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IT Industry-Overview

Information technology (IT), as defined by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), is "the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware." IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and securely retrieve information.” Today, the term information technology has ballooned to encompass many aspects of computing and technology, and the term is more recognizable than ever before. The information technology umbrella can be quite large, covering many fields. IT professionals perform a variety of duties that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases. A few of the duties that IT professionals perform may include data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design, as well as the management and administration of entire systems. When computer and communications technologies are combined, the result is information technology, or "InfoTech". Information Technology (IT) is a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and disseminate information. Presumably, when speaking of Information Technology as a whole, it is noted that the use of computers and information are associated.


Indian IT Sector
The Indian information technology sector has been instrumental in driving the nation's economy onto the rapid growth curve. According to the Nasscom-Deloitte study, the IT industry's contribution to the country's GDP has increased to a share of 5.2 per cent in 2007, as against 1.2 per cent in 1998. Further, the IT and BPO industries are expected to earn revenues worth US$ 64 billion by the end of fiscal year 2008, registering a growth of 33 per cent with exports expected to cross US$ 40 billion and the domestic market estimated to clock over US$ 23 billion, according to a study. India's IT growth in the world is primarily dominated by IT software and services such as Custom Application Development and Maintenance (CADM), System Integration, IT Consulting, Application Management, Infrastructure Management Services, Software testing, Serviceoriented architecture and Web services. A report by the Electronics and Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) estimates software exports to register a 33 per cent growth in the current financial year with export figures during FY 2008 expected to reach US$ 45 billion. The country's IT exports have, in fact, come quite far, starting from a few million dollars in the early 1990s. The Government expects the exports turnover to touch US$ 80 billion by 2011, growing at an annual rate of 30 per cent per annum.

Outsourcing IT is an outgrowth of the focus on achieving value for money spent on IT. The theory behind IT outsourcing is that “an expert third party can handle IT functions most efficiently and less expensively than the company itself”. Companies increasingly desire to stick to their "core competencies," the functions that provide them competitive advantage in the marketplace. Though a related phenomenon, Offshore Outsourcing, has gained prominence recently, companies have off-loaded IT functions including Help Desk, IT Infrastructure, and Data Warehouse to outside providers for decades. Another related approach is the Application Service Provider (ASP) model through which companies "rent" software applications or equipment from the provider for a monthly fee. When companies outsource IT functions to outsourcers or ASPs, 4

cultural compatibility. innovative and tech savvy partners.Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define every aspect of the arrangement between customer and provider. cost. and data and intellectual property security and privacy. Multinationals in India Information Technology has been a promising sector for India. Another study conducted by Nasscom jointly with the Everest consulting firm reports the Indian outsourcing sector logged a 35 percent annual growth over the last five years with annual revenues touching US$ 11 billion. generating revenues both for the domestic as well as the global market. educational system. No wonder. global and legal maturity. infrastructure. with the bulk coming from exports. The Outsourcing Service Provider Performance Study 2007. A research forecasts India as the undisputed leader in the outsourcing space in the year 2008. outlining the level of service to be provided and the consequences if that level is not met. political and economic environment. India's IT potential has attracted multinationals to grab a 5 . India has ousted China as a contender for offshore services and tops the list of 30 countries on criteria’s such as language. labour pool. Twenty-nine India-based companies have been listed among the best 100 IT service providers in a new survey carried out with a view to assist business heads of major outsourcers identify reliable. government support. reported that the majority of UK businesses offshore all or parts of their IT functions to India and plan to continue with this strategy as India emerged the favorite outsourcing destination for businesses in UK in terms of satisfaction.

Oracle and a host of other IT entities are US$ 700 million. India offers a market with very high returns for multinationals flocking to invest in their India units. the increase in purchasing power and the rapid business expansion of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) holds promise for global information technology (IT) giants who look at a 100 per cent year-on-year growth in their Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) market in India. HP. Global IT companies as well as domestic biggies like IBM. a supercomputer (the fourth fastest) in the world for cloud computing research in India. HCL and Wipro have witnessed a remarkable growth in their business. 6 . IBM. • working overtime to tap the smaller and medium businesses. • Intel –the globally renowned chip maker is looking to invest more than US$ 1 billion in India over the next three years in partnership with Indian and foreign hardware firms to prepare lightweight personal computers. Also. • Capgemini. Accenture. • make it the largest outside Britain. Domestic Markets India's domestic market has also become a force to reckon. Europe's largest consulting and computer services firm is gradually After sourcing IT applications from some IT firms last year Wal-Mart will now moving its internal support services to India. TCS. • expand its existing operations given India’s impressive IT capability to cover more firms and augment its work in the United States. • • Cisco posted over 100 per cent year-on-year growth in its SME business in India. Oracle is expecting over 100 per cent growth in India for its CRM business on the Yahoo! Inc and Tata Sons subsidiary firm Computational Research back of increased technology awareness and need for cost-effective customer servicing. Cisco. with the existing IT infrastructure evolving both in terms of technology and depth of penetration. • Laboratories (CRL) have entered into a joint agreement to make available-EKA.share of the pie and cash in on the IT boom. • Dell India's witnessed 80 per cent sales over last year with revenues to the tune of World's leading chip designer firm ARM is expanding its India design centre to IT biggies like Microsoft.

service oriented architecture. Of late IT service providers. networking projects. HCL Technologies. For instance the railways ERP project. MNC's and domestic firms have recognised the potential of the home market. Rajdeep Sahrawat. banks and others are offering multi-year contracts that are over US$ 100 million” Global market intelligence and consulting firm IDC reports that the domestic IT market will grow at 24 per cent in 2008 to touch US$ 27. and virtualizations as also networking projects.8 billion whereas the domestic market is expected to touch US$ 23. The net margins in the domestic market are at about 9-11 per cent. Genpact. IT work from ministry of finance and private telecom companies. Growth The Indian information technology sector continues to be one of the sunshine sectors of the Indian economy showing rapid growth and promise. India Inc's demand for IT services and products has bolstered growth in the domestic sector with deal sizes going up remarkably and contracts worth US$ 50-100 million up for grabs.3 per cent annually to reach US$ 24.3 billion by 2011. considerably in recent years.The domestic information technology business has become far too attractive to ignore. the Indian firms would report stronger-than-average IT budget increases of around 13 per cent. • India's software and services exports are expected to reach US$ 40. which has improved. Nasscom vice president.2 billion dollars in FY08 as per the 'Strategic Review 2008' by IT industry body Nasscom. • With small and mid sized businesses driven by the increased use of technology the country’s information and communication technology market is estimated to grow 20. 7 . innovative and tech savvy firms had listed twenty-nine India based companies amongst the best 100 IT service providers including Tata Consultancy Services. the BSNL systems integration. expansion of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). feels the domestic IT market has evolved significantly from what it was earlier. slightly higher than 2007. • A survey carried out to assist business heads of major outsourcers to identify reliable.3 per cent in 2008. IDC sees a higher local demand driven by growth of broadband. Though worldwide IT budgets are expected to increase by 3. and WNS Global Services amongst others.35 billion. “There are mega deals up for grabs both in the private and public sector.

Market capitalization of IT shares will be around U. Sources estimates   IT services will contribute over 7.62 billion in 2012. the domestic market alone is expected to become over US$ 50 billion. venture creators and incubation to promote • • Electronics and hardware manufacturing. Simultaneously. jobs in IT by 2008. In fact no other Indian industry has performed so well against the global market.57 billion industry. IT services. and e-businesses thus creating a number of opportunities for Indian companies. All of these segments have opportunities in foreign and as well as in domestic markets. $ 225 billion. annual revenue projections for ' India IT Industry ' in 2008 are US $ 87 billion and market openings are emerging across four broad sectors. 8 . significantly. IT Exports will account for 35% of the total exports with potential for 2. US$ 49. Further. The Indian IT industry had recorded a growth rate of 22. Employment Generation and IT led Economic Growth. It has taken steps to promote angel investors. it is focused on Creation of Wealth. According to sources.4 per cent. IT enabled services. Government of India (GOI) has taken major steps towards promoting ' India IT Industry '.S.2 million IT industry will attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of U. with a CAGR of about 18. The master control of 'Indian IT Industry' is in the hands of Department of Information Technology (DOT) which aims to make ' Indian IT Industry '. the Indian IT market is estimated to grow at the rate of over 16 per cent to become a US$ 132 billion industry.According to the global infotech analyst International Data Corporation. a Global IT Super Power by 2008 .47 billion in 2006.   With the formation of a new ministry for IT.4 per cent in 2007 to become a US$ 60. the IT exports are estimated to more than double to US$ 78. can be attributed to the meteoritic success of 'India IT Industry '. R&D. software products.S. The robust growth of India Inc.5 % of the overall GDP.a front-runner and bring the benefits of electronics to every walk of life. $ 4-5 billion.

Use of IT to increase productivity. business and commercial awareness and client-focused skills are sought for consultancy roles. For IT services. or specialist consultancy services for a niche market. Development of local language softwares. many companies will recruit from any degree discipline. Increasingly. RM provides IT services and software for UK educational establishments. Increase utilization of Internet. software and web development. Number and quality of training facilities. IT services Companies such as Accenture. although some will specify an IT-related degree. 9 . IBM and LogicaCMG are amongst the biggest names in the UK providing expert support and services to other organizations.• • • • • • • • Increase PC penetration. in addition to a strong interest in IT. Availability of technical work force. Domestic software market. 'IT Industry India ' is a knowledge industry that will help take the Indian economy to a new horizon and further change the ' Scenario of Indian IT Industry' fueling India's economic growth. while Detica specializes in the delivery of intelligence systems. Use of IT as a means of generating employment. be it through hardware. There are many big graduate recruiters in technology consultancy roles that provide a combination of IT services. For example.

Roles in software product development can be highly technical and require an IT-related degree. building societies and investment banks. monitor its performance and achieve ever-greater efficiency. needs IT systems to carry out its business. Financial services organizations and banks need graduates to design and test core mainframe systems and PC applications. have a unique requirement for secure. 10 . Some of the companies that recruit in this area include BT. Software product development Companies in this area build tools that help organizations use IT more effectively and efficiently. Data Connection. public and commercial. In-house IT Every organization.Financial services These include domestic clearing banks. offering further training as appropriate. such as UBS and Lehman Brothers. Retailers like the John Lewis Partnership and Cadbury Schweppes need IT specialists to provide systems developments in order to advance ecommerce and e-business initiatives. The latter. Software development often involves linking together existing products. and promote consultancy or outsourcing support. high-quality systems that manage the vast number of banking transactions carried out around the globe every day. often at 2:1 level or above. or working on improving current networks. and Tessella Support Services. IT sales and marketing All kinds of IT organizations offer positions in sales and marketing where employees sell hardware and software. Adequate levels of technical support are also needed. In-house organizations tend to recruit from a wide range of degree disciplines. There is currently a focus on developing products for e-business solutions and business-to-business (B2B) software and services. This could involve installing systems to ensure back up and security is maintained.

