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delivery, instructional materials preparation and assessment of


A globally recognized institution of higher learning that 3. Utilize the latest trends and strategies in research to address the After finishing the program, the BPE graduates must have the
develops competent and morally upright citizens who are active evolving demands on the generation and dissemination of new ability to:
participants in nation building and responsive to the challenges of 21st knowledge and innovations in education. 1. design lessons, adopt instructional methods, and develop teaching-
century 4. Harness the capability of the students in conceptualizing, learning strategies according to the stages of secondary learners’
implementing, and sustaining extension projects of the college growth and development and in consideration of the potentials and
through active partnership for inclusive social development. uniqueness of young adult learners;
MISSION 5. Provide avenues in the development of professionalism and in 2. discuss and share profound yet age-appropriate insights on a
the pursuance of lifelong learning for personal growth and specific subject area’s learning goals, instructional procedures, and
Batangas State University is committed to the holistic development.
development of productive citizens by providing a conducive learning content in the secondary education curriculum;
environment for the generation, dissemination and utilization of 3. select, develop, and/or adopt updated technology, instructional
knowledge through innovative education, multidisciplinary research materials and both traditional and non-traditional assessment
PROGRAM GOAL techniques, utilizing assessment data to improve teaching and
collaborations, and community partnership that would nurture the
spirit of nationhood and help fuel national economy for sustainable The Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) program aims to learning;
development. develop globally competent and morally upright secondary education 4. utilize research skills in solving problems and generating
graduates who are research and community service-oriented and are innovative ways of teaching and testing;
committed to the holistic development of 21st century learners. 5. be involved in community-oriented activities by rendering free
CORE VALUES service in the specific area they are needed;
6. show commitment, dedication and competence in performing their
 Faith PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES tasks and responsibilities as mandated by relevant laws and
 Patriotism regulations;
 Human dignity The BPE program aims to produce secondary teachers who
have the ability to: 7. possess positive interpersonal skills, as well a good oral and
 Integrity written communication skills; and
 Mutual respect 1. demonstrate comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in a specific
field of specialization in the secondary education curriculum by 8. engage in activities that would foster personal and professional
 Excellence advancement.
engaging in scholarly and research activities, and by maximizing
opportunities for lifelong learning;
COLLEGE GOALS 2. provide meaningful learning experiences to secondary students by
using emerging educational technologies for quality and effective PROGRAM OF STUDY
The College of Teacher Education endeavors to produce well- teaching, and by creating an environment that encourages positive
rounded academicians who possess technical, pedagogical, and social interaction, active engagement, and self-motivation; BACHELOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION
research skills in order to address the challenges of diverse 3. demonstrate competence in teaching and testing through the design,
educational settings and engage in lifelong learning. adoption and utilization of teaching methods, instructional FIRST YEAR
It prepares competitive educators in the global academic materials, and assessment tools that are appropriate to the cognitive, FIRST SEMESTER
environment, guided by high moral standards and equipped with 21st affective and psychomotor development of secondary learners; Course Title Units Lec
century skills so they become agents of positive social transformation. National Service Training Program 1 3 3
4. observe the professional code of ethics for teachers and internalize
Physical Education 1 2 2
the importance of continuous professional development, as well as
The Contemporary World 3 3
the need to work cooperatively and harmoniously with all members Reading in the Philippine History 3 3
COLLEGE OBJECTIVES of the academic community; and Purposive Communication 3 3
The College of Teacher Education is committed to achieve the 5. establish sustainable partnerships and linkages with the professional Sosyedad at Literatura/Panitikang Panlipunan 3 3
following objectives: community and provide assistance to the underserved, depressed, The Teaching Profession 3 3
1. Provide students with learning opportunities for their illiterate and less skilled members of society through extension Philosophical and Socio-anthropological Foundations of
3 3
advancement in specific fields of interest towards excellence, activities and community service. Physical Education and Sports
efficiency and effectiveness in the attainment of local, regional Anatomy and Physiology of Human Movement 3 3
and national goals. Principles Motor Control and Learning of Exercise, Sports
3 3
2. Design rationalized activities for the enhancement of and Dance
TOTAL 29 29
classroom teaching through modern modes of instructional
Technology Application in Teaching PE and Health
3 3
FIRST YEAR Education
SECOND SEMESTER Philippine Traditional Games and Sports 3 3
Course Title Units Lec Coordinated School Health Program 3 3
National Service Training Program 2 3 3 Personal, Community and Environmental Health 3 3
Physical Education 2 2 2 Curriculum and Assessment for Physical Education and
3 3
Understanding the Self 3 3 Health Education
Mathematics in the Modern World 3 3 Process of Teaching PE and Health Education 3 3
Life and Works of Rizal 3 3 Research in Physical Education 1 3 3
Retorika – Masining na Pagpapahayag 3 3 TOTAL 24 24
The Child and Adolescent Learners and Learning
3 3
Principles THIRD YEAR
Applied Motor Control and Learning of Exercises, Sports SECOND SEMESTER
3 3
and Dance Course Title Units Lec
Physiology of Exercise and Physical Activity 3 3 Kontekstwalisadong Komunikasyon sa Filipino 3 3
Emergency Preparedness and Safety Management 3 3 Assessment in Learning 2 3 3
TOTAL 29 29 Building and Enhancing New Literacies Across the
3 3
SECOND YEAR Team Sports (Soccer/Football, Basketball, Volleyball,
FIRST SEMESTER Baseball, Softball, Non-Traditional: Ultimate handball, 3 3
Course Title Units Lec Floorball, Futsal, Sepak Takraw)
Physical Education 3 2 2 Sports and Exercise Psychology 3 3
Science, Technology and the Society 3 3 Drug Education, Consumer Health and Healthy Eating 3 3
ASEAN Literature 3 3 Music in K – 12 Curriculum 3 3
Foundation on Special and Inclusive Education 3 3 Administration and Management of Physical Education
3 3
Technology for Teaching and Learning 1 3 3 and Health Education Programs
The Teacher and the School Curriculum 3 3 Research in Physical Education 2 1 1
Arts in the K – 12 Curriculum 3 3 TOTAL 25 25
Movement Education 3 3
Philippine Traditional Dance 3 3 FOURTH YEAR
Course Title Units Lec
SECOND YEAR Field Study 1 3 3
SECOND SEMESTER Field Study 2 3 3
Course Title Units Lec Management of Students’ Behaviour and Wellness 3 3
Physical Education 4 2 2 Special Topics in Education 3 3
Ethics 3 3 TOTAL 12 12
Art Appreciation 3 3
The Teacher and the Community, School Culture and 3 3 FOURTH YEAR
Organizational Leadership SECOND SEMESTER
Assessment in Learning 1 3 3 Course Title Units Lec
Facilitating Learner-Centered Teaching 3 3 Teaching Internship 6 6
Swimming and Aquatics 3 3 Comprehensive Examination 3 3
International Dance and other Forms 3 3 TOTAL 9 9
Individual and Dual Sports (Racket Sports, Athletics, 3 3
Martial Arts) For inquiries call:
TOTAL 26 26 9.
Tel no. (043) 778-2170 loc. 111 10.
THIRD YEAR Testing and Admission Office 11.
Course Title Units Lec Tel no. (043) 406-0830 loc. 124 BACHELOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION
Filipino sa Iba’t Ibang Disiplina 3 3 Office of the Associate Dean