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The Flea's producing schedule allows 6-8 rentals annually, each of which we choose
very carefully. Unlike most theaters in New York, we do not offer a "four walls rental";
we are deeply involved with all the activities at the Flea. You can anticipate that if we're
working together, we'll be working together on every step. We will tailor our agreement
based on your needs and ambitions; thus, the rental rate will depend on your technical
requirements and budget. 100% of Box Office receipts go directly back to your
company, and our rates reflect that. All rentals join our busy repertory of activities and
that will have an effect on all aspects of your proposed production, rehearsal time, tech
time, dressing rooms, performances and repertory turnover between shows.

Rental companies benefits include:

• Platforms
• Seating
• Lighting inventory
• Sound inventory
• Video inventory
• Utilities
• Janitorial Services
• The Flea has a concert grand piano, an upright as well as an electric.
• For dance companies, we have a Marley floor as well as a scrim.
• Marketing, including:
o Prominent display on Flea website
o E-blast to 5,000 person Flea email list and notice to our 500+ member group
o Flea Theater Facebook group
o Listing in Flea programs
o Announcement at Flea shows
o Display on Flea marquee and window display area
• Advice from every member of The Flea's experienced team, including:
o Marketing: advice on postcard and poster design
o Technical: can offer suggestions for tech staffing
 TD and ATD of Flea can serve as designers, or suggest other designers
o General Management: can offer suggestions for FOH staffing/ oversee FOH
o Producerial/Artistic
Please fill out this form and email to

Name: Mackenzie Meeks

Theater Company: the cell
Address: 338 W. 23rd St.
Telephone: 646-861-2253

Have you been to the Flea? (If not, please see our virtual tour here )
Are you a nonprofit? :
Briefly describe your history/ambitions as a producer:
the cell is a not-for-profit collective for artists to incubate and present new work.

Name of proposed project:

Crackskull Row by Honor Molloy

Do you have the rights for the work you are presenting? (Please enclose a copy of your
memo or contract):
Yes. It is a new work and the writer will be involved in the development.

Cast size:

Are your actors members of AEA? Any other union affiliation? :

Yes. It will be under the Transition Contract, Year 2.

Setting (Locale, indoor/outdoor, time period, etc):

Crackskull Row, Ireland (fictional) in 1999 with flashbacks to 1966. The set will be
the interior of a house.

Describe your lighting, sound, set and other technical requirements:

Basic lighting and sound packages will suffice. There will be lighting and sound
cues and we will have a board op(s). The set will be some sort of a house.

Who is your Technical Director and his/her phone number/e-mail?

Our TD is Gertjan Houben. He will also probably be designing lights. His email is

Please list your designers and their number/e-mails:

We do not have any other designers confirmed yet.

Do you have liability and workers comp insurance? (It is a requirement)


What is your budget?


Which Theater would you like to rent?

We are interested in the upstairs space.

Proposed dates/date range?

Load in August 23-25, 2016. Tech August 26-31, 2016. Performances September
1-25th , 2016.

How many performances do you plan to have per week? For how many weeks?

6 performances a week for 4 weeks (dark on Mondays).

Proposed ticket price?

$25-35 (still in discussion)

What makes your project unique?

Written by award winning Irish playwright, Honor Molloy, this new black comedy
utilizes magical realism to explore the grey areas within close family ties and its
dangerous effect across generations.
Breifly describe why the Flea is correct venue for your project. What do you expect to get out
of this production at the Flea?
Similar to the Flea’s dedication to embodying the spirit of adventure and
experimentation in New York theatre, the cell strives to create an exciting and
challenging environment for our resident artists and audience members.

Crackskull Row will be participating in Origin Theatre’s 1st Irish Awards. This will
be our fourth production we have done in this festival. We have won several
awards including Best Director (Kira Simring) 3 years in a row and best

**Please enclose a list of your latest productions and reviews and/or supporting materials*

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