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Gateway to RAVENS BLUFF™, The Living City

Welcome to Ravens Bluff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

City Government & Organization TSR – by Richard Rydberg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Ravens Bluff Personalities

Charles Oliver O’Kane, Lord Mayor – by Ed Sollers and Harold Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Howard Holiday, Deputy Mayor – by Jean Rabe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Gaius Varros, Lord Marshal – by Lew Wright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Lord Charles Frederik LaVerne Blacktree IV, Lord Speaker of the Advisory Council – by Lew Wright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chancellor – by Errol Farstad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Lady Katharine Marie Moorland, Lord Speaker of the Council of Lords – by Lew Wright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Lord Thomas Raphiel, Lord Regent – by Jeff Martin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Rolf “Sunny” Sunriver, Chief Constable – by Lew Wright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
Russel Roland, Lord MacIntyre (and Company) – by Daniel Kramarsky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Lord Calvin Longbottle, Regent of the Harbor – by Jay Tummelson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
Sirrus Melandor, Chief Prelate – by Lew Wright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Thorm Sureblade, Independent Fighters Guildmaster – by Errol Farstad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Arvin Kothonos, Merchants Guildmaster – by Peter Hague . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Lady Lauren DeVillars – by Ed Sollers and Harold Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
Ambassador Carrague, Building Inspector – by Vince Garcia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
King, The Dog – by Vince Garcia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Chaney, Chief Spy – by Ed Sollers and Harold Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

Businesses and Their Proprietors – by Rollin Ehlenfeldt and Skip Williams

Ways Unknown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
City Watch Barracks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
The Happy Stein . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
The Shod Tallon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
The Sparkling Edge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Pig-In-A-Poke . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39
Ye Who Dares . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40
NarwhalManor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
A Tale Within a Tale – by James Ward . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44
Hounds and the Hare – by Peter Hague . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
Rats! – by Rembert Parker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
Ravens Bluff: A Geopolitical Background – by Richard Rydberg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
Ravens Bluff Encounter Charts – by Richard Rydberg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59
Living City Writers Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
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Compiled by: Jean Rabe Interior Art: Angela Bostick, Timothy Bradstreet, and Rick Lowry
Editors: Skip Williams and Ed Sollers Cartography: Guy McLimore
Editorial Assistance: Debbie Poutsch Typography: Angelika Lokotz
Cover Art: Keith Parkinson Keylining: Paul Hanchette
Ravens Bluff Map: Valerie Valusek Design Concept: Harold Johnson, James Ward, and Jean Rabe

Dedication: To the present and future members of the RPGA Network, whose camaraderie and devotion to the gaming hobby will keep
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Welcome to Ravens Bluff
that buys and sells gems; the Shod Tal- In future products you will see guilds
lon, a tavern that caters to elves and and new personalities, learn about the
half elves; and Ways Unknown, where nearby druidic community, and dis-
you can find a guide who could lead you cover the secrets of the tent town out-
to adventure. We also present the city side the city’s gates.
barracks, filled with officers and fight- There is so much to explore that it
ers (some of who are a bit barbaric), cannot be contained in one product.
and Narwhal Manor, the city’s customs Ravens Bluff is home to the rich, the
warehouse. And in future issues of the poor, and all classes in between. Travel
POLYHEDRON™ Newszine and in other from the warfs, where you might
special Living City products you will chance upon some unsavory characters
find other businesses, characters, and in a run-down tavern, to the merchants’
events that you won’t want to miss. district alive with activity. Visit “Smug-
These buildings and personalities will gler’s Town,” a collection of buildings
fit right into your Living City campaign, isolated on an island in the river, but be
or they can be used with other existing careful of your purse. Journey to the
city campaigns. The adventure in- peaks southeast of the city where
cluded in this product, “Rats!”, also can winged mounts bring important visi-
be used in existing city campaigns. tors to the city. Nearby is a collection of
DMs and players who use the material hill dwellings, cave-like homes occupied
in this and future packs will learn there by an enigmatic and mixed group of
is as much adventure in a city as there is people. And make sure you have time to
in any dungeon or wilderness setting. walk by the waterfall—the one that
And there’s just as much fun, too. sprouts from a fissure in the ground—
Ravens Bluff and the lands around it not from a river. This is a city you can
belong to the ROLE PLAYING GAME explore again and again.
ASSOCIATION™ Network, an interna- This city is like no other presented in
Welcome to Ravens Bluff, The Living tional organization of role playing game fantasy gaming material, because this
City. Just off the coast of The Dragon enthusiasts. The characters, buildings, city is not finite. Through the years
Reach on the Sea of Fallen Stars, the city and adventures in this Gateway Pack more information about this city will
beckons to adventurers, promising to are created by Network members. In become known and new personalities
stir their imaginations. It is a city filled addition, Living City features appear in will be introduced.
with memorable characters, fascinat- each issue of the POLYHEDRON And more is to come. There are plans
ing shops and businesses, political in- Newszine, the official bi-monthly maga- to produce a quarterly Living City
trigue, and, of course, adventure. zine of the Network. If you want to join newsletter, the Ravens Bluff Trumpeter.
Opening the gates to our city you will the Network, fill out the membership This will contain up-to-date informa-
meet Charles Oliver O’Kane, the lord form at the end of this product. The tion on happenings around the city and
mayor who has turned Ravens Bluff RPGA™ Network also sponsors Living information about key personalities. Al-
into a bustling seacoast city; Howard City tournaments at GEN CON® Game though this product and each subse-
Holiday, the deputy mayor who has a Fair, which are open to members only. quent product involving Ravens Bluff
network of spies headed by a some- And the Network only will consider Liv- can stand alone, to get the full benefit of
what civic-minded doppleganger; Lady ing City material submitted by Network all Ravens Bluff, the Living City, mate-
Katharine Moorland, the half elf lord members. Submission guidelines ap- rial you will need the POLYHEDRON
speaker of the Council of Lords who pear at the end of this product. Newszine, the Ravens Bluff Trumpeter,
has a talent for magic; Ambassador Car- The city is a changing environment. and our other special releases, which
rague, the city’s senile building inspec- Events will take place in Ravens Bluff will be announced in the Newszine and
tor; King, a dog that is more than a dog that will alter the political climate, af- the newsletter.
and is considered a hero in the city; and fect the businesses there, and impact Don’t miss out on all the activities and
many more colorful personalities. on the colorful characters presented in excitement. Stroll through the gates of
The city is also filled with many shops this pack and in the POLYHEDRON our city. There’s an adventure inside
to browse through and spend your gold Newszine. These events can provide ad- waiting for you.
pieces in. Stop by Ye Who Dares, where ventures for Living City campaigns and
you will find arms and armor at reason- can inspire DMs to improve and change
able prices; The Sparkling Edge, a shop their own cities. The city will also grow.

City Government & Organization
Non Player Clerical Circle: Sirrus Melandor,
Chief Prelate, High Priest of Tyr
Arvin Kothonos (Merchants’ Guild)
Thorm Sureblade (Independent Fight-
Character Officials ers’ Guild)
Mayor: Charles Oliver O’Kane Subdepartments
Deputy Mayor: Howard Holiday The Regency
Council of Lords: Mayor or Deputy Regent of Guilds
Mayor (when present), otherwise Lady Regent of Treasury Lord Regent
Katharine Marie Moorland (two-year Regent of Harbor
Chief Constable The Lord Regent manages the depart-
term) ments concerned with the city’s eco-
Field General of the Army
nomic life. He has little policy-making
Heads of power; rather, he implements policy as
Departments Other Officials set down by the Council of Lords, of
which he is a member. The Lord
Brasclan (Senior Constable; see Rats!) Regent’s subordinates are carefully
Regency: Lord Thomas Raphiel, Lord
Ambassador Carrague (Advisory chosen and need little supervision from
Courts: Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chan-
Council) the Lord Regent. This leaves the Lord
Lord Russell Roland (Advisory Council) Regent time to handle the city’s foreign
Military: Lord Marshal Gaius Varro policy. The Lord Regent’s goals in this
Guildmasters: The NPC section con- area are to persuade the remaining
A d v i s o r y C o u n c i l : Lord Charles
tains descriptions of some, but not all, independent lords in the Ravens Bluff
Frederik LaVerne Blacktree IV, Lord guildmasters in the city.
Speaker (two-year term) area to accept the authority of the city

government, and to negotiate commer- Regent of the Harbor whole. He also serves as judge in the
cial treaties with the surrounding cities most important court cases.
and realms. The Regent of the Harbor oversees all The current Chancellor is the paladin
Player characters may be asked to harbor operations and sets the harbor Tordon Sureblade. He is fully described
serve as bodyguards for a city ambassa- regulations. Regulations must be ap- in the NPC section.
dor on a diplomatic mission. proved by the Lord Mayor and the
The current Lord Regent is Lord Council of Lords, the city’s policy mak-
ing body. In addition, the Regent of the
The Military
Thomas Raphiel. He is fully described in
the NPC section. Harbor commands the city’s ships in Structure
time of war.
The army of Ravens Bluff is composed of
Regent of the Guilds The Regent commands six subordi-
contingents from the feudal armies of
nate harbor masters. The harbor mas-
The Regent of the Guilds is a govern- the city’s lords. In time of war, the lords
ters are responsible for keeping the
ment watchdog and liaison to the are expected to serve as officers in the
city’s fleet in a state of readiness, oper-
guilds. By law, he has review and veto city’s army, leading their own followers.
ating the lighthouse, patrolling the har-
power over the official policy of all Overall command of the army is vested
bor, collecting tariffs, inspecting and
guilds, and it is his responsibility to en- in a Lord Marshal chosen by the Council
handling cargos, and serving as deputy
sure that each guild lives up to its char- of Lords. The Lord Marshal chooses a
fleet commanders in time of war. Har-
ter obligations. In practice, the Regent Field General of the Army as his deputy.
bor patrol is the most important duty.
is grossly overworked and seldom able Most adventurers will have few encoun-
The patrol is maintained at all times.
to perform his duties in full. Most guilds ters with the Lord Marshal or the Field
Ships are forbidden to enter or leave
evade the Regent’s authority as much as General. Since the army is largely feudal,
the harbor, load or unload cargo or pas-
possible. adventurers (except the unlucky victims
sengers, or conduct any other business
of the occasional press gang) have no
during the hours between dusk and
military obligations to the city.
Regent of the Exchequer dawn. The harbor patrol enforces this
The Lord Marshal is also nominal
regulation strictly, although violations
The Regent of the Exchequer has sev- commander of the city’s police force,
do occur (ships of the Merchants’ Guild
eral major responsibilities. He super- raised from among the city’s citizens;
being the prime offenders).
vises the city’s mint and regulates the the Chief Constable actually handles
With the constantly increasing impor-
amount of precious metal in its coins, this task on a day-to-day basis. There is
tance of commerce in the city’s eco-
suppresses (when possible) counterfeit- never any shortage of work for the
nomic life, player characters could find
ing and coin clipping, collects taxes, li- Chief Constable and his police. Obvi-
profitable employment in fighting pi-
censes banks and moneylenders, and ously, player characters should avoid
rates or smugglers on behalf of the
sees to the safety of the city’s stron- any disputes with them.
grooms and treasury. His department The Lord Marshal Gaius Varro and
The current Regent of the Harbor is
includes an ample number of clerks, the Chief Constable, Rolf “Sunny” Sun-
Lord Calvin Longbottle. He is fully de-
collectors, and guards to enable it to ful- river, are fully described in the NPC
scribed in the NPC section.
fill its responsibilities. section.
The Regent is known as The Vulture,
because of his bald head, hooked nose, The City Courts The Council of Lords
and wizened body. He travels through The city’s court system is based upon
the city in a sedan chair enclosed with The Council of Lords, headed by the
both customary usages and the enact-
purple curtains. A dozen guards accom- ments of the Council of Lords. Prior to Lord Mayor, is the policy making body
pany him. Player characters will almost of Ravens Bluff. The current Lord
the current government, the indepen-
never deal with the Regent directly. Mayor is Charles Oliver O’Kane, who
dent lords of the region each dispensed
Large, ugly guards wearing the Exche- justice in his own way. A new legal sys- won his post in the Champion’s Games.
quer’s symbol, a pair of gold scales, are tem was needed to ensure justice to the The Mayor has announced an ambi-
a common sight in the city. These city’s rising population while at the same tious plan for the future development
guards are always on the lookout for of the city, and the Mayor is already be-
time respecting the feudal rights of the
tax-evading adventurers. ing hailed as the city’s greatest states-
city’s lords. Fortunately, the government
found a Chancellor who had a keen legal
The Lord Mayor and his subordinates
mind as well as unquestionable integrity.
set the agenda for Council meetings,
It is the Chancellor’s duty to revise the
and the Mayor speaks first in both pub-
laws and assemble them into a coherent

lic and private debates. The Lord May-
or casts a tie-breaking vote in Council
The Clerical Circle The Chief Prelate
sessions when necessary. Religion in the Living City is both a pri- The Chief Prelate is the head of the
The Council is composed of the feudal vate and a public matter, In a city of this Clerical Circle for Ravens Bluff. The cir-
lords who agreed to accept the city’s size, a worshipper can find a temple or cle consists of one representative from
authority and received its guarantees of shrine to almost any deity currently each of the city’s civic temples, and its
protection. The Lord Regent, the Chan- worshipped in the Realms, and the gov- tasks are to maintain a harmonious
cellor, the Lord Marshal, the Lord ernment does not interfere with the relationship among the civic temples
Speaker of the Advisory Council, and private beliefs of the city’s residents. and to work together for the common
the Chief Prelate are also members of However, all citizens of the city are good of the city. The Chief Prelate pre-
the Council of Lords. The Council has expected to honor the gods of the civic sides over all meetings of the circle and
the right of unlimited debate on public religion in addition to their other wor- appoints all committees of the circle.
questions. But in practice, the Council ship. Clerics, paladins, and others for- The current Chief Prelate of Ravens
works out all disputes in private ses- mally pledged to a specific deity are Bluff is Sirrus Melandor, High Priest of
sion, and public debate is brief and to exempted from civic worship. Tyr. He is fully described in the NPC
the point; votes are quickly taken. This The civic religion of Ravens Bluff hon- section.
procedure enhances the Mayor’s repu- ors the powers whose influence can
tation as a decisive leader. ensure the safety and prosperity of the The Gods of the
The Council elects a Lord Speaker to city, and it is the representatives of the Civic Religion
lead their meeting when neither the civic religion that form the membership
The civic religion of Ravens Bluff hon-
Mayor or Deputy Mayor are in attend- of the Clerical Circle, headed by the
ors the following deities; they are
ance. The Lord Speaker serves for a Chief Prelate. The civic religion is not
term of two years. The current Lord described fully in the Cyclopedia of the
oriented toward the spiritual needs of
Speaker is Lady Katharine Marie Moor- individuals, but to the needs of the city
land. She is fully described in the NPC as a whole. The rituals and festivals of Chauntea Goddess of Agriculture
section. the civic religion are important public (Neutral Good, Greater Power)
events, providing holidays for the citi-
The Advisory Council zens so that all can participate; these Gond God of Smiths, Artificers, Crafts,
are seasonal events. The civic rituals Construction (Neutral, Lesser Power)
The Advisory Council is composed of are in addition to the more frequent
retired city officials (Lord Regent, the regular rituals, attended by the more Helm God of Guardians (Lawful Neu-
Chancellor, the Lord Marshal, the Chief devout citizens. tral, Lesser Power)
Prelate), nobles who choose to serve on Their official status makes the tem-
the Council, and nobles who have ples of the civic religion the wealthiest Lathander God of Spring, Dawn,
accepted a nomination to the Council and most powerful clerical organiza- Renewal, Beginnings, Creativity (Neu-
from the Lord Mayor. The Advisory tions in the city. The civic religion is tral Good, Greater Power)
Council has no policy making powers; exempted from taxes. Other temples (at
its sole function is to debate public mat- least the ones the government knows Selune Goddess of the Moon, Stars,
ters and make recommendations to the about) must pay seasonal taxes to legal- Navigation (Chaotic Good, Lesser
Council of Lords. Despite its lack of ly operate in the city. The civic religion Power)
power, the Advisory Council has a great is further enriched by lavish gifts from
deal of prestige; those who serve on the those who wish to make a public dis- Tempus God of War (Chaotic Neutral,
Council gain a reputation for wisdom. play of piety. City guilds and wealthy Greater Power)
The Advisors do not always merit this citizens have renovated civic temples
reputation; the Advisory Council is an and sponsored lavish public festivals Tymora Goddess of Good Fortune,
ideal place for the Lord Mayor to dump many times. Wealth and political con- Victory (Chaotic Good, Lesser Power)
a noble who would be a nuisance in the nections have given the civic religion
Council of Lords. and the Clerical Circle a conservative, Tyr God of Justice (Lawful Good,
The greatest nuisance of all is the cur- sometimes complacent outlook. How- Greater Power)
rent Lord Speaker of the Advisory ever, they work diligently to stave off
Council, Lord Charles Frederick any threat to the city; their high profile Waukeen Goddess of Trade, Money
LaVerne Blacktree IV. This foppish twit demands it. (Neutral, Lesser Power)
is fully described in the NPC section.

Other Worship
Most other powers are frequently and
openly worshipped in Ravens Bluff,
especially those concerned with poetry,
knowledge, magic, and nature, as well
as divine patrons of druids, rangers,
and paladins. Veneration of the unsa-
vory deities (the patrons of murder,
strife, disease, treachery, stealth, and
thievery) must be carried out in strict
secrecy by worshippers who wish to
avoid unofficial persecution.

Guilds in
Ravens Bluff
Guilds in Ravens Bluff are of three
Craft Guilds, concerned with a single
industry (such as the Builder’s Guild or
the Armorer’s Guild), the Merchant’s
Guild, concerned with the exports and
imports of goods and raw materials,
and Professional Guilds, which provide
services rather than goods. The
Thieves’ Guilds and the Thugs’ Guild
are criminal organizations, not guilds in
the true sense. to control his guild and to maintain Naturally, the Thieves’ Guilds do not
Guilds train apprentices in their good relations with the city govern- bother with legal requirements. These
trades, establish quality standards for ment. Guilds have great political influ- criminal organizations survive despite
products, set selling prices, market the ence in the city because of their wealth. all attempts to eliminate them. Indeed,
products of their craftsmen, discour- Thus, the people elected as guildmas- they assist the legal guilds in the more
age all non-guild competition, and try to ters are some of the wiliest people in ruthless forms of competition by han-
protect their members and privileges the city. dling most of the dirty jobs. However, a
from harassment by the government or The Council of Lords has the power criminal guild will usually avoid any dis-
anyone else. Guilds are self-policing; to approve or revoke the city autho- pute that would place its own members
any member who acts against the rized charter that each guild must on opposite sides of a large-scale con-
guild’s best interests risks severe pun- obtain to legally operate. The charter flict; minor intervention is allowed.
ishment. When criminal guilds are specifies the internal organization of Obtaining the early support of a crimi-
involved, this punishment can include the guild, the authority of the guildmas- nal guild yields a crucial advantage in
broken bones or fatalities. Guilds usu- ter, taxes and obligations owed to the commercial competition, thus the crim-
ally maintain a small force of merce- city government, and guild privileges inal guilds’ services are always in
naries for protection or intimidation. granted by the government (including demand.
Internal organization differs from exclusive licenses or monopolies, if The guilds and guildmasters of Rav-
guild to guild, but each is usually head- any). These charters normally run for ens Bluff are too numerous to list in full,
ed by a guildmaster who acts as official 10-20 years and only can be revoked but the NPC section describes two
spokesman in court and before the upon expiration, except in extreme and guildmasters: Arvin Kothonos of the
Council of Lords. The guildmaster extraordinary circumstances; this Merchant’s Guild and Thorm Sureblade
often sets guild policy as well. A guild- requires an investigation and recom- of the Independent Fighters’ Guild.
master is usually elected annually by mendation for revocation by the
the senior guild membership; a guild- Regent of the Guilds, followed by a
master needs to be a shrewd politician majority vote of the Council of Lords.

Charles Oliver O’Kane, Lord Mayor
15th Level
Human Male Fighter

STR: 18/38
INT: 14
WIS: 15
DEX: 12
CON: 17
CHA: 15
COM: 12
AC Normal: -2 (plate mail + shield)/10
AC Rear: 0 (plate mail + shield)/10 (un-
Hit Points: 100
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Weapon Proficiencies: Broad
Sword (specialization), Dagger, Spear,
Battle Axe, Short Sword, Mace, Light
Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarv-
Special Abilities: Weapon specializa-
tion (broad sword)

Physical Appearance
The Lord Mayor is 48 years old, stands Officially, the Lord Mayor’s job is to
5'11" tall, and weighs 240 pounds. His preside over the Council of Lords (the Personality and Motivation
ruddy face is framed by curly brown city’s legislative body), manage the civic The city government is new, and much
hair and a full beard. The Lord Mayor is bureaucracy, formulate policy and more remains to be done. The Mayor is
a burly man whose great strength is evi- budgets, draft regulations for the city, keenly aware that his government is
dent in his massive chest and arms, al- mediate disputes among the city’s fac- the first strong one in Ravens Bluff, and
though middle age and a love of ale tions, conduct diplomacy between the he fights hard to preserve it. In this re-
have taken their toll on his waistline. city-state and other realms, and lead gard, the Lord Mayor is tireless. Both in
The Mayor’s clothes are of the finest the city’s military and naval forces in council and on the battlefield, the Lord
quality, but are usually of somber col- battle. In the days when the city gov- Mayor is smart and tenacious, seeking
ors. The only obvious signs of his ernment was weak and its resources out hidden weaknesses in his oppo-
wealth and influence are his chain of of- limited, the Mayor had to personally nents. He takes every advantage that is
fice, his sword, and his ring, all deco- handle most of these duties. After cre- consistent with his sense of honor,
rated with gold and sapphires. The ating an effective bureaucracy, the which can be flexible if necessary.
Lord Mayor never wears armor within Mayor was able to delegate many of These traits make him an ideal media-
the city, but always wears a sword in these responsibilities to others, leaving tor between the city’s contending fac-
public as befits his station. himself free to devote more time to tions (city nobles, independent nobles,
rooting out corruption in the system. guilds, workers, the military, et al.),
Position and Duties The Mayor also spends a great deal of which might tear the city apart in the
time as the city’s ombudsman. This per- absence of such a mediator.
Charles Oliver O’Kane has been Lord sonal attention to the problems of the
Mayor of Ravens Bluff for 14 years. Un- city’s people have made the Mayor and
der his leadership, Ravens Bluff has his government very popular among
been transformed from a precarious the citizens. Those who benefit from
settlement threatened by pirates and corruption or weak government are
bandits to a prosperous city with a considerably less happy with the May-
bright future. or’s government.

In handling most problems, the Lord Magic Items His first task was to repel the threat
Mayor seeks to reach a compromise. He posed by pirates and by raiders from
takes an active role in all aspects of gov- Broad Sword +3, +6 (Frost Brand) the mountains near the city. He had to
ernment, often personally investigating Periapt of Proof Against Poison + 3 forge alliances with the local nobles and
problems within the city. He keeps him- Plate Mail +2 (seldom worn) lead their forces into battle. He fought
self informed through an extensive net- Ring of Spell Turning so many battles that he practically lived
work of spies and agents; this network Shield +2 in armor in those days, but a string of
is managed by the Deputy Mayor, Ho- victories won him a respite that en-
ward Holiday. History abled him to deal with the city’s other
Nothing definite is known of Charles Ol- needs.
Manner and Style iver O’Kane’s life before his arrival in He first organized an effective local
government to relieve himself of part of
His importance to the city’s survival rein- Ravens Bluff, although various heroic
legends circulate among the citizens. his responsibilities, then set about pro-
forces the Lord Mayor’s considerable
moting trade and economic develop-
ego. The Mayor’s record includes more Clearly, he had been a successful adven-
turer for many years before he came to ment. The economy was soon booming,
than a decade of solid achievement, and
but corruption arose both in govern-
he is justifiably proud of it. The Mayor’s participate in the Champion’s Games.
The games were intended to choose a ment and in the private sector as a re-
anger can be awesome when he believes
champion who would become Lord sult of rapid growth. The Mayor still
that his opponents are acting from cor-
Mayor and assume the task of protect- struggles with this problem.
rupt or unreasonably stubborn motives,
ing the city from the pirates and bandits So far, the Mayor’s plan for the city’s
although he usually controls his choleric development has been a success, and he
temper. Sloppiness and incompetence who were ravaging it. Charles was one
of the first to arrive, and rumors persist believes that the city will remain secure
among his subordinates also provokes a
that he made deals with some of the city after he retires, although that day is far
volcanic response.
in the future.
The Mayor is keenly aware that the guilds, for the other contestants found
strength of the city’s government rests it difficult to care for their horses and
on the confidence of its citizens. He de- equipment after the long journey to the
liberately cultivates a jovial, approacha- city. By the time of the contest, grind-
ble style. As a result, most citizens feel stones and horseshoes were unavail-
that the Mayor personally represents able at any price; the blacksmiths and
them. When he has time to relax, he can armorers were absent or overwhelmed
be found in public places listening to the by prior obligations. Whatever the
complaints of the common people; his fa- truth, Charles swept the field and was
vorite places to do this are the city’s inns proclaimed Lord Mayor and Champion
and taverns, where he gains weight as of Ravens Bluff.
well as knowledge.

