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Jet Airways’ Labour Dispute: Trade Unions and India’s Labour Conundrum
Publication Year : 2009 Authors: Vivek M.V Dr. Nagendra V Chowdary Industry: Services Region:India Case Code: HRM0049 Teaching Note: Available Structured Assignment: Available Abstract: Disputes in domestic and multinational companies in India are on a rise since 2008. It is not sure whether the labour unrest is here to stay or it is just a side effect of the toppled economy. Citing a plethora of faults with employers, the labour community, represented by various organisations ranging from local trade unions to officers’ associations continuously engaged themselves in strikes and protests. Indian economy which is about to lean heavily on service sector would get affected if the problem is not solved soon. While Jet Airways’ pilots went on a strike for 5 days, there were millions of passengers who landed up in trouble. The results? Bad reputation for both – the company and the employees plus great monetary loss. While India’s age old labour laws stand safeguarding the interests of the supposedly less powerful ‘employee’ community with a few amendments over the years, ironically, the labour unrest is growing in the country. Is it time to modify India’s labour laws? Who is on the wrong side, employees or employers? The case study deals with the labour laws in India and its effect and influence in the modern day trade unions and businesses. Explaining the case of Jet Airways labour dispute in 2009, the case brings in the issues of increasing labour discontent and makes a case for why a major reform in labour legislations is required. Pedagogical Objectives: To understand the need and importance of Indian labour laws and have an overview of all the laws related to Indian workers
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To discuss the causes of increase in labour disputes in India in general and that of Jet Airways in particular To discuss and debate on all the possible ways of and means to resolve the impasse between Jet Airways retrenched pilots and Jet Airways management and to address the standoff amicably

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