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2018 Tiger Claw Elite Championships & KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY ~ May 19-20, 2018 in San Jose,

November + December 2017



Weight Training
Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu

for Sword Mastery

3 -Section
November+December 2017

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TI G E R C L A W. c o m
Qingcheng Tai Chi Bay Area Workshops
The Tiger Claw Foundation supported the Qingcheng Tai Chi Bay Area Workshops on
August 19-24 and August 26-27, 2017 at Nine Star University of Health Sciences,
in Sunnyvale, California.

In cooperation with and

Established in 2002, the Tiger Claw Foundation is a non-profit

charitable organization dedicated to promoting martial artists and
assisting martial artists in achieving their goals.
For more information or to make a tax-deductable donation,
visit us at 510-668-1100 B

fake, you grant yourself the
wrote my
privilege of cherry-picking
what you believe is real, and
2014 Publisher’s Corner
Publisher Emeritus few of us are truly egoless
from a backpacking
Gigi Oh enough to select anything not
trip in Yosemite National
self-justifying. We gravitate
Publisher Park. Late last July, I was
to stories that uphold our
Gene Ching backpacking there again and
world view. We crave self-
was thrilled to be able to
Editorial Board affirmation, right or wrong. It’s
Gigi Oh
climb Half Dome. It was a dangerous path, especially in
Gene Ching something I did with my the martial arts, because when
late father about forty years you are wrong, our reality check
Senior Designer ago. This time, I got to do
Patrick Lugo L-R: Patrick Lugo, Kevin Ho, Gigi Oh, is a punch in the nose.
it with my own child, which
Graphic Designers made it extra special. It was Lucas Leong, Robin Leong & Gene Ching Confucius said “Every truth
Kevin Ho inspirational, and a much has four corners. As a teacher I
Chen Xinghua needed break from the avalanche of give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three.”
media and work that buries us all. Even This philosophy pervades the way the Chinese martial
Copy Editor
several months since our Kung Fu Tai arts are taught. It’s up to the student to figure it out. But
Gary Shockley
Lori Ann White
Chi 25th Anniversary Festival, I’m still in today’s world of overwhelming media overload, so many
closing some final details. Hopefully, corners are fake. Fakery has been part of our martial arts I’ll have it all done before the next one legacy for centuries. The sooner we all can accept that, the
Web Master (which is May 19-20, 2018 by the way, sooner we can move on. Moreover, the Art of War is based
Jake Hsen mark your calendars). on duplicity and deception. Some fakes are feints that were
Matthew Ng passed down unknowingly, never recognized as stratagems.
When I returned from my vacation, We play our cards close to the vest as a matter of survival.
Staff Reporter we retrofitted our office sprinkler Boisterous braggarts usually get taken down in the martial
Emilio Alpanseque system and got new carpet installed. world. We all want respect, but it doesn’t count when you
Tiger Claw Everything had to be moved out and must tell someone to respect you. That’s real fake news.
Correspondents back in again, a herculean task for me
Jonathan Oh like cleaning King Augeas’ stables. Genuine practitioners are always vigilant against fakery.
Over the last 18 years, I’ve accrued a Demanding respect is intrinsically selfish. It’s so simple
Feng Shui Master to be selfish. While simplicity is more elegant, reality can
ton of stuff at my workspace – books,
Wilson Sun be quite complicated, particularly when it comes to the
videos, mementos, research fragments,
Videographer product samples, so much stuff. magnitude of philosophies inherent in the Chinese martial
Jason Chang Among the samples, I found an original arts. But ultimately selfishness is not the warrior way.
Power Balance bracelet. I’m wearing Warriors sacrifice themselves for others. So it’s easy to
General Manager
it now, but not as an endorsement, discriminate – just compare selfishness versus charity.
Randy Liu
as a reminder. If you are unfamiliar
Administration With every Publisher’s Corner, I endeavor to convey some
with these ‘holographic technology’
President relevant wude (warrior virtues ↖ᗧ) message but with today’s
bracelets, look them up online.
Thomas J. Oh proliferation of fakery, it gets more difficult. My advice now
According to Wikipedia, the makers
is to go climb a mountain. From high on a mountaintop, far
Advertising were hit with numerous fraud lawsuits
away above the noise, everything can become clear.
1-800-628-6552 that cost millions and eventually sent
them into bankruptcy. However, And balance that power.B
Advertising Director
Gigi Oh (ext.141)
despite it all, the brand was transferred
and it’s still in business. Gene Ching
Advertising Manager In these days of ‘fake news’, the
Gene Ching (ext. 137)
bracelet reminds me that despite
Advertising Accounts ample independent scientific research
Joan Chen (ext. 108) and undeniable facts, fakery can still Publisher, Kung Fu Tai Chi &
Product Fulfillment
prevail. By claiming that the news is Follow us on the following Social Networking sites (search Kung Fu Magazine)
Distributed by
Curtis Circulation
Tel: (201) 634-7400
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94536 Second Class postage pending.
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see our official website at
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Master Hannah Chow


Cover Story
22 Fierce Tiger Descending the Mountain
By Gene Ching

32 Wong Lei’s Fierce Tiger
By Donald Hamby and Theodore Henderson

38 The Ancestors of Five Ancestors Fist
By Daniel Kun

46 Embracing the Wall

Learn Wushu Foundation Exercises That Only Require a
Wall & You
By Joseph Scarcella and Emilio Alpanseque

64 54 Weight Training for Chinese

Broadsword Mastery
By Patrick Jay Lant

58 From the Mundane to the Martial

Hakka Bean Bag Training
By Williy Pang

64 The Importance of Shaolin Kung Fu

Partner Work
By Chris Friedman
68 The Three-Section Staff of
Shaolin Temple
By Leon Zhang

72 The Yin and Yang of Fu Style

By Terrence Trumbo

68 78 Baguazhang for Long Life

By Liang Keming

92 Featured Weapon
Butterfly Paired Knives


On May 12th, 2008, a devastating earthquake struck Sichuan, China.
FREE The loss of life and property was tremendous. Martial Arts Benefit
for Quake Victims was staged in less than two weeks at the
Ultimate Internationals, a Tiger Claw Elite Championship Qualifier,
organized by Ray and Debbie Delgado. It was a sold out show
and raised over $70,000. A special fund for the Sichuan quake
victims was established by the Tiger Claw Foundation, non-profit
charitable martial arts organization. The proceeds of this DVD are
going towards this fund. For more information and other ways that you
can donate, visit
DVD-CA112 $24.95


Xingyi Six Harmony Fist Great Practice Fist

Xingyi is another major internal art akin to Tai Chi, Great Practice Fist comes from the Monk Gate
attributed to Grandmaster Ji Jike of the early Qing system, one of the eight special lineages of Emei
Dynasty. Based on traditional Chinese five element Mountain. It is attributed to Ma Chaozhu, an exiled
theory, Xingyi is popular as a military and police training member of the royal family in the mid-Qing dynasty,
method as well as a practice for longevity cultivation who had studied Shaolin Fist in Henan. A song of
that creates inner peace. The Six Harmonies is another
Great Practice Fist goes “The opponent is nervous,
venerated martial method often associated with Xingyi,
but also connected to other styles. It emphasizes the but the fighter is calm. If you attack me, you will
unification of the body and mind. Combined as Xingyi suffer disaster. You look busy, but I am not. Use both
Six Harmony Fist, this is a powerful and unique practice hands to protect my chest and groin.”
for health and self defense.
DVD-OG004 $19.95
DVD-OG010 $19.95

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NTSC - DVD (Only pay $10.00 for shipping & handling)

Please Choose
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2. Include a shipping and handling charge of $10.00. No C.O.D.
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4. Mail order only! Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. State: Zip: Phone: ( )
International & Canadian orders, $15.00 for shipping & handling
U.S. Funds only Offer Expires 01/15/18


Tournaments - Events - News

14 Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu 1938–2017

By Zhao Xiaohu

16 National Top Wushu Athletes Excel

in Lubbock
By Emilio Alpanseque

17 United States Dragon & Lion Dance

Federation Judges Course and Inauguration
By Wu Niu-sheng

18 9th ITKFA Chinese Martial Arts Championship

By Peter Pena

20 The First Ever Shaolin Temple 72 Specialty

Skills Competition
By Chris Friedman


4 Publisher’s Corner
10 Claw Marks
12 Web Fu

92 84
Chollywood Rising: Summertime and the Living’s Easy
MartialArtsMart Order Form
MartialArtsMart Ordering Information
90 Kung Fu Tai Chi Calendar
Butterfly 94
Kung Fu Tai Chi Distributors
Kung Fu Horoscope

Paired Knives 98 Kung Fu Wisdom: Shou shi liang shan men, quan ping tui da ren



raveling for work,
going to martial
arts events, getting
the chance to
talk to school owners and
practitioners is one of the
best ways for Tiger Claw
to grow and improve our
product. Year after year it
gets a little harder to leave
my growing family and get
out of my daily routine, but I remind myself that it
is a valuable opportunity to learn something that I
might not have known about our customers. Every
time I get home I’m so excited to see my girls, but
also excited because I pick up something Tiger Claw
can do better, something we can create or innovate.
That makes our company better – and better able to
serve you, the martial arts community.

The last time I attended Dennis and Andrena

Brown’s US Capitol Classics and China Open
was in 2014. Every year it seems there’s a West
Coast tournament or something at the office that is
happening the very same weekend as their event. I
love going to the USCC because it is just outside of
Washington DC, held in a great venue that has lots
of things to do when not at the tournament. Add to
that the fact that it is one of the largest Sport Karate
tournaments in the nation, part of the NASKA, and
also showcases Kung Fu and Wushu, and it’s really
a no brainer for me to attend. Grandmaster Brown
was the Cover Master on our September+October
2010 issue and graciously attended our Kung Fu Tai
Chi 25th Anniversary Festival last May.

Tiger Claw Elite Champion Mickey Lee and Melody

Lee coordinate a Tai Chi Challenge at the USCC.
Coach Christopher Pei and Coach Zhang Gui Feng
of US Wushu Academy coordinate the Wushu at
the event. They also run the US Challenge, which
is coming up [at the time this issue went to press] on
October 7, 2017. Coach Pei also graciously attended
our Kung Fu Tai Chi 25th Anniversary Festival last
May and has served as an MC for our Tiger Claw Championships for years.
He was also a September+October Cover Master
in 2013. By a strange coincidence, both Coach Pei and
Grandmaster Brown were posed with Rope Darts for
their cover shots.

If you are in the DC area, you have to attend the

US Capitol Classics and China Open. The
Chinese martial arts portion of the tournament isn’t
the largest part of the USCC, but Grandmaster
Brown, being a Chinese practitioner himself, does
a great job of showcasing the Chinese styles by
putting Tai Chi and Wushu on stage. This is


almost never seen at any of the other NASKA
events unless a “soft style” competitor somehow
manages to make it to the Grand Champion run

I can get a lot of viewpoints from different customers

from many different martial arts styles. The
feedback on new Tiger Claw products is invaluable.
Typically, we will ask a school to try out a new
product and beta test it for a period of time. But
here, at a large tournament like this, we can have
multiple school owners tell us how they will use
a certain product at their schools. It also serves
as a great forum for us to advertise products that
customers might not see if they miss our emails and
flyers or do not use our website,

Be on the lookout for some new gear coming soon.

We are aiming to add some new training equipment
and some bags by the holiday season 2017. We use
the feedback we get (both good and bad) to help us
put out products you’ll love. The next time you see
our booth at a tournament or seminar, stop by to let
us know how we’re doing. I’m always eager to hear
from you.

As I write this, I’m heading to Taipei, Taiwan, for

the 2017 Universiade. The Universiade, formerly
known as the World University Games, is the
largest international multi-sport competition on the
planet outside of the Olympics, and this year they
are adding Wushu as a competitive event. Tiger
Claw was a major sponsor of the 2017 Universiade
US Wushu Team. Unfortunately, the print
submission deadline will have passed before I return,
but I’ll have a full report in the next issue.

Our 2018 Tiger Claw Elite Championships and

KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY will be held on May
19-20, 2018 in San Jose, California. We are just
beginning with the initial planning stages, but we’ve
secured the South Hall of San Jose’s McEnery
Convention Center again for that weekend, and will
be making more announcements as they develop.
Stay tuned to for updates. I
hope to see you all there this year!B

For more information on the US Capitol Classics and China

Open, visit; on the US Challenge,
visit; and on the 2017 Universiade
US Wushu Team, visit Jonny Oh
is the President of Tiger Claw. Kung Fu Tai Chi is published
under TC Media International, a division of Tiger Claw. For more
information on Tiger Claw Martial Arts products and activities,



Shaolin Soccer is for Real – the Sequel

Shaolin Soccer is for Real – the Sequel

In our March + April 2017 Web Fu column, we mentioned how Stephen Chow’s film
Shaolin Soccer (2001) has inspired the Taguo school near Shaolin Temple to train soccer.
Recently, China has been building a soccer super team in an effort to gain global recogni-
tion as a soccer power. Consequently, several soccer stars have been visiting China and
training in Kung Fu as a publicity stunt. On recent friendship tours, Chelsea captain Gary
Cahill, goalkeepers Thibaut Courtois and Willy Caballero and wing-back Marcos Alonso
had the honor of training with a Shaolin Monk and Arsenal Team players Mesut Ozil, Alex
Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexandre Lacazette trained some Southern Style Kung Fu.

World Health Qigong Day

Swords – Legal to Carry in Texas

World Health Qigong Day
Swords – Legal to Carry in Texas
On June 15, 2017 Texas House Bill 1935 was signed into
law, by Governor Greg Abbott making it legal to carry
most any edged weapon, including swords and spears.
Previously blades longer than 5 ½ inches were banned in
public. There are some small restrictions to prevent car-
rying edged weapons at colleges and bars. The law went
into effect on September 1, 2017. © HoustonPress

China’s Billionaires and Entrepreneurs Embrace Tai Chi © People’s Daily Online

China’s Billionaires and Entrepreneurs dŚĞ/ŶƚĞƌŶĂƟŽŶĂů,ĞĂůƚŚYŝŐŽŶŐƐƐŽĐŝĂƟŽŶ;/,YͿ

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group and previous named Asia’s rich-
est person by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, has been a stalwart ĐŽŽƌĚŝŶĂƚĞĚƉƌĂĐƟĐĞŽĨƋŝŐŽŶŐŝƐƚŽďĞŐŝŶĂƚϭϬD
advocate of Tai Chi for years, so much so that he was featured in ŽŶƚŚĞƐĞĐŽŶĚ^ƵŶĚĂLJŽĨƵŐƵƐƚůŽĐĂůƟŵĞ͘dŚŝƐ
our March+April 2015 Web Fu column. In 2001, he partnered with ƉƌĂĐƟĐĞŝƐƚŽďĞŶŽŶͲƐƚŽƉĨŽƌϮϰŚŽƵƌƐ͕ďĞŐŝŶŶŝŶŐ
Jet Li for the TaijiZen International Cultural Development Company ŝŶƵƐƚƌĂůŝĂĂŶĚĞŶĚŝŶŐŝŶĂŶĂĚĂ͘dŚŝƐŐůŽďĂů
but the service was suspended in 2015 and Jet refocused his ĞǀĞŶƚĨŽůůŽǁƐƚŚĞŵŽĚĞůŽĨtŽƌůĚdĂŝŚŝΘYŝŐŽŶŐ
attention to earlier this year. Nevertheless, Jack Ma ĂLJ͕ĞƐƚĂďůŝƐŚĞĚŝŶϭϵϵϵ͕ďƵƚƵŶĚĞƌƚŚĞĂƵƐƉŝĐĞƐ
continues to promote Tai Chi and has recently been joined by Guo ŽĨƚŚĞ/,Y͘dŚĞ/,YǁĂƐĞƐƚĂďůŝƐŚĞĚŝŶϮϬϬϴ
Guangchang, president of Fosun Group, a Chinese International ŝŶŝƟĂůůLJƉƌŽŵŽƟŶŐĨŽƵƌƋŝŐŽŶŐĨŽƌŵƐ͗ŝŐŚƚWŝĞĐĞƐ
conglomerate and investment company. Accordingly, other influ- ŽĨƌŽĐĂĚĞ͕^ŝdž,ĞĂůŝŶŐ^ŽƵŶĚƐ͕DƵƐĐůĞͲdĞŶĚŽŶ
ential entrepreneurs have taken up Tai Chi and Tai Chi workshops
have become a regular part of staff training. Tai Chi is ideal for
Chinese business because expresses China’s notion of ‘soft power’
Jet-Li-s-TaijiZen-International-Cultural-Development-Company ŚƩƉ͗ͬͬǁǁǁ͘ŬƵŶŐĨƵŵĂŐĂnjŝŶĞ͘ĐŽŵͬĨŽƌƵŵͬ ƐŚŽǁƚŚƌĞĂĚ͘ƉŚƉ͍ϳϬϰϭϵͲtŽƌůĚͲ,ĞĂůƚŚͲYŝŐŽŶŐͲĂLJͲ
Chinese-Billionaires-amp-Tai-Chi ϮŶĚͲ^ƵŶĚĂLJͲŝŶͲƵŐƵƐƚ


Exclusive articles on during the months of May and June 2017

Exclusive Articles On

During July & August 2017

Prizes awarded from the Online Sweepstakes during JULY & AUGUST 2017.
No purchase necessary to enter. Five winners are awarded for each sweepstakes.

