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VoсoЬulory Grommor Story ond Тhinking
votues skilIs
Outside ot Potriсk hos o|reodу hod on ocсident in Boсk in time Understonding
sсnooL the [ob. ogoin сhoroсtеr ond
Нos Phoebe seen the Bosphorus Bridge уet? Тhin king situotion
тhey hoven,t met on olien уet. oLrout whot
which / who / where revision you'гe doing
й song: Тhe Тime Trovellers } Phonics: Spetting potterns


VoсoЬu[orv Grommor Story ond Skitts Тhinking Eng|'ish for
voluеs skitts sсhool
Pirotе5 I've beеn interested in musiс sinсе I wos тhe pirotes. Rеoding Hypothesising Literoture:
ten. trАп<] trА | i(tAnind тreo5ure
Нe's known his friend Сhorlie for six yeors. Being honest spеoking ond Islond
How Iong hove you hod your new loptop? writing
? Song3 Get on boord! Р Phoniсs: -sure ond -ture ? Communicqtion Р Revision: My portfolio

Vocobцtorv Grommor Story ond Skitts Thinking Еng[ish for
voLues skitts sсhooI
тrovе[ You need / don't need to ... А problem Reoding Infеrеnсing нistory:
Сities of the future wilL hove monoroi|s' for Potriсk meoning тhe history
People won't hove to work so hord. Listеning speoking ond of thе сor
сorefully writing
} Funсtionql longuсge diс|ogцe Р сreotivitg ? Rcvision: My portfotio

VoсoЬu[ory Grommor Story Skitts ond Thinking Еng|'ish for
voLuеs skitts sсhooI
In ЕgyPt The pуromids were built by sloves. The Speoking, Pqying Moths:
тhe sloves Weren't poid onY moneY' mummy's reoding ond ottention to зD 5hopes
Нow wos it done? tomb [istening visuot detoils
o lot of / Iots of / o few / o little ResPесting Reosoning
Р Song: In old Coiro Р Phoniсs: -ed endinqs Р вevision: My portfo[io

Voсobulory Grommor Story ond Skitts Thinking Еng|'ish for
votues skills sсhoot
sports We сou|d go ond seе the long jump. /Vot the best Reoding ond MothemotiсoI Bio[ogy:
I'm visiting my grondporents on Sundoy. doy speoking thinking Мusсles
My dod's сoming boсk from New York on Тhе sporting Listening ond Sequenсing
Mondoy. spirit speoking Loterot thinking
r Funсtionql lqnguoge diologue Р сreqtivitg P Revision: My portfo[io


for the ond writing seque n сin g envtronment Р Funсtionql lqngцoge did|oguc Р Greсtivitg } пcvision: My portfotio Voсobu[orv Grommor Story Ski[[s ond Тhinking skitts Еnglish for volues sсhooI Noturol If I sqw o dinosour. Listening.Voсobu[ory Grommor Story ond Skilts Thinking Еng|'ish for voLues skitts sсhool Shops Hove you ever seen o big fire? l nе ьrеoт Reoding Undеrstonding Art: Yes. I hoven't. Rеoding Hypothesising Admitting mistokеs Сrеotive thinking Р Song|: сon you heor us? Р PЬoniсs: /д/ Р Gommuniссtion ? Revision: Мy portfotio Voсobu[ory Grommor Story ond Skitts Thinking skil.. . Р Phonics: /)r/ Р Gommuniсqtion Р Revision: My portfo[io Gyсmmor foсus3 po9es l18-127 . / No....s Eng[ish for vo[ues sсhooI In the Arсtiс It isn't worm here. .ing olien? In noturе Understonding tеxtuol сohesion } Song: I'd like to be .reoding сhoroсtеrond Imprеssionism She hos never mode o film. seol pups [istеning th in kin g studiеs: Polor beors moy not / might not Coring Reoding. I'd run owoy. тhe chose Reoding l\4oking visuol Biology: Fossils feotures If I hod . / Тhinking of оnd speoking situotion She's never mode o film. ? Р Phoniсs: s ond z sounds ? Gommuniсqtion Р Revision: My portfotio VoсoЬu[ory Grommor Story Skitts ond Тhinking Еng|'ish for voLues skitts sсhool ond Tools too mony / not enough Professor Rеoding ond Logiсolthinking Physiсs: moсhines сon you te[[ me whot this moсhine Potts speo krn9 Еvoluoting Levers is? / .. AIex.ts ond Thinking Еnglish for voLues skitts sсhooI lvloon Going on c sPaсe trip is exсiting. but mу сousins went there lost yeor.l. Р Song: Hove you . I hove. is it? Resсuing the Speoking ond Mothemotiсot ЕnvironmentoI The ice moy / might melt. speoking EvoLuoting G[oсiers find enough food... Fire Listеning.. Writing Sequenсing Physiсs: tonding The olien soid thot he wos from the engineer ond speoking LogiсoI thinking Тhе moon moon..o9y Р Funсtionql lqngцoge diсlogue Р Greotivitg Р Revision: My рortfolio Voсobu[ory Grommor Story Skil. tistening ond writing Тhе benеfits of teсh no|. If I went . I hoven't. Iever does? / ' ' ' switсh is for? Speo king. rеoding сon neсtlons ond writing Visuo[ising Whot wou|d уou do if you met on тoking on intеrest spetl. othеrs нove you ever been to Mexiсo? No. the Listеning..

jJ .6Ёi} к"oa. [isten ond onswer the questions.. Whot doеs A[ex think is stronge? 1 How does Potriсk exploin their odventurеs? Whot doy is it? . gjTlg. Drow it for your Portner to guess. Whot lеsson hove they got next? @ сhoose o word.

t seen с dinosouг yet' . How muсh do you remember obout the Тime Trovelters? Do the quiz. Listen ond soy the sentenс Whot hove the Time Тrovellers olreody done? Whot hoven't the Time Тrovellers done yet? Thеуvе olгeodу tгovеlled on thе luгkisЬ undeгgгound' ТЪeу hoven. Write f (true) or f (foI'se). Listen ond сheсk. @ wьot other things сon you rememЬer? Who сon moke the l'ongest |.$:.

PhoeЬe N iсе? It's exсiting! Potriсk And the сoke in spoсe Wos tosty. o roinforеst mysterious ship robbers. Listen ond number the people ond the ploсes. Phoebe Tоsty? It wos omozing! . Potriсk It's niсe to follow the tight through time.$:. Then sing the song. сowboys ond the sheriff restouront ot the edge of thе universe i1 o 1950s musiс stor town in Anсiеnt Itoly 6.'Ь ri't"n ond soy the diol'ogue.

Pepe I olso like the one obout the Morу СeLeste. Ano Тhot wos good too..(Q пeod the diotogue ond onswer the questions. thot's right. Whot wos Ano's fovourite episode? Whot wos Pepe's fovourite еpisodе? Who wos Ano's fovouritе сhoroсter? Who wos Pepe's fоvouritе сhoroсter? €ri. @ Comptete the sentenсes.I". IstonbuI is the сity where ALeх is the Тime Тroveller who Тhe gotе is the thing whiсh Potriсk is the one who Pompеii is thе ploсe wherе A penknife is the present whiсh . Whot wos your fovourite? Pepе I Like thе episode when they mеt ЕLvis. Who's your fovouritе сho roсter? Pepe I likе Potriсk. сompore With your Portner. Pepe Did you enjoy thе Тime Trovellers storу in Super Мinds 5? Ano Yes. My fovourite episode wos thе one in thе roinforеst. Pepe Wos thot the ploсe where they hod to jumр off thе woterfoll? Ano Yes. Ano Ah yеs. thot's right. The сoptoin ond the soiLors disoppеored. the boy who olwoys wonts to do brove things. the ship didn't disoppeor. I did. Listen ond soy the sentenсes. ( uE. Ano Тhе ship whiсh disoppeorеd? Pepe Welt. Pepe Do you think they're going to do morе time trovel in this book? Ano I hope they do. Ano I likе Phoеbе bесousе shе's the one who oLwoys knows where they ore.

Bасk in time аgаin wеnt into гhе сlass and тhеy fhе сhi|drеn.I'm worriеd that goirrg to do?' said Alех.Let's rеаd thе instruсtions vеry сarеfully. the Sсiеnсе tеaсhец walkеd in and startеd tо .It.' . .rе not going to do any of stop it?. Alех and PhoеЬе lookеd .Sit Thе сhildrеn Wеnt Ьасk to thеir dеSks. . pIotеstеd.. hе took off his gogglеs. thеrе.What arе wе aprоns and safеty gogglеs. wе.Last tirr.Еasy! You. .rе Patriсk knoсkеd answеrеd PhoеЬе..{/е сan. .'PhoeЬе said . .Today. Why did the ехperiment go Wrong lost timе? Whot сouses on oссident this time? €ri.This is strangе.oK. thе watеr over' so wе got thе ехpеrimеnt all .How arе Wе golng to wrong.I don. That's thе samе day that wе ..and don't touсh anything!' Patriсk sat down and to Patriсk. .rе going to do somе еxplain. Reod ond listen to the story to сheсk your onswers..Not if wе do things diffеrеntln. said Alex.Yеs. Timе for thе last ехpеrimеnt. .s Ьoring doing nothing!. \fl/е'rе going to it. i'Ё q It.' .That's not fair!'Patriсk thе еxpеrimеnts!' answеrеd PhoеЬе.rE startеd our timе-travе11ing!. Alеx and Phoеbе startеd doing the expеriments. . whiсh mаdе the Ьriсk get Ьiggеr.s all goir.. askеd Patriсk. .s 1. .a .. Мr Davis told thе сhildrеn to put on thеir .t lеt that happеn again.l April.and look at thе datе.rg to happеn again. .t likе Sсiеnсе. еxpеrimеnts with liquids and powdеrs and lwаnг you гo follow my instruсгions r't vеry сarеfully. did wе hаvе тo сomе Ьaсk in timе {or a Sсiеnсе lеsson?' сomplаinеd Patriсk.' Mr Davis.' PhoеЬе agrееd. havе an aссidеnt аnd thе yеllow light is going to appеaf. said Alеx.З' at еaсh othеr. Thеy did the ехpеrimеnt whiсh made thе briсk сhangе сolоur and thеn thеy did thе nехt onе. .Why l sаt down. .o o" through the text quiсkty ond find the qnswers to the questions.

Whеrе did A[ех.stop fiddlirig r'vith уouг safеtv gogglсs anсl pltt tЬеm on. Suddсnly tlrеrе t.rt thе'v Wепt flying up lпtо thс air аr. апd r hе rie|tt аmolrnt оf grееn powdеr.olr no! . .t soLL1. Alех loсlkеd ir. Мr Davis сamс up to ..rгсd end startеd to glow. гhе 1е|lоw IiellL аppе..Еvсr.Thеу rr-riхес1 tl-rе Ь|uе pоrvсlе.tг lnulnсllt.rd lrit the Ьig jaг сlf Ьluс powdеr at thе front of thе slrсlf aЬоvе thе dеsk.' anst'vегеd Patriсk. Phoеbе оnd Potriсk go? Phoebe?' . the questions. ?' Thеy all kr.' At tll.... Thсy wеrе gonе in a flаslrl @ Ant*". tllс uг:lltgс l.' .is anс1 thеп llе lсlokсd аt Pаtriсk.r гhс1 сагсfuIly lnеil\ured thе gгееn liquid and tЬеy put thе niхturе dоwn оn thе dеsk. .rto thе light аr-rd tl. . . tlrе.it was an ассidеnг..P[eosе reod thе instruсtions verу сorеfuL[y. Ф Think! Who do you think soys Who doesn't [ike Sсienсe? these things? Whot's the dote? 'Go ond get your oprons.How mony spoons of orongе powder do exреriments? we nеed. . .' Patгiсk staгtеd to put his gogglеs or-r. . br.' Who doesn't help with thе . plеаsе. wе .' saiсl l)atriсk.r if .. ?'PhoеЬе startеd to sаy.Sсiеnсе is а Ьig ехplсlsioп.' thеir eхperiment? . Just thеn...' sаid PhсlеЬе. ' .Yеs.Соn you poss me thе green Liquid.ythiпg OK?' hе tЬеп.rеn Ьaсk at his friеrrds.'ц dеl.' .()h dе:rr .r'vс'ге finе. ['п.Ехсеllеr-rt.S1rаll еaсh Othсr. T1rеr. ALex?' Whot did the goggLes hit? .r.rеw what thеy had to do. Thе jaг fеll ovсг аnd аll tl-rе por'vdег staгtсd to fаll dоwn ir-rtо thе nliхturе on tlrе dеsk Ьеlоw.v walkеd into thе light. Thе сhildrеrr lookеd at .Wl-rat h avе ytlrr сlсlnс ?' shоutеd Phсlеbе. .You Whot do thеy put on Ьеfore they do olwoys think it's mу fouLt. Тogеthеr.. .What rvi|] happеr.'sаid Мr Dar. askеd.

dz]. e? Reod' [isten ond сomplete the sentenсes. Mime it for your portner to guess.l . .ю. fl 'z- сhoose o Word..]д lцjщe. Thе сoptoin hos got o ond o Thе сhiLdren plo n to thе treosu rе. -_ . Cheсk with your Portner. Тhе trеosurе сhest is fuLL of Тhe рirоtes orе the trеosu re..\ . _ ..1". ]s |t. с"" y"" 9*'' tь" *o.ё 10 binoсU[ors Listen ond soy the Words.' -- i ] '10 -.ry (ttl "l .i g hole .

лсe gome..'Hе.'I.Vr |<nowл Jaсk sinсе 2O03.s a great friеnd and hе. Bruсе Stеvеns o pIrotе Joсk Сo[[ins o fi[m dirесto Jeon FLeury on oсtor ond soy the sentenсes. Bruсе te]|s us.s perfесt for the рart.:! . Jaсi< Сo]|ins is p1aуing the part of Jean F]eury.. еХplains BrUсe. :'Фl HIs neW projeCt is a filnl alэout the famous Freпсh piratе Jean F|eury. . 1 $ пeod the mogozine ortiсle qnd motсh the nomes with the jobs.'l.. who ffi rObbed a Sрanish ship in 1523.{ $ вtoy the for ond s.Vе |oveсl piratеs sinсе l Was tеn. .

€rj. Woody We lovе finding treosure .. pirates. Potty And being in noturе! Woody Go[d givеs us suсh pleosure . :i* Listen ond onswer the questions. . I've robbed lots and lots of ships On the seven seas. I've looked for gold and silver For gears and gears and gears. Then sing the song...We're pirates!' |tve |earnеd to sag ln Spanish. pirates . Listen ond soy the diologue. Whot bird hos the pirote qot? Сaribbean trip. l'vе found a lot of treasure On islands far and near.. Potty And life's on odventure! . Frenсh and Portuguese. Pirates...

the beoсhes of Corlos Sontono is well known on there with his ёonсйn. 1 (f.. яno how long hove you lived in сonсйn? Ф sinсe 1990. We deсided to find out ' ' '. @ пigr't. l usuo||y go with my friend Pedro. Pedro bought the metoI deteсtor. Look ot the piсtures or use your own I'ist ideos. 'or @ нow |ong hove you hod this meto| detector? @ sinсe my birthdoy' siх months оgo. My son ond my doughter bought it for me. Ask ond onswer. Тhen show your portner your [ist. Е * Grсmmor frсus Listen ond soy the questions ond the onswers. Тhе moсhinе in the photo is nine yеors o[d. мost сoys you сon find him more'. |'ve known him since I wos ten. пeod the mogozine interview ond сorreсt the sentenсes. @ нow long hove you hod this hobby? @ For obout nine yeors. @ oo you o|WoУs go meto|deteсting on you' own? @ шo. r# . Сorlos hos one сhi[d. @ write o of four objeсts whiсh you hove. йЬot сeteсtor.

.!(е watсhеd the pirates hidе somе trеasurе and . . .MayЬе it's yours. Reod ond listen to the story to сheсk your onswer. thеy .A boat!' At that momеnt. PhoеЬе.' satd said.. thе blaсk flag' Ьеhind thе pirate ship? I wondеr who thеy . Thеy sее a Ьiggеr island with a town. now wе. answеrеd Patriсk' .I @ look ot the piсtures. great.Wе . Patriсk shouted.'ьuggеsrеd A|ех' 'Maybе wе l.OK.'ld sее thе pirate ship sailing away . . tae didn't.'Тhrough thеir Ьinoсulars. Whot do you think the сhi[dren do with .Thеy Alеx 1ookеd through thе Ьinoсulars.!7е1l.' said Patriсk' You сan havе it..No piratеs around. thеy pullеd it out.' Thеy walkеd baсk to thе treasurе. с.ll nеvеr know. the treosure thot they found eorlier? сr:. arе. .Ьut lеt. so thеy сraсkеd opеn somе сoсonuts and drank thе milk. Two hours l. wе. Thе piгatеs' trеasuге (т еr.\7hat's thаt othеr ship with thе rеd sails and to thе south.Ьut thosе piratеs did.' said Phoеbе.' said Alех.o.What arе wе going to do?. Arе thеrе any morе piratеs соming?' lookеd to the north' Ьut thеy сould only . Aftеr thаt..s сheсk in the othеr dirесtion. It isn. By now.. latеr. wе dug it uр.Piratеs have stolеn our gold сoins.vе got nothing.' Shе startеd to сry. openеd it with thе kеy ffi whiсh was in thе loсk and found that it was full . asked of gоld сoins.!7е wantеd to Ьuy faтms in Amетiсa and said. . Thеy wеrе thirsty and tirеd.s сlimb that hi]|.We11. thе trеasurе's ours now!' Patriсk .. . onе Woman . thеy wеrе thirsty. so Patriсk gavе them somе сoсonuts. I сan sее somе сhildrеn. .' Рhoebе... arеn't piratеs.' Thе thrее friеnds ran to thе Ьеaсh and saw lots of families arriving on a Ьoat.No. didn't stеal it!' . .n sее if thе pirаtеs arе sтiIl herе. thеy startеd tо dig up the tfеasurе сhest.t oиrs.

nехt to that tгеe. The three friends wotсh os pirotes ст out the treosure сhest. onе of thе men shoutеd. Womеn d ore burying o treosure сhest.. but thеy сould only seе a big hole. ) From o hitl the friends wotсh b treosure сhеst to the peop[e.If you don.' thе piratе сaptain answered. so they got up and quiсkly hid in somе Ьushеs. . did you bury it?.the shio with the red soils? 2 Why is the сoptoin now o prisoner? . . . The thrее men walked over to thе trеe.t takе us to thе trеasurе' wе'll throw you in and сover you with sand. thеy found somе bananas to еat and whеn it was dark' they lay down on thе sand. Thеy jumpеd in.ll find a Ьiggеr ship to take yоu to Amеriсa. ..m surе you.!7aving At that momеnt. thеy had the piratе сaptаin with the hook . At midnight' thеy hеard somе pеoplе shouting. thе men ran ovеr tо whеrе thе thrее friеnds wеrе hiding. у Тhey groЬ thе thrеe friеnds ond they g ond сhildrеn o rrives. with thеm. onе of thе mеn shouted. Тhink of onswers to the questions. Thеre were thrее mеn with torсhes and.Thеy fеtсhеd thе treasuте сhеst and thе men loadеd it onto thе Ьoat.Thете's a town on an island to thе north. 3 The three friends dig с hove to stond ot the edge of the ho[e. A boot with men. . o @. Aftеr thе boat lеft. Patriсk suggеsted.. 5 The three friends give the e who wont thе treosure сhest. $ At midnight morе pirotes orrive f jump into thе ho[e. Thе thrеe friеnds looked into the hoiе and saw a yеllow glow. thеir swords. Thеy graЬЬеd thе сhildrеn and took them to thе hole.. Alеx snееzеd. But Ье quiсk .ovеr thеrе.thе piratеs arеn't fat awaу. Ф The three f riends h the pirotes soi[ owoy..and I.k! I Reod the story ogoin. . Go thеrе. o Motсh the sentenсe holves. Whot wos.!7hеrе as their prisoner. They Were gonе in a flash.

Thеrе arе only two оther similar helmеts with faсе masks and thеy are in thе British Musеum in London and in ЕdinЬurgh.000 yеars old. btrt he thеn showеd it to expеrts. with а faсe mask. f (fo[se) or ds (doesn't soy).s Musеum of Antiquities. Thеre is o mУthiсol bеost on the сop. An Еnglishman with a mеtal detесtor found pieсes of the hеlmet in the littlе village oГ СrosЬy Garrеtt. 16 EEщD . Thе mon showed it to his friend first. you must report yоur find.250 in London yesterday. The mon hos found treosure beforе. Write t (true). is about 2.s madе of сoppеr and it sold fоr €2. You usually gеt half оf thе monеy if a musеum Ьuys thе oЬjесt.ъl-@ Е l\ @ Reod the newspoper ortiсle. Еvеry yеar thousands of objесts are disсovered by peoplе With metal dеtесtors. Thе оthеr ha1fgoes to thе goYеrnment. The soldier wore the helmet to fight. Whеn you find oЬjeсts madе of gold or silver that arе morе than 300 years old. They Put thе piесеs togethеr and werе ехсited. on the сap therе is an animal with thе body of a liоn and the hеad and wings of an eagle. Еxperts think that thе soldier did not wear the helmеt when fighting. A mon found o Romon helmet in his gordеn. You don't gеt ony money when o museum buуs the find. They think hе wore it during military paradеs. Ьut peoplе whо go walking or who work in thеir gardens or fiеlds also sometimеs find intеrеsting objесts. The Roman soldiеr with сurly hаir is wеaring a сap. RoMAN HELMЕт FoUND BY MЕтAL DЕтEстoR his Roman helmеt.281. The helmet is a wondеrfrrl examplе of Roman art and ехtremely rarе. At first hе didn't know what it was. It.

Who wos driving the troсtor? Give it to o friend. One of @ write o story obout your find in Aсtivity 2. While I was digging. between the person who where I was hoping to found the objeсt ond o find some go|d оoins. I saw something. Who borrowed the brосe[et from Ruby? Mr Vinсent. rodio presenter. |'ve had my meta| deteсtor How [ong hove you hod for two years. Whot did you hope to find? on Saturdaу | was at my Whot time of doу wos it? grandma's farm. broсеLet? Mr Vinсent. Тheir doughter. Books. i went into the woods behind the Whot did you find? house. С[othеs. SeLL it. A museum. |t's verу beautifulI . Нer best friеnd. lt was an old si|ver vasе. RuЬу. @ work in poirs. A riсh mon. Rubу's tеoсhеr. rAIA Фoo Disсuss the questions. In the tool shеd. пer mum. What Was that? | was very eхоited' I ran baсk to my grandma's house and I got a sрade. A wotсh оnd o loptop.ry Listen to o rodio show obout people finding voluoble objeсts ond сhoose the сorreсt onswers. Who found o voLuobte objeсt? Whot did Ruby wont to do with the 1 Mrs Vinсent. objесt wos voluoЬLе? Who bought the Romon broсеLеt? Beсouse it wos old. jеwеllerу ond o Loptop' on thе troсtor. you hos found on objeсt with your metol deteсtor. сLothes ond jewellery. Ruby. Igot it your metoI dеtесtor? from my mum for my Where were you? tenth birthdaу. Use your Suddenly I heаrd a |oud sound: beep _ beep . I started to dig. Mrs Vinсent.beep' ideos from Aсtivity 2. Why didn't Mrs Vinсent think the A teoсhеr. Weor it. Beсousе it wos smoL[. I love it. Beсousе it wоs dirty. Тhere are somе How did you fee[? bushes and I used my f) лсt out on interview meta| deteсtor on the ground below the bushes. Where did Mr Vinсent put it? Whot did Ruby buy with thе monеу? In the kitсhen.

'j..thе сорtoin'? Whiсlr of thеsе piсturеs is ' ...". t Il.. lr.l t't'..j .1.l oш"l the nоlглes of ony fсmroь.J .1 . ... Ij|( iI.theпn? Whо. r. ..r. j. . ' i' ll i..r.'. llr..' Do уou think thе ссptоin wоs о гiсh or o poor .Ii.t..r.'.1 . .. l' П ..1.''l'........rr..J..' ''' j' "' '''-r .. 'r .' ' ' :l l ..]i:o ..l ''l..' '''t' 'r r'.' .......r..'.!.. WouLd you Likе to rеоd thе геst of ...r'i..с llr...'....'' .r .t. Whiсh words tеLl us this? .. '.. t......еsтi@ns" эу \сhcr ' -сэL !5 ' Тhе storу is in the first реrson. tE ".r:'i".r .. i' ...{nт \ ]ё drh ..' i]( hli.. .r...t ( r'r \ r'r'..... J..r....j. \\' -' I .i.1. r'i' 'J 'I'J '|. . 1..11. This mеоns thсt thе mоin сhсrссtег in thе lэoo|< is writing thе stoгy..'r j'.1r ..L('.''Jr.| \\'\ : i]'-. '.] / llсll '.. '. r Dс....s iIlrl l'. .r. r. ..-l l<la olлш oboп.'.. It'' ti.l:].'.' rl.. ' llli''i".. гlt... mоn? Why? lll l: : .li I. \r swel tlne q!.. . ...'-.:s зi rп+ве t ..rst s. .t оio yol. 1'....trr г]lс llirl 5сilIllllIl' l]L' l'''..1.. ]t. ..ч'r .Lrt '''''l'ц t' ' IliI l'l'J'. Whot do уou think оn inn is? Why? r'r.......l ...r{..t "ll. ... ...1.tIlсl г]lllг. r. : rссtsurе Is|and? Whу (not)? . ...|L.r iti r_hr) .''.j 1''' '.i.J'r ...ji.'r t'r'ч' l|t..j't 'зoР сD1 25 Rеoо1 оndL Lis'Lel0 the heginniьl91 оit Гl"eоsшre "[slстлd . r'.1 . с'l]'j... tllt.. l''...' 'i'.._ .: Ihr\\rr1I i.\ ..... .''':' trll tltгЬсl.r....r'... ' .' l1 '' jl|..': j]i]].'r'' -.-/o ul l<l..1. '... .evr lsФr .j.' г.s l h... . .t...

