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Subject : English

Class : 3 M (3 MAWAR)
No. of pupils : 28
Date : 25/02/2014
Time : 11.15 a.m. – 12.15 p.m.
Topic : Short Vowels
Main skill : Reading
Integrated skill : Listening, Writing and computer basic knowledge
Type of reading problem : Insufficient Sight Vocabulary
Focussed Disability : Unable to recognize sight word
Sub-skills : Listening
Listen to and repeat initial blend
1. Look at letters and say aloud the following sound :-
a) Initial blend
2. Read aloud words with the letters as the narrator sounds.

3. Recognize and read out whole words.

Complete missing letters in word
Language item : C-V-C (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant)
Previous Knowledge : Students already learn in vocabulary.

Learning outcomes : By the end of the lesson, students should be able to :

1. Recognize short vowels.
2. Construct simple sentences independently.
Moral values : independent, cooperative

Educational emphasis : Thinking skill

1) Identifying 2) Guessing Multiple intelligence 1) Interpersonal 2) Linguistic Teaching Aids : 1) Whiteboard and marker pen 2) Clifford Interactive Storybook Here. Clifford! 3) Clifford Storybook activity Make a Word 4) Computers with Internet access 5) LCD or overhead projector to display storybook activities 6) Headphones/speakers .

sentence. Interactive . Teacher asks Students respond. Computer. Skills Set Induction Recall previous lesson. speaker. the story. Presentation Observing activity Teacher asks Students respond. storybook the blank by click the answer given.scho lastic.htm “begin” button to Students read aloud ) start the story. Students listen to the story. Teacher asks students to listen the narrator sounds by Students fill in the clicking every blank questions. Stage/ Content Teaching Activities Learning Activities T. Students recall previous lesson. students to open the internet. Practice Fill in the blank Teacher asks Students respond to Website Clifford activities students to try teacher’s Interactive (20 mins) answering the fill in instructions. Greeting students to recall (5 mins) previous lesson. website (15 mins) website that already address in the bookmark. Teacher asks students to read aloud the story. (http://teacher.htm ) Production Make a word Teacher asks Students respond to Website Clifford students to make teacher’s questions. ( Students to click 1/flash/story_2.scho Teacher asks lastic. Aids Remarks/ Time T. Teacher introduces the topic by writing a simple C-V-C word on the 1/flash/story_2.

have learnt. Students present the ideas. Summing up students what are the Be creative in solving moral values that Students give (5 mins) problems.schol Teacher guide astic. . Believe in yourself. Teacher asks Summing up of the students what they whole lesson have learnt from the lesson and sums up the lesson. .com/clifford1 students in making /flash/vowels/index word. they can apply to the opinion of what they lesson.htm Closure Moral values Teacher asks Students respond. http://teacher.(15 min) words using the storybook game letters given.