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NERETA Summit Focusing on Future of Healthcare in the US

Focusing on the future of healthcare in the US will help to create good quality jobs while at the
same time improving individuals lives and create a better quality of life for all. But the future of
healthcare encompasses so much more than was traditionally referred to as "healthcare." Today,
healthcare includes integrative health, mental health, alternative health, public health, nutrition,
exercise and so much more.

Scranton, PA, June 22, 2018 --( "The future of healthcare in the US is largely dependent on the
quality of the workforce and the vision of local leaders to create healthy environments," said Colleen
LaRose, President and CEO of the North East Regional Employment and Training Association

That is why NERETA is hosting a summit on "Developing a Talent Pipeline for the Healthcare industry"
in Scranton, PA on Sept 17 and 18. The website for the summit is:

LaRose continued, "Each local region across the country is a link in the chain of our national economy. If
we want our national economy to forge ahead with strength, we must make sure that the health of our
nation is at the core of our intentions."

That is why teams are being invited from local regions around the country made up of workforce
development, economic development, higher education and healthcare industry leaders to discuss how
they can work collaboratively in their region toward three goals:

1) To help regions from across the country develop talent pipelines for the healthcare industry

2) To help local/regional administrators establish a healthcare sector/cluster strategy for their region

3) To help healthcare professionals establish a working relationship with workforce development,

economic development and higher education professionals to collaboratively promote healthy

The future of healthcare in the US depends on recruiting, training and retaining talent in the healthcare
industry as well as leadership training in economic development for healthcare workers so that they may
partner effectively with regional administrators in establishing healthy communities...that is what this
summit is all about.

Editors Note:
The North East Regional Employment and Training Association ( connects
workforce investment boards to economic development boards and their stakeholders in the northeastern
US to improve communication and collaboration of employment and training initiatives and improve
local economies. NERETA also provides professional development opportunities for workforce
development and economic development professionals nationally through webinars, seminars and

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