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PHStat2 readme file.

PHStat2 is Windows software that assists you in learning the concepts of statistics while using Microsoft
Excel. PHStat2 allows you to perform many common types of statistical analyses working with and using the
familiar Microsoft Excel interface. PHStat2 is an enhanced version of the original PHStat statistical add-in
system. If you have used PHStat previously, read the "What's New?" section to discover the improvements
that PHStat2 contains. (In your textbook, you should interpret any general reference to "PHStat" as a
reference to PHStat2.)

The rest of this document is organized into sections to assist you in setting up and using PHStat2. The
“What’s New in PHStat2” section of this file can also be found in the PHStat2 help system (select Help for
PHStat2 from the PHStat menu in Microsoft Excel and look in the “Welcome to PHStat2” topic).

Table of Contents

1 Technical requirements for PHStat2

2 Configuring Microsoft Excel Components for PHStat2

3 Configuring Microsoft Excel Security for PHStat2

4 Setting up PHStat2

5 Using PHStat2

6 Updating PHStat2

7 Troubleshooting PHStat2

8 What's New in PHStat2?

1 Technical requirements for PHStat2

There are separate requirements for using PHStat2 and running the PHStat2 setup program. The
requirements for running the setup program are more exclusive. If you plan to setup PHStat2, make sure to
review all of the requirements that follow.

Requirements for using PHStat2:

Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP Home/XP Pro computer system.
Microsoft Excel 97/2000/2002(Office XP)/2003 or later. Excel 97 users must apply the SR-2 or a later
free update from Microsoft. PHStat2 is not compatible with Microsoft Excel 95 or the Macintosh
versions of Microsoft Office and Excel.
Screen resolution settings set to 800 by 600 pixels or 1024 by 748 pixels, recommended. PHStat2 will
run with any screen resolution settings, but setting your system to use Large Fonts or setting your
PHStat2 Readme file. Page 2.

resolution to the minimum 640 by 400 pixels may truncate or obscure PHStat2 message boxes and
parts the Microsoft Excel application window.
Microsoft Excel Data Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak–VBA installed (supplied on the Microsoft
Office/Excel program CD).
Microsoft Office macro security level set to Medium (see topic 3 “Configuring Microsoft Excel Security for
PHStat2” below, does not apply to Microsoft Excel 97 users).
Updated anti-virus program, optional but recommended.
Internet access (for downloading updates to Microsoft Excel, from, and PHStat2,
from, as they become available), optional but recommended.

Requirements for running the PHStat2 setup program:

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
Approximately 10 MB hard disk free space while running the setup program and 3 MB hard disk space
after program setup. On some older systems, the Windows system files that may get replaced or
added during the setup process will require up to 6 MB additional hard disk space.
Windows user account with administrator or software-installing privileges (applies only to Windows
NT/2000/XP or networked users only). Student or faculty accounts used to login onto networked
computers in academic settings typically do not have this privilege. If you have such an account, ask
your network or lab technician for assistance.

2 Configuring Microsoft Excel Components for PHStat2

Several components of Microsoft Excel need to be already installed before you can set up PHStat2.
Depending on the options chosen when Microsoft Excel was originally set up on your system, these
components may not have been set up previously on your system. To double-check that your copy of
Microsoft Excel contains these necessary components, open Microsoft Excel and:

Select Tools | Add-Ins.

In the Add-Ins dialog box that appears, select the Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak - VBA
check boxes from the Add-Ins available list and click the OK button.

Exit Microsoft Excel (to save the selections).

If one or both of the Analysis ToolPak choices do not appear in the Add-Ins available list, you will need to
rerun the Microsoft Excel (or Office) setup program using your original Microsoft Office/Excel CD-ROM or

3 Configuring Microsoft Excel Security for PHStat2

(This section does not apply to Microsoft Excel 97 users. Older copies of Microsoft Excel 2000 that
have never been updated also do not contain the macro security setting described below. If you are
PHStat2 Readme file. Page 3.

using such an older copy, consider updating it using the downloads available from the Microsoft
Office web site before continuing. )

The Microsoft Office macro security level must be set to Medium in order to allow PHStat2 to properly
function. To double-check that the security level is not set to High, which would prevent PHStat2 from
functioning properly, open Microsoft Excel and:

Select Tools | Macro | Security.