Howard Holiday, Deputy Mayor
Human Male Fighter/ Howard manages the city bureauc- Manner and Style
Magic-User/Illusionist racy, receiving regular reports from
Howard always has been well-respected
(6/7/2) the Lord Regent, the Chancellor, the
by most of the citizenry. He is a very
Lord Marshal, the Chief Prelate, and
the Lord Speakers of the Council of friendly person, outgoing and charis-
STR: 15 matic. His cheerful disposition has
INT: 17 Lords and the Advisory Council on mat-
ters within their responsibilities. Ho- helped give the city’s government a good
WIS: 17 image. Howard is generous to a fault and
DEX: 16 ward’s analysis of these voluminous
reports aid the Lord Mayor in planning anxious to help the town residents.
CON: 15 Howard is one of the most desireable
CHA: 18 the city’s future progress.
In the absence of the Lord Mayor, Ho- bachelors around. To the extent that his
COM: 17 heavy workload allows, he will accept
AC Normal: 1 ward entertains foreign kings and
princes when they come to the city on dinner invitations from women he
AC Rear: 3 knows. Howard is by no means a ladies’
Hit Points: 46 state visits. Howard often travels to
other realms as the city’s representative. man, however. Marriage is not in Ho-
Alignment: Chaotic Good ward’s near future—as he sees it. He is
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Sword, Howard has yet another responsibil-
ity that almost no one in the city knows too busy to become involved in a seri-
Two-Handed Sword, Longbow, Dagger, ous relationship. A woman would re-
Footman’s Flail about. Howard manages an extensive
quire valuable time that Howard just
Languages: Common, Elvish network of spies and informers who
keep him informed of political corrup- cannot afford.
Spells (magic-user): 4/3/2/1
Spells (illusionist): 2 (1st Level) tion, organized crime, and other illict
activities within the city. The informa- Spell Books
Special Abilities: Human double-
class character; illusionist ability re- tion provided is often late or inaccu- Magic-User
quires hat of difference rate, but Howard works constantly to
First Level detect magic
increase the efficiency of his agents.
Howard usually works through trusted
Physical Appearance lieutenants (especially his chief spy, magic missile
Howard is 38 years old, stands 5’11” Chaney); they choose the informers.
tall, and weighs 165 pounds. He is one However, for a particularly dangerous
read magic
of the most handsome politicians in job, Howard will personally choose the
spider climb
Ravens Bluff. His vigorous, muscular agents (PCs are ideal in such a role). Ho-
physique and stylish clothes reinforce ward’s covert activity is designed to be Second Level detect invisibility
this impression. Howard cherishes his untraceable to the Lord Mayor, so if any mirror image
fancy broad-brimmed (magical) hat, operation becomes a spectacular fiasco, strength
decorated with a hippogriff plume; he it all will be blamed on Howard. web
is seldom seen without the hat. Third Level dispel magic
Personality and Motivation hold person
Position and Duties Howard’s job is that of a policy-maker, slow
and he should take a broad view of city Fourth Level Rary’s mnemonic
Howard is the deputy mayor of the city
affairs. Unfortunately, Howard is ob- enhancer
and also one of the Lord Mayor’s chief
sessed by details, and he is continually confusion
advisors. He sets the agenda for meet-
interfering in the work of others. He be-
ings of the Council of Lords and also Illusionist
lieves that nothing can be done prop-
plans the Lord Mayor’s appointments
erly without his assistance. The main First Level color spray
and daily schedule. Thus, anyone who
problem with this is that he makes any wall of fog
wants to do direct business with the problem or dispute more complicated,
highest level of city government must read illusionist magic
without necessarily improving the situ- detect illusion
make arrangements through Howard.
ation. In other words, he frequently change self
Howard’s integrity prevents him from
fixes what is not broken.
taking corrupt advantage of this impor- As a result, Howard rarely gets any-
tant post; Howard expedites urgent Magic Items
thing done on time. He is often weeks
business while keeping crackpots and Bag of Holding (capacity 250 lbs.)
behind schedule on projects the Lord
fools at a safe distance. Bracers of Defense (AC 3)
Mayor assigns him.

Hat of Difference (used to obtain illu- only on a temporary basis. So he stocked was given a job as a guard. During the
sionist abilities) shelves, ordered goods, and waited on next few years he befriended several of
Long Sword +1 (Flame Tongue) customers until one steady customer, an the mages. Howard found he was more
Robe of Useful Items (2 daggers, lan- old wizard, asked him to accompany a suited to magic than fighting. He began
tern, 2 10' poles, 2 50’ ropes, large sack, few mages on a short trip out of town. to adventure again, and by age 32 had
bag of 100 gp, iron door, 24’ wooden Howard had been telling the wizard of attained sixth level as a magic-user and
ladder, mule & saddle bags) his many adventures as a fighter, and he was held in esteem by other mages in
couldn’t refuse the wizard’s offer for the guild.
History fear he would be branded a coward. Howard’s diligence brought him to
The short trip out of town turned into the attention of Ambassador Carrague,
Howard came to Ravens Bluff about 10 a two-month journey to a partly- an ancient wizard who was also a mem-
years ago to retire from the adventurer’s demolished castle and a tough battle ber of the Advisory Council of Ravens
life. He sought work in a less dangerous against several trolls. Bluff. Carrague suggested to the Lord
job. Howard was a constable for a brief When the group returned to Ravens Mayor that Howard would be a useful,
time, but kept trying to find something Bluff Howard was out of a job. His hard-working assistant. The Mayor
more rewarding. The search was long employer had not taken kindly to gave him a chance, and Howard exceed-
and dismal; Howard began moving from Howard’s extended leave of absence. ed all expectations, eventually becom-
job to job in the merchants’ quarter. The Howard went to his wizard friend, ing Deputy Mayor.
merchants, it seemed, needed a guard complaining about his situation, and

Gaius Varro, Lord Marshal

12th Level Position and Duties To the common troops, the Lord Mar-
Human Male Fighter shal is a notorious disciplinarian and
The Lord Marshal has overall command martinet, the terror of all careless or
of the city’s military and police forces,
STR: 12 slovenly soldiers.
and commands the city’s army in war.
INT: 13 In peace, his duties include training the
WIS: 13 troops, building or maintaining fortifi- Magic Items
DEX: 10 cations, inspecting equipment and facil- Ring of Protection + 3
CON: 14 ities, and reviewing court-martial Horn of Valhalla (Bronze)
CHA: 14 proceedings. 3 Javelins of Piercing
COM: 15
AC Normal: 7 Personality and Motivation History
AC Rear: 7
Hit Points: 49 The Lord Marshal’s loyalty and dedica- Lord Gaius Varro has been a profession-
Alignment: Lawful Good tion to the city are unquestionable. al soldier for nearly half a century. He
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Sword, However, age and poor health have lim- fought few battles, but won those he
Battle Axe, Morning Star, Dagger, Jave- ited his effectiveness. As a result, he fought—often by slim margins. Varro
lin, Horseman’s Mace, Horseman’s Flail favors a cautious, conservative was expelled from Scardale, his home-
Languages: Common approach in all public matters, includ- land, by Lord Aumersair of Scardale,
ing military affairs. but Varro was quickly hired by the Liv-
ing City. The Lord Mayor hired Varro
Physical Appearance Manner and Style because of the latter’s reputation, but
Lord Marshal Gaius Varro is 74 years the truth is that the Lord Marshal has
In meetings, the Lord Marshal usually not led an army in 15 years. In that
old, stands 6’4” tall, and weighs 310
speaks in a lucid, concise manner, time, all of Varro’s victories have been
pounds. He’s the most recognizable
always advocating a defensive strategy. won at the banquet table, and his dead-
man in the city, given his impressive
However, if challenged, he becomes liest enemies have been indigestion and
size, ornate uniform, and flowing white
indignant, burying his critics in a mass gout.
hair. In public, he always wears a uni-
of detail to prove his case. The Lord
form covered in decorations and gold
Marshal does not hold grudges in such
braid; he carries a gilded mace, the
disputes, throwing a huge banquet lat-
symbol of his office.
er to make amends.

Lord Charles Frederik LaVerne Blacktree IV
2nd Level
Human Male Fighter
STR: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 8
DEX: 15
CON: 12
CHA: 9
COM: 16
AC Normal: 6 (studded leather)/9 (no
AC Rear: 7 (studded leather)/10 (no ar-
Hit Points: 17
Alignment: Neutral Good
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Sword,
Dagger, Longbow, Javelin
Languages: Common
Lord Charles was elected Lord Magic Items
Physical Appearance Speaker of the Advisory Council as a
Dagger + 1
mark of respect for his late father, be-
Lord Charles is 21 years old. He weighs Dagger +2
fore the Council realized what a fool
160 pounds, and stands 5’11”—a tall, Gauntlets of Climbing and Swimming
Charles is. His term as Lord Speaker
gangly, young man. When he is in court, lasts for two years, and the Council is
he dresses in fine custom-tailored silks
counting the days until his term ends.
with supple leather boots, a velvet bro- Charles was born into a long-established
cade cape, and a rakish velvet hat with a Personality and Motivation noble family, the second son of Lord
roc’s feather stuck in it. He also carries a David Meercant Oster Blacktree IV and
Lord Charles enjoys his position and
jeweled dagger on his belt. his wife, Melanie. His older brother,
wealth, and doesn’t mind flaunting
When hunting or traveling in the David V, received the attention and
them. He is vain, lazy, foolish, and irre-
countryside, he wears a custom-made grooming to position accorded the old-
sponsible, and believes that the other
suit of green studded leather armor. At est son. Charles was spoiled, and gener-
nobles are too stuffy.
these times, he arms himself with a long ally ignored. He inherited the title when
sword, two magical daggers, a long- Manner and Style his father, mother, and brother drowned
bow, and two javelins. He keeps his in a shipwreck.
bow, a quiver of silver-headed arrows, Charles is a boisterous, but naive young Charles is completely unprepared to
and the javelins in special scabbards at- man who has come into his inheritance deal with the vast responsibilities of a
tached to his saddle. He occasionally prematurely. He is always bragging landed lord, and leaves the manage-
wears his magical gauntlets (he doesn’t about his exploits as a hunter, woman- ment of the estate to his major domo,
actually use them—he just admires izer, and well-connected politician. In Hans Silverspeak, who served his fa-
their finely-crafted appearance). fact, there is little to support his claims. ther for more than 20 years. Hans pro-
If challenged on his exaggerations, he vides Charles with enough money to
Position and Duties will at first become hostile, and then he maintain a comfortable house in the
will bluster and threaten the offender. If city; with Charles out of the way, Hans
Lord Charles is currently Lord Speaker
the challenger stands up to him, Charles can go about the business of properly
of the Advisory Council, a body with
backs down, finding some excuse to managing the estate, which encom-
plenty of prestige, but no real power.
avoid unpleasantness, while trying to passes more than 2,000 acres and sup-
Most other members are elderly retired
save face any way he can. Socially, he ports vegetable and grain farming as
statesmen seeking comfortable sine- constantly hosts parties on his estate for
cures. When Lord Charles deals with well as meat and dairy cattle. Part of the
his young friends, and has acquired a estate, roughly 800 acres, is prime for-
important matters, the Council ensures
reputation as a playboy. The Advisory est land.
that a more experienced advisor is as-
Council tolerates Charles out of respect
signed as his assistant—the “assistant”
for his father, but their patience is grow-
handles the real work.
ing thin.

Tordon Sureblade, Lord Chancellor
occasion he displays a dry, witty humor.
Though deeply religious and dedicated
to Torm, Tordon has learned to tolerate
differing non-evil faiths. He lives simply
and donates 40 percent of his income to
help the poor.
His official duties leave him little time
to fight evil in battle, but on campaign
he is fearless and well-known for mak-
ing quick decisions in the field.
Tordon dearly loves his brother
Thorm, and recommended Thorm as a
guildmaster for one of the fighters’
guilds, hoping to keep Thorm occupied
and out of trouble. However, Thorm’s
wild and carefree nature leads him into
brawls far too often. Tordon under-
stands Thorm’s need to relieve ten-
9th Level Human Male Position and Duties sions. He just wishes Thorm would find
Paladin a less damaging means to do so.
As Chancellor of Ravens Bluff, Tordon
is the head of the city’s legal system. His
STR: 17 History
responsibilities are threefold: to man-
INT: 12 age the operations of lower courts and Tordon and Thorm share the same
WIS: 15 judges, to preside as judge of the city’s father, but Tordon’s mother was a
DEX: 15 highest court, and to supervise the codi- human woman named Eleanora. Tor-
CON: 16 fication of the city’s customary laws don grew up in Ravens Bluff and saw
CHA: 18 (thus ensuring more consistent justice). much of the lawlessness and stagnation
COM: 16 Tordon’s decisions and official acts that is part of any large city. Tordon
AC Normal: 0 always wanted to be a part of the politi-
must be submitted to the Mayor and
AC Rear: 3 cal structure of the city, but realized he
the Council of Lords for final approval,
Hit Points: 67 but so far this always has been granted. must be educated first. He spent most
Alignment: Lawful Good As chancellor of Ravens Bluff, Tordon is of his early years in libraries, reading
Weapon Proficiencies: Lance, Long also a member of the Council of Lords. all he could about history, legends, poli-
Sword, Dagger, Horseman’s Mace, Bas- tics, and religion, while at the same time
tard Sword, Horseman’s Military Pick, Personality and Motivation learning the skills of a warrior.
Broad Sword A few years ago Tordon was appointed
Special Abilities: Standard paladin Tordon’s goal is to promote justice chancellor in Ravens Bluff. He consid-
abilities through the creation of a comprehen- ered this a dream come true and spends
Languages: Common sive system of laws. An unfortunate most of his time working to improve city
Spells/Day: 1 First Level Clerical Spell aspect of his task is the great amount of laws. However, he has not abandoned
time it requires. As the best legal mind in the service of Torm. He regularly aids
Physical Appearance the city, Tordon must handle most legal the temple and sometimes helps train
paperwork himself, aided only by a few young paladins of the temple.
Tordon Sureblade is a short, muscular clerks. This leaves him with little time
man of 40. He stands 5’5” tall and for adventuring. Tordon sometimes
weighs 175 pounds. He pays particular Magic Items
worries that his official job is making
attention to his appearance, taking care him stale as a fighter against evil. Chain mail +2
to dress neatly and conservatively at all Shield +1
times. Tordon favors somber colors, Manner and Style Long Sword +3 “Finder” (INT 12, EGO
especially gray and brown. 4, Alignment LG, Semi-empathy,
Tordon is a taciturn, solemn individual Detects Secret Doors in 5’ radius)
dedicated to his responsibilities. He Ring of Feather Falling
rarely shows his feelings, and he Bag of Holding (250 lb. capacity)
despises aimless small talk. However, on

Lady Katharine Marie Moorland
Female Half-Elf Position and Duties Spell Books
Fighter/Magic-User (1/1) First Level read magic
Katharine is currently the Lord Speak-
er of the Council of Lords; her term sleep
STR: 11
lasts two years. At present, Katharine is charm person
INT: 17
the only woman with a seat on the unseen servant
WIS: 15
DEX: 13 Council. Because of her high intelli-
CON: 13 gence and wisdom, she is frequently Magic Items
CHA: 15 consulted on a wide range of topics.
Ring of Protection + 2
COM: 18 Katharine is usually responsible for
Dagger +1
AC Normal: 8 scheduling the city’s festivals and spe-
Sheet of Smallness
AC Rear: 8 cial events.
Hit Points: 6 History
Alignment: Neutral Good Personality and Motivation
Weapon Proficiencies (Fighter): Katharine is the daughter of Lord Phi-
Katharine likes the prestige her title
Longbow, Long Sword, Spear, Dagger neas Augustus Moorland, known to his
carries and is flattered that many of the
Weapon Proficiencies (Magic- peers as Lord Finn, and his elvish wife,
women in town try to copy her mode of
User): Staff Arlayna. She is the third of five chil-
dress. However, she believes she does
Special Abilities: 30% MR vs. charm, dren, with two older and two younger
not have as much authority as the male
sleep, 60’ infravision, secret door loca- brothers. She grew up in competition
lords. She is working to change this sit-
tion with them, and learned to ride and
uation. Katharine is rather smitten with
Languages: Common, Elvish, Gnom- shoot an an early age. Her father
Lord Russell Roland, who impressed
ish, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, encouraged her to become self-reliant.
her with his boldness and maturity.
Gnoll Her mother did not object to this, but
However, she does not openly display
Spells/Day: 1 First Level insisted that she also receive training in
her feelings, due to the difference in
the duties of a woman of nobility,
their ages.
Physical Appearance including, to Katharine’s aggravation,
such mundane things as cooking, sew-
Lady Katharine is 34 years old, stands Manner and Style ing, and tending to the ill, and in various
5’4” tall, and weighs 105 pounds. She is
Katharine is a friendly, adventurous forms of social etiquette and court
a strikingly beautiful young woman,
young woman, an excellent rider, and a behavior. Her mother also was well-
with green eyes and red hair, unusual
skilled archer. She likes to dabble in the schooled, and interested in magic and
among half-elves. Katharine has a slen-
arcane arts, and often spends hours in metaphysics. She passed this interest
der build, toughened by an active life.
the adventurers’ district, listening to on to Katharine.
When in town, she usually wears a
tales of exotic lands, mystical powers, As is customary, Katharine received
simple long dress of fine linen, caught
and mythical creatures. the title of Lady on her thirtieth birth-
at the waist with a belt of leather and
Katharine is aware of men’s interest day (still quite young for a half-elf), as
wrought gold on which she carries a
in her, but does not consider any of her well as the income from a small holding
magical dagger with a jeweled pommel.
current suitors seriously. Gently, but of land; with this money, she maintains
She also wears a lambskin cloak,
firmly, she turns them down. If need a house in Ravens Bluff. She will only
clasped at the throat with a silver
be, she can be forceful, even angry with come into her full inheritance, though,
brooch decorated with her family coat
those who are too persistent. She when her father dies or she marries,
of arms. She wears her long red hair
knows that she is expected to marry whichever comes first.
within the next few years, but for now Katharine became a member of the
When out of town or on her parents’
she is interested in enjoying the world. Council of Lords when her father
estate, she wears high soft boots and
Katharine is well-known and well- retired from the post because of ill
buckskin breeches, a linen shirt, a
liked by most of the townspeople, and is health (he is now 63), and her two older
heavy plaincloth traveling cloak and a
more accepted by them than most oth- brothers were not able to accept the
leather hat into which she tucks her
er nobility. position—they were adventuring in
hair to keep it out of the way. Her half-
another country. Some Ravens Bluff
elf heritage makes her look younger
residents believe her father deliber-
than she actually is (she appears to be
ately retired at a time when his daugh-
about 18 years old by human stand-
ter was the only relative that could take
his position.

Lord Thomas Raphiel, Lord Regent
5th Level
Human Male Fighter

STR: 10
INT: 18
WIS: 14
DEX: 10
CON: 11
CHA: 18
COM: 15
AC Normal: 6
AC Rear: 6
Hit Points: 31
Alignment: Lawful Good
Weapon Proficiencies: Battle Axe,
Footman’s Flail, Lance, Bastard Sword,
Long Sword.
Languages: Common

Physical Appearance
Mayor. Eventually, he would like to
Lord Thomas Raphiel is 6’2” tall, have a more important position in Rav-
weighs 195 lbs., and is 67 years old. ens Bluff. Lord Thomas comes from an old family
Time has done little to weather his with deep traditions. He claims his
handsome features, and Lord Thomas Manner and Style ancestors once governed the wild lands
looks younger than his true age. He Ravens Bluff now occupies. He is the
wears fine clothes and always has a Lord Thomas is a perfect statesman. He head of the Raphiel clan in Ravens Bluff.
long sword at his side. is a noble fellow whose manner is It includes immediate family and many
always charming and persuasive. uncles, aunts, and cousins. He lives with
Position and Duties Thomas is calm and soothing, but he his wife, Silva. His two sons, Evro and
can be forceful and domineering when Eron left home long ago.
Lord Thomas manages the depart- the need arises. He is very tradition- Thomas was educated for a life of
ments concerned with the city’s eco- bound. He believes in a chivalrous code nobility and service. He studied history,
nomic life. He has little policy-making of ethics, passed down to him from his literature, warfare, and the social gra-
power; rather, he implements policy as ancestors. He is resistant to change, and ces. He was trained as a fighter, and he
set down by the Council of Lords (of he feels that old customs should be has fought in many campaigns. How-
which he is a member). Lord Thomas’ observed and maintained. ever, he never took up a career as an
subordinates need little supervision, Thomas’ one weakness is the pride he adventurer.
and this gives the Lord Regent time to holds for his family name. He will not As age began to dull his fighting
handle the foreign policy of the city. allow anyone to demean the honor of prowess, Thomas realized he could
The Lord Regent’s goals in this area are his family name. He may give way to serve Ravens Bluff in other ways. He
to persuade the remaining independent fury if someone is foolish enough to accepted the position of Lord Regent
lords in the Ravens Bluff area to accept question his family’s honor. when the office was left vacant after
the authority of the city government, the death of his uncle, Sir Dillard.
and to negotiate commercial treaties Magic Items Thomas has been Lord Regent for 12
with the surrounding cities and realms. years. He has done an excellent job,
Due to his age, Lord Thomas seldom Bracers of Defense (AC 6) mostly due to his remarkable intelli-
does any fighting these days. Ring of Truth gence and charisma.
Quarterstaff + 2
Personality and Motivation Long Sword + 1 (NSA)
Lance +3
Lord Thomas enjoys working with for-
eign dignitaries, as he feels it increases
his importance to the city and the Lord

Rolf “Sunny” Sunriver, Chief Constable
9th Level Half-Elf Male him, each responsible for a city district
Fighter and the officers who patrol it.
STR: 17 Personality and Motivation
INT: 12 Rolf constantly hones his fighting skills
WIS: 11 and makes sure his force is in good
DEX: 16 order. He frequently schedules exer-
CON: 16 cises and fighting practice. His goal is to
CHA: 14 build his force into a well-drilled unit
COM: 15 familiar with city laws.
AC Normal: 2
AC Rear: 4 Manner and Style
Hit Points: 60 Rolf’s nickname, “Sunny,” is satirical. Al-
Alignment: Lawful Good though he has a sense of humor, it is
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Sword, either dry or bawdy depending on his
Longbow, Morning Star, Whip, Dagger, mood. He is usually impassive, but very
Spear observant of his environment. He is
Special Abilities: 30% MR vs. charm, noted for his attention to detail. He can
sleep, 60’ infravision, detect secret and make snap decisions when required. He to leave and seek his fortune elsewhere.
concealed doors has earned a reputation among his men He became a mercenary for a mer-
Languages: Common, Elvish, Gnom- as a just leader, and among the general chant caravan. He spent the next three
ish, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, populace as an impartial enforcer of the decades traveling the world as a merce-
Gnoll law. nary, sometimes as a footsoldier and
Rolf is absolutely dedicated to his sometimes as a cavalry officer. He had
Physical Appearance post. He cannot be bribed, although he been through Ravens Bluff several
Rolf is 5’9” tall, weighs 180 pounds, and is aware that some of his subordinates times, and had made a number of
is 80 years old. Rolf is a compact, mus- may be tempted from time to time. If he friends there before he finally decided
cular man who looks mostly human. becomes aware of corruption within to settle down for a while. He applied
Only the slight point to the ears and his his force, Rolf first tries to stop it for, and received an appointment to,
unusually bright green eyes give hint of through a direct warning to the man the position of sergeant of the guard.
his elven parentage. He is tanned from involved. If that fails, he will have the During the next fifteen years he
spending most of his life outdoors. He man stand trial. Rolf dislikes advanced in rank and duties, doing reg-
wears elven chain mail and does not use paperwork; he often can be seen mak- ular duty as officer of the watch and
a shield. ing the rounds, wandering the streets earning the rank of senior constable.
Although proficient in bow and with one or two of his senior constables His dedication to the job was apparent
sword, he seldom carries either, relying to make spot checks on the job his men to all. Over the years he ran afoul of the
instead on a morning star, a whip, and are doing. thieves’ guild on a number of occasions,
two daggers; all of these are magical. especially when he began cleaning up
Magic Items the warehouse district and cut into the
His badge of office is predominantly dis-
played on his surcoat and on the back Ring of Protection + 1 profits of the smuggling trade. How-
of his hooded cape. Morning Star +1 ever, he came out the victor, and the
Dagger + 1 thieves’ guild now tries to conduct its
Position and Duties Dagger +3 business out of his way.
Boots of Elvenkind Five years ago, the chief constable
Rolf is chief of the constabulary, the city announced his retirement and recom-
police force. He is responsible for History mended Rolf as his successor. The
enforcing the city’s laws and is charged Rolf is the son of a human mercenary thieves’ guild shuddered at the thought
with turning all law breakers over to the soldier and an elvish woman. He was of this hard-nosed, officious half-elf
magistrates. Rolf's immediate superior is raised among elves until age 30. He running the city guard force. The guild
the Lord Marshal, the city’s highest- received his initial training in bow, attempted to bribe several of the lords
ranking military officer, but in practice sword, and dagger while with the elves. to block Rolf’s appointment. Rolf
the Marshal allows Rolf to report Although he was an accomplished learned of the bribery and exposed it,
directly to the Lord Mayor. Rolf has six hunter and soldier, he felt uncomforta- which politically cinched his getting the
senior constables directly subordinate to ble, a “half breed,” and was determined post.

Russell Roland, Lord MacIntyre
+ 3 to any saving throw roll against the
effect, in addition to any bonuses for
race, class, or other magical items. The
circlet does not protect against divine
abilities or against effects for which no
saving throw is allowed. Russell knows
that the coronet is magical, but does not
know the precise effect (that secret
would have been revealed by his father
on Russell’s 14th birthday).

