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Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Intramuros, Manila

College of Engineering and Information Technology

On-the-Job Training Evaluation

Name of Student: _____________________________ Inclusive OJT Period: __________________

Company Name: __________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Work Unit (Department): ________________________ Tel. No. : ___________________________

This evaluation aims to measure the level of knowledge and technical skills observed of the student
during the On-the-Job Training at your company. Your rating will help the Colegio to assess the readiness
of the graduating student for the competitive world of Engineering.

Directions: Fill-out the rating portion of the form. Read the criteria and description provided for each

1. Technical Skills (60%)

Criteria Description Weight Rating

Technical skills exhibited with
Technical Knowledge 30%
minimal supervision
Capability to adapt to new
Technical Aptitude technology and comprehend 30%
technical instructions
Total :

2. Work Attitude (40%)

Criteria Description Weight Rating

Reliability Acceptable outcome of work 10%
Willingness to perform
Cooperation 10%
assigned task at all time
Positive behavior and
Personality 10%
appearance at the workplace
Attendance and adherence to
Punctuality 10%
OJT working time
Total :

3. Over-all Descriptive Rating (Please check the appropriate box.)

96 – 100 (Excellent) 75 – 78 (Needs Improvement)
85 – 95 (Very Good) below 74 (Poor)
79 – 84 (Satisfactory)

__________________________________ ________________ ___________

Evaluator’s Signature over Printed Name Position Date