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designed by abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH

abh 1400 TEU CARIBBEAN FEEDER designed by abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH GRS Rohden Shipping

GRS Rohden Shipping

abh 1400 TEU CARIBBEAN FEEDER designed by abh INGENIEUR-TECHNIK GmbH GRS Rohden Shipping Machinery: abh 1278


abh 1278 - Caribbean Feeder


Speed/ Consumption:

Main Propulsion Engine

Main Dimensions: (preliminary)

Design speed at T=8.50m (90% SMCR 10% sea margin)

abt. 18.50 kn

MAN 7S50ME-B9.3-GI-TII Dual Fuel

Length overall

172.21 m

Consumption (T=8,50m; 90% SMCR 10%SM)

abt. 37,5 mt/day

MCR 12460 kW at 117 rpm

Length b.p. Breadth mld

161.53 m 27.20 m

Economic Speed at T=8,50m ( 65% SMCR, 10% sea margin

abt. 17.00 kn

SMCR 10500 kW at 117 rpm with HFO up to 700 cst/50° C and LNG

Depth to Main Deck Design/scantling draft

12.00 m 8.00/ 8.50 m

Consumption (T=8,50m; 65% SMCR 10%SM)

abt. 27 mt/day

1 Propeller CPP / 1 tunnel gear

Deadweight (design/ scantling)


16,000/ 17,800 ts

Equipment for Cargo:

Diesel Generator

Gross Tonnage



Stack Loads

Electric Generator: 2 sets each 1440 kWe Dual fuel

Max. endurance based on serv. speed and HFO Max. endurance based on serv. speed and LNG

min. 15,500 nm min. 3,000 nm

Cargo holds On hatch covers 20' with lashing gap

100/120 t for TEU/FEU 60/90 t for TEU/FEU 70 t TEU

1 Emergency / Harbour Genset abt. 360 kWe 1 Shaftgenerator 1400 kWe

Class Notation:

above engine room

85/150 t TEU/FEU

AUX Plant

GL + 100 A5 Multi-Purpose Container vessel E3 BWM IW DG EP + MC E3 AUT


Tank Top strength in holds


1 Bow thruster 1000 kW 1 Stern thruster 450 kW


Crane Preparation:

1 thermo oil boiler plant


2 Deck cranes, wire luffing, SWL 45t

4 fuel oil transfer pumps for HFO/MDO

Container Capacity:

2 lub.-oil separators for AE / 1 lub.-oil separators for ME

in holds

364 TEU

Tank Capacity:

2 lub.-oil main pumps, 1 lub.-oil transfer pump

on deck

1030 TEU


1,800 m³

1 lub.-oil automatic filter


1394 TEU


390 m³

1 oil-fired thermo oil heater, 1600 kW

45' on deck/ in holds



540 m³

1 thermo oil boiler plant

53' on Deck



7,100 m³

1 exhaust gas heat exchanger, 800 kW for ME



130 m³

2 exhaust gas heat exchanger, 400 kW for each AUX Genset

ISO, CPC, EURO could be carried in each row below and on deck, also 2600mm wide containers in each row below and on deck


1 stand-by lub. oil pump for ME 1 cylinder lub.-oil pump

container heights in hold 3/4 container heights in hold 1/2

4x8'6'' or 4x9'6'' 5x8'6'' or 5x9'6''

21 persons

1 bilge water separator acc. MARPOL 4 fresh water cooling pumps (HT/LT)


Ship's Equipment:

2 ballastwater pumps, abt. 350 m 3 /h, 3.5 bar

Reefer Sockets on deck/in holds (FEU)

168/121 FEU

Steel hatch covers, folding type

1 BWM Treatment plant, 350 m 3 /h

Reefer Sockets total (FEU)

289 FEU

2x combi windlass/moorning winches on f.deck

1 sludge/solid waste incinerator, 600 kW

Capacity 14t/TEU acc. to IMO T=8.50m when equipped with LNG Tanks

955 TEU

2x mooring winches on aft main deck

1 freshwater generators, 15 t/day 1 GVU for ME 2 GVU for AUX Gensets

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