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special heads
photocontrol, ballast, type F-18O
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type PC-10 photocontrol type HG-10 built-in baUast type f-180 lurninaire

; .__ - -

type PG-10 photocontrol The type PC-10 head equipped with photocontrol provides individual conirol
incandescent Iarnps o{ incandescent lamps Irom available low-voliage distribution circuits. Special
circuits with controlled "on" and "ol{" cycles are not required. Accepts any
standard latch-on reflector assembly.
type HG-10 built-in ballast The HG-10 heads, equipped with a built-in ballast for lhe types H-4 ar'd H-22
rnercury larnps mercury lamp are designed to simpli{y the inslallation ol mercury lamps. With
the HG 1O head it is no lonqer necessary to wire and connect remotely located
type F-180 lurninaire The type F-IBO Fresnel Lens Luminaires are desig:ned for proiective lighting
incandescent larnps along isolated boundaries where the objective is to iliuminate the vertical
surfaces ol objects outside a Jenced area and to produce glare to inter{ere with
discernment of objects within the {enced area when viewed from outside. The
area, from 100 io 300 feet outside o{ lhe enclosure should be clear. The beam
spreads are approximateiy 180 degrees {or the horizonial and 20 degrees lor
the vertical. It is not recommended where the intentional glare from the unit
wouid be objectional.

type PC-10 photocontrol autornatic: Does not require a special conirol circuil, and autonatically turns on ihe lamp when
dayliqht drops io a predetermined level. ldea] lor renote or isolated locations.
type HG-10 built-in ballast sell-contained: Provides a complete, compact assembly requirinq liltle e{Iort to include the
ballasi in ihe circuii. Only the incominq leads need to be connectea to the convenient terminals.
type F-180 lurninaire unique bearn: The lype F-180 has a flat narrow beam spread suitable lor proieciive liqhiinq,
It is the only luminaire providinq this perfornance.
adiustable head: The head can be oriented over a wide ranqe o{ anqular posiiions. Ii other
liqhi distribution patterns are required, any type AK-10 rellecior assembty with bayonet attach-
meni can be used.

August, 1957
supersodes descriptiwe bulletin 60-038. dateal lune 1952
ma,led to. E 409D8: D 6? cA. C 3l-cP. SLH
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type PC-10 incandescent larnps . accepls photocontrol-17+ inch side rnounting

Iiq. I Ii.s. 2


.1 s l 111 ,!
For operatinq incandescent lamps Irom 120 or 240 The complete head and lhe photocontrol must be
volt multiple circuits. Available lor Ir/q inch side shipped separaiely to protect the photocontrol {rom
mountinq on1y. Available {or any standard latch-on damage during shipment.
type rellector assembly and with mogul or medium
Westinghouse recommends Fisher-Pierce model
multiple sockets. Any liqht center (7, 5t/a, or
64400-GE Ior 120 voit service and E-P model 6442G
43/6 irrch) multiple incandescent lamp can be ac-
GE Ior 240 volt service. The single pole contacts
commodated. The head is cast aluminum and con-
will control up to 1000 watts o{ incandescent lamp
forms to applicable EEI-NEMA standards.
load. The control uses 7 watts ol continuous power.
The head is prewired. To place in service, the glass
cover must be removed (a twist is all that is neces-
The control is "lail-saJe" so that any {ailure ol a
component will energize the lamp. Compleie speci-
sary). The plug must be poinled north according to
{ications are available on request.
the arrow. The photocontrol is plugqed in, and the
glass cover twisted back into place. The line leads However, any other plug-in type photocontrol unit
need only be connected to the convenient pressure lhat is built according to EEI-NEMA standards may
type terminals on the socket. be used in this head.

how to order
heads for photocontrol-incandescent larnps photocontrol cartridges-for use with abowe
inch side rnounting O heads @ see ftq. z
style rnultiple L.G.L. tis. net wt. illumination level O
socket inches no. lbs.
tuln-on (ft. c.) turn-olt (It. c.)
464Dt04G0I 7 I |
464D104G03 sV+ 1 a 64400-GE ),20 ro I zo
464DIO4GO4(i 4% l 8 64420-GE ro I z.o

replacement parts Iis. 3

style descriFtion

t569 ?34

O Head supplied .odplete lo accept photocortroi- qead and photoconlrol caltridqe must be oldered as separate items. The plotocontrol musr be shipped separarely
as a p.ot6.uon aqainst damaqe durinq sLipmenl.
O Available lrom Ral€iqh Work; do not order lrob Liqhtins DivisioD.
{t lactortr seitirqs are shown. Tu.n-on adjuslable 0.5 to s it. c, Tur!-ollis I lt. c. !iqhe.-
(t lor 4% incb r.C.L. use two, strle 1373 l4a spacec between socket and support plate.
special heads bulletin

photocontrol, ballast, type F-18O
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type HG-10 mercury lamps . with built-in ballasts-rnounling:. lYe inch top, 1tlq-2 inch side
Iiq. 4 Iiq. 5

