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photocopying. • Succeed in Starters .8 Practice Tests .qxd 8/9/2017 1:23 μμ Page 2 The entire test lasts approximately 45 minutes and has the following sections: 1. recording or otherwise. No part of this publication may be reproduced.2018 format . Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages. mechanical. Speaking. electronic. UK The question papers contain spaces for writing all the answers.globalelt.2018 format . STARTERS Format Parts length tasks total items Listening about 20 minutes 4 20 Reading and Writing 20 minutes 5 25 Speaking 3-5 minutes 4 - Published by GLOBAL ELT LTD Brighton.ISBN: 978-1-78164-510-9 • Succeed in Starters .001-004-Starters-intro-2018_Movers-intro-p1-3.8 Practice Tests . or transmitted in any form or by any Copyright © GLOBAL ELT LTD. without the prior permission in writing of the Publisher.ISBN: 978-1-78164-512-3 2 . Reading and Writing 3.Student's book . stored in a retrieval system. and should have coloured pens or pencils for the Listening section.Overprinted Edition with answers . 2017 edition All rights reserved. Listening 2. Candidates should bring a pen or pencil for the Reading and Writing section.

001-004-Starters-intro-2018_Movers-intro-p1-3.qxd 8/9/2017 1:23 μμ Page 3 Contents Contents Exam Format Page 4 Practice Test 1 Page 5 Practice Test 2 Page 21 Practice Test 3 Page 37 Practice Test 4 Page 53 Practice Test 5 Page 69 Practice Test 6 Page 85 3 .

blue.qxd 8/9/2017 1:23 μμ Page 4 Cambridge English: Starters Exam Format Listening (approximately 20 minutes / 20 items) The test format includes multiple choice questions. Part Main Skill Focus Input Response Questions 1 Listening for descriptions Picture. grey. colours Dialogue and picture Carry out instructions. Each of the five parts begins with an example. 4 . This person takes the candidates into the exam room and introduces them to the examiner. purple. Part Main Skill Focus Input Response Questions 1 Reading short sentences Words. Part Main Skill Focus Input Response 1 Understanding & following spoken Scene picture and object cards Point to correct part of the picture. Cloze text. red. Copying words. brown. 5 2 Reading sentences about a picture Picture and sentences Write ‘yes’ / ‘no’ Writing one-word answers 5 3 Spelling of single words Pictures and sets of Write words jumbled letters 5 4 Reading a text. short answers and using coloured pencils to respond to one task. or by their teacher. The format of the speaking test is explained to the candidates before they enter the exam room in their native language.001-004-Starters-intro-2018_Movers-intro-p1-3. 5 green. yellow) Reading and Writing (20 minutes / 25 items) As in the Listening. words and Choose and copy missing words pictures 5 5 Reading questions about a story. pronunciation and interaction. Each of the four parts begins with an example. names and dialogue Draw lines matching names to people and names in a picture 5 2 Listening for spelling Illustrated comprehension Write numbers and names and numbers questions and dialogue 5 3 Listening for various kinds Multiple-choice pictures and Tick box under correct picture of specific information dialogues with 3 options 5 Listening for words. usually by a person they know. this section’s focus is on the present and relevant contexts for language. Candidates will need a pen or pencil for this section. pictures and Show if sentence is true or false and recognising words sentences by ticking a box. find objects and colour 4 and prepositions correctly (In colours: black. pink. Place instructions object cards on the scene picture as directed 2 Understanding and answering Answer questions with short answers including Scene picture spoken questions a response to one ‘Tell me about …’ question 3 Understanding and answering Object cards Answer questions with short answers spoken questions 4 Understanding and responding No visual prompt Answer questions with short answers to personal questions. The section is assessed based on a rating for vocabulary and grammar. Story presented through Write one-word answers to questions Writing one-word answers three pictures and questions 5 Speaking (3-5 minutes / 4 parts) In the Speaking test the candidate speaks to one examiner for about three to five minutes. orange.

............................................ 101 ..................Centre Number Candidate Number Cambridge Young Learners English Starters Practice Test 7 My name is: .............................

There is one example. 7 Listening Part 1 .5 questions - Listen and draw lines. Pat Bill Matt Alice May Sam Ben 102 .

Examples What’s the woman’s name? Anna How old is Tom’s cousin? twelve/12 103 . 7 Listening Part 2 . Listen and write a name or a number.5 questions - Read the question. There are two examples.

Listening Questions 1 How many cats has Tom got? four / 4 2 What’s the woman’s cat’s name? Lucy 3 What’s Tom’s sister’s name? Grace 4 How old is Tom’s sister? fourteen / 14 5 How many brothers has the woman got? three / 3 104 .

What can’t Sam play? A 3 B C 1 What’s the girl having for lunch today? A B 3 C 2 Which animal is dirty? A B C 3 105 . There is one example. 7 Listening Part 3 .5 questions - Listen and tick (3) the box.

Listening 3 Where’s Nick’s T-shirt? A 3 B C 4 Whose watch is this? TOM BEN ALEX A B 3 C 5 What can Anna do? A 3 B C 106 .

There is one example. red 107 . 7 Listening Part 4 .5 questions - Listen and colour.

There are two examples. Examples This is a fish. 7 108 . 3 These are cows. Put a tick (3) or a cross (7) in the box.5 questions - Look and read. Reading & Writing Reading & Writing Part 1 . 7 Questions 1 This is a helicopter.

7 3 This is a ziraffe. 7 109 . 7 2 These are pineapples. 3 4 This is a hippo. 3 5 These are goats.

yes 4 Two boys are sitting on the sand. 110 . no 3 A girl is holding a ball.5 questions - Look and read. no A boy is playing with a toy lorry. yes Questions 1 There are three trees on the beach. no yes 5 A boy and a girl are swimming. no 2 A cat is running. Examples There are three children in the picture. Reading & Writing Part 2 Reading & Writing . Write yes or no.

7 Reading & Writing Part 3 . Look at the letters. Example arih h a i r Questions amr 1 a r m adnh 2 h a n d are 3 e a r yee 4 e y e doyb b o d y 5 111 . Write the words.5 questions - Look at the pictures.

....... meat . There is one example... They are grey and they An elephant is a big . Elephants don’t live in the sea...... Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5................ They have four (2) . An elephant animal ....5 questions - Read this....... Elephants like playing games and you can see many elephants in the zoo. ..... can ride them..... example animal people meat legs tail park ears teacher 112 .. (5) .. a long nose and two big (1) ..... have a big body... tail and a (3). They eat a lot of food but they don’t eat (4) ..................... They drink People a lot of water................ Reading & Writing Reading & Writing Part 4 ...... too.. ears legs ... Choose a word from the box.

Write one-word answers. 7 Reading & Writing Part 5 .5 questions - Look at the pictures and read the questions. Examples How many girls are there? 2/two What are the boys doing? reading Questions 1 What are the girls doing? writing 113 .

Reading & Writing 2 How many words are there on the board? three / 3 3 What’s the teacher doing? sitting and smiling / talking wall 4 Where’s the clock? on the 5 What’s the girl drawing on the board? a house 114 .

Speaking 7 115 .