Role and Work Flow of the Human Resources Department | Performance Appraisal | Employment


ROLE AND WORK FLOW OF THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT Recruitment and Placement Plans for the organization’s short and long term manpower needs Gets requests from various HODs of their manpower needs Collects the databank from various sources like print media, consultants and referrals Selects the candidates after various recruitment process and places at a suitable position Finalizes the compensation Conducts the document verifications Conducts induction, training program


Performance Evaluation Designs procedure for evaluating the employees performance Conducts the evaluation program periodically i.e. either quarterly or half yearly Monitors the self-appraisal, supervisor’s appraisal, HR appraisal and provides the feedback to the appraisee Conducts the managerial staff performance evaluation Evaluates the technical and general tools of the employer performance Recommends to the management regarding financial/ nonfinancial beneficiaries, training needs – technical / non-technical, employee retention and actions Makes employees to work with great satisfaction Training and Development Plans and manages the training programs on regular basis for the employees on technical and interpersonal skills as per the organization needs Conducts the regular follow up of the training program needs Plans and manages the in-house and external-house training programs Makes arrangements for knowledge sharing Compensation and benefits Manages the balance between the organizations financial strength and employee expectations, performance and the market value Encourages the employees performance by providing various financial and non-financial benefits Controls the employee attrition rate Monitors the employee job satisfaction levels Monitors the employee social needs and status Preparation of salary statement and salary slips Personal records, attendance and punctuality Monitors employees all in and out movements: leaves and absents



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e. relaxation..F. H. periodically Analyzing the expectations of the employee and sharing the expectations of the organization Placing the right person into right place by using various systems Maintaining regular rapport with all the employees Assuring the employees for their better development Periodical Reports Monthly status report of the Department (activities. - & - .Welfare (Food. Power & Stationery) (5th of every month) Salary statements – last working day of the month Salary slips – day after issuing the salaries G.Recruitment . celebrations and other needs Change Management Making arrangements for up-to-date knowledge to the employees according the industry levels Suggesting various changes to the other departments for the organization development Making every employee accountable to the organization Making HR department as helping tool for everyone Individual recognition and development Having one-to-one discussions. software and hardware provisions. handling grievances. plan of action) Monthly budget report – expenditures and fore-cost . lighting. refreshments. - Maintains all types of employee personal records Acts according to the HR policy Working Environment and Welfare measurements Making arrangements for team work culture Creating good working environment like work place. House-keeping.Career Development . status. communication transportation) . relaxation programs.Salaries . transportations. ventilation. communication systems. A/C. I. personal attention i. refreshments.Administration (Security.

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