The beginning is quite slow and it took me a long timе to get through thе first сouplе of сhapters.j1]:f JН:.}. еtс. I lесommеnd this bоok to peoрle who like pirates and advеnture stories. Оа^ ! > . Whiсh one is: o review? o bturb? Thе Ьookwasn. types of writing.t bad.i:i:ъ-. It shouLd mokе the reodеr Whot did the rеviewеr Like obout Wont to rеod thе book.':т. bu| it Wasn't VerУ suссessful' In 1883' he сhanged the title to Treasure lsland and pubIished it as a book' It beсame a best seller and made Stevenson verv famous... @ кeod the texts ogoin ond onswer the questions. Тhe story first appeared in a magazine for young peoр|e in severa| episodes.'. The stoтy was interesting and quitе from o biogrophy? eхсiting. a plаy.'l.? ji}. but the dеsсriptiоns were a ]ittle long at timеs. Who is the hero of Treosure Islond? A blurb for the book: the reodеr Tе[[ Whot dongers doеs he foсe? whot the book is obout in o сouple of sentеnсes. yоrr aЬout thе lifе of a pеrson.S Reod the definitions of different li*.'. |t Was ca|led The Sea-Cook. Are the words simitor in your longuoge? a tеxt whiсlr tеlls you what somеonе biographу а Ьoоk whiсh tеlls rеviеw аЬоut а Ьoоk' a filпr. the book? A rеview of the book: Writе obout Whot didn't the rеviеwer [ikе obout whot you tiked/didn't [ike obout the the book? book. Where did Robert Louis Stеvenson A Ьiogrophy: Usе the Internet to find oet thе ideo for Treosure Islond? out obout thе outhor ond where the Whot wos the story first сoLLed? idеo for the Ьook сome from' . Stevenson took this map and deсided to Write an aсtion story.. o@ Write three texts obout your fovourite book. с q Тhe idea for Treasure Island came from a map of an imaginary is|and thаt Robert Louis stevenson drew for the son of a friend. thinks @ кeod the three texts oЬout Treosure Is|ond.

о Think obout why it's votuoble to you. ]t doesn't hove to be gotd сoins. Сon you bring it to the presentotion or show o Photo? Prepore it о Тhink oboutthe questions ond moke notе|. 2 When did they point them? 4 Where doеs it hong? о тhink obout your It сoutd be on objeсt or o pet.kingoboutthepointingsthotheondhis Ьrother Christopher did on on ort сourse ond onswer the questions. Нow long hove you hod it? : Why is it importont for you? Is it оlso importont for your fomily? Hove ony of Your friends olreodY seen it? Whot did theY soY? о Deсidе if you wont to show the treosure or o photo of it ot the beginning or ot the end of уour pгesentotion.. say Тhen ask Уour оIassmates if theУ Want to asK any questions.' When уou finish a talk. Think obout questions thot you сon osk your сlossmotes. о Тhink obout how to present it.Тhank you for |istening..ListentoDonie|.i} т'"o'ure is something speсiol to you. Present it с You should totk for obout o minute. . Whot do you think оbout my trеosure? .trеosurе'. 1 Whot is Donie['s treosure? 3 Whot do they show? Think oЬout it . . Whеrе did you get your treosure f rom? Did you get it os o presеnt? Did you сreote it? Did you buy it? .. A shoш arndtell (. WouLd you [ike to seе it? (if you hovе only shown o рhoto) .

. -. Do you think hе.t found аnу goId yеt.гn Тoday is 27th Marсh .another boring day for me. .g.Vr |ivеd ]П this ПеW towП lОr thrее rea| address or intormаtion ГnoПths Пo\д/ аtld I hаvеп't made aпу frепds' 'vе watсhеd аoout Wnеrе you Iivе (е.е s g. today l worked with thе new Ьoу in our с аss.L g [оqi ni q or.. . His name. о .| l Dl rlг кI Il|.s BOR|NG| |.lI sаy yеs? informotion if you 61i] { >G с q wont. obout todoy. How long hos he Lived Kotie Jomes in thе nеw town? ф.|| ask him ]f hе wаnts to сomе to You сon invent the mу Ьirthday раrty neХt Wоe(. gL . by thо wаy..|. oppositе Cast|е Pаrk Sсhoo|).i.a'y . Уour th s П mУ brdrooпl' We.vе.:- and ]istеned to hUndrеds of soГlgs.s Jаmеs.. \. @ Lookotthe photos ond reod the two Ь[og entries. ^ . .-.r il [o rе| |.l to my dad abollt ]t.r. 'Ve WrttrП a |ot of еtlla s . oр^ l. hе.oh.Vе :.i' . ?. ^^d О "i|.s [oe^ w Ih . make sure that you .l IYII DLUU When Уou Write a b|og on the lnternet. @ write o bLog entry _е. Who wrote them: Kotie or Jomes? How do you know? Reod the entries ogoin ond onswer the questions. twevе f ms 've rеad sх books. Whot's Jomes' probLеm? *Ё. so hаppу.lg don't give Уour fu|| name.s vегy пiсе' Тоmorгow l. Whot does she think ЬlLV. illV !l.^ ..m аnother greаt dаy.s.' { > a с q Whot's he donе sinсe he сome here? How did Kotiе gеt hеr metoI dеtесtor? Does Kotie know .Vrt l-.r sаd f.еаdy rеd ou of him? |эut ] hаvеn.. Write your profiI'e.еа. Тhis Jomеs wе[[? moгпiпg got а Гnеtа dеtесtоrl t usеd tо Ье my unс е. -.L '.-rs.Vе sрokеl. 1 (у Stort o new portfoI'io for this yeor.. but i hаlvеn't madе aпy --i:: freПds and thаt.

1]: use.lslл".^ сl lлlord" Desсribe it foг усll.t oo.j..o' C-lroоs.'.lеL . "t .a... -=.J jetр0rсl{ 8 8 цlinо1 tшгLзlne .lэе think thсi ihеy оге in о big сity? Whоt сioеs Pоtriсl< thinl< оtэоut flyin9 с miсroLiEht? \Aihсt do the сhiLdгen dесice tо dc? Whсt doеs the yеLlor... ЗЧ iruii(iiL-te 5 6 :.lсL сll. ' .i.'' Listen сnd sоy thе words..]tеn с..о|al.fhоoroi t! ri-- ---:----' -''t r'li * тr* .' l. 'эоl.'lli'|p0гtncr to gi]'jess' io ul1l youl гi. i ' ]t lОo |(s ..ll button оn thе.] !mo'ЛФгd!i :..ц o......n u s'itn. '.' .o..еr th*^ qUestiФrrs. 'Diеооl. rY.1 . eheсk with your ршrtrrer. ]'is.- . ] suI.\ .t!ne worсiis f{xo Фt" t-rr01лsipФI-t.. \iVhy cооs Pho'.

but рu need to hаve а lot monev. butрu nвed You don't need тo Weаг WаrТn с|othes' Its to be а scientist' сo|d up theгe in the сlouds. This is our new soorts сor. but you need A сhild саn f|v ouг ItЪ eаsy to fly to шeаг а he|met! micгolight! YЁu dont need ouгjef pасk! to be a pi|ot. Moke o funny TV odvert. аcгobаf t0 гide а floаting skаteboагd. You don't neeсr to bе о Formulo one driver to drive this сor. 1 You don't need to know how to fly o plone if you wont to usе the 2 You need to hоve o lot of money to buy o 3 You need to know how to lond when vou use o 4 You don't nееd to be on oсrobot to flv o Listеn ond soy the sentenсes. It сosfs $l00'0b0. It's fontostiс. а \= Reod the odverts ond You don't need t0 be аn сomplete the sentenсes. @ worк in poirs. .

Еxpressing interest Mio Where's thot? see.fы @ t-ook ot the photo ond onswer the questions. Iosh Тhot doesn't motter. but I'm going to be. theу don't look very good. Tell me more. Josh Hi. Moke up your own diologuе. Сhoose o hobby ond think obout: Iosh Reotly? Tе[[ me more.. You sti[[ need to be sofе. Josh Hospitol. @ work in poirs. if you don't weor Roally? . I'[[ be f ine. Iosh I see. Anywoy. diffеrent сountries. Mio! Сool skoteboord! Mio Тhonks. Iosh Why oren't you weoring o he[met? Mio I don't need o helmet. I'm going to bе o professiono[. Josh Are you good ot it? Mio Not уet. Wow! . I Whot's Mio's new hobby? Whot does losh think obout it? {$ пeoa ond listen to the diologue to сheсk your ideos. Iosh Wet[. Proсtise the diologuе. o helmеt or ony knee pods. of сompetitions. whot obout knee pods? You need knee pods. Mio. Josh Еr.. Josh Wow! Mio And I'm going to go to loods of €l Aсt out your diologue for thе с[oss. I'm going to win loods l) one of you hos storted o nеw hobby. о whot you need to do it Mio I'm going to trovel o[[ over о whot you hove or hoven't got the world. I've just got it. Mio Don't be si[[y. I don't wont to be rude' but there's onLy onе ploсe you're ? lwh going to go. I'm not sсored. Josh Are you sure? It's dongerous. Mio Don't worry obout me. Mio No' I don't. Mio Yeoh.

... П 5 Peoplе will drivе сors in thе future. Hi' |'m Jake... Whot did you think? there'[[ be . П 2 Pеople wi[[ pollute thе oir when they trovel.. П Listen ond soy the sentenсes.|| be big сhanges. I don't quitе ogrее. for exampIe. I've reodyour.. Aсt out o diologue. Ah. I ogгеe. Therе'll be .. ' . There Won't be any acсidents. thot's interesting. Тe|| me what уou think! Are these loke's ideos obout the future? Тhere wi[[ be big сhongеs in trovel. П 4 Cors wi[[ be еmission-frее. П з Тronsoort won't be sofer... Thot's grеot. thonks. of сourse we don't know how peop|e Wi|| get around in the future. but I think there. The other is Joke. I don't think there'll ... Cars. I think there'[[ . wiIl be emission-free. p @ Reod Joke's post on o forum. Friend Ioke Do you think Hi' ]oke. one of you is Joke's friend. Work in poirs. who hos reod the Post ond сolls him to tolk qbout it. pеople wi[[. Use the ideos to he|'p you.. Then tiсk (/) the true sentenсes. I think peop|e wi|| move around Without рo||uting the air and transport WiII be a Iot safer than it is todaУ. ? I think you'rе right thot .. = сorreсt the others with ideos from his post. П 6 There won't Ьe onv oссidents. and they'|| be driverIess beоause a computer wi|| drive these сars of the future.. Do you reolly think so? Do you thin k People wi[[.

v рrеssеd thе orangе button tO gсl Ьighеr.v. A sесond latеr.с lrсadiпg Ьaсl< ttlrvаlds thс par. . PhoеЬе was gеtting Worгiесl.сr thс Ьс:rсlrсs anсl thс sс:r :rпd thсп оvсr thе fields аnd thе rvоods.t rеally knorv hоw to fly his jеt pасk. . . Patriсk.. Thеv kr.?..roеЬе shoutеd Ьасk.1.п't tЬiь l. Ьut rnuсh fastеr. .с go?'Alех саllеd out to Pl-roеЬе. Alех!.Don. Hе was l-righ uр. a Ьut thе1. It lооkеd funnу. . Reod ond |. sо 1rе dоеsn.* 'ln.l-сlok at thе саЬlе саr!.]\Irl|сl|оll\ \еT) l саге[Llll1.' answеrеd Alех.v alsо ' *.ris jеt paсk. 2.Hеy.rgl-rt.rоuntain wiгh гhеir 1еt р.vut|\.W].3 _ go!. Tlrе.* {& сo through the teхt quiсkI'y ond onswer the questions.ll ine' fееling as гJ. Thсп thеv prеssеd thе grееn ЬLltton Ьесausе thеy lvапtесl tсl fly tlor:с qrriсkl'v.'shе thor. t рГЕblem fвг Pаtгiсk J)h.еlоrv lllсllt. saw sol-llе pеoplе сliпrЬing.rg!' rеpliеd Phoebе.l. АLсx shoutеd.shсlutеd P].rеге's l)atгiсk? lсan't sее hiпl аnywhеrе!'.rсlеЬе. Тhеr wсrе Ьогll .A1ех аrrd Phоеbе prеssеd thе Ьuttоn 'vе|Jоw ltld uр гhе' wеllг. hе was rтaking nrоvеmеnts 1ikе a swinrпlеr. It rr:s. . Thе twо сhildrеrr flew twiсе around thе Ьig n.k el-rd then n:-tst thе park towards rЬе sеi-t. ехсlаinrеd PhоеЬе.' shс said.Lеt's f11. Alех saц.-r Ьit nсl.rt Alех аrrd PhoеЬе didn't laurlr.rnteьti. this sigr.rtгol ovеr l.istеn to the story to сheсk your onswers.Yеs.rе.I'п-r sLrre hе.ro соr. Pl.v wеnt Ьighег and highсr. Thсy t.r of Pаtriсk. . . .oI(.t rvol t y. Ьr.' Alех anсl P]rсlеЬс flсw сll.сr. 26 . undеrstоoсi lror..rсkь. Thе.сЬс аlld Alех ге:ld rhе ll. \Vith his аrms. Ьut thеrе rv:rs still r.ll l..rg dоwn through thе sky vеry fаst Ьесausе lrе had r. Ьut slrе соuldn't sее Pаtriсk аnyr'vhеrе. . . Ьut hе lvаs fallir. thеv follorvеd thе rivеr irnd flеw Ьaсk out oYеr thе sеа.Hе was tосl inlрatiепt to Jistеn.ln nm. Whot hooоens to Potriсk? Who soves him ond how do theу do it? €L:.Wlrеге sЬall ц. it.s so ехсitir. lvl"ro klokеd sо . is it. Finally. to thе mouпtaiп сlvсl: tlrеrе.v tо fly thе jet pасks now PhсlеЬе Jосlkесl up at tlrе sk.rеw tlrat tlrеir friепd was jn trouЬ]е.s ()I(.

. Pаtriсk loсlkеd vегy sсarеd.Quiсk! Prеss tlrе yеllow AND thе Ь]uе Ьuttсlns tсlgеtl.Thanks. .rt thе еmеIgеllсy Ьuttons!' Alех and PhoеЬс lоokеd at еaсh othеr and Patriсk Was vеry quiеt. Ьtrt lt. you trvo. tl]е man from t|.' hе saiсl' as thеy Walkеd togеthег towards thе gаtе. young rr. . Shе anсl AIех stayеd sidе by sidе. t Б As Alех and PhoеЬе landеd sаfеly with thеir jсt pасks nехt tо Pаtriсk and his par:aс|.r thе1 prеssеd thе Ь]uе Ьuttсlп sсl that thеy startеd going dоwn пеxt to hirr. Thеr. to fly up nеarеr Pаtriсk.rd thсy knеw that thеir fгiеnd lvas now safе.r.rutе. А Ieх : ltJ Phоеhе shоrrгеd.' hе said to Patгiсk. Thеy prеssеd thе or:rngе Ьuttort aпd thеr.l'vhrlosl. Hе was glad to sее a yеllow glow nеarЬy.l was rt'urгiсd ftlг l fеr'r momеnt\. .r thе grееn onе. в Think! Work in poirs.Wе nееd to gеt сlоsеr tо tеll him what to do!.r' as Patriсk'" рaraсhLltе oреned ar..rсlutеd. .Thаt wаs сlоsе. lhеv hеard a . .]й/е1l dorrе.PhoеЬе sl. the questions. Thеn thеy Wеrе go11е in a flaslr.rеr!.rаn.rе jеt hiге stall r'ves walking ovеr to thеm. ф An'*". Whot do we How did Phoebe ond ALex feel obout leorn obout the сhoroсters? ftying the jet poсks? Why did Potriсk not Wont to get o lеsson Whеrе did theу f[у first? гrhnl r+ +hд io+ nnr|z7 Whу did A[ex know thot Potriсk wos How did ALex ond Phoebe reoсt whеn in troub[e? they sow Potriсk fo[Ling through the skу? How mony diffеrent сolour buttons did Whу wos Potriсk very quiet whеn hе A[eх ond PhoeЬe usе? [onded? How did ALeх ond Phoebe help Potriсk? Did ALеx ond Phoebе use poroсhUtеs? .t gгеаt thаt yor: knеw aЬor.

сars and taxis Use thе roads of Bangkok evеry day and it сan take hours to gеt aсross the сity. Тhis train drivеrs go Ьеtwеen thе сars rеa!|y |ooks Iikе somеthing out of thе futu[е. Work in Poirs. streеts. уour town/сity? It's good for the environment.tuk) the questions.6 million busеs. but ]t has a rеady got 2з statlons if уou agreе the pr]се for and сar[iеs 5o'ooo pеoр]е eveгy hour' your journеy bеforе уou start' тhе tra]ns aге eLесtгiс. Тhe nеWеst' quiсkеst and с|еanеst Waу of gеtt ng about thе сitУ is to takе thе skУtrain' onе of thе quiсkest and сheapеst Ways of gеtting about thе сity is |Чany yеars ago' Bangkok had trams to take to takе a tuk tuk' Тuk tuks are everywhere and thеy arе Vеry easу to pеop|е thгough the сity' тhеy Wегe s oW and rесogn]se bесause thеу have on|у got thrее Wheе|s. the сaРita| of тhai|and. thе tгams startеd to makе thе traffiс stеег. The dгiver s]ts in When moге and morе сats сamе onto thе a sma1| spaсe at the front and usеs a hand|ebar (|ikе a motorbikе) to strееts. bettеr whеre you [ive? You olwоys sit down to trovel.уы look ot the photos. so theу don't сause уou Won't have to arguе Wlth muсh po||utiоn' Тhey are a1so Verу сomfortablе the drivег at thе end' and уou сan Usua||y flnd a seat. Disсuss @ пeod the ortiсle ogoin ond write t (tuk. ors (skytroin). Whiсh of these types of tronsport would уou likе to It doesn't go oll over the сity. Gеtting oГФUПd Bangkok. You сon get frightened on this. Whot is the сonneсtion between them? @ @ кeod the mogozine ortiсle ond сheсk your ideos. тhai pеoP|е are always looking for a way to make travel|ing еasier Herе arе two 9rеat ideas to he|p With the traffiс probIem. onе other thlng Тhе skytra n сan't takе you evеrywheге in that you neеd to rеmеmber| Bangkok. and Ьuses on the road' |t сan |t runs above the сitу and thе tгaffiс bе|ow' bе quitе sсary. is one of thе busiest сitiеs in thе world' |Чore than 2. so theУ took the trams off thе room for two. тhеn the Bangkok тransit sуstеm Тherе arе a few things that Уou Пeеd to know about tuk_tuks' Тheу arе bеgan and lookеd at Waуs of makln9 it еasiеr vегy powerfu! and they сan go quite fast' Тhеy wiIL aLwaуs takе you to gеt about thе сity' Тheir big ]dеa Was to Whеrе УoU Wanт Io go more bui]d a vеrу diffеrent kind of tгam and ln 1999 qU]сk|У than a taxi bесausе thе the first part of the skytraln openеd. . go on most? Why? You hove to deсide with the driver how muсh How do people get obout in the journeу wi[[ сost.. Тhе passеngers sit in thе baсk bеh nd hlm' Thеrе's usua |у on у rеa |y bad. How сon they moke troffiс Ittook the ploсe of onother kind of tronsport.

d Сompore уour ideos with the rest of the с[oss. Work in ooirs. How сould tronsport bе bеtter in thе town/сity where you [ive? . Тhink of odvontoges ond disodvontoges for eoсh one.ж Why does Tom prеfеr o beсok to ti*i o toхi? ж Whot does Emmo soy obout the ф drivers of the pеdiсob? $1 . nl How is o gondolo different from -t* thе others? :. Answer the questions. gondo[o beсok pediсob Work in poirs. . How often do vou use it? о Why do you like it? o Whot problems hos it got (if ony)? .rb@ l^ I # \- (ii| r-irt"n to the trovel stories ond write the words under the photos. ffi Ж Whot is the problem with gondotos E6i t* thot Anno tolks obout? . Put thеm in order from best to worst. Find out the most populor ond iiЁi leost populor types of tronsport in the с[oss. @ write o short teхt oЬout your fovourite type of tronsport. Mokе o list of o[[ thе differеnt types of tronsport thot you hovе bеen on.ж ЗiH How is o pediсob different from o beсok? ffi Ьж €r:.} a. Disсuss the questions. Listen ogoin ond onswer Ж the questions.

.еVitl ck Thе LOсOПlot Vе Lа\'r/ iп ]865 srt the п/heе ed сагt sO tllаt t П]OVеd by tol]lld a \'Vay Of mаk г]g sLea rПg l Пеs maхimun] sperd 0f thеsе Vеh . UK Е|]gillеs сOпt |]Urd tO gеt bеttrl апd thе Frrnch arП]у |П ]769 l]r Usеd t].] rs at |Se f' The саrt trаVe |еd аt \'va]k Пg mt|сll sma |сt alсI hе рut Ol]e 01 З kП]/h il.. Yot] a sO had [O haVе sOmе0lle !| . Frоnсe thе spееd of thе сor thot сousеd the first реdestriоn dеoth * thе USA mоdе it еosiеr for thе Frenсh to go to Woг -* Соl'ifornio modе lifе eosiег for horsеs ( 1801 1865 N сO]as О|]gП0t \'Vаs а|l еПgiПeеt. NlOre аПd mor€r peOр e No onr .".sеs Ther] R с|ra[d Tl. 19е Hi ' |о сoUПtry. At ess СаГГ:1ge Wаs сa| еd the tO V'/a k iП f[Ollt \'vаV ng а rеd lLag that t mе ПO o|le thOLLght about PLl|f пg DсV] . Reod' Listen ond motсh the peopte..! trаVOl П саrr аgеS уears lаtеr саrs \A/OL| d travе at far !]ГCateг sрееds. NiсoLos Сugnot thе speеd thе flog-wоving mon сou[d woL|< in .5 km/h Ц. . а Steаnl eng |lc tO porvеr а thГ.1B65 Riсhоrd Тrеvithiсk homе to thе first motor сomрonV F Ц З |<m/h pеopLе bеgоn to Worry оЬout соrs оnd thе еnvironment homе to thе biggеst motor сompony 6. |р 0'J.8' .| ... *"'ury '] Whеn do уou think these events in the histоry of the сor hoppened? Thе n inеteеn forties ("1940s)? i 7.l towПs а]]d 6 kП]/гr П trrе spеed аПс| the a]. П B" o'д ..]Orsе рL| ] heavy сaГrt]oПs iПtO batt]е. i i] . сO|]|d l]о\.|д'д. speeds оnd ploсes with the foсts.ПlУ usеd it tО . 1'.- the first spеed |imits the first сar сompany thinking about pollution .l t] iчнll .е bу г]Ol.аVrl rd al]Ot t iП саrr]a!]es рLr]lrd hOtsr еss Сarr аgеs beсamе fаstеГ. J"Оl |* i r t.*flii..]OU d iП]ag Пе tгrat а huПdr0d traПsрOrtiП!] peoр|е \'!ith the сart...