an automatic identification method. Internet access via mobile phones and the popularity of the iPod have revolutionized the music and multimedia industries.Companies such as IBM recruit from a wide range of disciplines. For example. but now there are intelligent toilets pioneered in Japan! • Telecom companies are set to invest in technology that involves using the Internet to make phone calls instead of the regular network – the phone bill could become a thing of the past. 11 . • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). point a mobile phone at a poster or advertisement and download dates. • Digital tagging (implanting microchips under the skin) will be developed so that traditional forms of ID and credit cards are no longer needed – the implanted chip would simply need to be scanned into a computer. People are getting used to the idea of intelligent fridges and ovens. for example. easier and can be used on a smaller scale. and website or contact details. involves inserting RFID tags into a variety of products. Passers-by could. These objectives might include getting to market faster with a new product or reducing the amount of inventory it carries. Future examples of developments in technology: • Computing will be embedded in everyday appliances. Managing IT At the broadest level. managing IT is the practice of overseeing and running a company's information technology (IT) investments and systems. Developments mean that IT is faster. who participates in Strategic Planning with senior managers to determine how IT can help the company achieve its business objectives. Technology New technologies are constantly developing. although a certain level of technical knowledge is needed. The highest-level IT person in a company is usually the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Large enterprises typically spend between one percent and 10 percent of revenues on IT. tracking and entering orders. 12 . In past years. has gained popularity. senior management demanded better oversight of technology purchases with more emphasis on justifying the proposed project before allocating the funds.In the age of the Internet. millions of companies all over the world spent enormous sums of money on technology without realizing a Return on Investment (ROI).This system collects data directly from the customer and uses this data to plan marketing campaigns. eCommerce platforms run the gamut from high-profile retailers' Internet shopping sites to business-tobusiness (b2b) sites that a company's customers and suppliers can use for selfservice functions such as order tracking. and design better products. improve customer service. The network may be based on wired (traditional) or wireless LAN technology. • eCommerce platform. As a result. This involves analyzing not only the initial cost of the hardware and software to determine project costs but also the cost to train employees as well as maintain and run the system over its entire lifecycle. virtually all companies sell their goods and services to their market via Web sites. • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Corporate offices are connected via a wide area network (WAN). IT spending is one of the biggest line items in the budget. depending on the industry. called Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis. • Internetworking. transferring them to the factory for production and then out through the supply chain for distribution to the ultimate customer.The corporate local area network (LAN) connects employees to databases and applications and lets them share data. An alternate form of justification.At companies of all sizes.Manufacturing companies use ERP to run the business. A large company's major IT systems typically include: • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

13 .Professional organizations • AITech-Assinform is an Italian association of information & communication Malaysian National Computer Confederation is a Malaysian confederation technology companies and an affiliate of Confindustria. • dedicated to the development of IT Professionals and the creation of an Information Rich Society. • Philippines (COMDDAP) are an association of leading information technology businesses in the Philippines. Distributors. • an association of Indian IT companies. • profit organization that promotes high standards among informatics professionals across Europe. • The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) was founded in 1957 as the The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is an association for Information & The Australian Information Industry Association is the national organization The British Computer Society (BCS) is the largest UK-based professional body The Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) is the largest professional The Computer Manufacturers. • The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) is an industry The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is The New Zealand Computer Society (NZCS) is the national body representing The Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) is an association of trade group for most of the world's major ICT companies. and Dealers Association of the world's first scientific and educational computing society. • representing ICT companies in Australia. • representing those working in IT. • The Computer Society of India (CSI) is the national body representing computer The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) is a non- professionals in India. • body for computing in Canada. • ICT professionals in New Zealand • Philippine IT companies. • Communications Technology (ICT) professionals in Australia.

Major Players in IT industry Conglomerates GE LG Matsushita NCR Sony Thomson Toshiba HCL Hitachi Philips News Corp.• The Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) of Armenia is Armenia's first and largest IT association.com eBay Google AOL Yahoo! Rediff Electronics Manufacturers Celestica Foxconn Jabil Quanta Elcoteq Flextronics Kimball Plexus IT Services Accenture Booz Allen Hamilton BT Capgemini CGI Cognizant IBM Keane PA Steria ACS Bearing Point Getronics HCL Tech i-Flex CSC Indra Logica Perot Satyam 14 Atos Origin Avanade First Data EDS Deloitte Compuware Infosys Neusoft SAIC Sapient . Samsung Siemens Vivendi Computer Hardware Acer Fujitsu Siemens Hewlett-Packard Quanta Sony Apple Dell Lenovo Samsung Toshiba Computer Networks 3Com Avaya Cisco Huawei Juniper ZTE Alcatel-Lucent Allied Telesis Ericsson Foundry Nortel Nokia Siemens Dot Coms Amazon.

Syntel Unisys Virtusa EMC Maxtor Samsung Seagate TCS Titan Wipro ThoughtWorks TietoEnator Xansa Fujitsu NetApp Western digital Hitachi Storage Semiconductors AMD Elpida Skyworks Intel Nvidia Qimonda Sharp Analog Devices Fairchild Hynix Micron Samsung Renesas ST Microelectronics Broadcom Freescale Infineon National NXP Rohm VIA Software Activision Blizzard CA IBM Microsoft Oracle Sega Symantec Adobe Citrix Intuit Nintendo Red Hat Sony Take-Two Interactive Apple EA McAfee Novell SAP Sun Ubisoft Vertically Integrated Manufacturers Apple HP NEC Sun 15 .

Chief Strategy Officer.COO-President. Chairman. UP. Ranjit Narasimhan . India Shiv Nadar. BPO Division. NSE: HCLTECH) 11 August 1976 Noida. Vineet Nayar – CEO.Profile Of HCL Type Founded Headquarters Key people Public (BSE: 532281.8 Billion 55. Founder.000 (2008) HCL website Corporate Office 16 . Industry Revenue Employees Website Information Technology Services ▲USD 4.

for Hindustan Computers Limited) is India’s 4th largest leading global IT Services companies. Kolkata. Bhopal. Mumbai. E-4.in Other Locations in India Ahmedabad. Sector 11. Nagpur. Baroda. 2520977 Fax: 2550923 Prefix from Delhi: 95120 STD Code: 0120. Indore. Dehradun. Kozhikode. Trichi. Lucknow. Chandigarh. Kanpur.HCL Infosystems Ltd. Coimbatore. Bangalore. NOIDA 201 301. Madurai. Ranchi. providing software-led IT solutions. Rudrapur. UP India Tel: 2526518/19. Patna. ISD Code: 120 Email: webhost@hcl. Raipur. Bhubaneswar. Vijaywada. remote infrastructure 17 . Pune. Vishakapatnam. Thiruvananthapuram. Cochin. Chennai. HCL Technologies (abbr. Noida. Jaipur. 5 & 6. Guwahati. Hyderabad.

The HCL team comprises 55.000 professionals of diverse nationalities.Its headquarters is in Noida. Their strengths can be summarized as: 18 .000 professionals.management services and BPO. while HCL Infosystems deals in the IT. It offers one-stop-shop convenience to its diverse customers having an equally diverse set of requirements. Its manufacturing facilities are based in Chennai. Today HCL is country's premier information enabling company. or a small office or a home. founded in 1976. including several IT and Technology majors. along with its subsidiaries had revenue of US $ 1. IT Hardware.000 employees of diverse nationalities. Having made a foray into the global IT landscape in 1999 after its IPO. Office Automation Products & System Integration arm focused on the Indian market. ISO 14001. TS 16949 and ISO 13485. a listed subsidiary of HCL. operating across 18 countries including 360 points of presence in India.6 billion and employed more than 47. is an India-based hardware and systems integrator. HCL Technologies. Its range of offerings span R&D and Technology Services. operating across 17 countries including 360 service centers in India. HCLI has a product range. HCL Infosystems Ltd. Today. Systems Integration and Distribution of Technology and Telecom products in India. HCL Technologies is the IT and BPO services arm focused on global markets. or a small/medium enterprise. It claims a presence in 170 locations and 300 service centres. The 3-decade-old enterprise. Be it a large multi-location enterprise. HCL has global partnerships with several leading Fortune 1000 firms. working with clients in areas that impact and re-define the core of their business. For the quarter ending 31st December 2007. BPO services. Remote Infrastructure Management. sales & support capability to service the needs of the customer. HCL has 45. As we know that HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India: HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems. Communication. is one of India's original IT garage start-ups. HCL Technologies focuses on Transformational Outsourcing. Pondicherry and Uttarakhand . Enterprise and Applications Consulting. The company has been accredited with ISO 9001:2000.

. .BusyBee in 1985. . . . Some of them are: . .Country's first Desktop PC . HCL Infosystems has to its claim several technology pioneering initiatives.Long-standing relationship with customers.Country's first Pentium 4 based PC at sub 40k price point.Launched their own range of networking products. .Pan India support & service infrastructure.Beanstalk in 1995..Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology. . Using their own R&D they have: . 19 .Developed firewalls for enterprise & personal system security. Technology Leadership HCL Infosystems is known to be the Harbinger of Technology in the country.Launched their own range of enterprise storage products. .Created their own UNIX & RDBMS capability (in 80s). Right from our inception it has attempted to pioneer the technology introductions in the country either through our R&D or through partnerships with the world technology leaders.Country's first Media Center PC.Best-vale-for-money offerings.Country's first branded home PC .

"If you want to empower people. In January 2005. There's enough entrepreneurship in this country to take care of the rest. Nadar foresaw the huge potential in the area of IT education & learning from which NIIT was born. for his contribution to not just the IT industry in India. Shiv Nadar received the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2007 in the 'Services' category for being "a doyen of the Indian IT industry and perhaps its chief architect".the third highest civilian honor conferred by the President of India . which is today among the 20 . He founded the not-for-profit SSN College of Engineering in Chennai. Shiv Nadar has often made daring forays based on his conviction of the future.9 billion global Enterprise. in recognition of not just his contribution to trade & industry in India but also his deep commitment to public good. Shiv Nadar led a young team which passionately believed in and bet on the growth of the IT industry. That vision in 1976. Shiv Nadar firmly believes that. and creating jobs in Belfast when India was being criticized for just the opposite. Shiv Nadar received The CNBC Business Excellence Award from the Prime Minister of India. born out of a Delhi "barsaati” has resulted 3 decades later in creating a $ 4. Shiv Nadar has been conferred the Padma Bhushan Award .in January 2008. give them the tools. In February 2005 he was listed by "India Today" in the Power List of India's leaders from all walks of life. More recently. creating valuable JVs with marquee partners such as Deutsche Bank. The University of Madras awarded him an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Science in November 2007.Founder At a time when India had a total of 250 computers. Acknowledged as a visionary by the IT industry and his peers." He is quick to grasp new opportunities. for building a global IT Enterprise from scratch in 3 decades. but also for his "transformation of technological culture globally". At a time when hardware was the name of the game. select a team to transform his ideas into reality and delegate the project to professionals.

top ten private engineering colleges in India. world-class education to rural children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. over the last thirty years that HCL has been 21 .working to establish standards in public health education and to create a network of innovative world-class India-relevant institutes of public health.Shiv Nadar currently resides in Delhi with wife. Concerned with the public health issues in India. enabling world class higher education for students across socio-economic strata. Shiv Nadar is involved with the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) . Kiran and daughter. Shiv Nadar is also building 6 "VidyaGyan" public schools in Uttar Pradesh that will provide free. He also supports initiatives for the girl child and also takes active part in efforts for the empowerment of women. The fact is. HCL DNA The TIME magazine has referred to HCL as an "intellectual clean room where its employees could imagine endless possibilities". Roshni.

partnerships and HCL have been inseparable. Work at HCL 22 .operational. Ever since HCL entered into an alliance in 1970s. HCL has had a 3-decade rich history of inventions and innovations. Entrepreneur is the term that best describes the HCL employees. the company has stood by its values and core philosophy.create value. Bonds have been forged with partners to co .

expert guidance or democratic empowerment. tools to use. inner peace or fast track growth. time to think. not ‘human resources’.HCL treats people as people. 23 . continuously train. HCL boasts of its people and recognizes every mind as an engineering powerhouse. and help them perform in the most challenging assignments. It offers a unique experience to people through technology and process innovation. Its unique approach has made it an employer of choice both in India and abroad. improve the skill set of these professionals. HCL recognizes human resources as the backbone of its long-term success and has consciously focused on increasing the value-add per employee. The result of such cooperative environment is that over 40000 highly motivated individuals are working for 500 satisfied customers around the globe. Utmost importance is attached to attract the best talent into the organization. It gives them whatever they need to succeed – be it a virtual assistant or talent transformation sabbaticals. Its five-fold path to enlightenment provides the workforce with space to grow. It breeds leaders to work for leaders.

