TEXT - Ten years too late. WOMAN (V.O) (phone voice) We’re launching project RedFire.

MIDDLE AGE MAN(V.O) You’re not going to catch him. Not if he wants to. WOMAN (V.O) (phone voice) ... We’ll catch him. MIDDLE AGE MAN(V.O) You’re putting so much on the line. What do you haft to gain? The WOMAN pauses for a second. WOMAN (V.O) (phone voice) An answer. EXT. SPACE - DAY/NIGHT? We see a huge three dimensional triangle floating over space. SILVER (V.O) This is a ship under the protection of RedFire. This vessel has been in blank space for eight years, two month and four days now. INT. LARGE HANGER - NIGHT A WOMAN, LAURA Hendrix, a blonde hair WOMAN in her mid -20s is walks up to General Alexander Whitmore. LAURA General. GENERAL Ah, Ms. Hendrix. What can I do for you this evening? LAURA I need to... Rent your army. GENERAL (confused) What? LAURA You’ve probably heard about my mission. GENERAL Yeah. It’s an old project. He hasn’t been seen in nine year, M’am. Chances are pretty good he’s dead. The General looks at LAURA, then is about to walk away.

LUARA How much? GENERAL Renting my team isn’t about money, Ms. Hendrix... It never has been. The General walks away. INT. ROOM - DAY We’re standing in a dimmed dark room. To our left is a huge window where you can see Earth. MAN’S VOICE Any signs? WOMAN’S VOICE Nothing yet. MAN’S VOICE ... He’s not coming. MAN’S VOICE Get Hartmann ready. INT. GARDEN - DAY We’re in a beautiful well-handed garden. A WOMAN, Silver Styx in her early -30s is cutting roses. COMPUTER VOICE We are leaving blank space. What? SILVER

COMPUTER VOICE We are leaving blank space in ten seconds. SILVER Who is pulling us? COMPUTER VOICE Unknown vessel. SILVER What is it? COMPUTER VOICE Too little to confirm. Silver suddenly starts smiling. SILVER Rasu! She starts running; as we follow her we enter into a long small hallway, very typical to a spaceship, and up to the cockpit. She sits down in front a computer.

SILVER (eyes on screen) How the hell is he doing this? EXT. SPACE - DAY/NIGHT? The huge triangle is moving very slowly. INT. CONTROL ROOM - DAY LAURA walks up into a room filled with computers and people working on them. MAN Ms. Hendrix. LAURA steps over to the MAN. MAN We’ve detected motion in section 4G. LAURA 4G? MAN It’s where the Trident is. LAURA RedFire... Call General Whitmore and tell money does count. (beat) Give him those coordinates too. LAURA picks up the phone and dials. LAURA Sir, we’re located him. MAN’S VOICE (phone voice) Don’t bother about Whitmore. I’m sending Hartmann. LAURA Sir, whatever beliefs you have in in this MAN, he can not possible take on a whole army. MAN’S VOICE This MAN can handle it. And suddenly, LAURA hears nothing but the dial tone. LAURA hangs up the phone and turns to the MAN. LAURA Run Hartmann through our database. MAN One found. A Erich Hartmann, also known as the Blond Knight --

LAURA -- Of Germany. I know who he is. MAN It says here he died in 1993. LAURA That Hartmann maybe. INT. COCK PIT - DAY Silver is still amazed about what is happening. COMPUTER VOICE Unknown vessel approaching. SILVER They found him. (beat) Is there any way to contact him? COMPUTER VOICE Impossible. The ship is still in blank space. SILVER Well, how about we fire a few rounds then? COMPUTER VOICE Impossible. Blank space reduced an effective explosion to nothing. (beat) Vessel will reach us in twelve minutes. INT. LIBRARY - DAY An old MAN is standing is reading the paper in his most comfortable chair in front of an open fire. We can’t see his face. A young man in a black suit enters. YOUNG MAN Mr. Bristow. RedFire is at go. BRISTOW Launch Project Mercury. YOUNG MAN Sir? BRISTOW If we found him, they found him. YOUNG MAN Yes sir. Right away sir. The young man picks up a phone. YOUNG MAN This is a direct order from Mr. Bristow. Project Mercury is to be started.