. :^ . F1 сhampion Miсhaеt I sсhumaсher Was born' Imogine it is the yeor 2200. | ' ^ J аl oа p.| n^l. Imogine thot you сon odd on { obout the informotion event to the time[ine.l Yr .. ^о.бsр n/en o' ''Pаrеd 5ёЦo d's .r. \ Whot did . iп the pOl|Utioп from сars' Тhe rrst оf thr 6'5 km/h' Тhe рo|iоr investigatoГ desсr l]ed USА.... used сar keys. In that yeаr her' Тh]s Was the t]rst fata| road aссideПt' The Fгenсrr Were the fiгst to open a Californ]а passed Iaws to сontгoI thr Тhe сar Was trave]|ing at a sрeed of Cаr faсtory iП 1889. started in Тoronto.]965. ц .::ffi. Canada.r'a |. whiсh of these is the most importont. Disсuss ond deсide to osk your portner. 5l .| .. Cars was a hit al| over thе World. .t exprct ]t factory openrd in ] 90з and in the next dr ViПg beсаme a Iitt|e greer]eг' The t0 happeП again' Unfortunatr|y the рO iсе 24 Уears. { Write ond drow two more events for the timeline. they bui|t 15 mi| ion Nlode| Ts.^Lо|oа|obo . lriggest оha||enge foг the оar indUstrу.1997 1911 People first Е|eсtriс сars 1969 Sevеn-timеs э went on sale. s IiA I A 6 a' fl 2050: The first flying robot саr dрo. rise in trre priоe 0f 0i| in the ]970s jnVestigator Wаs tota]|y Wroпg.l hо ои. Оoо о Jаpа^оcе Tаm ||о I"аVд Ao . Т^aqд CаT-. but Ford.r^ . 1896 Тhe first motor саr deаth The world's biggest motor PoIIution сontroI 0n ] 71h АL]gust ] 896' Bгidget Drisоo|] comраny begins UПti| . .. ondь' Ъr . qUiсk|y beсame thе b]ggest' Тhe Wor|d sooП fo|owed theiг examp|e and ]t аs an aссideпt aПd |. t '!.144 prop e make eaсh сar' Ford madе it possib|e Тhesе days' mak ng Cars greeneг is thе d]ed in acсidrпts oП British roads' foг ]ots of peoр|e to bUУ а сar..^а s iа . Пo one W0rriеd about stepped out into the roаd аПd a сar kil|ed Еord Wаsn't the f rst motor сon']рany' ajr po|lL]tion from tгaffic. ItFl @ write two questions Тhink! Work in poirs. Between |t toOk WOrkeГs just 9з minUtes to made dr]ViПg morе еxpeПsive too' ]95] and 2006' a totа| 0f 309. 2006 Thе Pixar animated film 18з7 The first taХi сomрanУ How mony \.re didП.

? Do we hоve to .- intеresting sights r thot they o.. . Choose o role сord... :^*: l.( nоr Ьnr rr if you hirе it for ...".o. ? Student B т+. votсono ... ? Are thеrе .' Yes... It wi[[ tokе you ."::er hire..'n . fo' hotf o doY? r dePostt r How tong does it toкe uP ln to {tу o kitometrе the oir? of thejet paсk r so{еtv equipment:' :?...""j:: " o"n nеor herе? ... oЬout the {otlowtn9: wont tntnк *.ff:":h..h"oP"r.(! work in poirs.fu r priсе рer hour .*l" "... Ф 9ou are the сustomer. ..:J.L. . You'[[ see .1loig.i':J. poroсhute ond hеlmeт r Сon you fly over onу : :iil. you hоvе to . (l I'l (y mlnutes to is obout thе south Student A How muсh is it to .' You ond уour {riеnd to hirе o jеt poсk. o poroсhute (} лсt out your dioI'ogue.. .tl... ? Is it сheoреr? Do we need to .:I:'#:ji]:Щ: l1. :iТji"J. ? Whot if .:::*Т..

Тhе ГеSt the time theУ.|l оn|y р|аy. Tiсk (. not your own.z) your portner's onswers. Whаt wi|I the teасheгs of the futuгe food towns be like? tгee time Ьuildings o Тhе teаоhегs wi|| bе гobots. Studеnts @ Write o questionnoire obout wi|I leaгn fгоm hоmе' 'Life in the future'. wi|| bе thеiг tеacheгs' Сhi|dгеп wil| bе thе tеасhегs апd thе stud ents wi|| be аdu|ts. on|y tеn minutеS еvегy day. fooo. found out.Il eot thе some сntPs. Нow often W|II students go to sсhoo| in a week? .l| onIу eot fгuit vеqetobles ond no meot. Тry to mokе some of 1. Ask ond @ Work with o different portner. students wi|| |eагп by dоwn|оаdiпg Moke notes of topiсs thot уou fгоm а сomputeг intо thеiг lэгаins' сouLd osk obout' At sсhоо| thеу. Оf Тhеy'|| sрend six houгs at sсhoо| eveгy o Тheу. work in poirs. {ood oI| They. Whаt wiIl а сIаssгoom of the futuгe look like? o ТЬоnо || Ьо nn Ьnn|zе nn|\.|| hаvе |оts of hоmеwогk. .nrnn| |lоnе b Thеге'|| lэе no о|аssгoоms..@.^^. I What wiII the housеs look like? llow much time will people spend at home? @9 swop questionnoires ond onswer your Portner's.II eot рi|ls ond no гeo| dаy' but thеy. nоt humans' b students wi|| |eагn аt home and paгeпts Write o question for eoсh topiс.|| hаVe fun. onswer the questions Te[t them whot you hove in the questionnoire. ond Тhеy. Whot will рeoрle eot in the futuге? How muсh time wiI| students spend |eагning eveгy dаy? Write thгее different possible students wi|| on|y do two things in theiг onswers. Э|ЕtlP ^^J t^^^^ I vЕD' -t^^^ them funny. cheсk the word order in your questions. the time: сhiсken ond When УoU write a questionnaire.

-Ё. 3 Pt 1 pyro mid 2 Sphinx з pho rooh сhoriot 5 sloves \\i" 6 roсK . Phoebe hos olwoys wonted to see Phoеbе exploins thot o phorooh is Phoebе Wonts to ALeх thinks thot going to the pyromid is o bit €. dlТ Reod. Choose o word for your portner to spe[[. Cheсk with your Portner. з4 .o. listen ond сomp[ete the sentenсes. & xР :D2 o2 Listen ond soy the Words.

pUt onto sрeсia| s|edges. Here's how they did it: The blocks i1) Тhe b|ocks (э} Тha с|дгInдс {4) from the boats and by the sides of mountains. but there is sti|| one big mysterУ. First. Listen ond сheсk. € Reod the mogozine ortiсle ond сomplete the sentenсes with the verЬ forms from the box. How were they put on top of eaсh other? Listen ond soy the sentenсes. horses and slaves. theУ had to find ways of taking the big t]|oсks to Giza. They werе made from big b|oсks of roсk. How did they get the bloсks of roсk to the top? Disсuss the ideos. wеre token off were oulted were сut were put Herе is how the рyramids of Giza werе built. Аrсhaeo|ogists know how the b|oсks of roсk Were brought to Giza. о pu[[ up / with ropе o сorrу | Ьy sloves о tift / UFos .

And ran and ran and ran. so folk musiс from Engtond. It's OK. pno roon Sphinх tomb hieroglyphiсs mummy slove r On holidag in old Cairo. people shouted ond sсreomеd. X The mummg сame into the room He was not a happ9 man. Then sing the song. Listen ond tiсk (/) the words thot you hеor.". . We left the shop and ran awag 1 Hegot into his anсient tomb . l near|g fell baсk in a сhair. i And we slammed down the lid. .. A shop where tourists never go.t. Inside the PЧramid.Be . I don't reotlv like it.]] Behind an anсient tomb. They сhos mе o[[ the woy home. It's greot.. Enid How wos уour holidoy' Еtdrid? ЕI'drid Wеtt . . Mony folk songs ore very old ond no-one knows who wrotе them.. \ :- \ FoLk musiс is used to desсribе the troditionol musiс of o сoUntry. We ran into a pgramid I looked into its eges. things. Whiсh sold a few old quiсk! He's сoming after gou!' We found an anсient mummЧ there. He smiled and told us where to go. j We found a dark p|aсe where we hid The mummg was alive! . With lots and lots of rooms. everywhere I went. might sound very different from folk musiс in your сountry. Listen qnd soy the diologue. for exomple. . 1 We stopped and talked to Pharaoh Mg friend and I went in And asked him what to do. They often telt the stoгy of рoor сountry рeoрLe who hove very diffiсu[t lives. Еnid Were you frightenеd? EI'drid trightenеd? Еnid' I wos petrifiеd! з6 . The mummg didn't want to plag.

IWas a ГПessL Тhere were more phoroohs ot the porty thon slovеs. Correсt the others. open your eyes ond desсriЬe it. I ooked greаt. Thе bo ndoges werе expensivе. ъ ъ . Q* work in poirs. Toke it in turns to с[ose your eyes. Lаst Wеek' WеПt to an Egypt aп fanсy dress рartУ' А ot of гnу fr eпds Wеnt as рharaohs and а fеW роop e Went as s avеs' l]Ut WaПtеd to go as sornеthing d ffеrеnt' so dеС dеd to go as a murnmy. Number twelvе . Е t . Thеrе Was onе рrol]Lеm.\srq.t ook ikr a muГnmy. He wos wеoring wet Ьondoges when he orrivеd. When L got to the partу' Was Covеred i]l lots of Wet bandagеs. Whlе Was Wa k]ng to the рarty t startеd to rain and I d dn't have an Umbr-^ a.. (@ пeod the emoiI'. Point to o piсture.' Grommor foсus Listen ond soy the sentenсes.6. thot's o little money. .r ъ Ъ. Then tiсk (/) the true sentenсes. 6i. ]tdidn't toke o Long timе to put on the mummy сostume.. spent a tt е moПeУ on soГne Danсlagеs aпd then I sреnt a Оt of t гnе Wrapping theГn arouПd mе. I d dn.

hе askеd. . .. said Patriсk.Ah.But what if it's dangеrous or we gеt lost?'rеpliеd Alеx.. . . I.t go any further. .еlсomе ?' suggеstеd Patriсk.Let's go.s go in. ..sИhat do you think this is?.' said Patriсk..s Ьaсk and loоkеd ar it сlоsеly.Hеy.Somеthing fell on my hеad!'Shе touсhеd thе top of hеr hеad and a Ьlaсk сrеaturе fеll onto thе ground and ran аway.\. they were sliding vеry fast down a tunnеl dееp into the pyramid. . whеrе's that gatе?' Thе сhildrеn startеd running dоwn the dark сorridor to еsсapе from thе sсorpions. . Ьut thеy сould see a littlе. .. .Sсorpions? I hatе Ьugs!.rе сoming with you.Wеll.Shall wе . . o mummy o sсorpion hieroglyphiсs 6::.. Тhe mummy's tomb hе сhildrеn walked uр to thе tomЬ and lookеd in through thе doorway. .W. . . Thеy walkеd for a fеw minutеs whеn suddenly PhoеЬе sсrеamеd. .m going in'.Don't Ье silly. k's a sсоrpion. Alex wаs looking at a Ьig button on thе wall. .. .!7hat are they?. lеt. Oh. said Alеx. ехсlaimеd PhoeЬе. askеd Phoеbе.' аnswered Aleх.!Йhy they knew. ..thеrе arе mofе on Patriсk.Kееp out''' I think.Now what?.If I dоn't сomе out in a fеw minutеs. . Thеy. r''"1 ? :l4}х' I 'T .' ... сomе and find me.Lеt.' said PhoeЬe. Ьut Ьеforе he соuld finish his quеstion' Patгiсk walkеd up and pushеd it' Thе floor undеr thеir fееt disappеаrеd and thе nехt thing . said PhoеЬе.Whаt do you think thеy say?.Hang on. said PhoеЬе... It was dark insidе. And on minе. He took onе from Patriсk.s look at thesе hiеroglyphiсs.s Ьасk. Thеrе arе lots of thе everywhеre. Ьut they сamе to a wall whеrе thеy сouldn.!7е'l1 always havе to fiddlе with things?..I'm not going baсk to thosе sсorpions.s t-ook ot the piсtures ond find these things. ". nеver gеt out of here!' shoutеd Alех.Рatriсk! do you . Reod ond listen to the story. .. ?' .It's .. wе.

sаid Patriсk. anothеr glоrv appеaгеd. Gt Think! Look ot the hierogtyphiсs thot they sow in the doorwoy. rvhiсh wеrс glоwing in thе sunlight that was пystегiously lighting thе rоoп-r... .t Ьеliеvе it!'saiсl Рhoеbе.rЬ. therе ц.' saiсl . It got с1оsеr аnd сlosсr.rеy for..s a ton.. Just thеп.. сan hеar somеthing сoming frоn.'\lех. . t].Thе сhildrеn lаndеd on а haгd stоnе iloоr in a dаrk rоom. It was thс yеllоrv glow оf thе gatе. Thеy wеrе gonе irr a flash' @ Comptete the sentenсes. he ..Qrriсk. Pаtriсk..rld sее and t|. I..I don.Сomе on. Pоtriсk pushed o button пlFIol on the woLL ond o moment Ф Think! Whot ore these words? lотer . .rеy сor.s Ьеautiful!'gaspеd PhоеЬе. Yоu сan gеt us . . . As soon os theу Werе inside the tomb' thеy noтlсeo .r a small rооrr-r.I{еlp пс b1сlсk tlrе dоor lvith tl-ris rосk.. Phoеbе got reo[[y sсorеd when . Thе сhildren ron down the dork сorrido r beсousе .VoL] got us in hеrе.' Тhе сhildrеn wаlkеd ir. .RLtn!'sсrеamеd PlrоеЬе.rto thе ligЬt.ssЬ!' said PhоеЬе. ..It's a mumnry!'T1rе сl. \Х/hеr.rildrеn rar. All arouпd thсm. hсlldirrg its twо arms out in frопt of it.oh.. ..r towatсls a light whiсh tl.rthе dоor lvаs Ьlсlсkеd.еrс gоld and silvег objесts.'Tlrеy a]l ]оokеd tо wlrеrс sl.rе wаs pоintiпg..oI(. it. thе сhi[dгеn . Thе.It.. ..v соuldn.l ollt. Тhe '* сhildrеn notiссd a Геw hiеrog|yphiсs on thе rvalls toсl.. Who do you think Whеn A[ex heoгd thot Potriсk wontеd to go into Wos right: Potriсk or A[ex? thе tomb.rеmsеlvеs ir.t Ьеliеvе thеir еyеs. .d likе to stay hеrе fоr lrоurs nсlw. .rnd . Before theу sow the gote.l ovеr theге.. Тherе rvаs solnеthing Ьig and whitе wаlking towaгds гhеm. Alех. thеy turnеd аrоund and lоokеd.

thе liоn hiеroglyphiсs. . a. r loоks Iike аn oреn mоuth. with symbols for Еnglish аlрhabet with thе symbоls. Тoke it in turns to moke the signs ond soy the words. bу a snаke with hоrns on its hеаd. @ пeod the text ond drow the missing symbols in the сhort. Wе саn reс0gnisе mаny yеаIs t0 WоIk out thе sоunds whiсh symbol is 1аnd п lоoks ]ike an оwl. but s0mе thе hand symbol hаs a d sоuпd аnd fоr еxаmple /aпd г arе bоth rерrеsеnted irr. arе mоrе diffiсuit tо undеrstаnd. toLL thonk you сry stop like сold (} work in poirs. We саll thеse symbоls but historians havе studied lor many half оf a сirсlе rерrеsеnts a l. Disсuss the questions. Listen ond сheсk. of them beсausе thеy are piсturеs оf lhe sуmbоls reprеsеnl.}h iг л trшhаbеt ltF Thе Anгient Еgуptiаns hаd lhеir It is impоssible to mаtсh the Thе squаre symbol is ap sound and own аIphabet. Desсribe the hieroglyphiсs. Motсh the signs with the words from the box. ^. Who usеs this Longuogе? Hove you sееn it on tеlevision? Do you know onyonе who uses it? aТ. thе lеg symbol hаs a D sоund. Thе top . tГ аnimаls оr evеrydау Objесts.lЕ /t fl'c liFl f$ work in poirs. Fоr ехаmр|е S0mе letters havе thе sаme sуmbol.r 1]н diffеrеnt sоuп t:i i:l lrl lП i:l @ look ot the piсtures. ili П lill .! < >l с q' FТiе rrэgiv'.

and that thе shoе was a the othеr girls in thе housе wеrе jеalous of Rhodopis sign. Hе invitеd hеr to try оn thе shoe. П () (@ work in Poirs. Thе shoe fittеd and hе askеd hеr to Ье his wife. Rhodopis lvas vеry sаd аЬout that. Howеvеr. The old man didn't know how mеan thе othеr girls wеrе to Rhodopis. Ьut thе оthеr girls told hеr to gеt on with Ьеr work. suddenly he saw Rhоdopis.y@ rl\ @ r-ook ot the piсtures. П d Rhodopis heors obout the Phorooh's porty.But Whilе shе was washing hеr сlothes. a тhе old mon gives Rhodopis o present. Whot do you think the story is oЬout? fffr пeoа ond tisten to the story to сhесk your onswers. the 3 Phаraoh showed everyЬody thе shoе. Her onlv friеnds wеrе thе Ьirds and an оld hippо аnd shе tоld thеm about thе other girls when no-one rмas listеning. Rhodoрis rеally wantеd tо nothing.. She 4 In Мemphis' thе Рhаraоh wаs sitting on his thronе wаs Greek and shе looked diffеrеnt from аll tЬе other watсhing thе party. Hеrе is onе. the old man walkеd pаst when Rhodoрis гдq3. Hе sеnt for thе сaptаin of his royаl Ьoat and startеd and werе mean to hеr. so was Horus. thе old mаn likеd Rhodopis. flew off with one of thеm. o 'n whiсh port of the story do thesе things ho Ppen? Write the numЬеrs. The PЬaraoh looked at thеm. The Pharaoh was lеaving thе housе when go. Hе thought thаt suсh a good danсеr should have shoеs' so hе Ьоught her a Ьеautiful pair of golden shoes. was danсing near tЬe fivеr. Nоw thе оthеr girls werе evеn morе jеalous. . shouted at hег. Ьut a largе Ьird in Еgypt and shе is going to Ье my quееn. Do you гeсоgnisе thе stоry? Rhodopis was a sеrvant in thе housе of аn old man. а mеssenger arrivеd аnd knew that it Ьеlongеd to Rhоdopis. П e тhe bird droos thе shoе. but she nеver said a Ьad word. Thе Anсiеnt Еgyptians told many stoгiеs. Onе dаy. Suddеnly a Ьird flеw down and girls in the housе. . who do you think wos invited to the wedding? why? the old mon 2 the other servonts 3 the bird 4 the hippo . so thеy laughеd at hеr аnd сalled Ьeт droppеd a shoе on him. Thе girls saw it A fеw days lаtеr. she's just a sеrvant!'thе othеr girls said. thе God of the Sky. the Ьipро jumpеd into thе rivеr and splashеd wаtel over hеr new shоеs.To mе' shе is thе mоst Ьеаuti{ulwoman She took thеm оff tо dry in thе sun.s housе. 5 ]й/hеn the royal Ьoat arrived at thе old man. Ьut they said and told them that thе Рharаoh was hаving a party and that еvеryonе was invitеd. Thе Pharaoh knew that thе Ьird Ьad namеs. П b The othеr girts Were o[Woys unkind to Rhodopis' П с Тhe Phorooh meets Rhodopis for the first time. Thеy mаdе hет work hard and sеarсhing thе сountry {or the owner of thе shoе.

L. Common 3D shopеs Shope Сorners Еdges Sides сonе О12 сul]е ffi сyLindеr сuboid ll t___l ПО tгio ng u Lo r O# рrism сy[inder squore hexogon /1\ squoгe. Rеod oЬout 3D shopes. triongulor Ьosed pуromid prism 6-i: Listen ond soy the shoPes' Cheсk your onswers. ./.n you see? Are the words slmltor In ri rl your [onguoge? l : .. . Тhen Look ot the shoPes betow' Are thеy 2D or 3D? Copy ond ф t-ook ot the piсtures ond сomplеte thе toble сo[our them 9reеn or red.( wьot shopes сo. /t\ bosеd <О> pyrо m id squore.

Y\F a
"&'& Look oround your сlossroom. How mony ЗD shopes сon you find?

e Look ot the photos of fomous bui|"dings. Whot 3D shopes сon you see?
Loоk. thоt.s o kind ot сytinder. )

:r I ,,li]
1з] *. .




'7.(.] t:i - Moke o poper pyromid.

' You need:
o sheеt of
o ru Ler
o рenсi[
to pe

Drow o squore in the сеntrе of the рoper Сut out the shope. (Don't сut out
with 5 сm sidеs. Mork the 2.5 сm point ot the squorе! Kееp it with thе triongLes.)
thе сеntrе of еoсh sidе of the squore. FoLd еoсh triong[e, оLong the sidе of
Moke onother mоrk eхoсtly 5 сm obovе thе squorе, towоrds thе middle'
eосh 2.5 сm mork. Use o ruler to drow Тope thе sides of thе pуromid togеthеr,
diogonoL Linеs ond down to thе сorners olong the еdges' so thot they mеet to
of the squoге. You wiLL now hove four mokе o point ot thе tоp.
triongLеs o rou nd thе squorе.


A ta}k abоut am
anсуеnt сiviiisatiоn
€ri;, Listen to Eltie's presentotion oЬout the Vikings ond onswer the questions.
.'... whУ is Е[[ie interested in the Vikings?
Find out qЬout it
':- In whiсh сontinent ore the сountries on the moo? ,il Сhoosе on onсient сivilisotion
.:l When did thе Vikings stort to ottoсk other ond find out morе obout it. You
сountriеs? сon use these or your own ideos:
:, Whot's the speсio[ nome for o Viking Ьoot? thе Romons, thе Greeks, Notive
i Why hos E[[ie put o question mork under Ameriсons' thе Aztесs' the Inсos,
the helmet? the Phoеniсions, the Aborigines of
Austrotio, the Ming dynosty.
Use books ond mogozines.
Go to o [ibrory ond оsk the librorion
for informotion.
See whot you сon find on the

Preporе it
ft Orgonise the informotion thot you
found ond moke notes.
тhсVikinцs When wos this сiviLisоtion very

importo nt?
Where did the people Live?
Whot ore they fomous for?
(For exomp[e, the Еgyptiоns ore
fоmous for thе pyгоmids.)
ll Find or dгow piсturеs ond mоps.
Mokе sure thot they ore big enough
for your сlossmotеs to see.
i.]] Use your notes to writе уour totk.
Show it to your teoсher to help you.
l., Reod the сorreсted teхt. Thеn put
it owoу.
'l Try to soy whot you hоve written
€ without Looking boсk ot уour notes.
Do this until you сon tolk obout уour
topiс eosi[y.
. ,: i.-. s;;i.r r,Lt.'
Present it
Don't stand сompletе|y sti|l during your talk' When
.-] You should tolk for оbout o minutе,
you ta|k about a piсture, point аt it. Мake sure that a|l
your сIassmates сan see the piоtures, so don,t stand but don't reod out your tехt.
in front of them. .j Usе the piсtures ond mops to moke
your totk moгe interеsting.


Notolie sent invitotions by post inviting friends
to her fonсy dress porty. Joyden ond Еmily didn't
сome. Soy why you think they didn't сome.
( мoуtэе they wегe i[[.

tье invitotion.
[ эеt ]

9i,, Noto[i" is very сreotive, so she mode o[[ the invitotions
different. Reod the invitotions whiсh she sent to Joyden
ond Еmi|'y. Find the Problem in eoсh one.

[i Jayden, Dear Еиily,
Please сп'r Уoш сotiцe *o шу tal..у
dress paф?
.Li{e in Ayrсievr* Е9уp*'. Ptease
Woиld yoи Ьe sovиeoпe Ф
tke {keltдe is
pшt on avr iк*erestilrg сos*шшe. loш
сalr сolt,re
i.iтЪ"е,^t ibr, a tЪш l*o.,.su Ф
ls o pho"oo|.., a slave or evel. a r,uшltlv^y! This is yoш" Ьi9 сltanсe!
tilцe: 6:30
9oiч to have a fa,rсy drеss paгty
p.ш. /:
on Sal шrday Zl'' АP"il o+ ь.зo
Sеe yoш sooк!
9reat theилe' so pleos. \
l've 1ltoш9ltt of a
шear al/l^azihg сostише| We're qoilro
1o \
P3 Vllу address: kave kol do9s arrd faltJastiс
f"uii1."iles. \
2Ч Stп*ioк Poпd
PS l-he paф is a+ yhy
(opposite tlre сil.eшa) Plaсe - yoи Еrroш
uJhere it is!

.t.? в
{: Y"- Y

Imogine thot you ore 9oin9 to hove o fonсy
Wfr"n you write an invitation to
dress porty. a рarty. you need tо give thе
Тhink of o themе (In Anсient Rome, Life in thе foIlоwing information vеry с|earIy:
yеor З699, etс.). the datе, thе timе and the plaсe
Wherе the partу is going to take
Think whot kind of invitotions you wont to send. p|aсe. lnс|udе a theme if you
Deсide who you Wont to send thе invitotion to.
Write your invitotion. Moke it os fun os possib[е.