Tai Chi for Depression Tai Chi in 10 Weeks The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Shastra Vidya: The Ancient
Autographed by Dr. Aihan Autographed by Dr. Aihan Kuhn Dictionary Autographed by Indian Martial Art of the Hindu
Angelika Fritz Kshatriyas Autographed by Harjit
Sagoo Singh


By Zhao Xiaohu

On June 29, 2017,

Pan Qing Fu (█␵⾿)
City. They asked Grandmaster Pan to help capture
the criminals, which he did single handedly. This
earned him another nickname, "gangbuster," as well as
passed away at home a reoccurring position as a self-defense instructor to the
in Kitchener, Ontario, police.
Canada. Renowned for his
iron fist, Grandmaster Pan
In the early eighties, Grandmaster Pan became active in
had extremely calloused
action film, choreographing fights for the most pivotal
knuckles from years of
training. Those knuckles movie of the era, The Shaolin Temple (1982 ቁ᷇ሪ).
were his signature, and Many contemporary martial artists credit that film as
he was always willing to their inspiration to pursue the martial arts, and it was
rap someone’s skull with key to the restoration of the actual Shaolin Temple after
them if they questioned his the Cultural Revolution. Pan made a small cameo in
veracity. that film, and also worked on the two successive films
from the same company, Kids from Shaolin (1984 ቁ᷇ሿ
ᆀ) and Martial Arts of Shaolin (1986 ইेቁ᷇).
Grandmaster Pan began as a child practicing martial
arts in the basement because he didn’t want anyone to
watch him. His first master convinced him to enter a In 1986, Mark Salzman published the bestselling book,
local tournament, and although reluctant to compete, Iron and Silk, which recounted his adventures in China
he won. His youthful ferocity earned him the nickname teaching English and showcased Grandmaster Pan who
"Little Tiger" and, soon after, a slot on the Provincial Salzman trained under while there.
Martial Arts Team. Pan was a voracious student who The book was made
studied under more than a dozen masters, including into a movie in 1990 in
Wen Jingming (ⓛᮜ䣈). Grandmaster Wen was part which both Salzman
of the delegation that represented Chinese martial and Grandmaster Pan
arts at the infamous 1936 Olympics; unfortunately, played themselves. That
when a photo of him meeting Adolf Hitler surfaced served as a stepping
during the Cultural Revolution, he was incarcerated. stone for Pan to immigrate
Grandmaster Pan held the belief that this injustice led to Canada. Later, Pan
to Grandmaster Wen’s early death, even though he returned to the silver screen
survived to 84. via Hollywood in Talons of
the Eagle (1992) starring Billy
Pan’s competitive record Blanks and Last to Surrender
earned him a coaching (1999) starring Roddy Piper.
position on the university
level. After teaching at four Grandmaster Pan is one of the
universities over sixteen few who were showcased on the
years, he became the Senior cover of Kung Fu Tai Chi more
Chief Coach of the Hunan than once. He was the cover
Professional Martial Arts master for both the April+May
Team. Later, he transferred 1996 issue and the February
to Tianjin to coach their 2000 issue. He was a great
team. Tianjin was just supporter of Kung Fu Tai Chi and
beginning to sponsor demonstrated for the 10th Anniversary Gala in
professionals, so Pan had to 2002. He authored numerous articles for Kung Fu Tai
build his team from nothing. Chi along with his top protégé, Dianne Naughton.B
After less than two years,
Pan was able to coach the team to first place at the
For more exclusive articles written by Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu
annual Professional Martial Arts Tournament.
and his pupil Dianne Naughton, read “How to Be a Good Martial
Arts Teacher” and “Just Show, Don’t Show Off,” available at
During the Cultural Revolution, the Public Security
Bureau was compromised by a gang in Shenyang


By Wu Niu-sheng

T he first official events of the

United States Dragon & Lion
Dance Federation (USDLDF)
were held on August 4–6, 2017, in
Denver, Colorado. The US National
After the opening performances,
USDLDF President Mr.
Nelson Ferreira came to the
stage to deliver his welcome
speech. He outlined the
Judges Course & Certification Exam initial accomplishments and
was held over that three-day period benefits of the organization
at the Marriott Hotel at Gateway Park, and explained the work that
followed by the official inauguration lies ahead, finishing with a
of the USDLDF, held at King’s Land call to action of all present.
Chinese Restaurant. Following Mr. Ferreira, IDLDF
representative Mr. Leong gave
The course had a total of 30 an inspired and motivational
attendees who came from a variety of speech about the importance of
states including Hawaii, Washington, this occasion and what it means
California, Colorado, Nebraska, for the future.
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas,
Louisiana and Massachusetts, as well After these initial speeches,
as international representatives from Grandmaster Chan Siew Kee
Brazil and Australia. officiated the consecration
ceremony (Hoi Gwong 䮻‫)ݹ‬
The course covered both Southern of five lions while the USDLDF
Lion and Dragon Dance rules, officers guided the event’s VIPs
regulations, evaluation, scoring and though the dotting process.
protocols, among other items. It Representatives from South
was taught by Master Albert Fong, a Cove Community Center (MA),
certified judge under the International Crawfish King (WA), Ameristar
Dragon & Lion Dance Federation Casino (CO) and Mr. Leong of
(IDLDF), and Master Kok Hong Hooi, the IDLDF had the honor of
serving as a technical committee bringing these five lions to life.
member of the IDLDF. The lions, upon being dotted,
woke up, danced, fetched
greens and paid respects with
The examination portion was divided
their bows. Master Hooi Kok
into two parts. First was a written
Hong officiated the Hoi Gwong
exam where attendees needed to
for a beautiful dragon which
demonstrate their understanding of the rules and regulations of the
USDLDF President, Mr. Ferreira, had the honor of bringing to life
different categories of the sports. The second part was a practical
through the eye-dotting process.
section where the participants had to work as a team to demonstrate
their knowledge and capacity of each art. The exam portion was Dinner was served; the course included a variety of delicious
administered by both Master Hooi and Master Fong under the traditional dishes. During part of the dinner, members of the
supervision of Mr. Leong Lik Thong, the 1st Vice President of the CACHC performed a lion dance which included the traditional
IDLDF, serving as Chairman of the Examiners Board. “lion exits the cave” theme.
The Inauguration of the USDLDF took place on the evening of August After the energized performance, the officers of the USDLDF were
6 and was attended by over 200 people. The setting was King’s Land formally inaugurated into their positions by IDLDF representative
Chinese Restaurant, known for its traditional Chinese seafood dishes Mr. Leong Lik Thong. This was followed by course participants
and spacious seating. Honored guests from around the United States, receiving their attendance certificates and those passing the
as well as overseas, included IDLDF representative Mr. Leong Lik examination process receiving their US National Level Judge
Thong, Secretary Ms. Lee Wai Mun, as well as World Sar Ping Lion certification.
Dance Federation founder Grandmaster Chan Siew Kee and his lovely
wife. For the evening’s closing ceremonies, many representatives
from around the US showcased their Kung Fu skills with various
demonstrations, all to the musical accompaniment of martial
The reception began with a pair of lions greeting guests and VIPs
drumming. Some of the styles demonstrated were Lau Gar,
outside of the restaurant as members of the USDLDF Executive Board
Northern Shaolin, Pak Mei, Hung Gar and Wah Lum. Between
welcomed them into the restaurant. Guests checked in at the front
demonstrations there were small breaks to raffle prizes to all
table and had the opportunity to take pictures at a photo booth as
in attendance. In conclusion, USDLDF President Mr. Ferreira
well as in front of the official USDLDF head banner and triangle flags.
announced that the first US National Dragon & Lion Dance
All guests were guided to their assigned tables and seated for the
beginning of the first performance of the evening, a dragon dance by Championships will be held in 2018.B
members of the Colorado Asian Cultural Heritage Center (CACHC); this
was followed by an impressive eight-drum array, accompanied by
cymbals and gong, also performed by CACHC members. For more information, visit


By Peter Pena

he International Traditional Kung Fu Association’s 9th Annual
Chinese Martial Arts Championship hosted by Sifu Daniel
Tomizaki and Sifu Marco Serra took place in Concord,
California, during the weekend of August 4–6, 2017.

The event began on Friday, August 4, with a variety of unique seminars

given by both local and visiting teachers: Sifu Troy Dunwood – 10,000
Elephant Fist Boxing from Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut; Sifu Dong Thai –
Bong Bo (Crushing Step) from the Seven Star Praying Mantis system;
Sifu Ken Hui – Heritage and Relationship: Northern Shaolin and Tai place 1st in at least 3 divisions – empty hand forms, weapons, and
Chi Gim (straight sword); Sifu Kurtis Fujita – Blade of the Do Ga Clan. sparring. Only a demonstration of all-around skill could capture the
The seminar scene was topped off with special presentations on Kung true spirit of traditional Chinese martial arts. Sifu Lee Lok San of Yau
Fu traditions, martial etiquette, style-specific histories and training Kung Moon, Sifu Lily Lau, Sifu Tai Yim, Sifu Bryant Fong and Sifu Ken
methods by Grandmaster Y.C. Wong (Hung Ga/Pek Kwa), Grandmaster Hui were the judges for the Grand Championship portion. In the Adult
Lily Lau (Ying Jow Pai) and Grandmaster Tai Yim (Hung Fut). Grand Championship, two competitors were eligible for the award. The
runner-up was Ms. Elisabete Souza of Associacao Tan Lang e Choy
On Saturday, August 5, the tournament was inaugurated with an Lay Fut de Kung Fu from Brazil. The 2017 Grand Champion was Mr.
amazing traditional Lion Dance routine from Tomizaki’s Champions Guilherme Garzon from Nucleo de Kung Fu Shaolin from Brazil. Winning
Kung Fu Institute that featured 9 lions – each auspiciously representing the Junior Grand Championship (under 18) was Braydan Tomizaki
each year of the tournament’s existence. Their blessings were from Tomizaki’s Champions Kung Fu Institute, who placed 1st in five
well-received by an excited audience of competitors, families, and different divisions. The Adult Grand Champions were presented their
spectators. City officials Laura Hoffmeister (Mayor of Concord), awards by Grandmaster Tai Yim, Ms. Gigi Oh from Tiger Claw and Kung
Carlyn Obringer (City Council Member), and William Chan (Chamber of Fu Tai Chi magazine; Grandmaster Lily Lau and William Chan from the
Commerce) presented Sifu Daniel Tomizaki and Tomizaki’s Champions Chamber of Commerce presented the Junior Grand Champion award.
Kung Fu Institute awards in support of the tournament. After Sifu Tai
Yim of the Hung Fut System from Maryland gave an inspirational speech The closing ceremonies began with an exceptional Lion Dance and
on how the competitors are proud representatives of their respective Dragon Dance display by Sifu Richard Ow and his Yau Kung Moon Kung
Kung Fu styles, the tournament commenced. Fu Association. Two lions performed a breathtaking traditional routine
and revealed auspicious banners to end the tournament. A luminous
Twenty-three schools competed. From the West Coast were schools Dragon Dance ushered in the Masters Exhibition, which included Sifu
from the Bay Area – San Francisco, Oakland, Daly City, and Union City, Kurtis Fujita (Iron Wire/Hung Gar), Sifu Dong Tai (Tong Long), Sifu Ken
as well as groups from Marysville, Antioch, Stockton, and Southern Hui (Northern Gim), Sifu Cindy Hui and Sifu Marlene Tam (Bat Cham Do/
California. A pair of East Coast contingents were from Maryland Wing Chun), Sifu Aaron Wong (Pek Kwa), Sifu Darryl Wong (Hung Ga
and Virginia. Nine schools from various cities in Brazil made up the butterfly swords), Sifu Lester Wong (Ng Long Bat Gwa Gwan/Hung Ga),
bulk of the international participants. Among the traditional styles Sifu Troy Dunwood (Pek Kwa), Sifu Richard Ow (Yau Kung Moon), Sifu
seen were Choy Lee Fut, Yau Kung Moon, Hung Ga, Hung Fut, Ying Jason Fujii (Wing Chun blinded chi sau), Sifu Peter Pena (Pak Mei), Sifu
Jow Pai, 7 Star Praying Mantis, Wing Chun, Northern Shaolin, and Bryant Fong (Taiji and Baji). Closing the demonstration was Tomizaki’s
Tai Chi Chuan. Divisions consisted of Southern Short Hand (Forms), Champions Kung Fu Institute and Sifu Daniel Tomizaki (Choy Lay Fut).
Southern Long Hand, Northern Hand, Short Weapons, Long Weapons,
Double Weapons, Flexible Weapons, 2–3 Person Hand Fighting At the dinner following the tournament, Sifu Tomizaki and Steffani
Sets, and 2–3 Person Weapon Fighting Sets. Sparring events were Tomizaki sincerely thanked everyone for their attendance, support, and
divided into Point Sparring, passion for traditional Chinese martial arts. While this tournament only
Continuous Sparring, and comes once a year, it is the friendships that were made and maintained,
Weapon Sparring for younger the mutual respect for the each other’s hard work, and the absolute
competitors. Competing in absence of martial politics that the Tomizakis hope will be remembered
the Sport San Da Division was and emulated until next year’s
a mixed martial arts school tournament.B
from Oakland and a Kempo
school. For more information, visit
The ultimate prize was the
Grand Championship. To
qualify, competitors had to



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The First Ever 72 Specialty Skills Competition
By Chris Friedman

Chris Friedman has been doing the

martial arts since his early teens.
He has spent the past decade living
and training in China. He now lives
in Songshan Shaolin as a foreign
disciple. For more, read “History
in the Making: The First Ever
Shaolin Temple 72 Specialty Skills
Competition” by Chris Friedman
MOUNTAIN By Gene Ching


it was just like him doing his job. I really “I remember my first day of classes,” continues Robin,
got a sense when I saw him performing, reminiscing, “walking up the red staircase, the famous red
bending the rebar with his throat. I staircase, and just going through the motions of the class. My
always asked him, ‘How do you do it?’ main impression was the wall, the lion heads. I remember my
He always said, ‘Just train hard. Then first day. I was sitting in horse stance for 45 minutes – a hour.
you can do anything.’ [laughs] When I Actually, I was just daydreaming, so just looking back on that,
first saw him perform that, the reaction he even today the school has not changed. That’s the beauty of it.
got from everybody, I kind of got a sense There’s no change. The pictures are all in the same place. That’s
of how respected he was in the martial what it is. Consistency. Consistency is the key.”
arts community, and just the community
in general. Then, as he started to do
all his charity exhibitions, city council Double Dragon Leaving the Sea
members, mayors, governors, started
coming to the events. I got the idea what Today, Master Robin Leong has all the hallmarks of success that
he’s all about, what he’s accomplished. any martial artist might desire. A former martial arts champion,
It’s quite rare in this day and age. He’s he founded an international franchise of Kung Fu schools, Ch’i Life
always said, ‘It’s Studios, which teaches thousands of students his beloved discipline
never about of Hung Gar. He has been featured on the cover of magazines, not
yourself. It’s just this issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi, but also the Singapore edition
about the of Men’s Health in 2004. He’s starred in several feature films and
on television in several scripted TV series as well as being a TV
personality covering lifestyle and sports. He’s even garnered critical
acclaim for live theater performances. Most of all, he’s a devoted
father and works hard to cultivate the next generation of Hung Gar
practitioners through his Kung Fu Kids program which has attracted
some 6000 children, turning them on to the venerated discipline and
rich legacy of Kung Fu.

And while most celebrity martial artists study a mish-mash of

dramatic exaggerated styles, Robin has remained true to his roots.
“No other martial arts,” declares Robin. “Hung Gar. When I was
filming in Shaolin, we were there for a few months and I did a little
Shaolin. But it’s always been Hung Gar.”

Leong has spent the last two decades in Singapore. Growing

up in Seattle’s Chinatown, he always loved Asia and longed
to connect with his Chinese roots. But in the summer of ‘91,
“I remember my first as a teenager, he felt differently. “That summer, while still in
university, my mom sent me to Hong Kong, not do anything
but to learn Cantonese, to get me back to my roots, so she sent
day. I was sitting in me to live there for the whole summer. I was heartbroken. I had a
girlfriend. I was like, ‘I don’t want to go.’ I was homesick.
horse stance for 45 “So this acting thing, I just came upon it because one day, I was
walking the streets and a lady stopped me. And she said, ‘Would
minutes – a hour.” you like to be in a movie?’ I said, ‘What?’ My uncle would always
tell me to be careful – a lot of people that scam. I said, ‘Yeah, yeah,
just give me your name card.’ She gave me her name card and it was
Golden Harvest. I knew Golden Harvest from Bruce Lee films.
She said, ‘Please come down. I want to put you on the screen – a
screen test.’ I brought it to my uncle and he looked at it and said,
‘It’s real.’ We called it and it was a real place. He brought me there
the next day and I did the screen test and I met the director. They
were doing a teenage love movie, and they wanted me to be a love
interest, a lifeguard. And they signed me that day, right on the spot
to do that film. Five Lonely Hearts (1992 ӄ‫ػ‬ᇲሎⲴᗳ) and it was
directed by Fruit Chan (䲣᷌). That was his first one.” Fruit Chan
has gone on to become one of Hong Kong's leading directors. Known
for his films about everyday Hong Kong life, he often used amateur

24 KUNG FU B TAI CHI DECEMBER 2017 Continued on page 26

Continued from page 24: Robin Leong
actors. His 1997 film, Made in Hong Kong (俉⑟㼭䙐), garnered 14 wins
Other Next Generation and 6 other nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best
Film and Best Director. His upcoming project is Invincible Dragon

Kung Fu Cover starring Jin Zhang and MMA champion Anderson Silva. Leong
was only on set for less than a week for Five Lonely Hearts, but

Masters and he got signed by an agent which led to another small role in a film
with another renowned director, Peter Ho. “So that was a great
summer,” recalls Leong. “It was very fun.”
Their Cover
Master Parents Leong returned to America to earn a degree in business with
aspirations of going to law school. But after graduating, he
decided to return to Hong Kong for another summer. That
was 1995. He was doing some modeling work and got a job
Grandmaster Chan Pui and Master in Singapore to do an ad campaign to attract Hong Kong
Mimi Chan, June 2000 people to Singapore for the 1997 handover when the 99-year
British lease on the territory expired. This exposure led to a
successful acting career (despite the fact that he was American)
and the founding of his international Kung Fu school. “So the
acting thing was just by chance. Everywhere I went, from
Hong Kong to Singapore, I was told I wasn’t able to work
because of my accent. And then, they made a role for me. I
did a police drama. And then they wanted me to join the
Grandmaster Chen Jian and Master Chinese-speaking market so they hired a tutor for me, six
Tony Chen, September 2000 days a week, two, three hours a day. That was around 2001.
My first Chinese show had good reception. I did a martial
arts series in Shaolin, that’s why I spent a few months there –
The Challenge (䈱оҹ䬻). It was a popular show. There’s a
link to all the Singapore TV. Mediacorp owns all the rights.
So there is a website with all of the dramas and sitcoms on
there. They have a whole library of it. The funny thing
was everything I’ve done in Singapore is they had to justify
my American accent. So the first one
Grandmaster Ma Yu Qiang and Master was I was an investment banker from
Zhong Luo, December 2000 America, first time in Singapore. Then
the Chinese drama, the martial arts
one, I was an American champion in
Shaolin to compete. The Police drama,
probably the role I’m most known for,
Triple Nine, I was in Singapore and I
went to university in America. And
Grandmaster Chan Sau Chung then there was a Chinese role where I
(March+April 2001) and Master
s! had to play a mute. A mute! [laughs]
So it was very funny. And during this
Chan Kai Leung (July+August 2002) Finger

whole time, I was asked to do The


Blue Room. Nicole Kidman made it


u Ji n-She er
pril 200

aster Tand Internal
famous back in the year 2000. I played
3 WW

Taoism Art,

al Pow

a dual role. That was a live stage


cial Is

Spe G
HARD ing performance. Then after seven years


Street hou
San S
ster Tu


- Deepak

Grandmaster Tu Jin Sheng


The Ph g
on Qigo

(March+April 2003) and B r e a kOLin


Master Jack Tu (July+August 2015)

Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu and Master

Helen Liang (May+June 2007)


Shaolin Kung Fu classes, Shaolin Temple style,
because in Singapore I would have Shaolin guys
lead our classes. Same in Shanghai. My partner
in Shanghai, I recruited him for a live Wong Fei
Hung show that I produced – a theater show.
I recruited him from Shaolin because we were
looking for some great performers and I went over
to Shaolin, and this one guy, his name is Wang
Shuai (⦻ᐵ), this very short guy, but he’s like ten
years old. He did this great impression of Bruce
Lee. ‘I want to show you. Wataaah!’ Then he
lifted up his shirt and he had a 6-pack. More like
an 8-pack! He specializes in flips. Then I brought
him to Singapore. He’s another master that I
brought over and now he’s running the Shanghai
school. Now he’s all grown up.”