24 .

they raise a toast to the achievers and have a frolicking party every quarter. Their Christmas is warmer than Christmas puddings with Santa Claus. Xmas trees for all teams and lots of tinsel. everyday work is made an enjoyable and fun experience. but also helps the amateurs take a break. music. dance. all are a way to celebrate their "unity in diversity". Holi or Pongal or Rakshabandhan. 25 . At HCL.Everyday Work enjoyed at HCL HCL provides a dynamic. antakshiri. The HCL Concert Series is a tribute to excellence in human endeavor. Be it a festival or commemorating one of them or applauding a team . Every month people are invited to enjoy four evenings of soul satisfying music or enrapturing dance performance by some of the best artists in India Sporting Champions Cricket. These rejoicing. Innovate at HCL Innovation is promoted in every part of the organization and the results are seen in the various examples of innovations that have come from their own employees. or an Acrylic Star for their performance. reveling moments are not to be missed.paint the town red. Diamond. Squash or Golf .one can find them all there in HCL – Its intra-organization and interorganization competitions ensure that even the workaholics are involved in playing or cheering at least. festivities. HCL Concert Series Extending the exclusive blend of creativity and excellence from IT to the world of music and dance. Table tennis in office everyday makes not only the class players pursue their interests. hobbies. Blue parties. HCL One Awards To commend the achievements of their people. achievements. frolic. fast paced and flexible work environment that nurtures relationships and constantly celebrates its people's happiness. quizzing is all ingrained in HCL. Thee make Diwali brighter than the lights with stalls.they do it with a bang . Celebrating Festivities Celebrations. carousing. and mimicry name it and they have it. Win the Glittering Trophy.

from the city towards nature . Facilities Management at Government Department A Govt.move away from the work environment. These adventurous trips help them strengthen their camaraderie. This comprised of: -Server Farms of Data Center. Dept. and Consumables supply not timely. Current situation was that they had Multi-vendor maintenance of IT Infrastructure.in the lush green environment to rekindle and refresh their spirit. It was decided to award a facility management contract for upkeep of their IT -Infrastructure bound by clear Service Level Agreements with the service provider. A prerequisite for all these was Data collection and Data consolidation. river rafting . outings. Case Studies Being in the business for more than 26 years HCL has rich experiences of executing projects of varying sizes. movies.Internet link to two ISPs. picnics. . Data Center Security for a Private Financial Company A Private Financial Company was setting up an Internet Data Center (IDC) at their Corporate Head Quarters to enable E-Securities trading system for their customers to carry out shares trading over Extranets & Internet. 2. 26 . multi vendor co-ordination issues. CASE STUDIES > Infostructure Services 1. complexity and technologies.Picnics and more at HCL HCL as a family goes to trips. At the same time they were also looking at Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership and free Key IT-official from day to day co-ordination issues so that they have time to focus on new initiative. was planning for a major IT initiative including VAT implementation and implementation of portal preceded.Public access servers in Data Center. . They were facing problems of down time of critical IT equipment.

to issue licenses to the public who approach any of the 9 Zonal Offices (earlier. BSE. the client decided to keep additional Solution The client is able to get information about products / ingredients. HCL configured the solution which had products / services from multiple vendors. Federal project on Food & Drug Administration Objective The objective is to answer the Information Technology needs of the client for its existing operations. manufacturers like products manufactured. . Through this solution.WAN Link to their Regional offices. to prevent issue of multiple licenses to a driver.WAN Links to NSE. Allopathic. information about manufacturers. Medical devices / equipment & Pathological labs. Objective The objective is to produce high quality driving licenses. the client able to cater to the requirements of various sections / departments like Food. Cosmetics and Veterinary. their brand names. HCL Infosystems Ltd.design consulting & implementation for making the above IDC setup of Financial company secure against internal and external threats. sellers and their activities. Indian medicines. Federal Project on Driving License Issuance Case Study.LAN within office.. import / supplier details.Extranet VPN. In addition to the above. CGMP information etc. Biologics. . increase efficiency and provide a vast database of information at its fingertips. plant and machinery details. CASE STUDIES > System Integration Projects 1. with vast experience in designing & implementing complex IT solutions has done the following activities . . The salient features of the solution included capturing of Text/Photo/Sign/Fingerprint at the Zonal Office and printing 27 . the public had to visit a specific Zonal Office which covered their geography) and reduction of cycle time Solution The client is provided with front-end commissioning & operations part at all 9 zones. to reduce the time for existing activities. 2.LAN links from their group companies. distributor details. .

Solution HCL Infosystems developed a complete wide area network solution including design. Centralized & Anywhere Banking Infrastructure for a leading private sector bank Objective The objective is to set up a world class DATA Center for the client's Anywhere Banking operations and consolidation exercise. single visit to MLO for getting a license. Electronic Approval. 4. Process re-engineering to improve speed. Project on branch connectivity of one of the country's largest public sector banks through WAN Objective The objective is to implement anywhere banking countrywide. 5.) Solution All the branches of a city were linked through Leased line/ISDN link to Regional Computer Center which inturn was part of the backbone network with linkages to 14 cities. This enabled the customer for centralized system administration for all the branches. no waiting for card lamination. regional offices and Head Office.One of South India's Leading Banks Objective The objective is to provide Network Consultancy & Implementation for Centralized Banking 28 .of Text/Photo/Sign/Ultra Violet Logo on card so that licenses cannot be easily duplicated. implementation and integration while connecting their branches. so that their customers having account in any of the 250 branches can walk in to any of the other branches for Banking (withdraw / Deposit / DD making etc. The new system offered several benefits to the Transport Department such as On-line information. same day issuance of renewal / duplicate copy of driving license. The client's requirement is to computerize & connect their 250 branches. The client has more than 312 branches and 38 extension counters. hence resulting in public convenience. 3. Gateway is also provided for other RO connectivity via VSAT and leased lines. Besides managing the entire facility at all the centers and the providing of maintenance support for the Networking equipments. liaisoning with the product manufacturers for the post installation support for the spares was also provided.

Solution A complete billing and customer care is provided to a cellular phone provider in Kolkata. A Leading Joint Venture Company dealing in Telecommunication career services in the Asia Pacific Region Objective The objective is the Implementation & customization of Billing & Customer Care software. The project scope included conceptualising the solution. and user training. 6. customizing application software. India’s leading International Telecommunication Service Provider Objective The objective is to implement Gateway Electronic Data Interchange System Solution A centralized EDI server is set-up for the client. Data Center Solution To Leading Private Financial Services Company Objective The objective of the case is to establish centralized enterprise storage centre. India. The project included solution configuration. 8. and user training. Besides installing. interface to the switch. HCL Infosystems has maintained a help desk & network management station. integrating & commissioning of the project. 7.Solution The client is provided with interconnectivity of the branches for their centralized banking project. 29 . commissioning the necessary hardware and software. Solution Established a Data Center for the client to manage its 56 branches spread all over the country. through which all international telecom traffic is routed. supply and commissioning of hardware and software.

across a range of technologies in India.Initiation of application development in diverse segments such as textiles. paper.Formation of Far East Computers Ltd. . .. -Software Export Division formed at Chennai to support the bespoke application development needs of Singapore. transport. For over quarter of a century. cement. sugar.Unavailability of programming skills with customers’ results in HCL developing bespoke applications for their customers.HCL launches an aggressive advertisement campaign with the theme ' even a typist 30 1977 1978 1980 1981 1983 .History of HCL Infosystems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market.Foundation of the Company laid. 1976 . a pioneer in the Singapore IT market. The highlights of the HCL saga are summarized below: YEAR HIGHLIGHTS . We have been in the forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions. . we have developed and implemented solutions for multiple market segments. for SI (System Integration) solutions. . .Launch of the first microcomputer-based commercial computer with a ROM -based Basic interpreter.Introduces microcomputer-based programmable calculators with wide acceptance in the scientific / education community. with its origins in 1976.

The response to the advertisement was phenomenal.Zonal offices of banks and general insurance companies adopt computerization. . packaged support services (basic line. HCL arranges for such products to be ported to its platform.HCL sets up core group to define software development methodologies.There is a vertical segment focus on Telecom. .based computers and IBM PC clones.Begins Help desk services. IT consulting.HCL establishes a Response Centre for HP products.Sets up the STP (Software Technology Park) at Chennai to execute software 1996 projects for international customers. However. . . .HCL sets up core team to develop the required software . . This proposition involved menu-based applications for the first time.can operate' to make the usage of computers popular in the SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) segment. . . 1991 . Oracle).HCL promotes 3rd party PC applications nationally. which is connected to the HP Response Centre in Singapore. .HCL enters into a joint venture with Hewlett Packard. Loans etc. ALPM becomes the largest selling software product in Indian banks. .HP assists HCL to introduce new services: Systems Integration.HCL designs and launches Unix. .HCL acquires and executes the first offshore project from IBM Thailand. 31 .Purchase specifications demand the availability of RDBMS products on the 1986 supplied solution (Unify. . The team uses reusable code to reduce development efforts and produce more reliable code. 1994 1995 . team line). Current account.HCL develops special program generators to speed up the development of applications.Execution projects for Germany and Australia.Becomes national integration partner for SAP. .Bank trade unions allow computerization in banks. . .HCL assists customers to migrate from flat-file based systems to RDBMS.ALPM (Advanced Ledger 1985 Posting Machines). to increase ease of operations. a computer can only run one application such as Savings Bank. . Manufacturing and Financial Services.

Enters into partnership with AMD.1 Brand in Desktop PCs.000 PCs in a quarter.Bags MAIT's Award for Business Excellence. 32 .Launched Infiniti PCs. 17990. . 2003 2004 .Launched Home PC for Rs 19.Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get ISO 9001 certification.Launches Infiniti Mobile Desktops on Intel Platform.HCL ties up with Broad vision as an integration partner.000.Maintains No. 1 Desktop PC Company of 2001.Acquires and sets up fully owned subsidiaries in USA and UK. .Became the first vendor to register sales of 50.HCL Infosystems' Info Structure Services Division received ISO 9001:2000 certification. . .IDC India-DQ Customer Satisfaction Audit rates HCL as No. 2000 .Becomes the 1st IT Company to be recommended for latest version of ISO 9001: 2000. .Bags Award for Top PC Vendor In India. 1 IT Group in India. . . solutions & related services. . .Rated as No. post duty reduction. Communications & Imaging products. -HCL Infosystems & Sun Microsystems enters into a Enterprise Distribution 2001 2002 Agreement. . -IDC rated HCL Infosystems as No. . .Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get SEI Level 4 certification. Workstations & Servers on AMD platform.Kolkata and Noida STPs set up.Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia.HCL buys back HP stake in HCL Hewlett Packard. offers Ezeebee at Rs.First Indian company to be Numero Uno in the commercial PC market. . .Realigns businesses. .1st to announce PC price cut in India. . increasing focus on domestic IT.1997 1998 1999 . .1 position in the Desktop PC segment for year 2003. .Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia.999. -Launched Pentium IV PCs at below Rs 40. -Declared as Top PC Vendor by Dataquest. . .

.7% to become No.Partners with Union Bank to make PCs more affordable.1 vendor' for sales of A3 size Toshiba Multi Functional Devices for the year '04 -'05 by IDC.Top 50 fastest growing Technology Companies in India' & 'Top 500 fastest Growing Technology Companies in Asia Pacific' by 'Deloitte & Touché'.'Best Bhoomi Brand 2005' by 360 magazine -in the PC category. . 33 .Registers a market share of 13. .Enters into partnership with Port Wise to support & distribute security & VPN solutions in India. introduces lowest ever EMI for PC in India. . . .Toshiba’ Super Award 2005 towards business excellence in distribution of Toshiba Multifunctional products. By 'Deloitte & Touché'.9. 2005 . . .Rated as the No. 990/-.1 Desktop PC company for year 2004.Partners with Microsoft & Intel to launch Beanstalk Neo PC. a fully functional PC priced at Rs.Crosses the landmark of $ 1 billion in revenue in just nine months.India 's 'No. .'Most valued Business Partner' Award for projectors by Infocus Corporation in 2005. .Launched RP2 systems to overcome power problem for PC users. .Strategic Partners in Excellence' Award by Infocus Corporation for projectors.'Best Employer 2005' with five star ratings by IDC India -Dataquest.IT Hardware Category by The Economic Times -Avaya Global Connect.'7th IETE -Corporate Award 2005' for performance excellence in the field of Computers & Telecommunication Systems by IETE. .. .'The Most Customer Responsive Company 2005'.Becomes the 1st company to cross 1 lac unit milestone in the Indian Desktop PC market. . -in the LCD Monitor category. .1 Desktop PC company by IDC India –Dataquest. . .Launch of HCL PC for India.