Chесk with your Portner. :D2 11' Listen ond soy the words. tisten ond onswer the questions. @aM"yb"l'L-a .\ 46 @ . Whot sports does eoсh person mention? Whot does Potriсk suggest to his friends? Why doesn't Phoebe [ike his ideo? Whot do thеу finolly ogree to do? o сhoo'" o Word. Mime it for your portner to guess. 6ТЁ п"oa.

Ky[e Тhe high jump? I'm not too kеen on thot..50. @ work in poirs. Write o sports progromme for the doy. Whot sho[[ we go ond see? Today's Iodie Here's the progromme. Deсide Whot to do for the doy.4enЪ rowing Lеt's go! -1-]:ЗО WomenЪ |ong jumр o|ympiс stadium 1 2:00 Wrestl ng Hall B Listen ond soy the sentenсes. lodie Whot's the time now? кy|'e 9. I know. Iodie oK. @ @". . We сould wotсh the women's fenсing insteod. Ah. We сou[d go ond sеe thot. It storts in holf on hour.g. WomenЪ fencing Нal| с lodie Oh.. Complete the progromme with the missing times. |V]enЪ high jUmp oiУmрiо stadiUrn Kyl.e Sounds good to me. \_ o фн Jodie ond Ky[e ore ot the otympiс Gomes. We сould go ond i:'l Weightlifting Hall A see the behonest.) GlGElЩ. -] -] :0О \. the mеn's high programmе jump storts in 40 minutеs. Look. it storted on hour ogo. KyLe Not reo[[у' Look.. @ s*op Progrommes with onother poir.Weсoutd.t. thot's right. They ore disсussing whiсh events to wotсh. . to be honest.

Whеrе ore olivio оnd Сhorlie ond whot ore they tolking oЬout? Who do you think is morе interested in sport? Whу? €r:. It'tt be fun. Sаying thаt you're not You oгe thinking of joining on ofter-sсhool с[ub. .. I'm not so suге. Olivio Let's qo! @ work in poirs. I'tI' do it by myself. Moke up your own diologue. whiсh sports сlub do you wont Chorlie Whot? to join? olivio We сould go to the gymnostiсs с[ub. serious? Chorlie Thot's not suсh o good ideo. whiсh сlubs you сould join Sorry but. I hotе o]ivio oh. Chorlie Sorry' but I сon't swim ot o[[ ond Chorlie Whv woutd I wont to do thot? I'm qf roid of woter. I triеd it onсе ond Chorlie Hmm.t jump. Proсtise the diologue. Look ot the photo ond onswer the questions. Aсt out your diologue for the с[oss. interested Think obout: Why would I want to do that? reosons for joining тhat's not suсh a good idea. leorn how to do the hurdlеs ond Chorlie Mе? Doing gymnostiсs? Are уou high jump ond things tike thot.. olivio Reо[[y? Hong on. to get somе exerсise ond to olivio Tеnnis? Are you interested in tennis? get fit. Chоrtie Now thot Ь o good ideo. Chortie Нi! olivio oK' whot obout the rowing сtub otivio Hi' Chortiе! I think we shoutd join then? Do you fonсy thot? o sports сlub this yeor. otivio We[[. Сhorlie I don't think so. I wos rubbish. running ond I сon. I give up. Don't be sitly. I know! chor|'iе WеI't.Ь Reod ond listen to the diotogue to сheсk your ideos. . reosons not to join I don't think so. otivio Сome on. otivio Wе сould try the othletiсs сlub ond I lovе gymnostiсs.

@ work in poirs. train / morning interviews 2 р.m. Write your diory for o week. П 5 on Thursdoy he's going to the ТV studio in the ofternoon. 1 On Mondoy he's flying to Rome. П I On Wednesdoy he isn't troining in the morning.o 4 p. П 6 On Fridoy he's troining o[[ doy.m. П 2 On Tuesdoy morning he's troining. _ 5 p. П On Soturdoy he's ploying in the Chompions Leogue Fino[. Тhursday 20ih train / morning go to TV stud. Eoсh of you сhooses o fomous sportsperson. П ond soy the sentenсes. s а Reod the sentenсes ond write t (true) or f (fo]se).@ looк ot the footbot|'er Riсky oswoldo's orgoniser. @ . Then interview eoсh other.m. П 4 on Wednesdoy hе's giving interviews for 4 hours.

Both wrеstlегs wеrе good.That hurt!. thе Ьall hit hеr in thе faсе. l.t think I.rе going to the wrеstling matсh пow.shе shouted. Who wos hit in the foсe? Who hurt their foot? Who qot wet? Reod ond listen to the story to сheсk your onswers. . Thе 4.IWhat a grеat matсlr! But I thirrk thе shortеr guy will win thе fight. : atmosphеrе was alrеаdy amaztлg and thеn whеn thе volleyЬall mаtсh startеd.You look likе a рiratе!.a '7 hеy took a bus to a sports hall nеar thе olympiс ( Stadiurn. piсkеd him up and threw him through thе аir. Phoеbе jurтrpеd up. Just aftеr thе start of thе sесond pеriod. Patriсk hеld his foot.0 oo through the text quiсk|'y ond find onswers to the questions.!. PhoеЬе had a Ьlaсk еyе. . Hе's awеsоmе!. .Oм.said Alех.Ow! That's п o. Еvеry timе а tеam sсorеd a pоint. !(/hеn thе сhildrеn lеft thе hall.I'm glаd wе.. Thеir sеats wеrе in thе front rоw. . сlappеd and shoutеd! Shе was rеally еnjоying it' Ьut two minutеs Ьеforе thе еnd of thе gamе. . .I don.Aagh! ouсh!'shoutеd Pаtriсk. Patriсk turпеd to thе оthеrs and sаid. Ьut Patriсk thought. . Thеy all laughеd. awеsornе! Comе оn. whеrе thеy сould alrеady hеar thе fans сhееring loudly and singing.s sеats wеrе again in thе frоnt row. ъ Muсh bеttеr than watсhins on TV!' said Alех. thе сl-rildrеn. .m vеry intеrеstеd in wrеstling any morе!' . . Ьut thе shortеr onе wаs fighting vегy wеll indееd.]. Aftеr the first pеriod.oh. Surеly nоthing сan happеn thеrе !. At thе wrеstling. lеt's go. I lovе sports!' said Patriсk.' hе said.This is grеat! . Not the best doy . It was a fight Ьеtwееrr a vеry tаll man and a shortеr onе. what a noisе! . tlrе tallеr wrеstlеr was moving towards thе shortеr onе whеn thе shortеr man rаn at him vеrу quiсkly. as thе tall man landеd on his foоt.

4 Thе rоwing Was on a Ьеautiful lakе. thfее _ 8o. . Why did theу look funny Wolking towords the gote? . оrrе had a Vеry solе foot аnd thе third onе was soаking Wеt! Тhеy walkеd into thе light.Surеly nothing саn hаppеn hеге. thеy lookеd vеry funпy: onе had a Ьlасk еyе. 8o' go!' Alех laughеd. go!' It was grеat fun.onе.Yеal-r. go. gо.. Ьr. so Patriсk. thrее _ go.Onе.. O Ant*". Thеn thеy Saw thе gatе. . . . wе.' PhоеЬе said.' smilеd Patriсk. twо.t this grеat?' A1ех askеd thе othеrs еnthusiаstiсally aпd tlrеп thе сrowd startеd tо сhееr. Whot hoppened to Potriсk ot thе WrеstIing? The othlete troined o [ot. How did theу gеt to the vo[Lеуbo[[ motсh? She onlу lost one motсh сnd thot Whot hoppenеd to Phoebe ot the Wos the oLympiс f inоt. nеar thе Watеr.rеd forwаrd еven furthеr. PhoеЬе and Alех joinеd ir-r with thе сrowd.r.rе at thе rowing noщ' thоtrghт Alех. . . . the questions.lWеll. two. gо!' A1ех was so ехсitеd that hе lеar. thrrе _ go..Arе you guys oK?.[ motсh? She won thе silver medoL. How mony rowers Wеrе toking poгt in Her сountry sent hеr to the the roсе? olympiс Gomes' How did A[ex fotl in the woter? She beсome bеtter ond bеttеr. Alех аskеd.Onе. PhoеЬe..I. Alеx was in t]rе watеr! Phoеbе аnd Patriсk hеlpеd Alех out of thе Watеr. Thеrе wеrе еight Ьoаts. rhrее _ . 8o . Agаin thеy had vеry good sеats. . with fоur womеn in еaсh. a lоt. a Think! Put the sentenсes in order.' Ьut tl-rеn with a loud splash.s еyе Was now moге purplе and Patriсk's foot was hurting . .Don't Ье silly!'hе said' Thеn hе startеd to сhееr again. ..rt thеy didr. 8o. two. two. vo[[eyЬol.onе.m finе. Thеy wеrе gonе in a flash.t сompIain. As thеy walkеd slowly tоwards it.Isn. don't worry.Сarеful!'warnеd PlroеЬe.

wols in thе USA? .Ё //\ Y-E@ @ look ot the photos in the mogozine ortiсle ond find these sports. Ьungeе jumping . Whot do you win? How often is it? When did it stort? Whot if I сon't oo? Why should I go? Whot sports do they do? Whot ore they? Is it oI. . BMХ Ьiking о сlimЬing o snowboording о skoteboorJing @ пeod the ortiс[e ond motсh the questions from the box with thе porogrophs. snowmobiling .

this poge. I'm sure I сon run foster thon Best onimoI o/on . butlсon't -" J km/h km/h jumр os high os o/on I'm sure I сon jumр furthеr thсn o/on butIсon't @ work in poirs.ryb kongoroo Rr сheetoh e[ephont pumo Listen ond сheсk whiсh otympiс gotd $} Comptete the sentenсes with medoI eoсh onimoI wins. А Look ot the photos' Whiсh humon sport is eoсh of these onimols good ot? soi[fish . Compore your onswers. eight different onimo[s. jump os for os o/on . but don't use the onimo[s on Listen ogoin ond сomplete the tobI'e. 5з . butlсon't Long Jump swim os fost os o/on weig htlif ting kg kg I'm sure I сon jump higher thon swimminо o/on . butlссn't run os fost os o/on I'm surе I сon swim foster tnon о/on .


This is onе of thе rеаsons why it is important to еat a healthy diet.or angry' lt's the musсles in Уour move them more than . the eye musс|rs.-. Think obout yesterdoy. If you spеnd all dаy playing on After o week. biggest busiest foсe smi[e mouse surprised Тhe word musс|e сomes frorЛ the Тhere are more than З0 musс|es The gIUteus mаximus is LaIin musсulus. сompore your diories youг сomputer or games сonsolе. you should nоt ovеrdo the amount of еxеrсise in onе part of your Ьody Ьесausе that сan Ье Ьad for you too. If you walk a lоt and рlay sports rеgularly.r] Did you exerсisе уour orm musсles? o@ Keep on exerсise diory over the next week. Iг is impоrtant to ехеrсisе all thе diffеrеnt sets of musсlеs.t bе very strong! . (з) ... . Сopy ond сomplete the toЬ[e.litt|e in your (z) thе (5). he|ping У0U t0 l00k hаppy. pasta and potаtoеs to turn into еnеrgy. sad' muscle in the body. think these eХerсises he[p? Disсuss the questions. Do you think thot you ore thumЬs will bе hеalthy (or too tirеd!).-. you arе probaЬly getting enough ехеrсise to keеp your musсlеs hеaithy. . times а dayI (4) animaI ruпning Under the skin I | Reod obout the exerсise thot Whot musс[es do you musсles need. but the rеst getting enou9h exerсise? оf your musсles won.]00. ф Where did you woLk? How for? . Мusсlеs nееd еnеrgy tо work аnd tЬеy gет this from thе food that you еat. Thеy nееd сarЬohydratеs from foods like fruit.Тhe Romаns '. .i Did you run' jump. your fingers and in groups. swim or сyс[e? .000 of Уour arm |ooked |ike this |itt|e You use l5 of them just to bottom that you sit on. whiсh means . YoU thought the mUsсle аt the top . musclrs in the body are .'-. Мusсles also need a lot of exеrсisе to keеp thеm sгrоng and working wеll. Reod ond сomplete the smort foсts with the words from the box. Howеvеr. Then work in grouPs..

^+ .llr l .. Very niсе tolking to уou.. Thоnk you so muсh for tоlking to me' oh. Сould I hove your outogroph....i.owing questions: r When is he/she рI.. hours Ll еvery wеek ф асt out your diol'ogue.B'Tl ..oying neхt? r Where is hе/she pl'oylng a famous tennis neхt? Ёаlз.@ work in poirs. Studеnt A Ехсuse me. moy I osk you some quеstions? Anothеr question thot I wontеd to osk you is .. sс .: r Whot wos his/her most A fon is going to intеrview diff iсuLt motсh? you.. just one more thing..f. pleose? Student B Go right oheod.-). &. lett your fon: l Is hе/she somet|mes r Whеn you ore ptoying next nеrvous bеforе o motсh? r Where the motсh is qoino r Hos he/shе got o tuсKу to be сhorm? r obout your most diffiсutt r How mony hours doеs he/ motсh she proсtisе every weеk? r thot you ore sometimes r Whеn did hе/shе stort nervous Ьeforе o motсh pl. thot you stortеd ploуinq Wnеn you Werе.. No problem.. Чou are 1f16 of a famous tennis Plager.l.^ 'wL y(JU proсtlsе.oYing tennis? r thot your luсky сhorm is +l-.''\. -{r. Choose o role сord. You'd |'ikе to osk thе fotl.sf'. Wos thеre onything еLse thot you wonted to osk? I'm ofroid Т'Vе got to go now.

d"y' "go Wе сan't p аy the gamе WithoL]t thе n]еdа s ГоrrouS61dr6lд 5 gГAod|>аs oo Еverything е se Wаs in the box. i.t p|аy thе gamе Without thе MаnУ thаnks foг your hе р' meoа|s.o ymp t. . make sure that you get the Your grondmo bought it in o shop сo[[еd faсts right (for examp|e.Uk сustomer nаme: тo: offiсe @ toys4уou-сo. prodUct' the date of the order or whеn you bought it). . Тheir еmoiI oddrеss is mosport@сywi.ey use to moke her emoil pol. somеthing.s thе spoГts gаlте са еd с Dгeаms. o oeгeo . and then peop|e Wil| Want to hеlp you..сom. Qil нow does AshI. I .rrтo. Аshley S mmoпs.U k subjeсtj ProbIem with gаme Order date: sent: 6 Еe bru a rУ 18:з0 Problem: Dear Тoуs4YoU. p eаse? of сoursе We саn.\Yq oar Customer Serviсe From : simmonsfаmi|у(Ф |oсaJWeb'сo.ey сonneсt these WаПtеd t foг my biгthdау. Ashl. sо my dad' Dаvе poirs of sentenсes? Simmопs. 1ogo F. Why is she writing? . 12 @ wьot Words does AshI.. аs possib e. the name of the More Sports ond sеnt it to you in the post. Reod the emoiI know obout her? ogoin ond сomp[ete the form. You don't live onywhere neor thе shop.9r. to comр|ain about a prob|em With You got o tennis roсket two weeks ogo. t аrr]Ved oП mУ biгthdаy Whеп |oрeпed thе boХ' i Wantеd it for my birthdаy.o tt d t" lLе 9. 4 Reod the emoil to on ontine shop G' дn ossistont ot Тoys4You is reoding ond onswer the questions..'. Whаt We need to do: ] агП WГ tlПg to уou аl]out a gаmе Wh сh my dаd bought foг mе fгom yоuг on iпе shоp. oгdегеd t f Ve days аgo.. Write your email politely It broke the first time thot уou used it.ey's emoi[ ond moking notes on Who is thе emoil from? Whоt do you o сomploint form.l '^ ss-9 ЕVеrУthing е]sе wаs П thе boХ' but of сoUгse Vv dаd D"vе S..ite? @ пeod whot hos hoppened ond Write When you write an email to a shop on emoiI to сomPloin.

They find o mon ond osk him why the shops ore o[. Potriсk is сonfusеd beсousе he сon't see onv A[ex is Potriсk wonts to сheсk if thе ls open. @сhoo.Pа} п""a. listen ond сomplete the sentenсes.6.@ Gg'и4!sф"{9 5s щED .DesсribeitforyourPortnerto9uess."oword.

Havе yоu INTЕRVIЕWЕR In thе fi1m. Write t (true). Нavе yоu ever Ьeеn rеa1 lifе? in a Ьurning house in rеа1 lifе? сooKSoN Agаin. l havеn. Your sl. П His reol lifе is morе eХсiting thon thе fi[m. П а Hе hos never bеen in o burning house in reo[ [ife. сooKSoN Thank yоu' INTЕRVIЕWЕR onе 1ast quеstion. 1ifе is vеry Ьoring сomparеd with my filmsl з Cookson's new film is obout the firе of London. l havеn. go skiing try bird's nеst soup сook spoghetti build o treehousе ploy rugby seе o Kongoroo visit London do korooke . Hove you ever done these things? Ask ond onswer. My rеal CooKSoN No. СooKSoN No. П t1 Derek hos worked with o lot of fomous people.t. he resсued o lot of people. @ Work in poirs. thе answеr's no. I really еnjoyеd yоur INTЕRVIЕWЕR Hаvе you еvеr rеsсuеd anyоnе last fi1m When London Burnеa.unls in reа1 life? arе аmаZlng. f (fotse) or ds (doesn't soy).t. INTЕRVIЕWЕR Derek. П He hos rеsсuеd o lot of peop[e in reol [ife. П Listen ond soy the sentenсes. you spеnd a lot оf evеr jumped from the top of your hоuse in timе in Ьurning housеs. П 2 In the fi[m.@ пeod the mogozine interview with o stuntmon.

чш 1.!$' . Fronсe Еng[ond thе USA Have gou gygr Ьeen to London There ore mony different stуLes of And walked down oхford Street? .Тi Listen ond number the сountries. . Then sing the song. Тhe words in somе рop songs hovеn't got o tot And get out of gour home? ore of meoning..Е. And therе's o \uzzing noisе.. Have gou ever been to Paris? It's greot. Below the bridges there? Don't gou want to travel . Don't gou know there's more to life рopulоr if the words ore or eosy to rеmemЬer. :-i Don't gou want to travel . ond if it's eosy Than being on gour own? to donсе to them.. Have gou ever seen the river I don't reolly [ike it. Тhere ore so monv onimols herе in the сity! Zoro Listеn to thot hissing. Have gou gygу leen to New Чork? Have gou seen the famous zoo? Have gou walked in Central Park? Тhere's so muсh there to do.сotсhy'. but the songs. Som This zoo is omozin9... too! Som Run' Zoro! Thе snokes ond Ьeеs hove esсoped from their сoges! .f.... . 6Тэ.pop' musiс' but the word pop ls Don't чou think about the people Who gou'll never meet? orе olwoуs trying to find the Don't gou want to travel next Ьig pop stor.ъdi.'. ''fl' 1# 'ial.!f.n ond soy the dioI'ogue. Have gou seen the famous square? It's OK. l-i't.

who is in London with her porents. I hovе. I hovеn't' 'Z. Reod the diologue ond onswer the questions. I hove. \ 'ta Uщv . iE !L @ сьto" is сol. . I hove. Е Yеs. I did thot five months ogo. Yеs. Chloe Hove you Ьeеn to oxford Street? Тoro Yes. I hove.I'ing her best friend Тoro. we hove. she hos ond she didn't tikе it ot o[[! Chloe Hove you been to London Zoo? Тoro Yes. I hove. but Mum didn't wont to go. l Wherе hos Тoro been in London? ']' Who Went on the London Eyе with her? ' Why didn't hеr dod go to oxford Street with her? Whot does Сh[oе wont from Toro's shopping trip? Listen ond soy the questions ond the onswers. Chloe Hove you beеn on the London Еye yet? Toro Yes. T Yes. I did thot three weeks ogo. It Wos greot. B throws the diсe ond onswers it. I went this morning with Dod. A mokes o question. I did thot o yeor o9o.. t Е Yes. I hovе. I did thot yesterdoy. I went with Mum. Ch|. Dod doesn't like shopping. I did thot two doys ogo. @ work in poirs. I hove.- -"1 aI ball"* r-. We wеrе thеre yesterdoy. Ch[oe Did you buу me o prеsent? Toro You'[[ hove to woit ond seе. visit Mors fty o jet poсk swim with dolphins go to the North Po[e moke o film еot o lizord ride o giroffe mееt o fomous film stor E Yes. ш No.oe Why? Hos shе еvеr bеen on o big wheel? Toro Yеs.

" is gеtting сlоsеr...Lоok things оntо bоats. arеn.. Somе pеoplе еvеn had thеir at tЬаt Ьоat!' out oп thе Watеr' a man was ..j ho.t. yеs.-.".. gеttingfromaraftоntoabo"t. hЪ said. s. it rосked and one ..o. .mum Ьy train.Lеt's hurry..аdе.s family.l At thаt mоmеnt.'y.Wе. but wе wеnt . ?. hеard of that. Reod ond tisten to the story to сheсk your onswers.Thе wind was vеry strong' so thе fi l '"j"i*ь.t in thеir housе any mоrе.*Ь".. y]ч to tо thе сountlysidе?.u""|.I *"l.'said Mr Fishеr. Thе pеoplе-сan't fight it 1. }J.'Mr }-ishеr my gтandparеn. Сomе homе with mе.' near thеrr....tu.. л. Tbдe Great Fire . Ьut thеу .Mу rvifе and our I thrее сhildrеn arе waiting thеrе..' '" Ьiggеr. By thе Rivеr Thames' реople wеre loading thеir ...t Ьееrrto look for my brothеr. t.-.'.s and wе want to savе our thi'-'gs n''d thеn gо to my Havе уou еvеr bееn housе in thе сountrysidе.By . with thе got two hоrses and а саrt wifе's fathеr.." last summеr. .r.rd thеy wal -. . fall down.'Thе thrеe friеnds smilеd at еaсh othеr.(} looк ot the piсtures ond totk obout whot you think hoppens.-:'" аr. lookеd аt him.repliеd Patriсk.d tn Ьur.h.".. g"iЬigg..s'. Ьoаt.".."hiswi{еwaswaitingwiththеirtwoсhildrеnandallthеir сhild fеll into thе Watеr. thеrе was а loud сrash as а house . AS hе stеppеd o.niti... "nd ть. traln? i]i"'"u". You сan сomе with us.ii.Thе firе startеd just aftеr rГhе сhildrеrr walkеd along with Mr Fisl-rеr.'1y Рatriсk shйtеd. and а Ьakеr..Еrm.

Plеasе thе woman said. Hе graЬЬed thе littlе Ьoy and swam to thе Ьoat with him.. r Yesterdoy evening. Thеy wеrе gonе in a flash. thе сort? l A сhest. An hour ogo. .s housе. Patriсk dived in and swam. I'm worried. so hе put it in his poсkеt. ..l'. When did thе firе stort? . . . It wasn. whеrе his wifе and сhildrеn wеre alгeаdy waiting with somе furniturе and small сhеsts on thе сart. I hope thot Wherе doеs Mr Fisher wont to go with his fomil'y? they're sofe. Together thеy managed to lift it onto the сart' Ьut it was now vеry full. I hope thot thеrе will be room Whot did the threе friends ond Mr Fishеr put onto for us on the сort.. Thеy ran on. know another way to esсape. Aftеr quartеr of an hour. Thеrе was a yеllow glow around the door of Mr Fisher's housе.Сan you hеlp us with this?'аsked Mr Fishеr.: To the сoost. l:.!Иe Fishеr.t from thе firе. Some food. Thеy сan't run any morе. Ьut thете still wasn't room for everyone. takе us with you. a Woman arrivеd with some small сhildrеn who lookеd rеally tired. Who did Potriсk pu[[ out of the wotеr? Тhеre ore too mony things on . . The three friends jumped down and hеlpеd thе rеst of thе сhildrеn onto the сart.. Whot helped thе firе grow? When or why? .Thank you so muсh!'said thе woman. Phoеbе. . Тo o house in thе сountrv. .What aЬout you?' askеd A4r . Ьurned down. .. Тo thе rivеr. said Mr Fishеr. PhoеЬе answеrеd.Don. A tob[е. At night.' At that moment. thеy arrivеd at Mr Fishеr. Whot did the Womon give Potriсk? This boy is reolly Ьrove. Mr Fisher. Thеy walkеd through thе door into thе light. pointing to a vеry largе сhеst. 'i somе money' A pieсe of jеwellery. Then shе took off her Ьraсelet and gave it to Patriсk saying..Iivе found thеsе сhildrеn.' Mr аnd Mrs Fisher unloaded thе furniturе and some of the сhildrеn got onto thе сart.Go'. Fires in kitсhens. o сhoo'" the сorreсt onswers. G) ф"н Who is thinking these things? . .Еvеryonе gеt on..t worry. . .s7е must lеavе. Whot does the Ьoy meon? : No-one tried to stop it. .l Тhе wеother.Plеasе takе this!'. thot Ьoot.. A сhitd. . I hope my house hosn't .. : A Wordrobe. . shoutеd Aleх and thе сart Ьеgan to mоvе.. .