Traditional Kung Fu was taught by rod, an

obsolete pedagogical approach nowadays.
Many contemporary schools must water down training area inside of it is stances, stances, and
the teachings in order to keep the interest of stances. That is never ever compromised.”
today’s youth, but Master Leong refuses to
compromise. “No modification. It’s either
It's a realist point of view. The martial arts
Shaolin Kung Fu or Hung Gar. I was teaching
aren't for everyone and only a portion of those
the Hung Gar. But since I’m not in Singapore,
practitioners will pursue traditional styles.
then it’s just the Kung Fu Kids program. Now
But everyone must start somewhere. “We
it’s just Hung Gar in Seattle. When I was
have students that really excel and they
over there, it was Hung Gar – traditional –
go into the hardcore Shaolin or Hung Gar
it’s not modified in any way. And also the
program,” says Leong with pride. “They
traditional Shaolin. do very well. But seventy percent are there
as a novice. They just want to get exercise.
“There’s no shortcuts. And that’s why I started But we have that thirty percent that want
the Kung Fu Kids program. You can see this new competition, that want to be serious.”
generation – there’s so much distraction. There’s
so many choices. The Kung Fu Kids program
keeps the traditional teachings, but adds the fun
element to it so when they get to that certain
Tiger Roaring with
level, they can go traditional classes. It just lets
them to find their interests. That was the main
Crane Calling
reason why I wanted to do that because I didn’t In the era of MMA and Modern Wushu, the
want to lose the traditional. Because of all these fate of Kung Fu’s venerated legacy hangs in the
different things that they are doing, you know, balance. Will it be passed down to the next
iPad, other sports, this and that, I just wanted generation as it has been for so many generations
them to have a little more enjoyment. I’m not before? Who will step up to carry it on? “I never
saying that Hung Gar is not enjoyable. I enjoy preach that Hung Gar is better than all. I can’t
it. But the traditional teaching is very rigorous. say that. From personal experience, all I can tell
It’s hard. And for a four-year-old or a five-year- you is that Hung Gar is the perfect balance. It’s
old, you can’t put them in horse stance for an hour an art form but it’s also about character. Every
without smacking them with a stick. Obviously time you want to give up, you push it a little
you can’t do that. If they have a bad experience harder to make sure you don’t. And it’s because
in a martial art, they don’t want to do it ever the movements – and this isn’t just Hung Gar
again. So that has been my goal, and I’ll say it’s but any traditional martial art – you’re always
a dilemma because I’m not modernizing it. I’m learning, always learning every day. But it’s the
kind of tweaking it… So I kind of ration it out so perfect balance of the joy of getting through – I
it’s not just regimented – horse stance, kiu sau, make it sound like it’s torture [laughs]. To some
bong sau (wing hand 㞰᡻), next. They get a little people, it is – the joy of breaking down that fear
bit more freedom to really holistically find their of failure through your own merits. Because
way and their passion on their own. But the main when you’re doing a class, obviously you have a


A Please Note: Do not expose weapon under the
sun too long. Contact during combat may
create dents in Staff. (Any STAFF 60” or
longer, extra shipping charges apply).
Our Jo and Bo staffs are imported
directly from China, the only
source for authentic quality
waxwood staffs.
A) Competition Bo (1” center, ¾” ends) B
26-60 Hardwood (60”) $21.99* - 26-72 Hardwood (72”) $23.89*
B) Rattan Bo (no skin) ((MEQIXIVZEVMIWJVSQzXSz
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Master C) Burned Rattan Bo w/Carved Design
Rick “Bucky” Wing 31B-60 (60”) $35.49* - 31B-72 (72”) $37.39*
D) Rattan Bo (with skin) ((MEQIXIVZEVMIWJVSQzXSz
31S-60 with skin (60”) $28.99* - 31S-72 with skin (72”) $29.99*
E) Hardwood Jo (1” diameter)
25-36 Straight (36”) $15.99 - 25-50 Straight (50”) $17.98
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F) Hardwood Bo (zHMEQIXIV
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Authentic staffs imported directly from
China. Diameter of each weapon may
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32-74 Waxwood (74”) $23.99*
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Cases *Canvas Staff Case *Canvas Staff Case
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Elite Ultra Lightweight Metallic Competition BOs

Designed for the flash and dazzle of a champion competitor! Trimmed with mylar metallic and glitter tape, with a no-slip
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Carrying case

Red 27-R (48”, 54”) $49.99 - (60”, 66” & 72”) $53.79
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spear head is approx. 9 inch.
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Head Guandao Lightweight Steel, overall 60”, 21/2 lbs.
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Steel, overall 80”)
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$10.49 $11.39 $12.29 $10.49 $2.49 advocates caution and courtesy in training and disclaims all liability from the use of our products.
Chen Tongshan
Please Note: Long weapons may incur extra shipping charges. Contact us for details.
Wushu Steel is usually lightweight, chrome-plated and rust free. Wushu swords are flexible
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By Donald Hamby and Theodore Henderson

hen you see the panda you think Grandmaster Wong Lei was the consummate martial
cute and cuddly. When you see artist. To achieve this level of skill, he always sought
the elephant you sense power and the best teachers in their disciplines to pass on their
majesty. The tiger is ferocious, knowledge. Master Wong traveled all over China to
powerful and stealthy. One can learn and grow in skill. He learned the Night Tiger and
see the techniques as well as the grace and swiftness Fierce Tiger Exits the Forest forms from Master Ngun
when it pounces on prey and catches its meal. Wuhn (仌ී). Master Wuhn saw Wong Lei’s potential
and agreed to teach him for free. These techniques were
considered very dangerous in the hands of a diligent
The first set of the Night Tiger Exits the Forest (Ye Fu practitioner and were not freely taught. Grandmaster
Teui Cheut Sam Lam ཌ㱾䘰ࠪ἞᷇) is a foundation for Wong Lei learned these two sets and left Guangzhou,
China, his birthplace, to relocate in Hong Kong to train
the Fierce Tiger Exits the Forest (Maang Fu Teui Cheut
in Wan Chai. When Lei arrived in Hong Kong, he found
Sam Lam ⥋㱾䘰ࠪ἞᷇) created by Grandmaster Wong that Lam Sai Wing (1860–1943 ᷇ц㦓) was old and
Lei (1900?–1969 ⦻࡙). From a poetic view, the Night not teaching. Upon one of Lam Sai Wing’s student’s
Tiger requires the tiger to use a certain skill set to obtain recommendations, he went to see Grandmaster Lam Jo
his meal, recalling Blake’s famous Tyger poem, how (1910–2012 ᷇⾆) in Sheung Wan. Lam Jo taught him
weapons and eventually the whole Lam family system.
the tiger burns bright to prepare his assault in the dark.
It is interesting to note that the style taught to Wong
The night is dark and quiet, so one must use stealth and Lei is also called Hung Kuen (⍚ᤣ). This style
patience. Capturing this element is a pivotal part of the of Hung Kuen is the predecessor of modern-day
tiger forms. Hung Kuen, handed down by Wong Fei Hung


(1847–1924 哳伋卫). A Wing Chun practitioner at
first glance would think the fierce Tiger set originated
The Tyger
from Wing Chun (䂐᱕). One can see the similarities by William Blake
and the root of how the style evolved from this form. Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
The Fierce Tiger
What immortal hand or eye,
Fierce Tiger lacks some of the well-known animal
hand techniques comprising Wong Fei Hung’s modern Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
version of Hung Kuen. Some of the hands in Fierce
Tiger are done three times and use mainly the Tiger’s
Claw, and the palm and finger strikes, to beat down
In what distant deeps or skies.
adversaries. The iron boot kick (a front kick down the Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
middle gate of the body) is the only kick in the set. The
set opens with three salutes in three directions, using On what wings dare he aspire?
the left toe stance (cat stance). This represents the What the hand, dare seize the fire?
unification of heaven above and earth below and man
in the middle. The left Tiger Claw and the right Tiger
Fist represent Dragon and Tiger emerging from the And what shoulder, & what art,
cave. The beginning of the Fierce Tiger set uses the
goat or sheep rider’s stance and is utilized for rooting Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
and stabilizing the practitioner during practice. Tid Kiu And when thy heart began to beat,
Sam (1815–1887 䫱ẕй), the founder and one of the ten
tigers of Canton, China, made this stance famous with What dread hand? & what dread feet?
his Tid Sin Kuen (iron wire fist 䩥㐊ᤣ). In goat rider’s
stance (called “rooting” or “drawing strength up from
the earth”), the feet are one-and-a-half shoulder-widths What the hammer? what the chain,
apart from the body, thus rooting by tilting the pelvis, In what furnace was thy brain?
tensing the buttocks and hunching the back. This helps
strengthen and develop the shoulders, chest arms and What the anvil? what dread grasp,
back muscles. Dare its deadly terrors clasp!
Because of its lethality, Wong Lei was only the second
student to learn the Fierce Tiger set. Is the Fierce When the stars threw down their spears
Tiger practical in today’s world? The answer is yes, And water’d heaven with their tears:
but predicated on how well one can adapt the classical
techniques for modern times. The masters of old did Did he smile his work to see?
not have to contend with courts of law or the police.
Many times it was a kill or be killed situation, so these
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?
techniques were trained with razor-sharp precision.
Hence the techniques required much conditioning and Tyger Tyger burning bright,
very precise skills. In modern times, putting a finger on
someone’s chest is considered assault and can bring a In the forests of the night:
lengthy prison sentence. Some states have Stand Your
Ground laws, but that is only when you have a bag of
What immortal hand or eye,
Skittles and a ninety-nine cent Arizona ice tea. Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Once his attack to the midsection is trapped by his opponent, the attacker answers with a left elbow strike to his foe’s face.


Tiger Claw Curved
Leather Focus Mitt Clap Kicker
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Continued from page 34: Tiger

When to Bring Out the Tigers

In most situations, avoidance is the best solution. Who wants to
go around hurting people, except maybe a psychopath? In many
conflicts seen on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop, walking away
from potential violence is the most intelligent alternative. Fierce
Tiger and Night Tiger ferocity are not recommended solutions to
stupidity, as the legal ramifications could lead the way to prison.
Night Tiger is applicable when someone enters a school to do harm
to innocent people. Fierce Tiger is applicable for a lady getting
off work and heading to her car. Please note, when practiced and
applied correctly, the techniques are deadly. Anyone can look at
Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali’s techniques, but if one doesn’t
practice, it will be as useless as a tiger with no teeth or claws.

Anyone who masters the two tiger sets will be difficult to

withstand. Unless the opponent can grow back limbs like
a millipede, the outcome is very painful and final. You can
use techniques from both sets to subdue multiple people, or
use them in the armed forces. It may not work on aliens or
predators (depending on their anatomies and technologies), but
but humans are optimal targets.

National Geographic frequently shows tiger documentaries,

because viewers find tigers fascinating. Who created such a
deadly but beautiful species? The tiger in nature is confident
when he makes his move. When he pounces to get his dinner,
resistance is futile for his prey. He watches in the night. He
waits patiently for the right opportunity, then….. he strikes!
What dread hand? What dread feet?B

Donald Hamby can be reached at, For more

on the this topic, see “Wong Lai’s Night Tiger” by Donald Hamby with Victor Nordgren
in our March+April 2016 issue (note that the spelling of Lai has been corrected
to Lei in this article to conform to the proper Yale Romanization of Cantonese).

1. The attacker’s punch is blocked with double facing palms.

2. In response, the attacker pulls down the defender’s palms.
3. Defender answers with double finger strikes to attacker’s throat.
4. She then follows up by clawing down on the attacker’s collar.


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By Daniel Kun

ive Ancestors Fist originated after the fall (⍚᰾ཚ⾆ᤣ). This
of the Ming dynasty in 1644 to the Manchu system is mostly short-
of the Qing dynasty. Intense resistance range techniques that are explosive
against the Qing continued, especially in and emphasize heavy striking.
Southern China, headed by secret societies such
as the Tien De Hui (ཙൠՊ). The dominant Tai Cho Kun is considered the dynasty’s martial art.
martial art system (especially in Fujian province) Representing the empire’s glory and prowess, it is an
was the Tai Cho Kun (Grand Ancestors Fist ཚ amalgamation of all the known Kung Fu systems,
⾆ᤣ). Tai Cho was created by the first Song likely including white crane, monkey, eagle, dragon,
emperor Zhao Kuangyin (960–1279 CE 䏉॑㜔) leopard, mantis, tiger, and other systems that existed
and later expanded by the first Ming emperor Zhu during that time. By today’s standards it would be
Yuanzhang (1369–1644 CE ᵡ‫)⪻ݳ‬, whose era considered the national martial art. That is why old
was called Hongwu (⍚↖). Tai Cho, or Taizu in traditional Kung Fu schools always referred to their
Mandarin, is an honorary term given to emperors schools and martial arts as “Kok Sut” (National Art
that found their dynasty. The Song Tai Cho ഻㺃).
was referred to as Tai Cho Chang Kun (Grand
Ancestor Long Fist ཚ⾆䮯ᤣ) while the Ming Tai
Cho was referred to as Hong Ming Tai Cho Kun During the Ming dynasty, a northern master
Song Emperor name Bai Yu Feng (ⲭ⦹ጠ) collaborated with
Zhao Kuang Yin Ming Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang some northern Shaolin martial art experts in the
formulation of the Five Animal Fist or Five Forms
(ӄᖒ). It is also believed that an early version of
Five Ancestors Fist was developed that consisted
of Song Tai Cho, Northern White Crane, Monkey
Fist, Lohan boxing and Damo qigong breathing
exercises. Later legend says that Gao Tin Xuan
Nu (Nine Heaven Mysterious Lady ҍཙ⦴ྣ), a
Chinese deity, added the pressure point techniques.
Due to civil turmoil, wars, and the eventual
fall of the Ming dynasty, many believe that the
development of Bai Yu Feng Five Ancestors was
interrupted when many followers fled the Manchu
invasion, migrating to Fujian province. Eventually,


Five Ancestors is usually found
inside the traditional Kung Fu
training halls.

Five Ancestors
Fist and the
Ngo Cho Kun or Goh Cho
Kun (ӄ⾆ᤣ) is in the Hokkian
dialect of Chinese, known as
Min Nan Hua (䯙ই䂡). It
is predominantly spoken in
Fujian province and Taiwan.
This language is also widely
An altar of the Five Ancestors is usually found inside the traditional kung fu training halls photo spoken in South East Asian
countries where many early
descendants of Bai Yu Feng Five Ancestors ethnic Hokkians migrated during the 18th–20th
Fist integrated southern Tai Cho Kun, century, regions like Indonesia, Singapore, and
which included the absorption of Yong Chun Malaysia. In the Philippines, it is also known as
White Crane (䂐᱕ⲭ古). Their system was Lan Nang Hue (our language ૡܲ䂡). Ngo Cho
kept underground through the efforts of the Kun means Five Ancestors Fist in Mandarin,
late Master Chee Kim Thong (ᗀ䠁Ἇ) from pronounced as Wuzu Quan. Sometimes the
Malaysia until, in the 1960s, he revealed it word Ngo is spelled Goh because of slightly
to the Kung Fu world. different pronunciations among the
Hokkian ethnicities. But the Chinese
characters are all the same.
In the 1700s, after the fall of the Ming
dynasty, Five Ancestors was used by
the secret societies. It was about the
veneration and worshipping
of ancient China’s
traditional religion. Tai
Cho represented the emperor
worshipping the Mandate of
Heaven. It was believed that emperors
received blessings to rule well from the
heavenly gods, including such deities
as Guan Gong (Lord Guan, patron
saint of martial arts ‫ ;)ޜޣ‬Guan
Nim (㿰丣), the Goddess of Mercy,
worshipped by both Taoism and
Buddhism; Damo (Bodhidharma 䚄
ሺ) the founder of Chan (or Zen)
Buddhism in China; and the
Lohan (㖵╒), immortal deities
who safeguard Earth and later
embodied the warrior monks of
Shaolin. It also pays respect Monkey Fist
Tai Cho Kun
to Xuan Nu, a female deity
who possesses the blessings
of vitality, nourishment, and
longevity. An altar of the


Later in the 1800s, two prominent Tai Cho masters
– Chua Giok Beng (1853–1910 㭑⦹匤) and Li The Four Lineages of Ngo Cho Kun
Jun Ren (1849–1933 ᵾ‫׺‬ӱ) – redefined the Five Tai Cho Ngo Cho Kun (ཚ⾆ӄ⾆ᤣ)
Ancestors from religious tradition to martial arts,
adding the word “Fist” to make it Five Ancestors
Ho Yang Pai Ngo Cho Kun (咔䱣⍮ӄ⾆ᤣ)
Fist (Tai Cho Kun ӄ⾆ᤣ). Yong Chun Ngo Cho Kun (≨᱕ӄ⾆ᤣ)
Bai Yu Feng Ngo Cho Kun (ⲭ⦹ጠӄ⾆ᤣ)
Chua Giok Beng introduced Ngo Cho Kun Ho
Yang Pai (ӄ⾆ᤣ咔䱣⍮), naming it Ho Yang in
honor of his Tai Cho teacher Master Ho Yang.
His version of Ngo Cho includes Tai Cho Kun
for it explosiveness, power and intensity, White
Crane for its flawless technique, Monkey Fist for
its dexterity, mobility and agility, Lohan for its
flexibility and speed, and Damo for its breathing
exercise (the internal power of qigong).

Li Jun Ren referred to his Ngo Cho Kun as Yong

Chun Ngo Cho Kun (Yong Chun means “eternal
spring” and is the same characters for what is
commonly referred to in Cantonese as Wing
Chun ≨᱕ӄ⾆ᤣ). It is called Yong Chun
because Li was from the birthplace of Yong
White Crane Kung Fu. Li’s Five Ancestors
are the same as Chua’s except that he
combines both Lohan and Damo as the fourth White Crane
element because both are considered Shaolin
martial arts. Li’s fifth “ancestor” is Xuan
Nu for its pressure point technique.

