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Content/ Subject Area Skill Performance Objective Assessment Used

Animals vocabulary (farm and pet Listen, repeat and Correctly repeating and Play group games
animals). Colors and basic adjectives understand simple words pronouncing simple words Describing pictures, posters and flashcards
(big, small) and commands Saying and doing TPR commands Individual listening of words pronunciation
Vocabulary review- my room and my Sing familiar songs in the Clearly and loudly singing rhymes
toys context with understanding
TPR commands Correctly and clearly Participating in games
grupa tri godine recognize and name
words from learnt
Food, house and animal vocabulary Understanding and Correctly describing pictures and Short roll plays
Using verb can answering basic simple situations in the contexts of Picture dictation
Letters recognition questions sketches Listening and repeat out loud
Vocabulary review- shapes and Playing games that Basic spelling of words
family members encourage speaking and Making simple dialogues with
TPR commands listening skills teachers help
Sing songs Clearly singing songs
grupa predskolci

Grammar content- verb to be, plural Correctly reading, writing Correctly doing grammar exercising Quick tests
of nouns, demonstrative pronouns, and understanding Accuracy in writing, reading and Dictations
verb can familiar texts pronunciation Role play
Vocabulary review- school items, Applying grammar Clearly speaking using adequate Reading out loud
family members, animals, house constructions in everyday vocabulary and grammar patterns
rooms. communication
Listening and
Treci razred understanding sketches
Describing pictures using
appropriate grammar
and vocabulary
Form and using of tenses (present, Talking on specific topics Participating in simple debates Quick tests
past and future) and using target Doing correctly grammar exercises Dictations
Conditionals First and Second vocabulary and grammar Describing situations, pictures and Role play
Modal verbs rules memories in details Board games
Adjectives- comparison and word Correctly listening with Actively using of grammar and Doing some tasks on the white board
orders pre, while and post- vocabulary and applying in everyday Doing and correcting homework
Clothes, shopping, sport and listening exercises contexts and situations
travelling vocabulary Reading and Using synonyms where is possible
understanding new
words from the context

Blockbuster 3- obe grupe

Vocabulary people’s happiness and Practicing reading, Expand vocabulary and grammar Doing exercises and tests at home and
confusing words listening, writing and contractions in speaking schools
Verb tenses, reported speech and speaking skills Clearly understanding and Listening pair activities during the class
verbs- gerund and infinitives developing reading skills Writing essays, stories and articles and
Expressing certainly and possibility Profoundly listening and correcting
Expressing impressions with verbs understanding Regularly doing of homework
look, seem and appear Actively using linking words, formal
style, vocabulary and grammar in
writing forms
Fce for schools