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System Specification

ISO3171, API 8.2, IP 6.2 and ASTM

D4177 CoJetix® - combined sampling
and mixing system specification

CoJetix® - combined sampling and mixing system
The products upon which these specifications The system complies with the requirements
are based meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 3171, IP 6.2 and API 8.2. Where
of: differences or conflict occur the higher
specification standard has been used.
• IISO 3171 'Petroleum Liquids -
Automatic Pipeline Sampling. (1988) System components which are required, or
recommended by the standards, are marked
• IAPI Manual of Petroleum Management with an asterisk (*)
Standards Chapter 8 - Sampling -
CoJetix® Sampling Equipment
Section 2 - 'Automatic Sampling of
Petroleum and Petroleum Products'. All equipment marked as 'Withdrawable' is
(also published as ASTM-4177) (1995) designed for installation by 'hot-tapping' to
minimise the cost, time and impact on your
• IIP Petroleum Measurement Manual operating procedures
Part VI Sampling - Section 2 -
'Automatic Sampling of Liquids from 1) 1 off Jiskoot Withdrawable (Top Entry)
Pipelines'. (1986) CoJetix® Nozzle.
Fabricated from carbon steel, welded and
We promote the use of dynamic painted to Jiskoot standards. (designed to
performance monitoring (Can Weigh) which provide mixing and dispersion of pipeline
is referenced by the sections of the standards contents in accordance with ISO 3171
shown below. Annex A Calculations*).

2) 1 off Jiskoot Withdrawable (Top Entry)

Standard Reference Sections
CoJetix® Take-off Quill
ISO 3171 9, 14.3 Fabricated from carbon steel, welded and
painted to Jiskoot standards. (the inlet is
API 8.2 19, Appendix F designed with a droplet size/inlet ratio
according to ISO 3171 Annex A
IP 6.2 3.10, 8.3 Calculations*).
3) 1 off Jiskoot CoJetix® Sampling Skid 2 off Sampling Loop Isolation Valves
The CoJetix® and sampling loop and pump have 1" ANSI 150lb RF anti static fire safe full bore
been selected to ensure adequate inlet and loop ball valves to provide inlet and outlet isolation
velocity exists to maintain mixing and dispersion for the Sampling Loop.These isolation valves
within the loop to prevent water drop-out.* allow for the Sampling Loop to be isolated from
Substantial carbon steel skid base, welded and the CoJetix® Pump loop and thus mixing can still
painted to Jiskoot standards, upon which the take place while maintenance is carried out on
following equipment would be mounted: the Sampling equipment if desired.

