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BIO 20 Unit Plan UNIT D: Human Systems (Excluding Motor System)

Timeline: 23 Days

Topic and
Curriculum Assessment
Timeline Resources Activities
Concepts (As, For, Of)
[# of Days]
GLO 2: Explain the role of the circulatory and defense system in maintaining an internal equilibrium.
Essential Question: Is the Man Cold a Myth?
Let’s ask some questions!
What do we need to know Attitude Student
about the circulatory and Outcome: Interest Questions/Poems
immune system before we in Science, (For)
can answer the essential Collaboration
about the
question? 20-D2.1s
Nelson Biology System.
20/30 Draw/Write
Circulation Chapter 10 & about the heart
Heart Anatomy Chapter 11 flow.
Blood Flow through the 20-D2.1k (pages 310-374)
heart. 20-D2.2k Student-teach
Quiz 1 (For, Of)
Blood Vessel Anatomy 20-D2.3k YouTube Videos: blood vessels
Blood Flow through the 20-D2.5k CrashCourse
body. SciShow Blood Pressure
[6] Measurement
Notes Hematopoiesis
Song (“I Want a
Blood Biology: Human Hippopotamus Assignments:
Hematopoiesis Anatomy for Christmas”) Hematopoiesis Song
Erythrocytes 20-D2.4k Diagrams Bundle (FOR, AS, OF)
Blood Type 20-D2.6k (Circulatory Hero Comic Immune Analogy
Sickle Cell Anemia 20-D2.7k System) Analogy for Comic (FOR, AS,
Response to a “Clean Cut” 20-D2.8k - Science Land Immune OF)
Leukocytes 20-D2.9k (TPT) Components and
Response to a “Dirty Cut” 20-D2.1sts Process Tests:
Immune Response 20-D2.2sts Quiz 2 (For, Of)
Autoimmunity Student Act-out
[6] Clotting Process

Putting it all together: Is 20-D2.2s Assignment (For and

the Man Cold a Myth? 20-D2.3s Of).
[2] 20-D2.4s Topic Summative
Topic Test Assessment OF
Circulatory and Topic Summative
Lymphatic Systems Written Style – Provides students a chance to showcase as
[1] much knowledge as possible (that they have learned)

GLO1: explain how the human respiratory system exchanges energy and matter with the environment.

Nelson Biology
20/30 Quiz 3
Chapter 9 Lung Capacity Respiratory Anatomy
Pages 280-308 Test & The and Gas Exchange
Effect of (April 11th)
YouTube Videos: Exercise Lab
Respiratory 20-D1.5k
CrashCourse Pages 305-306 Unit Summative
Anatomy 20-D1.1sts
Pathologies and Gas 20-D1.2sts
Mr.Quinton’s Lung Pathology Students to build a
Exchange 20-D1.1s
Notes Lab (Pre- model of a disease-
[3] 20-D1.3s
requisite for the ridden respiratory
Biology: Human unit summative system and compare
Anatomy project) it to a healthy system
Diagrams Bundle (DUE April 7th)
Science Land

Quizzes (x3) 10%
Labs & Assignments 40%
Unit Final Test
(Circulatory and Lymphatic) 25%
Unit Final Project
(Respiratory) 25%
Total 100%


My Goal is to have students experience science, and this involves them getting involved in the scientific
process of asking questions and then going to out to look for possible answers. For this reason, I have
designed the unit to include as much student-led learning as possible; however, I have also included a lot
more traditional lecture-style teaching simply because of my lack of experience with teaching the
material, and I have an obligation to ensure that I touch on the curriculum SLO’s as outlined in the
program of studies.
That being said, the student-led learning that I have planned involves assignments that require students
to connect learned material to relatable topics in their own individual lives (specific songs, interests,
etc…). Some assignments and labs require that the students go out and look for answers to questions (ie
The Man Cold Myth); however, I have designed the topic of the research such that I know students will be
unable to find conclusive evidence. The goal is to have students understand that science is a dynamic field
that is constantly changing based on new evidence; and sometimes, conclusive evidence is just not easy to
come by. This forces students to become think speculatively as they begin to experience science.
Assessment of this unit will include Quizzes, Assignments, Labs and Unit Tests/Projects. Multiple
modalities will be offered for the assignments, labs and projects especially; however, the test and quizzes
will have a specific format that I borrowed from the Assisting Teacher. The simple reason for this is that
there doesn’t seem to be any students who struggle with the current quizzing/testing methods. Students
will have an unlimited opportunity to re-take quizzes as they please; this emphasizes the goal of quizzes
which is to inform both the teacher AND the student what is and is not being learned.