Many former Tai Cho masters joined either

Chua’s Ho Yang Pai or Li’s Yong Chun Ngo
Cho Kun while others – such as Gong Po
Chiem (‫ޜ‬ၶ䂩) and Lo Yan Chui (ⴗ䀰
⿻) – continued to promote and expand
Tai Cho Kun. Because of the nature of
Tai Cho Kun as the umbrella system of

Fujian martial arts, all

the newly created Ngo
Cho Kun, including
Bai Yu Feng’s, are
connected, interrelated
and inseparable,
borrowing syllabus,
technique, concept,
and principle from each
other, including the
tradition of the Green

Continued on page 42
Lohan hand and kicking flexibility


Continued from page 40: The Ancestors of Five Ancestors Fist

the real representation of the Green Lion. The green

also represents the Qing’s Green Standard Army
(Luying ㏐⠏), which were deployed in local civilian
populations to act as constables to enforce Qing
laws and quell small-scale disturbances and minor

The Ngo Cho Kun warrior fighting the Green Lion

with a martial art weapon symbolizes the struggle
of the Han (╒) people for freedom. The Green Lion
ritual ends with the Green Lion being slain. This is
why it is very rare to see the Green Lion performed in
ceremonial festivities such as weddings or birthdays
up to this day.

After the fall of the Qing dynasty in 1911, the Fighting

Green Lion became a representation of freedom and
prosperity. Green represents auspiciousness and
prosperity. The white eyebrows represent wisdom
and justice. The white fangs represent courage and
patriotism. The fierce face fights against evil or serves
to scare away evil. The red is for long life. Today the
Green Lion no longer represents that past political

The Green Lion

The Green Lion (䶂⤞) ritual was adopted from the
southern Tai Cho Kun martial tradition. Unlike all
other lion dances, the Green Lion is neither a dance
nor a ceremonial lion. It is a unique ritual. The
Green Lion with its fierce face and sharp saber teeth
symbolizes the Qing dynasty for its brutality and
harsh rule. The shaven forehead symbolizes the hair
style of the Qing, the queue. At the center of the
forehead is the Chinese character wang (king ⦻) for
the Qing emperor. The Kung Fu warrior fighting
the lion symbolizes the resistance against the Qing.

The word "green" in Fujian dialect is pronounced tsi,

which sounds the same as Qing, thus camouflaging

The Green Lion with its

fierce face and sharp
saber teeth symbolizes
the Qing dynasty for its
brutality and harsh rule.


The green also represents the Qing’s Green Standard
Army (Luying ㏐⠏), which were deployed in local
civilian populations to act as constables to enforce
Qing laws and quell small-scale disturbances and
minor rebellions.
agenda so the green symbolizes neutrality and equality, white
hair and eyebrows are for wisdom and justice, the beard for long
life and good fortune, and the ferocious face to ward off evil
spirts and for security.

Today, Ngo Cho Kun has expanded worldwide, with schools

Damo in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, epitomized
and unified under the International South Shaolin Wuzuquan
Federation headquarters at Quanzhou, Fujian, China.B

Daniel Kun is a Sifu at the Kong Han Ngo Cho Kun Kung Fu Association in
Canada. For more information, visit

Xuan Nu precise vital attack points


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here are
both ancient and modern,
around the world. The Great
Wall in China, the Western
Wall in Jerusalem, Hadrian’s
By Joseph Scarcella and Wall in England and the Wall of
Emilio Alpanseque Babylon in Iraq are just some of
them. Here in the United States we
may be on the verge of getting our own
notable wall. You may ask, can a wall be
beneficial? Is it practical? Though opinions
and reasons abound, let’s throw that aside
for now and consider how a wall might be used
in the modern era. In today’s world, old ways
of doing things are constantly tested for their
effectiveness. This is especially true in the martial
arts, where people question all methods and their
applicability. It’s okay to challenge ideas and concepts,
because as humans this is how we evolve and improve;
but we should always use science as our yardstick in
making our evaluations.

Getting back to the wall, it has benefits as a training

tool. Whether you practice traditional or modern
Wushu, assistive devices are useful in training
movements. The wall makes for an excellent low-tech
assistive device. The wall as a support is beneficial
when dealing with mobility or stability issues. You can
reinforce this short-term effect with various exercises
to achieve a long-term effect. As humans this is how
we improve. If you are unfamiliar with mobility and
stability concepts, check the March/April 2012 issue of
Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine for our first article, “Being
Mechanically Correct.”

Remember, once you have achieved your goals, it’s time

to leave the wall behind. Building great proprioception
and motor control will help you move on to bigger and
better skills, which no longer require the use of the wall.
With that in mind, welcome to the wall workout: simple
exercises that only require a wall.

Wall Sits
What It Is: As the name implies, the wall sit is an
exercise done by sitting against a wall (Fig. 1). This is a
great way to assist beginners in achieving a good horse
stance (mabu 傜↕) posture.

Benefits: This builds your isometric endurance type of

strength, targeting the hip/pelvic muscles, as well as
lower extremities – quadriceps, calves, etc. Holding the
arms to the front can also work the upper arm muscles.


Fig. 1 Fig. 2 arms up (Fig. 3) or a more advanced position shown in
(Fig. 4). If holding this position presses on your ankle
joint, increase the angle of the side of the foot against
the wall. Try foam rolling the inner thigh muscles to
help with mobility and get lower.

Wall Front Stretches

What It Is: The front stretch (zhengyatui ↓঻㞯) is
one of the classic stretching methods for the hamstrings
and calf muscles, working the signature head-to-toe
flexibility of Wushu.

Benefits: Not only does this increase your flexibility,

it helps you kinesthetically to become aware of correct
How to Do It: Start by standing about 2 feet away from spinal position when performing the stretch kicks. An
the wall with your back against it. Slide your back down added bonus here, while standing on one leg, you’re
the wall until your hips and knees bend at a 90-degree keeping the pelvic muscles active all the way to your
angle. Keep the shoulders, upper back and head against toes. All the muscles of the leg and lower extremities
the wall. Both feet should be flat on the ground with the are involved. This helps in developing good stability
weight evenly distributed. Try 5 sits at 60 seconds each. and balance.
Focus on keeping the knees out.
How to Do It: Stand facing the wall and place one
Variations: You can explore similar variants of this heel against it at shoulder level. The standing foot
exercise like bringing the knees together (Fig. 2) or placing should point towards the wall while the stretching
an object between the knees to target the inner thigh foot should be flexed and pointing back towards the
muscles. face (Fig. 5). Each stretch on each side should be done
for approximately 1–1.5 minutes. Slight bouncing is
acceptable; this helps to prep the central nervous system
Drop Stance Wall Stretches for the stretch kicks to come.
What It Is: The drop stance (pubu Ӷ↕) is another basic
Variations: Beginners can experiment with the leg on a
stance, lower to the ground. Holding your drop stance lower wall height. Slowly increasing the flexion of the
against the wall assists in achieving a high degree of foot, gradually increase the height on the wall (Fig. 6).
mobility and stability in holding the posture correctly. Keep in mind that any stretching that is performed pre-
workout or pre-competition should be dynamic in nature.
DROP STANCE WALL Benefits: This is Always begin with a good warm-up before progressing
STRETCHES beneficial for all levels; to dynamic stretching. To increase range of motion
safely and efficiently, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular
Fig. 3 the wall assists us in
Facilitation (PNF) stretching is the way to go. When
guiding and adapting our using the wall, contract the hamstrings or push the
ankle and hip joints into heel into the wall for 10 seconds, then slightly relax
the correct positional the muscles and lean forward for another 10 seconds,
stance. This can also doing this 4–5 times on each side. You will notice the
work as a good dynamic difference after a few sessions.
How to Do It: Stand Fig. 5 Fig. 6
with the wall at your
side and place one foot
sideways against it.
Slowly lower yourself
into the drop stance
Fig. 4 position (Fig. 3). Try to
hold the position for 30
seconds to 1 minute, 4
times on each side. Focus
on good position and

Variations: You can

challenge yourself to
hold the drop stance with
Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Wall Back Leg Swings
What It Is: The back leg swing (houbaitui ਾ᩶㞯)
works as a great warm-up exercise to help lubricate
the joints as well as prepping the body for activity.

Benefits: This is beneficial for loosening the anterior

hip in extension. Since Wushu kicks are hip-flexion
dominant, this helps balance out the pelvic muscles.
As with the front and side stretches, the supporting
leg is being worked as well.

How to Do It: Stand facing the wall with one leg

straight under your hip and hold onto the wall with
both hands (Fig. 9). Swing one of your legs back
and up behind you (Fig. 10). Do not bend the legs
or lift the supporting foot’s heel from the floor while
swinging and try to point the toes of your kicking

Variations: Besides swinging the leg, try holding

Wall Side Stretches it out for 30 seconds to get some posterior muscle
What It Is: Like the front stretch, the side stretch (ceyatui
‫঻ח‬㞯) is performed as a way to increase range of motion/
flexibility. Wall Straddle Splits
Benefits: The side stretch has the same benefits as the front What It Is: The straddle split is another flexibility
stretch. The only difference is that you are engaging more of exercise.
the inner thighs and the latissimus dorsi muscle.
How to Do It: Stand with the wall at your side and place This position
one heel against the wall at shoulder level. The standing
Fig. 11 against the
foot should point in the direction you are facing while the wall increases
stretching foot should be flexed and pointing back towards flexibility in
the side of your head (Fig. 7–8). the inner thigh
muscles, as well
Variations: Follow the same instructions as for the front as not stressing
stretch. Dynamic stretching is highly recommended. the lower back.
Static stretching is more effective at the end of practice. The nice thing
This is how the body works, basic physiology in making is gravity will
be your partner
improvements safely. to increase
tissue load.
Fig. 9 Fig. 10

How to Do It: While lying on your back, slide your

bottom up against the wall (Fig. 11). Slowly lower
both legs, keeping in contact with the wall. Hold
1–1.5 minutes. Try 3–4 sets.

Variations: Remember to follow the important

note on stretching PNF style. Try pushing into
the hands either on top or behind the thighs (Fig.
12) for 10 seconds then relax perform 4–5 times.
Alternatively, try holding an object between your
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Called “A ll the r age” by the
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Continued from page 48: Embracing the Wall
legs and swinging both legs left and right like a pendulum for
a complete strengthening effect.
Saying No to Knee Pain
It is an unfortunate fact that a good number of
athletes and ex-champions may suffer from knee
Wall Side Kicks problems at some point of their careers. Joint
pain is very frustrating and can lead to serious
What It Is: Performing the sidekick (cechuaitui‫ח‬䑩㞯) is injuries if we don’t notice it in time and apply the
a really effective way to strengthen the stability of the hip necessary corrective actions. First, the human
muscles bilaterally. body moves three-dimensionally; therefore, we
always need to look at the whole kinetic chain.
Benefits: This exercise is a two-for-one deal. It works to Biomechanically the joints and muscles in our
improve active flexibility, as well as control and stability in body work in an orchestrated fashion, with the
both hip and leg muscles. The focus is on good technique and brain and central nervous system acting as the
proper form. Using the wall for support, transfer your weight conductors. Each joint serves a specific purpose
to your ground leg. and they all seem to be stacked as a series of
alternating mobile and stable joints, which allows
How to Do It: Stand SAYING NO TO our body to move in a unified manner – foot
sideways to a wall and place KNEE PAIN (stable), ankle (mobile), knee (stable),
your hand on it at chest hip (mobile), lumbo-pelvic complex
level. The standing foot (stable), thoracic spine (mobile), etc.
should point towards the However, this doesn’t mean things are
wall. Lift the knee of the kicking leg, purely black-and-white. Instead, think
chamber your hip sideways until you can keep about how mobility and stability work
the knee at chest level and the lower leg parallel in unison – a true manifestation of the
to the floor with the foot pointing at the target (Fig. yin and yang in balance.
13). Straighten your leg, engaging abdominal, hip
and both leg muscles to complete the kick (Fig. 14). Let’s take the Taijiquan movement
Hold for 30 seconds, 4–5 times on each side. Snake Creeps
Down (㳷䓛л
Variations: Instead of holding the kicks ࣯) (Fig. 15).
out for 30 seconds, you may also perform This technique
multiple actual kicks in succession for 30 involves
seconds. The combination of both static and crouching
dynamic versions of this exercise will work your down into
hip mobility and hip strength. Fig. 15 - Snake Creeps Down
a low drop
stance to
WALL SIDE KICKS later transition forward
Fig. 13 Fig. 14 into a bow stance
requiring great mobility,
stability and optimal knee
alignment. Note that
alignment is a dynamic
concept. The knees should
be in good alignment not
just at the end points of
a movement, but also
throughout the movement.
Any combination of stiff
ankles or weakness of the
gluteal muscles can lead to
unstable knees, then pain.
Think of the analogy of a
train on its tracks. The
patella (train) travels along
a groove on the femur (train
tracks) when the knee bends
and straightens. Weakness
in the gluteal muscles/
hips or inadequate ankle
flexibility could cause the
femur to rotate inwardly
under the patella. This is
known as Patellofemoral
Pain Syndrome, or plain
old knee pain, and although
this might not seem like a


big problem today, one day it could be,
Fig. 16 Fig. 17 especially after years of training and

Fortunately, the wall offers us

some exercise possibilities such
as the Wall Facing Squats, which
can be performed with toes and
knees pointing straight to the wall
(Fig. 16–17), or by opening the toes
and knees outwardly (Fig. 18–19).
Though these are good for starters,
this is only the beginning. First, we
need to understand that everyone
is different anatomically, including
in pelvic structure. Limitations in
hip mobility can be related to the
individual's unique anatomy, boney
adaptations, and/or alignment rather
than the soft tissue. Recent research
reveals that some hip sockets may
be deep or shallow, decreasing the
range of motion significantly. Second,
Luckily, the wall can offer us some exercise possibilities such we need to address the mobility and/or stability
as the Wall Facing Squats, which can be performed with toes of the different joints involved more directly. For
and knees pointing straight to the wall (Fig. 16-17), or by example, for hip mobility you may experiment with
opening the toes and knees outwardly (Fig. 18-19). Quadruped Rocking and other variations. Likewise,
many ankle mobilization exercises
Fig. 18 Fig. 19 can be performed against the wall.
Seek out a sports-oriented healthcare
professional for a personalized
assessment and advice.

No time to hit your martial arts

school or gym? No equipment at
home? Who doesn’t have access to
a bare flat wall with about three feet
of floor space? Though we are all
different in levels and abilities, explore
and experiment with movements and
see what works for you safely and
efficiently. If done consistently, this
short-term goal with progression will
lead to a long-term effect over time.
Let’s not forget that wellness and
longevity are also major objectives of
Chinese Wushu!B

The authors wish to thank Wushu

practitioner Soy Krisher for her
outstanding form while performing all the exercises.
Let’s not forget that Emilio Alpanseque currently teaches in El Cerrito,
CA, and can be contacted through his website Joseph Scarcella, M.S., ATC,
wellness and longevity CSCS is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength and
Conditioning Specialist at the college level. He works

are also major objectives with athletes in evaluation and rehabilitation of sports
injuries. He is a former US Wushu team member and
can be reached at
of Chinese Wushu!
Wushu Iron Fan

Ding Yan Qing

“One elephant is killed every

15 minutes for its ivory.
You have the power to make
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Black Bamboo Fan Kung Fu Plastic Fan

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by Patrick Jay Lant
has been said that when faced with true
adversity, we don’t rise to the level of our Exercise #1
expectations but fall to the level of our For wrist exercise number one, hold the arm out straight with the
training. Therefore, one must always train to dumbbell bar horizontal in a pointing position (fig 1). Then, without
become a better version of oneself. A person must train
moving the elbow or shoulder, lift the dumbbell bar into the vertical
to prepare for whatever may come. Training must be
position using only the wrist (fig 2) and back down. Perform
on the level of “worst possible adversary” in order to be
several repetitions before switching arms or moving into another
properly prepared.
position. Practice with the arm pointing somewhat downward, to
the front, and to the side as well. This will train both the wrist and
Weight Training Equipment shoulder by using the body’s full range of motion.

In the following series of exercises, training is focused

on increasing the power and ability of the Chinese
broadsword practitioner. The weights used for the
exercises consist of a two-pound dumbbell bar and a
five-pound weight at one end. This arrangement creates
a training tool heavier than most broadswords on the
market. A sound alternative to this would involve the
use of a curling bar without additional weights. Due to
the length and weight distribution, it would be nearly 1. Begin the exercise with the pointing position.
identical in feel and function as the dumbbell bar used
in the demonstration. If practice space is limited, the
dumbbell bar is the better choice, as it is considerably
shorter than the curling bar and even shorter than any
Chinese broadsword.
Practicing the following exercises will increase wrist
and arm strength as well as call attention to any
movement deficiencies. Seven pounds may not sound
like much, but when a broadsword form is practiced
with it, instead of a lighter broadsword, the challenge 2. Raise the bar by isolating and using the wrist.
becomes instantly apparent.


Exercise #2
To begin wrist exercise number two, point the dumbbell downward and back over the shoulder
(fig 3). Without moving the shoulder or elbow, point the bar so that it becomes horizontal
(fig 4) and then back down. Ensure equal practice with both arms. This can be practiced
in the standing position or by using a chair or inclined bench. Think “full range of motion.”

Exercise #3
Begin wrist exercise number three by holding the wrist in a conventional punching position
(fig 5). Then twist only at the wrist and raise the dumbbell bar to the vertical position (fig 6) 5. Hold the bar in a conventional punching
and back down again. Like exercise number one, this should be practiced in a variety of arm position.
height positions as well as practiced by both arms equally. Practice with the elbow straight
and practice with the elbow bent.
3. Begin by holding the bar backward and 4. Raise the bar, bringing it horizontal by
over the shoulder. flexing the wrist.

6. Raise the bar by twisting only at the wrist.

Exercise #4
Wrist exercise number four mirrors exercise number three. Hold the bar in the traditional
“curling” position with the weight pointing outward to the side (fig 7). Isolate the use of the
wrist and rotate the weight upward into the vertical position (fig 8) then back to horizontal.
Practice this both with elbows straight and elbows bent. Practice it in front of the torso, also
out to the side. Again, “full range of motion.”

