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There has been something that’s been bothering me about the Natalie Tran video.

It rests on the
fundamental assumption that Asian men are upset because racism prevents us from “dating
out.” But this just isn’t true, generally.

Look at the rate of outmarriage to other races of partners.

Black guys 24%, Hispanic guys 26%, Asian guys 21%. N.B. Yes, when Asian American men DO
marry, they don't marry out at a much lower rate than other men. But what's key here is the %
of Asian American men who actually get a chance to date, marry, etc.

This is explored here:

That’s actually... not bad! IR marriage rates are very similar to the rates of other minority men.
We outdate just fine (out of those of us who manage to marry). This shocked me. I hope this
knowledge somewhat liberates more Asian men to not have to feel that they are inferior. Free
yourselves from those mental chains.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free” – Ralph Ellison.

It is amazing, because we are very resilient in that regard. Emasculation hurts us most with our
own women, not other races of women. I mean yeah, it doesn’t help with other groups of
women either, but surprisingly we keep up.

Edit to first edition: (I would like to add: less asian men as a percentage (of the total number of
asian men) overall manage to date and this must be addressed. We cannot simply just leave it
and say women of all colours are fucking us over if we have not comprehensively gone for
women of other groups and made it into a social trend)

take a look at this chart again: see the outmarriage stat for Asian American women? It says 36% right? However.allacademic. Asian guys are most likely to hear "no asians" from Asian women. This is mirrored by the Twitter screenshots Heather Johnson Yu New York Times) showed that 54% of Asian women born in America marry out. That’s a majority. Our own women buy into the stereotypes! UC Riverside’s Department of Sociology studied this phenomenon. 54%. I am not saying we AM don’t have any problems dating.jpg (Source: http://citation. Our problem is we have the hardest time DATING OUR OWN. by far the harshest reception I have received in public spaces and nightclubs has been from Asian women who are outright vocal about the fact that they ‘don’t hang with Asian men’.Now. Pew stats 2017: http://www. we do as a collective. html) JT Tran also said it straight up. But the problem is not that we have a harder time dating other races relative to other groups of minority men. the vast majority to white men ONLY. Pretty mindblowing. intermarriage/ 54% of American born Asian girls outmarry. SquattingCasanova did a video about his experiences also. Not the 40% I previously thought. with regards to Asian women it’s actually more than the 36%. .pewsocialtrends. The most recent Pew study (Source: Pew stats 2017. My own personal From the Department of Sociology at UC Riverside: https://s17. this is wrong.

what to do about your OWN fucked up behaviors as Asian women? “Chase white guys less. Then women like Natalie Tran have the gall to ask the men “what can I do?” What the actual fuck? Why are YOU asking ME. And you know what? That’s not my responsibility. But. and your actions will speak for themselves. both in Natalie’s video and his article. . This is not “theory” or “conjecture.these girls truly. I am not going to do it. JT Tran touches on this.https://s17.jpg It’s because we all remind them of their “Asianess”. Not now. definitively engage in RACIST MISANDRY to social climb. the one thing I won’t allow you to do? Make the guys accept responsibility for YOUR RACISM. a Man.” I GUESS. My only responsibility is to call you out.” These are facts that Anna Lu’s continuously deny or ignore. I hate to use the term “misandry” (because it has been tainted by the manosphere misogynists). like they have been. We will be more direct: you betrayed us for white acceptance. Please. They hate you because you are Asian. but it is what it is. EN They even invented a new word for their disdain on Chinese Burn: “DAGS: desperate Asian guys. Don’t pretend you are egalitarian. you don’t care about individuals). Some of the grossest.postimg. No. Because once we’ve brought it to your attention. not ever. You have internalized racist stereotypes about us en masse (again. That is what I'm telling people who say "lift and all the aw will come running back". Overly groomed Asian men who seem to follow us everywhere”. in your face racism we face has come from western ASIAN WOMEN. This IS the answer to our million dollar question. YOU DECIDE. shut the fuck up about feminism if your feminism only consists of the right to social climb through whiteness and shit on Asian guys while you’re at it. You lambast Asian male patriarchy and yet you jump towards white male patriarchy and use gendered racism against Asian men… under the cloak of Asian female empowerment. but he does so lightly. most unbelievable. Anything more than that? That’s ACTUALLY robbing you of agency. You refuse to acknowledge this. you can no longer plead ignorance.