Lord Russell’s great-grandfather, the
wizard Maldridge MacIntyre, founded
the Maclntyre estate. Having per-
formed numerous services for the feu-
dal lords of the region, this wizard was
granted a large plot of land, which he
1st Level Male Human Personality and Motivation set up as an inheritance for his chil-
Ranger dren; Maldridge built a mansion,
Russell loves to hunt, and is an avid MacIntyre Manor, within Ravens Bluff
STR: 18/00 sportsman. He especially enjoys hunting to be his residence. All succeeding gen-
INT: 15 down and killing various monsters erations of the family have lived there.
WIS: 16 which encroach on civilization, and has Maldrige’s daughter was Russell’s
DEX: 13 been fairly successful at it. He would like grandmother. She married Sean Roland
CON: 17 to join a group of adventurers on such and her title and inheritance passed to
CHA: 16 an expedition, if the trip does not take him.
COM: 14 him too far from MacIntyre lands, and if Russell’s father was the next lord. He
AC Normal: 10 (no armor)/5 (chain the others will accept his leadership. had a reputation for hosting extrava-
mail) gant parties and festivals, but had little
AC Rear: 10 (no armor)/5 (chain mail) Manner and Style political acumen. Four years ago Rus-
Hit Points: 17 Circumstances have forced Lord Rus- sell’s father died suddenly, leaving Rus-
Alignment: Neutral Good sell to become a self-reliant young man. sell and his sister Bevis as the only heirs.
W e a p o n P r o f i c i e n c i e s : Bastard While in combat or while hunting, Rus- Russell was only 13, and his father’s
Sword, Dagger, Longbow sell depends on his own strength and will established a council of guardians to
Special Abilities: Normal ranger abil- skill rather than on magic. In any tour- manage affairs. The members of the
ities nament or duel of honor, he insists that council (like most of his fathers’ advi-
Languages: Common no magic be used. Despite his responsi- sors) were corrupt toadies. However,
bilities, Russell still has a sense of within a year Russell obtained solid evi-
Physical Appearance humor. He has been through a lot, and dence of their venality and overthrew
Lord Russell is 17 years old, weighs 175 there is very little of the 17-year-old kid the council. MacIntyre Manor is no long-
pounds, and stands 5’8” tall. Even still in him. Too many people underesti- er a haunt of fops and dandies; powerful
though Russell is a teenager, he is mate him because of his age. people in the city hierarchy often can be
almost impossibly strong, and looks it. found at the dining room table enjoying
New Magic Item Russell’s hospitality.
Position and Duties The Maclntyre Coronet: This platinum
Russell and Bevis are not the only res-
idents of MacIntyre Manor. Two family
Lord Russell is a member of the Adviso- circlet has been in the MacIntyre family
retainers, Challot and Aubergine live
ry Council. He has enough sense to defer for years, originally obtained by
there. Also, the enigmatic sage, Grimal-
to the older lords in most matters, speak- Maldridge MacIntyre. The coronet pro-
kin, is always around somewhere.
ing out only when he deems it vital to do tects its wearer from all forms of men-
so. He has no other duties in the govern- tal control and influence’ including
ment of Ravens Bluff. On his own lands, charm effects, ESP, illusion/phantasm
Russell is in charge of a large estate. spells, symbols, etc. The wearer adds

Physical Appearance into a dispute with a fellow connois-
Bevis Roland seur, Grimalkin tries to make amends.
Russell’s sister, Bevis, is friendly and Grimalkin is 68 years old, stands 5’10”
brave. Bevis gets underfoot a lot, and tall, and weighs 130 pounds. His skin Spell Books
likes to hide and listen to things she is has the appearance of old, brittle parch-
ment, and he wears his beard in a neat, First Level read magic
not meant to hear.
white goatee. Grimalkin is careless, magic missile
Russell and Grimalkin have spread
even slovenly, in dress. His most notable sleep
rumors that Bevis’ pet Sparkle is actu-
features are the blue tattoos that cover unseen servant
ally a basilisk polymorphed into a cat, to
his arms from the shoulder to the wrist. feather fall
discourage strangers from bothering
The tattoos are non-magical, but use hold portal
Bevis. Sparkle is a perfectly normal cat,
symbols that only a magic-user or sage comprehend languages
of course.
equal to Grimalkin would recognize. erase
Bevis Roland, age 7 (AC 10; MV 12" ; 0
Second Level detect invisibility
Lvl; hp 2; #AT 1; D by weapon; AL NG) Position and Duties ESP
Grimalkin is a sage with a specialty in the knock
Challot and supernatural and unusual, and he is an know alignment
expert in the special categories of divina- mirror image
tion and dweomercraft. His minor fields Third Level clairvoyance
This married couple have been loyal are humankind and the physical uni- dispel magic
family servants for years, since Rus- verse. He will answer questions in these fireball
sell’s father was a young man. Challot areas for the normal prices. Free serv- clairaudience
drives the family carriage; Aubergine ices will not be rendered. material
does most of the cooking and cleaning Grimalkin is also Lord Russell’s chief
in the manor. advisor and a tutor for Bevis. He regards Fourth Level fear
these duties as far more important than polymorph self
Challot, age 58, (AC 10; MV 12”; F4; hp shout
28; #AT 1; D by weapon; AL CG) answering the ordinary questioners
who pester sages. wizard eye
Aubergine, age 52 (AC 10; MV 12” ; 0 Fifth Level conjure elemental
Lvl; hp 3; #AT 1; D by weapon; AL NG) Personality and Motivation pass wall
Grimalkin is an enigmatic, cynical, and contact other plane
Grimalkin, sage frequently bad-tempered sage. To a cer-
tain extent, his foul temper is a facade. Magic Items
10th Level Male Human He formed a strong friendship with Quarterstaff +2
Magic-User Russell’s family, and he helped Russell Ring of Fire Elemental Command (full
overthrow his corrupt guardians. Pro- capabilities undiscovered—appears to
STR: 9 tecting Russell and Bevis is important to be a ring of fire resistance)
INT: 17 Grimalkin, and he uses his spells in
WIS: 16 secret to help them; Russell does not History
DEX: 10 know that Grimalkin is a magic-user, Grimalkin is not a native to Ravens
CON: 12 but Russell suspects the truth. Grimal- Bluff, but he has lived in the city for
CHA: 14 kin tries to keep his magical abilities decades. When Lord Russell’s father
COM: 12 hidden from Russell and Bevis. needed a tutor for his children, he
AC Normal: 10 hired Grimalkin. The sage provides a
AC Rear: 10 Manner and Style thorough education in the arts and sci-
Hit Points: 22 Grimalkin does not take kindly to fools ences, mathematics, and history.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral or stupid questions. When irritated, he Grimalkin will not reveal his magical
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Staff can be quite insulting; Grimalkin ability to anyone, which makes it easier
Languages: Common, Elvish, Gnom- believes that some people consult sages to protect Russell and Bevis. If he thinks
ish as an alternative to thinking for them- there is trouble, Grimalkin will spy on
Spells/Day: 4/4/3/2/2 selves. The sage rarely spares anyone’s his suspects using clairvoyance and
feelings. However, Grimalkin has a taste wizard eye or perhaps a polymorphed
for fine wines and brandies. If he gets form.

Lord Calvin Longbottle, Regent of the Harbor

5th Level Male Human by the Lord Mayor). Lord Calvin com- the city, and relies upon a bodyguard
Fighter mands the city’s ships in time of war. As for protection.
Regent of the Harbor, he is a member of
STR: 11 the Mayor’s Council, the city’s policy- Magic Items
INT: 9 making body. Necklace of Adaptation (a porpoise-
WIS: 15 Lord Calvin commands six harbor shaped scrimshaw amulet)
DEX: 14 masters. These men are responsible for Ring of Protection +4
CON: 13 keeping the city’s fleet in a state of read- Earring of the Sea (enables the wearer
CHA: 16 iness, operating the lighthouse’ patrol- to speak and understand the languages
COM: 15 ling the harbor, collecting tariffs, of all sea creatures; usable once per
AC Normal: 6 inspecting and handling cargos, and day, duration 10 minutes)
AC Rear: 6 serving as deputy fleet commanders in Ring of Swimming
Hit Points: 31 war. Harbor patrol is the most impor-
Alignment: Lawful Neutral tant duty. The patrol is maintained at all
times, and ships are forbidden to enter
Weapon Proficiencies: Cutlass
(scimitar), Dagger, Harpoon, Club, Light or leave the harbor, load or unload car- Lord Calvin’s father, Baldric, was an
Crossbow go or passengers, or conduct any other experienced ship’s captain and once
Special Abilities: Mariner, Navigator business during the hours between one of the harbor masters in Ravens
Languages: Common, Sea Creatures dusk and dawn. The harbor patrol Bluff. He took Calvin to sea as a young
enforces this regulation strictly, boy, giving him a thorough practical
Physical Appearance although violations do occur (with the education in seamanship. Harbor Mas-
ships of the Merchant’s Guild being ter Baldric distinguished himself in
Lord Calvin is 37 years old, stands 5’10” prime offenders). action against pirates and smugglers,
tall, and weighs 175 lbs. He is a hand- winning victories even when outnum-
some man of medium build with hair Personality and Motivation bered. Baldric was rewarded with a
bleached light brown from many years title, an annual stipend, and eventual
work in the sunlight. His skin is weath- Lord Calvin has never lost his love for promotion to Regent. In time, Calvin
ered and brown from his years at sea. the sea. He treats all sailors fairly. His became a harbor master serving under
His usual garb is that of a successful and goal is to make this harbor the best on his father. When Lord Baldric died sev-
wealthy sea captain. the continent. en years ago, Calvin inherited the title
and was promoted into his father’s job.
Position and Duties Manner and Style Lord Calvin has been upholding the tra-
Lord Calvin is Regent of the Harbor of Lord Calvin is fair in all dealings, treat- dition, earning a reputation as an effi-
Ravens Bluff. As such, he oversees all ing his position as a public trust, never cient, fair, and just administrator.
harbor operations and sets the harbor flaunting his wealth or position. He nor-
regulations (which must be approved mally does not carry a weapon while in

Sirrus Melandor, Chief Prelate
15th Level Human Male
Cleric of Tyr

STR: 11
INT: 13
WIS: 18
DEX: 12
CON: 10
CHA: 17
COM: 18
AC Normal: 5
AC Rear: 5
Hit Points: 80
Alignment: Lawful Good
Weapon Proficiencies: Mace, Ham-
mer, Staff, Flail, Club
Languages: Common
Spells/Day: 9/9/8/6/4/2

Physical Appearance
Sirrus Melandor stands 5’11” tall,
weighs 155 lbs., and is 42 years old. He
is a slightly built man with salt and pep-
per hair. His eyes are icy blue, with an
almost hypnotic appearance. Sirrus is
usually dressed in temple vestments,
which are decorated with the symbols
of his office as Chief Prelate.
Personality and Motivation Hammer +3 (seldom used)
Decanter of Endless Water
Sirrus enjoys studying religions. His
Position and Duties main focus in life is to expand the influ-
ence of his own temple without exploit-
Sirrus is the head of the Clerical Circle Sirrus was born to a merchant family in
ing his office of Chief Prelate to do so.
for Ravens Bluff, and also the High a hamlet near Ravens Bluff. He was
Priest of Tyr. The circle consists of one
representative from each of the city’s
Manner and Style apprenticed to the Temple of Tyr when
he was age 14. Upon being ordained at
civic temples, and its tasks are to main- Sirrus Melandor has a powerful ora-
18, he spent three years in service to
tain a harmonious relationship among tor’s voice. He commands people’s
the temple and chief clerics. He then
the civic temples, and to work together attention through his reserved, yet
left the temple and for the next 14 years
for the common good of the city. Sirrus imposing, presence. He is slow to anger,
traveled the world adventuring.
presides over all meetings of the circle weighing each situation carefully in his
Returning to the temple at age 36, his
and appoints all committees of the cir- mind. When he speaks, it is with firm
talents were recognized by the High
cle. In addition, he frequently recom- conviction. His high charisma and
Priest. One year later he was appointed
mends policy for the circle, which is comeliness cause admiration from
as representative to the Clerical Circle.
usually approved (see Religion in Rav- those of good and neutral alignments There was a significant amount of dis-
ens Bluff). and sullen respect from evil-doers.
cord within the Circle, which he
The High Priest of Tyr usually pre- attempted to soothe. When the Chief
sides over all public rituals and festi- Magic Items Prelate, who was chaotic neutral, died,
vals honoring the god of justice, but
Robes of Protection +5 (treat as Cloak the Circle found it difficult to choose a
Sirrus has turned this responsibility
of Protection + 5) successor. Sirrus became a compromise
over to a deputy since his election as Amulet of Life Protection candidate; as a cleric of the god of jus-
Chief Prelate. Staff of Striking (his usual weapon) tice, he was acceptable to all. He has
Mace +3 (seldom used) been chief prelate for four years.

Thorm Sureblade, Guildmaster
ger at all times and always wears his History
bracers of defense and ring of protec-
Thorm’s parents were a moon elf lady,
named Elwinda, and a strong human
fighter, Wilhelm. Thorm grew up in a
Position and Duties village of mixed races (humans, elves,
Thorm operates the Independent Fight- dwarves, gnomes, halflings). Thorm
ers’ Guild, the smallest fighters’ guild in learned of tolerance and mutual
Ravens Bluff, attracting fighters with respect from each of the assembled
chaotic alignments. His training tech- races, and each shared their skills and
niques emphasize quick thinking and customs with him.
winning by any means, fair or foul. When he was 25, Thorm joined a
Thus, his methods are disliked by those trading caravan bound for the east,
who believe in fair play. working as a mercenary guard. The
trip took six years, and it is rumored
Personality and Motivation that the caravan reached the lands of
Kara-Tur. However, Thorm never
Thorm wants to produce the best fight-
ers in Ravens Bluff. However, he some- speaks of this time in his life, a time of
times finds it difficult to concentrate tragedy. When he returned home, he
10th Level Male Half-Elf found the village a smoking ruin. A few
Fighter solely on the guild, as he loves adven-
of the people who survived, including
his father, said a band of minotaurs
STR: 18/90 swept through the village, burning and
INT: 15 Manner and Style destroying anything in their path.
WIS: 14 Thorm is a friendly bear of a man with Thorm and the survivors pursued the
DEX: 18 a hearty sense of humor. He speaks minotaurs and ambushed them. Thorm
CON: 15 with a rumbling baritone voice. He was in the lead, wielding his great two-
CHA: 15 enjoys good food and collects fine handed battle axe. It was in this battle
COM: 16 tobacco pipes. Most of his time is spent Thorm lost his right eye, and only he
Normal AC: -5 with his trainee fighters. Thorm is a and his father survived the battle.
Rear AC: -1 natural leader, who is self confident, Thorm left the village, and over the
Hit Points: 84 strong, and able to make quick deci- years he gained a reputation as an able
Alignment: CG sions in the field. and trustworthy fighter. His skill was
Weapon Proficiencies: Battle Axe, Thorm is particularly friendly to always in demand, and on one search
Dagger, Long Sword, Two-Handed elves and halflings, and very respectful for employment, he met his half-
Sword, Light Crossbow, Longbow of dwarves. He is cordial to any human brother, the paladin Tordon Sureblade,
Special Abilities: 30% MR vs. charm, who is not a snobbish landholder. He is in a temple of the god Torm. Tordon
sleep, 60’ infravision, secret door detec- also open-handed with money. Despite told Thorm that their father had remar-
tion his jovial personality, Thorm’s chaotic ried a human woman after the tragedy
Languages: Common, Elvish, Gnom- nature asserts itself frequently in town, with the village. Tordon had entered
ish, Dwarvish, Halfling, Goblin, Hob- especially when he has had a bad day at the Temple of Torm as a lay brother and
goblin, Orcish, Gnoll the guild. He will go to the rowdiest’ dedicated himself to the life of a pala-
noisiest inn and start a “friendly” brawl. din. Thorm and Tordon formed a fast
Physical Appearance To Thorm, a friendly brawl means no friendship, a bond that grew stronger
Thorm is 66 years old. He stands 6’ tall killing and no incurable injuries. These over time. The two parted ways for a
and weighs 200 pounds. He is roguishly brawls tend to exasperate his brother while, as Thorm wanted to travel the
handsome and more muscular than is Tordon, who has to bail him out of jail. world. In the course of Thorm’s wan-
usual for a half-elf. He lost his right eye derings, a letter from Tordon caught up
in a fight, and now wears a black silk Magic Items with him, asking if he would consider
eyepatch; however, a scar is visible Battle Axe + 3 running one of the fighters’ guilds in
from the edge of the patch to his jaw- Ring of Protection + 1 Ravens Bluff. Being impulsive, Thorm
line. Thorm wears black clothing when Bracers of Defense (AC 0) agreed.
traveling. In town, he prefers to wear Longbow + 1
dark blues and greens. He carries a dag- 20 Arrows + 1

Arvin Kothonos, Guildmaster
9th Level Human Male charities the guild sponsors to promote Manner and Style
Fighter public relations.
Arvin is widely known as an affable and
When the guild decides to crush
jovial family man. Nonetheless, he is a
STR: 12 unwanted opposition, Arvin plans the
tough, skillful negotiator, thanks to the
INT: 13 strategy. Typically this includes with-
medallion of ESP he secretly uses. His
WIS: 15 holding imported raw materials to
normal tactic is one of questioning rath-
DEX: 12 impede the competitor’s production or
er than direct bargaining. He often uses
CON: 9 selling guild products at artificially low
the terms “and?” “uh huh?” “Is that all?”
CHA: 15 prices to force out the competitor.
“Is that the best you can do?” and “I just
COM: 11 There are unproved rumors that Arvin
can’t sell that to the guild members.”
AC Normal: 10 has hired goons to intimidate compet-
Since he generally knows his adver-
AC Rear: 10 ing workers or to vandalize rival shops.
sary’s bottom line, he knows when to
Hit Points: 61 Arvin and the Merchant’s Guild can
accept an offer and when to continue
Alignment: Neutral usually act with more confidence than
bargaining. He will usually “sleep on” a
Weapon Proficiencies: Cutlass other guilds, since Arvin’s medallion of
major decision. Arvin has a reputation
(scimitar), Dagger, Club, Light Cross- ESP helps keep him one step ahead of
for always thinking ahead and being
bow the Council of Lords and the Regent of
“one step ahead” of his competition.
Special Abilities: Mariner, Navigator the Guilds, a council-appointed watch-
In keeping with his respectable image,
Languages: Common dog on guild activities. Arvin’s advan-
Arvin is never so crude as to offer a
tage has prevented the discovery of
direct bribe to anyone, and would be
unethical practices that might have
Physical Appearance ment the loss of the guild’s business
offended were one offered to him.
Arvin stands 5’9” tall, weighs 205 lbs., charter. However, Arvin is on bad terms
and is 46 years old. He carries himself with Lord Calvin Longbottle, Regent of Blue Star Trading
with dignity confidence. However, he the Harbor. Guild ships often violate
has a wide girth and is about 40 pounds harbor regulations in minor ways– Company
overweight. His expensive clothes are undeclared cargo, delays while in port, Arvin is head of the Blue Star Trading
kept neat and clean, as befits his wealth unauthorized arrivals and departures, Company and holds the two largest
and social class. He is always clean and several unexplainable accidents bazaar stalls. His company specializes
shaven. that have resulted in the sinking of non- in weapons, silks, other fabrics, and
guild ships. Lord Calvin suspects that magical items salvaged by adventurers.
Arvin is behind this, but has uncovered Ostensibly, Arvin owns no fleet of ves-
Position and Duties no solid proof. sels, purchasing his goods instead from
Arvin is head of the Merchants’ Guild, Arvin is also the owner of the Blue traveling merchants and arriving ves-
which controls most of the commercial Star Trading Company, a private busi- sels. Actually, Arvin is a silent partner in
import and export business in Ravens ness. many of the vessel fleets operating
Bluff, both in finished goods and in raw from the city, primarily due to the
materials. Personality and Motivation wealth he was able to amass during
Arvin’s duties are many: he chairs the Garnet Smithson’s very successful
Arvin is a loving father and husband as
monthly meeting of the Council of Ten, career.
well as a ruthless businessman. Because
a circle of guild members which
of his guilty past, which not even his
decides guild business such as mini-
own family knows about, Arvin tries to Magic Items
mum prices, export/import quotas,
maintain a pose of utter respectability Medallion of ESP
assignment of guild-controlled stall
at all times. He prefers to avoid strong- Dagger +2
spaces to venders in the bazaar, discipli-
arm tactics if possible, but he will try to
nary procedures against guild rule vio-
lators, and other similar matters. Arvin
crush any serious opposition. He leaves History
intimidation to hirelings and subordi-
represents the guild in court and before Before coming to the city and becoming
nates, to avoid being incriminated him-
the Council of Lords, the city’s govern- head of the Blue Star Trading Company,
ing body. On such occasions, he pro- Arvin was the pirate captain Garnet
motes the guild’s policy regarding Smithson. At this time, he wore a full
taxation, licensing, tariffs, police pro- beard. Garnet Smithson is a wanted
tection, etc. Arvin also oversees the man, although most have long since
public works projects, festivals, and written him off as lost at sea.

Arvin will go to any length to conceal Arvin’s wife of 15 years, Charlotte, is son Arvin offers so few proposals on his
his past since revelation of his past a mild, small, soft-spoken woman with own.
activities would certainly result in the light brown hair. She is moderately Arvin’s son, Biff, has had some minor
loss of all things Arvin values (probably attractive and absolutely devoted to run-ins with the law. While publicly
including his life). To date, Arvin has Arvin. She speaks little in public, pre- quite upset, Arvin considers Biff a chip
been very successful in concealing his ferring to stand in support of Arvin. off the block, reminding him of his own
past. Only once has he been threatened Charlotte has great insight, and it is her younger years. Arvin always has been
with exposure. When one of his old judgment, combined with the “inside able to use his influence and money to
henchmen arrived in Ravens Bluff, information” Arvin gains from his keep Biff out of serious trouble.
Arvin recognized him and hired the medallion of ESP, which provides most Miriam is 11 years old, three years
thugs’ guild to dispatch the man before of the plans which have resulted in the Biff’s junior. She is small-framed and
he had a chance to see and expose major advances Arvin has made. With- has bright red hair. Miriam is studious,
Arvin. At the time he hired the guild, out Charlotte, Arvin would be a poor quiet and shy. The girl will not talk to
Arvin also went on an extended “trad- planner. Arvin will go to any length to strangers, but seldom misses a word
ing venture” to establish an alibi. Arvin protect Charlotte, but will not reveal said. She stays mostly around home or
would not hesitate to repeat one of Charlotte’s immense value to him. The at school during the day.
these actions or take other action if he need for Charlotte’s advice is the pri-
felt he were discovered or about to be mary reason Arvin will “sleep on” major
discovered. decisions and proposals, and is the rea-

Lady Lauren DeVillars
18th Level Human Female mutual respect between the two. She
Cleric of Waukeen (retired) realizes that the current Lord Mayor is
the best man for the job at the current
STR: 11 time.
INT: 14
WIS: 17 Personality and Motivation
DEX: 16 Lady Lauren is dedicated to the safety
CON: 14 and prosperity of the city, and cares for
CHA: 16 it the way a stern parent would care for
COM: 14 her children. She expects deference
AC Normal: -1/8 (unarmored) from the citizenry and always gets it.
AC Rear: 1/10 (unarmored) As someone who wants to ensure the
Hit Points: 65 safety and prosperity of the city, she
Alignment: Neutral (Good tendencies) generally supports the government of
Weapon Proficiencies: Horseman’s the Lord Mayor and the goals it has set.
Mace, Staff, Club, Horseman’s Flail, However, differences of opinion regard-
Hammer ing the pace of civic development some-
Languages: Common, Elvish, Halfling times leads to clashes between these
Spells Per Day: 10/10/9/8/6/4 strong-willed individuals; Lady Lauren Magic Items
usually comes out ahead due to her eco-
Physical Appearance Bag of Tricks (rat)
nomic clout. However, she is careful nev-
Plate Mail + 2 (seldom worn)
Lady Lauren DeVillars is 35 years old, er to cause the government any public
Rod of Cancellation
stands 5’9” tall, and weighs 135 pounds. embarassment. On the rare occasions in
Rope of Entanglement
Hints of her strong will and forceful per- which she is displeased with city policy,
Staff of Striking
sonality can be seen in her fine-boned she either remains silent or publically
features. Her clothing is elegant, made of endorses the policy, while working
secretly to change it. History
costly fabrics in the latest styles. Her
clothing and jewelry are decorated with The DeVillars family has lived in the
the symbols of the goddess Waukeen. Manner and Style Ravens Bluff area for more than ten
generations. From the earliest times,
Lady Lauren is a woman of lofty and dig-
Position and Duties the DeVillars have been devoted to the
nified bearing. She seldom appears in
service of Waukeen, the goddess of
The Lady Lauren is the head of the old- public, but when she does it is an event.
trade and money. Their shrewdness,
est and wealthiest noble family in Rav- In public, she is always accompanied by
aided by the goddess, enabled them to
ens Bluff. She regards the entire city as a small number of servants and at least
amass a large fortune. By the time of
her personal fief, although this is not one scribe; this staff often distributes
the Champion’s Games, which she spon-
true in any feudal sense. She wields vast alms, notes civic problems that need cor-
sored, Lauren was by far the richest
power in the city due to her wealth, her recting, or provides on-the-spot brief-
noble in Ravens Bluff. She supported
philanthropic work, and the long associ- ings regarding a project that Lady
the winner of the games, Charles Oliver
ation of her family with the city. The Lauren is sponsoring. Her staff ensures
O’Kane, in his reform efforts. Her aid,
results of her philanthropy are visible that she is promptly informed of all
both in finances and counsel, was cru-
throughout the city, in the form of tem- events in Ravens Bluff; this enhances her
cial to the Lord Mayor’s early success at
ples, sculpture, and public buildings. She already formidable reputation.
a time when the city government was
personally pays for and equips units of Hers is the most opulent home in Rav-
precarious. She continues to be a major
the city’s military and naval forces. Due ens Bluff; she also maintains a large
influence in city politics to this day.
to her many business interests, she is estate outside the city. When she
Lady Lauren is currently the only
represented, either directly or indi- receives guests, she spares no effort or
member of the DeVillars family to live
rectly, in most guilds. She also has infor- expense to impress them with her gra-
in Ravens Bluff. She has two daughters,
mal influence in the Clerical Circle, as a ciousness and the extent of her wealth.
both enrolled as acolytes at the temple
retired High Priestess of Waukeen. These receptions are often timed for
of Waukeen at Procampur. She wants
Lady Lauren’s wealth and position maximum political effect.
them to become independent and suc-
give her power that exceeds that of the cessful without her wealth and position
Lord Mayor, but there is a great deal of to aid them.