7. Begin by holding the bar in a curling

Intermediate Level Exercise #5 position, then twist your wrist until the bar
is vertical.
Wrist exercise number five begins with the punching position again (fig 5). Proceed
through the vertical position (fig 6) and finally to the curling position (fig 7). Move quickly These exercises are designed
through the positions smoothly and with force. Twist from the punching position to the to train the wrists, elbows, and
curling position and back again with as much speed and power as you can muster. This shoulders in specific directions.
will not only strengthen the muscles and joints of the entire arm, but test them. Give the Continue these six exercises on a
previous exercises their due diligence before working on exercise number five. Use this regular basis, training both arms
exercise as the “next level” of your training. It is important to get creative and escalate equally. In addition to these static
your training regimen regularly. exercises, use the dumbbells to
practice standard broadsword form
movements. This will truly provide
Intermediate Level Exercise #6 solid training to all parts of the body
that are used during the forms.
In that spirit, we go to exercise number six. After you have devoted some honest training time to
the first four exercises and have begun the next level of your training by proceeding to exercise
number five, now try number six. It begins with the pointing position (fig 1). Proceed rapidly to
the next position (fig 2), continuing upward (fig 4) and finally back over the shoulder (fig 3). Take
special care and ensure that the weight is tightly secured to the dumbbell bar, for safety. While
maintaining proper posture and structure, force the bar back forward from figure three, through Exercise
four, two, and finally one. Using the same amount of speed and force as in exercise number five
will forge a powerful downward stroke as well as test the arm’s ability to endure through all the
As an example, begin in the guarded
repetitions that you practice.
stance with the dumbbell in the right


9. 10. 11. 9. Begin with the bar on your left hip.
10. Swing the bar forward in a slicing motion.
11. Continue the swing as it comes around to the right.
12. Continue the swing around the back of the shoulder.
13. Bring the bar around the left side of the head and
14. Complete the exercise by swinging down to the right hip.
Traditionally, weighted brass rings are worn
on the arms and wrists during the training
of many styles of Kung Fu. The modern
equivalent, small sand-filled nylon bags with
Velcro straps, are used to provide resistance
12. 13. 14. during training. This added weight causes
muscle fatigue to set in quicker than normal
during training by providing an extra load
on the limbs. This may be considered
“controlled adversity.”
Like any other kind of weight training, it’s
important to work through the difficult parts
of training. This not only serves to make
muscles stronger, but also the mind and
the will. When pain and difficulty are part
of every training day, then when faced with
hand and pulled around to the left waist (fig 9). Second, push the right real adversity, a proper state of readiness is
arm forward in a slicing motion (fig 10). Third, bring the right arm about achieved.
and around the right side to complete the slice (fig 11). Finally, bring
the weight down from over the shoulder in a downward slicing motion Students of virtually every style and system
to finish (figs 12, 13, 14). Practice this slicing technique “forward” as of Kung Fu seek weapons mastery. It is a
described as well as “in reverse” to return back to the beginning posture. long and difficult journey, but well worth
Practicing with the weights in both directions completes the training by the time and effort. To realize the use of a
utilizing all involved muscles and joints. weapon is to extend the reach and ability of
oneself. Increasing one’s own ability and
Chinese broadswords can vary from just over one pound for a spring becoming a greater version of oneself is truly
steel version to five pounds or more for one made of combat steel. the purpose of Kung Fu.B
Although a given form may call for a lighter sword, it is highly beneficial
to practice with a considerably heavier sword. Naturally, the form will Master Patrick Jay Lant has been studying and teaching
be performed at a slower pace, requiring more muscle use than usual to traditional Tai Chi Chuan and Bak Fu Pai since 1990.
propel the weapon through the techniques but the gains made in strength He has taught at several locations throughout the state
and endurance will be noticeably beneficial. and currently teaches privately in Des Moines, IA. Appearing in the photos (in
addition to the author) is Rick Ritchie.
Applying Resistance to Your Training
The Nine Ring Broadsword is one of the heaviest Chinese broadswords
(fig 15). If it is constructed with combat steel, it will weigh no less than
five pounds. This is the equivalent of holding three or more spring steel
broadswords at the same time. Practicing forms and techniques with
a much heavier weapon than normal is an old way of weight training.
Applying resistance in this fashion works all the muscles involved in
delivering the forms and techniques of your style.
A similar method is used in the sport of baseball. When the batter who
is up next is warming up, he will use practice bats that have weights
attached to the end. By swinging these, the necessary muscles will be
prepared for the real thing when the time comes.
While this weight training method works well for the broadsword, it
could easily be adapted for training of many different weapons. Two
dumbbell bars could be used simultaneously for butterfly sword training.
A longer barbell, possibly without added weights, could be used to
practice staff or spear forms and techniques.


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By Williy Pang

B ag training in traditional Chinese martial

arts is typically associated with iron palm
development (tit sa jeung in Cantonese
䩥⋉ᦼ). As an ancient aid in conditioning,
strengthening, and fortifying the hands for offensive
potential, sa baau (sand bag ⋉व) training is still
widely used across many family fighting methods
(ga ᇦ), styles (kyun ᤣ), and systems (paai ⍮).

However, there is a conical-shaped cousin known

as the luk dau doi (㏐䉶㺻), literally mung bean
bag, that emphasizes catching and clawing reflexes,
coordination, and coiling mechanics essential in the
execution of the close-quarter combat methods of
many Hakka-based martial WHFKQLTXHV

Little is known about the genesis of the luk dau
doi. While it may have variations in both size and
practice throughout various martial systems, this
particular version is descended from a reclusive
Hakka-based lineage from the Dongjiang (ᶡ⊏)
region of Guangdong Province in southern China.
Typically, Hakka styles from this area such as
Naam Tong Long (Southern Praying Mantis ই㷣
㶲), Lung Ying (Dragon Shape 喽ᖒ), and Pak Mei
(White Eyebrow ⲭⴹ⍮) are reliant upon a holistic
martial trinity of combative intent, whole-body
coordination, and mo kiu (᪙⁻) – literally stripping
bridges, or limb disabling tactics that support close-
quarter fighting methods.

Many training concepts and apparatuses within

Hakka martial culture were adapted from their
working environments or nature itself. For example,
the circular motion from millstones used to grind
rice served as the basis for an exercise called chaai
sau (kneading hands ᩃ᡻), a dynamic exercise that
helps an individual develop and issue martial force


The luk dau doi (㏐䉶㺻) is very similar to the How to make your own mung bean bag: Cut a Fold the square canvas piece in half. Stitch
shape and construction of the zongzi (㋭ᆀ jung ji in square piece of canvas approximately 15” X together one of the sides. On the remaining
Cantonese), a traditional glutinous rice wrap encased 15”. (It can be smaller or larger according to side, stitch up to ¾ the length of that side,
in bamboo leaves primarily eaten during the Dragon your personal preference or grip comfort.) leaving an opening to pour in the mung beans.
Boat Festival. Practitioners of the luk dau doi at times
may nickname the mung bean bag jung ji.

You have the option of having the stitching on Pour the mung beans into the opening. After Luk dau doi sizes can vary according to the
the inside of the bag by pulling the inside of it has been filled, seal the opening by sewing practitioner’s grip.
the bag through the opening before poring the it closed.
beans into the bag.

(ging ࣱ). The handle used to turn the millstone The novice begins with a focus on coordination and
has been credited within some southern Chinese clutching accuracy. With a simple vertical toss
martial circles as the prototype for the gwaai (crutch up the centerline, the bean bag is intercepted and
Ḫ), which is commonly viewed as the cousin of caught with the opposite grabbing hand. While
the tonfa. Ideally, the automaticity of movements this process may seem somewhat repetitive and
and familiarity with the implements will facilitate monotonous, there are safeguards and consequences
a seamless transition from the commonplace to in place to prevent complacency. To start with,
combat. the practitioner stands in a sei ping ma (four level
horse ഋᒣ俜), or basic horse stance, to strengthen
By way of materials that were readily available, the the legs while training. A low horse ensures that
mung bean bag was devised so that an individual the legs are actively engaged while the individual’s
could train in isolation, privately developing the intent is focused on the bag. Depending on the
skills and simulating the sensations that are practitioner’s training tolerance, the stance may
associated with effective close-quarter disarms and become a distraction sooner or later. This also
striking. tests the practitioner’s determination and will
power at this point. Over time, as proficiency
grows with practice, a penalty for dropping the
Catching and Clawing: bean bag is added to prevent overconfidence and
to maintain one’s humility. Whenever the bag is
Foundational Finger Fitness dropped during training, a certain number of fu jaau
The luk dau doi is shaped in such a way that it seung aat (㱾⡚к༃), or tiger claw push-ups, is the
consistently challenges the individual when it comes required consequence. While this may assist with
to catching the bag. Initially, the practitioner is finger strength training, it also resets the number
required to feel the unevenness of the bag – its wide of bean bag catches that needs to be achieved for
base is in contrast to its narrow top, which means the session. When the practitioner is able to show
that there are different ways to approach the grip on consistency in catching the luk dau doi in a low
the bag. Just as there is no set way in which a limb stance without incurring any tiger claw push-up
can be captured or a vital target grabbed, the bean penalties, the next phase begins.
bag is equally elusive.


The Plum
A Practice
Pattern and
The mui fa (plum
blossom ẵ㣡)
is a five-petaled
flower and a highly
regarded Asian
symbol of vitality.
In the martial
context, the five
petals can physically
represent the head,
arms, and legs of an
opponent. It is this The Beginning: Vance He throws the bag along the centerline The throwing hand returns to Vance’s
representation that Vizcarrondo sits in a horse at different levels to gauge the timing side as the other hand is extended
defines the second stance (ഋᒣ俜). He initially and distance for the other hand to after the catch.
stage of luk dau doi becomes acclimated with the
asymmetrical shape of the bag
grab the bag.

training. by extending and retracting the

kiu (arms ⁻) and lower (waist-level) side of the catching hand. The
In preparation for a center toss is at neck level or slightly higher. When the
more practical fighting scenario, the saam practitioner is deemed proficient with this phase, another
gok ma (three-point stance й䀂俜) is dimension is incorporated into the practice by tossing the
adopted. This structure is well-balanced bag on the same side of the throwing hand, requiring the
in a manner that provides stance stability catching hand to seize the bean bag across the body past
and footwork mobility. Furthermore, it the centerline. The alternating actions enforce a sense of
represents a transition of the yi (intent mindfulness and concentration that should be connected
᜿) from the strengthening of the lower to the physical movements. This helps to strengthen the
limbs to the utility of one’s legs with a martial intent of the yi.
keenness for combat. The physical switch
with the stances signals a psychological Another significant addition is the incorporation of jyun
move towards thinking about how the (䕹), literally to turn, as an aspect of catching the bean bag.
solitary training can be more pugilistically When the practitioner clutches the bag, there is literally a
pragmatic. As the practitioner rests twist that accompanies the action. However, this turning
upon this triangular stance, the practice motion does not, and should not, be initiated with the hand
pattern with the bean bag takes on the (as strange as it may sound). It actually begins with the
configuration of the plum blossom. Each center – a combination of the yi and the physical rooting
toss is directed by the imagery of an of the body which is established: in the stance, controlled
opponent’s neck or limb; and with each by the yiu (martial waist 㞠), and travels throughout each
grab, the practitioner now envisions section of the kiu (literally bridges, martially the arms ⁻).
seizing a particular body part. Without the intent and proper weight-bearing forces via
whole-body connectivity, a grab can be compromised and
Timing, coordination, and angular countered. The twisting motion impresses the idea that
approaches toward catching the bean bag there is always follow-through and a follow-up to the grab
are nuances initially encountered at this itself. As a tearing technique, the twisting movement
phase of luk dau doi training. Rather than facilitates the ripping objective. As a joint-locking
merely traveling along the centerline, the maneuver (ᬂ᤯⌅, kam na faat (seize and hold method)
toss and catch action follows the path / more commonly known as qinna fa in Mandarin), the
of a pentagonal array. At first, the bag turning plays an essential role in securing a leveraging
is tossed to the upper (shoulder-level) tactic.


Footwork Finesse: Putting the Outdated or Underrated?
Pieces Together Necessity and context define the creation and
value of things, respectively. Does luk dau
In the advanced phase of luk dau doi training, footwork doi training have a place in today’s times? It
(bou faat ↕⌅) is integrated alongside the bag-work. depends.
Bik bou (pressuring step 䙬↕), gon bou (chasing step
䏅↕), and teui bou (retreating step 䘰↕) are stepping
methods that acclimate the practitioner to advance or
retreat while executing grabs, tears, and joint-locking
techniques. Bik bou is a single-step advancing movement
that trains the practitioner to move in conjunction with
the hand methods. It compels the practitioner to consider
how the legs can be used to engage, ensnare, and trip the
opponent. Gon bou is an aggressive stepping maneuver
designed to overwhelm
an adversary from
below. Preoccupied with
evading the swiftness of
the practitioner’s steps,
an opponent becomes
susceptible to being
grabbed and compromised
from above. Teui bou,
in combination with a
grabbing intent, is about
deception. The rearward
stepping is meant to
lure an opponent into
a conceding position
by feigning a retreat.
As an opponent grows
overly confident from a
retreating adversary, a
small misstep can lead
to a great mishap. This
is what the practitioner’s
intention is with teui bou.

At this juncture, luk

dau doi training should
be done in concert with
sparring, structural
refinement, protective
practice, and practical In a more mobile stance, saam gok ma (й
revision to achieve a 䀂俜), Vance tosses the bag to test the new
standard of quality and structure.
levels of significant
progress with regard to one’s martial development
and personal growth. Rather than being perceived as
isolated practice procedures, this integrated arrangement
makes one’s training transformative. As a result, these
internalized practices produce instinctive behaviors and
intuitive responses that will enable one to effectively
manage confrontational situations. There is a quality
of naturalness that emerges whereby techniques are The bag’s asymmetrical shape causes the catching angle to change
more fluid, tactics are organic, and their execution feels with each catch, making it less predictable and a constant challenge.


Chinese martial arts exist
within a collage of contexts that
span the ages, ranging from
survival skills to self-cultivation,
soldiers to civilians, sports
athletes to senior citizens, street
performers to cinematic icons,
and students to sifu (teacher-
father/master ᑛ⡦). There are
different necessities for each of
these distinct contexts. Does
a wushu stylist need to know
how to engage an audience
of moviegoers? Does a late-
blooming taiji practitioner need to
know how to throw an attacker?

Does a student endeavor to be a

The Plum Blossom Pattern assumes
It depends.B a pentagonal catching formation that
represents an opponent’s limbs and neck.
In advanced levels of training, advancing,
Williy Pang is a regular contributor to pressuring, and retreating footwork is
Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. He has incorporated alongside the catching
written several books on Pak Mei (White configuration.
Eyebrow) Kung Fu. He can be reached at Vance
Vizcarrondo is a martial artist of multiple
Asian disciplines who is an extreme
fitness competitor. He finds the luk dau
doi a valuable tool in strengthening his
grip for the obstacles found in his fitness


The Importance of SHAOL IN KUNG FU
PARTNER WORK By Chris Friedman

hen watching a to higher level students. The
public Shaolin Kung drill is called Bagua Kao Bu
Fu demonstration (eight trigrams leaning arm
coming out of Shaolin Temple ‫ޛ‬খ䶐㟲) and involves four
or nearby Dengfeng City, one arm movements alternating
might notice the majority of sides and intricate footwork,
the skills displayed involve working the student’s
solo training drills and body positioning while
routines. However, Shaolin simultaneously conditioning
Kung Fu offers much more to the arms. Not only can this
its practitioners in the form work the student’s defense,
of partner practice. Working there is an offensive version
together with a partner is no of this partner drill as well.
doubt an integral and important With one student standing
part of Shaolin training. in attention position (feet
together hands at the sides),
One important benefit of the other student does the
Shaolin two-person training same movements of the drill,
drills is body-toughening. A attacking high and low areas
tough body that can withstand of the body with the same
punishment gives the Kung defensive movements. Master
Fu student an advantage in a Song Shuangping (ᆻৼᒣ) of
physical altercation. One of Songshan Shaolin Traditional
the first partner drills taught in Martial Arts Academy then
Shaolin Kung Fu (as well any teaches the students two
many other Kung Fu systems) hidden Chin Na techniques
is the basic arm-banging drill. that also come out of this drill.
This drill is performed by
facing a partner and performing Leg and body conditioning
high and low strikes with the drills are taught to more
forearms. The forearms play advanced students, whose
an important role in Shaolin bodies are already fit and
Kung Fu blocking skills. With strong from performing the
well-conditioned forearms, the many solo drills within the
Kung Fu student can block Shaolin Kung Fu curriculum.
limbs without damage to their It is now time to apply what
own body, while also causing they've learned from contact
pain to the attacker’s limbs. with a training partner.
Forearms can also be used
as attacking tools, and some Having a well-conditioned
blocks work offensively as well body doesn’t end with arm
as defensively. conditioning. To fully utilize
the body, the legs must also
At the Songshan Shaolin be conditioned for attacks and
Traditional Martial Arts defense. Because Shaolin Kung
Academy in Songshan Shaolin, Fu uses primarily kicks below
a more advanced version of the waste for self-defense,
this two-person drill is taught hardened shins are a must.


To prepare the students for this, the
Songshan Shaolin Traditional Martial
Arts Academy has a variety of two-
person drills. For the first one taught,
two students face each other in a natural
stance and lightly bring their shins
into contact. Later one will do more
advanced drills that involve forward
and backward movements while making
contact with your partner’s shins.

The Shaolin pupil cannot assume

that all blocks will succeed, but must
condition the body for the possibility
of receiving blows from an adversary.
Two simple drills can be done to
Two-person staff applications practice. condition the body for contact. The
first involves standing with one leg
forward, arms held high in front of the
face as if warding off a stick or club.
The training partner stands to one the
side of the receiver and, using medium
power, deliver roundhouse kicks to the
stomach and upper back of the receiver.
Upon receiving the blow, crunch the
body and exhale. This movement
helps to lessen the impact of the blow
and tighten the body. Another drill
to toughen the upper body is to face
your partner in a natural stance, then
step forward with the right leg while
your partner does the mirror image.
The upper chests of the two training
partners slam into each other. Repeat

Here, two partners face each other in a fighting Partner B throws a left hand punch, deflected Partner B throws a right hand punch, deflected
stance. by partner A. by partner A.

Partner A counters with a back-fist to his Partner A then grabs partner B’s wrist while
partner’s face. simultaneously executing an elbow to the face. He finishes the combo with an elbow lock.


‘‘The Shaolin pupil cannot assume
with the left leg to slam the left
upper pectoral muscles together.

Weapon skills also must be worked

with a partner to gain a realistic feel
that all blocks will succeed.’’
for their usage. At the Songshan drill, this one semi-freestyle, the two Forms, solo drills, and basics all
Traditional Martial Arts Academy, students slowly take turns doing a teach important attributes to Kung
the two-person staff is the first single random attack, allowing the Fu fighting. The next step in the
weapon drill taught. It involves partner to defend in a spontaneous equation is to partner up and get
both attacking and defensive moves. (non-choreographed) way. These a feel for their application on a
When practicing the choreographed freestyle one-step drills must be training partner. By working both
routine, the students feel what it is practiced slowly for obvious safety
solo drills and partner work, the
like to actually attack and bock with reasons.
the weapon. Similar two-person Shaolin and Kung Fu student will
drills are practiced in set patterns make the most of their training,
Applications from the forms can improving health while gaining
of attack and defense. In another
be practiced in a variety of ways. effective fighting skills.BB
Sometimes the students will practice
them exactly as they are done in
the forms. This teaches full-body Chris Friedman has been doing the
movement and the principles of body martial arts since his early teens. He
mechanics. Other times the Shaolin has spent the past decade living and
students will practice a modified training in China. He now lives in
version, using more modern attacks, Songshan Shaolin as a foreign disciple.
while starting from shorter more For more info on Chris, please go to
mobile stances.
Left: Partners pair off in preparation for partner

The training partners strike arms in a High and low forearm strikes are done to Both sides are done with low forearm
conditioning drill for forearm hardening. prepare the body for physical contact. strikes.

