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2001-2002 Encore Alumni

Contact & Update List

As I was contacting everyone I found that many will not be able to make it to the reception, and I had
so much fun catching up with all of you, so I decided to put together a quick list of what everyone is
up to. Also, I included new contact info for things like weddings, new babies, etcetera so we will be
able to contact one another with the good news! Love you guys! Jen (Johnson) Wallace.

Nicholas Berg
• Graduating from BYU with music dance and theatre degree
• Still working at Primary Children’s Hospital
• Planning on applying for medical school
Phone: 680-6666
Address: 67 N L Street
SLC, UT 84103

Heidi (Bolander)
• Has 2 children both girls! Ages 3 and 8 months
• Stay at home mom
• Husband is a teacher in Toolee where they own a home
Address:659 S. 790 W.
Toelee, UT 84074

Tifani (Bowman)
• Has 2 girls ages 2 and 6 months!
• Attending hair school
• She and her husband Adam own a home in the new Daybreak community
Phone: 302-9836
Address: 11508 S Harvest Rain Ave.
South Jordan, UT 94095

Jennie (Clark) Hansen

• Was recently married
• Is still preforming

Jeff Clements
• Married to Maryanne they have a son

Nate Creer
• married

Burton Davis

Bryce Day

Jake Deines
• Attending George Washington University in Washington D.C.
• Still “holding out for a hero”

Adam Evans
• Attending school in MN
• Has at least one baby?

Stacy (Federson) Palmer

• Stay at home mom to her 2½ year old little girl and expecting another girl in June
Phone: 982-2156
Address: 5739 Kintail Ct.
West Valley City, UT 84128

Scott Hellewell
Phone: 801-725-4154

David Holmes
• Lives in Utah and has been helping Encore’s choreographers

Candace Jessee

Jason and Amanda Johnson

• They have 2 little boys
• Jason graduated from the U with a degree in Biology and Amanda attended
Cosmetology school
• Moved to Grenada in January for Jason to start medical school
• Will be back in Utah for the summer and would love to get in contact with everyone
Email: and

Jennifer (Johnson) Wallace

• Has a 19 month old girl and expecting a baby boy any day
• Graduated from the U with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies
• Stay at home mom and also helps her husband with the car dealership that he owns
Address: 4321 Welby Hills Drive
West Jordan, UT 84088

Jennifer Jolley
• Married and working
Address: 2032 Stratford Dr.
SLC, UT 84109

Heidi Law
• Working as a dental hygenist
• Was married in August
Address: 3675 S. 575 W.
Syracuse, UT 84075

Kimi (Livingston)
• Married
• Has two children both boys ages 16 months and 2 months
Phone: 298-1929
Address: 462 Kent Ln.
SLC, UT 84054

Scott Maruri
• Owns his own home
• Works in real estate
• Still performing in plays
• Lives across the street from Kimi
Phone: 726-5900?

Todd McCormick
• Married
• Works is real estate
Phone: 801-725-4506

Claudia (Paredes) Higginson

• Has been married for 3 years
• Working on a degree in Psychology
Address: 563 S. 400 E.
SLC, UT 84111

Adam Petersen
• Planning on attending medical school
• Works as a opticion (eye doctor’s assistant)
• Is his ward’s gospel doctorine teacher
Phone: 673-9218
Address: 8280 S Fallbrook Cir.
SLC, UT 84094

Emily (Petersen) Himebaugh

• Was married in August
• Works as a nurse at LDS Hospital
• Lives in University Housing

Brian Porter
• Owns a duplex in Holladay
• Still works at l-3 Communications as a Computer Engineer designing wireless
networks for the military
• Still singing, enjoying being and Uncle, and still “looking for his hero”
Phone: 913-7429
Address: 2289 Suada Dr.
Holladay, UT 84124

Tiara Puro

Carl Richards

Melissa Root

Monae Sanderson
• Lives with her husband in Colorado where he is attending medical school
• Has a two year old son and is expecting another in July
Phone: 720-216-7732
Address: 8111 E Yale Ave. Apt# 9-102
Denver, CO 80213

Mindy (Scott) Jolley

• Married to Dave Jolley (Jen Jolley’s brother and he was in Encore 2002-2003)
• They are expecting their first baby (a boy) in August
• Living in Milwaukee for 3 years while Dave finishes school
Address: 3167 N. 75th St. #4
Milwaukee, WI 53216

Saleah (Stone) Snow

• Married and maybe living in Idaho?

Liz (Thornell) Christenson

• Has an 18 month old
• Still preformin
• Has written and produced 2 plays and is currently writing a screenplay
Teaches organic gardening
Address: 2030 E Millstream Ln.
SLC, UT 84109

MaryAnne (VanRoosendaal) Clements

• Married to Jeff Clements has a son
Phone: mom’s phone number: 272-3506

Rob Weiler
• Graduated fro m ByU with a degred in Communication
• Lives in Arizona and works as a sports writer for a local newspaper
• Is still “single and mormon” and says that “being a menace to society has its

Danielle Weir
• Earned a masters degree in Arts in International Affairs and Diplomacy
• Lived in Kenya for a summer ding research for CHOICE a humanitarian group and
plans on returning to Kenya for additional work
Is getting married this summer
• Still sings and has a CD, works as a Sales Manager at Peery Hotel
Address: 1835 Homestead Farms Way #2
West Valley, UT 84119

Jon Woodbury
• Has been married for 2 years
• They own a wedding business and together they can do a little bit of everything their
website is:
Phone: 949-2044 or
Address: 1229 Carlton Ct.
SLC, UT 84123

• Married
• Has a baby boy
Phone: 913-0029?