In the Security Level tab of the Security dialog box that appears, select the Medium option button and
click the OK button.

If you select the High option button in the Security dialog box, you will prevent PHStat2 from properly
functioning. (Selecting the Low option button is considered a poor practice and not recommended, even as
PHStat2 will function properly at this setting.) Your selection in the Security dialog box affects all programs
in the Microsoft Office suite. When you are finished using PHStat2, you can set the security to High, if you
so choose, so long as you remember to reset this level to Medium before attempting to open and use

If you cannot see the Macro choice on the Tools menu, it may be hidden from view due to the way that
Microsoft Office is currently displaying menu choices. To double-check this, open Microsoft Excel and:

Select Tools | Customize.

In the Customize dialog box, clear (uncheck) the Menus show recently used commands first check
box if it is checked and click the Close button.

Clearing this check box will cause Microsoft Office to show every choice on every menu. Clearing the check
box in Microsoft Excel affects all programs in the Microsoft Office suite and can be reversed at any time.
Clearing this check box will also be helpful when using PHStat2 as you will be always able to see every
choice on the PHStat menu that appears inside Excel.

4 Setting up PHStat2
To use PHStat2, you first need to run the PHStat2 setup program to add PHStat2 to your system. Before
using the setup program, make sure you have reviewed the details of the previous two sections and have
verified that your copy of Microsoft Excel is properly configured and that your system meets all technical
requirements listed in section 1. Having verified these things, use My Computer or any Windows Explorer
window to locate the Setup.exe program entry in the CD-ROM PHStat2 folder. Double-click this entry to
begin the PHStat2 setup process.

During setup, PHStat2 program files will be copied to your hard disk, Windows system files may be
updated, if necessary, and Desktop icons and a Start Menu program group for PHStat2 will be created. As
PHStat2 Readme file. Page 4.

the setup program runs, you will be stepped through a series of dialog boxes in which you need to click the
Next button to proceed. Important information, such as the terms of the license of use, will be presented and
you will have an opportunity to change the default target directory (Program Files\PHStat2) for the PHStat2

When the setup program completes successfully, you may be asked to reboot your system before using

5 Using PHStat2
You use PHStat2 by double-clicking the Desktop PHStat2 icon or selecting PHStat2 from the Start menu
PHStat2 program group. If you prefer, you can use the Excel (File) Open dialog box to open the PHStat2.xla
file, containing the component of PHStat2 that works inside Microsoft Excel. Once properly loaded, PHStat2
will add a new PHStat menu to the Microsoft Excel menu bar. You are then ready to begin work with

In most versions of Microsoft Excel, you will see a macro virus warning dialog box that warns about the
possibility of macro viruses as Microsoft Excel goes to open PHStat2. Should this dialog box appear, click
the Enable Macros button to allow PHStat2 (virus-free, as shipped) to be openedo.

(The PHStat2.xla component of PHStat2 is technically a Microsoft Excel add-in, and some users prefer to
have Microsoft Excel automatically load their add-ins when Excel itself opens. If you are such a user, you
can "install," as Excel calls it, PHStat2 for automatic loading.)

6 Updating PHStat2
From time to time, enhanced versions of PHStat2 that add new capabilities or clarify user issues may be
published on the Prentice Hall web site. If you plan to use PHStat2, you should regularly check the PHStat
web site at for such updates. PHStat2 updates will be freely downloadable by
you if, at the time of download, you possess the original CD-ROM and the textbook in which it was

7 Troubleshooting PHStat2.
Unable to complete the PHStat2 setup process. Review the section "Technical requirements for Phstat2."
Most problems of this type are caused by user accounts that do not permission to setup up application
software in a networked environment.

PHStat menu fails to open or fails to appear on the Microsoft Excel menu bar. The macro security
PHStat2 Readme file. Page 5.

setting is incorrect. Change setting to Medium option as explained in section "Configuring Microsoft
Excel Security for PHStat2." This problem can also be caused by certain settings in older anti-virus
programs that have not been properly updated.

"Unexpected error" message when running a PHStat2 procedure. First verify that PHStat2 was properly
set up of your system. Then review the PHStat2 help system topics for the procedure as well as the
topic "Preparing Data for Analysis" to verify that any data necessary for the procedure has been properly
organized in your worksheet.