Both sides are done with high forearm Legs are conditioned by partners lightly Both sides are worked, conditioning the
strikes, preparing the body for combat. bringing shin bones in contact. shins for blocking low leg kicks.


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By Leon Zhang

he three-section staff is an ancient Chinese short distance, and for either defense or offense. It has a
weapon. Its origin is attributed to the founder of variety of hand movements and its changes dazzle and
the Song Dynasty, Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin beguile the opponent. Victory emerges from the chaos it
(927–976 CE ᆻཚ⾆䎥॑㜔). Dynastic brings. It looks chaotic from the outside, but inside, the
emperors are always credited with many practitioner’s mind is calm. Within the refuge of Chan,
achievements and among his was the creation of panlong the practitioner is not affected by the outside world.
gun (literally “plate dragon cudgel” ⴈ嗉ỽ). This Within the spirit of chaos and delusion, the essence of the
weapon was more commonly known as a sweeper (saozi three-section staff form is Chan.
ᢛᆀ) by modern practitioners in Northern China. It is
actually a two-section staff, more like a pole arm with When wielding the three-section staff, the sections can
a flail end. One stick is long for attacking the hoofs of inter-exchange with many variations of movements.
horses. The other is a short flail. This is considered to It can be hard and soft, far and near, but this depends
be the precursor to the three-section staff (san jie gun й upon agile momentum. How the weapon is held must
㢲ỽ), as well as to the nunchaku made popular by Bruce be stable yet vital, able to shift with the changes. Like
Lee. with anything, the beginner must learn each movement
in a step-by-step fashion, only progressing to the next
The Chinese martial arts classify the three-section staff movement after mastering the previous one. Only after
as a “soft” weapon, meaning that it is flexible. It is the method of manipulating the weapon is mastered can
comprised of three short sticks of equal length, connected a practitioner understand the characteristics behind its
by metal rings. Sometimes it is also known as the three- power. There is a considerable variety of combinations
section whip (san jie bian й㢲䷝). The proper length is – numerous spins and strikes – that are quite unique
dependent upon the user. When the user stands upright and require practicing many coordination drills that
with one arm raised, one tip should touch the ground combine the staff method, footwork, hand work, and core
while the other touches the raised fingertips. There is a movements. The weapon is fast and flexible, always
saying amongst folk martial artists, “Shen kai yi zhang changing with tricky peculiar movements
(ըᔰаи),” which means “extend open one zhang”,
a zhang being a unit of measurement about 3.3 meters,
which means that when completely stretched out, a Grasping Three
three-section staff should be just under eleven feet long. The three-section staff has two end sections and a middle
So when fully extended, it’s good for long-range strikes. section. For the basic grip, each hand holds one of the end
But when folded, it becomes like a short stick, about the sections near the joints. This is called chi liang shao jie
length of an arm. This makes it very convenient to carry, (literally “hold pair branch-tips joints” ᤱєỒ㢲). The
and was often used for self-defense in the old days.

Three Jewels
Whenever anyone refers to the Chinese martial arts, the
Shaolin Temple is mentioned. Shaolin Temple is the
symbolic origin of both Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism,
or Chan as it is called in Mandarin. For Shaolin
practitioners, Kung Fu is a vehicle of Chan. Through
the intense training, practitioners go beyond their notion
of self, so there is no distinction between self and others.
Polarities like hardness and softness combine. At
Shaolin, it is said that “through Chan meditation, enter
martial arts (yi chan ru wu ԕ⾵‫)↖ޕ‬."

The three-section staff is one of the many weapons

of Shaolin and its practice embodies Chan. It is a
manifestation of the Chan concept of no distinction.
The three-section staff can be used for both long and


two end
are held
like two short
batons, extensions of the
practitioner’s two arms. One end
is used to attack and the other to defend.
With this grip, the middle section is also used
for defense. Both hands must move up and down in
a coordinated way because they are connected by the
middle section, but all three sections move independently,
yet in an interoperable fashion. This grip method is the
safest and easiest to apply, and
the most common way to hold a three-
section staff.

For one of the alternate grips, one hand

holds the end section while the other
holds the middle section. Typically,
the left hand holds the end so the
right hand holds the middle section.
In this way, the right hand controls
the loose other end and can whip it
about like a flail, spinning it like
a wheel or rotating it so the tip
traces the outline of petals of a
flower. Like a nunchaku, the
spinning flail can generate
tremendous force. The
practitioner must pay close
attention to body, wrist and
arm coordination. Energy goes
out to the tip of the loose end.
This grip method is used within
a large proportion of most three-
section staff routines so it must
be practiced repeatedly.

In the other main gripping

method, the middle section is
held and the two end sections
are loose. Usually both hands
hold the middle section, but in some
advanced techniques, only one hand
holds the middle. For this grip, the three-section
staff must keep moving in a spinning pattern to
keep both ends extended. There are a variety of
figure-8 spinning patterns at different angles and
directions, even some executed while rolling on
the ground. For the most part, whether using a
two-handed or single-handed grip, the spins are
similar to the basic staff figure-8 pattern.

However, the three-section staff combines

the hard with the soft, so it’s more difficult.
A little carelessness or an improper method
and you will hit yourself. Therefore, when
practicing a figure-8 spin with a three-section
staff, in addition to a bold heart, you must be


The three-section staff is a uniquely Chinese
weapon and an important one to practice to
preserve the legacy of Chinese martial arts.
Kung Fu. The most common duilian routine is three-
section staff versus spear, but there are also forms like
three-section staff versus shield and three-section staff
versus two opponents with spears.
very careful. You must start smoothly, move the right
way, and stop properly. Begin by using a straight staff You don’t have to be a Shaolin monk or an aspiring
and practice until your spinning is perfectly smooth, Wushu champ to practice the three-section staff.
until your staff sounds like the whirring wind, before However, this is an advanced weapon, so you do
attempting to spin with a three-section staff. Both hands need to have mastered basic staff before moving up
must coordinate naturally. Any exercise must first start to this particular weapon. Additionally, having some
with a simple movement. After repeated practice, you experience with a double weapon like twin swords is
can overcome timidity and master the operation method. helpful. The three-section staff is a uniquely Chinese
Once you increase your skills and understand the way the weapon and an important one to practice to preserve
weapon behaves, then you can add more changes. the legacy of Chinese martial arts.B

Padding the Blow Master Leon Zhang, a.k.a. Zhang Liyong (ᕐ࡙≨), is a U.S.
Anyone who practices with a three-section staff will hit National Wushu Coach and Judge who won Silver at the
themselves. Due to its hard and soft nature and variable International Wushu Competition and Gold at the Hong Kong
direction, it’s hard to control, especially at first. It’s Traditional Wushu Championships. He participated in the Top
natural for beginners to have some psychological fears. In Ten Chinese Dance Drama with the production Shaolin in
order to facilitate learning and reduce the psychological the Wind. He was a member of Shaolin Temple
burden, it is best to begin with a light three-section staff. Wushuguan Warrior Troupe and visited the world
It’s common to wrap the ends with cotton padding or for cultural exchange. Leon Zhang is assisted
other soft objects. There are also padded three-section by his student Brian Chou. For video of
staffs available, just like padded nunchaku. This will Master Zhang demonstrating
change the aerodynamics slightly, but it’s a safer way to Shaolin three-section staff,
learn the basic practice methods. After you become more visit’s
familiar with the way the weapon moves, you can begin YouTube channel.
using a heavier weapon.

Modern Wushu uses very light three-section staffs,

especially compared to the heavy weapons of traditional
Kung Fu. In Modern Wushu, the three-section staff
is categorized in the 3rd Group of “Other Devices” –
the Soft Weapons division. Beyond solo competition
routines, there are two-person forms (duilian ሩ㓳).
These exist both in Modern Wushu and Traditional


2nd Gua Master Fu Zhen Song
Block the opponent’s right fist strike with the left hand and counter with performing the
a right palm strike. As the opponent parries with his left forearm and “Monkey Palm.”
kicks with his left leg, immediately spin to the left to avoid and check
the kick. Follow through with a right palm strike.
all the styles of Baguazhang, Fu Zhen At around the same

OF Song’s (1872–1953 ‫ڵ‬ᥟ᎙) holds a place of

special significance, due in large part to the
remarkable life of Master Fu himself. He was renowned
as one of the “Five Tigers” of Northern China, invited
time that he was
learning from Chen
Yanxi, Fu had his
first introduction
by the governor of Guangdong Province to teach the to Baguazhang: the
northern arts in the south. He was one of the leading residents of his home
contestants in the prestigious martial arts tournament village of Ma Po
held by the Central National Arts Academy in 1928. invited Chia Feng
Even as a young man, Fu’s reputation preceded him, Ming (䍮ࠔ呓), a top-level student of Dong Hai Chuan.
having defeated scores of bandits and proving himself to Fu showed great enthusiasm for Dong Hai Chuan’s
be the best martial artist in his home village in Henan art and learned the fixed-form 8 palms, stance work,
Province. and palm changes that were characteristic of this highly
effective style. After about three years of study, Chia
Fu’s brand of Baguazhang (‫ޛ‬খᦼ) gained wide Feng Ming suggested that Fu travel to Beijing to learn
from his friend Ma Gui. Ma Gui was a student of one of
popularity, and even attracted the interest of actor
Dong Hai Chuan’s disciples, Yin Fu (1840–1909 ቩ⾿ 
Donnie Yen’s mother, Bow-Sim Mark (哖ᇍႥ), who
DV well as the founder himself during the years just before
achieved a high level of mastery after training for 10 years his death. It is thought that Chia Feng Ming may have
under Fu’s eldest son, Fu Wing Fay (‫≨ڵ‬䖹). With introduced Fu to Ma Gui personally. Fu then learned
its spinning body movements, Fu Style Bagua is quite from Ma for some three years in the early 1900s. During
unique, yet its roots lie in the more orthodox styles of Ma this time, Fu Zhen Song learned all of Ma Gui’s distinct
Gui (1947–1941 傜䍥) and Cheng Ting Hua (1848–1900 movements, some of which show up in the Yang and Yin
〻ᔧ㨟), both of whom were students of the art’s founder, forms. Ma Gui’s method of striking with the back of the
Dong Hai Chuan (1797–1882 㪓⎧ᐍ). Before creating wrist shows up in the second palm change, or Gua, of
his signature Dragon Bagua form (喽ᖒ‫ޛ‬খᦼ  Fu Yang Bagua, as well as Fu’s Dragon Bagua Palm.
learned the forms and techniques taught by these men.
The Fu Style curriculum includes two Bagua forms that
were adapted from these styles—Yin Bagua, and its It is thought Fu Zhen Song may have learned from
complementary Yang Bagua. Both forms have similar another one of Dong Hai Chuan’s top disciples, Cheng
techniques and were developed around the same time. Ting Hua. However, there is little proof of this. Cheng
They are the foundational forms of Fu’s style and prepare Ting Hua is said to have died in 1900, and since there are
the student for the apex of his art, Dragon Shape Palm no physical records indicating that Fu studied with him,
(Lung Ying Zhang). This set is known colloquially in it is questionable. Also, Fu once gave his own disciples
English as “Dragon Bagua.” a list of his teachers and never mentioned Cheng Ting
Hua. Despite this, Cheng’s style is quite prevalent
throughout Fu’s sets. That there
These particular forms were learned and modified would be a distinction between
by Fu Zhen Song before his ultimate epiphanies on Ma Gui’s and Cheng Ting
martial arts. In his early life, he spent nine years Hua’s styles is due to
studying Chen-style Tai Chi and Baguazhang at
the martial arts school in his home village of Ma Po.
His Tai Chi teacher was Chen Yanxi (䲣ᔦ⿗  an
8th-generation disciple of Chen-family Tai Chi from
Chen Village, the birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan. Fu
eventually became good enough that he traveled to
Chen Village to compare skills with the villagers,
proving himself to be quite capable.
1 2 3 4


3rd Gua
As the opponent throws a left jab, parry and
grab his arm. Subdue him by twisting and
rolling his arm downwards. Reach forward
and strike/grab his groin with the right hand.

attacking arm, so that a follow-up strike can be made. These palm

strikes can be of the pushing or slapping variety, or used as a piercing
palm, with the fingers meant to penetrate the opponent.

The twisting movements found throughout Fu’s distinctive style can be

seen in the fifth Gua of Yang Bagua, also known as the “Overturning
Body Palm.” A movement known as “Turn Like a Swimming Dragon”
is used to roll the body around the opponent’s direct strikes. Upon
turning around to face their back, the closest hand is brought down
upon their arm to create leverage. Positioning oneself behind an
opponent and broadsiding them with attacks is again the
primary focus of Fu Style Baguazhang. In this case,
a kick to the knee or midsection is used, followed up
with a strike to the body or the “ward off” technique,
as found in Tai Chi Chuan.

Each form ends with both palms facing upward under

the chin in the eighth and last palm change. This is
known as the “Monkey Palm” and is one of the eight
mother palms found in every Bagua style. These fixed-
palm positions have a qigong or neigong (internal work ‫ޗ‬
࣏) aspect to them, as well as martial value. Many Bagua
systems have the student hold these positions either
in a static posture or while moving in a circle. Daoists
believe that while the practitioner is circle-walking in these
postures, he or she can create a connection between heaven
and earth while absorbing qi. With the “mud-walking
step” used in the Yin Bagua form, the heel and ball of the
foot are kept level with each step. The absorption of qi
is emphasized in this practice, with the practitioner
“pumping” energy, or qi, while walking the circle. Fu
had meant to publish a book on Yin Style Bagua, with
pictures of him performing some of the palm changes.

4th Gua: As the opponent throws a right cross, parry with the left hand and spin clockwise to the
right. After evading his punch, strike him in the right side of his body with the elbow.


5th Gua
Due to the difficult circumstances surrounding his As the opponent kicks with his left leg, spin to the left and slap the
later years, this never materialized. With its soft opponent’s leg. As he attempts to strike with a left back-fist, leverage his
nature, it would have been an ideal introduction to arm downwards with the left hand, following through with a right kick to
Fu Style Bagua. his left knee and hit him with a right palm strike.

Another aspect common to both forms is an emphasis

on fighting multiple opponents, a strategy common
in most forms of traditional martial arts. However,
most sets from other styles are usually linear in
nature rather than circular. Shaolin-influenced styles
usually train the student to attack or defend in a
straight line, with direction changes in one of eight
directions to attack opponents head on. Because
Bagua emphasizes circling and rolling around an
opponent’s direct attacks, the practitioner has
strategic opportunities to strike in all directions,
and use one opponent to block the paths of
others when surrounded by attackers. The
footwork and striking of this strategy
can be seen throughout these particular
Bagua forms. These basic skills can help
the practitioner outflank their opponents
and become accustomed to striking in multiple

All the essential elements discussed here

can be found in every style of Baguazhang.
As did every great master of the style,
Fu Zhen Song developed his
own expression of the art
after a lifetime of training
and utilizing its techniques
in actual combat. With
the Yin Bagua form and
the Yang Bagua form,
the practitioner is given
many of the techniques in
the Dragon Bagua Palm. It’s
clear they were integral to the
development of this high-level
form, which he performed until
his death in 1953—immediately
after an encore performance of
the form for a cheering crowd in
Guangzhou Cultural Park. With
the building blocks of the Yin and
Yang Bagua forms, the Fu Style
Bagua practitioner can begin
the journey toward achieving its
founder’s level of exquisite mastery.B

Terrence Trumbo is a martial arts practitioner

based in San Francisco, California. He has
learned Fu Style Bagua from Rick L. Wing
and Sifu Remus Barraca. Sifu Barraca is a 5th
generation practitioner and lineage disciple of Lin
Chao Zhen, Lin Chao Zhen being one of the few lineage
disciples of Fu Zhen Song. Mr. Trumbo wishes to
dedicate this article to the memory of our friend and
teacher Mr. Wei Ran Lin, son of Lin Chao Zhen.


Taiyi Fire Dragon Palm Dragon Style Eight-Diagram Palm Eight-Diagrams Free-Hand Broadsword
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Taiyi Fire Dragon Fist comes from the art of Bagua. Like Eight-Diagram Palm is known as Baguazhang in The Eight-Diagrams Free-Hand Broadsword is a unique weapon of
Tai Chi, Bagua is an internal practice that emphasizes Chinese. Like Tai Chi, Baguazhang is an internal practice Bagua or Eight Diagrams. Like Tai Chi, Bagua is an internal practice that
soft, circular movements. Created by Grandmaster Dong that emphasizes soft, circular movements. Created by emphasizes soft, circular movements. Created by Grandmaster Dong
Haichuan during the Qing Dynasty, Bagua is based Grandmaster Dong Haichuan during the Qing Dynasty, Haichuan during the Qing Dynasty, Bagua is based upon the Book of
upon the Book of Changes. Taiyi Fire Dragon Fist is not Bagua is based upon the Book of Changes. Dragon Style Changes. The swirling spinning movements of the Eight-Diagrams Free-
only a system of self defense. It is also considered as a Eight-Diagram Palm emulates the spirit and movements Hand Broadsword are very distinctive.
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Bagua Palm is and internal art of self defense and self cultivation, based on
the Daoist symbol known as Bagua, or eight trigrams. It is a series of eight
postures and moves in circles. Emei Swimming Body Baguazhang descends from
Emei Mountain, where some belief Bagua originated and the land of legendary
warriors. The Swimming Body method is known for its sudden walking, turning
and changing positions. It is also called Swimming Body, Walking Dragon
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Bagua is an internal martial art, akin to Tai Chi, known for its
circular movements. It is based on the philosophical concepts of Yin
and Yang, Tai Chi and I Ching. This Bagua sword comes from the
Shu Mountain Range, where Emei Mountain lies. Many captivating
stories and legends have told for generations about the sword
immortals living in this area. Xiao Yao means to accord or comply
with one’s heart, to do something one’s heart dedicates with no
restraint. When applied to the martial arts, it means that when
one’s martial arts skill reaches a certain level, one enters into a
state of freedom. In this video, Master Helen Liang will reveal the
techniques behind this mysterious and beautiful sword method.
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By Liang Keming

is common for elderly people to have a strong body odor
and bad breath. This is often called “old person smell.”
Where does this come from? According to Chinese
traditional medicine doctors and qigong masters, this
phenomenon unique to the elderly has many causes. The
aging of the cells of the body, coupled with an unbalanced diet
and lack of exercise, results in meridian blockage, blood loss and
mild inflammation in the internal organs. While this inflammation
of the human body does not cause immediate harm, it can lead to
endocrine disorders, internal organ imbalance, and indigestion. The
increase of acidity in the body can exude unpleasant breath. This is because of
yin and yang disorders and reduced abdominal pressure. In addition to paying
more attention to diet, maintaining a pleasant attitude and taking the necessary
Chinese herb supplements, the solution is regular exercise. Exercise should
combine stillness and meditation with movement. No matter what, the
purpose of the movements is to unblock the meridians and stimulate qi and
blood circulation. This helps to expel disease and prolong life. Baguazhang
(eight trigram palm ‫ޛ‬খᦼ) follows the Daoist tradition to harmonize the
yin and yang balance of the body. There is a saying: “Yin is not Dao. Yang
is not Dao. Between yin and yang is the Dao (䚃). This is also reflected in
Buddhism and Confucianism. The Buddhists say, “All forms are empty.
All emptiness is form. (se ji shi kong, kong ji shi se 㢢ণᱟオ,オণᱟ㢢).”
And the Confucians extol the "Doctrine of the Mean (Zhongyang ѝ
ᓨ)," a middle path towards self-perfection. The Chinese believe that an
exercise regimen must balance stillness and movement.