HCL Infosystems in partnership with Toshiba expands its retail presence in India by unveiling 'shop Toshiba'. . .HCL in association with The Music Academy. .900/- .HCL Infosystems & Nokia announce a long-term distribution strategy. . Beanstalk Lifestyle & Beanstalk Dominator. 43.HCL introduces eco-efficient Notebook PCs complying with RoHS directive. .75. . sixth year 2006 successively. .HCL establishes its manufacturing facility at Uttranchal. .HCL Forms a Strategic Partnership with APPLE to provide Sales & Service Support for iPods in India. . .HCL Support wins the DQ Channels-2006 GOLD Award for Best After Sales Service on a nationwide customer satisfaction survey conducted by IDC. 000+ machines produced in a single month.HCL Infosystems sustains its commercial Desktop PC leadership for the fifth consecutive year. A range of four new HCL Beanstalk Digilife-enablers. .'HCL Leap tops'.HCL the leader in Desktops PCs unveils India's first segment specific range of notebooks brand . 2007 . 34 . Beanstalk Nano. .HCL creates Dual Core Xeon Server at a price point of RS..HCL Infosystems showcases Computer Solutions for the Rural Markets in India.HCL Infosystems rated as number one Desktop PC Company by IDC.HCL launches Beanstalk 2007 collection. . . Beanstalk Slim. .HCL launches "trusted ICT infrastructure platforms" for the BPO-ITeS segment.Enters into partnership with Casio. . Madras brings 'HCL Concert Series' to Chennai City. .HCL completes 30 years in India.HCL launches India's first High Performance Enterprise Server Platforms powered by dual core Intel itanium processors.IDBI selects HCL as SI partner for 100 branches ICT infrastructure rollout.HCL Infosystems First in India to Launch the New Generation of High Performance Server Platforms Powered by Intel Dual .Core Xeon 5000 Processor.

India’s first server with 16 computing cores in a 7.a simplified IT infrastructure solution in a ‘box’ targeted at small and medium enterprises. 14. .HCL launches ‘data center in a box’ . . complying with RoHS directive.HCL unveils the future of personal computing. . ultra 2008 portable. .HCL strengthens its BFSI System Integration Portfolio .Launches a new range of eco-efficient desktop PCs.. .Acquires a niche Banking Software Product Company. .HCL unveils enterprise class 16-core server . designed exclusively for the needs of rural retailers. .laptops MiLeap Series for the first time in India.inch (4u) form factor. .000/.new initiative aimed at capturing latest trends in technology and delivering them to Indian enterprises.HCL unveils initiative to create industry ready ICT professionals. Guiding Principles 35 .HCL announces launch of its workstation 2008 series for MCAD and DCC professionals.HCL launches India’s first multilingual POS printer HCL star . suite of networking products and solutions expands its portfolio for emerging enterprises. .HCL announces '360-degrees technology refresh program'.launches HCL career development centers'.HCL launches NETMAX.Kodak and HCL ink agreement to distribute digital cameras in India.TSP 700. Sub Rs. . Launches next generation.

services and solutions to meet the requirements of our external and internal customers. Innovation and Growth in every endeavour. share in the company's successes. OUR PEOPLE OBJECTIVES To help people in HCL Infosystems Ltd.VISION AND MISSION VISION STATEMENT "Together we create the enterprises of tomorrow" MISSION STATEMENT "To provide world-class information technology solutions and services to enable our customers to serve their customers better" QUALITY POLICY "We shall deliver defect-free products. CORE VALUES • • • We shall uphold the dignity of the individual We shall honour all commitments We shall be committed to Quality. the first time. to provide job security based on their performance. and help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work. Growth 36 . every time" OUR OBJECTIVES OUR MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES To fuel initiative and foster activity by allowing individuals freedom of action and innovation in attaining defined objectives. which they make possible. to recognize their individual achievements.

Shares of the firm HCL closed at Rs267. which is the second in its current financial year. HCL Technologies attributed its growth to increased business volumes and higher billing rates in the quarter.” said Vineet Nayar. 817 crore for the December quarter.6 Bn) grows at 47%. TCS grew its latest quarter revenues by 5. India’s fifth largest software services firm by revenues. Though business for the firm from the US grew 8. Revenue of Rs 11455 crores (USD 2. reported a 6. which is the second in its current financial year.9% on a quarterly basis. Pankaj Kapoor. beating the business growth rate at its much larger peers Tata Consultancy Services Ltd or TCS and Infosys Technologies Ltd. chief executive and president at HCL Technologies. at Rs333 crore. while Infosys reported a 4.60. Infosys. HCL Infosystems celebrates its 30th Year with consolidated revenue crossing Rs 10.9% this quarter.3% rise in revenues to Rs1.5% expansion. New Zealand). who tracks the tech sector at ABN AMRO Asia Equities (India) Ltd. 37 . “the growth this quarter was led by Asia Pacific. Net profits at HCL Technologies. HCL Technologies attributed its growth to increased business volumes and higher billing rates in the quarter. said a weak outlook on the US economy would weigh on the Technologies stock in the next three months. particularly Japan and Europe (Australia.HCL sales growth beats TCS.000 crores mark.28% on the Bombay Stock Exchange. down 0. The revenues and profits at TCS and Infosys are about four times that of the HCL firm. Noida-based HCL Technologies Ltd.3% over the preceding quarter. were up 7.

) during the year ended June 30. 2006 is Rs.0 crores (USD 2569.4 Mn.) as against Rs 5779.0 Mn. (HCL Insys).) in the previous year.March quarter.9 crores (USD 17. 2/. 75.5 Mn.5 crores (USD 28. 2006.8 crores (USD 22.6 crores (USD 119.3 crores (USD 86. 2006 as against Rs.2 Mn. a growth of 32% Computer systems business is cyclical in nature and is subject to seasonality specially based on government buying pattern.) in the previous year. a growth of 21%.7 (USD 0.). Profit before interest and taxes are at Rs 125. Revenue from the computer systems business is Rs 653. 2198. Revenue from the computer systems business is Rs 2381.0 Mn.2 Mn. Revenue from the Telecommunication & Office Automation business is Rs 9049. 16. 296.) in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.3 crores (USD 1296.) crores in the previous year.3) per share during previous year.9 Mn.2 Mn. Profit before interest and taxes are at Rs 244. which normally peaks in the Jan . a growth of 47%.6 Mn. 11455.FY 06 PBT at Rs 385 crores (USD 86 Mn).each as compared to Rs 13. a growth of 57%.2 crores (USD 1746.0 crores (USD 146.9 crores (USD 442. a growth of 22%. India's premier Information enabling company.) in the previous year.0 crores (USD 66. a growth of 30%. Profit before tax is reported at Rs.) in the previous year. Profit before tax is reported at Rs.8 crores (USD 2030. grows at 30% HCL Infosystems Ltd.).) as against Rs.4) per share of Rs.4 Mn.4 Mn.7 Mn.) during the quarter ended June 30. 38 .5 Mn. The Company reported consolidated revenue of Rs.) in the previous year.8 Mn. 2006 as against Rs. Profit before interest and taxes are at Rs 33.4 Mn.) as against Rs 534.4 crores (USD 534. The Company reported consolidated revenue of Rs. 99.0 crores (USD 54.7 (USD 0. 7787. 385.) as against Rs 1970.5 (USD 493. Basic EPS during the year ended June 30.8 crores (USD 7. announced its audited results for the financial year ended June 30.). a growth of 43%.7 crores (USD 706.1 Mn.5 Mn.) as against Rs. 3149.

Revenue from the Telecommunication & Office Automation business is Rs 2489.0 Mn. continuing developmental initiatives to enhance overall PC penetration and drawing the future roadmap to spearhead digital lifestyle era in the nation . "Yet again.The Profit after tax is reported at Rs.0 crores (USD 146. taking the total dividend for the year 2005-06 to 400%. Chairman and CEO.4 crores (USD 534. which incidentally marks our 30 years of pioneering technology.) in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. HCL Infosystems.58 Announcing the results.). The company reported a turnover of Rs.” The 32 years Milestone: 39 . we would continue to define the contours of Indian ICT industryeven more passionately. 26.5 Mn.9 crores (USD 6. Ajai Chowdhry.it has been a busy year of achievements & milestones for HCL. 2006.1Mn. creating 'technological verticals' by developing industry-specific products. 2006 is Rs 2381.). And as we enter into the current year.per fully paid up share.2 Mn.5 Mn.4 Mn. The turnover of the company on "standalone" basis during the year ended June 30. Profit before interest and taxes is at Rs 63.7 crores (USD 558. Mr.) and the Profit after tax is reported at Rs. said.) as against Rs 1655.3 crores (USD 371. USD Conversion Rate 44.0 crores (USD 14.3 Mn. Foraying into notebooks. a growth of 50%. 653. 113.2 crores (USD 25.) during the quarter ended June 30. as we continued to make bold inroads to strengthen our technology leadership and conquer new avenues for growth. this year has been a landmark year for all of us at HCL.) The Board of Directors recommended a final dividend of Rs 2/.

And keeping pace with it. by completing 32 years of its operations on 11th Aug 2008.in fields of economy. Last thirty-two years have witnessed tremendous changes in India .HCL touched another milestone along with touching the lives of so many Indians. Past Deals Customer Fonterra Zep Inc Date 2008-0000 2008-04- Size Deal details Fonterra New Zealand LTD Greenfield SAP ERP Financials Implementation 40 . HCL today has already established its leadership in the IT infrastructure & technology enablement segment. business as well as technology.

Application Development and end-to-end Teradyne MSC 2006-0713 $70 million Application and IT Infrastructure Management involving data center. Crane Aerospace Skandia 2006-12. printers and medical equipment business lines Software. including development.North state 01 Dakota 2008-0129 2008-0123 2007-1218 2007-1031 2007-0917 2007-0711 2007-0609 2007-0618 2007-0227 2007-0209 2007-0208 100 engineer team 300 Engineer team $15 million 60 engineer team Claims administration technology implementation using Valley oak iVOS claims administration software $4 million Mobile and remote working solution provider for five and half years Strategic support to Merck's key IT initiative Completion of Oracle 12i implementation SAP deployment and support Offshore Development Center (ODC) to provide software services for KM's Multi Function Peripherals (MFPs).$200 20 million maintenance and support (across all platforms) and remote infrastructure Management IT Consulting. hardware and mechanical engineering for full product lifecycle development Engineering services that will support the improvement of the C-27J Spartan production line Engineering services Wiltshire Police Merck SolFocus Celestica Konica Minolta Rockwell Collins Alenia Aeronautica Smiths Aerospace Microsoft Migration and project services Software. network. security and help desk services One-Oracle” global rollout Oracle 11i applications project Software 2006-0324 Corporation 41 . hardware and mechanical engineering for full product lifecycle development Application optimization.

Delivery. Till date. HCL is the largest manufacturer & marketer of desktops in the Indian IT market. same time as Apple and three years ahead of IBM PC – literally. HCL was the first PC manufacturer to develop specific products for rural India and has a repertoire of pioneering technology. Informatica Product engineering services Software development partner for the 787 Dreamliner program BPO services IT infrastructure management.DSG International 2006-0126 2005-1110 2005-0824 2005-0208 Insurance 2004-1209 2004-0723 2004-0616 Co-sourcing application deal to provide system development. maintenance and support of global IT applications Embedded software for the System Data Acquisition Computer of the Airbus A340 Flight Warning System AutoDesk Hamilton Sundstrand Boeing AA Services AMD Airbus Achievements Key Achievements • • • • • • HCL designed and introduced a microcomputer in 1978.ranging from state-of-the-art PCs to high-end settings. HCL introduced fine-grained multi-processor Unix-3 years ahead of "Sun" and "HP". HCL has perhaps the widest ICT offerings under a single brand umbrella . 42 . infrastructure support and maintenance services Application and data center services for business-critical IT Applications. including SAP. HCL indigenously developed an RDBMS. Siebel. a Networking OS and Client Server architecture in 1983.

