worked so well that Hitler concentrated most of his troops in the Pas de Calais.S. realizing that. in business. By the time the brunt of the U. the chief incalculable is the human will. the vast majority of them are quickly squelched by our cautious inner voices. To add the coup de grace. This seemed the only sane action to take and. they even sent the real-life General Patton to Dover to "command" the decoy division." This was a small piece of land surrounding the beautiful port city of Pusan. act as boldly as great figures in history? Why can't we capture customers the same way that MacArthur and the Allies captured land? The answer is. Instead of being a great triumph for the allies. As B. England. we can . In the Korean War." It's sad to say that most great business ideas are defeated before they are even written down. If Hitler's forces had been concentrated in Normandy. No one ever accused MacArthur of being predictable.if we're willing to be fearless in our actions. MacArthur was able to quickly capture war. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .. we're too acquiescent in letting others squash them for us. North Korean leader Kim Il Sung expected MacArthur to concentrate his forces in Pusan and try to break out of the perimeter. it's true that most attempted business ventures have but a slim chance of succeeding. we saw another great example of boldness by General Douglas MacArthur. This took the North Koreans by complete surprise. And when we're not squashing our own good ideas.

Within reason. largely-unrestricted frontiers. Most people would not have even asked. As it turned out. he asked for one little thing that catalyzed his success. It made more sense just to do it. Yes. I could be difficult to work with. You have a license to act boldly. the bureaucrat had given him incorrect information! What he was doing was actually not illegal at all. Stop spending your time and energy worrying constantly about the rules. If I broke the rules. stand up and take your share! M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . They imagine ways that they will fail. dutiful citizen that he is. “yes. Take advantage of this freedom. I'd leave it to those in charge to enforce those regulations as they saw fit. He asked for the exclusive rights to sell upgrades to his software. When he was striking a deal with IBM to include his DOS software on every PC they shipped. It will be virtually impossible for the world's governments to tame something so large. I know one businessman who. one of the last great. Act ethically. but for God's sake. The man told my friend what he was doing was illegal. Basil King probably said it best: “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid. I try to run my business the same way. Stop caring about what other people think. As long as I am operating ethically.” IBM was convinced that the real money in computing would come from hardware sales. because you won't find it in other venues. "Forgiveness comes much easier than permission. so far-flung. stopped work on a project he had been planning for six months. . IBM in fact said." I learned that it was better not to ask if something I planned was OK. treat people fairly. many people squelch their own plans before they come to fruition. Boldness and Taking Risks 129 These entrepreneurs spend more time thinking about how many regulations they have to satisfy than they spend thinking about marketing. living by the phrase. wanted to abide by the law.17. I learned a great deal in the Army about how to act boldly. on the basis of one phone call to a minor city bureaucrat. so my friend.I N C . As we all know now. Microsoft’s success hinges upon one very bold request made by Bill Gates. thinking that surely IBM saw the revenue potential of the software industry. Stop thinking about the ways your plans will fail. why should I wait for the interpretations of bureaucrats before taking critically-important actions? Similarly.” You are competing on the Internet. so free-wheeling as the Net. so they decide not to try at all. This single bold request is probably the most important event that made Bill Gates the richest man in the world. but I was able to get a lot more done than if I had sat around waiting for permission to act.

I N C . The problem is.130 MindControlMarketing. "Be bold and mighty force will come to your aid. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .com Concept: Boldness and taking risks. In your planning. This gives those who are willing to be bold a great advantage.” Action: What are the boldest. never allow the word "can't" to be an obstacle to what you want to achieve. Lesson: Most people are not bold. . never. Your success in business is tied to your willingness to act boldly and fearlessly. never. we tend to "squelch" the bold ideas that pass through our minds. History has shown consistently that great victories are won by those willing to act boldly and shun self-doubts and the doubts of others. Flesh them out. Begin figuring out how they might be carried out. most exciting Internet marketing plans that have ever crossed your mind? Write them down. so bold actions are rarely expected by your opponent.

Boldness and Taking Risks 131 D-Day was far more complex than most remember. .17.I N C .not Normandy. An extremely bold deception effectively led the Germans to believe that the Allies would attack at the Pas de Calais . M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .

AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .132 MindControlMarketing. .I N C .com M The Inchon Landing was perhaps MacArthur's greatest act of boldness.

