Axel Klausmeier

Commemorate the Uncomfortable:
The Insecure Future of the Relicts, Remnants and Traces of the Historical Landscape formerly known as the Berlin Wall

Remaining Barriers and Obstacles of the Berlin Wall

The Mediation of a difficult Heritage: Publication May, 2004

Traces of the Berlin Wall

The Documentation of Remains and Traces of the Wall, 2001-2003

Physical Remains of the Berlin Wall

The Wall as seen and known from the West – and its physical remains

Remaining Barriers and Markings of the Berlin Wall


Physical Remnants of the Berlin Wall Watchtowers

Electricity Supply and Patrol-Track

Masts of the former Patrol Track turned into ‘civil‘ Street Lights

The Remnants of former Border Crossing Stations



The Fall of the Wall

Commemorating the Uncomfortable

The Emptiness

Checkpoint Charlie, Summer 2004

Authentic Witnesses

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