HCL Technologies. where we have been operating for over a decade. "We see real value in commercial firms like ours partnering with Australia's leading education institutions." Pereira said. a move that is part of HCL's global delivery strategy to offer customers support from various locations around the world. We have been experiencing 80 percent growth year-on-year in the Asia Pacific and Australia and New Zealand regions and expect this to continue. head. some of the leading educational institutions like Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) and the Melbourne Business School (MBS) rank among HCL's clients. "Our success has been built on key markets such as Australia and New Zealand. leading retailers and waste management organizations. Australia and New Zealand. It is the area with the highest potential for growth and is already the fastest growing region in HCL's global network. Besides financial institutions." said Brian Pereira. We believe that sharing our practical experiences with Australia's future business leaders is essential in preparing them for the challenges that lay ahead. HCL Infosystems takes a new Leap with Intel Atom 43 .Some Other Achievements HCL Technologies opens new development center in Sydney HCL Technologies opened a new global development center in Sydney.

Indian customers have the largest range of ultra portable PCs to choose from. yesterday by Intel. based on Intel Atom technology:  With this launch. announced shipment of its PCs based on Intel Atom that was launched world wide. Keeping its commitment to Indian customers of bringing them the very best in latest technology. Based on Intel Atom. 44 . HCL has introduced this new variant of MiLeap based on Intel. Earlier. The launch makes ‘MiLeap' one of the most comprehensive range of ultra portable laptops in the world. HCL announced the launch of new MiLeap. HCL Infosystems Limited. entertained and productive-anytime and anywhere. lightweight and compact size makes it very convenient to use while on the move. country's first ultra mobile PC for the consumer who needs to stay connected. HCL launched ‘MiLeap'. informed. offering a complete computing experience on-the-go. Extending its offerings under MiLeap range of ultra portable PCs. offering entry level models for first time users. MiLeap's affordability. occupies 85% less space and consumes 76% less energy. mid range for the regular and more frequent users.  Intel Atom launch compliments HCL strategy of producing environment friendly PC. and high end touch screen tablet MiLeap for professionals and tech geeks. HCL also announced the launch of a new desktop PC and the next variant of MiLeap.Taking forward its initiative of launching the first ultra portable notebook in India. the ultra portable range of leaptops. Atom is Intel's smallest processor built with the world's smallest transistors.  HCL also launched a new desktop PC 'Neutron' based on new Intel Atom technology. the next in the family of MiLeap ultra portable Leaptops.

Taking the new technology initiatives towards Greener IT. and how with the company's market capitalization doubled in two years. large format retailers and other HCL dealer outlets. HCL have been jointly working with its partners towards propelling wider acceptance of IT amongst the masses with a strong commitment towards offering innovative technology at affordable prices. we introduce the new power efficient range of PCs based on Intel's latest Atom Processor. thus making it ideal for students. its chairman and chief executive Shiv Nadar has become one of India's richest men. Taking forward the legacy of India's first ultra portable laptop this fully functional notebook comes with a 1 GB RAM and 80 GB hard disk with fully functional Windows operating system. Intel's Atom processor complements HCL's green initiatives as they are built for lower power consumption. Commenting on the launch Mr. to continue our quest for having a healthier environment and leveraging the power of IT. with the magazine tracing the journey of the firm as India's first computer company in the 1970s to growing into a billion dollar enterprise today. These will also be more efficient and affordable to the masses. George Paul. first time buyers and on-the-go professionals. said: "Taking forward our commitment of developing environment friendly products and to bring the best in technology to Indian customers. Weighing just 1. Indian IT firm HCL on Forbes' cover HCL Technologies features on the cover page of Forbes' forthcoming issue. to empower people across India" The new range of PCs and MiLeap will be available nation wide at all HCL Digilife stores. As a commitment to its ongoing environment initiatives. 45 .The new MiLeap. Forbes has given detail description of how HCL last year registered revenues of about $1 billion. which offers complete notebook functionality packed in an ultra portable form factor. We are happy to offer such innovative technology.2 Kg this new MiLeap comes with a 10" screen. the ultra portable range of Leaptops from HCL comes with features. HCL plans to introduce more products with lower environment footprint. HCL Infosystems Limited. Executive Vice President. user-friendly keyboard and integrated web camera.

The issue slated to hit the stands in New York Saturday. rallying 7. But with some of the acquisitions beginning to contribute to the topline.8 per cent QoQ growth. critics seem to be having a fresh look at the stock. (HCL). Eventually it grew to the CL HCL of today .a billion dollar enterprise. Investment bank Credit Lyonnais Securities has raised its rating on the stock to outperform. HCL. employing over 40. ‘HCL Tech’s Q4 FY02 revenue growth of 6. a young man in 1970s. profits declined 50 percent QoQ on account of lower other income and exceptional provisioning. saying that the worst could be over. HCL Tech`s core business turned around and reported a robust 5. after testing an intra-day high of Rs 224. the company’s aggressive growth strategy by way of tie-ups and acquisitions has raised quite a few questions among the analyst community.1 per cent to close at Rs 218. has undergone rapid changes to carve a niche for itself. and also tells of the difficulties he faced in obtaining licenses. It elaborates on how the company. 46 . The stock was the star performer among Sensex issues. president. `In the past.75. Dealers attributed the buying interest at the counter to better than expected showing by the company during its fourth quarter (April-June 02). also talks about how the company had faced a crisis when almost 50 of its important clients dropped out. as far as the company was concerned. under the leadership of Nadar and Vineet Nayar. HCL Tech rides upgrade wave Delhi-based IT services firm HCL Technologies extended its winning streak to the fourth straight session. causing a loss of about $80 million. riding a wave of positive recommendations from leading research houses. However. After three quarters of sequential decline. had an inkling he could emerge as a successful entrepreneur in digital business and started what was then known as Hindustan Computers Ltd. It talks of how Nadar.9 per cent quarter on quarter (QoQ) was higher than expectations.000 people globally with a kitty full of blue chip companies.

Moreover, the joint ventures and acquisitions have started contributing to the topline after initial hiccups. It is believed that the worst is over for the company and incremental outlook is positive. Trading at 11 times FY03 (estimated) earnings, HCL Tech’s valuations are the lowest among peers, even as the earnings forecast is conservative. We are upgrading the stock to outperformer, say analysts Aniruddha Dange and Bhavtosh Vajpayee, in a note circulated to clients today. The equity research arm of Deutsche Bank has projected a 12-month price target of Rs 340 for HCL Tech and has assigned a buy rating to the stock. ‘HCL Technologies’ Q4 FY02 results suggest the worst is now behind it. The company posted a six per cent QoQ revenue growth in its organic business, after two quarters of decline, and a 17 per cent QoQ revenue growth and improving margins for two of the largest inorganic initiatives so far - DSL and HCL N.I. ‘The healthy revenue growth should continue, in our view, but this will not show in EPS figures because of lower interest income - as was the case in Q4 FY02. We forecast a 22.8 per cent growth in revenues and 18.8 per cent growth in EBITDA for FY03, resulting in 5.6 per cent growth in net profit (before provisions) for that year’ says IT analyst Bhupinder Ahuja.

Awards and Accolades

HCL received The Platinum Certificate of Excellence Award in August 2008 from HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd. in appreciation of its contribution & efforts towards continued success of HDFC SLI.


HCL won Gold Partner Award for achieving sizable business revenue INFOCUS has recognized HCL as its Strategic Partner. HCL won Emerald Award for Best All round Performance Over the Years. HCL won The Most Innovative Franchisee Award by Franchise Plus in Feb 08. HCL won The Most Supportive Franchisor Award by Franchise Plus in Feb 08 Mr. Ajai Chowdhry, Chairman & CEO of HCL Infosystems Limited, honoured with 'CEO of the year 2008 ' award by IT People Awards for excellence in IT. Mr. Ajai Chowdhry, Chairman & CEO of HCL Infosystems Limited, was declared ‘IT Person of the Year 2007’ by Dataquest. HCL won The Best Retailer Award in Consumer Durables category by Asia Retail Congress in Dec 07 HCL won awards in ‘Environment Management’ and ‘Quality’ categories at the ElcinaDun & Bradstreet Awards for Excellence in Electronics, 2006-07. India’s Most Preferred Personal Computer Brand by CNBC AWAAZ Consumer Award 2007. HCL received three Channels Choice 2007 awards for Relationship Management, After Sales Support & Commercial Terms from DQ Channels, based on an IDC channel satisfaction survey.

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HCL Infosystems won Brand-of-Excellence Award at VARIndia Forum 2007. HCL bagged IMM 'Top Organization Award 2007' for Excellence at 34th World Marketing Congress. HCL was awarded ‘Amity Corporate Excellence Award 2007’ for its distinct vision, innovation, competitiveness and sustenance. HCL won ‘Toshiba Colour Copier Champion Award 2007’ for improving overall customer approach and better technical capability. HCL won the ‘Best Indian Branded PC’ & ‘Best IT Retail Company’ award at the 6th VARIndia Star Nite Awards 2007. HCL has been recognized by Nokia, consecutively for last two years with the ‘Nokia Excellence Award’ for Sales & Distribution, Asia Pacific 2007. HCL Digilife retail chain won the 'Most Admired Retailer of the Year' award in Consumer Durables and Electronics category at the 2007 IMAGES Retail Awards.


HCL received “Best In Category Award” for HCL Digilife Stores and Special Award for “Innovation and Technology” for its’ ePOS division at the Franchise and Star Retailer Awards 2007

HCL Infosystems was presented with the ‘Top Organization-2006’ award by Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) in recognition of its innovation in marketing management. HCL Infosystems has been voted as the ‘No. 1 PC Vendor’ consecutively for last six years by IDC – Dataquest. HCL bagged the Dun & Bradstreet Awards 2006 for ‘Top Performance In The Computer Hardware & Peripherals Sector’. HCL won the 'Amity Corporate Excellence Award 2006' in the Computer hardware category. HCL among the Top 3 IT companies for the last 3 years, DQ & IDC, Best Employer Survey, ‘Best employer 2005’ with Five Star Ratings. ‘Top 3 IT Hardware Companies’ ranked in India’s 100 Most Valuable Brands by Planman Consulting & ICMR Research. Deloitte Technology, Media & Telecommunications ranked HCL among the top Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2006 program. Business Standard ranked HCL at no. 21 in BS 1000 ranking in 2006. ET ranked HCL amongst, ‘Top 50 in ET Top 500 Companies’ Listings for 2006. HCL has been ranked amongst the ‘Top 5 Groups’ in the DQ Top 20 and ‘Top 3 Most Preferred Brands’ in CNBC Awaaz Survey, 2006. HCL ranked amongst the Top Three Major Players on VPN Service Provider by Avaya Global Connect. India’s ‘No. 1 Vendor’ for sales of A3 size Toshiba Multi Functional Devices for the year 2005-06 by IDC Dataquest. ‘The Most Responsive Company 2005’ – IT Hardware Category by The Economic Times – Avaya Global Connect. Strategic Partners in Excellence Award by Infocus Corporation for projectors. ‘Most Valued Business Partner’ Award for Projectors in 2005. Toshiba ‘Super Award 2005’ & ‘Platinum’ Award 2004 towards business excellence in distribution of Toshiba Multifunctional products consecutively for 3 years in a row. India’s 'No. 1 vendor' for sales of A3 size Toshiba Multi Functional Devices for the year 2004-05 by IDC Dataquest. 49

• • •

• • •

‘7th IETE – Corporate Award 2005’ for performance excellence in the field of Computer & Telecommunications Systems. Best Bhoomi Brand 2005’ by 360 magazine in the PC Category and in the LCD Monitor Category.