I N C .17.and that the potential great achievements that men let slip through their mind outnumber them by a trillion to one. It's a staggering paradox that the greatest achievements of man all start as a single idea from one man . M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Boldness and Taking Risks 133 If you could tune into the thoughts of the people of the world like a radio station. . you would not be able to bear the din of marvelous ideas thundering through the air.



He heard wrong.



"Don't Never Take a Chance You Don't Have To" (from the Ranger Handbook)

"Bold" and "Stupid" are Not Synonyms



eems kind of odd, doesn't it, that I would follow a chapter about acting boldly with a separate chapter about avoiding stupid risks?

It makes perfect sense, though. Soldiers win battles by being bold, but they stay alive by avoiding stupid risks. You must be bold in order to achieve the dreams that are possible over the Internet. That doesn't mean, though, that you should foolishly squander your time and money. Ironically, the Internet allows you to be bold and sensible at the same time. In the pre-Internet days, engaging in market testing meant, by necessity, that you had to risk large sums of money running ads. If you are a smart player in the Internet economy, you realize that you don't have to risk your cash reserves in order to move toward your goals. Refer back to the previous chapter. Attacking a target unexpectedly - even at great risk - well, that's bold. Doing it without taking all available precautions? That's just plain stupid. Roger's Rangers - the British Colonial precursor to today's elite Ranger Regiment of the U.S. Army - knew how to defeat an enemy without taking foolish, dangerous risks. During the French and Indian War, ground troops, for the most part, still fought in formations. They lined up like the little toy soldiers on a young boy's bedroom shelf - standing straight up and in perfectly-formed lines. To fight any other way was considered uncivilized by the armies of aristocratic countries like France and England. They believed you should stand up and face your opponent bravely sticking out chins and chests. Captain Robert Rogers, however, thought that being alive was a little more important than putting on a brave front. He trained his men to fight by conducting ambushes and precision stealth strikes, minimizing their exposure and, thus, their risk. He saw how successful the






Indians had been in utilizing that style of fighting, and quickly realized that to fight any other way would be nothing short of suicide. It took quite some time for the rest of the world to catch up and convert to guerrilla warfare tactics. Even as late as the Civil War, U.S. troops were still fighting in line formations. Eventually, though, everyone saw the sense of choosing "alive" over "brave." Businesses too often, act boldly without tempering those actions with forethought. They throw obscene amounts of dollars away on advertising without knowing if they are gaining anything positive from their investment. Some wise entrepreneurs (like Jay Conrad Levinson) know how to employ Guerrilla Marketing tactics in advertising and can do so quite cheaply. Most business people, though, don't have the creativity required to pull this off well. You need to realize that the Internet is full of incredible advertising opportunities - many of them low cost, some of them even free of charge - if you just take the time to look for them. It's amazing to me how many companies are still, even years after the Internet burst onto the scene, spending hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars on ad campaigns without even trying a low-cost form of advertising on the Internet. For many years, my company's advertising budget was ZERO. That's right. We didn't spend a dime on advertising. Even today, I spend next to nothing on advertising and focus all of my efforts on maximizing what I can get for free. If I can send out an e-mail newsletter to hundreds of thousands of people for free, why not focus on maximizing that return instead of risking megabucks on expensive direct mail campaigns? Once you discover the marketing and advertising resources available to you on the Internet, you'll be able to make other marketers - particularly those who are preInternet veterans - drool with envy. You can declare freedom from the perceived high cost of doing business.




Taking stupid risks is never a wise strategy. .18. Lesson: You can be an aggressive and effective Internet marketer without squandering your resources on costly advertising and direct mail campaigns. if not more. Develop as many of these resources as you can and put them to use.I N C . M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . "Don't Never Take a Chance You Don't Have To" 137 Concept: Avoid unnecessary risks. but it's just as important to be smart. Evaluate your status in a month to determine if you have gained as much. It's essential to be bold in your actions. through this low-budget approach than you would have by spending thousands of dollars on advertising and direct mail. Action: Make the time to scour the Internet for free and low-cost services that can help you gain visibility for your business.

.138 M Bravery or idiocy? AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C .

