Statement from Anti-Election Committee (Japan) on the Visit of Harn Yawnghwe and Victor Biak Lian to Japan

on September 1

(Brief) NLD has officially declared to boycott the election on September 7. (Brief) CRPP, Other political parties including that of ethnic based parties also followed. (Brief) Burmese democratic forces in Japan has formed Anti-Election Committee (Japan) on August 29 and declared that we are totally against the sham election. (Brief) Member organizations in Anti-Election Committee (Japan) decided to join the committee independently without the influence form any organization or individual. Harn Yawnghwe and Victor Biak Lian are supporters of junta’s 2010 election and their positions are totally against the positions of Anti-Election Committee (Japan). Although a few ethnic leaders form Anti-Election Committee (Japan) accompanied Harn Yawnghwe and Victor Biak Lian during their secret trip to Japan on September 1, they have already declared their positions in the meeting hold on September 19 that; they totally disagree the positions of Harn Yawnghwe and Victor Biak Lian and they stand in solidarity with Anti-Election Committee (Japan). Therefore, we form Anti-Election Committee (Japan) hereby condemn Harn Yawnghwe and Victor Biak Lian for using the members of our committee to approach Japanese Government officials to seek their supports for junta’s election. 2010 Anti-Election Committee (Japan) Unofficial translation