Ambassador Carrague
17th Level Male Human for the city, but he is incapable of such Second Level ESP
Magic-User work now. However, his advice on for- knock
eign affairs is widely sought, and some- preserve
STR: 12 times useful. pyrotechnics
INT: 18 bind
WIS: 17 Personality and Motivation detect invisibility
DEX: 15 vocalize
Carrague merely wants to spend what
CON: 9 little time he has left in peace and quiet. Third Level cloudburst
CHA: 16 He seldom becomes angry, except at dispel magic
COM: 10 workmen who use shoddy materials or fireball
AC Normal: -4 sloppy methods at construction sites. item
AC Rear: -3 His only enduring grudge is with the slow
Hit Points: 40 Builder’s Guild. tongues
Alignment: Neutral Good protection from
Weapon Proficiencies: Staff, Dag- normal missiles
ger, Dart
Manner and Style
Special Abilities: Astronomy, Carrague’s increasing senility gives him Fourth Level dig
Carpentry, Mason, Jeweler, First Aid a certain inscrutable mystique. He has a dimension door
Languages: Common, Elvish, habit of not clearly focusing on the stoneskin
Spells/Day: 5/5/5/5/5/3/3/2 events around him, and his conversa- polymorph self
tion often rambles unintelligibly. Most polymorph other
Physical Appearance listeners accept these pronouncements Evard’s black tentacles
as unrivaled metaphorical bits of wis- Fifth Level cone of cold
Ambassador Carrague is 114 years old, dom, like an oracle would offer. Carra-
but has the youthful looks of a man of hold monster
gue can be oblivious even as chaos or stone shape
90. No one knows how tall he is, for he panic swirls around him; the citizens
is perpetually stooped and leans on his telekinesis
believe this to be his unshakeable calm sending
staff when standing. He is scrawny, and and firm self-confidence.
weighs 120 pounds. His flowing white Mordenkainen’s
hair and beard make him immediately faithful hound
Spell Books
recognizable to the citizens of Ravens Sixth Level death spell
Bluff. Carrague is always attired in a Carrague’s senile mind often wanders, geas
red robe with golden trim. He is some- and he sometimes cannot pay attention legend lore
times accompanied by King, a well- long enough to memorize the higher anti-magic shell
known city dog with his own unique level spells (6-8th). As a result, Carrague
often does not carry a full complement Seventh Level forcecage
of higher level spells. Mordenkainen’s sword
teleport without error
Position and Duties statue
Cantrips clean
For decades, Ambassador Carrague has flavor Eighth Level polymorph any object
been the honorary building inspector polish maze
in Ravens Bluff. This was intended to be unlock
a sinecure, but Carrague takes it quite
seriously, and often can be found med- First Level read magic Magic Items
dling in building projects, seeking to unseen servant Staff of Power
ensure greater safety for workers and sleep Ring of Fire Resistance
occupants. Unfortunately, his senility ventriloquism Ring of Protection +6
means that Carrague never finishes mending Ring of Spell Storing (clerical, recharge-
anything he begins. He has been at his shield able) with cure light wounds (x2), pro-
work for so long that no one now enlarge tection from evil
remembers that it was only intended as detect magic Bracers of Defense (AC 5)
an honorary post. comprehend languages
At one point in his career, Carrague magic missile
handled vital diplomatic negotiations

About ninety years ago, the young Car-
rague completed his apprenticeship
under a powerful mage and was cast
out into the world to make his own way.
He wandered for a time until he found
himself at a small tavern in a mountain
village. Inside, a sign was tacked up by
an elf.
The author of the sign, a dazzlingly
beautiful elf, named Whisper, sat at a
table beneath it. The two struck up a
conversation, and soon they formed the
nucleus of an adventuring company
that included more than a dozen differ-
ent members over quite a few years.
The first—and most dangerous—
outing was against an old temple dedi-
cated to evil. Of the original 12
members of the company, only Carra-
gue and Whisper survived, teaming up
with new members as old ones were
lost defeating the temple’s forces. In
doing so, the story got out that the
group accidently released a major
demon, and they came under much rid-
icule. Whisper eventually took care of research many of the mysteries he nev- Friends of his on the city council
things by starting the counter-rumor er had time to deal with before. appointed him the city’s honorary
that the demon had intentionally been Several years passed, and because he building inspector to show their sup-
freed, and while the group for a time had a widespread reputation for wis- port, a move largely meant as symbolic,
gained a bad reputation, the strategy dom, the Lord Mayor at that time but one which Carrague takes quite
worked; the company became feared requested that Carrague act as Ravens seriously. The rift between he and Rav-
and respected. Bluffs ambassador. Carrague was able en never fully was bridged, but the two
As the years passed, “The Hellraisers” to obtain help for the destruction of a did remain civil, and he occasionally
(a nickname coined by Whisper, though
demonic cult that had arisen near Rav- takes meals at the Raven’s Inn. (He
Carrague never really liked it) devel- ens Bluff. After this successful mission, refuses, however, to refer to its owner
oped into a solid team. For almost 20 Carrague became known as “The by any name other than Whisper.)
years the company stayed together, Ambassador.” Carrague usually will be encountered
until a number of its various members
In time, he decided to build a tower in any of a number of restaurants,
built freeholds or retired to enjoy their for his use, and that act became a bone enjoying a bowl of soup. About him fre-
new wealth. Carrague and Whisper, of contention between he and his form- quently are gathered a small knot of
both deciding to put some distance er comrade, Raven. Carrague refused people with some disagreement,
between themselves and the lands
to employ guild-authorised supervisors, explaining the problem to him and
they’d spent so much time in, pur- for he believed his own carpentry and seeking some jewel of wisdom to settle
chased a ship and set sail, eventually masonry skills qualified him for the the matter.
winding up in Ravens Bluff. Whisper task. Despite the fact Raven made clear
dropped her then-current alias, Rhian-
that no exception to the rules would be
non, and assumed her present name, made for him, Carrague declared he
Raven TenTolliver. Both took up sepa- would never mortar one brick as long
rate pursuits, with Raven eventually
as the guild’s outrageous rules were in
controlling the city’s powerful Builder’s
effect. The guild never gave in, so Car-
Guild, and Carrague, meanwhile, rent- rague made his point by building a com-
ing a comfortable house in order to fortable underground dwelling.

King the Dog (Marcus Shadowdale)

3rd Level Male Human breed terrier—because that’s exactly approaching pretty girls.
Ranger (as human) what he is. If King the Dog attacks someone, use
the following statistics:
STR: 15 Position and Duties King the Dog (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 4 (rang-
INT: 13 Marcus of Shadowdale had no connec- er 3); hp 40; #AT 1 (as HD 1-1 creature);
WIS: 15 tions to the power structure in Ravens D 1-2)
DEX: 17 Bluff. This is even more true of King the
CON: 18 Dog. History
CHA: 16
COM: 17 Five years ago, Marcus of Shadowdale
Personality and Motivation was adventuring with friends in the
AC Normal: (as human) 2; (as dog) 7
AC Rear: (as human) 5; (as dog) 7 King the Dog is satisfied with shelter mountains between Ravens Bluff and
Hit Points: 40 and food, but if his full intelligence is Procampur. Their quest was to investi-
Alignment: Neutral Good restored he will be desperate to regain gate the abandoned keep of a dead evil
Weapon Proficiencies: (as human) human form. witch. The keep, as it turned out,
Long Sword, Dagger, Longbow; (as dog) wasn’t abandoned, nor was the witch
None Manner and Style dead. Marcus and his fellow adventur-
Special Abilities: (as human) Normal ers were killed, but the witch was ena-
King is quite popular in the city, and is moured by the handsome young lad,
ranger abilities; (as dog) None known to be exceptionally intelligent
Languages: (as human) Common; (as and restored him to life with a druidic
and very friendly. Quite a few times he reincarnate spell. He was restored as a
dog) None has foiled robberies (by barking an dog, and the witch planned to keep him
alert) or pickpocketings (by biting caged until she could find a way to
Physical Appearance would be thieves), and even saved a restore his humanity. Marcus managed
Marcus of Shadowdale is 26 years old, child from drowning once. For these to escape and make his way back to
stands 5’11” tall, and weighs 165 acts, almost everyone in the city has an Ravens Bluff. He has wandered the city
pounds. He is a handsome man, lean open door for him, although his dis- ever since, unable to communicate.
and hard-muscled. His clothes, though criminating palate is considered The DM must decide whether or not
originally of fine quality, are usually strange for a dog. He frequently follows it is possible to restore Marcus’ human
stained and frayed by the hardships Ambassador Carrague around, and form. If so, then ESP or true seeing
and rigors of a ranger’s life. He usually sometimes stays in his bunker during might reveal that King is actually a
wears chain mail in battle. inclement weather. transformed human. Powerful magic,
That was Marcus during his good King tends to hang around adventur- such as a wish or alter reality might be
days. These days, even his closest ers, because of vague memories of his used to restore the human form. The
friends would not recognize him. These former life. King can be encountered exact means are left to the DM.
days, he looks exactly like a little mixed- anywhere in the city. He is fond of

Chaney, Chief Spy
Doppleganger geon never holds any single job very History
long, of course. He is the kind of menial
Chaney received an offer he couldn’t
AC: 5 that no one ever notices—an ideal pose
refuse. Howard Holiday, up-and-
MV: 9” from which to ESP a suspect.
coming magic-user, captured Chaney
HD: 4 on an adventure and took the dopple-
HP: 25 Hoot: Used in the harbor district or
ganger as part of his treasure share.
#AT: 1 near the city gate. Hoot is an ugly, leg-
The latter arrangement was rather
D: 1-12 or by weapon less begger who ekes out a meager liv-
strange under normal circumstances,
SA: Surprises prey on 1-4 ing as a storyteller, His nickname comes
but not so unusual for Howard.
SD: ESP, Saves as F10; Immune to from the odd, spasmodic noises he
Howard’s fellow adventurers assumed
charm, sleep makes as he tells his stories. This per-
the doppleganger’s body would become
INT: High (Int 13) sona is used for investigating piracy,
spell components and potion ingredi-
SIZE: M smuggling, and similar crimes.
This might have been the dopple-
Physical Description Slither: This persona is used for sting
ganger’s fate, if Howard had not
operations, when the city wants to set
Chaney is able to look like anyone, of become Deputy Mayor and chief of
up a specific group or individual. Slith-
course, but normally assumes three dis- intelligence. Using a doppleganger as a
er is a mysterious man with slightly rep-
tinctive humanoid shapes. spy seemed brilliant to Howard, and he
tilian features and snake-like eyes. He is
eventually made the arrangement
a deal maker and information broker,
Position and Duties work. Chaney has served brilliantly
able to supply almost anything for a
ever since.
Chaney is the top agent in Howard Holi- price. Howard’s other agents spread
Chaney is something of an embarrass-
day’s intelligence network. The dopple- rumors to enhance Slither’s reputation,
ment for the city, but he is one of
ganger’s disguise and ESP abilities make and the city makes sure he gets what he
Howard’s special projects that the May-
him an excellent spy, and he is used for needs for any specific con job.
or officially knows nothing about.
the toughest jobs. Putting a dopple-
ganger on the city’s payroll (“Chaney” is Personality and Motivation
an official alias) was one of the most Chaney works for the city because he
successful of Howard’s brainstorms. enjoys the fringe benefits of his posi-
When Chaney is assigned to an infil- tion. He is well paid, respected in his
tration mission, some of Howard’s oth- work (only the Mayor and Howard
er agents kidnap a suitable person for know that the chief spy is a dopple-
Chaney to imitate. Chaney then gathers ganger), and he enjoys a measure of
the necessary information to enable the safety due to the support of the govern-
city’s forces to strike at the proper time. ment. All in all, a distinct improvement
This drastic method is used against dan- over a precarious life in the wilderness.
gerous, well-organized opposition, such He also knows that following orders is
as pirates, smugglers, assassins, or the best way for him to stay alive in Rav-
deep-rooted corruption in the city gov- ens Bluff. The law prohibits the pres-
ernment. ence of monsters inside the city limits,
For more routine missions, Chaney and Chaney fears that a paladin or
adopts one of three standard personas. some other lawful idiot might discover
These are useful for picking up general him and deal out instant justice.
rumors, or for following up leads of lit-
tle immediate importance. (These three Manner and Style
are the personas in which player char-
acters are most likely to first encounter Chaney adapts himself to each mission;
Chaney): see Position and Duties for the kind of
missions he performs.
Curmudgeon: Normally used in the
business districts. Curmudgeon is a Magic Items
common laborer, big, slow-witted, like- None
able, and very fond of drink. Curmud-

Ways Unknown
the Forgotten Realms for over a century.
Eryn is not very particular about the
kinds of merchants he guides. To him,
one trading expedition is like any other.
He charges by the mile, with extra fees
for dangerous trips. Eryn is more cau-
tious when adventurers approach him.
He requires a percentage of the pro-
ceeds from any adventure (the lower the
party’s average level, the higher the per-
centage), including magic items.
Eryn has collected the following mag-
ical equipment in his wanderings: brac-
ers of defense AC 3, boots of the north,
ring of protection +2, and a staff/spear
+3. Also, Eryn usually has two or three
useful potions on hand.

Ways Unknown is a one-story, stone DEX: 18 Forel Lashir

building with a thatched roof and a small CON: 17
tower. The owner is Eryn Lashir, a CHA: 16 0 Level Female Half Elf
guide. Eryn provides services to cara- COM: 16 STR: 14
vans and traders, but has been known to AC Normal: -3 INT: 17
lead adventures to specific destinations. AC Rear: 1 WIS: 15
The building contains an office where Hit Points: 64 DEX: 18
Eryn talks to prospective clients, a map Alignment: Lawful Good CON: 12
room, formal dining room and parlor Age: 132 CHA: 16
where Eryn sometimes entertains cli- Weapon Proficiencies: Bow, Dag- COM: 18
ents, and living quarters for Eryn and ger, Spear, Long Sword, Bastard Sword AC Normal: 6
his daughter, Forel. Forel cooks and Special Abilities: Ranger Abilities, AC Rear: 10
cleans, and handles whatever business Direction Sense, Hunting, Healing, Map Hit Points: 6
comes up when Eryn is away. Making Alignment: Neutral Good
The office has a desk and several Languages: Lawful Good, Common, Age: 25
comfortable chairs. The wall behind Half Elven Languages Weapon Proficiencies: Spear, Dag-
the desk is filled with shelves neatly Eryn Lashir is 5’ 4” tall and weighs 138 ger
stacked with ordinary maps and charts. pounds. He is of Gold Elf descent. Special Abilities: Direction Sense,
The map room contains Eryn’s more Thirty-five years ago he led a trading Hunting
valuable maps, kept in locked glass expedition to Waterdeep. While there, Languages: Neutral Good, Common,
cases. The map room also has a spiral he met Elen, a beautiful half-elven Half Elven Languages
staircase which leads to the tower. In the woman living with a Moon Elf family.
years before the city walls were built, Forel Lashir is 5’1” tall and weighs 98
They fell in love, but Elen’s people pounds. She appears to be about 14 by
the tower provided a commanding view would not let her go to Ravens Bluff
of the countryside. The view from the human standards. She looks more like
with her lover, and they wouldn’t let her mother than her father, and more
tower is still good, and Eryn enjoys going Eryn live among them. When Forel was
there at night to see the stars. elven. Local rumor has it that Eryn
born, Elen sent for Eryn because she brought her home as a baby one night;
wanted her daughter raised among about two months after a mysterious,
Eryn Lashir humans. Eryn has raised Forel alone dark rider came to the city looking for
7th Level Male Half Elf since then. Eryn, not surprisingly, came him. It is said that Eryn abruptly left
to dislike full elves—especially moon town, alone and in great haste, immedi-
elves. He is inclined, however, to be gal- ately after the visit. Forel loves her
STR: 17 lant toward lone females of any human father very much and goes on short
INT: 15 or demi-human race. camping and hunting trips with him
WIS: 16 Eryn has been crossing and recrossing whenever possible.

2 8
City Watch Barracks
The city watch is housed in pairs of Chiapa owns 3-4 potions and 1-2 miscellaneous
massive, stone buildings. The buildings magic items. These items vary, as
are identical. Each has three stories 12th Level Male Human Chiapa tends to expend them quickly or
plus a cellar. Their entrances face each Fighter win or lose them in wagers. He owns a
other, so the occupants can be assem- set of “lucky” elfin chain mail which he
STR: 18/93
bled rapidly for parades, inspections, wears only for duels or battles.
INT: 9
or mutual defense. WIS: 16
The cellars contain storage rooms
and seven 10-foot square cells.
DEX: 17 Gar Saru
CON: 18
The first floors contain eating, cook- CHA: 12 14th Level Male Human
ing, and exercise areas. There are no COM: 15 Fighter
windows on these floors, and the doors AC Normal: 2
are easily barred from the inside. Weap- STR: 18/23
AC Rear: 5 INT: 10
on racks, mostly containing pole arms, Hit Points: 87
flank each door. WIS: 13
Alignment: Chaotic Good DEX: 16
The second floors are sleeping areas. Age: 28
Each has bunks to accommodate the 72 CON: 17
Weapon Proficiencies: Two-handed CHA: 9
men quartered there. The walls on Sword, Long Sword, Spear, Hand Axe,
these floors have archer slits for COM: 11
Bow, Knife, Club AC Normal: 1
defending the barracks. Each floor has Special Abilities: Horsemanship,
several racks containing bows, arrows, AC Rear: 3
Running, Sound Imitation, Climbing, Hit Points: 107
and a few melee weapons. Healing, Alertness
The third floors have armories and Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages: Chaotic Good, Common, Age: 46
quarters for officers and sergeants. Tribal
The armories contain spare weapons Weapon Proficiencies: Bastard
and armor. Each barracks has three Sword, Long Sword, Spear, Dagger,
Chiapa is a feisty ex-mercenary. He is Bow, Halberd, Pike
sergeants, a master sergeant, and one the unofficial commander of his ward.
officer. Special Abilities: Endurance, Alert-
Officially, he only commands one bar- ness
Each roof has small towers at the racks, and is not senior to Gar, the other
corners. These serve as lookout posts Languages: Neutral Good, Common
barracks commander in the ward.
and give the buildings a formidable However, Gar has always let Chiapa
appearance. Gar Saru grew up in Ravens Bluff and
have his own way. Chiapa thinks city served in the old king’s army before
Each barracks works with three dwellers are decadent weaklings, but
shifts of 25 men each. There are 24 accepting his current post as an officer
he enjoys the luxuries Ravens Bluff of the watch. He considers himself past
men-at-arms and one sergeant on each offers him. He has no interest in law
shift. The master sergeant sets up the his prime (he is, but he is still formida-
and order, but carries out his duties in ble), and considers his watch duties as a
shifts, and the officer is the overall bar- order to insure a steady supply of civi-
racks commander. The officer and mas- useful way to spend his self-imposed
lized food, drink, and sundry other retirement. Although he is aware of his
ter sergeant are on call 24 hours a day. pleasures he enjoys. Although he has
Each shift is 12 hours long. One shift abilities, he considers his skill at arms
been known to allow particularly clev- second to Chiapa’s. He has misinter-
patrols the city; 4 to 15 men are er or glib troublemakers go, he does not
assigned to each patrol, depending on preted Chiapa’s hedonism for ambition,
take bribes of any kind. He considers and has resolved not to stand in the
the time of day and other circumstanc- these an affront to his personal “honor”
es. Another shift is always within the younger man’s way. Should a crises
and will challenge any character who arise, however, Gar is quite capable of
barracks, sleeping, relaxing or training. tries to bribe him to a duel to the death.
The third shift is on free time. These pushing Chiapa aside so he can bring
When it comes to such challenges, his superior experience into play. Gar is
men can be found individually or in Chiapa doesn’t take no for an answer.
groups throughout the city. 5’11” tall and weighs 193 pounds, most
Likewise, he does not look kindly upon of that tight muscle.
The average watchman is a 2nd level subordinates who take bribes. Chiapa is
human fighter with 12 hit points. When Gar wears chain mail +2 and carries
6’ 2” tall and weighs 215 pounds. a bastard sword +2. He also has a ring
on patrol they wear ring mail and carry Chiapa keeps a two-handed sword
bastard swords, daggers, and bows. of free action, a philter of persuasive-
+3 in his room, but usually carries a ness, and a horn of goodness.
bastard sword +4 defender. He also

Ono DEX: 17 Geldorf is Chiapa’s first-shift sergeant.
CON: 17 He has been with the city watch for six
8th Level Male Human CHA: 10 years. He is a vicious, but not evil, man
COM: 11 who worked up to his present position
AC Normal: 1 through the ranks, trodding on the toes
STR: 17 and backs of his peers to get there. He is
AC Rear: 4
hungry for power, and will never hesi-
INT: 16 Hit Points: 89
tate to make himself look good at
WIS: 12 Alignment: Neutral Good another’s expense. He believes he is far
DEX: 18 Age: 27 more qualified to command than his
CON: 16 Weapon Proficiencies: Long superiors, and is certain he’ll have their
CHA: 15 Sword, Spear, Dagger, Bow, Trident, jobs one day. Geldorf is 5’ 9” tall and
COM: 13 Morning Star weighs 204 pounds.
AC Normal: 1 Special Abilities: Healing, Horse- Geldorf wears chain mail +1 and
AC Rear: 5 manship, Rope Use uses a bastard sword +2.
Hit Points: 68 Languages: Neutral Good, Common
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 31 Stark is Gar’s master sergeant. He Hal
served in two mercenary companies
Weapon Proficiencies: Long before coming to Ravens Bluff. He is 5th Level Male Human
Sword, Spear, Bow, Knife, Club loyal to Gar and concerned about his Fighter
Special Abilities: Horsemanship, men’s welfare. He thinks Chiapa is a
Running, Sound Imitation, Climbing wine-guzzling hothead, and cannot STR: 16
Languages: Neutral Good, Common, understand Gar’s deference to him. INT: 10
Tribal Stark is 5’ 10" and weighs 191 pounds. WIS: 14
Stark wears chain mail +1, and a ring DEX: 16
Ono is Chiapa’s master sergeant. Ono of fire resistance, and uses a long sword CON: 15
came to Ravens Bluff as a caravan +2.
guard seven years ago. Chiapa quickly CHA: 11
offered him a position in the watch, COM: 12
having heard of Ono’s skill with a Geldorf AC Normal: 1
sword, and being anxious to have AC Rear: 3
another “real man” in the barracks. 6th Level Male Human Hit Points: 39
Like Chiapa, Ono enjoys Ravens Bluffs Fighter Alignment: Neutral Good
many pleasures, but does not despise Age: 32
the citizens. He is absolutely loyal to STR: 16 Weapon Proficiencies: Broad
Chiapa. Like Chiapa, he never accepts INT: 9 Sword, Bastard Sword, Dagger, Bow,
bribes. Ulike Chiapa, he takes his job WIS: 10 Pike
seriously and will never let wrongdoers DEX: 14 Special Abilities: Endurance,
go just because they are glib or clever. CON: 17 Swimming
Ono is 5’ 10" tall and weighs 195 lbs. Languages: Neutral Good, Common
CHA: 10
Ono carries a scimitar +3, a buckle
knife +1, and two potions of extra heal- COM: 14
AC Normal: 4 Hal has been with the watch for 11
ing. years. He is Chiapa’s second-shift ser-
AC Rear: 4
geant. Hal is a local boy, and his only
Hit Points: 47
Stark excursions into the countryside have
Alignment: Lawful Good (Lawful been on the job. Hal is 5’ 7” tall and
Neutral tendencies) weighs 152 pounds.
9th Level Male Human Age: 24 Hal wears ring mail +1 and uses a
Fighter Weapon Proficiencies: Bastard broad sword + 1.
Sword, Spear, Dagger, Bow, Pike
STR: 17
Special Abilities: Alertness, Track-
INT: 11 ing
WIS: 13 Languages: Lawful Good, Common

Born Special Abilities: Endurance, Hunt-
5th Level Male Human Languages: Lawful Good, Common
Rulf is Gar’s first-shift sergeant. He is a
STR: 17 veteran of the old king’s army and has
INT: 11 been with the watch for five years. He
WIS: 12 is quiet and does not socialize with his
DEX: 15 peers or with the men or officers. He is
CON: 17 a stickler for military discipline, and his
CHA: 11 shift is the snappiest outfit in the watch.
COM: 16 Rulf is 5’10" and weighs 171 pounds.
AC Normal: 4 Rulf wears ring mail +1 and carries a
AC Rear: 5 bastard sword + 1/+2 vs. magic-using
Hit Points: 47 and enchanted creatures.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 25
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Burt
Sword, Spear, Hand Axe, Bow, Knife,
5th Level Male Human
Special Abilities: Horsemanship,
Running, Sound Imitation, Climbing Fighter
Languages: Chaotic Good, Common,
STR: 17
Tribal INT: 10 7th Level Male Human
WIS: 11 Fighter
Born is an ex-mercenary who has cam- DEX: 17
paigned in the past with Chiapa. He is CON: 16
currently Chiapa’s third-shift sergeant. STR: 16
CHA: 11 INT: 11
He enjoys living in Ravens Bluff, but COM: 8
once he has drunk and wenched his WIS: 10
AC Normal: 0 DEX: 14
way through the city he’ll probably go AC Rear: 4
back to the wilderness. Born is 5’7” tall CON: 17
Hit Points: 38 CHA: 10
and weighs 147 pounds. Alignment: Lawful Good
Born uses a long sword +2. COM: 14
Age: 28 AC Normal: 4
Weapon Proficiencies: Bastard AC Rear: 5
Rulf Sword, Spear, Dagger, Bow, Pike Hit Points: 33
Special Abilities: Boxer Alignment: Lawful Good
7th Level Male Human Languages: Lawful Good, Common Age: 24
Fighter Weapon Proficiencies: Long
Burt is Gar’s second-shift sergeant. He Sword, Dagger, Bow, Pike
STR: 18/12 has been with the watch six years and Special Abilities: Endurance, Alert-
INT: 10 worked his way up through the ranks, ness
WIS: 13 helped by his boxing skill. Burt’s bare Languages: Lawful Good, Common
DEX: 16 hands are considered small, hard ob-
CON: 17 jects when pummeling (if he’s wearing Luath is Gar’s third-shift sergeant. He
CHA: 10 metal gauntlets his hands are considered was recently promoted to sergeant af-
COM: 9 large, hard objects). Burt has a broken ter saving a family from a fire. He is still
AC Normal: 4 nose, and a battered, scarred visage. very much a rank-and-file watchman,
AC Rear: 6 His men respect his abilities and are un- and he is uncomfortable with his new
Hit Points: 62 shakably loyal to him. responsibilities and authority. Luath is
Alignment: Lawful Good Burt is 5’11" tall and weighs 187 5’ 8” tall and weighs 163 pounds.
Age: 38 pounds. Luath wears ring mail +2 and uses a
Weapon Proficiencies: Bastard Burt wears chain mail +1, and wields long sword +1.
Sword, Long Sword, Spear, Dagger, a long sword +2.
Bow, Pike

