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Date/Location: November 21st,2016 / GYM Student Teacher: Danica Chabot

Title: Volleyball (cont’d) Grade Level: Grade 3
Course: PS1 Duration: 30 Minutes

The purpose of this lesson is to further develop students’ ability to reproduce the basic skills of Volleyball:
Bump, Set, Underhand Serve.


GENERAL OUTCOME A Students will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate
movement activities; dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in an alternative
environment; e.g., aquatics and outdoor pursuits.
GENERAL OUTCOME B Students will understand, experience and appreciate the health benefits that result
from physical activity.
GENERAL OUTCOME C Students will interact positively with others.
GENERAL OUTCOME D Students will assume responsibility to lead an active way of life.


- 5 demonstrate ways to receive, retain and send an object, using a variety of body parts and implements;
and, perform manipulative skills individually and with others while using a variety of pathways
- 10 perform and play lead-up games and demonstrate elements of space awareness, effort and relationship
- 13 manipulate a variety of small objects while performing basic skills to demonstrate personal control;
e.g., juggling
- 3 experience movement involving the components of health-related fitness; e.g., flexibility, endurance,
strength, cardiorespiratory activities
- 4 accept responsibility for assigned roles while participating in physical activity
- 4 demonstrate and participate in safe warm-up and cooldown activities


I Can reproduce the following actions:
- Stretches appropriate for this sport
- Set, Bump and Underhand Serve (attempting to utilize proper technique)
I Can display a willingness to attempt the above-mentioned skills.
I Can show respect for myself and my classmates.

Setting: Gymnasium (or outdoor court if applicable)
Volleyballs (1 per Student)

Students to gather around the BIG CIRCLE in the middle of the Gym to await instruction; they are reminded
of the WHISTLE RULE before beginning any activity.
Cardio Warm up:
- 1 minute to run freely around the gym [Teacher to Gather Volleyballs as Students Run]
- 10 Jumping Jacks
Stretch: (Students to stretch in the spot that they stopped running)
- Gym Leaders to Assist the Teacher in leading the stretching
- Emphasis on Arms and Wrist (15 Seconds per stretch – See Diagram)
o Ask Students during the stretch: Why is it important that we stretch before doing physical activity?
 Looking for: prevent injury, help our muscles get ready, etc.


Students to be divided into their respective Classes: 3C and 3D (ONE CLASS on each court). Each class
will be “managed” by another teacher to maximize efficiency of student learning.

Activity: Group Volley

- Students will be grouped into groups of 5-6 Students
- 1 ball per group
- The Student who starts the Volley will CALL OUT A PERSON’S NAME FROM THEIR GROUP
- After calling out the name, the student will TOSS the ball straight up into the air into the middle of the
- The student whose name was called will make an attempt to “get” the ball:
o They can Bump or Set the ball

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o OR they can Simply Catch it (as the goal is to have the students learn a sense of urgency in getting
to the ball)
- THE BALL CAN BOUNCE ONCE before the student makes contact with it.


- Each Student to be given a ball (or as many as possible will be distributed)
- Students will be divided on either side of the volleyball nets
- On the GO SIGNAL:
o Students will Toss the Ball or Underhand serve it to the other side of the net
o The balls will continue to be tossed/served back and forth until the whistle blows
o The Side of the Net with the LEAST amount of balls wins.
Cool down: (Volleyballs to be collected)
Students are to run around the gym until the Whistle blows.
o Once the whistle blows, students are to line up to return to class.

All Assessment of this lesson will be formative in the forms of Observation and Conversation.

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