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Eric Lee

Science per. 4

Weather Patterns Current

1. State The Problem
How can I relate the article I read about weather
to what I have learned about in my Earth Science

2. Gather Information
a. Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at
a certain time and place. That is caused by the
amount of water in the air, which affects the

b. (See attached article)

3. Hypothesis
If I read the article I have chosen for my Earth
Science Current Event Report and relate it to
what I have read in my Science Book, Then I will
increase my knowledge about weather patterns,
because the information I have obtained will
inform me and will teach me on this subject as I
learn from it.

4. Experiment
a. Searched and Found an Article

b. Article has been read

c. Article has been highlighted.

d. Complete SMR, relating article to what I

learned in text.
5. Data

(See Attached graph)

6. Conclusion
Yes, I was successful in increasing my knowledge
about weather patterns (primarily floods) and
relating the article to my Science Book. For
example, it mentions in my article that there was
over 100 million dollars spent on the flood, and in
my Science textbook on page 518, it says that
floods and heavy rains cause millions of dollars in
property damage every year. Also, in my article it
states that 45 people were killed, 30,000 families
were affected, 4,000 people stranded, and 100
forced to leave their homes due to the flood. In
my science textbook on page 518, it says that
flash floods are the leading cause of weat er-
related deaths showing that this flood did cause
much damage as the book says, and therefore
relates to each other.