From there you have a Wonderfu| ViеW of the оiiy' but уoU have to рay to Use the Wa|kway' 3 тHE LoNDoN ЕYЕ 4 MADAME тUssAUDs The London Eye is three times |\. П Cors go oсross it. П . The ride but whrn you get home |asts about 25 minutes. YoU have to pay if you Want to visit' Тhe guards of the Тower. queens ond pop stors here.y@ Е /l\ @ Reodth Reod the London informotion poge ond motсh the sentenсes with the ploсes 1-4. 1 тнЕ тoWER oF LoNDoN . photos. Christmas Day. they're not rea|' Тhey'rе a|| made of Wax' whole of London. П tt Birds live there. 2 тoWЕв вR|DGE Тower Bridge is оne of the oldest bridges in London. are Ca|]ed Beefeaters. you can see lne of сourse. Тhe traffic has to stop when a big ship arrives and then the two pafts of thе bridge are raised so that the ship can сome throUgh' Тhis happens aboUt a thoUsand times every year' High Uр between the towers of the bridge' there is a Wa|kway. Тhe Тower of London Was bui|t in First it Was a cast|e and |ater a prison' NoW |ots of peop|e Visit it beсause theУ Want to see the сrown Jewe|s. П q Some peop[e who used to bе in this ploсе didn't wont to be here. П D Ships go under it.1078. Тhe and your friends see the London Еye is Verу popu|ar. П n It's muсh highеr thon Тower Bridge.4adame ТUssauds s the Derfeоt D|ace to find a|| those h]gher than Тower Bridge' famous peop|о Who you Want to see and you сan ask From its 32 glass observation a frjend to take a photo of you standing nеХt to themI poos. who wear a red and b|aсk Un]form. Every day a lot of traffic crosses the bridge. they don't need to so thrre are often long know thatl lt's open every quеUes' You have to pay if you day of the уear exоept want to go on a ride. П You сon sеe kings. П You often hove to woit o long time before you сon get on. a It's only сlosed onе doy every yeor. А group of birds сa||ed ravens iive at the Tower. Peoр|e say that if one day they f|y away from the Тower' it Wii| fa|| down.

We were so [uсky.. they stortеd fеeding them ond Q) . it wos fontostiс.idoy in London. Jess Тhot would be niсe.ш luvin9 п 9rеa* *iшe шith Jess vr. l.Ьaгпl r<о +Ьоrl aгr+ +Ьд i. l пlso leпrкt пЬoш* Ottie Did you olso see the green seo turtles? (ч) шere *hp pen9шins.e Londovr A1илriшvu shorks there.ra& a o[[ie Moуbe I сon toke you therе. Jess of сourse we did. Jess Yes' thеy wеre my fovourites.J. @ fert meets when she's on hol.. Disсuss the questions. wе wеnt there уesterdoy. . We пrrived шЬэк *heу шere got there. Whеn we irl . Ottie Hove уou еver bееn to Seo Lifе. And thеy told us why W\u loк9 *iшe шп*с!tiк9 *heш diviк9 in thрrr'rр пrооn .o** o green stuff thot grows in the sеo. OLtie Reo[[y? And whot obout the penguins? go* Did you seе thеm? Love. Deпr Grпndvцo' Oltie Did you tike it? in Londэn. t !E . PS Reod the diologue ond сomp[ete her postсord. I wont to go ogoin. t1tпt шas reallу it wos reo[Ly сool.. 0) . ottiе Who did you go with? Jess l\4y brother Ryon. the London Aquorium? Jess Yes. гe" сi. His кпvцe's y\eцJ I love thot oquorium. OLl. They've got Lots of v.* *o *l. G) сoo[. Listen to the reсorded messoge ond сomplete the odvert. We went Jess to the iсe сove ond wotсhed thеm divino. €l work in groups."му r шe. ьit cпri* Ьelieve l've onlу G) tett ot vrnу hotidлy. but I'm qoinq home in two dovs. Whiсh of the ploсes in London would you most Likе to visit? Why? Agree on o list of the top five ploсes wherе you [ive. (s) пnA ke's 9reпt..

and look at it from aсross the room. Whot ploсes or sights сon you nomе in eoсh pointing? Whot time of doY were thеy pointеd? ф Claudе Мonеt Whiсh do you think is more modern? Why? Reodond.u* around thеm. is an еxamp1е of imprеssionism. Although а lot ofwork from Aсtivity 1. Claude Monеt. Thеy рaintеd rеal pеoplе from thе strееts e When did theY and on thе fаrms. Piсtцrе that hе or shе had. 3Ъ and this hеlpеd thеm стеatе thе "1most ih. Look ot the two piсtures of London ond onswer the questions. TЬе paintings oftеn look ar thе suЬjесг and pаintеd thе 1ook 1ikе photographs. Rеalism Imprеssiоnism @ сomPlete the Realism is a stylе ofpainting . point? (Ьtue) Thе impressionists wеrеnt worriеd aЬout Painting exасtly wha't thеy Whot did they |'ikе saw.l. Underline the Thе most important artists of thе sty1е that wе сa1l imprеssionЬm wеre iмo.'gs and quееns or saints.. Pissarro. Thеsе wеrе somеtimеs sсеnеs from thе о Where wеrе they сity' Ьut wеrе morе сommonly sсеnеs from thе сountrysidе. Thеy didnt from? (red) pai.p.".1d thut tЬ"y . yo. l Imprеssionist paintings look likе thеy werе teхts with A' B that shows things as thеy arе painted Ьy an artist who just took onе quiсk . 1ik.notьn in Piеrrе-Augustе Rеnoir. . Franсе in thе mid-1800s andwas populaт among artists until thе Ьеginning ofthе twеntiеth се l"ot of dеtails. Piсt.. еverything Ьесomеs . шan goеs into thеsе pаintings. Their . thеy dont сontаin a Пьy Listen ond еxamp1е ofa rеalistiс painting.d to takе thеir еasе1s outdoors and paint imagеs ofthe l"o. @ neodthetext..'t ki.й thot th. Ьut whеn you wa1k сlеar.imprеssior1 of to point? (orongе) paintings -еr.y wantеd to paint.'ъt..ting. Thеy usеd a 1ot ofpaint and appliеd it with short Ьrush strokеs.. Thе stylе Ьеgan in Paris. lfyou stand с1osе to an impressionist How did theY Point? Ьaсk (yеttow) pai. Еdgar Dеgаs and Camillе different сolours..Gеling ond the ortists in rеa1 1ifе. в Who were thе moin ortists? (grеen) i. сa.е П Ьy сheсk..'t a1ways sее what tЬе piсturе is.

Then exomp[e trees. yellow ond white PVA / wood glue woter point ond put thе four сolours on o plote. This is the sky hotf thot you wont. odd o Little yellow point o house or people. ' ---> Add o litt[e bluе point to Add some red to the To point on imprеssioni somе wotеr in o plostiс green woter to moke sky. for You сon odd blobs of of your рointing. I used blur wrth b]obs оf thick Whrtе paint for thr sky and grееn for the grass with dark \ ъr ЧЁ F !. bLue too. brush strokеs ond Write o short text. mountоins. red.]iд. сordboord to diffеrent сo[our Add glue to moke уoUr poster points thiсk. Now miх other сolours ond experiment with (.]ir]lд] aoo ho[f of the pointing. -. to some of уour blue Woter to do thе gross i ji. Point holf of the it brown.О.$ { I I also added lэrown treеs [: with thick brush {' ri strokes. Point brown white point ond use сordboord with the blue outlines of the detoits short brush strokes.. Desсribe your сo[oUrs. point on postеr points Prepore thiсk b[ue. . pointing ond how you did it. woter. p[ostiс plotes pointbrushes ^l^-+i. ..O @ Do on impressionist pointing. You need: Тhe impressionists pointed with thiсk point. dip o thiсk Ьrush in сup.^- РL\l>L|L LuP> r:j' lО .

:r Find photos. informotion. a Try to soy whot you hove written without looking ot your to[k. сheсk the notes you сon сontinue without o Long pouse. a Deсide whot eoсh of you is going to soy. that you took and make sure that уou have Deсide when to show thе ohotos.. should trv not to reod Vour teХt. l. Choosе on interesting сity ond find out more obout it.j Ask trovel ogenсies for trove[ Ьroсhurеs ond other moteriots. inс|uded aII the information. . Before you start your reseаrсh. south. Usе your notes to write your to[k. . т a 1'. о You shou[d tolk for obout o minute' but you Show it to your tеoсher to help you.. Еoсh of you mUst to know before they visit a city and take know when the other onе stoos. iq Use books ond mogozines.ч лl' ^гrl\ UIJ[-.t fomous sights i.. Thomos ond Еmity totking obout Sydney in Austrotio. Moke sure thot they ore Ьig enough О тe[[ your сlossmotes oЬout your сitу ond for your сlossmotes to see.. so thot notes. рrrsentattоn fffl ш't"n to A[iсe.. Point to your сity on the mop. etс. town qЙ guides ond holidoy reviews on the Internet.: whot people do ot speсioI times suсh os festivoLs orgonisе the informotion thot you found Present it ond moke notes. Thomos tolks obout . present the photos.: the Weothеr ond when it is Ьеst to visit :]. As you p|an your talk. Еmily tolks obout . ask other students in the оlass what they would |ike Proсtise it os o group. : "-.) .. Lоnguogеs l. Whot do they eoсh tolk obout? A[iсе tolks obout.: Whot port of the сountry the сity is in (north. '| Llд Д. ' Find out obout it о Work in o group of three. Find or drow piсtures ond mops.. Do this until you сon to[k oЬout уour topiс eosily. Prepore it о Deсide whiсh informotion eoсh person shou[d look for: ].

Тhink of o nome We writе postсards to friends and fami|y mеmbers' ond use your notes to write to so thаt's why we usе Very informa] |anguage."'$. u.e peoplе пre Verу trleKalу. l-t's 9o. Нi! rеa||у coo| What a great p|ace! rubbish Guess What? LoVе. Reod the postсords ond onswer the questions.d see. lt's a seсrеtl it's qшi*e сoli. avry rпinl toшe" aкd l've Ьeen to |ots of lииseшщs. we сaк't tell уoш шеather's rшЬЬisln. Pko*os *oo.idoy.r arrd шLtat i* is' Jшs* wai* пy'.. Тt^e шeatlrеr's Paris' Wltat a 9reat plaсe! |'ve seert *ltе Еiffel iaкtпstiс _ шe ltaveк't |tad.] thеrе's Ьеer.r's a Ьritliayrt loшvr. We.tavin9 п Gree*ivr9s {rovr. l{i V!lшrм' Hello Rose. Qrеetilr9s frolи oшr koliiaу in qreat t iйe шil [.dlцa. ь.ve tal.t a very.. l. . Ьш* sorrу .t {o. Love.t o lo1 of rair. See yoш soolr. Тhink obout the questions ond moke notes. |'ve w. 0 |ikedthe Loиvre Ьеst!) |."ops al^d we've toцr^d lиaie lo*s of frlerrds so!1^e y\iсe soшvet\irs. voш. How long hove уou bееn here? Whot fomous ploсеs hovе you visitеd? Whot did you Like Ьest? How hos thе wеother Ьeen so fo r? Hove you bеen to оny shops? ! Why (not)? Whot hove you bought? Whot do уou think of London? эa Q write o Postсord to on English- speoking friend.l Bri9lt1on. Gирss шkot? t'еsterdaу | Ьoи9kt a rеallу сool lta*.t Graу. Freуa avrd Wlax Aиy Who's on holidoу in Fronсе? Who'Ll bring boсk рhotos of Who's hod bеtter wеother? thеir hoLidоy? Who's bought somеthing for somеone Who nеeds worm сLoth еs? ot home? Who's modе nеw f riends? Imogine thot you're on hotidoy in London.."^ t" tots oT s!.tlte o"ese. . Ьиt tkеre's jиst orrе proЬ|eш . him/her obout your hol.eп lots of кiсe Ьeпсln' aкdlln. We've пtso Ьoш9|tt п li*tle kere too.

Whot's this? Whot om I do @ сhoo'e o Word. Reod. Mime .6 Portnеr. tisten ond onswer the questions' Whot does Potriсk think the mon ot the workЬеnсh looks [ike? Whot toots does thе mon osk for? Whot is the dotе todoy? Whot does the mon offer to show them? it for your portner to guess. Look.

П П Listen ond soy the sentenсes.s Wrong? @Ф d-.'3 ?!f It's got too mony strings. 6 It hosn't got enough numЬеrs.u Ф W=r. f."'nг "A Ф l-. I -g f .@ look ot some of Professor Potts' ideos ond motсh them with the sentenсes. G l.ЕГ\ . "ff@-ffiЫ @ гtoy Whot. 1 П П 2 It's got too mony orms. 4 It's got too mony fingers. П П з It hosn't got enough wheеls. 5 It hosn't got enough windows.

Chorlie Whot сon I do? Moуbe I сould stort Тhot's why I've only got o bit of pointing some of it. ChorIiе But you hoven't got enough brown СhorIie Hey.s beсause .p? €rii Reod ond [isten to the dio[ogue to сheсk your ideos. But whot obout whеels? I сon't see ony wheels. ChorIiе Lеt's hove o [ook.aa t Q * look ot the photo ond onswer the questions. whot oге you doing? losh I'm moking o model plone for my Sсienсе projесt.. It's going to be greot. De green. Josh Тhot. losh Тhe reоson for thot is bесousе it's о seoр[onе. Chorlie Oh. ChorIie oh. Whot сolour is it going to be? Iosh Brown ond Josh Yеoh' I hopе so. brown pоint. . Deсidе: Giving reаsons to аnswer questions whot you ore moking Тhat. I see. Iosh Brown oлd green. It's сomouf[ogеd. I'm reoL[y hungrу! @ work in poirs.. WEзe& фо sg Proсtise the diologue. one of you is moking o model. It's most[y going to losh We[[. It doesn't need ony Wneе[s' ChorIiе Coo[.. Josh of сoursе you сon help mе. Whоt is Josh doing? How doеs he wont Сhor[iе тo hel. Iosh Сorеfu[. ChorIie You've got too mony wings there.. сon I help you? point there. you сould moke me о sondwiсh. I hoven't finished it уet. Chor[ie Hey. P[onеs hove on[y got two wings. Тhey've got four wings: two on thе top ond two on the bottom. The reason for that is beсause whot уou sti[[ need to do |||dtЭ vv||y .s beсouse mine's o biplone. It Londs on the seo. questions whiсh your portner сon osk Use your ideos to moke o new diologue. Aсt out your diologue for the с[oss.

Girt Thot's omozing. Work in Poirs ond tolk obout your moсhines. I сon.@ Reod the diologue ond сomplete the |'obe[s on the moсhine. Girt Con you te[[ mе whot this levеr does? Professor Thot levеr сontrols the temperoturе. I сon't. And I сon mokе sunshine too. GirL Wow! And сon you tе[[ me whot this button is for? Professor No. I'm sorry. levers ond switсhes. It's o weothеr moсhine' I use it to сontrol thе weother. it gets hotter. If you push it up. Gir[ Wow! Тhot's so сool. Whot do you think the Ьutton is for? Girt Ехсusе me. Con you te[[ me whot this moсhine is? Professor Certoinlу. . Thot button is top seсret! ond osk the questions. Drow o moсhine With buttons. And whot obout this switсh? Con you tе[[ me whot this switсh is for? Professor Тhot switсh there? It's for stortinq thе wind moсhine. Con you moke roin? Professor Yеs.

How mony moсhines does the professor show them? Is Professor Potts o qood invеntor? ffi.. know. You put an oЬjесt in this maсhinе hеre. lovе my Homеwork Ехрrеss! Тhis maсhinе doеs homеwork for you _ any suЬjесt you want..' ran over to thе othеr maсhinе and openеd thе i.What сolours shall wе paint it?' . . said askеd PhoеЬe еxсitеdly.' .profеssor Blасk smokе filled thе room.Rеally? Can wе do that?' askеd PhoеЬе.s right.oh dеar. prеss a Ьutton and thеn it travеls to that maсhinе ovеr therе'' hе said.mayЬе I didn.. .No proЬlеm!'said thе profеssоr.Oh dear'' said thе profеssor. plеasе!. . ] .МayЬе wе gavе it too many numbеrs. Hе put his bikе insidе thе maсhinе and prеssеd a button.Сan wе сhoosе N4aths?... . .Сan you tеll mе what this maсhinе doеs. ' . said.. .said thе .Сеrtаinly.This is my painтing maсhine.' .' thе profеssor said' showing . . askеd thе profеssor. . A fеw sесonds lаtец thе сat' but not thе сhair. pointing .} кeoa ond listen to the story to сheсk your onswers.askеd Alех. sаid PhoеЬе. don't think that. iеt's havе spots.In that сasе.З45 х 4. ..'said PhoеЬе.Let mе show you with my Ьike. .s the сhildrеn anothет maсhine. They all lookеd at thе sсrееn. .Rеd and ye1loщ. не r^/еnt ovеr to the maсhinе and typеd at thе kеyЬoard' thеn hе pushеd a switсh and thе maсhinе madе a strangе noisе.This invеntion is very ехсiting. was сovеrеd in grееn and Ьluе spots.And would you likе spots or stripеs?.' to thе oppositе сornеr.laughеd PhoеЬе' .Thаt wasn't supposed I'1l nеed to gеt my spannеr out. you'll рro{еssor ?' asked Patriсk. Thе сhildren and thе . .. .I lights flashеd on thе maсhinе.' hе said.' рrofеssor' . said .I hatе Maths.I thе profеssor. . рrofеssor?' ..door. . Pгofessoг Potts hе professor showed thеm a strangе- |ooking maсhinе. .Cеrtainly. .What quеstion do yоu wаnt to ask?'A1ех thought and thе profеssor proudly.It. . . a tеlе-ttansрottеr.You сhoosе somеthing to paint and then you typе thе word and thе сolours into thе kеyboаrd hеrе аt тhе top.t givе it еnough timе.of сoursе. ]. .What's 2.. . A Ьig whееl with paintЬrushеs on it startеd turning around. let's paint this сhair.' rеpliеd thе profеssоr.sИow! Сan wе sее it painting somеthing?.567?'TЬe profеssor typеd in thе sum and somе сolourеd .. o o" through the text quiсkI'y ond find onswers to the questions.Ah. .

o. maсhine."..iп ... l or сoloul tЬеn sit undеr it аnd in fivе seсonds the maсhinе. . H . . looking at a mасhinе thаt looked iike ..ь. а. no thanks. ..Iй/hat.Don't touсh that!.GoodЬyе.]..Now thatЪ strangе.I.i"й...' . @ look ot the piсtures ond onswer the questions. profеssor? !Иhat happеns if I pull this?' asked Patriсk.. vggrr^ь arrцgrlraru' .. *"fi.'й no idеa what that is. @(@l Whot tool does the professor need to fix these proЬlems? 1 Whot goes wrong 2 Whot goеs Wrong with this? with this? a Why doеsn't Phoebe Wont to usе this? 5 Who pults this Lever? Whot does this lost moсhine do? .. shouted thе professor.t finished yеt.й.Еrm... who wаs staflding nеxt to another invention. ь.o my amazing hairdrеssing 'Lnoosе any sty|е . sаid Phoebе.*. . ulс Prulсssoг..That maсhinе isn.s this?'asked PhoeЬе.But wе know whаt it is. ...lа ш.' answered PhoеЬe.' ъo latе! Thе lеvеr was a1rеady down' A yеl1ow light startеd glowing by the maсhine. Thеy wсте gonе in a flash.' said thе profеssor.. . profеssor.I like my ь"i.' Тhе сhildrеn walk-еd into the light. .Hey. . . .Lru |'"r.i.+ffiff:.

Тhink of onе bod thing obout eoсh of thesе inventions. . Тhink of two more inventions thot сould be on the [ist. Whiсh two were invented oround the some time? Number the photos 1-4 (1 = the eortiest invention). Тhink of woуs in whiсh thеse inventions сon help people in emergenсies ond their doitу tifе.@ Work in poirs. Look ot the inventions in the photos. O Think! Work in poirs. @ пeod the webpoge to сheсk your onswers.

. Drow o piсturе of your invеntion ond write o text exptoining whot it does. @ vote on the Ьest invention in the с[oss' . @ work in poirs.-inpoirs.qffi. € Look ot the stronge inventions ond try to deсide whot they ore for.f. Think of o moсhine (or other invention) to help you ond deсide on o nome for it. Toke turns to exploin whot eoсh of the inventions does. Dесidе on o mork to give eoсh invention: 0= use[еss 1=o bitsittv 2 = quite o good ideo З = brittiont @ work in poirs. Design o сrozу invention. E Think how you сon moke this eosier. Тhink of o problem or something thot you do every doy thot you don't like doinq or thot you find diffiсutt."Ё ш't"n to o rodio show obout the inventions ond сheсk your ideos.

l ' r :l :ti:. Ls аs |evers 10 .]i.r V а-а ]s ]i1]llгl а llеаVy Og.: i'l.. Ii isi]'t Oпly "l usc Ieveгs.r] t-'-'-_...l. ''':i i- \ . tl :iv:: i i .. 5еtilltlа s iifi lq а siпli аг \.:. Shс ]s fiLldLlrq |t Cаsу 10 lf. Sl.... ..l :L -lg ОП а LtJс ( t0 he ]l irJ 1..'Р] .r'r.' J- :'.-iгл. . Sotlе 2r -ii il a. оg. -rt.l:i::.1 -t : -.l. а lоL оf tоlсе.i t'. ' rr-rli:al5.... !VП0 Lrr ... i.. 0|3n!] d ffiC!li i0 рiсk t lр' Sht: s Lrs] l!._l .o .ll."114 :.r-l '.i. lr:l.lПs t S0 :.. :. i .ii )liе'(е r': -: :i[]i.tll':['r . I lаi rL s S s0 hс аVу t i 'L. ..'с. тi. LLs П!] . l_t.--... l.'.i:llэ :l..'l. ln) ..е !s a роLr i''l: ..l'l: aiL:la use тhрпl iоo. i '/t" " ..l. t iе l0g Shе is |l0t t]slП !] аs llltLсП T1]гCе. -.

Put one end of the ruler under o book o Hit the othеr end of the ruler. the pivot is с[oser to the book? о Find somе more сommon [evers.. tв Usе the ruler ond o rubber os o lever. the pivot is further from the Ьook? рivot .l 3 Whot hoppеns to the Ьook? Whot hoppens to the sесond rubbеr? & Whot other things сon you l. Whot do vou notiсe when: Levers ot home 5 .ift with Whot is the tеver? Whot is the pivot? your lever? Using o pivot о Try putting the pivot in different ploсes. ond press down on thе other еnd. "{g You need: o rulеr two rubЬers A simple lever a Put the ru[er on one of thе rubbers.. 6 '. О Put the other rubber ot one end of the ruler.o@ Do experiments with lеvers. Drow them ond lobet the oivot. . .

.. but tеt's osk Mum/Dod to ... . You osk уour older brother/ sister for informotton' Тhink obout the followtn9: r thе moteriols thot you need . r-.oсe to build it I how l...... r o sood 0.o."" :T. Choose o role сord. ? Whot sort of tools . s0 EE!@!l ...."*. . Moybe you olso need ..ol"...fl : ..::.. Чou want to build a treehouse. ? I don't think I сon .. Do I need. I o good pI. you neеd .:.?*.:e needs @ л.ogue.@ work in poirs.lъжгing to Plan J'. ? I сou[d .Р. wil toke himzher it whot joЬs you сon ao io ьurp Student A I'd [ikе to it witl' toke I whot help you'rе golng to neeo :?i.::J^"#'fli'..ffJ::*:l#1. Сou[d you do thot for me? Studеnt B First of oL[..r""0.t out your dioI.. I the toots thot You neeo I . for you. ..r. Why not buitd it in the big tree whiсh is ...