The Happy Stein

The Happy Stein is a tavern housed in a Drinks (16-ounce tankard) Ludwig Kross
one-story stone building with a slate Wine (good) 15 sp
roof. The Happy Stein serves fair food Grog (watered rum) 0 Level Male Human
and offers a good selection of beer, ale, 4 sp
Wine (watery) 10 sp
and wines. The normal patrons are Rum STR: 12
8 sp
lower middle class locals, passing trad- Ale 3 sp INT: 10
ers, and adventures. Traders meet at Beer 8 cp WIS: 11
the Stein because it is conveniently
located not far from the city’s main DEX: 10
gates. Adventurers also find the loca- CON: 12
tion handy, but the tavern mainly Beef Ribs 8 sp CHA: 15
attracts adventurers because of its Beef Steaks 10 sp
Bread COM: 9
semi-private booths and four private 5 cp
meeting rooms (which can be rented at Eggs, chicken 3 cp AC Normal: 10
reasonable prices). Eggs, Snake 2 sp AC Rear: 10
Haggis 5 sp Hit Points: 5
The Stein also has a combination Lizard Steaks 2 gp Alignment: Neutral (Lawful Good
common room/bar, a kitchen, a cellar, Mutton
and living quarters for the owner, 4 sp tendencies)
Pie, Apple (slice) 1 sp
Ludwig Kross, and his wife, daughter, Age: 49
Roast Chicken (whole bird) 5 sp
and two sons. Stew, Snake Weapon Proficiencies: Sap, Club
5 sp
The Stein’s prices are fairly standard: Stew, Rabbit 3 sp Special Abilities: Alertness
Vegetables 3 cp Languages: Common
Venison Steaks 6 sp

Ludwig Kross is friendly, jovial, and Jill Ann Kross Age: 11
rotund. He never short changes a cus- Weapon Proficiencies: None
tomer or skimps on a serving, and he is 0 Level Female Human Special Abilities: None
quick to offer a customer advice or Languages: Common
information about the city. Like good STR: 10
bartenders from every time and place, Karl Kross is the older of the two boys.
INT: 11
Ludwig talks little and listens well. He lethargically goes about the odd jobs
However, Ludwig is known to be able to WIS: 10
his father gives him; he is bored with
keep his mouth shut when necessary, DEX: 15
his life and hopes to someday go off
and will not betray a confidence or give CON: 13 adventuring like so many of the Stein’s
personal information about a customer. CHA: 12 patrons. While his father has difficulty
Ludwig Kross stands 5’7” and weighs COM: 10 getting him to do anything, PCs who vis-
205 pounds. He has a deep, booming AC Normal: 9 it the Stein might find him helpful. He
voice that lets him be heard across the AC Rear: 10 will gladly accept a coin in return for a
entire tavern, no matter how crowded, Hit Points: 3 small errand or service, and since he is
whenever he wishes. Alignment: Neutral (Lawful Good itching for excitement he will enthusi-
tendencies) astically accept any larger task they
Age: 18 might entrust to him. Karl is 4’10” tall
Laura Kross and weighs 82 pounds.
Weapon Proficiencies: None
0 Level Female Human Special Abilities: None
Languages: Common William Kross
STR: 9
INT: 10 Jill Ann Kross is a plain young woman 0 Level Male Human
WIS: 13 who helps her parents by waiting on
tables. She firmly believes that one day 9
DEX: 11 STR:
her knight in shining armor will ride up
CON: 9 INT: 9
to the tavern, sweep her off her feet
CHA: 14 and carry her away to lifelong happi- WIS: 9
COM: 9 ness. She is a hard worker, but often DEX: 14
AC Normal: 10 wastes time ogling good-looking male CON: 15
AC Rear: 10 customers. She will unabashedly fawn CHA: 12
Hit Points: 5 over any good-looking male who enters COM: 9
Alignment: Neutral (Lawful Good the Stein wearing shiny armor. Jill Ann AC Normal: 10
tendencies) is 5’ 4” tall and weighs 112 pounds. AC Rear: 10
Age: 43 Hit Points: 2
Weapon Proficiencies: Knife Alignment: Neutral (Lawful Good
Special Abilities: Cook, Baker
Karl Kross tendencies)
Languages: Common Age: 8
0 Level Male Human
Weapon Proficiencies: None
Laura Kross does just about all the STR: 10 Special Abilities: Swimming
cooking at the Stein. She is 5’2” tall and Languages: Common
INT: 9
weighs 197 pounds. She has a pleasant
disposition, but her stature and weight WIS: 9
William Kross does his work quickly
make her look like a dumpling wearing DEX: 16
and well, but he likes to spend his time
an apron. Laura enjoys cooking (even CON: 14 down at the docks watching the ships
more than eating) and is proud of the CHA: 11 and listening to the sailors tell stories.
food she prepares. She has been known COM: 10 He would like to go to sea someday.
to give larger helpings to those who AC Normal: 8 Adventurers don’t impress him. Wil-
compliment her cooking. Laura’s apple AC Rear: 10 liam is 4'6" tall and weighs 68 pounds.
pies are exceedingly good, and can Hit Points: 3
make almost any visit to the Stein Alignment: Neutral (Chaotic Neutral
worthwhile. tendencies)

The Shod Tallon

The Shod Tallon is an old stucco build- Voron’s food and drink is better than
ing with a slate roof. There is a 15-by-40 average, and few complain about his
Voron Orama
foot patio perched atop the roof. It is prices. 6th Level Male Moon Elf
accessed by a spiral staircase in the Most patrons of the Shod Tallon are Magic-user
storage room. The sign in front of this traveling elves and half elves. Not liking
tavern displays a giant roc with its tal- to associate more than they have to STR: 9
ons outstretched. The talons are cov- with humans, many elves feel more INT: 16
ered with steel. comfortable at the Shod Tallon because WIS: 15
The tavern keeper, Voron Orama, is of its elven owner. DEX: 16
an elderly, one-armed elf. His prices are Voron also keeps ten rooms. They CON: 9
higher than most, but not the highest in cost from 1 to 5 gp per night, depending CHA: 10
town. He charges 1 sp for a pint of beer, on size. These are high prices, but the COM: 15
4 sp for ale; his wine runs from 12 sp to rooms are usually rented to elves or to AC Normal: 8
1 gp, and an evening meal costs as fol- others who do not wish to stay at one of AC Rear: 10
lows: the local inns for one reason or another, Hit Points: 19
and so are willing to pay the extra price. Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Beef Ribs 1 gp Voron lives alone but has a live-in Age: 1,150
Roast Chicken 8 sp cook, Gaolla Luathe, and a servant girl, Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger,
Beef Steaks 2 gp Dumiriel, who works in the tavern. Staff
Roast Turkey 4 sp Voron himself usually works behind the Special Abilities: None
Chicken Eggs 5 cp bar. Languages: Lawful Neutral, Elven
Vegetables 5 cp Languages
Mutton 6 sp Spells/Day: 4 2 2
Venison 8 sp

Spell Book: Local rumor has it that he lost his arm Dumiriel
in an argument over a patron’s bill.
Cantrips Clean Female Wild Elf
Dust Gaolla Luathe STR: 9
Shine INT: 16
Gather 0 Level Female Half Elf
WIS: 15
Flavor DEX: 16
STR: 11
Level 1 Spells Read Magic INT: 10 CON: 9
Alarm WIS: 12 CHA: 1 0
Magic Missile DEX: 15 COM: 15
Sleep CON: 10 AC Normal: 8
Unseen Servant CHA: 1 2 AC Rear: 10
Friends COM: 13 Hit Points: 3
Run AC Normal: 9 Alignment: Neutral
AC Rear: 10 Age: 75
Level 2 Spells ESP
Hit Points: 3 Weapon Proficiencies: Knife
Alignment: Neutral Good Special Abilities: None
Detect Invisibility
Age: 95 Languages: Elvish
Level 3 Spells Slow Weapon Proficiencies: Knife
Fly Special Abilities: None Voron purchased Dumiriel from some
Dispel Magic Languages: Neutral Good, Common, traveling human mercenaries 20 years
Voron Orama is bitter toward the world Half Elven Languages ago. Voron offered her freedom, but
and so keeps to himself. More than 300 she was afraid to be left on her own.
years ago, he served an elvish king, Gaolla Luathe has been the cook at the Instead, she has stayed on at the Tallon
until he went off by himself to fight a Shod Tallon for the last 30 years. She is cleaning and waiting on tables. She
dragon and gain its treasure. He lost the happy with her work and the exposure hates and distrusts all humans. She
fight and his left arm. He never it gives her to traveling elves from speaks only Elvish and is very attrac-
returned to the king’s service. He brief- many lands. She enjoys listening to the tive. She has come to think of Gaolla as
ly gave up magic after his brush with tales of their travels. She is 4’10” and an elder sister, and Voron as a surrogate
weighs 97 pounds. father.
death, but took it up again after he
bought the Shod Tallon. The tavern’s
name does not entirely please him, but
he thought changing it would bring bad

The Sparkling Edge
The Sparkling Edge is a gem shop fair trader and does not usually ask Oscar, who was in the area looking for
housed in a one-story brick building questions about where the gems he gems, happened on the scene in time to
with a tile roof. The building is old, but buys come from. He maintains a small, save Sakiera, but not the rest of her
has been well maintained and newly secret storage closet inside his strong family. Sakiera is grateful for the rescue
renovated. The shop is a moderate-sized room for keeping really valuable mer- and cheerfully cooks and keeps house
room with a counter dividing it. There is chandise. Oscar usually will not cut for Oscar. She would marry him if he
a work area behind the counter where gems a customer brings in, but will asked her, but Oscar has never enter-
Oscar Kerlin, the gem cutter, usually can offer to buy such gems. He is quite tained the idea. Oscar is not looking for
be found. Oscar is a dealer of gems, and wary of thieves, and watches his gems a wife, and would not consider Sakiera
a skilled gem cutter. Oscar is always will- like a proverbial hawk. if he was—he thinks of her as the
ing to offer a fair price for good quality daughter he never had. He might
gems, but he always will make sure he Sakiera change his mind, however, if he were to
makes a profit. be reminded that Sakiera is almost as
Oscar has an apprentice, Max 2nd Level Female Half Elf old as he is.
Darkeyes, who is as much a guard as an Magic-user
apprentice. Max is quiet, but strong, STR: 10 Max Darkeyes
and his size gives him an appearance INT: 18
intimidating enough to deter most 4th Level Male Human
WIS: 16
would-be thieves. Fighter
DEX: 18
Oscar maintains a large dining room CON: 12 STR: 18/64
for entertaining visiting gem merchants CHA: 16 INT: 15
and traders and has two guest rooms COM: 16 WIS: 12
for such visitors. Oscar has a live-in AC Normal: 6 DEX: 14
housekeeper, Sakiera, to maintain these AC Rear: 10 CON: 17
rooms. Some people say she is a slave Hit Points: 7 CHA: 12
Oscar bought on one of his infrequent Alignment: Neutral Good COM: 10
trips to trade and deal gems. Age: 41 AC Normal: 7
Weapon Proficiencies: Staff AC Rear: 7
Oscar Kerlin Special Abilities: None Hit Points: 29
Languages: Neutral Good, Common, Alignment: Chaotic Good
2nd Level Male Human
Half Elf Languages Age: 24
Fighter Spells/day: 2 Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger,
STR: 14 Bastard Sword (specialist), Crossbow,
Spell Book:
INT: 15 Sap
WIS: 15 Cantrips Clean Special Abilities: Gem Identifica-
DEX: 14 Dry tion, Gem Appraisal
CON: 10 Dust Languages: Chaotic Good, Common
CHA: 9 Shine
Hide Max Darkeyes is not a very good gem
COM: 12 cutter. Oscar only lets him practice on
AC Normal: 7 Unlock
quartz because of his ineptitude. Max is
AC Rear: 7 Level 1 Spells Read Magic large and muscular, standing 6’2” and
Hit Points: 11 Alarm weighing 198 pounds. He does not
Alignment: Lawful Neutral Jump aspire to be a gem cutter. His apprentice
Age: 41 Sleep agreement stipulates that during his
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Unseen Servant
apprenticeship, Kerlin will teach him
Sword, Bow, Hammer, Military Pick Sakiera is a quiet, attractive woman. gem cutting and pay for his training in
Special Abilities: Gem Cutter, Gem She is 5’ 3” tall, and weighs 112 pounds. the use of arms. In return for this, Max
Indentification, Gem Appraisal She looks human, and appears to be in guards the Sparkling Edge. There is a
Languages: Lawful Neutral, Com- her mid-twenties. Only Oscar knows further stipulation that after his
mon she is half elven. She is of Gold Elf apprenticeship, Kerlin will provide Max
Oscar Kerlin is 6’ tall and weighs 175 descent. Sakiera’s family lived in a small with a suit of armor, weapons, and a
pounds. He is good at estimating the val- village near Mulmaster until the village grubstake. Max looks forward to mak-
ue of gems, both cut and uncut. He is a was destroyed in a goblinoid raid. ing his own fame and fortune.

Weapon Proficiencies: Knife,
The Pig-in-a-Poke is a one-story, stucco Berde Cedmac Hand Axe
building with a shingle roof. It is a
butcher shop offering fresh and pre- Special Abilities: Butcher
0 Level Female Human
served meats. Important or particularly Languages: Common
knowledgeable customers are allowed STR: 7
to buy their meat “on the hoof” and 10 Cedric Cedmac is industrious and hard
have it cut to order. Customers can also 10 working. He is proud to be helping his
bring their own animals for slaughter. father in the family business. He
DEX: 8
The building contains animal pens, a 7 expects to inherit the shop and plans to
butchering area, a meat hanging room, continue as a butcher, and to pass the
CHA: 12
and living quarters for the butcher, 9 shop on to his son. He is 5’9” tall and
Boch Cedmac, and his wife and two weighs 185 pounds.
AC Normal: 10
sons. The entire family helps run the AC Rear: 10
business. Hit Points: 5 Jason Cedmac
Alignment: Neutral (Lawful Good
Boch Cedmac Age: 44
0 Level Male Human
Weapon Proficiencies: Knife STR: 16
0 Level Male Human Special Abilities: None INT: 12
Languages: Common WIS: 10
STR: 13
INT: 9 DEX: 16
Berde Cedmac, like her husband, is soft- CON: 14
WIS: 11
spoken and polite, but haggles well. She CHA: 13
DEX: 12
frequently suffers from minor ill- COM: 10
CON: 10 nesses, but is as active as her poor
CHA: 9 AC Normal: 8
health allows. She waits on customers AC Rear: 10
COM: 10 in the shop, and visits the market when-
AC Normal: 10 Hit Points: 6
ever she can. She enjoys spending part Alignment: Neutral (Chaotic Good
AC Rear: 10 of her market days talking with other
Hit Points: 6 tendencies)
town women. She is popular in Ravens Age: 16
Alignment: Neutral (Lawful Good
Bluff and welcome wherever she goes. Weapon Proficiencies: Knife,
Although not a gossip, she is always up Hand Axe
Age: 48 to date on the local news, whatever its
Weapon Proficiencies: Knife, Special Abilities: Butcher
importance. Berde is 5’ 4” tall and Languages: Common
Hand Axe weighs 136 pounds.
Special Abilities: Butcher
Languages: Common Jason Cedmac has learned his father’s
business well and is a good butcher. He
Cedric Cedmac realizes that his older brother will
Boch Cedmac is 5’ 9” tall and weighs
192 pounds. He is quiet and intro- inherit the business one day, however,
0 Level Male Human
verted. Boch asks a fair price for his and is not sure what he will do with his
wares, but will politely haggle if neces- life. He is thinking about joining the city
STR: 14
sary. He knows his business, however, 10 watch. If PCs try to recruit henchmen
and always sells at a profit. He values 9 in Ravens Bluff, Jason might answer
his regular customers, and is quick to 13 their advertisements. He will not accept
correct any legitimate complaints they a position unless he is sure he is getting
CON: 14
might have about the goods or services a good deal (he has his father’s ability to
CHA: 12
offered at the Pig-in-a-Poke. Boch sells haggle). He is unsure about adventur-
COM: 10
hides (his business’s major by product) ing, and will not take a position at any
AC Normal: 10
to the local tanner who offers the best price if he thinks he will not be treated
AC Rear: 10
price. PCs who need untanned hides properly. Jason is 5’7” and weighs 153
Hit Points: 6
might be able to buy them from Boch. Alignment: Neutral (Lawful Good pounds; he will be a good fighter when
he gets his full growth.
Age: 19

Ye Who Dares
a smith, with overdeveloped arms, and
a heat-scared visage. The smell of coal
smoke always clings to him.

Susan Branding
0 Level Female Human

STR: 9
INT: 12
WIS: 13
DEX: 10
CON: 9
CHA: 9
COM: 10
AC Normal: 10
AC Rear: 10
Hit Points: 4
Ye Who Dares is a one-story stucco Johan Branding Alignment: Neutral Good
building with a slate roof. It houses the Age: 33
forge and work space of Johan Brand- 0 Level Male Human Weapon Proficiencies: None
ing, the armorer. Ye Who Dares is Special Abilities: None
known in town as having adequate STR: 16 Languages: Common
arms and armor at reasonable prices. INT: 14
Johan lives here with his wife, three WIS: 15 Susan Branding is a rather plain wom-
sons, two daughters, and his appren- DEX: 9 an. She is a good housekeeper and
tice, Lars Olafson. The shop has a CON: 11 mother. She keeps the family’s living
forge and work areas, a storage area, CHA: 8 area spotless, a hard job considering
and a display area for finished armor COM: 9 the dirt and sweat the family business
and weapons. There is also a work AC Normal: 10 generates. She is kindhearted and often
room where pieces of armor are AC Rear: 10 chides her husband for being self-
assembled. The living quarters at the Hit Points: 6 centered (he often is). She is stands 5’2”
shop are a guest room, a kitchen, a Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic and weighs 143 pounds.
family room, a parlor, the apprentice’s Neutral tendencies)
room, and six bedrooms. Age: 40
Johan is a square dealer and is always Weapon Proficiencies: Hammer,
Lars Olafson
willing to strike a bargain. He keeps his Club 0 Level Male Human
prices down by having his entire family Special Abilities: Smith, Armorer
work in the shop. The girls sew togeth- Languages: Common STR: 17
er pieces of leather to make leather INT: 13
armor, then attach splints, scales, or Johan Branding inherited his smithy WIS: 13
rings to make mail. The boys help in the from his father. He is a very good smith, DEX: 12
shop, either at the forge or at the work but is always cutting corners to reduce CON: 15
tables under Lars’ or Johan’s direction. costs, either in the alloy used, time CHA: 12
This results in serviceable, but not top spent tempering metal, or skimping on COM: 9
quality, equipment. Experienced adven- materials used assembling items. That AC Normal: 10
turers and the nobility tend to turn up is how he undersells his competition. AC Rear: 10
their noses at Johan’s wares, but his low While his merchandise is not faulty, his Hit Points: 6
prices (usually 80% of book value, weapons and armor do not hold up Alignment: Lawful Good
sometimes less) are attractive to merce- over time and do not last as long as Age: 20
naries and low-level adventures. items of better manufacture. Also, his Weapon Proficiencies: Hammer
wares look cheap. Johan is 5’ 8” tall and Special Abilities: Smith, Armorer
weighs 168 pounds. He looks every inch Languages: Common

Lars Olafson is a very industrious work- Alignment: Neutral Good John Branding
er. He is near the end of his apprentice- Age: 16
ship and hopes to move out within the Weapon Proficiencies: None 0 Level Male Human
next two years to open his own smithy. Special Abilities: Seamstress, Leath-
He dislikes Johan’s habit of cutting cor- er Worker STR: 17
ners, but is wise enough not to say any- Languages: Common INT: 11
thing. He looks forward to the day WIS: 14
when he can do his job right. He is 5’ 6” Sybil Branding hopes to marry soon. DEX: 16
tall and weighs 163 pounds. She wants to raise her own family CON: 18
instead of spending her days sewing CHA: 15
leather. She is very attractive and three COM: 16
Peter Branding local boys have asked for her hand, but AC Normal: 10
her father says they are not old enough AC Rear: 10
0 Level Male Human
or wealthy enough. She is 5’3” and Hit Points: 4
STR: 17 weighs 113 pounds. Alignment: Chaotic Good
INT: 10 Age: 12
Weapon Proficiencies: None
WIS: 9 Kitrina Branding Special Abilities: Smith
DEX: 13
CON: 17 0 Level Female Human Languages: Common
CHA: 14
STR: 11 John Branding is remarkably strong for
COM: 9
INT: 12 his age. His father thinks he has real
AC Normal: 10
WIS: 10 ability to be a good smith because of his
AC Rear: 10
DEX: 17 strength. He is 5’ 5” tall and weighs 125
Hit Points: 6
CON: 12 pounds.
Alignment: Chaotic Good (Chaotic
Neutral tendencies) CHA: 15
Age: 17 COM: 17 Samul Branding
Weapon Proficiencies: Hammer AC Normal: 7
Special Abilities: Smith, Armorer AC Rear: 10 0 Level Male Human
Languages: Common Hit Points: 3
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral STR: 12
Peter Branding is the eldest son and a Age: 14 INT: 10
talented weaponsmith in his own right. Weapon Proficiencies: None WIS: 12
Like Lars, he is an apprentice smith and Special Abilities: Seamstress, Leath- DEX: 15
detests using inferior metals and alloys er Worker, Incipient Thief Abilities CON: 12
when he feels he has the skills to be a Languages: Common CHA: 12
great weaponsmith. He is 5’ 10 tall and COM: 14
weighs 164 pounds. Kitrina Branding is the most mischie- AC Normal: 9
vous of the Branding children. She has a AC Rear: 10
good figure for her age, and looks older Hit Points: 3
Sybil Branding than she is. Her mother frequently Alignment: Lawful Good
catches her sneaking in the back door Age: 9
0 Level Female Human well after midnight. She is attractive Weapon Proficiencies: None
STR: 10 and very outspoken. When she can Special Abilities: Smith
INT: 14 escape the house, she goes to one of the Languages: Common
WIS: 17 better local taverns, where she can flirt
with the male patrons. She has all the Samul Branding desperately wants to
DEX: 15
makings of a skillful thief, and is please his father, and is the hardest
CON: 10
already adept at picking locks and mov- worker in the shop. He is very curious
CHA: 15
ing silently. With adjustments for dex- about the shop’s clientele, and buries
COM: 16
terity, her chances for success are 20% customers with avalanches of ques-
AC Normal: 9
and 15%, respectively. She is 5’ 4” and tions. He is 4’3” tall and weighs 82
AC Rear: 10
weighs 108 pounds. pounds.
Hit Points: 3

Narwhal Manor, a two-story, stone The second floor has numerous nar- AC Normal: 10
building with a watch tower atop the row windows, giving a good view in all AC Rear: 10
roof, serves as a customs warehouse. It directions. Draco’s quarters are here, Hit Points: 32
also serves as home and office for and there is a guest room. This floor Alignment: Lawful Good
Draco Elass, the chief customs official. also has a small library and parlor. Age: 235
The ground floor has heavy, wood There is a spiral stair which leads to the Weapon Proficiencies: Long
doors at the front and rear. The doors roof and tower. The parlor is decorated Sword, Scimitar, Pike, Longbow (Spe-
can be easily secured with beams from with mementos of Draco’s exploits as a cialist), Knife
the outside. The only windows on the sea captain; it is here that he usually re- Special Abilities: Mariner, Weather
ground floor are narrow (two feet ceives guests. Sense, Navigator, Rope Use
wide) and have iron bars on the outside. Languages: Lawful Good, Common,
This floor houses customs records and Half Elf Languages
the customs office. There is also a Master Draco Elass
strong room that only can be entered 7th Level Male Half Elf Master Elass is a retired sea captain
from the office. This room has a mas- Fighter famed for his many campaigns against
sive iron door and lock; it is used to pirates on the Sea of Fallen Stars. He is
store valuables while they wait to clear STR: 14 known for being secretive and keeping
customs, or until any duties or taxes INT: 11 to himself. However, he is also known
levied on them are paid. The rest of the WIS: 12 for receiving guests, mostly visiting
ground floor is a warehouse for holding DEX: 13 ship captains, and entertaining them
less valuable import or export goods. CON: 13 lavishly.
This area is also used for storing confis- CHA: 10 Draco always seems to be able to pre-
cated cargos which are waiting disposi- COM: 12 dict the weather accurately, and many
tion. captains consult him before setting sail.

He usually carries a long sword, and ru- Docara Her fortunes changed when her ship
mor has it he is a dead shot with a long- ran aground in a heavy fog two years
bow. Draco is 5’ 6” tall and weighs 130 0 Level Female Drow Elf ago. Docara was the only survivor.
pounds. STR: 11 Draco found her on the beach and
Draco has accumulated several magic INT: 18 nursed her back to health. Never hav-
items over the years. He keeps a long- WIS: 16 ing been on her own and not having the
bow +2 in a weapon case in the second DEX: 18 faintest idea of how to find her people,
floor hallway. The parlor has a display she decided to stay with Draco. If noth-
CON: 14
case to the right of the door where CHA: 14 ing else, she feels safe with him. Be-
Draco keeps a ship’s spyglass and me- COM: 19 cause of the way she was abused by the
mentos from his life at sea. Anyone AC Normal: 6 pirates, she fears most men. To ease her
looking through the spyglass sees the AC Rear: 10 fears, Draco has spread the rumor that
weather as it will be 24 hours later. The Hit Points: 66 she is a boy. This was one of the things
glass can be used 10 minutes per day. Alignment: Neutral (Lawful Good that convinced her she could trust him.
Draco also keeps a suit of leather armor tendencies) Docara learned thieves cant from the
+2 in his closet. Age: 20 pirates, and lately she has learned to
Draco’s current servant, Docara, is Weapon Proficiencies: Knife, Sap read and taken an interest in magic.
said to be a cabin boy from a ship that Special Abilities: Fishing This, however, has forced her to make
ran aground two years ago. The ser- Languages: Neutral, Common, several hair-raising (from Docara’s
vant never talks to anyone and is sel- Thieves Cant point of view) trips into the city to buy
dom seen far from the manor. When he books. She wanted Draco to get them
is seen on the city streets, he is always Docara was captured as a babe and sold for her, but he refused; Draco doesn’t
heavily hooded and robed. No one can to pirates. She grew up on a pirate ship, disapprove of magic, he just wanted Do-
remember actually seeing his face, but and her masters treated her like chat- cara to do something on her own. Do-
commoners in the market say his com- tel. The crew was allowed to do what cara is 4’ 3” tall and weighs 89 pounds.
plexion is nearly black. they liked with her. In human terms,
she appears to be about 13 years old.