it’s white supremacy. are fools. But look even with white men. Straight up. TO WHITE GUYS. That is the crazy thing. and those who dare not. How does that cloak of progressivism Anna Lu is hiding behind feel? HMMMMM Anna Lus presenting themselves as progressive and pro-POC while actually dating racist white guys and very right wing in their dating lives gives them a high ground and allies. that is why we will not tolerate your lies anymore.Lets call it what it is: White supremacy AND white supremacy being supported by Asian women. not an OR. usually for racist reasons. That is not feminism. which has been disproven both by this and by other posts in the past. AW repeatedly bring up. because their cognitive dissonance really must bug them. HMMMMM. It’s not that we outmarry less. are bigots. those who cannot. because they are Uncles. saying we are expressing things too aggressively. We're getting fucked over by Anna Lu using every trick in the book to justify their white fetish. It is time to take that away. Those fake Asian feminists policing our tone. . that we just want white girls. We are presenting facts.” Byron Most people don’t outmarry. does not take away from the facts: that they are huge Uncles. It is not interracial. that is just social climbing. It’s an AND. “Those who will not reason. That is why Asian men are utterly frustrated. That’s period. are slaves. But they don’t fight that. We don’t hear them bitching about not being able to date black men. Anna Lu are so keen on shutting down “racial policing” like using the term “Uncle”. You know. our women just outmarry way too much to white guys. For instance. they have the lowest interracial rates of all men. they are throwing allegations. They get way more social pressure not to date black. That is the difference.

Because Asian women are the ones most likely to date us flat out. and Asian Uncles are complicit also. Real Latina feminists have to know this. is why we are angry. otherwise AM are just forced into a cannibalized western AMAF dating game. Chinese exclusion Act) The majority of women out there are not open to interracial although we hold our own at current rates. It hurts us most with Asian women and they are complicit in perpetuating the racist depictions of Asian men. AM have been so kiddie gloves with Lus in the public space that we've never truly used that angle that their use of feminism is an insult to feminism. This is just as racist white male supremacist America wants. It’s not enough that they have their WMAF relationships. No. then we AM get sausagefests and bachelor societies. Actually. AM have not smeared with plain lies like Lu’s smear Asian guys. Asian and . The majority are black women. Don't expect fair play from them. and access to white society through white men. They make it sound like we’re bitching because emasculation hurts us with white girls. with very few exceptions. It is perversion and a way to justify their lust for white privilege. speak from just malice towards AM. When is the last time I heard an Asian woman rallying against white male patriarchy? When you talk about Asian male patriarchy you should at least explain that elephant in the room. Now. Now that. HMMMMM The silence is deafening! Real black feminists have to know this. Our friend says it best: “THAT AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN YOUR FEMINISM IS RACIST”.AM need to realize that most "Asian feminists". They'll take advantage of every opening to make us look bad.b. Don’t think I have forgotten about you. if you fuck them up to see Asian men badly. They're willing to smear all Asians as terrible people to get non-Asian women away from the Asian men they won't even date. Lu’s are staunch supporters of white male patriarchy. No. since we have cleared that up…. we’re doing ok in that respect. Real white feminists have to know this. I’m not finished. I see you girls out there vocal and supporting us. They are actively complicit in using their various (racist) social strategies against us also. That is just plain sociopathic. with a sprinkling of white.We have to do interracial because of the 54% outmarriage rate. THAT. Like the good old days again! (n. Real Asian feminists have to know this.

it’s actually ridiculous. The fact that it ties so neatly into historical factors only goes to show AM are not crazy like Anna Lus like to portray us as. I believe in mutually respectful relationships. But the scale of it. we will have your back when shit goes down because you have ours. I don’t care about individual WMAF. or even the pairing itself despite the historical context of it. I believe that it is a social trend which is unprecedented . In fact. The amount at which Asian women date out to white guys is an abnormal social trend and is a direct result of white supremacy. We must never forget who our friends are when we are being stomped on the curb.Latina.