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Lesson Plan, Year 12 History Giulia Eugster

Continuity and Change – Jim Crow Laws

Lesson Title: Continuity and Change – Jim Date: 22.05.18

Crow Laws
Intended Learning Outcomes:
1. We are learning to evaluate historical continuity and change overtime (context: Jim Crow
Success Criteria:
1. I am able to identify and explain continuity in historical sources
2. I am able to identify and explain continuity and change in contemporary sources
3. I am able to develop my own perspective about continuity and change in today’s society
Resources for this lesson: PowerPoint, Workbooks

Outline of Activities
Timing Activity Connection to L.O.s.
5 mins Today in History
3 – 5 mins Continuity and Change

Introduce the concept of continuity and Visual of one example of continuity

change with an image about and change.
socialising before the invention of
technology Gets students thinking about how to
identify and interpret continuity and
10 – 15 mins Continuity and Change (JC laws)

In pairs or small groups students Students identify and explain

examine state laws to identify continuity in historical sources.
continuity in terms of the intent of
these laws.
4 mins Continuity and Change
(Contemporary Example)

Watch: “This is America” – Donald Contemporary example of continuity

Glover music video. Makes strong and change.
references to historical continuities to
do with race and the treatment of
blacks in America. Should be relevant
to students (pop culture – viral) – one
student expressed having seen the
video in the previous lesson.
8 - 10 mins Evaluating Contemporary Example

Using some scenes from the video – Example of continuity/change that is

students examine what references relevant to students’ lives – highlights
Glover is making or suggesting about the significance of the historical
historical continuity (or change). concept.
Students do this in small groups.
By using an example students are
likely to be familiar with – they can
bring their prior knowledge to the task.

Provides another opportunity to

practice and apply their understanding
of the historical concept: continuity and
5 – 10 mins Discussion – “This is America”

Students will share their interpretations Provides students an opportunity to

with the rest of the class. This will be develop their own perspectives of
followed by a discussion of their view continuity and change in the present-
of ‘America’ – do they agree/disagree day.
with the interpretation and references
put forward by Glover?
10 – 15 mins “Black Like Me” Interpretation
(End of this
lesson – or Students watch a short clip & read Gets students thinking about why
beginning of about John Howard’s experiences of a white southerners acted and thought
next lesson) white man in black face in the South. the way they did, how their beliefs
could translate into intense hatred and
Students comment on the video in discrimination of blacks.
terms of AS2.4’s