(beat) I’ll tell him. BRISTOW How long? YOUNG MAN Two minutes. BRISTOW Can I see it? YOUNG It will be visible from any point on Earth, sir. BRISTOW Good. Fetch me a cup of tea. I think I will enjoy this. INT. COCKPIT - DAY Silver is frantically typing on her computer. COMPUTER VOICE Vessel will reach us in ten minutes. SILVER It’s always ten minutes. (beat) Radio beam? We boost the signal with using whatever energy we have let. COMPUTER VOICE Impossible. Nothing can move in blank space. SILVER Dammit. COMPUTER VOICE Vessel’s origin confirmed. (beat) An Earth vessel known as the Hangman. Earth? SILVER

INT. LIBRARY - DAY Mr. Bristow is standing next to an enormous window. The young man YOUNG MAN Satellites are in position. (beat) Firing now.

INT. APARTMENT - SMALL A three room apartment. Two adults are watching TV, while a kid is playing with his toys. MAN (eyes on TV) Can you believe this? How can anyone be so cold? It’s a shame what we’ve been reduced too. REPORTERS’S VOICE An official statement from Mr. Landry’s attorneys say that Mr. Landry himself does NOT think he’s guilty, and hopes the jury will think so too. WOMAN This MAN is just awful, how can anyone smile like that? A quick look at the TV shows a man smiling towards the camera. WOMAN He literally makes me sick. KID Mom! Dad! MAN Stop screaming, Junior. KID You need to see this. MAN What? What is it? KID A planet. WOMAN That’s nothing special, honey. Due to the sun and the open sky it’s possible to see other planets. KID No, that’s not what I mean! It’s a new planet. MAN How would you know if it’s new? KID Because it’s lying very close to us. MAN What? The two adults walk up to the kid and looks out of the window.

Not far from Earth, very close to the moon is a brand new planet. It’s easily four times bigger then Earth. INT. COCKPIT - DAY Silver is still typing away. COMPUTER VOICE We have left blank space. SILVER Start the engines, get us out of here before they board us. COMPUTER VOICE Impossible. The Trident has been blocked for subspace travels. SILVER Load the army. INT. ROOM - DAY An empty small room. A spark appears in the wall. Someone is burning a hole. A round hole gets kicked open and five heavily armed men sneaks in. One of them carefully opens a door. But once he peaks outside, he slams the door shut. MAN What? What’s out there? MAN #2 (very nervous) About sixty robots. The first MAN slowly opens the door and looks out. Sure enough, on the other side, there’s a room filled with robots. MAN (eyes on the robots) Alright, I wasn’t expecting that. (beat) Ideas? MAN We don’t want to hurt anyone. Give me the phone. Another MAN hands him a phone. MAN (into the phone) M’am, I’m Colonel O’Neill. I’m here to bring you and the Trident back to Earth. SILVER (phone voice)


O’NEILL We have a map to find RedFire. SILVER (phone voice) Map? O’NEILL That’s right m’am. And we need you to help us decipher it. There’s a brief pause. SILVER (phone voice) I’ve shut of the army. I’m in the cockpit. O’Neill looks at the other and then walks out of the room. We follow them as they talk the same road to the cockpit as Silver. SILVER Where did you get the map? O’NEILL I’m not at liberty to say, but I can show it to you. One of the soldiers pulls up a large MAN that covers the entire floor. SILVER What is this? O’NEILL It’s a map, but even our finest minds can’t read it. Can you? Silver takes a closer look on it. SILVER Yeah, this is a map of Sargasso. O’NEILL Sargasso? SILVER It’s a meeting of several roads. (beat) Well, several million roads actually. O’NEILL Can you find him? SILVER No. The Sargasso is protected by a force field. Whoever gave you this map is the only one who can enter.

O’NEILL Why’s that? SILVER You never enter Sargasso, you’re either Rasu or you’re born there. O’NEILL I can safely say that we did not get the map from an alien. Human? SILVER

O’Neill pauses for a second. O’NEILL Yes. SILVER Then it’s a message. It’s from Rasu. O’NEILL He need OUR help? SILVER No. I think he’s trapped. Probably locked away. (beat) New destination: Sargasso. COMPUTER VOICE Sargasso is not the map. Do you have coordinates? SILVER ... Damn. I don’t know where it is. No one does. I thought that Rasu maybe had stored them. O’NEILL How can we contact him? SILVER We can’t. O’NEILL M’am. Our world is about go to war. If there’s anything you can do to find him. Silver sighs. SILVER No. No, there’s nothing. O’Neill nods to his soldiers, they all pull their weapons on her. O’NEILL Then I’m comMANding this ship.

