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The Saga of cowboy Gustaff Chapter V: Lemuria of the XXIII Century

Before the
death of druid
Xaggath, a
woman name
Angela told
her little boy
at the age of
seven -as she
thought he
has the age of
the open
that his father
was a druid.
Illustration 1: Lemuria map

She lived one mile away from the castle of Kali-Forni going south on the coast side of the plains. She
currently live in a small straw hut surrounded by fields of tall grasses and transparent waters. One room
space she shared with her son Ur with a huge window to the open unsettled ocean.

Angela had a beautiful black straight hair all the way down to her hips that matched the color of her big
sad looking oval eyes. She was on her early twenties on those last times of Lemuria. She and her son
Ur lived happily though on that eastern side of the continent by the Plains of Rhu-Hut .

Even though living in a small humble place, Angela attempt to keep it beautiful. She has a lovely
garden with flowers and vegetables, Papaya, Maize, Tomatoes and Saman trees.
Angela and her son Ur were forced to live in that small hut outside the castle where druid Xaggath
lived because it seems as he never accepted publicly about his relationship with the woman. Druid
Xaggath to whom is recognized the powers over fire never wanted to be seeing with a female around
his chambers. What he never knew was the fact that his not recognized son Ur had inherited the powers
over fire. Among the powers over fire that the shaman Xaggath had was his ability to walk barefoot on
fire. He also practices the power of mind over matter creating realities at will

Angela was informed in a dream by her Seraphic Angels about the coming apocalyptic events to
Lemuria. So the both angels personalized as humans came to her rescue went to her shack and
temporally brought her and her little son Ur down into the Under World below the Úytaahkoo
Mountain territory where a community of more lemurians were building their new installations.

As she arrived the two men brought the woman and her kid to a group of women working and helping
with the cooking and gardening of the new social group of the futuristic Shasta Tribe.

Illustration 2: Kali-Forni Castle

The Melchizedek brotherhood up there in between all galaxies of the Nebadon Universe were watching
the injustice decisions of the druid of Lemuria. But they didn't want to take any retaliation against
Xaggath since he was almost one of the few magicians that protected the land of Lemuria and he was
always fighting against the dark sorceress of the continent. He was in reality making a balanced
harmony between the forces of good and evil of that planet.

After his death, the druid Xaggath have
again reincarnated on century XXIII as
himself and still one to whom is
recognized the powers over fire. He
needed to play an important roll in that
century in order to go back to former
reincarnations of his soul to heal many
unfinished karmas around Earth. One of
the unfinished business he owns was the
fact he leave behind alone and was
reacted against shareing life with many
women and children he had over his
many lifes in Lemuria. And that on the
woman Angela and child Ur was one he
need it to face first in order to settle his
debt with all the others. So the lords of
Nebadon in a council decided that the
woman will be brought in from the
century she was with the seven year old
kid into the XXIII century to deal with
the reality of druid Xaggath. The
magician need to transcend the situation
since he was been call to joint the
Illustration 3: Druid X
Orders of the Melchizedeks on Earth.
Angela an her kid arrived in Cosmopolitan urbe of Copacabana in the old territory of Boli-via were
lived the druid of the Titikaka lake. In that century the civilization descendants from the lemurians had
the same powers of former times when the Lemuria continent was on the surface. As we know in early
stages of the century XXI the submerged continent of Lemuria arose to the surface of the Pacific Ocean
again and after the cataclysm mostly all descendants of lemurians migrate to their own former homes.

Two centuries of repair of the lost civilization and the restoration of powers initiating from the redesign
of their DNA of the new lemurians brought back the people to the multidimensional level they used to
have before. With much more of its active DNA than the common humanity in the beginning of XXI
century, the people of Nova Lemuria soon learned to become preferably multidimensional. Free of
stress and from the main weird external influences of darkness, they develop positive psychic abilities
with extraordinary results.

In their reconstruction they needed to opened again the mesh of the Stars Gates closed in ancient times
by the Syrians, since the Syrians had put a grid in place, the new Priesthood of Lemuria opened it again
in order to travel astrally, initially only enough to get to the external borders of the Solar System but
now ready to reach the border line of the Milky Way. Nowadays in century XXIII the lemurians had
similar multidimensional skills like their ancestors. However, they -for experience, didn't want to fall
into the same mistakes of their predecessors practicing thousands of years of bad shamanic exercising.

The people of Lemuria were now quite telepathic again and used this ability to communicate with each
other, limiting the use of vehicles to travel among tribes to a minimum using the nano travel only in
case of an necessity. They also now don't want to fall into that other old mistake of convert the practice
of a ritual -say with the Sun or the Elementals, and turn it into a pagan worship sometimes even with
sacrifices to minor gods instead of being in permanent communication with them without losing the
lemurian basic principles from old where they were mainly fine socially, vegetarian, agricultural,
outdoor culture into organic life and who worked in harmony with nature animals and the Earth, having
little or limited use for scientific technology.
Thus for Angela that XXIII century was mostly a feeling like home…. with a huge difference of their
new connections with the gods of creation and the Planetary Prince and his Round Table. Even though
she had still many personal question regarding her relation ship with the shaman Xaggath:

Angela: You are a horrible being…. Why you brought us here into place! Are we back in the old
times or this is a new parallel reality of Lemuria….

