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February 2015
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Keyword: Management Accounting

Scope Note: the provision of information required by management for

such purposes as: (a) formulation of policies, (b) planning
and controlling the activities of the enterprise, (c) decision-
taking on alternative course of action, (d) disclosure to
persons external to the entity (shareholders and others), (e)
disclosure to employees, (f) safeguarding assets.
Management accounting is regarded as including long-term
planning, budgeting, profit planning, financial accounting,
cost accounting, financial control, treasureship and internal
audit. (

Narrower Term: Responsibility Accounting

Used for : Managerial Accounting

Broader Term: Accounting


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Online Databases


Printed Journals:

 Accounting and Finance

 Accounting Review
 Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory
 Internal Auditor
 Journal of Accounting
 Journal of Accounting Research
 Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

Prepared by:

Mary Allen Mae P. Oral

School of Business and Economics