It has the power to take on a different planet. SILVER Ha! Good luck and try. It took me four years just to get the bloody thing to talk to me. O’NEILL Then you fly it. SILVER I know who you’re fighting against. Humans hasn’t got the technology to move an entire army across the universe. Leaves only one other inhabitable planet in your galaxy. (beat) Manta. O’Neill looks at her without revealing anything. SILVER How they do it? O’NEILL We pulled them out, M’am. Someone pulls a towel over Silver’s mouth and she falls asleep. INT. COCKPIT - DAY Silver slowly awakes, she looks around. No one has notices she’s awake. O’NEILL (into a phone) Yes M’am. The device worked, we traveled to the Trident. (beat) No M’am. She does not know how to read it. (beat) Not yet, but we’re working on it. (beat) Yeah, she’s here. Without even looking, O’Neill knows that Silver is awake. O’NEILL Someone wants to talk to you. O’Neill hands the phone to Silver. SILVER How are you sending this signal? She puts the phone to her ear. Hello? SILVER

WOMAN’S VOICE (phone voice) Hello, my name is LAURA Hendrix. The men around you are apart will not hurt you but we need to find RedFire. SILVER Why are you starting a war against the Manta? LAURA (phone voice) Location. SILVER For what? LAURA (phone voice) Do I really need to answer that? SILVER That map, whoever is holding it can step through a wormhole. The map acts a device that not only take your there, but acts as a key. LAURA (phone voice) To where? SILVER Rasu. INT. HALLWAY - DAY LAURA and a few other men are walking through a hallway. MAN (ears on phone) The portal is ready do go, Ms. Hendrix. LAURA How’s the movement on Manta? MAN #2 Still nothing, m’am. LAURA Let’s pray that they are too stupid to realize anything. INT. ROOM - DAY The group walks in a huge room. On the floor is a large eight angular circle with a lot of white energy floating out it.

LAURA (to herself) Oh, this is a bad idea. MAN #3 The movement should only takes a few seconds, but it will feel like an eternity. LAURA Sounds like you’re talking from experience? MAN #3 Yes m’am. LAURA steps up to the edge of the circle. She looks into a bottomless white hole. Then she jumps directly into it. INT. COCKPIT - DAY Silver is now again back in front of the computer. COMPUTER VOICE Vessel has arrived. SILVER Oh snap. O’NEILL What’s that? SILVER It’s another ship. I thought it was you. O’NEILL What is? COMPUTER VOICE Unknown, vessel is moving too fast to analyze. SILVER (to herself) Yeah, you can talk to him directly, but me you haft to wait four years. (beat) What ships can move that fast? COMPUTER VOICE Only one ship, A Descend Ship, more commonly known as a -O’NEILL Manta ship. They’re ambushing us. How did they know? EXT. SPACE - DAY/NIGHT? We’re looking at space. From nowhere, there are suddenly millions, if not billions of ships heading straight for Earth.

INT. BEACH - DAY We’re overlooking a beautiful beach, with crystal clear water and golden sand. Laura is carefully walking over the beach. She stops when she sees a MAN in a couch on the beach. LAURA Mr. Amate? Rasu? Yes? MAN

LAURA My name is -MAN -- I know who you are, and I know why you’re here. LAURA You did it? MAN Freak events did, but yes. I started it. (beat) Can I see it? The man stands up, he’s a in his late -30s with red hair. He looks at Laura LAURA You’re so young. How you do it? MAN Reanimation. Hurts, but its useful. (beat) Keeps me fresh. Laura nods, then she starts removing her clothes, piece by piece. Just before she’s about to remove her jacket we look at the MAN. His eyes are stuck on LAURA. LAURA’S VOICE How did this happen to me? MAN Time Travel mostly. I used flames to burn it into you. You don’t remember it because I blurted your memories and shadowed it for, oh... Thirty years or so. (beat) Did you become obsessive about it? Yes. LAURA’S VOICE

MAN Are you angry at me for it? LAURA’S VOICE No... I know why you did it. MAN You mean now? LAURA Yes... There was a time where I hated you. (beat) Does this mean that you are on our side? MAN It means that this time, I might be able to stop it. We suddenly look on Laura. Her half naked body reveals scars all over her back. Scars that form a map. To be continued.