A Tale Within a Tale
It begins under the branches of a huge Thousand Tricks and a Thousand Lives. ever, made saddle and noble slide off the
oak, the coolest spot in a very hot mar- Ren wore his trademark, a wonder- animal’s back. Ren easily sidestepped the
ketplace. fully-wrought chain mail cloak, which mishap and good-naturedly bent to as-
The storyteller, Drawmij, assesses his all the guards envied. He was covered sist the fallen rider. While one hand
audience. There is the usual scattering in gleaming metal from neck to boot helped the man to his feet, the other was
of bright young street urchins hovering top. He also wore his usual sly, uncom- a blur around the noble’s body.
over him. A few bored second and third pliant grin. The guards wondered why “Come my fine sir. It’s time to pay for
sons of merchants stand farther back. they weren’t allowed to arrest such a this and past mistakes.” Ren spoke loud
Several lovely, veiled ladies walk by, and famous lawbreaker. However, their enough for the growing crowd of peas-
the storyteller adjusts the carefully di- daydreams were interrupted when an ants to hear. He knew there are few
sheveled strands of his gray wig so he angry sergeant forced them back to laws outside the city walls.
can see them better. As the ladies move their duties and nodded respectfully to Sernt blustered and reached for his
to join the crowd he begins his first Ren. sword, but his hand drew a carrot from
story with laughter and a flourish of his Ren nodded back. He could tell from his scabbard instead.
hands. the guardsmen’s sneers that they “Looking for this?” Ren asked, dis-
“Listen, gentle ladies and brave war- thought him an easy mark. Such a mis- playing a jeweled short sword. Ren
riors, to this tale of how the black tem- take was easy to make, as his enchanted threw the weapon to a burly farmer.
ple outside our city was created.” cloak hid all manner of bulky weapons “The price of vegetables just went up by
Drawmij can instantly tell he has the and other items and showed no bulges one sword. Are you ready to pay now?”
adults’ attention. However, the children at all. But the sergeant knew the score, Sweating, the noble leapt to his fallen
obviously never have been out of the and his politeness saved the guards- saddle for a battle axe, but found only
city, and they seem restless. men’s lives. two cabbages. Turning, he discovered
“It’s a tale of magic and danger, of en- “Where you off to today, Ren?” the Ren with the weapon.
chanted weapons and Mighty Ren the sergeant called from the barbican. “One sword. One battle axe. Have you
thief.” At the mention of Ren the chil- “I’m going fishing,” Ren replied as he checked your underwear?” Ren
dren’s eyes widen and they give Draw- strode through the opening gates. quipped.
mij their full attention. The storyteller His smile became a little less self as- The crowd roared, and the noble
allows himself a sly grin; he knows that sured as he thought of the fishing expe- knew he was beaten. Gathering what
a story of this romantic figure is of in- dition. He hoped it would merit the remained of his dignity, he snatched his
terest to all ages. As the tale unravels early hour of his rising. His hands, de- saddle bag, vaulted to the stallion’s bare
the crowd around his tree grows larger spite his preoccupation, flashed like back, and raced for the gate, leaving his
and larger. . . . summer lightning from under his cloak saddle behind. The crowd let him pass.
as he passed a group of well-dressed “Not a bad bit of horsemanship,”
merchants and silently withdrew inside chuckled Ren.
“When the early morning sun strikes
again, bearing the day’s first catch. “Bless you sir Ren,” the crone gushed
the gates of Ravens Bluff it brightens
A shout of consternation drew his at- as the crowd broke up.
what is never a pretty sight—hundreds
of sweaty, already-weary merchants tention to a small group of people, “Think nothing of it, little mother.
where he saw an old crone shrieking at And here is a parting gift from the lord.”
and earth-stained farmers noisily await-
a mounted noble, who had tipped over Ren produced the noble’s purse, filled
ing the city’s opening, each planning or
her vegetable wagon. Ren recognized with gold, and gave her three gleaming
hoping to make riches in the market-
place inside. the man, his name was Sernt. coins. The sight of the money left the
“Out of my way, hag!” Sernt shouted woman speechless, and Ren left, smil-
Atop the ebony barbican which pro-
as he tried to urge his massive stallion ing at the good deed.
tected the gates, bored guards looked
past the wagon and through the crowd. An hour later the gates of the city
down on the masses waiting to be let in
and thought how easy it would be to “But my wagon. My veg’tabls. You were lost over the horizon and Ren sat
must pay!” the woman cried. eating a cold breakfast on his favorite
dump several cauldrons filled with boil-
Ren glided behind the stallion and his resting rock. This was also his favorite
ing oil on the rabble. When the Gate
hands repeatedly darted in and out of fishing spot, even though there was no
Marshal barked the order to open the
his cloak. Then he pranced to the stal- water in sight. Ren preferred to cast for
gates all the guards abandoned their
lion’s front, where he confronted Sernt. wealthy, two-legged fish on their way to
musings and tried to look busy.
“You really must pay,” Ren chirped, Ravens Bluff. Occasionally merchants
Just inside the gates, a lone figure
shaking a scolding finger. in a wagon, adventurers in a chariot, or
waited to be let out. The guards knew
“I’ll do nothing of the kind!” roared the a lone rider on a horse would pass by,
him to be Ren of the Cloak, Ren of a
noble, making his steed rear. This, how- and Ren would smile at them. Some

would smile back, and some would
ignore him. It was the ones who
stopped that interested Ren.
One of those was a black cleric of a
dark order who rode a large, ugly war
horse. The cleric rode up, noting the
large wine skin and assortment of
cheeses spread out on Ren’s resting
“Give me some wine, unbeliever, and
the blessings of the many-armed one
will be upon you.” This was stated as a
demand, not a request.
“Keep your blessings sir, but you may
share my wine,” Ren said with a grin. He
grabbed the skin and ran quickly to the
cleric. Pretending to trip, Ren fell
against the horse and the skin flew wet-
ly into the cleric’s face.
“Fool! Be careful!” the cleric scream- with unknown contents. Finally, Ren Ren didn’t even stop to rifle the body.
ed. got to his equipment. However, the cler- He was unnerved by the growing noise
Ren’s hands shot in and out of his ic had gotten to him. from the hammer and felt certain some-
cloak several times. When his questing A blow grazed Ren’s cloak and struck thing bad was going to happen. The
fingers touch a glossy, black leather a boulder. The boulder shattered amid thief beat an undignified retreat over
container a flash of crackling, black a cloud of brimstone. the rocks, toward the safety of the city.
lightning burst forth, and Ren is blasted The next blow couldn’t be dodged, The hammer could be heard even after
to the ground, his hand smoking. but by then Ren had his hand shoved the scene of the melee was lost from
“Ho! My fine thief, know that you into the jar of healing cream. (At the view. Ren reached the gates in record
have tried to grab the Black Hammer of bottom of his cloak, naturally.) The time, and vowed not to leave again for
my order,” said the cleric gleefully. blow smashed against Ren’s shoulder. quite some time.”
“Your taste in enchanted weapons is The thief felt pain, but wasn’t
excellent. But now that you, an unbe- destroyed as the cleric expected. In
Drawmij ends the tale there, to the dis-
liever, have touched it and become retaliation Ren drew a long sword and
tress of the crowd around him. He can’t
burned you must finish the feeding long knife. His burnt hand was nearly
remember why he started that particu-
process.” The cleric dismounted, the healed.
lar story anyway It is not one of his
black case in his hands. From this con- Blade met hammer shaft and sparks
favorites. He rubs the scarred hand,
tainer he pulled a glossy black hammer flew. Simultaneously, Ren’s long knife
still remembering the pain.
like none Ren had seen. Ren retreated thrust at the cleric and rebounded off
“But what about the black temple?”
to the tumble of rocks, and the cleric his ring mail. The hammer’s moaning
one of the veiled ladies asks.
followed. As his foe moved closer, Ren grew louder, and Ren knew the weapon
“‘My friends, no one wants to hear the
heard the hammer begin to moan and thirsted for his life.
ghastly tale of the hundreds who died
gibber, to cry for his blood. Ren leapt back, shouting, and disap-
investigating the noises from those
The pain in his hand intensified as the peared into the folds of his cloak. The
rocks. Let us rather praise our noble
hammer glowed red. Reaching into his garment fell loose to the ground.
mayor who wisely sent the cult of the
cloak, Ren began frantically pulling out “By all the Dark gods!” the cleric
many-armed one to deal with the mat-
items stored there, vainly looking for a cursed as he wondered at Ren’s escape.
ter. Stories on that subject are better
jar of healing ointment. Ren wanted to Casting spells of protection on himself,
left untold. Now, for a few coins I could
fight, but only if he could heal his hand. and spells of detection on the cloak, he
relate the tale of how the Princess of
Skipping over the rocks while dodging determined the garment wasn’t a trap,
Thieves fought her way through the
hammer blows, Ren continued to pull but was magical. Prodding it with his
marshes of The Shaar on a dare from
from his cloak cabbages, assorted vege- toe, he found it very heavy. Curiosity
Ren. . . .
tables, scarves and clothing to which he prompted him to bend and open the
had recently taken a fancy, the well- cloak, where he found Ren thrusting at
dressed merchants’ purses, and a bottle his throat and ending his life. The fallen
hammer moaned still louder.

Ren of the Cloak Cortuun of the Black Sernt
15th Level Male High Elf Hammer 3rd Level Male Human
Thief Fighter
7th Level Male Human
STR: 16 Cleric STR: 14
INT: 17 STR: 10 INT: 9
WIS: 9 WIS: 8
INT: 12
DEX: 19 DEX: 15
WIS: 16
CON: 17 DEX: 15 CON: 15
CHA: 17 CON: 17 CHA: 8
COM: 16 CHA: 10 COM: 9
AC Normal: 3 AC Normal: 3
COM: 8
AC Rear: 7 AC Normal: 5 AC Rear: 5
Hit Points: 79 AC Rear: 6 Hit Points: 25
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Hit Points: 55
Weapon Proficiencies: Long Sword, Weapon Proficiencies: Long Sword,
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Long Knife (dagger), Sap, Whip, Short Short Sword, Spear, Battle Axe
Bow Weapon Proficiencies: Mace, Ham-
mer, Staff Sling Special Abilities: Riding (Land)
Special Abilities: Disguise Languages: Chaotic Neutral, Common
Special Abilities: None
Languages: Chaotic Neutral, Thieves’
Languages: Chaotic Evil, Common
Cant, Thorass, Elvish, Dwarvish, Com- Sernt is 23 years old, proud to be a no-
mon Spells/Day: 5,5,2,1
belman, and suitably arrogant. Before
This cleric was assigned the simple mis- the incident at the gate, he had traveled
Thief Skills: all night to reach the city. He was tired
sion of returning his cult’s holy relic,
PP OL FT MS HS HN CW RL the Black Hammer, to the temple in Rav- and mad at the world when he encoun-
115 92 90 99 99 50 99.5 75 ens Bluff. He was arrogant to begin tered Ren. During the encounter, he
wore chain mail and a shield, and car-
with, and the relic made him even more
Ren is 5’ 10” tall, and weighs 152 ried a potion of healing and a purse con-
so. The evil magic of the weapon also
pounds. He is blessed with lightning re- made him overconfident. In the taining 98 gp. Being defeated badly hurt
flexes and dashing good looks. Ren’s ori- encounter with Ren he wore ring mail his pride, and he has vowed to reach all
gins are a mystery. He loves practical +1, and carried the Hammer (a war his powerful friends so that Ren can be
jokes, high living, and attention. His properly chastised for his actions.
hammer +6). He also carried a purse
trademark is an unusual cloak. This holding 47 gp, and a hidden pouch with
garment has an outer layer of elfin ten 1,000 gp diamonds.
chain mail and an inner lining of fine Once the Black Hammer is removed
leather. The cloak’s inner folds act as a from its container it must take a life for
bag of holding of the largest capacity every hour it remains free. It can draw
(1,500 pounds, 250 cubic feet). When life force (save vs. spells or die) from
Ren wears the cloak, 90% of his body is creatures within a five-foot radius. This
in an interdimensional space. This gives power is evoked only when the weapon
him partial immunity from physical at- remains drawn for more than one hour
tacks (blows hitting the chain mail only without taking a life. Several members
do half damage). The cloak is also en- of the cult sacrificed their lives to re-
chanted to provide protection +1 and trieve the weapon from Ren’s resting
protection from good and evil. The rock, The cult is in the process of set-
cloak is not encumbering. ting up a special shrine to encase the
Ren usually keeps a jar of Keoghtom’s weapon. They know Ren prevented the
ointment, a scroll of protection from weapon from being brought to the tem-
demons, and a 100-foot coil of rope ple without incident. They are not
with a grappling hook in the cloak. His pleased with the thief and plan retribu-
sword and long knife are + 2 weapons. tion.

Hounds and the Hare
Player characters for this encounter
The young thief turns and runs into Suddenly, arrows start to come at
can be of almost any level, since the
the alley, looking fearfully over his your party in a hail! You look up and
object is to avoid direct combat.
shoulder at you. see there are small, previously con-
The party is moving through a nor- cealed, windows in the second story
mally crowded Ravens Bluff street in of the three building sides.
daytime. On the north side is a heavily- If the party is wise enough not to
shadowed alley, though the alley proba- chase a thief down a dim and unknown
alley, the encounter goes no further. There are three windows on two
bly will not be immediately noticed by
However, if the party pursues the sides and two windows in the facing
the player characters.
A small, wiry young man, blending adventure continues. The young thief side. There are brigands above, spaced
paces his speed to remain approxi- one at each window. They will concen-
with the crowd, comes up behind the
mately 25 feet in front of the party so trate their arrow fire on anyone in
party, picking on a magic user or an
armored fighter. If the party is in a rec- the characters will continue their robes. The window openings offer the
ognizable unit, the young man will chase. brigands 90% cover.
select the last member of the party. 8 Brigands: AC 7; MV 12"; F3; hp 15, 18,
When the party is directly across from The young thief continues running 12, 19, 20, 14, 16, 17; Specialized in
the alley, the young man will make an from you at top speed. He seems to shortbow; #AT 1; D 1d6; SA none; AL
intentionally bungled attempt to pick be holding his distance from you. CN
the pocket or cut the purse of the You go 90’ into the alley, and the
young thief darts around a right The DM should run this part of the
selected player character.
bend in the alley. encounter in actual time, as indecision
(The DM should immediately roll per-
on the part of the PCs will prompt
centile dice, as if for the pick pocket
another volley of arrows. Attempting to
attempt. Regardless of the result, read As soon as he turns the corner, the cross the caltrops at full speed will
the following:) thief runs through a secret door on the inflict 2d6 damage and expose the char-
right side. The door is immediately acters’ backs for one minute. Moving
Your party member, (fill in name closed behind him and looks like a sec- slowly across the caltrops will expose
here), feels a hand attempting to tion of wall. the characters’ backs (rear armor class
steal his purse Turning he sees a with no adjustment for dexterity) for
very young man attached to the About 35 feet in front of you, the three minutes.
hand. alley comes to a dead end. You see If a party member is brought down
the young thief pulling on the handle by the arrows and the rest of the party
The young man is a member of a gang of a door, attempting to open it. The flees, five brigands will come out of the
of bullies. His stats are unremarkable door seems to be locked and will not secret door. Two have brooms and will
except for a dexterity of 16 and a move- open despite his best efforts. sweep aside the caltrops. One will stay
ment rate of 18". He is a first level thief. as a sentry to watch for the approach of
This is actually a dummy dressed in the police or the return of the party.
Young Thief: AC 8; MV 18"; T1; hp 5;
the same clothes as the young thief. If This encounter is intended to penal-
#AT 1; D 1-4 (dagger) INT 9, WIS 7, DEX
the party looks closely, the deception ize the terminally foolhardy, show mag-
16, CON 11, CH 12; AL CN
will be easily noticed. If they remain in ic users the difficulty of casting spells
If the player character tries to grab hot pursuit, they will not be able to while under attack (no initiative is ever
the thief, it will take a natural 20 to hit, notice the deception because of the rolled, as the arrows come evenly
and the young thief must fail a save vs. shadows. The door is a false door. spaced one per combat segment), and
paralyzation. This is due to the fact that As the party approaches the dummy: impress on magic users the cost of
the thief was not really attempting to replenishing spell components. (They
pick pockets, but was alert and await- You hear the tinkling of metal behind are expensive and this is the real target
ing the party members’ attempts to you. of the attempted theft). The abilities of
grasp him after the intentionally failed the brigands may be changed if neces-
act. sary, according to the strength of the
As soon as he is noticed, the young The sound is that of caltrops thrown party. The Ravens Bluff watch will
thief will turn and run into the alley, from a top window and cast across the respond in 2-10 turns.
though not at full speed unless he is alley between the party and their exit-
pressed to do so. way.

Rats! is an AD&D® game adventure for
1-6 characters of levels 1-3. This adven-
ture is designed to give the player char-
acters an introduction to the hazards of
Ravens Bluff. The adventure is not par-
ticularly deadly, but the party will need
at least one silver or magical weapon.

Notes for the

Dungeon Master
During this short adventure, the PCs
get involved in an investigation into a
series of inexplicable burglaries when a
fleeing half-orc plants a piece of contra-
band on a party member.
With the exception of the courtroom
scene—Encounters 4 and 5—the
encounters in this adventure do not
take place in any specific location or
neighborhood of Ravens Bluff. How-
ever, they all occur in public places. No
maps are included with the adventure
(they are not necessary). If you have a
specific neighborhood already mapped,
set the adventure in that neighborhood.
Otherwise, allow the characters to
wander the city, and set the encounters
in the city’s streets, markets, and public
It is important that you prevent the
party from spending too much time on
any one encounter. If the PCs persist in
prolonging an encounter (for example,
by following Elyse in Encounter #1
after she has made her prophecy), force
them into the next encounter.
To help you set the scene, each
encounter description has a situation
synopsis; this will be useful if you have
to improvise descriptions.

1. A Little Bit of Knowledge

Situation: In a public place, a street

urchin begs money from the PCs and
makes a cryptic prophecy about events
in their future.

If they insist on taking her somewhere
As you take a moment to relax, de- to get her help, their best recourse will can’t distinguish the stench of his
ciding what to do next in this wide- be to turn her over to the authorities. clothes from the stench of his body.
open city, you hear a child’s voice Only the courts or one of the civic tem-
pleading for your attention. It is a lit- ples will take her. The officials who take The half-orc's real name is Sieran; he
tle girl, a street urchin, seven or her will sigh and explain that they’ve is a cleric/thief. When he jostled the PC,
eight years old, with blond hair and had her before and cannot get her to he planted a stolen earring. It is hidden
wide, very alert blue eyes. stay with foster parents. so well that a self-search will fail to find
“Excuse me, but could you please As soon as she can, Elyse tries to leave it. Sieran will act like a fool to distract
spare me a few coppers for food? I the PCs. “I’m sorry, but I really need to the PCs, but will leave before his pursu-
haven’t eaten since yesterday and go find my kitty and get something to ers arrive.
I’m really very hungry.” eat—I’m real hungry. Thank you very
much.” She begins calling for a cat Sieran: AC 5; MV 12"; C/T 4/8; hp 30;
The girl’s name is Elyse; she is one of named Merrylson. #AT 1; D dagger; AL LE. Sieran carries
the homeless orphans often seen dart- If the party tries to stop her or follow an invisible medallion showing the sym-
ing around the city. But her clothes are along, she will become annoyed and an- bol of his deity, Bhaal (a circle of red
much cleaner and nicer than those usu- nounce another truth about a different blood tears falling counter clockwise
ally found on waifs. party member, using even less tact than around a white skull).
the first time. Eventually, the PCs
Elyse: AC 10; MV 12"; Lvl 0; hp 3; #AT should take the hint and let her go. Spells:
1; D Unarmed; SA Psionics; SD Psionics; If the PCs try to steal anything from First Level: command
AL CG. Elyse has rudimentary psionic Elyse, she will cry for help. After a detect magic
powers as follows: Psionic Strength 18; round or two a crowd of bystanders will sanctuary
Attack/Defense Modes B/F,G; Minor Dis- form around the PCs and demand that
ciplines empathy, precognition. She has they return what they have taken. Second Level hold person
no control over her powers; she uses There will be five belligerent bystanders obscure alignment
them instinctively. per PC (level 0, AC 10, 4 hp each). Elyse is
well-known and liked in this area, al- Sieran’s belt holds a waterskin, a
If the party gives her some money or though the locals do not feel comfort- small lumpy pouch, and a bronze dag-
food, Elyse will thank them for their able around her because of her ability to ger in a plain sheath. He will give his
generosity, and then turn to one of tell them unwanted truths. There is no name as Korblan if the PCs demand a
them and announce, “You must accept a good reason for the PCs to fight, but if name.
magical item you want and can’t keep to they fight and win they may do what As the bumped PC reacts, the half-orc
have a chance to find a magical item they wish with the girl; she has four cop- will at first be apologetic, dropping his
you can’t use but can keep.” Then she per pieces and her cat, Merrylson. head and looking at the ground, but if
crinkles her nose and giggles. No addi- any of the adventurers use the word
tional explanations will be forthcoming. “pickpocket” (or any sequence of words
2. Things That Go “Bump” in with similar meaning), he will get very
If a PC seems unimpressed by her
prophecy, Elyse will turn to a PC and the Day indignant.
announce a cryptic truth about him
Situation: In a public place, a half-orc, Apparently, you’ve wounded the
that he would just as soon keep hidden.
who is fleeing from the authorities, foul wretch’s pride. “How’s should I
As an example, to a half-elf whose fa-
plants stolen property on a PC, then es- be knowing you weren’t trying to be
ther was a drow (and who is clearly ter-
capes. picking my pocket, then?” He starts
rified that others will find out), she
might announce, “How come your fa- hopping up and down, and suddenly
ther was so mean to everybody? Was it As you observe the sights of the city, opens his lumpy pouch and spills it
because he looked funny?” a stranger’s bony elbow jabs your on the ground. A shower of copper
If the party expresses concern about leader in the ribs. An apology comes pieces falls at his feet, and he drops
her or tries to offer her more assist- quickly. to his seat and starts arranging them
ance, such as finding her a permanent “Excuse me; I didn’t see you.” The in a pattern.
home, she will flatly inform them that stranger is an ugly, scar-faced half- It seems he can’t count! He’s laying
she doesn’t know where her parents orc. This charmer is dressed in out his copper pieces in patterns of
are, but hopes they will return for her clothes that are almost rags; you stars. “Got enough for three stars,
soon. She has been orphaned for years.

does, Elena insists, “He still has it; it’s too
and I still have two more left over– You see a large group of people, bad I can’t tell where.” Then she
and one silver piece I be carrying for including armed city guards, walk- addresses the PC: “If you don’t cough
years now.” ing around, obviously searching for up the earring, a more extensive search
something. Other people are moving will be necessary.”
When he gets his stars built (each star out of their way. Leading the group Protests will do no good. After some
is made up of one copper piece with is a blond half-elf woman dressed in discussion, Brasclan will suggest that
five more spaced around it), he only has chain mail. She is carrying a large the missing earring is probably hooked
one extra copper piece left over—and, bow and a quiver of arrows and a in the suspect’s clothing; indeed, it will
of course, his lucky silver piece. He will large sword of some sort. She wears show up under a fold of cloth or inside
start wailing about the loss of his other one green earring. She is closely fol- a belt once several guards frisk the PCs
copper piece, accusing everybody of lowed by a short man in very impres- thoroughly and none too gently.
taking it. If any PC looks around, he will sive chain mail, a taller man in a dark The party will no doubt protest that
notice that the missing copper piece has green cloak and boots, and a dozen they are being framed (indeed, they
rolled away from the man to the curb. city guards. As they approach, the may even have enough presence of
If the PC points this out, the half-orc woman gestures toward you. “That’s mind to identify the half- orc), but the
will instantly shove his money back into the one.” The short man raises his guards will nevertheless escort them to
the pouch, and grab the errant coin. right arm and one of the guards pro- the city jail to await trial. As they leave,
If the poor person he bumped starts claims, “Do not move! You are all Elena gives both of the earrings to Rolf.
looking through his possessions, the ac- under arrest for theft of personal If the party resists arrest, the consta-
cused pickpocket will stay until the PC property!” With that, the guards bles will first strike to subdue, but will
makes sure that everything is still there. immediately take up positions give the PCs ample and repeated oppor-
He will then bow, shake hands with the around you. tunities to surrender.
party members, and take his leave. If an
attempt is made to detain him, he will The woman is Elena, a half-elf ranger; 4. A Fair or Speedy Trial
easily pull away from the would-be the short man is Rolf “Sunny” Sunriver,
arresters (in a sudden show of strength), the city’s Chief Constable; the taller Situation: After a few hours in jail, the
run around a corner and escape, using man is Brasclan, a half-elf fighter/thief PCs are taken into court to answer the
his spells to aid him if necessary. administrative assistant to the Chief charges against them. The judge sum-
After the half-orc leaves, have the Constable. mons the PCs to a private conference.
new owner of the earring roll a D20; if This encounter takes place in the Rav-
he rolls his Intelligence or less, the char- Elena: AC 5; MV 12"; R8; hp 65; #AT 3/ ens Bluff courthouse.
acter spotted the formerly-invisible 2; D long sword +2; SD 30% MR vs.
clerical medallion and has noticed that charm, sleep; AL CG The prisoners are taken to jail, strip-
it wasn’t visible on the half-orc when ped of all their possessions, put in ugly
the group first encountered him. If the Rolf: AC 5; F9; hp 60; #AT 3/2; D bas- prison clothes, and locked in a large
roll fails, the character spots the medal- tard sword +2; AL LG cell. As they are locked up, they are cau-
lion, but is unaware that it was absent tioned that a permanent dispel magic
earlier. Pass the player a note describ- Brasclan: AC 5; F6/T7; hp 35; #AT 1; D
has been placed in the cellblock (cast at
ing the medallion. None of the other short sword; AL N
17th level by Ambassador Carrague).
party members saw the necklace. Two guards will be posted outside the
Guards (12): AC 5; 2 F5, 4 F4, 6 F3; hp
F5 25, F4 20, F3 15; #AT 1; D staff; AL cell, and they watch the prisoners at all
3. The Tall Blond Woman LG times. One guard is replaced about eve-
With one Green Earring ry 15-20 minutes.
The party members will be directed Three hours after a dismal-tasting
Situation: City guards, seeking the to place their hands on their heads, and meal the party will be escorted out of
stolen property the half-orc planted on all weapons, wands, staffs, and rings the cell and led to a large courtroom.
a PC, arrest the PC and his companions. will be removed as one of the guards About two dozen people are scattered
This encounter can occur anywhere. takes notes on the items that have been on the viewing benches; there is no sign
You may choose to improvise one or confiscated. The person who was sin- of a jury box, but there is a large table
two minor encounters between gled out by Elena will be asked to care- and bench that is clearly for a judge. On
Encounter 2 and Encounter 3. fully remove all of his possessions and one side of the judge’s bench is a large
lay them out on the ground. After he table with a few chairs, one of which is

filled with a mustachioed man with a
less than friendly look on his face; in
front of him is a sign which reads, Rollie
Berson Sorenson IV, defender of the
law. This, unfortunately, is the prose-
cuting attorney.
If any of the party members ask
about the people in the room, they will
recognize Brasclan.

