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Hawken School Math Course Flowchart

Hawken School’s math department strives to meet each student at her or his point of developmental and curricular readiness.
No two schools’ curricula align perfectly and each student develops at a different pace, so we consider past coursework, placement instruments, testing
results, and any other available readiness information to determine the best possible math placement for each student. This graphic shows the curriculum
paths followed by most Hawken students throiugh our middle and upper schools.

SOLID ARROWS ( ) indicate common curricular directions.

DASHED ARROWS ( ) indicate possible but less common flows.
(MS) and (US) indicate courses at the Middle School or Upper School.
Typical Grade

6 Math 6 (MS)

7 PreAlgebra (MS) Middle School

Insights Offering
(offerings vary from
year to year)

Algebra 1
8 (MS)
Cracking the Code

School ↑ Geometry
(MS) The 8th-9th Grade
transition is the
last re-set before Upper School
starting the
Intensive Offerings
college application
Algebra 1 transcript
(offerings vary from
year to year)
Upper (US)

School ↓ Pure Mathematics

Curves, Surfaces, &
Space (Topology)
Geometry Geometry Math Modeling
9 (US)
Typical 9th Grade Placement
Honors (US) Game Theory

Applied &
Engineering in Society
Algebra 2
10 Algebra 2
Mind Games
What to Think About
Machines that Think
AP Statistics App Development
Honors Honors
(Can be taken with 11 PreCalculus
PreCalculus AB PreCalculus BC
One Person One Vote
permission after (Stats+History)
any Algebra 2 Cryptology
either concurrently Math & Social Justice
with precalculus or (Stats+Humanities)
calculus, or as a Art & Chaos Theory
terminal upper 12 Calculus AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC (Math+Art)
school math class)

alternate years

With approval, there are Multivariable Diff Eq's &

*Algebra 1
opportunities for acceleration Calculus Linear Algebra
through Hawken Summer Studies
Algebra 2
(*offerings vary depending on
Last updated October, 2017