Key Initiatives of HCL
 In one of the most defining initiative, HCL announced its robust foray unleashing Digital

Lifestyle revolution in the country. Consolidating its comprehensive offerings in digital technology - which includes cell phones, media center PCs, MP3 cameras, host of digitized office automation solutions - HCL entered into strategic tie-ups with Dishtv (Zee TV) & Apple to render the support of its extensive distribution & service strength to Dishtv's DTH & Apple's iPod - thus offering a complete spectrum of digital technology solutions. Besides an extensive product offering, HCL has plans for an extensive pan-India establishment of HCL 'Digital Lifestyle' stores. These stores would offer a complete & 'experiential' panorama of digital technology products - ranging from a cell phone to an integrated network solution.  Continuing its technology leadership, HCL also became the first Indian PC manufacturer to launch products with revolutionary technologies such as Intel 'Dual-2-Core' processors, Intel Itanium processors and Intel Xeon 5000 series processors. Further, it created a new industry benchmark by expanding the market through proactive identification & development of products to suit specific 'industry segments' - such as revolutionary BeePOS solutions for the retail sector, SD2 Technology enabled PCs & host of 'trusted technology infrastructure' products for the Indian BPO-IteS segment and even in notebooks - where HCL became the first-ever laptop manufacturer to offer 'segment specific' notebooks.  HCL retained the market leadership in total desktop shipments in FY'05-06 (for the fifth In the Corporate business space HCL showed remarkable growth, winning new customers year in row) and registered 12% faster growth than the market.  etc.  HCL was selected by IDBI Ltd, Mumbai to provide the ICT infrastructure for its 100+ new retail branches. This system integrated ICT platform addressed the total computing, networking and office automation needs of IDBI for the branches. 50 from leading corporates, education, defence, insurance majors, private & public sectors, banks

In the quarter gone past. The company maintained the No. the company continued to witness growth. AV System Integration solutions etc. HCL signed up with Hitachi to distribute their plasma and projectors to consolidate the existing market share. Video Conferencing Solutions. meeting customers' precise application requirements. In the networking space. covering IP. HCL is a recognized leader in the medical device outsourcing space. Video Walls. HCL has rolled out the MPLS technology in the backbone in partnership with Cisco which will enable to offer Technology Agnostic Network Services. ATM / FR and MPLS. Production Plan Printers. 51 . Services Provided by HCL HCL's Medical Device Practice HCL's Medical Device practice at HCL is a dedicated micro-vertical that acts as a One-stop shop for medical device manufacturers. It won the largest Multi Function Devices order deal of the year from Tamil Nadu Police.  With phenomenal additions in the GSM subscriber base in the last quarter.  A number of new products and solutions were added to HCL's imaging products portfolio such as Laser Printers.1 position in market share in the Multi Function Devices and Multimedia Projectors markets. 2 and 3 devices. providing fast and cost effective end-to-end solutions across a variety of Class 1.  The imaging business of HCL showed a remarkable growth over the last year.

as well as Malaysia and Northern Ireland. The focus on and commitment to BPO is based on the following assets and attributes: • • • Global Client Base & Relationships Global Presence & Reach Related Technology Domain Expertise 52 . Practice Highlights • • • • • Largest Dedicated Medical Devices practice amongst Indian Outsourcers. manufacturing and plant automation. Its Belfast Delivery Center offers multi-lingual support in eight European languages . enterprise IT functions. sales & marketing. Norwegian. Consistently ranked among the top ten call centers in India. Swedish. HCL's dedicated Medical Quality Management System is a mature and robust system. HCL compliance Lab is certified for ISO/IEC 17025. Several independent auditors and customers have audited it over the last several years. German. BPO Services HCL's BPO division is one of the leading offshore BPO companies in India with proven credentials: • • • Won the largest engagement in Indian BPO history The largest provider of Telecom BPO services in Asia First Indian BPO to be COPC certified for Collection Services HCL BPO Services represents one of the most significant strategic business extensions and investments to date. 19 Top Medical Device customers. HCL BPO Services have been ranked among the top ten call centers in India consecutively for three years. Spanish and Portuguese. HCL BPO Services operates out of various locations in India.HCL offers "Concept to Manufacture" Medical Device R & D & IT Outsourcing Services in areas such as: concept design. First Indian service provider to be ISO 13485 certified. pre-clinical and clinical development.Dutch. prototype development & validation. French.

to application maintenance in areas such as ERP. and integration to corrective maintenance. remote infrastructure management. Business Application Consulting & Software Services HCL offers services ranging from custom application development. KEY STRENGTHS • More than 10 000 professionals and consultants with domain and technology expertise supporting more than 100 clients spread across almost all geographies. new releases management. and service enablement. HCL provides a multi-service platform that is a mix of customized application services with other key services like packaged application services. and Middleware. deployment. global rollouts. global single instance. helpdesk support. deployment. The EAS group uses a platform-focused approach to provide technology-based business optimization. unified customer view and single sign-on to deliver business optimization. This optimization is achieved in two ways: • • Stage-based offerings Process-driven optimization Stage-based offerings are focused on application consolidation. Technology-based business optimization is the cornerstone of HCL’s enterprise applications line of business. platform development. SCM. 53 . CRM. and enterprise transformation services. while Process-driven optimization deals with processes like partner integration.• Relevant Industry Practices Enterprise Application Services HCL’s Enterprise Application Services line of business is focused on providing package and platform-led services ranging from blue printing. and back-up recovery management. development.

J2EE etc • Technology Partnerships nurtured with leading global solutions providers like Vast resource in legacy technologies and a large repository of legacy management Microsoft. OEMs. language conversion tools. IBM. Manufacturing. Retail. and implement supporting technology solutions that add value to the organization. Independent Verification and Validation. through transformation across key facets like business. manage the transformation process. Data Warehousing. in an accelerated time frame. and data. coupled with a strong presence in key domains like Financial Services. NET. Oracle. ODMs and ISVs across multiple industry segments and domains. 54 . and to commit to results. It has a proven track record in providing “end to end solutions” and ability to consistently deliver complex and critical products. Enterprise Transformation Services HCL’s Enterprise Transformation Services (ETS) assists forward-looking customers to develop a transformational roadmap and an execution plan that escort them to the business world of tomorrow. Digite. • 100% transparency to clients through CXO dashboard for online SLA tracking and status reporting. R&D and engineering Services HCL offers comprehensive range of R&D and Engineering services to component vendors. Web Methods. SUN Microsystems etc • tools such as database conversion tools. HCL partners with customers and helps identify the initiatives driving change. Life Sciences and Healthcare. and processes. e-Business. and Business Intelligence. technology. applications.• Dedicated CoEs (Centre of Excellence) in Enterprise Content Management. Hi-tech. TIBCO. HCL takes leverage of its world-class capabilities in design. to offer a broad range of end-to-end services that respond to the full spectrum of challenges impacting organizational transformation. and impact analysis tools. HCL ETS' vision is to help customers manage the extent of change brought about by business initiatives and growth. quality systems. and Media & Entertainment.

MDD. Servers. Component Vendors (Processor Companies. and Contract Manufacturing • Depth through the value chain: Engagements with OEMs. Auto and Aero Component Vendors). DO254 • Domain-specific Processes o o IT Services HCL's Infrastructure Services Division (ISD). FDA. WiMAX. Security. powerpc. AS 9100 Compliance – DFR.org) • Breadth of service offerings: o o o o Hardware Engineering Embedded Engineering Mechanical Engineering Software Product Engineering Certifications . Medical Devices. Aerospace. Manufacturing.ISO 13485. FAA. Standards bodies (SNIA. is India's leading IT services provider. Business Benefits HCL’s Infrastructure Management services are inclined towards delivering specific benefits that matched to the business objectives of its customers. Operating Systems.HCL's ERS Highlights • Customers: More than 245 customers across Telecom & Networking. With a mission to develop innovative solutions for enterprises worldwide. EMS companies. HCL ISD is focused on addressing the growing demand for the costeffective management of technology infrastructure across geographically dispersed locations. Consumer Electronics. the company pioneered a unique model for “Remote IT Infrastructure Management” that enables customer organizations to achieve superior infrastructure performance and significantly reduced costs. DO178B. a part of old HCL enterprise. Semiconductor. Storage. Automotive. Its three decade long expertise and extensive experience has helped it in delivering business benefits like: • Flexibility 55 .

trade finance. Design. Prototype Development.• • • • Quality and Process Edge Domain Expertise and dedicated skill-sets Visibility and Control Proactive Problem Solution HCL's Banking. Regulatory Compliance: HCL’s regulatory compliance services help people achieve 56 . has proven delivery capabilities in Life Insurance and Pension. treasury and cash. driven through a dedicated Insurance Service Development Centre. HCL's Retail and Corporate Banking Services practice is aligned on the basis of the expertise and capabilities the company has acquired in the various micro-verticals of core banking. HCL has delivered significant transformational projects that go beyond cost reduction. The company's Global Insurance Practice. Financial Services and Insurance Group HCL Technologies' Banking. Capital Markets and Insurance. New Product Manufacturing and Implementation. compliance testing. Some other Service Offerings at HCL HCL's service offerings offer solutions in areas like: Concept. Property and Casualty Insurance (Non-life insurance) and Reinsurance. Independent validation & verification. multi-channel and private banking. offering value additions through productivity gains and value multiplication through redesigned and reengineered processes. Prototype and Validation: The company engage with customers from idea generation stage to design and development. Partnering with this large financial institution. Financial Services and Insurance Group are built on domain competencies spanning Retail and Corporate Banking. loans and mortgages. cards. Pre-Clinical and Clinical: HCL Clinical development offerings help people reduce their clinical trial and data management costs with unique service offerings like clinical data management and data analytics services.

By virtue of the immense diversity of markets and customers that it addresses. Manufacturing IT: Manufacturing and plant automation services offered by HCL helps its customers reduce TCO. achieve regulatory compliance. The Enterprise’s Consulting services focus on improving its customer’s enterprise IT performance through analysis of existing business problems and development of Roadmaps and Business Strategies. Sales support solutions. Middleware and Content management solutions help people transform their business and create an integrated IT environment. One may be a large multi-location company exploring solutions to e-enable his/her organization or one may be a new born rising star looking for someone for IT Planning or setting up one’s IT Infrastructure. Sales Force Management and Marketing Management services help reduce its customer’s sales & marketing spends.approvals at a faster pace with lower TCO. It helps in ensuring compliance towards validation of all applications and meeting quality policy implementations. Enterprise IT: HCL's customized ERP. Product Range HCL Infosystems' portfolio of products covers the entire spectrum of the information technology needs of its customers. globalized Life Cycle services and regulatory compliance services that aim at extending the maturity stage of the product life cycle of the customers. Obsolescence Management & Legacy IT: HCL offers Active product Support. HCL Infosystems' products offerings include everything from high-end enterprise level servers for mission critical applications to multimedia home computers. decrease time to market and enhance productivity. Sales & marketing: HCL's consulting services. 57 . It also supports in automating the Regulatory submissions for marketing authorization of Medical Devices. End of Life (EOL) services. HCL Infosystems has a solution tailor-made for everyone.

DESKTOPS & NOTEBOOKS • • • • Business PCs Home PCs Business Notebooks Home Notebooks WORKSTATIONS • Infiniti Challenger Workstations SERVERS 58 .

Intel Servers • Back-end Datacenter Server • HCL Datacenter In a Box • Rack Optimized Server Solutions • Pedestal Server Solutions • Entry Level Servers Infiniti Xcel Line Servers • • • • • Infiniti Excel Line 1200 PR with nVIDIA qeforce 6150 chipset Infiniti Excel Line 2200 YA with nVIDIA MCP 55 Pro chipset Infiniti Excel Line 2200AT with AMD 8131/8111 chipset Infiniti Excel Line 2200SY with Nvidia nForce professional 2200 chipset Infiniti Excel Line 4200TL with ADM 8131/8111 chipset HP Risc Servers & Workstations TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS • WINBee Thin Clients o o WINBee 3000 VX WINBee 4000 BV 59 .

o o • HUTS o • Terminals o o o o o o • POET WINBee 4000 BVX WINBee 5000VX HUTS-8000V2 Turboterm 2000 Turboterm 2000 E Turboterm 2020 C Turboterm 2020 E Turboterm 2020 R Graphterm o MLT 2000 o Multilinqual Terminal 2000 o Turboterm 2020 R DISPLAY PRODUCTS • HCM 580 M • HCM 985RFM • HCM 510LSA • HCM 582 NETWORKING PRODUCTS 60 .

