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Aspirations Diploma Plus E3

Mr. Penney Lesson Plan 11/21/17

Learning Targets : SWBAT Assessment: DOK Questions:

use the text evidence to Short paragraph on how 1. What conclusions about
explain themes theme is developed in the theme can you make from
play. reading Act I?
(Guiding questions)

Vocabulary: Great Migration


CCLS Standards Addressed: Scaffold needed to meet Data used to drive instruction:
CCS. W.9-10.1.a. 1. Page numbers Exit ticket: must explain clearly
Write arguments to support supplied if needed the relationship between theme
claims in an analysis of for evidence. and 1 question?
substantive topics or texts, 2.
using valid reasoning and Hand out of summary and
relevant and sufficient theme.
evidence. Explore and
inquire into areas of interest
to formulate an argument. a.
Introduce precise claim(s),
distinguish the claim(s) from
alternate or opposing claims,
and create an organization
that establishes clear
relationships among
claim(s), counterclaims,
reasons, and evidence.
Do Now: Recall the three themes we Lesson Introduction :
discovered. Why do you think they are (5 minutes)
important to the play? Review the concept of theme.
( 6 min) Handout summary and theme description.

☐Model ☐x Mini Lesson ☐Give directions ☐x Partner/Group Work ☐x Independent Work ☐Read
Aloud ☐ Discussion ☐Guided Practice
1. Complete your chart paper from yesterday.
2. Gallery walk: Take your guide and copy all answers to completion (0:5:00-0:7:00)
****Turn and Talk
3. Reflect on the questions: How do these answers tie to the main themes we discussed?
(choose two)
4. Write Now: Explain how one of the answers you discussed is related to a theme.
*write one well-developed paragraph that uses evidence.

Assessing learning to Circulate and read student work.
inform next lesson Collect and mark exit tickets.

Anticipated Push Back/

Management Issues 1. What Is theme?
LATE START! 2. What is Jim Crow?
Timer is on screen 3. Can’t prove the claim with evidence.

Post Lesson Teacher


Students who met the


Students approaching

Students who did not meet