A bailiff enters and announces, “All

rise, his lordship Judge Seidelorn
now holding court for the city of
Ravens Bluff.” A large bald man in
blue robes enters, raps his gavel, and
sits down, saying, “Let’s get on with
it, then. What case is important
enough to interrupt my afternoon?”
The prosecutor stands, holds up a
page and reads, “Defendants are “Describe the person you think framed
accused of stealing magical items morning while he attended a break- you?”
from the residence of Chief Consta- fast with the Lord Mayor. Fortu-
ble Rolf Sunriver. They were appre- nately, one of the earrings had rolled “Did this half-orc have any identifying
hended while in possession of one of under a chair, and Elena was able to marks?”
these items; the remainder of the use it to find the other. Furthermore, “How was he dressed? Was he wearing
items were either hidden or sold off. the defendants denied any knowl- any unique items?”
For security reasons we have been edge of the theft even though one of
asked not to reveal the nature of the them had one of the earrings hidden With any luck, most of this DM inter-
other items; however, a list will be on his person. I believe they should vention will be unnecessary. When the
made available if your honor would be held pending trial before the end medallion is mentioned, the judge asks
like to see one.” of the week, your honor—this is the individual to draw a picture of it;
The judge turns toward you, clearly an open and shut case.” when he sees the picture, the judge will
“Defendants, how do you plead to shake his head and proclaim, “I’m sorry,
these charges?” but a half-orc with a scar allegedly
The prosecutor will return to his desk
and look up expectantly. wearing such a silly medallion is
If there is a jumble of answers, the If the party asks about a defense beyond the imagination of the court.
judge strikes his gavel and points at a attorney, the judge tells them that one is Mister Prosecutor, I would like to see
PC, “Only one person at a time speaks in not necessary until he has decided to you and these ruffians in my chambers
my courtroom. Now, YOU, tell me how hold them for trial; in any case, he will to see if we can plea-bargain this charge
you plead.” ask the one who was caught with the down to save the city the expense of a
stolen jewelry to explain the situation. trial.”
If the PCs are stupid enough to plead From time to time the judge will ask With this he bangs his gavel, and eve-
guilty, lock them up for a few months. additional questions to try and lead the rybody stands again. The prosecutor
Or longer. defendant to eventually describe the will rise with an offensive smirk on his
half-orc and the medallion he saw. face and nod his approval at the judge.
If they plead innocent, Rollie will Questioning goes along these lines: Most of the audience will start to head
come forward with several sheets of for the doors.
paper. “If you didn’t steal the earring, how did
you get it?”
“As you can see from these sworn “What makes you think somebody
statements, a group of magical items “planted” the earring on you?”
was stolen from Sunriver’s home this
“Who could have planted the earring?”

5. Never Too Many
This isn’t the first time he has used Kaskers, followers of the evil deity
Volunteers his position to interfere with justice.” Bhaal, who wear such medallions,
Situation: City officials offer to drop all The judge waves away Rollie’s but the medallions are usually invisi-
criminal charges against the PCs if the objections, “That’s quite enough Mr. ble. We suspect that the earring
PCs capture the true culprit. This Sorenson. If you will excuse us, I allowed you to see it. If these people
encounter takes place in the judge’s believe we can see that justice is are indeed active again, it could be
chambers. served quickly.” Rollie turns and extremely dangerous for you to
gives you an “I’ll get you for this” admit having seen one of them.
The crimes the PCs will be asked to
solve are not connected to Sieran or to look, and stomps out of the room, “I would advise you to forget the
the item he planted on the PC. However, slamming the door behind him. Bras- entire affair. The Kaskers are power-
the PCs will be unaware of this, at least clan turns to your guards and com- ful, and it will take a lot of investiga-
mands, “I can deal with these tion before we’re in a position to
initially. Sieran’s frame-up is intended
to introduce him as a perennial oppo- prisoners—please take up stations crush them. Of course, it is still nec-
nent for the PCs. outside the room to insure that we essary for you to prove yourselves
are not disturbed.” well-intentioned toward the law in
Ravens Bluff; unless we do some-
You are led into the judge’s cham-
After the guards leave, Brasclan pulls thing to allow you to earn your free-
bers, with the snivelling Rollie close
a key and frees the party. He then cross- dom, Rollie will no doubt find
behind. The room is sparsely deco-
examines the PCs about why they are in additional charges to bring against
rated, although there is a pot of
Ravens Bluff, what they have done you.” He stops and smiles briefly
fresh, multi-colored flowers sitting
before, and what kind of work they are (really smiles), and continues, “So we
in a pool of sunlight from the room’s
looking for. When the questioning is have another little task for you.
only window. Two of the walls are
concluded, he turns to the judge and There have been a rash of small
lined with bookshelves that are near-
tells him, “I think you’re right about thefts in one of the shopping dis-
ly full. The books are old, but not
these people; perhaps they can be use- tricts. Nothing major, just a few
dusty. The judge is seated at a large
ful to you.” gems, some jewelry, occasional crys-
oak table. In front of the table are a
tal, that sort of thing. We can’t spare
pair of chairs, and on the back wall is
any more city guards in that area for
a large sofa. The judge almost smiles again, and
such a minor problem, so we look to
Several of the uglier guards stand addresses the party: “What I have to
you to patrol the area for a few
behind you. Rollie takes a seat in tell you should go no further than
nights until you can find the culprit.”
front of the table and starts pleading this room. There have been a large
immediately, you are not offered a number of very skillfully carried out
seat and don’t think it would be wise thefts around the city lately, and we The party is not free to refuse the
to sit uninvited. “Your honor,” Rollie set a trap to try and catch the mission. To all appearances, they broke
begins, “I think it would be sufficient thieves. We let it be know that Rolf the law and must be punished some-
to have them plead guilty to theft of would be at a meeting away from how. If they are not punished the judge
just the earring rather than the home, and left a number of basically will have a lot of explaining to do, and
entire shipment of the missing items; worthless magical items stacked up the Kaskers will suspect the party
the penalty, of course, would still be in his vault while hiding his other knows something. If the PCs are ada-
five to thirty years of labor.” magical items elsewhere. As a pre- mant and refuse to cooperate, they will
The judge seems to almost smile, caution, we left one of a pair of ear- serve time in prison.
and then responds, “No, I don’t think rings with the stack—the other Once the party accepts the job, the
that would be sufficient in this case.” earring has, among other powers, judge will answer any questions the
the ability to find the first. Somehow party might have. The shopkeepers
the thieves eluded our trap and stole have tried elaborate alarms, but they’ve
The PCs can protest at any point, but
the items before we realized that all failed to go off; other groups have
they are interrupted by a knock on the
they were even gone. We used the watched, but they never discovered
door. Brasclan enters. Rollie jumps to
other earring to try and track them, anything; the stolen goods are not
his feet and snarls.
but it was obviously too late. worth very much; money is usually not
“What concerns me now is the taken (although occasionally some
“Your honor, I must object—this ruf- money is taken); yes, there is a reward
medallion you saw. There are leg-
fian is here to get these people off. (30 gp plus a month’s free lodging at a
ends about a group known as the

local inn which lost some of its old
stained-glass goblets); no, there is no
Finally, the judge will give the party
members small badges which read
“Special Agent.”
“These badges will allow you to prove
that you are working for me; I will
expect to get them back at the end of
the week. I would advise you to be very
careful using them since they might
alert the thief,” Brasclan cautions.
With that, he leads the party to the
part of town they need to guard.

6. An Alley to Call Our Own

Situation: The PCs are taken to the
neighborhood of the thefts. Later, a
drunk offers advice and assistance.
This encounter occurs in the business cles in the POLYHEDRON™ Newszine.
district. If the PCs search, they can find a spot “This isn’t much of a city; I can’t find
partially hidden by crates; from here an open bar anywhere, and I need
The party is led to an alley behind a they can watch the shops and wait for one more drink before I can sleep
series of shops; Brasclan shows them action. for the night. I don’t suppose you
the alley he suspects the culprit is using. About 2 AM, a short, squat man fine people have anything to drink?
He then insists he has more important comes stumbling down the alley, sing- Anything?”
work to attend to and takes his leave. ing to himself. He walks past the PCs,
This leaves the party several hours of then stops and mumbles to himself, Flynster whines at the party if they
daylight for their investigation. The PCs “Why, that’s a strange place to spend don’t offer him a drink, but eventually
can wander the area, talking to shop the night.” He will turn to face the party makes a proposal of his own. He pulls
owners and questioning locals as they (even though they may be hidden), and out a small beaker and insists, “I can
like. If they ask the right questions, they call out, “What’s wrong? Can’t you find pour you magic potions from here, but
can obtain some facts that were not in a place to stay the night?” On closer it will cost you a good drink.” If the PCs
Brasclan’s briefing: all of the thefts hap- examination, the stranger proves to be offered him a drink when he asked the
pened at night; some of the guards post- an old, old gnome. If the party asks his first time, he will thank them profusely
ed disappeared during the night; traces name, he will reply, “Flynster.” He suf- and pull out the beaker anyway, saying,
of blood were found in the alleys, but fers from partial amnesia and remem- “You’re most kind; perhaps I should
never in the shops; no one knows bers little more than wandering the pour you a magical potion or two to
whether the blood and the disappear- town, eating, and (of course) drinking. show my appreciation and reward your
ances are connected; there was never The last is uppermost in his mind right generosity.”
any sign of forced entry in the shops now.
that were robbed.
“What kind of magical potions would
That night, while the party is on Flynster: AC 7; MV 12”; 16; hp 17; #AT you like; and what should I pour
guard in the alley, you may wish to run 1; D Unarmed; AL CG. Flynster carries a them into? A potion of black dragon
one or two non-combat encounters beaker of plentiful potions that can control would be a fine one. I don’t
with shopkeepers. As the stores close, pour out two potions per day, three know of anybody in town with one
the storekeepers who know the party is times per week. The potions are oil of of those! ” (Flynster doesn’t have one
trying to keep guard will open the back impact and oil of sharpness. either.)
doors, greet them, and lock up. Choose
“Say, you aren’t planning to stay in
one of the storekeepers who they have Spells: detect magic this alley night after night, are you?
met before, such as one from this (no other memorized) If you do, you’ll need something
product or from The Living City arti-

Giant Rats (1-2 per party member): AC
more substantial to defend your- The night turns quiet, cold, and 7; MV 12"; HD ½; hp 3 each; #AT 1; D 1-
selves. Those other guards all got damp after your meeting with Flyn- 3; SA disease; AL NE
killed and eaten.” ster. After two hours, you know
you’ll have a long talk with Brasclan This particular wererat has been
regarding how long you’re expected entering stores during twilight hours,
This should get the party’s attention.
to do this. Suddenly, you hear a brief changing to rat form, and hiding until
He will not answer any direct ques-
squeak. The back door to your shop after closing. Then he changed back to
tions, but will slowly let on that several
is opening. A shadowy figure steps human form to collect his items and
times in the past few weeks something
out, turns a collar up against the leave (thus there was never any signs of
has killed people in the alley and eaten
cold, looks in both directions down forced entry).
them (“Most times nobody even
the alley, then strides away.
noticed.”) He will look around at the par-
ty’s weapons, and identify each one that 8. But Where's the
is magical (via his detect magic spell, If the PCs pursue the man, they can Treasure?
and lament that they aren’t magical corner him easily. He shrinks down
enough. inside his cloak and backs up into a Situation: The PCs can track the rats to
doorway, obviously terrified (especially their lair in the sewers to find the trea-
“I know what you need; something if the PCs are brandishing weapons). He sure, while a crowd of spectators waits.
to help out your weapons.” He pours claims to work at the shop, and says he This encounter occurs in the business
out two measures of viscous, oily liq- was taking inventory because of the district.
uid. The two are clearly different, recent robberies. He will explain inven-
but both are rancid and foul. “There, tory cannot be done in the daytime with A crowd will have been drawn by the
that should give you a fighting customers in the shop. Regardless of melee—the shopkeepers will be pleased
chance.” With that, he staggers off what the PCs say, he loudly proclaims with the apparent success, but there
into the darkness. his innocence, threatens to call the city will be some grumbling about the miss-
watch, and demands that the PCs ing treasure. The party can either track
release him. He will not answer ques- the rats to where they emerged from
Flynster’s gift is one dose of oil of tions or allow himself to be searched.
impact (+ 3 to hit/+6 to damage on the sewer, which will be relatively easy
He is, in fact, merely stalling for time if they have torches, as the rats left wet
hand- held blunt weapons) and one while his friends arrive.
dose of oil of sharpness (+4 to hit and footprints. A successful search for
damage). The oil must be smeared on secret doors or the casting of a knock
Abruptly, the man utters a strangled spell will open the passageway. If the
the weapon, but this detail has slipped
moan, drops into a crouch, and player characters are stumped, allow a
Flynster’s mind. He will provide no
seems to get smaller. From behind bystander to give rough directions on
details unless the PCs specifically ask
you come the sounds of movement, where the rats came from.
for them. If they let Flynster walk off,
louder and louder. The suspect’s The passageway can be accessed by a
he will be out of sight in four rounds
clothes fall to the street, and you find hinged floorboard in a wooden walk-
and out of earshot in two more rounds.
yourselves facing a large rat-like way about two blocks away. It can be
If a PC drinks the oil, he will experi-
creature. More giant rats come swung open in either direction. It is an
ence nausea for 1-10 + 2 turns (save vs.
looming out the darkness in the easy fit for giant rats, but the party will
poison for half duration), yielding a -2 to
alleyway behind you. have to widen the entrance.
hit while the nausea lasts. If anyone
drinks both oils or applies both to a sin- The sewers are not a safe place. The
gle weapon, the usual miscibility prob- Wererat: AC 6; MV 12"; HD 6 or F6 in pipes are narrow, forcing characters to
lems apply. human shape; hp 36; #AT 1; D 1-6; SA crawl in single file. Furthermore, the
summon giant rats; SD + 1 or silver pipes are slick with slime and are inhab-
weapon to hit; AL LE. This wererat was ited by 1-6 additional giant rats. After
7. You Dirty Rat . . . . once a fighter named Harmon Swigget. about 100’ of pipe-crawling, the PCs
He ran afoul of some lycanthropes and reach a small chamber hollowed out by
Situation: The PCs have an opportunity the wererat. The pipe connects to the
to confront the mastermind-thief. This came to accept his condition. Unfortu-
nately, it drove him insane. He has sum- west wall of the chamber.
encounter occurs in the business dis-
trict. moned 1-2 giant rats per party member
(tailor the encounter based on the size
and strength of the party).

You are surprised to find brick walls
in a room that is roughly 30’ square.
Directly across from the tunnel
entrance a large mound of glass-like
items reflects myriad colors from
your torchlight—the were pack-rat’s
collection of prizes!

As the PCs enter, two large spiders

prepare to attack. Their web fills a nar-
row crack at the top of the south wall.

Large Spiders (2): AC 8; MV 6” *15';

HD 1+1; hp 6 each; #AT 1;D 1-3;AL N;
SD Bite causes save vs. poison or take
2d4 additional points of damage.

The mound of treasure includes about

200 gems, several dozen necklaces, 23
rings, 24 matched stained-glass glasses,
42 silver pieces, and 12 platinum pieces.
No gem or piece of jewelry is worth
more than 25 gp. There is also one magi-
cal item which varies depending on the
class of the character who briefly car-
ried the earring:

Non-Magic User: a highly polished sil-

ver scroll case which contains a scroll
with three first level magic-user spells. inside (an additional reward offered by activities. Sieran will carry a grudge
the owner of the scroll case). He also against the player characters, but not
Magic User: a potion of heroism lets them keep all the platinum pieces, strike at them until the player charac-
since there is no way to determine the ters are more of a match for him. He
true owner. He also asks for the return will harass them in many minor ways
9. We Don’t Get to of the Special Agent badges. until the day of reckoning. This should
Keep It All? The PCs are then introduced to the provide a useful plot thread in the cam-
owner of the inn who had lost the paign.
Situation: The adventure is wrapped glasses, and led off to the rooms they
up, and the PCs are rewarded. can live in rent free for a month.
If, instead, the party finds another
If the PCs come back out at the
way out, it will be assumed that they
entrance the rats used, they will be
died in the sewers. But they will be in
greeted by cheering throngs—and sev- plenty of trouble if their survival
eral city guards with sacks who take becomes public knowledge—and Bras-
over the booty. Also present is Brasclan. clan will find out!
He congratulates the party, turns over
A final complication involves the
their reward, and promises that any melodramatic cleric/thief, Sieran. If the
items which are not claimed within two
player characters succeed in this
weeks will be turned over to the party adventure, clearing their names, Sieran
(this will include the magical item and
will lose prestige among his colleagues.
23 gems worth 2d12 gp each). He also
Furthermore, his organization will be
will attempt to obtain the scroll case,
harassed by the government, since the
giving the party back the scroll that was
PCs’ actions have called attention to its

Ravens Bluff: A Geopolitical Background
The city is strategically located on the major land owners, many of whom are there were two major factors blocking
east end of a large harbor. The Fire known to this day as “the lords.” In addi- economic development and the mainte-
River enters the harbor near the city, tion, today there remain small bands of nance of peace; the absence of a well or-
and a major trade route over land joins plains-dwellers who lived there before ganized government, and the presence
Procampur to the south with the cities the city began gaining its prominence, of humanoids and monsters that inhab-
north of the River Vesper. These com- creating a situation similar to an ungov- ited mountain ranges to the south. No
bined factors make Ravens Bluff a natu- erned feudal society. The lords, some of structure was in place to manage the
ral economic trading area. The who were rather petty, fought for economy, oppose the criminal element,
surrounding farmland is generally rich many years among themselves, spend- or unify the rival political factions that
enough to support a variety of crops ing most of their efforts on taking land existed in the city and the surrounding
and vegetation, as well as livestock. from each other rather than working area. One reason that raids by human-
There are no large forested areas, but a for common goals. Subordinate to the oids and monsters were so successful
number of small woods support a wide lords were the small land owners and was the lack of organized opposition.
variety of game. peasants whose loyalties have changed While the western passage between
Despite the idyllic setting, Ravens through the years as the boundary lines Ravens Bluff and Procampur was kept
Bluff was not always a prosperous, or- shifted among the lords. safe mostly through the cooperative ef-
ganized city taking advantage of its lo- A small druidic circle is established a forts of Procampur and Tsurlagol, no
cation. Years ago it was simply a full day’s ride to the east and slightly such effort was made for the safety of
convenient location for the local mer- north of Ravens Bluff. This is the last the area to the north of the range. The
chants, traders, craftsmen, farmers, remnant of a large organization of dissention among the lords precluded
and adventurers to congregate, buy druids and rangers who once flour- such cooperation. Thus, the raids from
and sell their goods, and take advantage ished at the foot of the mountains to the the mountains that drove the druids to
of the relative safety the few walls of- south, and who posed a constant frus- the north continued to deplete the
fered. The city government was weak, tration to the lords because of their wealth of the countryside. While the
wielding minimal authority and prose- nature-loving ways. These druids, wor- Mayor at first lacked the resources to
cuting few law breakers. The sur- shippers of Chauntea, fell under attack solve any of these difficulties quickly,
rounding land owners were constantly from tribes of humanoids from the the leaders within the city gave him
squabbling among themselves and mountains. These assaults began about their full support as he began to ad-
launching numerous border skirmishes 50 years ago, and over time the circle of dress these problems.
that prevented any sort of mutual coop- druids was slowly eroded. The druids O’Kane needed military strength to
eration. The city harbor was infre- did the best they could to protect them- prop up the weak defenses of the city,
quently used and weakly defended. selves and the surrounding area, but the harbor, and the surrounding area.
Pirates regularly sailed in and out of the they were eventually forced to retreat He also needed a wise council to help
harbor because there was little author- from their first home at the foot of the end the hostilities among the lords. For-
ity to muster a militia to fight them. mountains. As soon as the druids were tunately, O’Kane received help from a
The harbor’s greatest attraction al- pushed north, raids against the general most unlikely source, Lord Aumersain
ways has been the protection it pro- countryside began. The druids had of Scarsdale. When Aumersain began
vides from the natural elements. vowed to return one day and reclaim his plans for the conquest of the Dale-
Unfortunately, for many decades the their sacred grounds. lands, there was a great deal of dis-
advantages of the harbor were ignored. The relationship between the druids agreement about the wisdom or
Few ships used the harbor for anything and some of the lords remains uneasy, propriety of his operation, and Aumer-
more than a quick stop between the since the druids have established a few sain purged all those officers and advi-
northern shores of the Dragon Reach shrines in wooded areas that are pro- sors he considered disloyal. He avoided
and the eastern ports of the Sea of ductive hunting grounds and have be- executions, which he feared would so-
Fallen Stars. There was little economic gun protecting the local wildlife. Still, lidify those opposed to him and create a
benefit to be gained by the relatively the druids are tolerated because of backlash of hostility among the friends
meager trade in and around the city. their past efforts to repel the raids from of those purged, as well as those who
Also, the harbor had been a favorite the mountains. remained neutral. So he exiled them to
spot for pirates to “hole up” for a day or The pirates, raids from the moun- the lands east of the Dragon Reach, and
two, making life miserable because tains, and squabbles among the lords they eventually found their way to Rav-
they raided the other ships in port and were only some of the problems facing ens Bluff.
harassed the townfolk and merchants. the present Lord Mayor, Charles Oliver By weakening himself, Aumersain
Surrounding the city and across the O’Kane, when he came to power 20 strengthened Ravens Bluff. The exiles
countryside was property held by the years ago. O’Kane quickly realized willingly placed themselves at the dis-

posal of Lord Mayor O’Kane, who take the land of a lord who was aligned proved that the city was serious about
eagerly accepted their help and set with the Mayor. And if a lord found creating a safe haven for shipping. The
them to work advising him on his plans himself attacked, the city’s forces tower and reef construction, along
for the city. Specifically, the Mayor would rally to his defense. with increased military strength,
sought their counsel on organizing the The lords quickly saw the advantages served to repel the unwelcome pirates.
city government and economy, improv- of working with the Mayor, especially Although it does not yet fully attract the
ing the harbor to attract more shipping, the weaker lords who accepted the business that Procampur enjoys, the
helping to forge cooperation among the Mayor’s terms immediately. This sys- traffic in and out of the Ravens Bluff
lords outside the city, and curbing the tem is slowly growing into a mutual harbor has grown at a rate unparalleled
attacks from the mountain forces that protection pact among the lords. in recent history.
ravaged the countryside. Although about only half of the lords Next, the Lord Mayor and advisors
With this new help, the Mayor’s first nearest the city have joined, the Mayor turned to deal with the raids from the
action was to restructure the govern- expects the others to follow suit, recog- mountains. Examining the pattern of
ment. Since O’Kane had become a very nizing they will prosper more under attacks revealed that there were two
popular individual, he met with only Ravens Bluffs protection. Indeed, last factions warring against the druids and
minor resistance. With the city leaders year was among the most prosperous in the plains dwellers north of the moun-
behind him, he began routing corrup- the surrounding countryside, with tains. Bands of marauders from the
tion from within the government. more resources going toward economic mountains had asssaulted areas that
Many officials and constables had been causes rather than military develop- already had been sacked, and surviving
taking bribes over the years from unde- ment. The troops the lords have plains dwellers reported that these
rgound organizations such as thieves assigned to the Mayor under the terms marauders wore insignia different
guilds and black market profiteers. A of these agreements have bolstered the from the previous band of invaders.
new regency was appointed to insure defenses for the city and the surround- Also, on separate occasions symbols of
that all trade and tax laws were obeyed. ing area. both Auril and Talos had been discov-
These regents were responsible for the The harbor also underwent dramatic ered among the remains of a few of the
creation and oversight of a new guild changes because of Lord Mayor raiders. It is also believed by some
structure for the local craftsmen and O’Kane’s policies. O’Kane knew that to plains dwellers that these two groups
artisans, a more stable method of make the harbor profitable and attract frequently warred against each other;
exchange rates for foreign currency, business, it had to offer safety from the otherwise the druids and the northern
registration of transient merchants, pirates in the area and provide a thriv- areas would have been completely
and management of harbor traffic. The ing economic community in which to overrun by this time. Defensively, the
Mayor next worked at ridding the city do business. Calling together the sages Lord Mayor’s work has paid off in curb-
of its criminal organizations. This last and engineers within the city, many of ing the raiders. His alliances with the
project has yet to prove fully success- whom had recently arrived from Scars- lords have worked so well that the raids
ful, although these elements are not as dale, O’Kane charged them with imple- from the mountains have begun failing
active or open as they were in previous menting a plan to accomplish just those on a regular basis, and now the raids
years. ends. are rare. Talk of starting a counter-
Once the government was strength- Their efforts resulted in one of the offensive into the mountains has begun
ened, O’Kane began using his influence most ambitious sea construction pro- to surface. Cooler heads, however, have
to bring peace and stability to the sur- jects this part of the world had ever wit- urged the Mayor to begin a few intelli-
rounding area. He offered to extend the nessed. Two large towers were placed gence gathering forays into the area
protection of the city and its resources in the water at the eastern entrance of first, then strike with a few carefully
to the adjoining lords if they would the harbor to serve as a gateway into planned assaults against selected
commit troops to him and place their the harbor from the Dragon Reach; all targets.
lands under the jurisdiction of the Rav- ships were to pass between these two Precisely who or what was behind
ens Bluff courts that O’Kane had estab- towers, which were also armed with the mountain raiders remains a matter
lished. O’Kane guaranteed that these ballistae and catapults. Huge rocks and of debate. The most widely accepted
courts would have no say in the inter- boulders were placed perpendicular theory is that a powerful leader gained
nal affairs of a lord’s holdings, but from the shore to each tower, effective- dominion over these evil tribes shortly
would settle all disputes between lords ly ringing the harbor with an impen- before the attacks began 50 years ago.
aligned with the Mayor. In return, the etrable man-made reef. The project The reason behind the attacks also is
Mayor would recognize the lord’s took three years to complete, and the uncertain, although some suspect cler-
boundaries. Swift action was promised result was a safe harbor and increased ics were involved. There were rumors
against any aggressors who tried to popularity for the Lord Mayor. It that the temples of Auril and Talos

wanted a foothold in the mountains and Overall, Ravens Bluff’s newfound eco- will be strong and unified enough to
hoped to expand their influence into monic and military cooperation has form a governmental authority in this
the northern plains. Others believed allowed for safer and more frequent corner of the Forgotten Realms, with
the raids were masterminded by a pow- commercial travel along the land routes Ravens Bluff as the capital. The strong-
erful individual or individuals not in the area, bringing more goods and er lords have voiced their opposition to
native to the mountains, and that the services to the city. Because the city is a the idea, not willing to give up any of
person or persons organized the tribes safer haven under O’Kane’s hands, their internal power. However, there is
and the attacks for their own reasons. A schools have opened, instructing chil- no real reason to believe that this ques-
less popular notion, but one not disre- dren and young adults in the arts and tion will need to be addressed any time
garded, is that simple hatred for the sciences. Many in the city believe this soon since little friction has developed
druids’ existence may have prompted will surely contribute to the pool of tal- over the issue.
the actions; but this premise does not ent needed to make Ravens Bluff even
explain the raids on the populace at better in the future.
large. A few of the remaining druids Because of the more unified and
believe that there exists some great stronger government, the improve-
force or power in the mountains which ment in the harbor, the cooperation of
the tribes used for their benefit—or an increasing number of the lords, and
perhaps it used or continues to use now-rare attacks from the mountains, a
them. What this could be is a matter of new economic climate has blossomed
conjecture, but it is the explanation that for Ravens Bluff, which residents have
would cause O’Kane and his advisors begun calling The Living City. Ravens
the most concern if proven correct. Bluff has become a boom town of his-
The military forces continue to keep a toric proportions.
watchful eye on this area, although Some scholars and a few of the weak-
they hope the raids remain an unfortu- er lords estimate that within several
nate piece of history. years the city and the surrounding area