18. . After all. "Don't Never Take a Chance You Don't Have To" 139 What was first seen as a cowardly way to fight has formed the foundation for the way we fight today. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . there is nothing brave about standing up in front of a weapon to take a bullet.I N C . That’s just stupid.

your chances of survival have increased exponentially. Once a terrorist begins plotting an attack on a human target.I N C In warfare and business alike. Those people are not soldiers. and he'll spend more time trying to predict your next move than working on his own. They need a life without surprise or variation.S. Therefore."Don't Ever March Home the Same Way. In fact. they are going to be prepared for you. Nor are they successful business leaders. keeping your competitors off-balance and keeping your prospects' interest. they would take a different route every time. they automatically assumed that their enemies would be observing their movements and would plan future strategies based on that knowledge. Army Anti-Terrorist Training teaches soldiers to have unpredictable habits. the more agitated your opponent will become. To keep breathing. U. Take a Different Route So We Won't Be Ambushed. Even in sports. you must be inscrutable and unpredictable. we see the value of being inconsistent. it's not going to take long for the opposing coach to recognize that tendency and stack extra defenders on the line of scrimmage to throw that runner for a loss. giving their enemies nothing that could be used to plot a sneak attack. 141 M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . predictability simply means that the enemy has a better opportunity to ambush you and kill you. the more unpredictable you are.S. You must be innovative in disguising your sales effort. Roger's Rangers. You're Going to Get Stung by Some Smart Bees 19 S ome people absolutely need consistency and predictability. the fellows who broke tradition and began utilizing guerrilla fighting tactics also believed firmly in the concept of unpredictability. Since U. This made Roger's Rangers an even more formidable fighting force. The Rangers knew that predictability begged for an ambush. If your rivals know what you are going to do. ." (Ranger Handbook) If You Don't Float Like a Butterfly. Winning football coaches vary their play selection to avoid giving their opponents tendencies to plan against. Whenever they went out on patrol. soldiers are prime targets for terrorism. . You must find new ways to engage your customers. If they don't have a clue what you'll do next. If a football team calls a running play up the middle every single time they are in a first down situation. this information saves their lives. his first step is to map his target's daily habits and figure out how to exploit them.

You'll notice that you don't see these ads appearing much any more … The funny thing about advertising is that ineffective advertising tends to disappear . your opponent is going to take advantage. When they see marketing approaches that are never changing. your customers and your prospects interested." An over-reliance on consistency has been the death of countless unimaginative. You advertise this. you are going to be ambushed. without fail.Sunday only" sale. in the Saturday and Sunday editions of the local paper. didn't it? The problems with those ads were that they didn't brand the companies using In business.I N C . one fateful Sunday. your competitors are right now trying to think of ways to exploit your weaknesses. And it's going to hurt.Sunday only. or for just a few more dollars. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . week after week. or the companies paying for them go broke." Your sales have just flatlined for that weekend. you can invest in a widget that will last you a lifetime. Every Sunday. your enemy has your number. Let's say. you're too lazy to change it and try something new. Sooner or later. Remember the "punch the monkey" banner ads that appeared so ubiquitously on the Internet in 1999? They were fun. You try to bounce back the next weekend by cutting your prices even further but. you have an "all widgets are 10% off . innovation-free businesses. . Predictability will hurt your relationship with customers. This campaign may not be a dynamo. selling widgets. so he predicts your price reduction and runs an ad saying. you open the newspaper to see an ad . and quite frankly. And you're going to pay a price for your consistency.either because an on-the-ball marketing analyst discovers it's no longer effective. He knows you are lazy and simple-minded in your approach to marketing. for example. This is especially important in ads that exploit the Ziegarnik Effect. that you are an offline entrepreneur.telling readers that "all widgets are 20 percent off .142 MindControlMarketing. "You can pay lower prices for lower quality widgets. No matter how great your initial idea. And if your behavior patterns are consistent and predictable. Your competitor decides to take advantage of your predictability and. they will simply tune you out. and they lost their novelty after the first couple of clicks. Your competitor knew exactly what you would be doing that weekend and he ambushed you. weren't they? The fun also wore off pretty quickly. it's going to happen. Remember that a certain amount of variation is essential to keep your site visitors. but it's been working reasonably well for you. if you fall into a rut with it.bigger and better-looking than yours . too. by this point.

