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CCMS Summer Math Ramp-Up Program
(Please print clearly)

Return to Main Office or current math teacher at CCMS by June 27

Name of Student _________________________________________

Name of Parent/guardian _________________________________________

Address _________________________________________

Parent/Guardian phone # ___________________

Emergency contact phone # ___________________

Parent/Guardian email ___________________________________________________

(In order to email final results)

Allergies/Medical Needs ______________________________________________________________



 Program will cover the Math 8 standards that are taught in Accelerated Math 7.
 Students will learn and practice material to prepare them to move into the Accelerated Math program.
 Students need to attend every session and earn a 70 or higher on the final assessment.
 If students meet the above criteria with proficiency, they will move into Accelerated Math 8.
 The Summer Ramp-up Program is scheduled to begin on Thursday, July 5th at 8:00 am.

 All Registered students must attend on the first day.

 After the first day, dates and times will be determined depending on enrollment, however, each student will be
expected to attend two, two hour sessions each week for four weeks (Session ends on August 1)
 Students are expected to arrive on time each day for their class.
 Email questions to the summer school coordinator Karen Sorlien at or call 401-440-3639

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