1 off Full Bore Ball Valve 1 off Sampling System Enclosure

This will act as an inlet isolation valve for the Designed to house the Cell Sampler, receivers
Pump so that if maintenance is required, the and all ancillaries (Cell Sampler, flow indicator
Pump can be removed without having to drain switch, two Sample Receivers, Receiver Weigh
the whole CoJetix® loop. Beam, Auto-changeover SOV, stainless steel
tube& fittings and junction boxes). There will be
1 off CoJetix® Pump and Motor (non API)
a solenoid receiver changeover valve for
Carbon steel foot mounted magnetically driven selecting the sample receiver in use. This
centrifugal pump. Suction and discharge enables samples of 12 litres to be collected. It
connections are flanged ANSI 150lbRF.The includes two flexible hoses with quick connect
pump internals are constructed from stainless couplings and a drip tray.
steel.The pump would have a close coupled Ex
Also included within the cabinet is a flow
motor fitted.The pump would be sized for
monitor with low flow switch. Small-bore
adequate mixing in a 30" line, with a differential
stainless steel tube would generally be ¼". All
head of 5 bar.
internal cables would be HOFR flexible.
1 off Full Bore Ball Valve
1 off Flow Indicator Switch
This will act as an outlet isolation valve for the
Carbon steel "flapper" type flow meter with
Pump so that if maintenance is required, the
switch to provide remote indication of either
Pump can be removed without having to drain
low flow or high flow. Flanged ANSI 150lb RF
the whole CoJetix® loop.
1 off Cell Sampler
1 off Motor Starter
Jiskoot 210P Cell Sampler. Pneumatically
Ex Motor starter provided with a Star/Delta
actuated positive displacement sampler, designed
start facility. Local/Remote Stop/Start/Emergency
to be installed between two 1" ANSI 150lb RF
flanges.The Cell Sampler is the same bore as the
1 off Orifice Plate sampling loop* and provides 1ml "grabs" * on
every actuation and with a maximum "grab" rate
Stainless steel orifice plate suitable for mounting of 100 per min. can sample 10 litres in under 2
between two 6" ANSI 150lb RF flanges. Sized to hours*. The '3 step' grab action provides a
provide a flow rate to maintain mixing and repeatability of +/-2%* regardless of variations
dispersion within the Sampling Loop. * in viscosity or process conditions. Samples are
1 off Sampling Fast Loop discharged from the bottom of the sampler to
avoid water traps and cross contamination. The
1", sized to provide a flow rate to maintain Cell sampler outlet is line balanced to maximise
mixing and dispersion within the Loop.* operating life.
1 set Cell Sampler Ancillaries 5) 1 off InSpec Sample Controller (Safe Area)
Required ancillaries for a pneumatically operated The InSpec Sample Controller is used to control
Series 210P Cell Sampler, including in-line relief the sampling process and can be supplied with
valve, flexible hose, fittings, EExm solenoid valve, the following options.
instrument air regulator and bracket to mount
Blend trim control
and connect them.
This feature is used to optimise final product
2 off Sample Receivers. quality using an online analyser for parameters
such as sulphur, density or viscosity.
The Sample Receivers (type PR-53) have a
maximum capacity 18 litres, to be filled to a Pump and valve control
maximum of 15 litres with allowance for 20% The InSpec blender is able to communicate with
ullage.* They come complete with pressure a PLC and provide enhanced control of pumps
indicator, pressure relief valve and vacuum and block valves.
breaker. The Sample Receivers have a large Batch quality calculations
opening to allow easy access for cleaning. Calculated and flow weighted averaging values
Manufactured from hygienic grade 304 stainless for mass, sulphur, viscosity and density.
steel with smooth internal surface for minimal
Print option
clingage. Each Sample Receiver weighs 6½ lbs
This enables the print-out of a report at the end
dry and they are provided with connections for
of the batch.The report is stored in the
external mixer loop*, for connection to a Jiskoot
controller and is accessible until the next batch
Laboratory Mixer (See Options)
is finished. A data log can also be generated
1 off CanWeigh System throughout the batch duration, logging up to 8
The Jiskoot CanWeigh System provides on-line
measurement of the sample mass in a receiver Auxiliary control option
and is used to continually monitor the Provides automated control of a mixing or fast
performance of the system*. loop pump or auxiliary equipment.

1 off Automatic Receiver Changeover System Modbus networking option

Enables full remote access operation as a
Changeover is an additional function of a Modbus slave device supporting commands 03,
CanWeigh System.The three way changeover 06 and 16.
valve is pneumatically actuated by a supply
switched by the attached solenoid valve.This Remote panel option
assembly allows the selection of sample receiver The controller front panel can be remotely
in used to be performed by the InSpec mounted up to 1km from the main instrument
Controller. and additional remote displays can be
4) 1 off Laboratory Mixer (MS-53E)
The InSpec Sample Controller has the following
Electrically driven laboratory mixer to be used in features;
conjunction with a Jiskoot PR53 receiver.* The
laboratory mixer draws off the fluid from the
• Operator entered flow or automatic
bottom of the receiver and pumps it through a
calculation of optimum set-point
static mixer and then returns it back to the
• Tuneable ramp up and down generator
receiver allowing a sub-sample to be drawn for
• Batch end optimisation of delivered
• Integration into a clients DCS • Operator and engineer security passwords
• Provides two tier alarms to warn or • Integrated remote auxiliary control
shutdown due to ratio deviations
6) 1 off Nozzle and Quill Hydraulic Extractor
• Blend enable input e.g. dead man's handle
• Emergency Stop input Extraction device designed to safely insert or
• Configuration and storage of 20 recipes for withdraw the CoJetix Nozzle and Quill.
operator recall
• Calculation of product and actual stream of 7) 1 off Inturbine Flowmeter
ratios, density, sulphur and viscosity Insertion type flowmeter providing direct flow
contents rate measurement with 4-20mA output.
• Easy to read scrolling display with Capable of measuring velocities from 0.25 to 8
configurable bar-graphs m/s at viscosities of 0.5 to 150 cSt.
• Simple to use ergonomic controller
Constructed from carbon steel seal housing and
• Front panel can be remotely mounted
stainless steel support tube & impellor. Flanged
• Simple menu-driven wizard for ease of use
6" ANSI 150lb RF. Withdrawable under live
and configuration
process conditions when used in conjunction
• PC based configuration backup and restore
with a Jiskoot Hydraulic Extractor.

Typical CoJetix® System

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