19. "Don't Ever March Home the Same Way. Take a... 143


Be unpredictable. Consistency and predictability enables your enemy to predict your actions, ambush you and defeat you.
Lesson: If your marketing and sales techniques lack imagination and are entirely predictable, you will find it impossible to maintain the interest of your customers and your opponents will find ways to ambush and undercut you. You must be unpredictable in order to thrive.

Make a concerted effort to insert variety into your marketing efforts. Step back and review your current activities. Look at your own business through your opponent's eyes. Try to see areas where you are too consistent, too predictable. Make a list of ways in which you can be more innovative in your approaches.







“Don't never take the same road home twice.”



19. "Don't Ever March Home the Same Way. Take a... 145


Predictability begs for an ambush.



com Because Acme always runs this same ad. Super Widgets Inc.146 MindControlMarketing. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .I N C . ambushes him quite easily with a larger ad with a greater benefit. .

"Don't Ever March Home the Same Way..19.I N C . Take a. 147 M Concentrating on teh weakness you created through deception.. AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT ... .

"No." The student is puzzled. they were indeed fiercer on the ground. 149 ." The Zen Master remains silent for a few moments to add emphasis to what he is about to say. "I don't understand. The Vietnam War is a great lesson in this regard. The North Vietnamese were fighting to keep their country from being controlled by foreigners and to protect themselves from likely execution. That's one hell of a difference in motivation. "Well. I don't know where it originated.The Fox and the Rabbit Desire is Everything 20 M any martial arts experts pass around this story. master. (No disrespect at all meant to the American men who fought and died in that war. but I do know that it is extraordinarily relevant to what we do. They were fighting because they were told to." he replies. A Zen Master is out in the woods with his student. A fox follows behind him. obviously wanting the rabbit to be his next meal. Some may say it was the lack of congressional support or a host of other factors that lost the war. the North Vietnamese outfought us." Motivation is an irreplaceable key to success. The rabbit is running for his life.I N C ." replies the Zen Master.) The more desperate the opponent. of course. but the bottom line is that.S. Their hearts were not in the battle. "is chasing the rabbit for a meal. They watch the chase for a few moments and the Zen Master asks the student.S. One wonders how they would have done had the country been on their side. The U. "the rabbit will get away. One may argue that the reason the U. lost the war was because our soldiers were not fighting for their homes. it's the fox. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . soldiers were simply trying to stay alive until their tour of duty was over and they could go back home. "Who will win?" The student answers quickly without thinking. Out of nowhere jumps a rabbit scurrying furiously." "The fox. Beyond all of the politics and the espionage. the fiercer the fight. He is stronger and faster. man for man.

that a lot of the small "mom-and-pop" Internet operations were relatively unaffected by the crash. zeal and even a sense of desperation. What about you? Are you satisfied with what you have. They were the foxes. it was no big deal. But. It wouldn't keep the gourmet dinner off the table. unemployed and demoralized. Never. but grew to monumental successes. running for their lives. they couldn't survive. The people behind the dot com failures gained their fortunes without breaking much of a sweat. . but also the countless hours they had dedicated to their businesses. If they failed. he is now retired with millions of dollars. because he fought like a rabbit for his life. . Some of the greatest business success stories in history started as small (and desperate) one-man operations. They were the rabbits. splitting time between his homes in Switzerland and Florida. though. intensity. they would not only lose their hard-fought freedom as Internet entrepreneurs. but above all. Many well-funded companies went under. M AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT . Fight every battle as if you are running for your life. when the dot com bubble burst in 2000. Keep moving. as well. complacent about your status? Are you simply chasing another meal? Are you a fox? I say that your future lies in being the rabbit. Use all of the techniques you’ve learned in this book.150 MindControlMarketing. He started out That motivational gap made itself clear in our business. If their company failed. apply them with urgency. It wasn't hard for me to see the reason why. They were just running for another meal. frustrated. ever stop.I N C The mom-and-pop operations had much more to lose. Many of them cashed in enough to gain a significant amount of personal wealth well before the market crashed. It was strange to many. They had quit their day jobs and dedicated hours upon hours to businesses that had become their dreams and their entire futures. When the lifeblood of investment capital started flowing in. Be the rabbit. My friend Ted Nicholas is the definitive example of the rabbit.

I N C . The Fox and the Rabbit 151 M Who will win? The fox or the rabbit? AR CO K PY JO R YN IG ER HT .20. .

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