(NDL 100) HCL Hand Geometry Recognition HCL Hand Geometry With Smart Card HCL Smart Card Reader HCL Dual Interface Smart Card Combi Reader STORAGE SOLUTIONS 61 .(NDL 600) HCL Stand Alone Door Access Solution .• • • • HCL Passive Products HCL Active Products HCL Wireless Products HCL Media Converters SECURITY PRODUCTS • • • • • • • • HCL Infowall HCL InfoSecuAccess HCL InfoVPNe HCL InfoSurveillance HCL InfoSecudesk-Biometric Logon HCL InfoSecudesk-SmartCard Logon HCL InfoLoadBalancer HCL Info Attendance o o o • • • • • • • • • HCL Info Attendance-Biometic BNX Series HCL Info Attendance-SmartCard SNX Series HCL Info Attendance-Biometric BNX-SC Series HCL Info VMS HCL Smart Library Management System HCL EAS System (Electronic Article Surveillance) HCL Stand Alone Door Access Solution .

HCL Storage Solutions • • • • • • Autoloader • • • • • • • • • • Superloader3 LTO Gen III LTO Gen II QLA 2460 QLE 2460 QLA 2462 8420 R 4420 R 200 E 4100 62 Standalone Drivers HCL NAS 2700 SO HCL ECO stor SCSI-SATA Array HCL Infostor SCSI JBOD PX 502 Tape Library Scalar i500 PX720 Quantum Storage Solutions Library Qlogic Storage Solutions (HBA Cards) Ingrasys NAS Storage Solutions Brocade Switches .

EMC Storage Solutions • • TOSHIBA NOTEBOOKS o Product Line-up SOLUTIONS o Infostructure Services o Networking Services o Domestic Hardware Services • SOFTWARE LICENSES Statistical Profile Of the Organization Here are given below some of the graphs representing the performance of HCL Enterprise in the stock exchanges in the last few years.2002 to Nov1. And finally it closed at 160. During this period the value kept on increasing and decreasing at certain time intervals. here’s a graph that shows the values of shares of the company during Jan1. Starting from 2002. 63 . The has seen many up and down swings in this period the highest value being around 325 and the lowest around 160.2002.60.

But however the company overcome that situation and again raised upto 200. During the period of Dec27.e. almost one year. During this period. Final close was at 196. But due to its performance improving day by day the company’s shares again got momentum and finally closed at 288.2002.70.80. 2002 to Dec 26. the company faced a great downfall upto minimum value of merely around 115.Next graph covers the next time period i. 64 . the company had to face a big down swing from around 230 to around 160. 2003 i. from Oct18. 2002 to Dec 18.e.

During this time period. 2005 to Dec13. 2006 to Aug 18. the company’s shares went upto around 540 and finally closed on 535.80. 65 . 2005 was a golden time period for the company because it went on a big upswing during this. facing minor downswings in its way. It started from around 470. 2006. the company’s returns raised upto 7%. The next is the graph of the time interval from July19.Time period from Nov14. But as always the company again shook up and had a final close at 575. During this. the company faced two major downswings upto very low values like 510 or 515.

No 2 days value could be predicted from the earlier ones.e. It started from around 570 went upto a minimum of 550 and a maximum of 640 but finally closed at 638 thereby increasing the company’s returns by 10%. from Sep1. 2007 the company came across a very unpredictable kind of situation.In the next time period i. It went up and down daily. 66 . 2006 to Jan16.

33 2.42 0.64 2.22 0.12 13.90 0.7 4 3. But this could not be avoided because this was the time during which the share market declined with a very big margin.e.This graph shows share values of HCL in the recent times i.33 5 . the company is slowing regaining its old momentum and is having share value of about 250 and is expected to raise upto a remarkable extent. from Sep 2007 to Aug 2008.21 96. Crores) Jun ' 07 Sources of funds Owner's fund Equity share capital Share application money Preference share capital Reserves & surplus Loan funds Secured loans Unsecured loans 67 40.292 .47 5 7.71 2 06 Jun ' 05 Jun ' 04 Jun ' un ' 03 J . Financial Status of the Organization Balance Sheet (Rs. It started from around 280 had upswings upto 330 but downswings also to minimum values like 230 then even upto 200.42 0 .27 97.28 132.256.41 .69 1. This period has made HCL see a number of upswings but it had to face some major downswings also.84 1.18 64.03 2.796 96 59. .511 .17 0.14 63.77 0.69 1 . Now.231.

62 68 Jun ' 06 3.3 27.0 6 128.04 205.10 . .44 2.988 .0 50.50 2 1 1 2 2 Profit and Loss Account Jun ' 07 Income: Operating income 3.66 1.9 3 685.70 412.67 662.46 2.014 6 488.58 2.08 .332 .33 .56 21.958 44 2.622 54 33.2 77.318 .323 .60 395.1 4 359.465 .128 6 1.0 2 272. 884.321.250.37 89.79 207.31 1. loans & advances Less: current liabilities & provisions Total net current assets Miscellaneous expenses not written Total Notes: Book value of unquoted investments Market value of quoted investments Contingent liabilities Number of equity Sharesoutstanding (Lacs) 3.70 205.958 44 632.6 5 6636.01 Jun ' 04 1.590 .58 .41 594. .590 .768.08 10.76 3 8 0 .6 1.127.6 5 163.51 1.61 .908.389.5 5 3192.73 .86 418.5 41.465 .7 63.98 2960.154.70 2.Total Uses of funds Fixed assets Gross block Less: revaluation reserve Less: accumulated depreciation Net block Capital work-in-progress Investments Net current assets Current assets.78 2.1 0 3. 15 2.0 9 212.389.49 2. .1 9.8 6 1.98 Jun ' 03 871. 83 42 1 .032.02 580.912 .654 36 556.83 2.91 1.00 173 .11 331.988 .4 1 525.321.907 .08 2.86 1.6 3 2.31 1.09 118. .447.0 6 3234.135 4 -6. 80 184.740.9 8 71.26 511.05 2 3 1 1 1 1 4 2 2 2 .5 8 670.91 1.92 Jun ' 05 1.

45 644.27 1.39 36.92 12.54 937.51 11.81 525.50 274.40 12.84 13.22 260.83 304.38 1.05 284.680.54 20.13 1.31 0.17 869.11 3.10 30.93 61.82 913.59 17.439.88 276.38 1.76 6.24 1.23 58.98 64.Expenses Material consumed Manufacturing expenses Personnel expenses Selling expenses Administrative expenses Expenses capitalized Cost of sales Operating profit Other recurring income Adjusted PBDIT Financial expenses Depreciation Other write offs Adjusted PBT Tax charges Adjusted PAT Non recurring items Other non cash adjustments Reported profit Earnings before appropriation Equity dividend Preference dividend Dividend tax Retained earnings net 577.60 1.47 1.16 809.70 15.79 312.56 302.61 247.7 5 116.75 68.59 2.45 6.59 81.35 1.181.21 754.10 72.9 69 .82 2.58 67.47 423.05 501.15 290.85 38.77 36.21 1.62 476.838.47 346.53 25.01 2.89 2.31 194.74 49.09 611.313.97 1.06 11.123.63 284.77 362.34 75.31 516.89 2.58 843.31 17.49 329.93 488.92 148.22 56.15 20.53 382.72 1.96 1.01 314.13 249.831.81 138.80 659.322.142.07 953.87 638.476.81 260.08 16.60 178.71 254.101.25 -5.249.85 14.223.41 295.87 678.48 356.79 13.74 325.090.35 4 154.55 816.82 29.18 587.287.

53 Jun ' 04 339. Crores) Jun ' 07 Profit before tax Net cashflowoperating activity Net cash used in investing activity Net cash used in fin.16 -391. Activity Net inc/dec in and 1.71 11.68 -108.12 72.177.57 274.75 72.91 354.78 84.78 Jun ' 03 322.22 ' 05 338.93 265.04 -133.72 106.Cash Flow Statement (Rs.35 -171.51 -493.74 239.00 106.53 598.35 35.63 84.69 997.66 37.56 -47.12 Jun ' cash and equivalent Cash equivalent begin of year Cash and equivalent end of year Dividend Year 2008 2008 2008 2007 2007 2007 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2005 70 Month Aug Apr Jan Sep Aug Apr Dec Sep Aug Mar Jan Oct Dividend (%) 150 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 200 .93 -341.33 -641.21 -294.46 -381.22 104.79 2.83 774.75 37.94 Jun 06 653.22 380.

40 49 4888 12225 . Inst. and Insurance FII's Sub total Other investors Private Corporate Bodies 16827 394 53 71 2.19 18 9208 44827 . Of Shares Holding 31/12/2007 2. 32778 2750 12225 9208 45004 1958 .01 18 9208 44828 . 408 12609 0160 15919 2757 .35 67 4096 .54 .38 67 5856 32601 .78 22 18954 86 16 2.77 2.00 No.11 23 7222 19007 86 18 5823 15111 . Of Shares Holding % % % .11 18 49 Holding 31/03/2008 2.46 2.00 No.42 67 32602 .92 23 5018 18977 85 18 2855 15606 . 003 18836 83 2.00 No. 875 18339 76 2.53 49 6648 12225 . Of Shares Promoter's holding Indian Promoters Foreign Promoters Sub total Non promoter's holding Institutional investors Banks Fin. 556 11139 .89 . 908 12043 .2005 2005 2005 2004 2004 2004 2004 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2002 2001 2000 Aug Apr Jan Oct Sep Apr Jan Nov Sep Aug Apr Mar Aug Aug Aug 200 200 200 200 200 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 75 50 5 Statement of Share Holding Share holding pattern as on: Face value 30/06/2008 2.

7 Mn). 30 0. 1. taking the consolidated revenue for the year to Rs. 3155 crores (USD 788. 62 4. 824 0.98 10 45 08 16 1.5 Mn). 247 99 9428 88149 33 10952 16 80264 21 36187 45 28129 24 66371 . the services business company bagged Rs. The year saw growth in Services business portfolio of HCL. • Momentum in System Integration (SI) continues. Enter new solutions segments & bag orders from Pioneers the cause of IT penetration in India with the launch of MiLeap leaptops. 12605 crores (USD 3149. taking the PBT for the year to Rs. 32 0. The non-telecom distribution business grew over 270% during FY 07-08. 103 4. Profit Before Tax reported for the quarter at Rs. ultra portable.NRI's/OCB's/Foreign Others Directors/Employees Others Sub total General public Grand total 701 11376 71 10952 30 50594 8 29685 037 27300 284 66622 0036 . 96 crores (USD 23. • the next generation. taking the total dividend for the year 2007-08 to 400%.1200 crores worth of orders.99 1.360 crores to Rs. 5. 99 Explanation of Financial Statements HCL Infosystems reported quarterly consolidated revenue of Rs. • grew by 35% from Rs. The HCL expands its SI verticals. 30 0. 837 99 4372 11528 73 10952 16 51076 08 31881 79 28833 33 66505 . Highlights for FY 07-08 72 . 421 4. SI is a growth area for HCL. 4.5 Mn) Board of Directors has recommended a final dividend of 100% per fully paid up share.485 crores.9 Mn). 0 4.99 1. 0. 430 crores (USD 107. • new customers across industry verticals. in the last five months. and laptops.