X: I needed to heal my karmas woman….. now I live in an instant karma delivery…. this
land is the restored Lemuria of ancient times…. a New Earth for the New Humanoids…. XXIII century

Angela: what do you mean by instant karma delivery Xaggath?

X: mean, woman, that what ever you do wrong now in this level, you pay it right away….
instant cleaning and the clear consciousness of don't repeating errors….

Angela: Well… I hope you pay hard for the injustice life you gave us in our century….

X; Relax Angela…. you’ll see and you will finally ended up likening it here….

Angela: uhmmm, we’ll see….. and if you are the one who brought us here…. what is your plan
now…… because…. Look! -bringing forward her son Ur, this one is your son Xaggath.

The New Earth centered in
Lemuria as the main continent
had some islands around it.
One of them was the Titikaka
Island, which was a small
portion of what it used to be
South America.

Illustration 4: Titikaka Lake
Druid X took Angela
and her son for a
ride, they moved like
flying on the air
giving the impression
as if they were sitting
on a carpet. Went
around the
Copacabana and
landed on a quiet
alley where they
went off. At the end
of the isolated alley’s
walls appeared…. a
gateway, and druid X
invited them to joint
him on the cruise. Ur
Illustration 5: What it used to be S.A. in times of Atlantis
was amazed with the

As they entered, in front of their ayes was a huge Galaxy with the shape of curved skate ramp while an
oriental magic carpet appeared under their feet with the shape of a big surf board. At high speeds the
cosmic shaman took his family on the surface of the Galaxy and show them the stars in it and the suns,
then the carpet landed on a dark sphere. He said it was a dark Sun that served as a gravity balance
within the living planets of the Galaxy. The dark globe has inside some blurry forms with very few
light that moved around them like guides to show them the way. After few minutes an immense castle
of faded light appeared in front of their eyes. The doors of the castle opened and they walked in. Inside
the castle everything was lighted like in the normal life of a planet. Ur immediately recognized the
decoration of the insides very similar as the inside of Kali-Forni castle.
Illustration 6: Star Gate in the XXIII century city of Copacabana

X: is our home, family…..

Ur: daddy it is exactly in the inside as a dream I had

X: yeas dear son, yes…. It was me in your dream whom showed you home….

Angela: but why it needs to be in this dark planet?

X: here is just the entrance to the parallel forms of the nine dimensional reflexes of
everything we are at these levels….

Ur: dad… why did you rescued us from our old home?
X: ….because old Lemuria was about to sink…. We sent you your Seraphic Angels…. We
needed to save your life boy….

Inside one of the chambers in the basements as they inspected together the beautiful ancient castle, the
little boy Ur steps on something and found a small sort of a thin rug on the floor that matches the tiles.
He called on his mom and as the druid removed the fabric. It appeared what it resembles a hidden
entrances to somewhere underground. The shaman opened the entry and a downstairs made of rocks
lead its way into subterranean pathways. A fresh air came as they opened it and some kind of subtle
light was seeing at the distance. Druid X looked at Angela eyes and as he sees the curiosity and
approbation from her, they all went down to explored it.

After few moments of walking in the tunnel a more brightly light caught their attention and they went
off to investigate it thinking of finding probably a city with living beings….. but as a surprise for druid
X they found a tall shadow being with a stick ending up in a lamp that bright the wide chamber or cave
where a subsurface river was making its way into deeper and unknown destinations.

Shadow: Hi everyone….

X: Hi mister shadow, what is this place here and what are you doing there all alone?

Shadow: Mister Xaggath…. This is the end of the road for you people…. You are going to do
some time traveling my friend and become a goofy cowboy in XV century old Indian land in the small
village of Frickinville in the Sonora desert of the north american continent of planet Gaia…. If your
lady Angela want to escorts you there she is welcome to do it as your friend Ursula. About the boy Ur,
he needs now to be educated in the higher levels of the cosmos inside the seventh Super Universe of
creation…. So I suggest you both said goodbye to your son for now.

Angela: Wait a second, who are you to take those kind of decisions and to bring my son away
from my side mister loneley shadow?
Shadow: Woman Angela you are free to stay here if prefer it but the higher levels of the creator
gods of your universe had decided this way for the education of your son Ur and the karma bills that
mister Xaggath needs still to pay off before he joints with the Order of the Melchizedeks… you will
meet againg…. Now, is time to chose right at this instant…. Are you staying here all alone…. Or are
you coming with mister Xaggath into the century XV of your planet….

And the Shadow took the couple in his boat all the way into the Sonora desert and the boy went inside
a vessel drove by the Seraphic Angels of Ur into the spheres schools of Nebadon to learn Wisdom Love
and Beauty and be prepare to higher involution paths into the ways of attraction of the center of all
creations where the Lord of everything resides his personality in Love and Light…. choosing at will his
love ones to evolve in the right direction.

The End
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