Separate models are available {or type H-4, I00 The socket is mounted to the ballast which is a core
wati, and type H-22, 175 wait, mercury lamps. Arry and coil assembly. The ballast, including the lead
standard latch-on reflector, designed lor seven inch wires, are insulated with hiqh temperature materials
light center length lamps, may be used. The head Ior a long efiicient seryice lile within the head. They
is cast aluminum and conlorms with applicable are normal power lactor ballasts, and are bolted to
EEI-NEMA standards. the standard mounling bosses in the head. There are
The head is completely pre-wired. It is only neces- two types;
sary to connect the power supply leads to the con- High Reactance auto transformer lype with laps for
venient pressure clamp type terminals on the socket. I2Q and 240 volts. They provide dependable starting
how to order with built-in ballasts lor and operation at temperatures as low as -26 deqrees F.
rnercuty lamps
Reacto! type {or the type H-22, I75 watt, mercury
style llarnp mountinq I liq. net. wt. lamp with a single tap at 240 volts. It provides de-
inches lbs.
| watts 1.". pendable starting and operation at temperatures as
hiqh reactance type low as 15 degrees F.
464DrA2GtO I H 22 l?5 19
a^ant.trlta I F-22 175 4 2\.5
464D\A2Gr6 | H-22 u5 2L5
464Dt02CO2 H-4 100 13
464Dr02G06 114 100 i5.5
464Dt02G04 H-4 100 r5.5
reacto! typeo
464Dro2c2s I H-22 175 5 9.5
a64D1o2e27 I H22 l?5 4 t2.o
aoaorozeze I H-22 u5 4

Jiq. 6

replacernent parts . ballasts-core and coil assernblies

style I
larnn I watts voltsO v,a,o p.l. % lis. net. wt.
ldescription Ityp. lwatts It"""
hish leactance type
464D009G03 ballasr onlv. .. .. . .. . .. . .1 H22 l?5 t2o /244 465 45 16
464Dt02G2t b:llast and s.cLel I H-22 175 32 r2o /24O 465 45 t6_5
464D009G04 bauast oDly . ..,1 H4 r00 I5 t2o /24A 250 46 l0
464D1O2G20 baUast and soclet . , .... .,.,,1 H-4 100 l5 !2O/240 250 46 10_5

464D322GO1 lll barrast onlv. ..I :d22 175 l5 24!) 330 52 6_5
464D|O2G22at baLlas{ and so.lGt --.. I 1122 1?5 l5 240 330 52 7.O
sockets and support plate
j2OC559COl | .""t.r L,qh redcldlce rypr4l-turrdt 0.5
320C599G04 I so ket ""ty
ooly rad-lo: lypa t L€rniDal. . .. , o5
I43AO95HOl I 50 lei supoo:r rypes
O Line woltaqe can vary :! 5% Iroh rated tap voltaqe showr Ior tine'I, divide rolt-amperes by input voltdse. !) Not available unul

special hea&
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type f-180 lurninaire

fiq 8 fis. 9 fig. 10

use; dio miq bo lls

odjunoble plpe clomp

o. riq id *oll b.ocket
lat 2" to 4" pipe

Provides 60 degrees vertical adjustment range and reflectot-series ot rnultiple

90 degrees horizontal adjustment range. The degree 2500 through 10,000 lumens
scales are marked. Head may be mounted directly
Reflector securely attaches to head with bayonet
on a horizontal surlace or on a vertical surlace using pins. Consists of a I75 rnillimeier, 180 degree cylin-
the mouniing bracket. Bracket provides 16 deqrees drical {resnel lens, and a semi-cylindrical steel
adjustment ranqe in plane parallel to mountingi housinq. Firrnly clamped between two cast aluminum
surlace. Head can also be supplied with mounting rings. The upper dng attaches to the head. The
brackets Ior two inch pipe top mounting, or clamping
lower ring suppo s a hinged door {or convenlent
on a two and one-hall inch pipe,
relamping. Reflector is finished inside with white
Head and adjustment are cast aluminum. The head porcelain enamel providing a diffuse reflecting sur-
is available {or series or muhiple circuits. face. The assembly castings have an aluminum finish
Any reflector may be used that will attach lo a while the reflector has a gray porcelain enamel
bayonet head. This includes the type F-180 refleclor exterior linish. Green Iinish is available on special
assembly or any type AK-10 reflector assembly for order.
bayonet allachment.

how to order mounting style

IIar o! Iis. J z" po"t top {is. I z/r" o;o" Iis.
description-heads cornpleteO
iDner widnq moqul mulhpLe . . .. . . .. ..
outer wirin;-si!;le oval ia" t""ul"s-u.'. *'i.". ....-... l..
II .uno."r.,o
4.'4D3al(:l2 B
464D3at.;2o a
ouier wiridq-sinqle oval hole bushinq-l.v. series. - . . ... . . ... . 464D387G06 t0 L"ro."r",o I 464t)3a7.-2) a
oute! wirinq-ei.qle oval hole bu3hinq-noqll multiplo. . . . - -.. 464D38?G08 l0 | 464D38zcl6 s" | 464D3a7c24 8

mountins bracl<et and rellectorfr

bouaLnq b-"-L-l ro' vr,tica. sut{dce" ., . . , t56a 9ts€) I

F-180 rc lp loJ and r!e,-el lens dssembly 12t7 345 IO

O Order as separate items.

O Supplied at no cLarqe when pur.hased with luntnaire,

fa her inlortnation
prices: price list 60-020

Illestinghouse Electric Gorporation

Lightinq Diwision: Edgewater Park . Gleveland, Ohio