].lаb' Shе shоrvеd I \ hеr ab' Shе showed me a machiпe' mе а stгirlgе-Ioolring tnaсhinе. . 6ОО When l went home.llегс уou аге'' shе said. I aslrеd thе prоfёssoг. Shе srliled' .s? oеo IAlA oОО Yеsterday I Visited Profеssor l\.' at homr' Thеn she рrеssеd two Тhеl shе prеssеd thr yеlloW buttоn аlrd thе blоцn buttоп. the professor gave me a boХ' At home l oрened it' There was a maсhine in it.rtаstiс vanilla and сhoсolatе. l Wаs сuriоns.A i'4. You сan make a story sound more lively if you use direсt sрeeсh.l. lWanted to know What the maсhine did. night.This mасhilе сап шаkе thе best iсе рrofrssor to]d mе' lt Wаs an ice cream maOhinе' I askrd fоr somе сгеаm in thе rvor]d!' . 6A @ Undertine the odjeсtives Whiсh Sophie uses. lt ]oсlkеd Iikе а laptop. Тhe professor wasn't happy. lt wаs a weather maсhine. Whiсh one is better: Еthon. lhr.s or Sophie. bUttoПs' Тh-^ machinr madr sornе .m sorly' \\Ъ didn't hаVe rnoUgh strawberriеs i]a\.Wolv! Can you gllеаsе mаkе l.bеrгiеs at l.еrеd' . AdjectiVes aIso make $! Imogine thot you visited the professor lost your story more interеsting.еЛ't got еnоugh stfа\\. i askеd thе profеssor' Тhе |еII mс \\. r.6А Sоphiе. strawi]erry ice сrеam' Тhe professor Thе protlssoг shoo]< hсг hеаd aлd ansrr. . ф нow mony times do the professor ond Sophie speok in her story? @ u'" odjeсtives ond direсt speeсh to moke this story better. l asked for some sunshine' Тhе professor to|d me to press the УeI|oW button on the maсhine' |t stаrted to rain. lt was a mistake. l phoned thе professor Тhe professor to|d me.Сan yort did. Еthan. but i Wantеd to know what the гnaсhrnе it hас] rvhееIs аnd lots оfсо]оur-Гu] buttons.hat this maсhinе doеs.4adly iп YеstеIdaу isitеd Prolеssoг MаdIу in hсr. Тhen moke o [ist of other odjeсtives.lе solтlе s1гaWbеIIy iсс сt-еаm?' I askеd.]o]llе. Write your story. I ir'as so hаppу' Тhе iсе сгеаm rvas iсr cream for me' |t was vеry niоe. @ кeod the two stories.

Desсribe it for your portner to guess. tisten ond сomplete the sentenсes. I know! It's o .words.tffi Listen ond the. Thе three friends find thеmselves in o kind of It is the уeor ond on the sсreen thev сon sеe An еngineer osks them whot theу He tetls seсurity to @ сьoose o word. l|Ъ:б-Е. Reod. Cheсk with your portnеr.. s2 шEEщщ! ..

. -_ "\ -. 7 @ пeod ond motсh the speeсh bubbl'es with the piсtures. *_ 1" Looking ot Еorth from spoсe is wonderfu l'-s i.m 9. \. '. i Еoting in the сopsu[e needs proсtiсe.-:----.:g-i... Ехerсising is very importont.. ._*.-_.t ч:-ti lg*i:"j h " :ll i:-I":: Putting on o spoсesuit tokes longer thсn сlothes.i'--чч:тI:Ч.-*.::g"lу-!^"..:-!1":".Pь.l._-* Being owoy from your fomity is diffiсutt.: Listen ond soy the sentenсes. . t l: e}!!l ns Y. ogree? G@il.-o: .вз . " -.i-._.J|-"-:еilg. Whiсh of these things ore boring / interesting / importont / fun? Do you ol. Disсuss things thot you do ot sсhool or ot home.L. @ work in groups.

. it's getting late. Gus Hi.. mg trip isjust so great! вg Еlяg !в6* Now l reallg need to go to Ьed. Then sing the song.Е Commander Graham. I'vе just hod some lovely plums сovered in honey for [unсh. Commander Graham . So is |ooking at the Еarth' oh geah' ln the golden morning sun! * a:. hungry! . lqЕЕi t!. Сommonder Grohom on ostronout or on еnqineer? Is Whot сon the ostronout see from the window? Whot do you think hoppens ot the end? Commander Graham.. How ore you.ц I'm so sorrg. this is Gt ound Control. Ei!lц Oh. dТ. -. &E t6 Watсhing the stars сome uP is niсe. F|ging fast through spaсe is fun.. It's Gus..'. Hello' Тhings are going well so far! Looking down from here is wonderful.--t Can gou hear us where gou are? |tЪ Commander Graham. --E na! n. Whot's up? Mum Wе[[. son? Gus Um. this is Ground IttaE Can чou hear us where gou are? Listen ond soy the diologue..'1 Listen ond onswer the questions. Mum.

languages! Journolist Wow! Thonk you very muсh. Journotist Whеrе ore you from? Alien I. Correсt five mistokes in the report.. Mаrs and that he lvas 327 уеars old. spaghеtti with vanilla sauсе' He also said that hе liked stlawbеrly soup. 4|2 уears old аnd that hеr namе was Funflower. 7 @ пeod the interview with on o|'ien. (z) she (з) languаgеs! Iournolist Whot (з) 7 Alien's wife (4) . Iournolist Whot do you [ike to drink? NOW HERE TOO! A[ien's wife I like inseсt juiсe. Reod the newspoper report obout the interview with the olien's wife. Iournolist Whot's your fovourite food? A[ien's wife My fovouritе food is ALIEN'S WIFE сornflokes with broссo[i. She said that hеr favouritе food (l) Journo[ist How () ? Shе said that shе (2) insесt juiсе. Journo[ist How mony longuoges do you speok? Тhе alien said thаt hе spokе 3З9 Alien A hundred ond th irty-thrеe. an alien who landed his sрaсе сaрsulе in thе middle of our town. Iourno[ist How mony longuoges do Yеstеrdaу evеning our you speok? journalist spoke to the alien's wifе. sЕЕN lN oUR тoWN Journо[ist How old orе you? AIien I'm three hundrеd ond thirty-seven Yestеrday morning I sроkе to yeors otd.fffl". the interview.m from the plonet Al'pho З46.. 6. ALIEN Journolist Whot's your nome? Alien I'm Zonrok. Shе said that shе Was Alien's wife I speok 62. 6c. Listen ond soy the sentеnсes. Iournolist ReoLty? He said that his favouгitе food was Alien And I tike сhoсolote soup. Тhe journo[ist tost his notes before he wrote his newspoper rePort. Complete @ пeod the rest of the interview ond сomplete the report. Thе alien's rvife also said that Atien's wifе 1'. Journo[ist Whоt's your fovourite food? Thе а]ien said that hе was from AIien Gross with vonillo souсe.

thеrе's Now.. Houston.Wе Armstrong! must hеlp him!. .s our сhanсе! Lеt. .on their way to tЬе spaсе сapsulе. the enginrer hе сhildrеn wеrе sсarеd.This through thе hеadsеts that wеrе lying on thе dеsk.. Ьut thеy .Сomе with mе!. Alеx. the astronauts lеft thе moon and wеrе .o сo through the teхt quiсkty ond find onswers to the questions. . .'T1e sat down and a minutе latеr hе was asleеp. is Nеil spеaking. .Hе said that this room Wаs top sесIеt' Pеrhaps tЬerе аrе spiеs who want thе mission to fail!' .Thanks. . Cooling thе еnginеs right now!.How strangе!' Alех thought.. talking tо thеm likе an еnginеet and giving thеm instruсtions.Alех said.Try сooling thе еngines a Ьit!. Half an hour latеr. Thеy wеrеn. too high.' said Alех. . . .t sрiеs. said thе сouldn't ехplain anything. Anyоne thеrе? ]Wе nееd your hеlp up . .I. Aleх was doing rеally wеll.370" Cеlsius!' thе voiсе rеpliеd. .Houston' wе'rе going baсk to thе сontrol panеl. right.Мaybе thе еnginееr was wаs somеthing in thеir tеa!.What's your tеmpеraturе?' askеd spaсе сapsule!' .ve somеthing strangе going оn!' got it!'said Phoеbе. A fеw minutеs latеr.Hеllo..No. . Thеn thе sесurity offiсеr sat down and hе too fеll aslеер.Сomе on.s go!' . seсurity offiсеr.Maybе thеy'rе all tirеd. . Houston?' Thеy suddenly hеard a voiсе сoming .' Patriсk said..I.Thеy wеrе all drinking tеa whеn thеy fеll аslееp. dizzу. At that momеnt' thе еnginееr who was standing . nеxt to him suddеnly said. Alex said. thеy wеrе sitting at a сomputеI wеaring hеadsеts and Alех was working at thе . Reod ond listen to the story to сheсk your onswers.m fееling . Hе lоokеd around and saw that all thе еnginееrs wеrе slееping at thеir сomputеrs and thе sесurity offiсеrs wеrе aslееp toо. Why do you think the engineers orе slеeрing? Why do you think A[ex is ot thе сontrol ponel? €r:.Uh-оh' that's Alех.Listеn! Thаt's Neil hеrе!. Thеrе .PhoеЬе was vсry ехсitеd.

. will write this text on the boord.rlanding 20ооl wйt's thatl' thе еnginееr askеd.' Houston! .lТ) . Al| tke eп9ineers and seсшrity they Wеre vеry surprised. TЫnk! Put the sentenсes Тhink! Delete the text.L the pеop[e in the in tlteir teп.Yorr'rе . Нis instruсtions helped thеm тo return to thе spoсе сopsu[e. Alех rерliеd.rg on hеrе?' askеd or. .Hеy. Thеy.whеrе оn Еаrth dld you fir. . 7------. wеrе vеrу exсited.row you'vе savеd thе day!. A1ех rерliеd. Your teoсher Pl. Thеy Wеrе gonе in a flash.rе otl thеir way Ьaсk to Еarth!. ( where wеrе .oy in order. Thеy loоkеd аround and saw that all thе othеr еnginеers wеrе sittirrg at thеir сomputеrs again. I wаs hapрy to hеlp. . Сongrаtu1ations.No proЬlеm.. NeiI Armstrong osked the сontroI Ask questions obout the text.rе of thе еnsinееrs. helped to sovе the mission.Еvеrything's perfесt up hеrе.re of our own еnginееrs.s a сomputег moon flight simulation gamе! I'm rеally good at it. offfсers fel| as(eep Ьeсaшse tkere шas sotцеthinq Sudden[y ol. . . kids. --_ ?) СwьoiйlБЫ __ __< r_ _ =\==/.reеr Was still сonfusеd whеn thе сhildгеr. room fе[[ osleep. Phoebe.' said Alех.I'vе got nо idea what you're talking aЬоut. ..Givе mе a hеadsеt!'hе said angriln so Phoеbе quiсkly gavе lrim hеrs.rd him?' Alех smilеd at thе еnginееr and took off his hеadsеt.But how did yоu knоw what to do?' . I lеaгnеd еYеryгЬ iпs from that.rd thе sрy.vе sot Моопlanding 2000 at homе. Our nеw сollеaguе down thеrе's rеally сool. . what?' askеd thе еnginееr..I'm tаlking to Nеil Armstrong. Еvеrytlriпg ioоkеd norma|. As thе еnginеег рut it on' hе hеard Nеil Armstrong again. tln'ey saш the first landilt9 on tke щoon. It was or. . .It.I. onе of the sесurity offiсеrs said.'Alеx ехp|ainеd. so tkeу п When the engineers woke up. Тhе сhildrеn put on heodsеts rooш^ i^ [+oLtstoy\. Thеy stерpеd into it. lйl/е four. I love it!. Thе engir. your room for help. 7 waking up.r saw thе yе]low light glowing. teoсher wi[|' delete ony Words from Тhey didn't understond how A[eх the text thot ore in the onswers. . 0n a Ьi9 sсreen on tke шall ond ALeХ spoke to the ostronouts. A[ex ond Potriсk wеге ln tke *kree travellers шere fiyше in tke сon1rol E o sрoсe сontrol room. And r. Phoеbe thought thot thеrе wos something stronge in their teo. what's goir.Mоor. . Ьut уou'ге good!'thе еnginееr laughеd.I'rr-r sогry.

'.... Тhe best oпsцJer шiпs 0 Armstrong's spoсесroft? D|oсe oп the neнt moon kip..'....'.... с0Untгg: Whot wos the first spoсe lUoпt t0 90 iпto sp0сe beсousе shuttle сo[[ed? How mony spoсe sh Utttes wеre modе? How muсh did Dennis Tito poy for his spoсe trip? How long did Dennis Тito spend in spoсe? @) work in smoll groups.....'.. ..'. The first spoсe tou rist: The first spoсe shutt[e: th E*'* Ф th APriI APri[ ... the сompetition in Aсtivity 3.'''.......'* ri'.. How long did Yuri Gogorin spend in spoсe? How for is it from Еorth to the moon? tUoпted: Fl spoсе touгist Do цou шoпt o Гrеe journeg iпto spoсе? тellUs iп пo mOre thoп Whot wos the nomе of Nei. Whу were spoсe shuttles Пome. Interview eoсh other for . onswer the questions.......6....''..-.n to o rodio show ond сomptete the photo сoptions. better thon otder spoсeships? ffge: .. Deсide who wins the trip from Your 9rouP. 50 шords Uhu UJe should toнe uou.. (D I Тhe first mon in spoсe: The first Womon in spoсe: The first mon on th ApriI '' JUne th Ju[y б:3Ь Listen ogoin ond @ Comptete the сompetition entry..

At tl-rе fаmous . Тhеrе wсге It was 1957. еvelything. with thеm. Lеo and Rosy rvеrе lost tn spасе . Hе wаs thеir wantеd thе rr-rost iпtсlligеnt сhiеf аnd thе otl-rеrs Wсnt quiet. аЬout I-еo for thе реaсеful схрlorаtion of spaсе.v who tilеy vеry ехсitеd. Thеre rvеrе no peасе. . Thе miсrophonе trаnslatеd his words: . МаrtY Мatt Сormасk. a whoosh' thе spaсссraft took off.With рlаnеt!'hе said.OST IN sРAсЕ Whсn thе аstfol]аuts opеnеd thс dоot of thеir сra{t. on his pеoplе. Wеrе gеttlng two monkеys Thеy wеrе ехсitеd and making a lot of noisе. Hе spokе into a spесial mor-rkеys. Тhеy сhosе а malе miсrophone wlriсl-r toсlk аnd a fеmаlе.Ьut I сan takс you said.yJ@ il\ o Ъink! Look quiсkty ot the piсtures ond the story heodings. O Think! Work in poirs. Еarth.. Ьеtwееn us forеvеr. thе сoпmandеr of thе sрaсеship. they сouldn't Ьеliеvе what thеy sar'v.Ifеlсomе to ouI thе monkеys into thе spасе сapsulе irnd said goodЬyе. thе аftеlnooгl of thе third day. Disсuss the How did the sсientists сheсk on thе monkeys in spoсe? questions. Сormасk knеrv immсdiatеl. ТЬе nехt daу Соmmandеr Сormaсk stood in front . ground him aЬout thе history of сontrol hаd сonstant сontасt With tl-rе аnimals. tlrеir hеаdsеts.. - l\v() lrtll1orеo а hundrеd ... . thеy lost сontaсt with thе .. Сontrol. giving thеm any languagе ir-r thе thе nan-rеs Lеo and Rosy..' toi" Reоd ond listen to the story to сheсk your onswers.ТHЕ мoNl(ЕYs to а plaсе whеrе you'll ma1.rWе wе}с going down. sсiеntists morс likе moпkсуs.vard to a grеat friеndship we.' thе сhiеf . Тhе rеady for a sрaсе flight. vеr1..Сontrol. outsidе wаs а goldеn stаtuе {ror-rt of tЬс hugе sсreеn of tlrе сontrol rooп and thеy werе of two monkеys. The sсiеr-rtists of СoSPAСЕ ц. Hе thеn аskеd proЬlеms аt first. univеrsс and trаnslatеd it Тhеy weтс rеally сlеvсг er-rd into any othег lаnguagе.еrе sitting in Тhеy went to a tеmptе. FOr two and а half days. Тhе аstronauts сouldn't undеrstаnd tlrеrr.Wеrе hundrеds of thеy pеoplе? Thсу lookеd US spaсе сеntrс. Paгt 2: THЕ l]l-ANЕT oF. Тhсn tl-rе sсiеntists рut .t kпow spасе сapsulс forеvеr.Ье firrd thе аnswеrs!' |t was 2757. сapsule was going to land on Pluto {or thе first tin-rе.pеoplе'. ЬЦt todа}. in yеars ago! wе did tеrriЬlе things to animаls. animals аrе our friеnds.vе landеd!. and wе shаrе our planet. playеd with thе roсkеt сnginееrs. СoSPAСЕ was an intеInationаl Proglammе wеrе Ьесаusе аll аstronauts on Еarth knец. Thеy wете sсiеntists сЬosс thе anirrrals speaking a strangе lаngr"ragе. !(/е look forr. Whot do you think hoppens? Раrt 1: l. Тoday' а spaсе and Rosy. Y/е'rе 3.rе planеt .'Thе sсiеt-ttists heard thе voiсе of apologisе to you on Ьеhal{ of all lrumans.000 п-rеtrеs aЬovе tl. Tl-rеn. сarеfully Ьесaшsе thеy Then оnе of tЬеm rаised his hand. o{ a hugс сrоwd. How mony yеors Loter Wos the сosPACЕ ftight? Whot do you think thе сhie- Where wos the flight going? did next? How did Commonder Сormoсk Understond the Whot do you think stronge tonguoge? Commonder Сormoсk did next? Whot did the сhief show Commonder Сormoсk? Why did Сommonder Сormoсk soy sorry? . ln thе Сormaсk told thе сontrol rooп-l.. forty .r. thе sсiсntists сould hеаr thе noisеs that сhiеf that thеy саmе in thе monkеys mаdе ovеr thе sреаkсrs.Wе don..

H" Your 9uesses li. 1 тhе moon i5 o|der thаn Еarth.. ."pZomеthing. 6Т"J Listen ond сheс 5 тhе moon i5 more than a mi|lion ki|omеIre5 6 |t tаke9 a |ockе| about l3 hourg to reaсh the moon. 2 тhе moon doeg not turn |ike Еarth..) did you sсore? .'ll-* 1 т}lе moon orbit5 Еarth еvеrv эo daУg. How mony points obout the moon' Listen ogoin ond сomptete the foсts r&. 6..J.. 7. it floats."":] or f (fotse). from Еаrth. 3 тhe moon mаkes itg own |ight. '''. Ф yy Write т::l i:::. rhеrе i9no gravitУ on the moon.". *9. \ii iiuZ.:: ..

grows' from right to |eft. D! o Ij whiсh hemisphere do you I'ive? Look ot the moon tonight. Тhe boLI. Тhe [оmp is the sun ond you ore Еorth. Use the penсilos o hondle to hold your'moon'. фl Hold the Ьo[[just obove your heod.. dirесtly between you ond the tight. As the moon gets рositioпs in its orbit. Wotсh thе phoses of you? uеry \ own moon.t got its own Iight. Тhe diagrаm shows thе phases of the moon in the northern hemispherr' but in the southern hemisphrre' thr shape of the moon . we say it is waxing. Аs thr moon gets Тhis is because it ref|eсts the sUn|ight from different bigger. Тhat mrans that the waхing . оresсent is on thе |eft !| anсi the waning on rne rigni ".". O @ ivioke your own Stiсk o penсiI into o foom bo[[. Slowly turn round on the sрot.@ пeod ond drow the missing moons in the diogrom. sma||rr again' We sаy it is Waning. Look towords the o dork room сon movе [omp. new m00n m00n сresсeпt hаlf m00n gibbous m00n fu|l m00n mоon gibbous mogп crеsсenl mOоп (Waхing) (1st quаrter) (Waхing) (Waning) hа|f (lаstquаrter) {Waniпg) Peорlе in thе northern and southern hemisрheres see the moon from different directjons beсause ot the moon's orbit.L be in two weeks'time. o penсil o Lomp Put the lomp in the middlе of the room ot the o foom Ьo[[ whiсh you some height os your eyes. . The sidе of the bo[[ thot is foсing you wi[[ be dork. the сjrсle and then Watсh it shrink to a thin Crescent shаpe of the moon that we see in the sky changes' again bеfore it disaрpears. Drow the shope thot it wil. keeping thе Ьott ffi Ж obove your heod. 6oo < it r c LEI The phases of the moon Тhe moon hasn. the moon. it ref|ects the We see it change from a thin cresсent into a fu|] ijght from the sun. As the moon orbits Earth. is moon phoses."nt-'.. This is thе # new moon. You neеd: Moke the room dork ond turn on the Lomp. Look ot how thе [iqht shinеs fr"* on the bo[[.

fitms doсumentories сortoons reolity ТV shows sports рro9rommes сomеdies the news po[iсе dromos soops gome snows Think obout it Present it In сLoss сolteсt idеos obout Work in groups. co|our the bars in eoсh pеrson onсe. Use уour notes to prepоrе o lorge telеvision рro9rommеs.]Ч '1J evеry doy? б'. Whot is thе most importont event thot you hove ever seen on ТV? How monу houгs do уou wotсh Whot is your fоvourite progromme? ТV рeг doy ot the weekend? 20 ]s therе o television progromme 1ь whiсh you don't [ikе ot ott? 16 Whot progromme do you Wсtсh . lj diffeient сo|ours that you сan say in Еnglish' Мake sure l that уou ta|k about the сolour when уou point to the сhart. Dividе into eight groups' Eoсh group tоkes one question ond osks everyone in the сloss. Mokе o note of thе nomеs to moke i. Whot progromme do you wсtсh every week? E10 Ф3 HoVe you got o ТV in уour b Ьedrоom? ц HoW monу hours do you Wotсh ТV 2 рer dоy Mondoy_tridoy? 2_ЗLз-Ч|Ч+ How monу hours do you Wotсh TV per doy ot the weekend? The g roup who oskеd thot quеstion shows thе bor Prepore it сno rI to the сloss ond eхploins it. that vour сlassmates сan see them. bor сhort like the onе obovе. . A сxass sшrvey ОR trtrvls}Оn l Li't"n to o disсussion ond number the types of TV progrommes. Makе a big bar сhart and writе the numbers с|ear|У so sure thot your group hоs onlу oskеd ].

onlyme Plеase he|p to stop spaсe travel eХperiments with animals. < > i с q Эс . .фr1? .. l fe|t sad When I heard about a cat in a rocket. оr). should / shouldn t... f|. Тhey want to live a happy iife! thethinker A|| experiments with animals arе Wrong. @ write posts for these disсussion threods on .. Do the writers o[[ ogree? gc happyfaсe Ithink it's terrible that they have sent monkeys into space and that many of them havе never оomе baсk.1 < > 1l с q..speоk out'. lt s not a good idеa / a good idea to '. ! '1.@ Reod the Posts on o disсussion forum.. Iсon't believe thot is owfuL... . lt's horrib|e for a cat to bе in a roсket.. lfelt (sad / sorrv) when I heard that .i Sеnding onimoLs into spoсе send onimoLs into spoсе. P|easе don't . . These phrases fletp you io say what you think and feel. '1 I think it's sad (wrong / good / a great i idealwhen. tthink ..n'' -"' ' An lnternet forum is for expressing your l feelings. Anjma|s have rights too! @ нere ore ideos from other posts on the forum. Motсh the sentenсe holves. i feel sorry for they sent onimo[s into spoсe.r: .. Poor animalsI Аnja12 My favourite anima|s аre сats. Humons shoutdn't thosе poor onimo[s.. soy whot you think.

. '' 't: I '^1iт.liсl<... "\ .Л..l.|oi^ii'ГoГ iliL)U|...i. :." . .+.-" -*" ^^l^/ .lг loorrtine[..-'. io @. 1.iilneг to s1эci[' -]lloо .4 sзсll рUр j :-. t-: !-UЕ i l.t'* " ' '.s nrittеns? VVhсi is ?lloсoе Lос|'ir'9 о.les1liolls" Li:i..eо сlL. .ь] igц.. [pО]r.:?-: .edtqe ''-'... сD 1' 10 д$".]..'Ч.1 .: . i sl. .." L .спl l i P".:l V\lhо ЬuiLt thе strоwtтсn? i]j . г e iц. *.ljч|е t. i llortheгtn iLlghits 2 iсеbеl.6 hеоl Boi.дпl.: sеоl. . llistегii o] n d111111111111111l o]гt s. i..c] . B . сnсi ALе>l сtоlir9? \Alhегe сrе Рсt. ' */# Listen oгrd soy t}rr WФrds" Сheсk with yot.iс"l \tVhз[ сrе Рсii.с. :-:.Ф0 I - -1"s*.

mv fovouritе food ii poito. food. or Sсiеnсe.. Ioсk oh . ore they? Groсe of сourse thev orе! Joсk But they're olwoys in thе woter. @ Groсe My grondporents ore going to the Arсtiс for o holidov. gome. oren't they? . onimols or other ideos..... they oren't. Тhey only go into the woter to feed.. But it's whеre the penguins [ive' isn't it? No. No. Oh . Тoke it in turns to guess ond onswer oЬout your fovourite TV progromme. @ work in poirs. but penguins oren't birds. they live ot the South Pote. om I? t Whеre ore Groсe's grondporents going? Where do penguins [ivе? 3 Why do they go into the woter? Listen ond soy the sentenсes with question togs.@ пeod the dioI'ogue ond onswer the questions. Your fovouritе onimo[s ore spiders. it's the North Po[e. isn't it? No. Ioсk Wow! Whot on intеresting holidoy! Thot's the South Pole. orеn't they? Groсe No. I'm not very good ot Gеogrophy . thot's wronq.

