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Tool & Die

PICK UP “We used Proeber, and we were happy

with his work,” Schmit says. “We saw what
was coming from him, and he was using
Logopress3 software. So it was natural for

THE PACE us to look into it. We did check other soft-

ware, though. But we opted for Logo-
press3 primarily because it did what we
needed it to do, and we also had a com-
fort level with Proeber, who was selling it.
Tool-designing software boosts He’s a local source, so we can easily get in-
productivity at production job shop formation from him when we have a ques-
tion or need training.”
Oldenburg Metal Tech bought Logo-
press3 for two main reasons, according

ew software for the creation of stamping tools has increased the productiv- to Schmit.
ity of Oldenburg Metal Tech Inc., Port Washington, Wis., by almost 30 per- “One was to reduce mistakes that were
cent. The company is a production job shop that produces progressive, getting down to the shop floor, and the
compound and draw-die stamping tools. It also offers general CNC machining and other was to increase efficiency,” he says.
fixture building. Although Oldenburg Metal Tech has two stamping presses, these are “Logopress3 just makes die design and
used for tool tryout only. tooling much easier and simpler to under-
“The industries that we build dies for these types of problems.” stand on the shop floor by making better
include automotive, small-engine pro- At one time, Oldenburg Metal Tech prints. It’s more organized and tailored to
duction, lawn and garden, snowmobiles, was sending die-design work to Ray Proe- stamping dies. We have few mistakes now
ATVs and companies that produce their ber, owner of Accurate Die Design Inc., that get down to the shop floor, and it has
own products,” says Mike Schmit, New Berlin, Wis., to outsource some of its increased efficiency.”
CAD/CAM manager and tool designer at tooling design work. Schmit also says the software has helped
Oldenburg Metal Tech. “This makes us In 2004, Proeber’s company became Oldenburg Metal Tech reduce mistakes
diverse in the tooling we produce.” the U.S. technical center for tool-design by half and increase production speed for
software called Logopress3. This soft- tooling by at least a third.
Quick building ware is an add-on to the SolidWorks “For instance, the software carries over
Schmit is always looking for ways to be CAD program. hole information into other areas of the
more productive in build- tooling that are affected by a
ing tooling for Oldenburg particular hole size,” he says.
Metal Tech customers. “It carries information from
Working 45 to 50 hours a plate to plate. Before, we
week with another designer were putting the information
places a heavy burden on in one plate, and then we
the company to get die-de- would have to put it in the
sign work done and ready other plate and remember it.
for production. Often, we would need to go
“We were using Solid- back and see what the hole
Works CAD software on a diameter in the first plate was
stand-alone basis,” says to get an accurate hole size
Schmit. “At times, our tool- in the second plate.
ing designs could have a lot “Before [Logopress3], we
of interferences between never put bolts in because it
the assemblies. We could would take another step and
also get a lot of wrong-di-
ameter holes between the Logopress3
plates. We would use a 1⁄2- automatically creates
in. tap in one plate, but the drawings and
mating plate would call out simultaneously exports
a 5⁄8-in. counterbore. We additional file formats
needed a way to eliminate such as DXF, STEP, etc.

FFJournal® January 2010

Tool & Die
more time,” he continues. “In fact, Logo- pany builds all lowance options can be man-
press3 will tell you whether or not the bolt types of tools, from com- aged.
that you’re putting in the tooling is avail- plex, multistrip progressive The strip layout
able. If you size a 6-in.-long bolt, and it’s not dies to weld and assembly fix- module can be used for
available, the software will tell you. It also tures. One of its largest dies was 12 ft. long. both progressive and transfer dies. It allows
produces a bill of materials for all the vari- quick and easy modeling of the true solid
ous components in the tooling, such as Full of features 3-D strip.
springs, nitrogen gas springs and properly Logopress3 software offers various func- The Logopress3 strip module can be
sized bolts. It has interference detection be- tions. One is a flattening function that al- started from a blank or from a folding and
tween all four tool assemblies; the upper, lows the user to quickly and easily stamping process that was first defined
middle and lower plates; and the strip, approach the theoretical blank of 3-D using the Logopress3 unbending and flat-
which can save you from a lot of problems formed parts. This function helps with tening tools or from customer-provided
when the tool is finally produced.” quotes and designing dies. It also mini- imported data.
mizes development time in the press. All kinds of parts, even those with non-
Making strides Key functions of the software include constant thickness, are able to be con-
Schmit also says there are some parts managing native and imported data; trolled. It also allows the management of
SolidWorks couldn’t unfold, which was controlling solids, surfaces and material multiple parts in one strip, whether they’re
important to him for die design. thickness; a customizable material data- identical, mirrored or different.
“Now, with the Logopress3 add-on, it base; and a choice of the stamping start The Logopress3 strip layout module
does a really nice job of unfolding a part, area and direction. It also allows the def- also includes features and capabilities for
especially for linear bending,” he says. inition of pinched and locked areas, round draw parts.
“You can get a strip layout quickly. We also thinning and thickening information, Key functions include automatic com-
use it for estimating too, just to give us a and stress and strain data. putation of each intermediate stage, auto-
better idea of what that tool will look like With only a few mouse clicks, the un- matic determination of what draw
when we’re coming up with our estimate.” bending functions will unfold a part, and reductions are used, a customizable com-
Schmit says Oldenburg Metal Tech then the intermediate stages can be putation database, automatic recomputa-
customers will provide a model of a part, modeled to define the process for a strip tion when changing a radius or diameter,
and he’ll then unfold it and give it to the layout. This can be done from a native stripper pressure computation, automatic
estimator for a quote. SolidWorks itself SolidWorks model or from an imported and customizable Web management, and
wouldn’t allow the company to do this in model without any specific preparation. graphical overlays of previous or subse-
many cases. These unfolding and unbending fea- quent stations.
“Right now, I would hate to design a die tures can be edited, allowing a full un- Logopress3 also includes a tool struc-
without Logopress3,” says Schmit. “I defi- bending to be switched to a partial ture assistant that allows fast modeling of
nitely recommend this software to any- unbending. The partial un- the main die components. It’s useful
body who’s doing tool-design work. It bending angle value can be throughout the die-design process when
makes my life a lot easier.” changed, and the spring- additional plates need insertion.
He also says the com- back and the bend al- In addition, the die-design software fea-
tures a dynamic animation command that
automatically does interference and colli-
sion detection throughout the die while
showing the entire die operating as if it
were in the press, including the strip lifting
and advancing with each press stroke.
This helps catch mistakes in the design
stage, saving time and resources. FFJ

Accurate Die Design Inc.,

New Berlin, Wis., 262/938-9316,
fax: 262/938-3933,
Oldenburg Metal Tech Inc.,
Port Washington, Wis., 262/284-6384,
fax: 262/284-7048,

Reprinted from FFJournal® January 2010

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