Ravens Bluff Encounter Chart
How to use the tables:
1. Find the appropriate location for the Location of Party
PCs under the “Location of Party”
heading. Harbor/ Crow's ** Race subtable
2. Roll 1d100. Wharf Uptown End Subtable
01-20 01-05 01-10 1) Sailors Human 01-80
3. Go to the subtable indicated by the 21-28 06-10 11-20 2) Alleyways Elf 81-84
die roll. 29-34 21-25* 3) Harbor Half elf 85-90
35-45 16-25 26-45 4) Urchin Half orc 91-92
4. Roll 1d100 for the location and time Gnome 93-95
46-90 26-85 46-85 5) Townspeople/Events
for the subtable (day or night). 91-95 86-95 86-90 6) Body Dwarf 96-00
5. ** indicates use of race subtable. 96-00 86-00 91-00 7) Monsters (7a land,
7b water)


Harbor Uptown Crow’s End

Day Night Day Night Day Night
1 Sailors (65% in a group of 1d4, 35% alone)
—Bullying locals, stealing from merchants 01-10 01-05 01-15 01-10 01-10 01-10
—Brawling with other sailors 11-20 06-20 16-25 11-15 11-20 11-20
—Drunk 21-30 21-40 26-35 16-25 21-30 21-30
—Bump into PCs (50% chance of starting a fight) 31-45 41-50 36-55 26-35 31-40 31-40
—Pursuing or being pursued by rival crew 46-50 51-60 —— 36-40 41-50 41-45
—Escaped from impressment, desires help (35% chance of being pursued) 51-55 61-65 56-65 41-55 51-55 46-50
—Thrown out of tavern/brothel (20% chance of falling into PCs) 56-60 66-75 66-80 56-75 56-60 51-55
—“Hitting” on a local girl (35% chance of going for a female PC) 61-75 76-85 81-90 76-85 61-80 56-75
—First mate announcing that sailors are being hired 76-90 —— 91-95 —— 81-85 ——
—First mate impressing locals (25% chance of trying for PCs) 91-95 86-95 —— 86-90 86-90 76-85
—Making disparaging remarks about PCs 96-00 96-00 96-00 91-00 91-00 86-00

2 Alleyways
—Gambling in progress (sailors, toughs, locals, urchins, etc.) 01-25 01-30 01-20 01-30 01-30 01-15
—Body (roll on bodysubtable) 26-39 31-60 21-30 31-50 31-50 16-55
—Black market seller (10% chance of being a lure for ambush)** 40-00 61-00 31-00 51-00 51-00 56-00

3 Trouble In Harbor
—Ship on fire (5% chance of PC being associated with ship, if applicable) 01-15 01-05 —— —— —— ——
—Ship sinking (collision, decayed hull, sabotage; 5% chance PC being associated with ship) 16-30 06-10 —— —— —— ——
—Pirate ship discovered and sailing out of harbor (70% chance of military ship in pursuit) 31-35 11-40 —— —— —— ——
—Pirate fleet attempting to invade harbor (10% chance of successful landing) 36-40 —— —— —— —— ——
—Someone drowning (35% chance of being attacked by monster; see subtable)** 41-60 41-60 —— —— —— ——
—Rival ship's crews fighting (80% hand-to-hand, 20% using ship's weapons) 61-80 61-80 —— —— —— ——
—Monster caught by fishing crew (roll on monster table 2) 81-90 81-85 —— —— —— ——
—Monster attacking small fishing craft troll on monster table 2) 91-99 86-90 —— —— —— ——
—Ghost Ship 00 91-00 —— —— —— ——

4 Urchin
—Begging (1d6 others watching and reacting as appropriate) 01-30 01-10 01-30 01-30 01-15 01-10
—Stealing (50% from PCs, 50% from others; roll on townspeople subtable for victim) 31-40 11-30 31-40 31-45 16-35 11-40
—Big urchin beating up small group 41-50 31-50 41-45 46-60 36-50 41-50
—Group beating up one urchin 51-60 51-70 46-50 61-70 51-65 51-60
—Two groups fighting 61-70 71-90 51-60 71-85 66-85 61-90
—1d4+3 playing around PCs (60% chance of one or more being a thief) 71-00 91-00 61-00 86-00 86-00 91-00

* Heard as rumors

Harbor Uptown Crow’s End
Day Night Day Night Day Night
5 Townspeople and Events
-Merchant selling (trinkets, fish, produce, etc.; cart or stand) 01-06 —— 01-07 01-02 01-03 ——
-Beggar 07-09 01-02 08-11 03-05 04-05 01
-Rabblerouser speaking out against mayor (50% chance of being a “plant” for enemy forces or associated
(with a local lord) 10-11 03-05 12 06 06-08 02-04
-Madam, prostitute, pimp, or urchin 12-15 06-12 13-15 07-13 09-12 05-12
-Streetseller fencing drugs, information, stolen goods, etc.** 16-18 13-19 16-17 14-19 13-16 13-20
-Dandy, arrogant local (roll 1d4 for number) 19-21 20-22 1 8 - 2 2 2 0 - 2 6 17-18 21
-Street performers (musicians, jugglers, etc.; 30% with domestic animals, 10% with wild animals)** 22-25 —— 23-27 — — 19-20 ——
-Housewife touring the markets 26-30 —— 28-32 —— 21-23 ——
-Fair Maiden (30% chance of showing interest in PC, 10% chance of asking for help of some kind) 31-34 23 33-35 27-29 24 22
-Child (50% chance of being lost) 35-36 24 36-37 30-31 25 23
-Herald 37-39 —— 38-40 —— 26-27 ——
-Cleric** 40-42 25-26 41-44 32-35 28-30 24-25
-Fighter** 43-46 27-31 45-49 36-41 31-34 26-30
-Druid** 47 32 50 42 35 ——
-Magic User** 48 33 51-52 43 36-37 31
-Thief** 49-51 34-40 53-54 44-48 38-41 32-37
-Spy (70% following NPC, 20% following PCs, 10% following another spy) 52-53 41-44 55 49-51 42 38-39
-Vassal of local lord (60% are arrogant) 54-55 45-47 56-58 52-55 43-44 40
-Drunk** 56 48-50 59-60 56-58 45-47 41-46
-Lord (being obnoxious, recruiting for army or secret mission, etc.) 57 51-52 61-62 59-60 48 47
-Any of the above involved in loud dispute 58-61 53-59 63-65 61-65 49-53 48-54
-Lost foreigner (20% chance of understanding him) 62-63 60-61 66-68 66-68 54-55 55-56
-Buccaneer (fighting, recruiting, impressing people for crew, etc.) 64-66 62-66 69-70 69-71 56-58 57-61
-Town crier 67-69 —— 71-73 —— 59-60 ——
-Procession (parade, funeral, noble, foreign dignitary) 70 —— 74-75 72 61 ——
-Fire 71-72 67-68 76 73 62-63 62-63
-Witness theft in progress 73-75 69-74 77-78 74-76 64-67 64-70
-Witness murder (70%) or assassination (30%) in progress
-Duel in progress between; vassals of rival lords or estates (70%), enemy foreigners (15%), strangers (10%),
rival businessmen (5%) 77-79 77-82 80-81 79-82 70-75 75-78
-Unlawful horse race in street 80-82 83-84 82 83-85 76-78 79
-Overturned caravan or wagon 83-85 85 83 —— 79-83 80-82
-Chamber pot/dishwater emptied onto PCs 86-87 86-90 84-86 86-88 84-87 83-84
-Wild animal loose 88-89 91-92 87-89 89-91 88-90 85-86
-Horse out of control (30% chance of breaking from its master and running loose) 90-92 93-94 90-91 92 91-92 87-88
-Town Watch (1d4; 15% chance of lieutenant, 5% chance of captain) 93-95 95-97 92-94 93-96 93-95 89-93
-Loud ruckus heard from nearby dwelling/business/alleyway 96-97 98-99 95 97-98 96-99 94-99
-Town officials/personalities table 98-00 00 96-00 99-00 00 00

6 Body (roll once on subtable a, b, and c) Harbor Uptown Crow’s End

Day Night Day Night Day Night 6 b. Body has:
6 a. Body of: —Amulet/token 01-06
—Sailor 01-30 01-10 01-15 01-10 01-10 01-10 —Religious items 07-11
—Urchin 31-40 11-17 16-30 11-30 11-25 11-20 —Weapon 12-25
41-45 18-32 31-33 31-40 26-27 21 —Treasure 26-28
—City Official
46-47 33-47 34-35 41-45 28 22 —Message (hidden) 29-33
48-57 48-57 36-47 46-55 29-31 23-25 —Nothing 34-00
—Cleric** 58-59 58-60 48-49 56-58 32-35 26-29 6 c. Body is
—Magic User** 60-61 61-63 50-51 59-60 36-40 30-35 —Dead 01-65
—Thief/Spy** 61-69 64-70 52-63 61-70 41-50 36-45 —Barely alive 66-92
—Monster (roll on table 7a) 70-76 71-76 64-71 71-80 51-65 46-60 —Dead (ambush set up) 93-95
—Commoner/local (75% male, 25% female) 77-88 77-88 72-86 81-90 66-75 61-75
—Alive (ambush set up) 96-00
—Beggar** 89-00 89-00 87-00 91-00 76-00 76-00

Harbor Uptown Crow’s End

Day Night Day Sight Day Night
7 a. Monster Subtable - Land
—Crab, giant 01-04 01-02 01-03 01-03 01-03 01-02
—Crystal ooze 05-08 03-04 04-06 04-05 04-06 03-04
—Deva, Movanic 09-11 05-06 07-11 06-10 07-09 05
—Doppleganger 12-13 07-08 12-15 11-14 10-12 06-07
—Fire Fiend 14-15 09-10 16-19 15-18 13-14 08-09
—Frog, giant 16-21 11-15 20-21 19 15-19 10-13
—Frog, poisonous 22-24 16-17 22-23 20 20-21 14-15
—Gargoyle/kopocinth —— 18-21 —— 21-23 22 16-17

Harbor Uptown Crow’s End
Day Night Day Night Day Night
7 a. Monster Subtable - Land (continued from previous page)
—Ghost —— 22 —— 24 —— 18
—Ghoul —— 23-26 —— 25-27 23 19-21
—Green hag 25-26 27-28 24-25 28-29 24 22
—Grue, varrdig 27-28 29 —— 30 25-26 23-24
—Harpy 29-32 30-31 26-29 31-32 27-29 25-27
—Haunt 33-34 32-33 30-32 33-36 30-31 28-29
—Invisible stalker 35-36 34-35 33-36 37-40 32-33 30-31
—Ki-Rin 37 36 37-39 41 34 32
—Lich —— 37 — — 42-43 —— 33
—Lizardman 38-40 38-40 40-43 44 35-37 3 4
—Mist Dragon 41-43 41-42 44-46 45-46 38-39 35
—Ogre, aquatic 44-48 43-46 —— 47 40-44 36-39
—Enemy raid from the mountain (1d6+2 orcs, goblins, etc.) 49-52 47-53 47-53 46-55 48-55 40-47
—Poltergeist 53-54 54-55 54-57 56-59 48-51 48-50
—Rakshasa 55-56 56-57 58-60 60-62 52-54 51-53
—Rat, giant 57-65 58-66 61-69 63-68 55-67 54-63
—Sahuagin 66-68 67-71 —— 69 68-69 64-67
—Shedu 69-71 72-74 70-73 70-73 70-72 68-70
—Skulk 72-74 75-76 74-78 74-78 73-76 71-74
—Troll 75-80 77-80 79-83 79-80 77-80 75-78
—Wight —— 81-82 —— 81-82 —— 79
—Wererat 81-89 83-89 84-90 83-89 81-89 80-88
—Werewolf 90-98 90-99 91-98 90-98 90-98 89-98
—Giant, fog 99-00 00 99-00 99-00 99-00 99-00

7 b. Monster Subtable - Water

—Afanc 01-03 01-02 —— —— —— ——
—Crab, giant 04-07 03-06 —— —— —— ——
—Kelpie 08-10 07-09 —— —— —— ——
—Kopocinth (gargoyle) 11-18 10-18 —— —— —— ——
—Locathah 19-22 19-20 —— —— —— ——
—Masher 23-30 21-28 —— —— —— ——
—Narwhal 31-34 29-30 —— —— —— ——
—Octopus, giant 35-38 31-32 —— —— —— ——
—Sea Lion 33-46 33-46 —— —— —— ——
—Seawolf (lesser) 47-43 47-49 —— —— —— ——
—Shark 50-60 50-65 —— —— —— ——
—Strangle Weed 61-71 66-76 —— —— —— ——
—Swordfish 72-79 77-79 —— —— —— ——
—Sahuagin 80-87 80-90 —— —— —— ——
—Troll, marine 88-92 90-92 —— —— —— ——
—Giant, storm 93-95 93-94 —— —— —— ——
—Eye, floating 96-99 95-99 —— —— —— ——
—Dragon turtle 00 00 —— —— —— ——

8 Town Officials/Personalities
—Harbor Master 01-13 01-40 01-03 01-03 01 ——
—Regent 14-21 41 04-11 04-11 02-03 ——
—Mayor’s procession 22-23 —— 12-16 —— 04-05 ——
—Council member 24-26 42-43 17-26 12-21 06-07 01-04
—Lord 27-29 44 27-36 22-31 08-09 05-08
—Chaney 30-32 45-46 37-41 32-36 10-16 09-10
—Gaius Varros 33-38 47 42-44 37-38 17-16 ——
—Ren of the Cloak 39-40 48-77 45 39-58 19-24 11-44
—Mortimer Mittlemer*** 41-42 78 46 59 25-27 45-46
—Krinklespine**** 43-45 79 47-49 60 28-29 47-48
—Lord Calvin Longbottle 46-52 80-82 50-51 61-62 30-31 49-50
—Arvin Kothonos 53-56 83-84 52-57 63-67 32-37 51-52
—Thomas Raphael 57-60 85 58-61 68-71 38-39 ——
—Sirrus Melandor 61-64 86 62-65 72-74 40-45 53-54
—Rolf “Sunny” Sunriver 65-68 87-89 66-69 75-78 46-60 55-68
—Lord Charles Fredrick Laverne Blacktree 69-72 90-91 70-73 79-81 61-70 69-74
—Lady Katharine Moorland 73-76 —— 74-78 82 —— ——
—Thorm Sureblade 77-80 92-94 79-82 83-85 71-82 75-90
—Tordon Sureblade 81-84 95-96 83-87 86-89 83-87 91-94
—Russell Roland 85-88 97 88-91 90-93 88-89 95-96
—Howard Holiday 89-92 98 92-95 94-95 90-94 ——
—King 93-96 99 96-99 96-99 95-99 97-00
—Ambassador Carrague 97-00 00 00 00 00 ——

*** Mortimer Mittlemer appears in POLYHEDRON™ Newszine #34

**** Krinklespine appears in POLYHEDRON Newszine #36

Living City Writers' Guidelines
Ravens Bluff, also called The Living sented in this pack and in Living City Special Creatures
City, and the land around it rests in the features in the POLYHEDRON
capable and creative hands of RPGA™ Newszine for examples, and please New creatures must be detailed with
Network members. The city is filled stick to the format. Characters should AD&D game statistics. List these statis-
with businesses, adventures, and char- have backgrounds, detailed personali- tics, such as No. Appearing, Movement,
acters created by the members. And ties, motivations, and notes on how Hit Dice, No. of Attacks, etc. as they ap-
the city will continue to grow and they relate to PCs they will encounter in pear in the Monsterous Compendiums.
evolve as long as members provide the campaigns. Please note that the major- Include information on where the crea-
material. ity of Ravens Bluff inhabitants are hu- ture can be found, its habits and moti-
Living City features will appear in man. Therefore, we prefer submissions vations, and how it reacts to other
special publications, such as this Gate- which feature humans. There are demi- creatures and to people.
way Pack, and in each issue of the PO- humans in the city and the area around
LYHEDRON™ Newszine. If you have a it, so we will consider submissions that
building, business, encounter, or per- deal with elves, half elves, halflings,
sonality that adds some spice to your gnomes, dwarves, and other races. Legends are frequently springboards to
campaign’s “town business” we’d like to However, because the majority of the adventure. For example, a legend about
see it. There just might be a spot for it in population is human, the majority of a powerful magic item nestled in a ruin
Ravens Bluff. the submissions printed will feature hu- that only can be spotted when the
If you want to send a submission to mans. You might want to keep this in moon is full will usually induce PCs to
The Living City, read the following mind when creating personalities. investigate the ruin. If you want to
guidelines. Only material from RPGA write about a legend, include the story
Network members will be considered that is being circulated in the city (it
for publication. An RPGA Network
Mini-Adventures should be interesting enough so player
membership form appears at the end of All mini-adventures submitted, such as characters would want to pursue it)
this Gateway Pack. Rats! in this product, should include a and the truth behind the legend. The
We are especially interested in sub- DM summary of the adventure and latter will serve as DM information. You
missions that feature mini-adventures, should list the player character levels may also want to include suggested ad-
encounters, legends, businesses and the adventure is intended for. In addi- ventures involving the legend, which
their owners, and personalities. We will tion, the adventure must include com- can be brief paragraph descriptions
consider special monsters native to the plete statistics for any monsters and DMs can flesh out for their own cam-
area around Ravens Bluff. However, NPCs involved. New monsters and paigns. Again, any magic items, crea-
these creatures will be rare and will not magic items are welcome, as long as tures, or characters involved with the
be published as often as personalities, they are fully detailed. If the adventure legend should have complete AD&D
businesses, and other types of submis- requires a map, the author should sup- game statistics.
sions. ply one. This map does not have to be in
publishable form; if we accept the ad-
venture for publication we likely will
Personalities have the map redrawn. All mini- Businesses and their owners/operators
Ravens Bluff, The Living City, is nestled adventures must follow the AD&D are among the most popular Living City
in the FORGOTTEN REALMS™ cam- game rules. features appearing in the
paign setting, a supplement to the POLYHEDRON Newszine. Each submis-
AD&D® game. Because of that, all char- sion should include the name of the
acters included in submissions must Encounters building, what the business involves, a
have AD&D game statistics. These sta- Encounters with NPCs, creatures, or drawing of the building’s layout, and
tistics should include all character at- tricks/traps and other situations must complete AD&D game statistics, back-
tribute scores—Strength, Intelligence, be fully explained and include all appro- ground, motivations, and personalities
Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and priate statistics. For example, if you for the owners or operators. If the busi-
Charisma. The character’s hit points, choose to create an encounter with a ness is a shop, include the type of mer-
normal Armor Class, rear Armor Class, thief, you need to list all the thief’s abili- chandise that is sold, the quality, and
Weapon Proficiencies, Special Abilities, ties, the items he carries, and his plan the kind of customers who purchase
Languages, and Spells and Thieving involving the PCs. the merchandise. Read the businesses
abilities—if applicable—also should be included in this Gateway Pack and in
included. Read the characters pre- Living City features in the
POLYHEDRON Newszine for examples.

The Basics Ethics Disclosure Form
All submissions for Ravens Bluff, The It is important that all submissions to I wish to submit the following materials for The Living
City, subject to all of the conditions below.
Living City, must be typed and double- Ravens Bluff, The Living City, be in Working title of submission and brief description (please
spaced on 8 1/2” by 11" white paper. good taste and of high quality. To print):
Computer printouts are acceptable if achieve this goal, it is important that
the printing is dark enough to be easily you follow these principles: I submit my materials voluntarily on a non-confidential
read. Be sure to leave a one-inch mini- basis. I understand that this submission by me and its re-
Never portray evil in an attractive view by the RPGA™ Network does not, in whole or in
mum margin around all four sides of
light. Evil characters should be por- part, establish or create by implication or otherwise any
your text. relationship between the RPGA Network and me or be-
trayed as foes.
On the first page of your submission tween TSR, Inc. and me not expressed herein. I further
Do not give explicit details and meth- understand and agree that the RPGA Network, in its own
put your name, address, telephone judgment, may accept or reject the materials submitted
number, and RPGA™ Network member- ods of crime, drug use, or magic that and shall not be obligated to me in any way with respect
ship number. If you wish to use a pen could be duplicated and misused in to my submission until the RPGA Network, at its own
election, enters into an agreement with me. I further un-
name on your article, include it after real-life situations. derstand that the Network is not obligated to pay for ac-
the title of the article. On each follow- Crimes should not be presented in cepted Living City materials.
ing page put your name, a short form of such a manner as to inspire others to I agree that the RPGA Network may have a reasonable
the title, and the page number. period of time to review my submission. The Network
imitate criminals. will return my submission to me provided it is received
Even if your typewriter or computer by the Network with a self addressed stamped envelope.
can do it, please do not use italic or Drug and alcohol abuse only can be The Network shall not be held responsible, however, for
boldface type in your submission. Un- presented as dangerous habits and items or materials which are accidentally damaged or
derline any words that should be set in should not be portrayed as attractive.
I understand that the acceptance by the Network of this
italics in the finished copy. Underline Agents of law enforcement, such as disclosure does not imply or create 1) any financial or
with a squiggly line any words that guards and constables, should not be
other obligation of any kind on the part of the RPGA Net-
work, 2) any confidential relationship or guarantee of se-
should be boldfaced in the finished depicted in such a way as to cause read- crecy, or 3) any recognition or acknowledgment of either
copy. Indent each paragraph five ers to disrespect current authorities. novelty or originality.
spaces. Avoid dashes, ellipses, and semi- I understand and agree that if the submission utilizes or
colons. Stick to the more common Slang and colloquialisms are all right is based on characters, settings, or other materials
to use in dialogue. However, excessive owned by TSR, Inc. or if the submission contains trade-
forms of punctuation, and use them marks and/or other proprietary material owned by TSR,
correctly. use is discouraged, and it is not recom- I shall not be free to submit the submission for publica-
Make sure you keep the original or a mended in descriptive passages. tion to any person or firm other than TSR.
I further understand and agree that the Network has the
photocopy of each submission for your Profanity, obscenities, and vulgarity right to revise and copy edit any version of the submis-
own records. are not acceptable. Lust and sexual per- sion for content, style, clarity, typographical errors,
Each submission must be accompa- version should not be portrayed or im- punctuation, spelling, and capitalization in accordance
with standard usage and/or style manuals or accepted
nied by a standard disclosure form. A plied in submissions. dictionaries and encyclopedias. I also understand that
disclosure form appears at the end of the Network has the right to publish the submission at its
these submission guidelines. You may The use of drama and horror is ac- own expense in such style, form, and manner and at

cut out or photocopy the form. ceptable. However, detailing sordid acts such a price as it deems suitable.

All submissions should include a self and excessive gore should be avoided. A I warrant that the submission never has been pub-
lished and that it is original and does not violate the
addressed stamped envelope for the ed- good writer can imply situations with- rights of any third party. I also warrant that I am the
itor’s reply. If your manuscript is more out graphically detailing them. sole owner of the submission and that I am of legal age
and am free to make agreements relative to this sub-
than a few pages long and you want it Current religions should not be de- mission or that I am the authorized representative of
returned, send a larger envelope with picted, ridiculed, or attacked in any the submitter (circle one: Parent, Legal Guardian,
Agent, Other: ), who is the owner of the
postage to cover the manuscript’s mail- submissions. Ancient or mythological submission.
ing. The RPGA Network is not responsi- religions can be portrayed in compli-
ble for the loss of manuscripts. ance with the other ethical consider- Signature
The RPGA Network does not pay for ations presented in these guidelines.
Living City submissions. However, au- Submitter’s Name
Magic is an integral part of Living City
thors of material accepted for publica-
campaigns. However, we will not con- Date Phone
tion will receive gift certificates to the
sider submissions which include actual
Mail Order Hobby Shop and will receive
three free copies of the publication rituals, such as incantations and sacri- Address
their work appears in.


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