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English Grammar Stories and Exercises, Talking about the future Series Simple Future Story Saturday Plans Anna rushes fo pick up the ringing telephone early on Saturday moming, “Hello?” “Hello, Anna It is Linda,” says her best friend. “1am calling about our lunch today. We ‘always make plans to get together, and then something unexpected happens! But Ithink we will get organized today.” “Oh, good moming Linda” Anna replies. “Yes, lam ready for you to come over forlunch. We will finally see each other today, no matter what happens! And I will prepare my special soup that you like so much.” “Fantastic!” says Linda. “Well.if you are making soup, | think | will go buy some bread at the store right now. Itis already 8:45, so the store will open soon.” “But itis so cloudy! | think it will ain soon, Linda! Do you want fo get all wet?” Anna asks. "Goodness, you are right. Maybe | will not ge to the store!" Linda replies. “What about something sweet for dessert ‘Anna thinks for a moment. “That sounds nice. Limagine we will want a treat after lunch. But nothing foo sweet. Maybe we can have some fruit.” she suggests. “Oh, my grandmother has a wonderful recipe for baked apples,” Linda says. “I will call her in afew minutes, so do not worry about dessert. In foct its herbirthday this week! he willbe eighty. [think | will ask her cbout her birthday plans.” “Oh, that islovely! Actually, | think | will call my grandmother today, too! You know, | have some delicious herbal tea, so | will get some ready to go with the baked apples.” Anna replies happily. “This will be the most delightful lunch ever!” “Yes, lam excited,” Linda agrees. “But I did not sleep well last night and | suddenly feel very fired. Ithink | will have a quick nap before Igo fo your house. “Lactually feel a litle fired, foo. |went for arun yesterday,” Anna says. “My legs hurt! think Iwill stretch and listen to some music while I make the soup. | will dance and get moving! Ipromise | will have lots of energy when you get here! “That sounds great. | will be ready to talk all aftemoon, too, Naps always make me feel beter.” Linda assures her friend. “In fact, Ihave such an interesting story to tell you. I bet you will not believe it..." “Wait, wait!” Anna interupts her. “This always happens! We have to end our conversation and start getting ready. I will listen to your story this aftemoon. But if we keep talking now, we will not have lunch together. We will have dinner!" sy Really Learn English! \/ Find more resources at