JUst remind me.ivio ond Mio got for todoy? of& кeoа ond [isten to the dio|'ogue to сheсk your onswers. olivio Mio' сon I just сheсk somеthing? Mio Yes. Mio Why? It Ь sti[[ snowing' isn't it? o|'ivio We[[. Mio Whot's thot? o|'iviо Toke o took out of thе window. Mio You orе reody for todoy. .1 Aсt out your diologue for thе с[oss. It meltеd overnight. Whot plons hove Ol. It's me. Mio. I'vе olreody got my sсorf ond my mittеns on. Whot orе we doing? Mio We're going stedging. Mio We[[. Therе's no snow. Deсide whot to do ond think obout: о whot it is . How long do you need to get reodY? Olivio Erm. I'm reody to go. Otivio Oh hi. . You hove orronged to do something thot depends on the weothеr. Olivio He[[o? Mio Hi. Whot Weother Vou nеed о whot the oroblem is ia Moke up your own diologue. @ workin poirs. thot's the problem. I'tl' Ье ot your house in thirty min utes.ivio Did you soy 'sledging'? Mio Yes.f@ @ look ot the photos. Proсtise the dio[ogue. oren't you? otivio Еrm.. I Wont to try my new stedge out. whot is it? Ol. Otivio. slеdging. ves. otivio But there's just onе proЬlem. Hove You forgotten? olivio No' of сouгse not. obout holf on hour. Mio. Mio oK.

"yb". |ike the рo|ar bear for eХamp|e. Interviewer (2) 2 sсientist lf the iоe me|ts. - . the с|imate is getting Warmer and the ice may metl. (П.. .] @ workingrouPs.]. so some sрeсies. might brcome verУ rare.. . the anima|s in thе region may find life Very difficult. ТheУ Wil| have to swim a |ong WaУ to find food. .t". trv Interviewer (З) ? sсientist Well.l @ Ploythegome. the first thing we can do is take the problem seriously' We shоu|d Iet oUr рo|iticians know that we are worned. Whot does it meon for the onimols? Is thot riqht? Whot сon we do obout this? Interviewer some scientists think that the Аrоtic might be in dangеr (r) 1 sсiёntist Yes' it is' Most sсientists think thls' lnterviewer What might haррen? sсientist We||. @ пeod the mogozine interview with o sсientist ond сomP[ete it with the questions from the Ьox..

o o" through the text quiсk|.y ond find onswers to the questions.
How does Phoеbе know o lot obout seols? Whot do the men on the ski-doo wоnt?

€{i'| Reod ond listen to the story to сheсk your onswers.

Rеsсulng .ъ .J^*
thе sraI-pups .^-'; #'
fhе гhrее fгiеnds took thе spаdеs
l and walkеd гowards thе sеa. As
thеy сamе сlоsеr to thе Ьеaсlr, t|-rеy
сould sее siх sеal pups on an iсе flое.
.Did you know that thеy'rе сallеd
whitесоats ?, askеd Phoеbе. .Thеy
don,t go into thе watеr for four or
fivе wеeks. First thеir mothеrs fееd thеm, Ьut thеn thеy go hurrgry fоr sorте timе. Thеir fuг сhangеs
сolour and, aftеr that, thеy сan gо into thе watеr to hunt.' .Did you геad all thаt in а Ьook?' askеd
Patriсk. .No,'shе rеpliеd, .I saw it in a doсumеntary aЬout Canadiаn sеаls. Ar.rd did you know
that noЬody is allowеd to hunt thеm in Сanаdа? Thеy,rе protесtеd.,
.oI(, know-it-аll, Ьr.rt wе,rе
not going to hur.rt thеm, sсl lеt's gеt сlosеr and thеn wе саn sее tЬеm,'
suggеstеd Alех.
.Closеr? Yоu'rе n.rad!'said Patriсk. .Yои
may Want to gеt your fееt wеt, Ьut 1сеrtаinly dor.r't!,
shouldn't gеt сlоsеr anyway,' sаid PhoеЬе.
might sсare thеrl.,

Suddеnly thеy heаrd the noisе of a ski-doo.
It stoppеd at tlrе еdgе of thе bеасlr and twо mеn got
off. Thеy wеге сarrying stiсks and l.rad Ьig knivеs in
.Thеy'rе going to kill thе sеal puрs fоr
thеir Ьеlts.
thеir fur!' said Patriсk. .Sorry PhоеЬе, Ьlt we Ьаuе
to jump on thе iсе rigЬt пoш to savе thosе рups.'

Thе сhildrеn jumрed оnto thе iсе and thе two bоys
usеd thеir spadеs to рush thе iсе flое оut ir.rto thе sеa.
Тhе two mеn triеd to jurrrp onto thе iсе floе, Ьut it
wаs alrеady toо far away from thе Ьеaсh, so thеy fеll
into thе watеr. Тhеy shoutеd angrily at thе сhildrеn'
thеn wеnt bасk to thеir skidoo and drovе away.
,How arе wе gоing to gеt Ьaсk to tlrе land?,
Alеx askеd. .\Иеll, wе сan,t swim,' said PhoеЬе,
*"t*, i$,я.i thе watеr is too соld.'

Half an hour later, thеy
hеard a hеliсopter' so they
startеd to wavе. Thе pilot
saw them and lowеred a
man on a ropе to rеsсuе
them. Ifi/hеn thеy wеrе
safеly in thе heliсopter,
the pilot said, ..TИhat wеrе
you doing? That was vеry
dangеrous. You wеrе luсky
that wе were out looking for
two men and сamе this way.' ..Wе saw two mеn!'
еxс1aimed Aleх' Thеy desсriЬed the mеn and thе pilot
radioed thе poliсе.

A littlе latеr, the hеliсoptеr landed аta poliсе station.
think thаt we'vе found thosе two men,' onе of the
poliсе offiсеrs said, .Ьut сan you idеntify thеm fоr us, plеasе?'
Hе showеd thеm somе photos and thе Ьoys pointed to the two
mеn. .That,s them!, said PhoеЬе.

They 1еft the poliсe station and walkеd down to thе Ьеaсh
to find morе sеals. Thеrе weren,t any seals on tЬе Ьеaсh, but
thеtе wаs a Ьig iсе floе with a holе in it. Around thе hole
was a glowing yеllow ligЬt. .oh no ... that watеr's freezing!.
said Patriсk ... Ьut thе сhildren jumped into the hole. They
Wеrе sonе in a flash.

@ Comptete the sentenсes. You сon use 1,2,3 or 4 words.
1 C[oser to the beoсh, the thrеe friends сou[d see seol pups
2 Seo[ pups don't go into the woter for
з NoЬody is ollowеd to hunt
4 The pilot soid thot the сhildren were
The ooliсe wontеd thе сhildren to look ot
t! The thrеe friends jumpеd

Work in poirs. Whot differenсes between the Arсtiс ond the Antorсtiс do you know?

{,& Listen to o rodio show to сheсk your ideos.

@ w,it" я.сtic or Antorсtiс under the photos.
, ;11r;1.

&d.,,, n" -,d!


o Ъink! Work in poirs. Imogine thot you ore going on on expedition to the South
Po[e. Moke o tist of the five most importont things thot you wi[[ need.

I dеfinitely ) [lthinkwе l ( нowoЬouto...? ) | We've foгgotten ... !

\r/_ J \_ _<
l nееd ... ] l shoutd toкe ... l l/ l Inoт 5 rеoшУ |mporтonт!,/]

Q oisсuss with the rest of the с[oss. Agree on o сloss [ist.

't 00

t с Sсott аnd the other two men сaI Ьut on Marсh 29th 1912. South Pole. only 20 km fr< сamp. . A few wееks latеr. П Еvons dies. f sсott sends the dogs ond sledges boсk to сomp..YJ@ в . Now tЬеy had dogs аnd sledges. сontinuеd on foot. thе Norwеgians arrivеd a fеw Flе went aсross thе iсе with daуs Ьeforе thеm. Еvans. oftеn сallеd. Antorсtiс on o speсioltrip. was an offiсеr in thе thе fivе mеn finally arrivеd Navy. wantеd to Ье thе first man to go when they arrivеd. tЬеу a|. Hе is famous Ьeсause he at thе SoutЬ Polе. Reod ond disсuss the que A hero good pеrson who doеs somethil is o brovе. from еxhaustion./\ @ кeod the mogozine ortiсle. Тhe wеather got worsе and or Sсott ofthe Antarсtiс as hе is worsе. Thе wеathеr was thе dogs Ьaсk to саmp witЬ somе terriЬle and. I Moke o list of pеople who you think ore her Whot did thеy do? Why ore they speсiol? П oot"' disoppеors. Sсott of the Antor< f] ть" Norwegions orrive ot thе South Po[e. Sсott and four othеr FeЬruаrу. . Ьut гhе wеathеr a hard 1. The hero who I want to write about is . @ сьoose o hero ond Write obout him/he П Sсott's diory is found' П Sсottdies. Their Ьodiеs wеrе found months later. fl Sсott trovels to the Why wos Ootes o hero? . in thе middlе of ofhis tеam. whr that he was dying and was makj jouтnеy too slow for the other rn thе tеnt. Ьut on Janlary 77tь 1912. Howеvеr. Did Sсott's dreom сome true? Captain RoЬеrt Falсon Sсott. togetiеr with Sсot wЬiсh told thе wЬolе tragiс stor @r l.. .. Hе told thе othеrs that going for a walk. Ьut he didn. Theу wеre not hе lеft thе UK to travel to thе thе first mеn to gеt thеrе Ьeсause othеr sidе ofthe world. oatеs. thеy found a to the South Polе."*' @ work in Poirs. o greot hero. |-l Sсott orrivеs ot thе l think he/she is a hero beсause .:ll:"**. Bowеr and iсе and diеd. He/She wаs . For mony peoplе. Norwеgian flag. '. Wilson' oаtes. Еvans fell through the men. In Junе 1910.500 km journey Ьaсk was so Ьad thаt he had to send to thеir ship.

_-n*. Ь:'т. ': ъ* t .'жJ'..l]н е. ..- Whу ore pеople Worriеd obout them? 1eП]pеrаture on Еarth is ris ng. !'.. ":t Тhеsе b ts arе I ". .Н":.{ .i.'oo 'ъ.'a|ley :j.е' o |rot .oUПdthеNоdhЪnс]soutг. l A* 7 .:il. '-'.. n < r}^с с\ х ::'flъ1.*i$ SllOW ЬEffi g|aсiers arе found n h oh ':б| '"ounl::.. :'. o.!{. :. Reod ond motсh the questions o ... nLо L]е' |lе ITIOГе Тllе tr ffi: .- E.o'4'"*- E *д' vollеygloсiеr * кil I й.' ..L.i]::J." j ". e Тexts o_e onswer in Aсtivity ].T*J:i. ' 'ж l i .: -.".S.^ .' :.}:":"'i""д.. o r rbо^r o. 7 -аp+...:.f##." .э. .. E --. il"?'l.eеts.iД3..J"?П:?iдъ""?. tl-rе wе ght of lб'| thе '' р' .1if::." " l"Т*.'j. aПd сontinenta| glaсiers arе fоl and it turпs. вR 'ry- ' сontinеntoI q[oсiеr ^j"" -..i i. ]1' '^6i" How ore theу modе? these days аre wоrried bеcause g]aсiеrs Whot hоppеns to thеm? fl:''.' J ..а".J:". ./'."'' = " i.j:::'a': ^ ^Оoo -.€. ' 4'ж .. the onswers with thеЕЕEfrEl@ o Con you onswer ony of these \А/Ьпt пra а|агior<1 questions? O .т rоэ.".lil:"..-l o.{ i} + с c.'*.Еill1:1"]:iij: ъ?l" :::1yJ}"J:. ц.'ffi.{ .." ^i A ol^ l '..пow fj s.-уfu Va|еygаcerssidеslowydowПthе]nollПtаlnsс]es' WileП they get lоwег dоwп whеrе thе air is wагtlеr theу t..'.4. . .Gl .o"] o.i\ Ё star1 tо mеiаndfоrtт rvеrsaПd s|rеаrns' сОпiiПеП1аl оf thе g аciеrs brеak оff n hugе bits' рr. сontinеntolg[oсiеr .Т1-rssheеt ot се gets co hеavy that t stads tО lnovr' lhеsе g ас еrs arе also ca eo lcJ sг.fll.tжъьiъ:::l::nн:ъ:!Ыil..yff::1?:':jJ:'ч?:':"'.ЕтЫ fnl .j:.. ]l ." F.. ."?.::ilJ.llЪ?ff.i al.ж.l.Ji.ll .рoll"fais'thedеерerthecеgеts.:l.:n :::Ji:J.' { > aс с{ G aс ers oftеп chanс]e sZe' f a O|аCiеГ oeis Whеrе do you find them? bgО^' ^ t]q| .?:i.' ..{L1i.'.::.'' Glaс еrs аrе fоund a l ovеr thе wоr d iп..l..".. ..:i..'' ^l^ "". .

Look ot this moр.. Тhе trluе oreos show how muсh of Еorth wоs сovеrеd by glосiers 20.lnеу movе .. M0st 0f it is hidden under thе is |n g|aс|еrs' .t .:. / t'-. Find out how muсh of our ptonet is сovered Ьy g[oсiers. .not s WГo n -. a. Drow ond сolour blue orеos on the mop below. melt obovе shiр сitiеs wоtеr il't i.000 уеors ogo' during thе lоst iсe оge. |f a|| thе g|асiеrs . ] pеop|e drowned. (4) 'ihe Тitaniс. 1 -r I 9l ' Q Reod ond сomplete the smort foсts with the words from the box.t. thе Wаtrr./. |n ]9]2' а fаmoust2l . thr sras Wi|| rise hit an iсeberg and sank.@1". е ГeiRц-.. bУ about 70 m' Тhis wi|| с0ver mаnУ (5) '50з аr0und the W0rld. YOU сaП Only (]] see а 1inУ b]t 0f an icеberg о Ab0ut 70% 0f a|| the Wor|d's fresh {зr Water.' Listen ond сorreсt the mistoke in eoсh sentenсe. . Whot perсentoge (%) wos this? Find out whеre therе ore g[oсters todoy.

" *t.. o Work in poirs.уl.ь". If we go to ... in gour friendЪ ff." t"". we might . I don't know yet.:'"9.n"l". .. We moу toke . Choose o role сord.#^*'.' 41 .o . we'[[ . Whеn ore they goinlu to oo therе? .ъil"Ё?". .." @ лсt out your diologue..:J:т'' tsitUfl angthins 9er' тoll vour {riеnd: ..n"..flested Тhink oЬout the fo[[owino.. but if Wе go to . I think so... .....". . У.u.'....^l. *nn ore they going r-. *h"n уou moy/might Student A You're going to/with .. or we might ..... but it depеnds on mу mum/dod's joЬ.". .1".n-n: 9'' r . ' but .nt' . oren't уou? How ore уou going to .. you think he/she is qoi"n ШПшм&t. how You moY/mtgnt "1n".. ? Whot kind of things ore you going to do? When is it you're going? Student B We moy ..].. .. We moy go ot thе bе9inning/end of ..... loдAilii$lf'ffir ."J":. Lost yеor I went to stoy with ... or Wе moу go by.. r whot уor-t moy/mtgnr..'nn) ::J'::f:. I hoven't reo[[y thought obout thot yеt. . j!.i. . but I'd [ikе to try ... .nY:.'. 9o .jJ'Т[.-r How Ь hыsh.

one daу. Diеgо (thе sаbгс tоoth tlgег) аnd sid (the \ 0|h)' . Zаk R0b nsol-l Еп] rn0 Е05tг]oре Whiсh is o f ilm ond whiсh is on ТV? Whiсh words in the teхts help you to work it out? . Reod the reviews ond onswer the questions.] р nс0рp е |]Пdеr tг]е sе0' iП 0 towП с0||еd Тhеy ive 20. seen (еven ]f it Was three Weeks аgo or |ast yеar)' We often Use Look ot the reviews in Aсtivity .f.t likе еасh othеl vегy muсh. whо vеs п п]аmmoth). write o review of o ТV series or o fi[m.5 got Iots of triеnds' Е-iгst thеу d0n.t VС|y с еVег a|ld hе mаkеs sоrlе sil|y mi5tаkеs. bL|t thCy hаVе ПС t]d Пg lrsh 0Пd othсГ Oп mо|s' lп еосh |0|! OI аdVеnlUrеs аl]d bесоtlе 9oоd fг еnds. Who is your fovourite сhoroсtеr? Would уou rесommеnd it for students of your oge? Why (not)? . ]Wсrtсh it evеry wееk опd 0 П]y friеПds bесаUsC 'Vе gOt it OЛ DVD' N4y dаd likе\ it |Oo.000 yеагs аgо ivhеn q асiСГ5 сOVеГеd ЕaГ|h.s lUп to WOtсh. Hс i5Г].lt п]0kе5 mе 0Uqh 0 .] sрonqc с0||еd Bоb. but sееn il Iot! 0t tiПе5 П0W Iot. B k Пi Bo||oП.5 ft|ППy. Whо is your favоuritе сharaсtеr? Who is your f0vouritе сhoroсtеr? 5ld.. thе рresеnt and not the past to Moke sure thot you inсlude the points below. Hе.+ Do the reviеwers [ike them? When Wе te|| someone about a fi|m or рrogramme that we have {. tеIl the story: Nomе of sеries/fiLm It's a film about a man and his son. Dе5сriptioп D е sсriрt ion Тh1s is а tlnny stогy аl]Out thгеe аЛimа \: fu]аl. WОU d. s poПt]е Bob. t\ а gOOd sl0гy аnd lhe аПllПа]5 а|е grеаt. еp sOd€ hс h0s L] d ffеrеnt сtс]Zy OdVеПtUtе. YЕ5] lt.l. thс sIoth. Desсriotion Theу |ive in a hut in the jungle.Vе sаW it аt thе сinemа {lГsL. theу notice . like t too.s f]-iеПd' Wош|d you rесommeпd it {оr studеnts of your аgе? WouId you rесommend it lor students of Why (not)? your ogе? Why (not)? Yеs.. bL]t hC.lny (the t'5 0boUt . P0triсk stOr.| to help you.


6i.a1 n"oа, listen ond сomplete the sentenсes.
Potriсk thinks thot they ore in thе
Phoebe thinks thot they ore in the post beсouse
Potriсk isn't sсorеd ond Wonts to
Phoebe thinks thot theу shou[d woit Ьehind somе

@ сьoose o word. Desсribe it for your portner to guess.


мot.ь the sentenсe holves. Number the piсtures to motсh the sentenсes.
If I werе on inventor, л nhn+n
ol T'гl +пIza

il If I hod o time moсhine,
I'd run boсk to my time moсhine.
I'd moke o timе moсhinе.

il lтlsowo |-rex' I'd go Ьoсk to thе time of the dinosours.


Listen ond soy the sentenсes.

@ вtoy Guess who wrote it.

; !rrAl lliAl OOO

had a time maсhine, |,d go
|f I
baсk to Ihe Titanic. |,d te|| the
сaptain about the iсeberg.


@.i. Listеn ond onswer thе questions. Then sing the song.
Whоt onimol body pоrts оrе there in thе song?
Whiсh of thе dinosоurs do you think sound friеndlу l sсorу lfunnу l not vеrу niсe?

{ IU hang oUt' niсe and Warm'
Rop ortists don't rеo[[y sing. Тheу
speok the words of the song I'd mess about with all mg friends
quiсkly ond with o musiсol rhуthm. And poke them with mЧ horns.
Ropping is o сommon port o1 ЕЬ /
hip-hop musiс ond сulture, whiсh IU like to bе a dinosaur.
stоrtеd in the Af гiсo n.Amеriсо n
I think it would be lun
сommunities in Nеw York.
To splash about in muddg swamPs
It's g reot. And watсh th:j|s'ng
It's OK.
s. .ц
T don't rеo[[v Like it. If l werea big Т-reх
With long and Pointg сlaws,
lfl сreep uP on mg friends and then
ld sсare them with mg roars.
IU (ike to be a dinosaur ... ry
Mg wings would be so strong,
|Ц flg up high and with a roar
|U drop roсks on evergone.
ld like to Ьe a dinosaur ...

€'1. Listen оnd soy thе dioI.ogue.
F[ o Hоs it got sh t long
h ns,P L?

P |' Нmm ... it's got sh t h ns.
FL o Andbig sm Lj s?
P I lt's got big j s ... сnd
snorp сL s.
F[ o Сould it bе on olbеrtos ?
P L i don't know, Fl o, but it's
сoming tow ds us!

109 . You aIen't a сountfy person. A In a bank. G. Whot woutd or wouldn't you do if you met or sow these people ond things? Ask ond onswer. . You love anima]s and natuтe. Ч &i ffi P! t i 1 Whеrе would you buу a house if you had a lot of money? A In a сity. I 3 You ]ike to bе in towns With Where would vou work if vou were oldеr? lots of people. B In a valley by a pond. Mostly B answеrs? 4 I Where wоuld you go for thе рerfесt holiday? A To a theme park. Work in poirs. 2 What would you do if you saw a beaт? Мostly A answегs? A Run away. сhoose the bеst onswers for you. B ln a nature park. foсus I Q. Grommor Listen ond soy the questions ond the onswers. B Сamping in thе woods' You. B Take a photo.Ie a сountry person.

Thеy сould still hеar thе angry roar of thе T-rех on thе ground. Run!'hе shoutеd. Alех!. said Patriсk. .t Ьe silly.Gеt Ьaсk hеrе!' .'Alех lookеd arourrd. AЬout tеn mеtres away' thеrе was a hugе dinosaur еating from thе tops of thе Ьushеs.' walking out of thе junglе towards Alех.Thеге's somеthing сoming towards you.'said Aleх.Don't . Thеy rаn as fast аs thеy сould' Ьut thе T-rех was сatсhing up with thеm' It was now only 20 mеtrеs Ьеhiпd thеm and thеrе was nowhеrе to hidе. did I say' Alех?' аskеd PhoеЬе. lаughеd PhoеЬе. don't . -ГVle cИаsс hе сhildrеn lookеd out from Ьеhind thе roсks. Thе сhildrеn startеd running. Thе dinosaur bird piсkеd up the сhildrеn in its Ьeak and flеw off. a T-rех. .'By nощ thе dinosaurs wеrе making think thеsе onеs еat plants.shoutеd PhoеЬе. It had а funny.I Onе of thе сrеaturеs opеnеd its mouth аnd thе сhildrеn notiсеd lots of tiny sharp tееth.t it amazing?' and hе stаrtеd to walk slowly towards it.' . you might sсarе it! If I wеrе a triсеratops' l'd Ье sсarеd of you!. Just thеn.But Alех.s a hегЬivorе. angгy dinosaur. It graЬЬеd onе of thе small dinosaurs and atе it. It only еats plants.Thеy'rе only small.Lоok. .' answеrеd Alеx.Look out. Thе оthеrs rаn away.s lookеd uр and saw a Ьig.shаpеd hеad with thrее largе horns сoming оut of it. you know anything aЬout dinosauгs? This onе.It. . Tеr.Тhеy. it's going now!' .@ t-ook ot the piсtures.Awеsomе! It's a triсеratops!. . gaspеd Alех. Ьut thе T-rеx roarеd 1oudly and сhаsеd аftеr thеm.rе vеloсiraptors. Howevец it wasn't Alех that was sсaring thе triсeratops. .Dоr. At that momеnt. Alех turned round and pullеd a faсе at hеr.Isn. a hugе hеad apреarеd out of thе junglе. a сirсlе around him with thеir mouths opеn. thе .W. . Alех . Suddеnly а huge shadow wеnt ovеI thеir hеads. They lookеd up and saw a giant ptеrosaur flying down towards thеm.r small dinosaurs wеге slowly .Don't worry... .hat triсеfatops liftеd its hеаd and lookеd up and thеn startеd walking away quiсkly.r. Do you know the nomes of ony of these dinosours? €r:& Reod ond listen to the story to сheсk your onswers.Arе yоu mаd?' said Patriсk in a loud whispеr. .

|. | ] think the сoin is from the Potriсk found . ...r{v thсn 1. i '(..rе Ьoуs.Тl]. Mr Dovis told the сhiLdren o lэout . Thе fl.. п.\ tl|'ill]qt..rtеd Ьасk.t rvсl.'Ii| |'1. Pirtt iсk рttt his ilаllсl ill J.iг сlрсllес1 its Lrеаk::rr-rсl dropрсd thе сhildrеn.irпс1 .as a nсst п. .t' I)hoсЬс llпсl Pirtгiсl<. l)hсlеЬе shоr. . Ф-.\fi/е. .t sесllnс] Or г\VO./. T1rе1.1.'с t' :tllr tIlilts. '! 11 . :t*|lс.1Ц" . . .|оll.Тl-rеге rr. Do 1'оrt trvо?'s1-rе аs1.сс OI( ?' hс asl<сс1..Whl'? \Vhаt h:-rрpеr-rеd ?' sаiсl Alех. rvегс gсlnе irl а flash.ith tЬгее lагgе Ьall1'ptеrоseLrrs.1.'гI'с.lr l)avis'.. Bеlolv tlrеm thсгс lr.оrriес]. \--- ! Use the Piсtures to h Тhink! Hetp the Time Trovel[еrs сomplete the sentеn remеmber whot hoppened..t t'сtllеlll l..оr.еd lv:rs lсlоking аt Ц thеm.'lllе rеIIоrr Iichг ::tpреаrеd.) \Il. . Тhe smoLL dinosours mode o сirсLе oгound Тhе Т-rех ote . . Where ore these things from? The triсеrоtops WOs еOtln9 ..Aге yoLr thl.?'shoutссl lrirtгiсk. ОО..1l]с.ris рсlсJ<еt irrlсl hе рtrlIес1 оlrt агt ." e:-{:..'lrlIr j. loоking vсгу сoп frtsес1.i'.| . f-7---is to nd *h". IItсr rrсгс lU.еll . sсltll]с1il]e lr. la ф-:..I il]\l'\с Il]с l]е\l \\l]сn.. Тhе сhilсlrеn lаr. saiсl N.rdеd Ьасk tlrсil с]аssr:сlсlll' rvhеrе itr . gоir-ig tо Ье lLrnсЬ!.rе сlреt-t.R. ф ..h' u:l: -.No'. In his рoсkеt...rrgIlг. r''оrr сlisаppеаrеrl ftlг l."... Mr Dirr.l PIr..]l..vitrg рtсrosirr.с'.. tЬсy гсрJiес1.c Тhе сhiLdren werе piсked up bу. hс гll.lrs lrtr схplt>siсll.aiting with tlrеir Ьеaks .()l-r пtl. . rvl-rаt nоп. п.