If you need further assistance, read the help topic for the PHStat2 procedure. You can also visit the PHStat
website for the latest information about PHStat2 or to e-mail Pearson Education
technical support a specific question about PHStat2. As you use PHStat2, remember to regularly check the
web site for the latest updates to PHStat2 as discussed in the "Updating PHStat2" section.

Visit the Prentice Hall PHStat Web site at for FAQs and the latest news about
PHStat2. The Web site is also the place to find updates to PHStat2 as they become available and to e-mail
Pearson Education technical support. (Updates are freely available by download by owners of this text who
possess the original CD-ROM packaged with the text.)

8 What's New in PHStat2?

PHStat2 contains many enhancements and improvements to the original PHStat 1.x software. If you have
been a user of the original version, you will discover the following changes:

Enhanced statistical procedures in version 2.5:

Chi-Square Test includes Marascuilo Procedure output option.
Histogram & Polygons Frequency distributions include percentage and cumulative percentage columns.
Kruskal-Wallis Rank Test Worksheet redesigned to accommodate larger number of groups.
New statistical procedures in version 2.5:
Levene’s Test. Performs the Levene’s Test for homogeneity of variance.
Changes in version 2.5 since version 2.2.0:
Frequency Distribution dialog box: OK button realigned.
F Test for Differences in Two Variances: Two-tailed test formula to determine whether to reject null
hypothesis corrected.
Light yellow tinting and boldfacing of the test statistic row in selected worksheets
Levene’s Test for homogeneity of variance added
Kruskal-Wallis Rank Test worksheet redesigned to accommodate larger number of groups
Marascuilo Procedure output option to Chi-Square Test procedure added
Corrected mistaken rejection of valid worksheet cell ranges entered by mouse pointing (number of
PHStat2 Readme file. Page 6.

Changes in version 2.2.0 since version 2.1.0:
General: Incompatibility with Microsoft Office security update discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin
MS02-031, Cumulative Patches for Excel and Word for Windows (Q324458), (originally posted on
Microsoft Web site June 19, 2002) fixed. This security update prevented menu selections in PHStat2
versions that were less than 2.1.4 from having any effect.
General: Worksheet cell tints for the Data area of worksheets generated by PHStat2 have been adjusted
to appear always as the same shade of light turquoise.
Box-and-Whisker Plot: Problem that caused truncated plots when the Q1 value was between 0 and -10
Hypergeometric Probability Distribution: Table values generated corrected to show X = 0 to sample size,
not X = 0 to population size.
Kruskal-Wallis Rank Test: Problem that lead to incorrect results when groups were of unequal sample
sizes corrected.
Multiple Regression: X Variables cell range enhanced to accept non-contiguous columns. Minor revision
of several confidence and prediction interval worksheet labels.
Poisson Probability Distribution: Problem that did not allow non-integer values to be entered into
Average/Expected No. of Successes corrected.
Stem-and-Leaf Display: Problem that led to the occasional inclusion of a “10” leaf corrected. Powers of
ten less than 1 now accepted as “set stem unit as” values.
Stepwise Regression: X Variables cell range enhanced to accept non-contiguous columns.
Z test of hypothesis for Differences between Two Means procedure added.

Changes in version 2.1.0 since PHStat 1.x:

Additional user data entry checking.

Complete Help system available through PHStat menu.

Dialog boxes redesigned to conform to Microsoft Excel 97 & later standard.

Elimination of splash screen upon loading.

PHStat menu reorganized.

Quicker execution of procedures.

Redesigned worksheets with color-keyed ranges (see How PHStat2 Presents Its Results.)

Enhanced PHStat procedures: Box-and-Whisker Plot, One-Way Tables & Charts, Chi-Square Test
Tukey-Kramer Procedure, Simple Linear Regression, and Multiple Regression

New procedures not found in PHStat 1.x: Chi-Square Test for the Variance, Dot Scale Diagram, Estimate
for the Population Variance, Frequency Distribution, Histogram & Polygons, Levene's Test, Stepwise
Regression, Z Test for Differences in Two Means.

PHStat2 Readme file. Page 7.

Check the PHStat website for the latest updates and enhancements to PHStat2.

Note: Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

This document is current as of September 2003.

Copyright 2003 Prentice Hall, Inc., a division of Pearson Education. All rights reserved.