430. 2278.9 Mn). taking the revenues for the year to Rs.5 Mn). taking the PBIT for the year to Rs. Conversion Rate 1 USD = 40.1 crores (USD 16. 12605. Future Plans/ Prospects 73 . taking the consolidated profit after tax for the year to Rs.9 crores (USD 846.0 Mn).9 crores (USD 17. 17. taking consolidated revenues to Rs.8 Mn).5 crores (USD 788.1 crores (USD 107.0 Mn). a growth of 14%.6 crores (USD 219.8 crores (USD 2304. 65. 39. 876. 300. Board of Directors has recommended a final dividend of 100% per fully paid up share.2 crores (USD 569. 95. 199.3 Mn).9 Mn). 3155.7 Mn).6 per share.02 INR. Consolidated profit before tax during the quarter was Rs.3 Mn). Profit before interest & taxes for Computer Systems business during the quarter was Rs. Profit before interest & taxes for Telecommunication & Office Automation business was Rs.5 Mn). Revenue from Computer Systems business during the quarter was Rs. a growth of 22 %. taking the total dividend for the year 2007-08 to 400%. taking the consolidated profit before tax for the year to Rs.4 Mn).1 crores (USD 75.4 crores (USD 71.5 crores (USD 49.8 Mn). 3388.3 crores (USD 3149.6 crores (USD 23. Consolidated profit after tax during the quarter was Rs. taking the revenues for the year to Rs.3 Mn). 2008. 9222. Revenue from Telecommunication & Office Automation business during the quarter was Rs.1 crores (USD 9. taking the PBIT for the year to Rs. Consolidated EPS for the year ended 30th June 2008 was Rs. 70.The company has reported quarterly consolidated revenue of Rs.7 Mn) for the year ended June 30. 285.

precautionary measure need to be taken to avoid use of those substances in products.Tentative timeline for its Phase out by HCL is 2012. Harmful substances are identified based on scientific evidence and stakeholder's consultation. In accordance with above-mentioned principle. · Substances with hazardous properties that are known to bio-persist and bio-accumulate in humans or the environment. · Phthalates . HCL has identified some targeted substances. List of targeted substances for immediate phase out:· PVC. Its policy is not only restricted to legal requirement but extends beyond the legislative framework.HCL's chemical policy based on Precautionary Principles HCL’s vision is to avoid the use of harmful substances in its products that could cause serious environmental and human health damage.Tentative timeline for its Phase out by HCL is 2012. · Beryllium and its compound. HCL further believes that if scientific grounds indicate that a substances could pose serious environmental and human health damage. HCL also takes precautionary steps to eliminate the harmful substances and act with great caution. to be phased out in clear time-line. · BFRs. which are not banned by law. even if the entire risk has not yet been established. Accordingly. even where there is no legal requirement to do so.HCL has committed to phase out all BFRs across all product range by 2010. This means that HCL endeavours to take best possible course of action to ensure phase out of target chemicals across all product range. HCL adopts the precautionary principle voluntarily by substituting harmful substances that has potential impacts on Environment and Human health. · Substances with hazardous properties that are a known threat to human health or the environment.HCL has committed to phase out all PVC across all product range by 2009. HCL has identified some targeted substances to be eliminated from production process on urgent basis. 74 .

it is a very individual-driven listed firm where the investors bet on the management’s ability to snap a good company. which owns HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems. maybe one of the earliest. Asset managers. HCL would continue to discuss and consult all stakeholders on this issue. is planning to form a venture capital arm and tap the bourses to rise close to $1 billion (Rs 4. This could potentially allow the IT firm or its promoters to acquire a company abroad without straining the balance sheet of the company. plans $1 Bn venture fund Shiv Nadar-promoted HCL Enterprise. will focus its 75 . on the lines of Kishore Biyani's Future Ventures India. who is HCL Technologies chairman and chief strategy officer. rather than a portfolio of transactions by a conventional private equity fund. By character.Tentative timeline for its phase out by HCL is 2012. said. which usually focuses on a single buyout. In simple words. you can’t float a SPAC. On Euronext.· Antimony and its Compounds. “In India. SPACs are a more liquid form of private equity. which could have synergies with HCL Enterprises. Shiv Nadar. it’s very new.” Mr. HCL follows Future Group.500 crore) through an initial public offer. He didn’t give any hint about the size of the proposed SPAC or whether he intends to use this vehicle to acquire strategic interests. merchant bankers or private equity investors who use it as a fund raising route to strike buyout deals usually raise SPACs. India’s fifth largest IT services player HCL Technologies’ founder. The venture. HCL Enterprises includes both the IT software and hardware businesses of the group. we would probably be floating one. HCL is open to discuss these plans and is committed to further identify another set of harmful substances to be eliminated in future. Nadar. Even in Europe. told ET that he is planning to raise a blank cheque firm or a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC) on Paris-based NYSE Euronext exchange. HCL Tech to take SPAC route for foreign buyouts This could be a global first: a strategic acquirer taking an unconventional route to strike an acquisition deal.

The plan is at an early stage. is one of the first VC funds in India to raise funds from the public and invest in related firms." said a source close to the development on condition of anonymity. Another example is Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathway. said a source familiar with the development. In India. owns venture funds. Until now. For instance. The IPO would be the first of its kind for the IT industry in India. listed on the Nordic exchange and controlled by the Wallenberg Family.investments in the information technology sector. will head the initiative. 76 . Future Ventures. "Top executives of HCL have been in touch with investment bankers involved in the Future Ventures' issue to understand the process. mid-sized and small assets and over a period of time dispose of a portion of these majority equity interests in a manner that results in a minority holding. stated that it may acquire interests in large. However. which recently received Securities and Exchange Board of India clearance. Nadar. chairman and chief strategy officer. Future Venture filed the Draft Red-Herring Prospectus for an IPO to rise around Rs 3. in its DRHP filing. Kishore Biyani's Future Ventures India. HCL Technologies.700 crore by selling over 373 crore-equity shares of Rs 10 each. the concept of VCs raising money through the capital market has been prevalent internationally. VCs have been raising funds through private investors and not through the public. HCL Technologies set to take $65-75m forex hit The announcement of a forex loss by HCL Technologies only dampened investor sentiment further on a day that saw IT bellwether Infosys take a huge beating despite announcing a 21% year-on-year profit growth for the April-June quarter. The price of the shares will be fixed through the process of book building. Investor AB.

Critical Appraisal 77 . DNA Money had projected forex losses fuelled by the depreciating rupee to trim IT company’s profits substantially. TCS had $2.7 crore. for instance. These companies are likely to take hits since they had estimated the greenback at around Rs 40 levels. against a gain of $79.5 billion. sending over-hedged companies such as HCL and Wipro into a tizzy.2 million last fiscal.3% against the greenback during the quarter. had $3 billion worth of outstanding hedges as on March 31. In June. the smaller IT services firm said it expects to post a loss of $65-75 million on account of the rupee-dollar movements last quarter. with these losses. 2008. on which it faced mark-to-market cash-flow hedge losses of Rs 109. while Infosys had a forex cover of $760 million in March. As of March 31. A statement from the company said.2 billion worth of hedges.In a departure from the norm so far. it unwound $540 million worth of forward covers. the company expects forex losses of $67-77 million. Wipro. against Rs 43 now. HCL Technologies had hedges worth $2. During the April-June quarter. the ‘other comprehensive loss’ in its balance sheet will swell to $114 million. The local currency depreciated by as much as 7. In comparison. incurring a cash loss of $9 million. It also incurred mark-to-market (MTM) losses on the cover outstanding. For the full year ending June 30.

and has built competencies in ITO in the P&C industry for projects around distribution. connectivity. which are present across all insurance product segments and has been rated as "Emerging" in the BPO . policy administration. commissions.. Vice President and Research Director. HCL is also one of the top two companies. policy and claims administration. rating. "The ratings from Gartner reflect the results of our ongoing effort to build domain competency and deliver value to customers across key segments of the insurance industry." The report titled 'Domain Experience a Must for Insurance Outsourcing' by Kimberly Harris-Ferrante. domain depth and innovative engagement models. compares various outsourcing service providers on the basis of experience with Life and P&C Insurance.Gartner Rates HCL As a 'Mature' Player in Life And P&C Insurance IT Outsourcing. a leading global IT solutions provider in Information Technology. HCL is equipped to deliver superior value and innovation with the industry's broadest service offerings.Life and P&C Insurance Gartner predicts. ("HCL"). Commenting on HCL's mature expertise in the insurance IT outsourcing. HCL and Head of HCL's Insurance Practice said. claims administration and reinsurance. Report Highlights Importance of Domain Experience in Insurance Outsourcing HCL Technologies Ltd. underwriting. rating. Thirty-seven companies were assessed on the level of experience in different product and functional areas including the support of distribution. As Insurers leverage global sourcing for restructuring operations and technology. billing. Commenting on the ratings Dan Morris. underwriting. Corporate Vice President. Gartner Financial Services. the report states that HCL has developed a deep and broad expertise in life insurance ITO.. IT Infrastructure Services and Business Process Outsourcing. --The number of strategic outsourcing projects will increase during the next two years. HCL has 78 . announced that its Insurance Practice has been rated as "Mature" in its capability to support Life and Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance IT Outsourcing (ITO) projects by Gartner.

Being in line with HCL's vision of making technology relevant and affordable to every Indian. In fact. as it significantly minimizes the total cost of ownership by addressing the challenges like space. Remote IT Infrastructure Management. the launch of new desktop will also prove to be a significant step towards environment friendly computing. HCL has recently won LOMA's 2005 Excellence in Education Award (for the second straight year) to recognize HCL's commitment to insurance education. ultra portable Leaptops. This business-centric team drives solutions that are relevant to industry issues and which are technologically driven. HCL has announced the launch of new MiLeap. Critical Appraisal on Future Prospects of HCL As mentioned earlier in this report. BPO and Consultancy Services. So this launch will surely be very successful. These services are delivered by a dedicated team of insurance practitioners knowledgeable in the industry and in technology. This policy concentrates on making efforts to avoid the use of harmful substances that are responsible for causing serious environmental & health 79 .been strengthening its focus on BPO and acquired some customers in these segments. HCL supports product development. based on Intel Atom technology. product development. claims processing. and billing for a life insurer in Europe and underwriting. With increasing awareness for the environment and also with the issues pertaining to power availability in both urban and rural India this next generation PC will prove to be much more power efficient. power. policy processing and servicing. and claims for a P&C insurer in North America. policy processing and servicing. HCL's insurance focus is further augmented by one of the industry's most comprehensive insurance education and certification programs for HCL staff. HCL's Global Insurance Practice provides a broad range of insurance outsourcing services that range from Application Development and Maintenance Services. "Neutron" comes in a compact design and offers significant power saving of upto 76% and also occupies 85 % less space as compared to the products available in the market. This desktop is more affordable and is ideal for the enterprise and small businesses alike. acquisition cost and overall PC maintenance and management expenses. As we know that HCL Enterprises has made a chemical policy that is based on Precautionary principles. To date.

Much effort will be directed on foreign market. If this fund is expected to be invested in the IT sector then it is quite obvious that all IT companies will enjoy one or more benefits from it. this is not an intelligent move by the company. As per another venture undertaken by HCL Technologies. The company is the first of its kind to start such a venture in India. Indian market is undergoing severe changes 80 . Because this is a step taken ahead by the company for the safety on the environment & protection of our environment from external damages made by man is a very hot topic going on these days. But this is a very risky project. But considering the other side of the coin if in case it faces any kind of opposition from the stakeholders then the project will come to a standstill. It is using a separate medium to enhance its market outside India. This venture is expected to focus on investments in Information Technology sector. So its better to firstly get stakeholders in confidence and then make any further move. As per the information provided by the company. So this project will make the company much more respectable in the society and people’s trust on the working of the company will increase manifold. HCL has started another venture of raising funds from the public and invest it in related firms. So this is sure to have an adverse effect on its working in India. Although company may be expected in a position to take such a risk but a second thought can be given. This project can allow the company to acquire a company abroad without having much straining effects on the financial status of the company.damage. This is a commendable effort that has been made by the company and it will surely pay the company in future. the company is going to take the route of SPAC for foreign buyouts. It will lead to loss of goodwill of the company to some extent as well as company will have to face financial loss also. This venture will enable the company to have a strong financial position in the IT sector since the venture plans one billion venture fund. If the fund cannot be collected upto the planned level it will surely affect the effectiveness of the consequences that have been expected from the project. the company is ready to discuss all the aspects of the projects with its stakeholders so it does not have much fear of their opposition because everything will be carrying after consulting them. Considering critics’ viewpoint. which will ultimately harm the Indian market.

That’s what HCL helps us achieve. By channeling their in-depth expertise gained from over 28 years of IT Domain experience. the company will provide a full bandwidth of services specifically designed to meet our complete IT needs and as a single window for completing business solutions wherever one is located… Bibliography Search Engines Consulted o Google o Yahoo o Rediff o Wikipedia o Dogpile o AOL o Reliancemoney o MSN 81 . Inspite of these projects of HCL Enterprise. Although the future plans of the company seem to be risky to some extent but if they are successful to the expected extents then the heights that the company will achieve will be worth noticing. So we can only wait and watch what game time plays. More than ever.very rapidly these days so it needs quite much of attention so its better to concentrate on existing market currently rather than looking for new ones. the social significance of the company cannot be ignored. one’s ability to "do more with less" determines how successful one’s organization will be. At the end we can say that staying competitive in today’s dynamic business environment means finding new ways to reduce costs while maximizing the value of your technology and personal resources.

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