Whether you are middle-aged or elderly, you can practice some

aerobic exercises. In the long run, the internal systems are the best
choice. While each system has its own unique internal training
methods, there are features within Baguazhang that no other
internal martial art offers. For example, circle walking is the
basic method for Baguazhang. The upper body is held in
stillness while the lower body moves. The body moves on the
outside, but on the inside – stillness. Here, winning motions
are practiced simultaneously while cultivating stillness,
the static and the dynamic are combined, and attacks are
dissolved as strikes are delivered, all in each movement.
Cultivation and training are all in one. By following
the Dao of nature, Baguazhang is an ideal exercise for
preventing sickness and improving physical fitness.
And it is consistent with the yin and yang of the Five
Elements. It exemplifies the principles espoused in
the venerated traditional Chinese medical treatise,
The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic (Huangdi
Neijing 哴ᑍ޵㓿). Baguazhang is a form
of martial arts derived from Daoist health


Baguazhang's special footwork, known as mud stepping to activate your various joints and muscle groups. It’s
(tangnibu 䏏⌕↕), turns left (yang) and turns right important to wake up the various parts of your body
(yin). Meanwhile, the upper body turns inward to face before entering practice to prevent injury. Have your hair
the center at the same time, both revolving and rotating. loose. Remove all shackles – jewelry, watches and things
This twisting of yin and yang constantly squeezes the of this sort. Wear loose clothing. Calm your mind, look
internal organs and massages them. Combining this inward and sink your qi to your dantian (energy center ѩ
with conscious breathing techniques is the gateway to ⭠).
obtain universal good qi and nourish your own internal
strength. With the rising and falling Baguazhang
movements and the deliberate relaxation while walking,
accumulated blood in the legs and waist flow back to the Twin Dragons Tame the
heart, increasing the blood circulation to the heart. This
circulation helps to improve the chemical composition Tiger (shuang long fu hu ৼ嗉
of the blood and stimulates metabolism to increase cell
viability. Կ㱾)
The external aspect of this practice is in the deep
In Baguazhang training, the first objective is to squatting stance that works the thigh muscles, reducing
consolidate your own inner vitality, and then expel the press on the knees. It also strengthens the abdominal
useless corrupt qi from your body. Exhale the old and muscles and helps to massage the internal organs.
inhale the new. In the past, most exercises were to Increasing the abdominal pressure promotes the exclusion
strengthen and nourish your body. But the body may of wasteful qi from the body. The internal aspect is in
have some stagnant parts and meridian blockages, so the squatting down and rising up. This simple movement,
absorption of nutrients will encounter obstacles if these combined with your breathing, exercises the internal
are not improved. In this case, first you must consolidate circulatory system so as to increase the flexibility of the
your own strength and enhance your physical fitness. At blood vessels. However, squatting down so deeply will
the same time, you must refine yourself to improve blood cause the blood and qi to rise, so it is not recommended
circulation and balance your endocrine system so that for the elderly person. By exhaling with the hai (ఘ)
your internal organs can sort out the diseases. During sound, the internal qi can return to the dantian, easing
the Northern and Southern Dynasties (402–581 CE), the inversion of blood and balancing its rise and fall.
Tao Hongjing (456–536 䲦ᕈᲟ) was a prominent Daoist
scholar and alchemist. Known as Huayang Yinju (Hua Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
Yang Hermit ॾ䱣䳀ት), he authored many books. In Inhale as your body rises using “reverse abdominal
Extracts on Nourishing Spiritual Nature and Prolonging breathing.” This means to make your abdomen slightly
Bodily Life (Yangsheng Yanming Lu 伺⭏ᔦભ䤴), he concave as you inhale, raising your diaphragm. Exhale
wrote, “Qi, inhale from the nose, exhale from the mouth. as your body squats down. Relax your abdomen so it
Inhale Qi slowly and long without strength.” One of his is naturally convex, and sink your diaphragm. At the
cornerstone comments was, “There is one way to inhale same time, make a quiet hai sound as your fists touch the
and six ways to exhale (na qi you yi, tu qi you liu 㓣≄ᴹ ground. The sound should only be loud enough so you
аˈੀ≄ᴹ‫)ޝ‬.” This is the first description of the Six can hear it, but no one else. Exhale qi from your chest
Healing Sounds (Liu Zi Jue ‫ޝ‬ᆇ䁓), one of the most out through your throat. Traditional Daoist Qigong
common methods of Qigong. The one way to inhale Theory believes that reverse abdominal breathing lets
is through the nose. The six ways to exhale are while the body’s innate qi ascend to the chest. Through the
voicing the sounds chui (੩), hu (બ), xi (ି), he inhalation, the naturally acquired qi gravitates into the
(થ), xu (ై) and si (౦). In these six methods, the most chest. Naturally acquired qi is the essence of heaven and
commonly used exhalation sound is xu (pronounced “she” earth, and sun and moon. The exhalation expels toxic
with the lips rounded). The exhalation method with xu qi. During the exhalation, with the abdomen naturally
is in line with the continuous long length of breathing convex, the useful qi is returned to the dantian to nourish
espoused by Tao. The xu sound focuses on discharging your body. Reverse abdominal breathing also leads the
bad qi from the organs, strengthening the liver and water element in the kidney from below to rise up and
improving the effectiveness of blood circulation. The meet the heart element of fire. When water and fire meet,
Six Healing Sounds center around discharging, which do not focus the mind too much or a dry mouth may result
has a significant effect on alleviating chronic illnesses. while practicing.
Baguazhang ancestors created this system with the
intention to preserve these Daoist health benefits while
retaining martial ability.
Tanuki Catches Mice (li mao
Two Baguazhang exercises are well suited for this sort of Pu shu ⤨⥛ᦅ啐)
longevity cultivation practice: Twin Dragons Tame the
Tiger (ৼ嗉Կ㱾) and Tanuki Catches Mice (⤨⥛ᦅ啐). This exercise follows the Baguazhang strategy, “Avoid a
Before practicing them, first do some stretching exercises frontal attack with an oblique strike, dissolve and strike


Twin Dragons Tame the Tiger

Keep your whole body relaxed, with your hands naturally resting at Sink down and step to the right Change your palm into a fist, drawing an arc
the sides of your body. into a three unit stance (santi shi downward to the right, and then draw an arc
йփᔿ) with a left palm thrust. upward to the right, passing in front of your face
to the left. Your left fist is forward with your
right fist under your left elbow. Your shoulders
are naturally relaxed.

Insert a step with your right foot Squat down so both Repeat this movement in mirror image on the other side, four times per side, eight times total.
behind your left foot while both fists touch the ground
fists draw an arc to go around and and complete your
over your head. When the arc
begins, inhale through your nose
exhalation when they
with reverse abdominal breathing. touch.
Exhale with a hai sound when both
fists move downward from the
apex of the arc.

are one (bi zheng ji xie, hua da he yi 䚯↓ࠫᯌˈॆᢃਸа).” In order

to maintain the martial application, you must relax the waist and hips,
sink down, turn your waist to dissolve incoming power and push and
press simultaneously. While turning the waist, the internal organs are
massaged. Combine this with reverse abdominal breathing, exhaling
with the xu sound to expel unwanted qi from your body.

Using reverse abdominal breathing, inhale through your nose and exhale
through your mouth. The xu sound corresponds with the liver. The
Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic states that liver stores blood, controls
dispersion and is in charge of the tendons. It says, “Liver opens to the
eyes.” Therefore, when practicing this exercise and exhaling with the xu
sound, open your eyes wide as if you are angry. Angry eyes are another
diffusion channel. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver
is located in between two ribs. It’s not the anatomical definition of the
liver in Western medicine. Daily life stress and excessive thinking cause
Conclude by raising your fists, drawing an arc and ending liver stagnation. This can cause bloating in the stomach, which is why
with your left fist in front and your right fist under your left you can’t eat when angry. When the stomach circulation is poor, the
elbow. Then rise upwards, turning your waist into a horse
stance, breathing naturally. Continued on page 82


Bamboo Shield Approximate diameter measures
Bodhidharma Cane 21” , Weighs about 1.5 lbs.
Approximately 42 inches
45-90: $49.99

25-214: $27.99

Hard Whip (Bian)

Twin Tiger Hooks (38”) carrying case included

45-007: $74.95
45-77 Solid Steel
Shaolin Whip (26”, 5.2 lbs):
Approximately 90” long 45-73: $24.99 $129.99

White Waxwood Horse Chopping Blade (70”)

Master Helen
Liang Lashing Staff
(80”) Carrying case included
32-80 $35.99
(+ $7.50 S/H)

45-80: $82.99
Carrying case included

Mandarin Coin Blades

Leather Whip (26”) Carrying case included
Deer Antler (Approximately 90” long) 45-44: $64.99
Knives (11”) 45-70: $59.99
45-45: $34.99 “Emei” Piercers

45-069: $24.99
Continued from page 80: Baguazhang for Long Life

For elderly practitioners, this must be approached step by step. Do not squat or stand up suddenly, and move slowly. At first, only
practice on the upper body. Squat ever so slightly. The fists do not have to touch the ground. After accumulating some skill at it,
practice on the middle body. Move slightly faster and squat a little deeper. Regardless of upper, middle or lower body practice, the
most important part is the reverse abdominal breathing.

reaction is indigestion, gassiness, and bad breath. This

exercise is a dispelling method to reduce liver stagnation Master Liang Keming (ằ‫ݻ‬᰾) grew up learning Baguazhang
and promote internal circulation. Turning left and right and Taijiquan from his father, Master Liang Qiangya (ằᕪ
ninety degrees massages the ribs, and combined with ӊ). He is a 5th generation descendant of Baguazhang and an
reverse abdominal breathing, the rising and settling of qi inheritor of Fu-style Baguazhang, derived from Dong Haichuan’s
can be regulated. The body absorbs the essence of heaven disciple Jia Qishan (䍮ዀኡ), then passed to Grandmaster Fu
and earth to nourish the original qi and expel bad qi. Zhensong (‫ڵ‬ᥟ᎙). Master Liang’s father was one of the few
When practicing, focus on mind, not force. Exhale with a indoor disciples of Grandmaster Fu. For additional reading,
thin long breath making the xu sound, gradually widening visit for "The Influence of Traditional
your eyes until they look angry.B Chinese Culture on Baguazhang,” an exclusive article also by
Master Liang Keming. For video of Master Liang demonstrating
Twin Dragons Tame the Tiger and Tanuki Catches Mice, visit’s YouTube channel.


Tanuki Catches Mice

Turn to your left forty-

five degrees, sink
downward and move
your right toes to point
right. Shift your center
of gravity to the right,
relax your shoulders
and drop your elbows.
Use the Taiji method lu
(pull back ᥻) with your
palms drawing an arc.
Use reverse abdominal
breathing inhaling
through your nose.

Begin in wuji (boundless ❑ᾥ), the basic starting point

of internal styles.

Push out with your palms at the same time you take a left bow stance.
Exhale through your mouth with a xu sound, widening your eyes
gradually, and pushing out with your left palm with fingers at chest height
pointing to the right. Your right palm faces outwards, fingertips pointing
up and placed under your left palm.

Repeat this movement in

mirror image on the other
side, four times per side,
eight times total. Focus on
being mindful, using reverse
abdominal breathing, making
the xu sound, and widening
your eyes.



By Gene Ching International Film Festival. A two original leading actors, Jet Li
patriotic war film of staggering and Michelle Yeoh, did not return.
proportions, Wolf Warrior deployed Since then, Wu Jing has starred in
The summer of 2017 will be 32 active tanks, five real missiles a steady string of actioners, over
remembered for one film in China: and over 30,000 rounds of ammo. thirty films, as well as in several
Wolf Warrior 2. It premiered The main character, Leng Feng, is martial arts TV series, but he has
simultaneously in China and a marksman for the Wolf Warriors, only appeared in one Hollywood
America on July 27, the 90th a fictional elite Chinese special production so far, The Mummy:
anniversary of the People’s forces unit. He must fight off a band Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008),
Liberation Army. of mercenaries led by Hollywood which coincidentally also starred Jet
martial action star Scott Adkins. Li and Michelle Yeoh. Just as many
Wolf Warrior 2 (ᡈ⤬2) crushed Wolf Warrior has been compared to Chinese actors adopted the English
Chinese box office records, besting the Rambo franchise because both stage name “Bruce” in the wake of
Stephen Chow’s 2016 blockbuster heroes are veterans with a special Bruce Lee, Wu Jing is sometimes
The Mermaid for China’s biggest set of skills who are called back into credited as Jacky Wu.
grossing domestic film ever. It has action, and their films are extremely
also become the first and only non- nationalistic and violent. No one expected Wolf Warrior 2
Hollywood film to get on the top 100 to garner such massive box office
all-time biggest worldwide box office Both Wolf Warrior films were success. It went up against The
grosses list, as well as the second- written and directed by Wu Jing, Founding of an Army (ᔪ䓽བྷ
biggest Single-Market film after Star who also stars in the title role of ᾝ), a hyped state-propaganda
Wars: The Force Awakens. Leng Feng. A third-generation film also released in celebration of
martial artist, Wu Jing was sent to the 90th anniversary of the PLA;
The original film, Wolf Warrior, the Beijing Sports Institute at age accordingly, The Founding of an
was a 3D war flick released in April six and grew to become a member of Army was given nearly twice the
2015 that did well in China’s box the illustrious Beijing Wushu Team. number of theatrical screenings as
office and Film Awards, winning He was cast by the renowned action Wolf Warrior 2. What’s more, late
nine awards and receiving eight more choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping in July is not a particularly strong
nominations at the Golden Rooster the lead role in Tai Chi 2 (1996 ཚ period for films in China. The
Awards, the Hundred Flowers ᶱᤣ). Tai Chi 2 was a semi-sequel heavily touted Chinese Box Office
Awards, the Huading Awards, the to Yuen’s previous success, Tai Chi had been waning, leading many film
Huabiao Awards and the Shanghai Master (1993 ཚᶱᕐйѠ); however, pundits to claim that the bubble on
the projected global domination of
the Chinese film industry had finally
burst. Hollywood defenders were
quick to credit their influence on
Wolf Warrior 2, as Joe and Anthony
Russo were consulted on the film
through their Chinese studio venture
Anthem & Song. The Russo
brothers are the directors behind
Marvel’s Captain America franchise
and have been working on developing
a Chinese superhero film, working
title The Hero’s Awakening (㤡䳴
㿹䟂). They brought in Fight and
Stunt Coordinator Sam Hargrave,
one of Hollywood’s leading action
coordinators who has worked on
several Marvel films, Suicide
Squad (2016), Atomic Blonde, and
the Hunger Games franchise, to
tighten up the fight sequences. It’s


more of the one action, one cut fight
cinematography, simpler than most
martial arts films choreographically,
but still satisfying in its complexity.
It’s an ultraviolent film, full of
gratuitous gunplay, tank battles,
explosions, stunts and hand-to-hand
combat, with the finale pitting Wu
and Grillo in a gritty bloody fight.