Ьесause they. Did you knоw that somе of thеm. but thеir ЬaЬiеs arеn. thеy sее thе got tiny sPikеs on thеir Ьaсks. . Moke o list of pond onimols whiсh you might find in your сountry. Thеy.. @ tf yo. Sadly. for a while' Look сlosеly and you will see that they.t got will see thеse bеautiful insесts flying over the Water in strong lеgs. st шеwts сomе from thе samе family as frogs. You сallеd tadpolеs.. Ьoatmen are аlso сalled they will fly away quiсkly if you makе too muсh noisе.vе got long. havе bееn on Еarth sinсe thе davs of thе dinosaurs? Takе a сlоsеr loоk at this wondеrful world. тhеy arе сallеd stiсkleЬасks long legs Wait patiеntly until thеy sее somеthing to еat. They тhеn thеy pokе thеir long bеaks quiсkly into thе watеr haven. where they eat thе grass and plants that grow nеaт the Water.baсkswimmеrs. Ьut ponds аnd strеams' somеtimеs thеy will lаnd on a lеaf thеy. kingfisher' Thеse beаutiful watеr birds arе very shy and !l wut. @ мallards are vеry сommon on British ponds. to сatсh thе flsh. Reod the mogozine ortiсle ond motсh the photos with the porogrophs.y pеoplе think thаt Wаter volеs arе rats whеn сan idеntify thеse bеautiful duсks Ьy thеir grеen hеads. but Water voles аre muсh rarеr than rats You will oftеn sее thеm with their heads undеr thе and thеy. rivеrs аnd ponds..t fl оragonfliеs сome in many diffеrent сolours. you might bе luсky to sее a hеron ]! stlсkleЬaсks arе small fish that arе сommonly found stаnding still bеsidе a pond. @ work in poirs.t jumр aЬout likе frogs. amazing mammals and fasсinating inseсts сan all be found.112 .rе сallеd 1arva.t got sсalеs likе most othеr kinds of fish. They live in holes by thе sidеs of water as thеy look for tadpolеs and small fish to еat. You p мu. DesсriЬe them for your сlossmotes to guess. . so thеy сan. likе dragonfliеs. Have you evеr takеn a lоok at thе wildlifе that livеs in and arоund ponds? Bеautiful birds. Thеy havеn. Thеy lay еggs in thе watеr likе frogs. quiеt. ij / o |:-2 Look ot the photos oround the pond.vе p а quiсk blue flash is all thаt most peоple sеe oГа got four wings. This is Ьесause they swim upsidе-down on thеir Ьaсks. powеrful tails. thesе birds are bесoming morе and more diffiсult Thеsе insесts move quiсkly aсross thе top of thе pond to find in the Uк' and thеy look like they are walking on Watеr.rе shy too.l u.. Thеsе tall grеy birds with in ponds аnd streams.

. З Whot time will they gеt Ьoсk? 4 Whot is Chris Smo[['s phone number? 5 How muсh does the trip сost? @ пeod the riddtes ond guess the onswers. on onswerphonе messoge 1 Whot time ore they mеeting? ond tiсk (/) the things thot 2 Where orе thеy mеeting? she needs to toke on her pond trip.0ffi Hotty is o member of her ДLЧ4 ?i r. Listen to the questions. Еfir* Ьook of pond""Jife @ сьoose on onimo[ ond write o riddte for your сlossmotes to L|St€ПoooIn on(l onswer [oсo[ noture сlub.

кeod obout how fossi[s ore formed. They aтe veтy ехсited Ьeсause they know that they have found somе important fоssils. over millions ofyeaгs. Think! How mony Words сon toil.r. Palaеontologists digging in thе агea find the fiгst of thе fossilisеd bones. oveг many morе millions of yеars. ТheУ can a Tyтannosauгus reх diеs be any part of the anrma|: thе bonrs' and falls into a swamp. Thе swamp rs now roсk and humans hаvе learned enough sсienсе and tесhnology to understand ouг past. Now thе T-reх сan go on show for еveryone to see.s. iote you moke from the eots. i . only its Us that there WaS onсe |ifе is a fossi|' hard skelеton is lеft at thе Ьottom of thе swamp. onswer to Aсtivity 2? . teеth' hair. AnУthing that shоws Afteг a fеw years. shr|| or rven its footprint. plant that hаs |lvеd оn Еarth. these bоnеs turn into a typе of гoсk. Whiсh Q} photo doesn't show o fossil? do we сo[[ sсientists who [ook for fossi[s? Х aOО < > t с q Fossi|s are the rеmains of any аnima| or In thе time оf the dinosauтs. thе landsсaре сhanges. thе palаeontоlogists have found the сomрletе fоssilised skeleton. After a 1ot of сaгeful digging. The weight of the mud in thе swamp pushes thе bonеs dеерeг аnd deеpеr until they reaсh тoсk. Whot ''t o Reod obout fossiI. Most of its body is eaten by sometimes thеУ сan be the whо|e bugs and the rеst rots away. anima|. The bones are takеn to a musеum' where thеy arе сaгefully put together. .

thе plostiсinе.l i\.]. А|though the thеsе fossiLs ammon]tеs d]rd out mi||ions of yеars ago. . obout thеm f rom fоund аrе of ammоnitеs. < >l с q the fovourite prеy of [orge seo lizords Ammonites wе сon tе[[ о [ot one оf the Гпost common typеs оf fоssi|s iii. th ere's your fossit! сo refu LLy. ] l. ' тhеУ oround the some a|е l sh anсl сrabs. Where shou[d this informotion go? ffi theу wеrе otso Lrut 8.. аLqn h>ri Lrgд(5' ^^n it might bе on Тhе smal|еst ommonitе fossiL amгnonltе shrl|s Wеrr 2у2 Сm 3. thiсk ploster of poris t il Jr *" Press the objeсt into Pour the thiсk рlоster of Соrеf u[[y remove the pLostiсinе untiL it is роris into thе imprint in thе plostеr f rom holf buried.fossilise' the objeсt thot you wont to p[ostiсine obout 2 сm thiсk.d had dio m ete r IA.] <l. 1' oсtopus.A\.n |о.: 6Т. You need: pLostiсine Mokе o smooth flot сirсLe with thе . Leоve it the plostiсinе ond Tokе thе objесt out untiL it is сompletely dry. squid ond Аmгnonltes |]Ved in the sea bеtwren сuttLefish 24О mi Iiоn and 65 mlIllоn Уears ago.i in .. It shou[d Lеove on imprint in thе p[ostiсinе.. д |i^e -ге mosasaur' |Vodern reIatives оf thеsе fasсinating trme os the creаturеs inс|Udе 5 dinosours Nrxt time УoU arr by the seaside' . ' ond thе biggest Тhеy had soft bod еs and thеy dldп't have wereoverЗmin n ' a Тho.e.j Listen ond сheсk.A |s a.|A<.д.. 2. kerр an ryr out for a spira| рattern on ]oоse blts of roоk beсausr 6 Moke your own 'fossi['. о {"Й Ф Thinkl Reod the text.

Choose o ТyгсnnosсUгUs гex dinosour ond find out: whеre peop[е found most fossi[s of it whеn it livеd whot it ote how big it wos how heovу it wos how fost it сould move whot сolour it wos rф} (if sсientists know) Prepore it n Write the tехt of your presentotion first. t .qt. ф Deсidе who is going to soy whot. ". p lt weighed obout 2. s lt ot" рlonЬ. Find out obout it I Work in poirs. .n' .hоuг. poster.L.i.000 kilos. . oster re5entаtion Ciь. Present it a When уou presеnt your t! "i Мost fossiЬ qгe found in Аustгolio. Lorgе one if you сon find it.] DroW o lorge piсture of the dinosour or print out o ].. 5U k. Аs you prерarе' think about thе prrsentations that you have done and seen in your о|ass this yеаr Whiсh оnes wоrkеd wе|I? Why? Тhink how уou оan usе thеse idras to imрrovе your рrеsentation' . onе of уou сon point to thе buL[et points whi[e the othеr is toLking to the с[oss. Thеn f ind the moin pieсes of informotion to moke butlet рoints for уour poster. It ьv*s sЁвыt 3 rгlеtгеs Г'i... в Show thе text ond the bullet points to уour tолrЬar +n Ьa|n '. \'l| It wos gгeеn.n. Listеn to Luke's presentotion ond find the mistokes in the butlet points on his poster.. t.'.:" . It wos 9 metгes long.1 г?.

o piсture too. ф' сhoose ideos ond plon Mokе lists of words thot stort with the some letter.I8u л n iг:q aг*цnсl ..i] s го il t-l ti ln a time far awag 6iq1оц lfo people on Еarth ffiоt:'i*riе One hundred mi{lion !i. ond oгt.i ier.г n.. Whot is on oсrostiс? lъ]l'. {a. Write thе lettеrs of the word in o list down thе poge..:4l* тг1ёy*l= s . ongгy. Чears ago lJ'-r.{" пeod these poems.е ']OW tO 5ре]| а WOIO' . ni . but' .:t.r..!'1.en'. -. Ьe|ore. blue. Creote ideos for on oсrostiс poem. D |o hер vou i rou а.. You сon odd HoLIDAY sЕAsIDE' сHoсoLATЕ. ё |tъ a|Ways goоd tо оhесk your Holidoуs oгe gгeot / Iiotel in the sun sрe| ing' lrUt t. your own oсrostiс.е i.. teoсher to help you.. @ B: write your oсrostiс out neot[y.l as crosswotс]s or I Wordsеarchеs.iГl ... As o group.д оl. using сotours if Agrее on o word whiсh you oLL likе' for еxomple you!ritir: Strong And dangerous Under water and on {and neal|Ч ?-t--- Sсarg Q Work in groups. whiсh ore сo[[ed oсrostiсs. .s evеn more on the Ьеoc6 / ouг Ьig tent impoftаПt f УoU're Wr ting an acrost C poеlт or р|anning Lying on the sond / Lots of iсе сгeсm рUZZ]еS suсl.ix h'i. disсuss words or word groups thot exрress the idеo of you r word.'г* r.в1r" . su. DRAGoN tLY. Show your plon to your А: oррle. Usr a dictrОПaЦ. Dinosaurs were huge .q Y es*!.

Тhey hoven't *orrived yet. You hove (You've) olreсdy met him. @ Comptete the sentenсes with the post portiсip[e of the verbs in broсkets. We hoven't *finished it yet. The mon is stonding nеxt to the fountoin looks like my dod. @ Сomptete the sentenсes with which. You need to leorn thesе. . (buy) I hoven't my teeth yet. I hoven't *repoired my Ьike yet. \ The womon won the photo сompetition is our Art teoсher! { The house is oppositе thе museum is 250 yeors o[d. We hove (We've) olreody seen this fi[m. She hos (Shе's) olreody mode o сokе. Tom hos olreody his homework. who or where. Тhere is o list of irregulor verbs on рoge 127 of the Workbook. You hoven't hod lunсh yet. other post portiсiples ore irregulor. She hosn't reod thot book yet. Hе hosn't Ьeen to Mеxiсo yet. Тhe pork the girls were ploying tennis is сlosed now. Verbs whiсh ore regulor in the simple post hove *regulor post portiсip[es' whiсh look thе some os the verЬs in the simple post. Ine гlver flows through London is сo[[ed the Тhomes. (brush) He's otreody Sue her prеsеnt. Тhis is the shoр where they bought the guidebook.o'i*q}3- Bgсlс to sсhool I hove (l've) otreody *tidied my room. Thеy hove (тhеy've) olreody *used it. (visit) We've oLreody some souvenirs. (do) She hosn't up уet! (get) Тhey hoven't thot museum yet. The girts who ore ptoying footbotl ore in Yeor 6. Тhe beoсh we put up our tent is very windY. He hos (He's) olreody *woshed the сor. (9ive) The tеnt whiсh is nеor the сtiff is ours.

1. We hoven't hod pizzo for months! Тhey. He hos ployed in our bond sinсe Dесember. She hos livеd in Chi[e threе yeors. How long hove l/you/we/they Ьeen here? For two hours. I hoven't pointed ony piсtures o long time.. тhe treqsure ' Mum hosn't seen her сousins for three yeors. You've hod this bike sinсe you Were ten. @ мoк" questions. Mу dod hosn't hod long hoir he wоs 16. there / worked / Dod / Long / how / hos / ? ь-- we / how / been / here / hovе l tong l? she / how / Mexiсo / hos / in / Long / tived/ ? you / Long / phone / hove / your/ hod I how | ? o / usеd/ she / long / how / сomputer/ hos / ? I ..jl. You hoven't tidiеd your room o month ! We hoven't seen onу birds on thot nest уеsterdоy. Q Comptete the sentenсes with for or sinсe. I hovеn't been very we[[ sinсe Thursdoy. How [ong . t' hove l/you/we/they known Poppy? Sinсе DeсemЬer. :. How long hos it hod its nеst in thot treе? For three weeks. I think. Тhеу hovеn't hod o holidoy 2011. iу. р:i How tong hсs he/shе ployed the piono? Sjnсe known Doniel for six yeors.

We won't see you there. It's too [ong. ovеr therе. I toke my bo[[ to the pork beсouse Adom's got one. B You find it next to thе сheese. so theу сheсk when the lost troin leoves. You put on o jumper if you're сo[d. .--/ Fцt u re trсl ns po rt We need to finish our projeсt tonight. I don't need to help oliver. @ Comptete the diol. It's importont. A Is Dod homе yet? B No. sorry. ond he be home before bеdtime. )Ао A Don't tеll Sondro beсousе it's o surprise. There won't be ony oссidents. A How сon they stop pollution? B Сors use eleсtriсity in thе future. They need to listen сoref u[[y. There'll (will) be lots of solor ponels. I te[[ hеr. our teoсher wonts it tomorrow. You'll (will') find the kеy under the vose' Iwon't tе[[ you the seсret. pleose.ogues with 'Ц / wiЦ or won't. Wе'tI' (wil't) hove eleсtriс сors in the f uture. I. A I'm looking for milk. but сon you сotleсt wood' p[eose? We сUt the gross. 0 A сon I usе the loptop' pleose? в Not now."Je в oK. She won't ptoy in our teom. You don't need to feed the сot.vе сlreody done thot. but you сon sеe him in the morning. @ Comptete the sentenсes with need to or don't nеed to' You help me with the tent. . He сon do his homework eosily. It finishes very [ote.2. but I give it to you [оter.

Тhеre wos o little snow lost winter. @ Comptete the sentenсes with the post possive of the verЬs in broсkets. Are theу yours? (find) Egyption sLedgеs by dogs. The sloves weren't poid ony money. but we сouldn't toke the sledges out. sky/ Lot/ o l ore l in / birds /the / of /thеre mistokеs / thе / o / test / I / fеw / in / modе lots / porty/ she / of / ot / ptzzol оtе / the \У- lost / roin / hod/ Lot / o I wel outumn / of pond/few /o /thеrе / fish / our I in I orе Little / my / o / I / poсkеt / in / hovе / money .9-. sugor from o big Ьloсk in thе shop. (not tidy) These footbo[[ shorts ofter thе motсh. @ мoкe sentenсes. She wosn't osked obout the oссident. (not puLL) Itwos good to see o lot of / lots of my friends ot the porty. Anсient EggPt Iwos given the gold medol for diving. After the ftood. pLeose. Thе tomb wos built by sloves. (сut) Bеfore сo rs . (invеnt) Your room very we[[! Go ond finish it. Тhеre werе o few students in the сofeterio. Pyromids by thе Moyons in Mexiсo. there wos o lot of woter in our house. They used horses оnd sloves. (buitd) Mоnу уеors ogo. pеoplе used Ьoots ond сorts.

4-.З0' you the wrestling or the orсhеry. she o presentotion. but there orе only o few [еft.ying to Nеw York in August. (give) They to Argеntino on Sundoy. HE Horry to find out obout thе porty. He's visiting his unсle on Soturdoy ofternoon. I/You/Hе/She/We/Thеy сould get o book from the liЬrory. $ CompI'ete the sentenсes with the present сontinuous of the verbs in broсkets.olgmPiс sports I/You/He/She/We/They сould go to the volleybo[[ motсh. I уou to plont the pototoes. You're giving on interviеw tomorrow. Тhey're fl. (сomе Ьосk) . (f[y) Mу 9rondmo from her hoI'idoy on tridoy. I'm leoving for Antorсtiсo on Mondoy. hеI'p go see osk try put Тhеу to thе theotre tonight. At 2. She up her tеnt neor thе river. I/You/He/She/Wе/They сould hove spoghetti toni9ht. She's рtoying tеnnis with Amy on Wednеsdoy. (p[oy) Тomorrow morning. We to get tiсkets. We're going to the motсh оt three o'с[oсk. on Тuesdoy morning. ([еovе) We o motсh on Soturdoy morning. $ Comptete the sentenсes with сould ond the verbs from the box. (troin) I for Indio on Mondoу. he for the wеightlifting сompetition.

I o ring two yeors ogo.. they . (сtimb) B { t. I @ Comptete the diol'ogues with the сorreсt forms of the verbs in broсkets. Hos he/she ever ridden o сome[? Yes. ь. No. I .. Hove we ever eoten сroсodile meot? l!::i Yеs. l hсve never seen on oссident. He's never Ьought o new сor.t в Yes. (еot) sne ever to Poris? (go) Tom never snowboording. (find) A Dod.t. we hove. he/she hos. when he/she wos in Тhoilond tost yeor.57 ln London Hove you ever donсed on iсe? Yes. ffii He hos never bought o new сor. Theу the Boston morothon tost yeor.: @ Comptete the questions ond sentenсes With the Present ffiз' perfeсt of the verbs in broсkets. they ' but thеy Mount MсKinley in 201З... i. l hove. Ё A you ever ony tгeosu re? rft|.. Ьut we studied them ot sсhool! . Mum ever o fomous person? B Yes. We Went to Austrolio whеn you were tittle. (do) t A ne evеr pеnguins in Antorсtiсo? B No. No. I hoven't.ii Yes. he/she hosn't. (see) A they ever Mount Еverest? No. I hoven't. (ride) you ever o Horrу Potter book? (reod) he evеr o сoke? (moke) Wе neVеr Joponese food. she . l never o uniсyсLe. / I've never seen on oссident. Hos he/shе ever trovelled Ьy elephont? u. (try) : Hove you ever seen on ongry polor beor? No. She o pop stor ot o porty. (meet) A thеy ever o morothon? B Yes. i si-I *. . some in South Afriсo four yeors ogo. he but he . he/she hos.

Peop[e should сyс[е morе. I hoven't got enough money.) Con you tе[[ me Whot this moсhine is for? (It's for сleoning shoes. Тherе ore dork с[ouds! oh deor! Thеrе orеn't сokes.) @ мoкe questions. Hе's got of themr Con you te[[ me whot this bird is? (It's o touсon.t got time. He never knows whiсh СD to ploy. I сon't buy thot phone.6l Crqzg inventions There оre too mony сors on the rood. @ Comptete the sentenсes with too monу or enough. Hovе We got ony bisсuits? I сon't moke сorrot soup. You сon't get into thot Ьus. Sorry. We hоven't got сorrots. whot/te[[/ for lis /me / you / moсhinе lсon Ithis |? does / switсh / mе / whot / сon /thot/you /te[[/ ? this /you /сon / button I for I me/te[[/ is I whot l ? you / is / me/whot/thing /сon /this/teI't/ ? te[[ / whot / lever / thot / does / you |сon Ime /? is/сon/tool / me / whot / this / you lfor lIe||l? . I сon't swim in the poo[. Let's not go сomping. You didn't poss the test Ьeсouse you mode too mony mistokes. from South Ameriсo. There isn't enough woter.) Соn you te[[ me whot this Ьutton does? (It storts the moсhine. Тherе orе people on it oLreody. I сon't help you' I hoven.

(go) stories is interеsting. (sit) the piono well neеds Lots of proсtiсe. (ploy) is vеry good eхerсisе. @ CompI'ete the sentenсes with the gerund of the verbs in broсkets' e to porties is fun. (swim) Isoid thot I didn't like сhеesе. Q Comptete the sentenсes with the simpI. (not understond) . He soid thot he fish. (build) ot o сomputer o[L doy isn't good for you. (not visit) He soid thot he meot. I We soid thot we wonted to build o roft. (not еоt) I soid thot I o new bike. (work) Тhе oliens soid thot thеy Еorth very often. You soid thot you ployed the guitor. Trovelling to the moon is exсiting.7 . Thеy soid thot they were from Peru. ([ovе) She soid thot she ot o hospitol. (wont) Shе soid thot shе mе. Moking o modеl p[one сorеful[y tokes time. Flying in o roсket is omozing.'This is Houston Leorning to ride о horse needs proсtiсe. Shе soid thot she enjoyed tooking for treosure. (write) on igloo tokes o Long timе.e post of the verbs in broсkets. & . He soid thot he spoke five [onguoges.

tomorrow / go I wel сonсеrt l o I to l moу trovеL / in / might / August / to l Poris II yeor /thе /they / moon /fly / next / might / to on / the I Jone /to / Soturdoy / moy / porty / сome weekеnd / might / the / ouг/ we / gгondporеnts / ot/visit . Bеors ore good ot с[imbing trееs. I moy fo|. Mors isn't the smo[[est plonеt. It isn't roining now. The Sphinх is in Еgypt' Most porrots ore very сolourfu[.A сold ploсe It's hot in here. ore they? @ Comptete the sentenсes with question togs.[ if I'm not сoreful.B-. нe moy go to the museum tomorrow. You might meеt o fomous footbotter ot the motсh. oren't they? Spring in Conodo isn't very tong' is it? Those oren't seol pups on thе iсe.. She might сome to Fronсе with us. The Horrisons orеn't ot home todoy. isn't it? Potor beors ore dоngerous. We moy hove pizzo tonight' but I'm not sure' They might drive to New York or they might fty' @ мoкe sentenсes.

I'd send it for wolks without me! IfI o drogon. I'd toke my friends. Whot would you do if you hod o roсket? I'd look for penguins. be hоve see meet qo IfI o robot dog. I'd hide very quiсkly. IfI I K Rowling. IfI on invеntor. Whot would you do if you hod wings? I'd fty to sсhool. I'd toke o photo. Whot would you do if you were o fomous singer? I'd give o сonсert in o big stodium. If I sow o dinosour. @ мot. I{ ? . I'd buy o сost[е. Whot would you do if уou were in Antorсtiсo? I'd soiL down thе Amozon.97 The Jurqssiс Age If I met Professor Potts.ь the questions with the onswers. I'd Ьe o T-rex! If I went into thе f uturе. IfI to London. I'd osk her to sign my Horry Potter books. Whot would you do if you hod o boot? I'd swim with her. If I were o dinosour. Whot would you do if you sow o mermoid? I'd try to sсorе it. I'd osk him obout the homеwork moсhine. I'd invent godgets for ostronouts. Whot wou[d you do if you met o monstеr? I'd ftу to Neptune. I'd go ond see Towеr Bridge. Whot would you do if you sow o polor beor? I'd hope thot it сouldn't see me. If I hod o lot of money. Comp[ete the sentenсes with the сorreсt form of the verbs from the box. Whot would you do if you met on Еgyption mummy? I'd run owoy.

97 8-o-52.| _22з87 -4 Ш n7 ||lll IlIlШШll| |l| | ||l|| 80521|'22з87 4'> .

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