Wolf Warrior 2 was one of several

Asian films brought to U.S. theaters
last summer. Others included a
historical fiction film, God of War
(㦑ᇷ仾Ӂ), about the renowned
strategist Qi Jiguang, that stars in major diverse metropolitans across like The Fate of the Furious (2017)
Sammo Hung and Vincent Zhao; all of North America; however, for and Mad Max: Fury Road (2015),
the dreamy fant-asia film, Once diehard fans, it’s been a real treat to and did a lot of her own stunt work
Upon a Time (й⭏йцॱ䟼ṳ㣡), see these on the big screen. for Atomic Blonde, even cracking
starring heartthrobs Crystal Li Yifei two teeth in production, injuries
and Yang Yang; Stephen Fung's Hargrave scored another hard- that required four root canals.
film, The Adventurers (‫ⴇא‬㚄ⴏ), hitting actioner here in America with Following Theron’s lead, Blake
starring Andy Lau, Shu Qi and Jean Atomic Blonde. Starring Oscar- Lively is cast to play another super
Reno; another fant-asia film, Legend winner Charlize Theron as a femme spy femme fatale in The Rhythm
of the Naga Pearls (勋⨐Ր), starring fatale super spy, Atomic Blonde is Section, produced by Michael G.
Simon Yam and former Shaolin monk Wilson and Barbara Broccoli (who
another ultraviolent actioner from
Xing Yu; and the ballistic Korean also produced many Bond films),
stuntman-turned director David
hit-woman film, The Villainess. as well as Bruised, where she will
Leitch, who brought ferocious fights
These have all been limited releases, play a single mom MMA fighter,
to John Wick (2014). Theron has
appearing only in a few dozen theaters to be directed by Nick Cassavetes.
been in a string of recent actioners


Jennifer Garner has also been tapped two other projects in post-production:
for a femme fatale revenge flick titled Triple Threat, costarring Scott
Peppermint, which has been touted Adkins, Tiger Hu Chen and Tony
to be in the style of John Wick. Jaa; and The Night Comes for Us,
Hopefully, Garner’s return to action costarring his Raid franchise cast-
will be more like her work in Alias mates Joe Taslim and Julie Estelle.
(2001–2006) than Elektra (2005). Grillo finished out the third and final
Leitch’s next project is Deadpool season of the MMA DirecTV series
2, which has already tragically cost Kingdom and is working on Reprisal
the life of stuntperson Joi Harris. with Bruce Willis.
Production stalled but it is still
eyeing an early 2018 release. Son of Shaolin, a graphic novel that
secured a film project prior to being
Several martial movies were released published, is hoping to tap Rick
as this was going to press. Birth Famuyiwa to direct. The project
of the Dragon starring Philip is being produced by Dwayne
Ng was originally covered in our Johnson and NFL center Ryan Kalil.
November+December 2015 issue, Also upcoming is Cowboy Ninja
but the film’s premiere was delayed Viking I, based on a cult favorite
until last August. Kingsman: The graphic novel. Chris Platt has been
Golden Circle, starring Taron developing this film since 2014 and
Egerton, Colin Firth and Channing plans to release it in June 2019.
Tatum, debuted in late September Coming Soon
with Guillermo Grispo returning as Cobra Kai is a new ten-episode
Fight Coordinator after delivering Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner,
costarring Pierce Brosnan and Orly comedy series coming to the small
a spectacular single-shot fight in screen. This series is from Josh
a church in the first installment, Brady, is slated for global release
on October 13, just after this issue Heald, writer of Hot Tub Time
Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014). Machine (2010) and the team of Jon
In China, Sha Po Lang 3: Paradox hits newsstands. Chan’s character
is another hero with a special set Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg,
starring Tony Jaa and choreographed
of skills, called back into action the writers behind the Harold
by Sammo Hung premiered. The
when terrorists kill his daughter. & Kumar franchise. Cobra Kai
first two entries in the SPL franchise
Many western audiences are only reunites original Karate Kid (1984)
(retitled Flashpoint and Kill Zone for
familiar with Jackie’s comedic films, stars Ralph Macchio and William
western audiences (2005, 2015)) had
so a serious actioner seems like a Zabka and is coming to YouTube
starred Donnie Yen, Wu Jing and
change. Perhaps it is for the western Red in 2018. Starz is developing
Simon Yam.
market, but Jackie has taken on
several non-comedic action roles
such as Police Story: Lockdown
(2013), 1911 (2011), Shinjuku Incident
(2009) and many more. Jackie has
three other films slated for 2017
release, the LEGO Ninjago Movie
(September 22 just prior to this issue
hitting newsstands), the science
fiction Bleeding Steel (December LEGO Ninjago Movie
22), and the mysterious Russian film Black Samurai, based on a mid-70s
costarring Arnold Schwarzenegger, pulp fiction series by Marc Olden.
Journey to China: The Mystery of The lead character, Robert Sand, an
the Iron Mask. Add these to the Army Ranger trained as a samurai,
previously released Kung Fu Yoga will be played by Common and
and Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature produced by RZA.B
and that’s six films for Jackie in 2017,
seven if one counts his narration of
BBC’s Earth: One Amazing Day for To keep up with the latest in martial arts
Chinese audiences. and action films, read exclusive reviews
and discuss, visit our KungFuMagazine.
Beyond Skyline, the sequel to the com Martial-Media-and-Popular-Culture
alien invasion film Skyline (2010), forum.
stars Iko Uwais and Frank Grillo, is
expected to be released late this year
in Asia. Additionally, Uwais has


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2017-10-07 2018 Tiger Claw Elite Championships
Held at Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center, 9751 Washingtonian Boule-
vard, Gaithersburg, MD 20878. Chen Style Taiji, Northern Kungfu, Southern Kungfu,
Held at the South Hall of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center,
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Contact: Christopher Pei 703-698-8182 2979 Prosperity Ave, Fairfax, VA 22031 Saturday May 20: - Tiger Claw Elite Championships
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7th New England International Chinese
Tiger Claw Elite Championships
Martial Arts Championships, 4th USA Tai Chi KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY
Cup and 2017 Inaugural Tai Chi Judges
Training and Examination Course
An open tournament with eight age groups, three experience levels, and hundreds Gene Ching 510-656-5100 X137
of events in internal and external styles, barehand and weapons forms, light 40748 Encyclopedia Circle, Fremont, CA, 94538
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Contact: Malee’s School 860-646-6818 100 Bidwell Road, South Windsor, CT 06040 - &
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26th Annual Chinese Martial Arts 2017-10-04 (5 Days)
Tournament (CMAT 26) Chen Style Taijiquan, Wang Xi’an System,
Held both days at UC Berkeley’s Recreational Sports Facility, Kleeberger Field Foundation Training & Old Frame First
House, 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720. Come join us for the 26th annual Routine with Dr. Robert Bacher
Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (CMAT 26) hosted by the University of California Held at the Eastover Estate & Retreat Center in Lenox, MA.
Martial Arts Program (UCMAP) at UC Berkeley. This two-day event is open to all Contact: Yingxing Wang 866-264-5139
ages and will feature divisions for Traditional, Contemporary, and Internal Chinese Eastover Estate & Retreat Center 430 East St., Lenox, MA 01240
Martial Arts. One of the largest and most prestigious event of its kind, CMAT is -
volunteer-run with history dating back to 1992. 2017-10-07
TIGER CLAW SPONSORED EVENT Eight Pieces of Brocade, Yang and Chen
Contact: CMAT Directors Mason Tong and Henderson Wong 510-642-3268 Style Tai Chi
Kleeberger Field House, 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94720 Held at the Champion Wushu & Arts Center in Dublin, CA. - Contact: Vivian Tam 510-229-9309 7124 Village Parkway, Dublin, CA 94568 -
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16-14 (4 Points) (45-25) $9.99
$ 1.49 16-12PAK $17.88 $7.99 each Heavyduty plated steel (2’)

Ninja shogee Grappling Hook

Ninja Boken (34”)
Solid steel with a 115 (30 - 33’)
Hanwei inch chain and a 13
inch hook head
16-05 $12.49 16-25 $33.49
Sword Oil


Ninja Uniform Set

Includes: Jacket, Pants, Steel Fan
Hood, Mask & Arm Guards. 16-06 $46.99
Sizes: XXXS-XL
Black 16-01 Kusara Kama
$41.99 - $52.99 16-21 $31.99

Single Sword Stand

Hand Claw 35-08 $22.99
16-09 $17.99/pair (Sword not
Products may included)
vary slightly Lacquer Wooden
due to different Sword Stand
shipments by the
manufacturers. Foot Spikes Black or Natural
16-10 35-09 $22.99 ea.

Hi-Top Tabbi
Sizes: 7–13
16-08 $48.99/pair

Length: 17 3/4” Weight: 21.5 oz.

Qing Dynasty (1644-1912)

his unique pair of Butterfly Knives have very the handles appear to be carved rosewood, with a floral
unusual blade shape that serve as yet another basket-like motif framed by classic Chinese geometric
reminder of the vast diversity of form when it patterns. The handles are slightly cracked on the inside
comes to Chinese martial arts weapons. Typically Butterfly flat sides, which is a common effect of age.
Knives have a simple single-edged curved point akin to a
Japanese Tanto tip yet much wider like a butcher knife. The owner acquired this pair of Butterfly Knives as a
The blade edge and the spine go straight back to the hilt. gift, bought on consignment from Brendan Lai’s Supply
This design is common among the southern styles of Kung Company a few years back. Based in San Francisco,
Fu like Hung Gar (⍚ᇦ) and Wing Chun (䂐᱕). This pair Brendan Lai’s Supply Company was one of the leading
has blades that are more importers of Chinese Martial
leaf shaped. The blades Arts equipment in America.
widen towards the forte, Unfortunately, due to the declining
and then dip back towards market and escalating cost of living
the hilt. in San Francisco, it closed in 2014
after nearly 36 years of business.B
The hilts have solid brassy
metal guards that flair From the private collection of Brian
gracefully at every angle. Kuttel, Program Director of Doc-Fai
The collar pieces are of a Wong Martial Arts Center -
slightly brighter metal and



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of Arizona Kung Fu Academy Academy Tibetan Lama Dragon Kung Fu
1805 E. Elliot Rd. STE110 2601 S. Lemay Ave. #7233 88 MacArthur Dr. Ste.# A Crane 424 3rd Ave
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Herndon,VA 20170 Master John Leong Sifu Christos Papachristos
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703-698-8182 262-548-8824 Patrick Willemse (0031) 6 1345 73 81
Laughing Dragon Kung Fu
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Wood Breaking Boards

8mm 20-3508P&: $1.53
12 mm 20-3512PC: $2.48
18mm 20-3518PC: $3.43
Nothing gives you the feel of power like wood board
breaking. These wood boards are a great way to train and
save money! Ordinarily, you have to buy expensive new wood
planks from your local lumber yard, and then cut them down to
size before you break them

Rebreakable Boards
You can break boards! With Tiger Claw’s Rebreakable Boards, you can learn how to break safely and easily,
without the wasting your money on costly wood boards. Tiger Claw’s Rebreakable Boards are designed by the
World Champion Breaking Legend Dr. Dan Netherland.
Features extra-wide handles and protective foam
padding on both sides.

BLUE 20-31U: $26.49

Average (9” x 16 1/2” x 1/4”)

RED 20-31R: $30.49

Strong (9” x 16” x 1/2”)

BLACK 20-31K: $33.49

Extra Strong (10” x 17” x 1”)

Phone Orders: 800. 824. 2433 International Calls: 865. 686. 4862


By Wilson Sun
KUNG FU HOROSCOPES: October 7 to December 6, 2017 (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)
his period is the end of autumn

Rat 啐: 1924 Wood, 1936 Fire, 1948 Earth, 1960 Metal, 1972 Water, 1984
and the beginning of winter. Wood, 1996 Fire, 2008 Earth
The season turns to cold. In 10/7–11/6: You may suffer physical and mental fatigue. Your mood will be poor and you will
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) be unhappy. Keep company with friends that have a positive attitude.
Five Elements Theory, winter belongs
11/6–12/6: You will be susceptible to the cold and prone to injuries of the hands and
to the element of water. The reflective
feet. It’s a busy time. Be mindful not to get too tired. Ignoring your family leads to
viscera are the kidney and urinary misunderstanding.
bladder. Kidney oversees bones and
stores jing (essence ㋮). Accordingly, “Remember that we are all human beings trying to do what we love to do.”
reproductive and urinary system Rat Zendaya
maladies are prevalent. Prevention
paths include reducing sexual activity, Ox ⢋: 1925 Wood, 1937 Fire, 1949 Earth, 1961 Metal, 1973 Water, 1985
adopting good sleeping habits, eating Wood, 1997 Fire, 2009 Earth
properly and exercising regularly to 10/7–11/6: Your physical outlook is poor. You’ll need sleep, but it’s easy to stay up late and
maintain physical power. In TCM it damage your health. You lack confidence. Mind your own business. Cultivate your body.
is said, “Extinguish negative winter
11/6–12/6: Beware of cuts. Be wary of familial relationships. For female oxen, pay close
influences that will bring sickness
attention when dealing with the in-laws.
in spring.” This means that if you
indulge in excessive sensual pleasures “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.”
during the winter, skip resting and eat Ox Lord Northcliffe
poorly, your energies will be dissipated
and you’ll get sick in spring. Tiger 㱾: 1926 Fire, 1938 Earth, 1950 Metal, 1962 Water, 1974 Wood, 1986
Fire, 1998 Earth, 2010 Metal
The following recipes are recommend-
10/7–11/6: Female Tigers must attend to health issues. An old malady may reoccur if you
ed for this period.
exhaust yourself. Be careful of any goods that might be stolen.
11/6–12/6: You are prone to hip injuries and arm sprains. Be sure to get plenty of exercise
Deer Antler Porridge and warm up properly beforehand. Focus on developing your flexibility. Flexibility is very
(咯䀂㟐㋕) important.
15 gm deer antler gelatin 100 gm rice “A master can tell you what he thinks of you. A teacher, though,
3 pcs ginger awakens your own expectations.” Tiger Patricia Neal
Boil rice first, then add deer antler gelatin and
ginger and let simmer down into porridge. Deer Hare ‫ބ‬: 1927 Fire, 1939 Earth, 1951 Metal, 1963 Water, 1975 Wood, 1987
antler gelatin can be purchased from a Chinese Fire, 1999 Earth, 2011 Metal
herb store. It is believed to replenish and
10/7–11/6: Be careful of catching a cold. Your throat may get too sore to swallow. Be
tonify yin and strengthen yang qi. It is used for
preventative. Wash your hands and stay away from sick people. An unfavorable investment
deficiency of kidney yin and yang, and of blood looms so approach conservatively.
and essence in the penetrating and conception
vessels, and is a recommended remedy
11/6–12/6: Luck shines from the top of your head. Seek wealth. Get promoted. Profit from
for weakness of the lower back and legs,
construction or remodeling.
impotence, blurred vision, sexual dysfunction, “To get what you want, STOP doing what isn't working.” Hare Earl Warren
and female infertility. Consume twice daily for
5 days, then stop for 2 days, then continue the Dragon 喽: 1928 Earth, 1940 Metal, 1952 Water, 1964 Wood, 1976 Fire, 1988
cycle. Take as needed. Earth, 2000 Metal, 2012 Water
10/7–11/6: This is a happy period for you. Fortune comes your way. It’s a good time to
Cistanche Porridge make investments. Real estate is an easy path. Don’t miss this opportunity!
(㚹㬟㫹㋕) 11/6–12/6: You’re prone to illness, particularly from a poor diet. Mind what you eat.
15 gm Cistanche (Cistanche deserticola a.k.a.
Practicing good hygiene and using drugs rationally is a guarantee of health.
roucongrong 㚹㣱㫹) “I’ve always been fond of the expression, ‘You can’t polish a turd, but you
100 gm mutton can roll one in glitter.’ That’s always made complete sense to me.
100 gm rice There’s a lot of wisdom in those words.” Dragon Rupert Grint
Add Cistanche into 100 gm water and cook until
soft, then take the juice only. Slice mutton and Snake 㳷: 1929 Earth, 1941 Metal, 1953 Water, 1965 Wood, 1977 Fire, 1989
then add with rice into Cistanche juice, bringing Earth, 2001 Metal, 2013 Water
to boil, and then let simmer down for 5 minutes.
10/7–11/6: Love is in the air. Good things come in pairs. Seize the moment to do the things
Cistanche is a parasitic desert plant also
you’ve always wanted to do. Grab what you want most now. Your luck has been changed
available at Chinese herb stores. It is believed to
for the better.
supplement the stomach and spleen, nourish the
five internal organs, strengthen yin, and boost 11/6–12/6: It’s a busy period for travel. Regulate your diet carefully or you may suffer from
essential qi. It is recommended to alleviate lack
digestive disorders or infections.
of energy, sexual dysfunction and constipation. “The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either
Consume daily. proven right or pleasantly surprised.” Snake George F. Will


Horse 俜: 1930 Metal, 1942 Water, 1954 Wood, 1966 Fire, Rooster䴎: 1933 Water, 1945 Wood, 1957 Fire, 1969 Earth,
1978 Earth, 1990 Metal, 2002 Water, 2014 Wood 1981 Metal, 1993 Water, 2005 Wood, 2017 Fire
10/7–11/6: A guardian angel comes to help. The opportunity is now if 10/7–11/6: Mind your tongue. Be tolerant. Do not intensify the
you can grab it. Take decisive action. Female horses must get plenty contradictions. By adopting a joyful mood, you can come to good
of rest and avoid fatigue, or it will be easy to fall ill. solutions. 11/6–12/6: Spend time with children and your own luck
will improve now. Be accepting of new things. This will increase your
11/6–12/6: Beware of getting cheated. Avoid actions you will regret. energy and enthusiasm if approached with the right attitude.
Early to bed, early to rise. If you worry too much, you’ll start losing
“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience
your hair.
in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to
“It is easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them.” say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next
Horse Alfred Adler thing that comes along.'” Rooster Eleanor Roosevelt

Dog ⤇: 1922 Water, 1934 Wood, 1946 Fire, 1958 Earth,

Ram 㖺: 1931 Metal, 1943 Water, 1955 Wood, 1967 Fire, 1970 Metal, 1982 Water, 1994 Wood, 2006 Fire
1979 Earth, 1991 Metal, 2003 Water, 2015 Wood 10/7–11/6: You may find yourself distracted and disturbed, but
10/7–11/6: You will be in control of the power. Get a promotion now. happy when travelling. Keep your family atmosphere warm and your
Be good at controlling your emotions. Use the soft approach to win. luck will improve. 11/6–12/6: Your forecast is good for wealth and
personal relationships. It’s a fine time for women to get pregnant or
11/6–12/6: Pay close attention to your health. Seek early treatment.
have a baby. Don’t miss this opportunity.
Prevention of disease is the most important. If you work in the medical
field, don’t get too close to your patients to prevent infections. “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” Dog John Muir
“Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge.” Ram Kahlil Gibran Pig 䊜: 1923 Water, 1935 Wood, 1947 Fire, 1959 Earth,
1971 Metal, 1983 Water, 1995 Wood, 2007 Fire
Monkey ⥤: 1932 Water, 1944 Wood, 1956 Fire, 1968 10/7–11/6: Be optimistic and cheerful. Keep the company of
Earth, 1980 Metal, 1992 Water, 2004 Wood, 2016 Fire competent people and this will stimulate the pioneering spirit within
your own business. 11/6–12/6: Be careful in any vehicles as you
10/7–11/6: If you suffer or witness some injustice, don’t overreact. are prone to injurious accidents. Take a conservative approach to
Patience is the best strategy now. Avoid using force. Just wait for it. everything. Avoid any violent or hard-hitting sports. Take a break
11/6–12/6: This is a good month for your health and fitness, so get from sparring.
in some serious training. But watch out for lung maladies, as that “Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform
channel is susceptible for you now. Do more, talk less. it into a door.” Pig Dr. Laura Schlessinger
“Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, Astrologist Wilson Sun is a Feng Shui Master from Shanghai
because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. – Read more Kung Fu Horoscopes
Protect it. Pass it on.” Monkey Thurgood Marshall online at



Shou shi liang shan men, quan ping tui da ren

By Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng
Shou (3rd tone ᡻) means ‘hand’ as in Sanshou (free hand ᮓ᡻). Shi (4th tone ᱟ) is a demonstrative pronoun which in this case means
‘akin’. Liang (3rd tone ‫ )ޙ‬means ‘two’ or ‘a pair’. Shan (4th tone ᡷ) means ‘door panel’ and men (2nd tone 䮰) means ‘door’.
Quan (2nd tone ‫ )ޘ‬means ‘to maintain’ and ping (2nd tone េ) means to ‘depend’ or ‘rely’. Jiao (3rd tone 㞣) means ‘foot’ or ‘leg’. Da
(3rd tone ᢃ) means strike as in Sanda (free strike ᮓᢃ). And Ren (2nd tone Ӫ) means ‘man’ or ‘people’.
This can be translated as ‘The hand is akin to two doors; Depend on the leg to strike people.” It is a common combat strategy of Kung Fu.
Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng (⎲䠁ⴋ) was the cover master on the March+April 2003 issue of Kung Fu Tai Chi.


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• Thou ar ti
rs cle
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, 95 ds






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cover s tories
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u n i





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ine z &
ga a mo
Fu M re !

Tiger Claw Elite Grand Champion. Vivian Tam, a part of the
online network which includes 14,088 followers on twitter @KFM_KFTC, & 505,173 likes on ,
as well as 3,841,494 views of over 600 videos & 14,819 subscribers on as well as on and .
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20 T
TA 20


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