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Int. J Sup. Chain. Mgt Vol. 2, No. 2, June 2013

4 Case Study A new warehouse at any location is to be proposed that
will not only releases the load from Lahore warehouse but
XYZ Company has been an innovator in lubrication also reduces the warehouse costing such as holding cost
technology and has manufactured breakthrough lubricants etc.
for automotive, commercial and industrial sectors. From This new warehouse will be run by third party warehouse
energy to manufacturing, cement plant to metal service provider. This new warehouse location is selected
processing, textiles to plastics every industry can utilize on the basis of transportation costs that occur as the
and benefit from the extensive range of XYZ Company outbound transportation costs from plant to the
products. To meet the above requirements and challenges warehouse.
of competitive prices, providing better quality of products, The analysis is constrained by the following factors:
satisfying the customer requirements with shorter lead • Transshipments of products to Lahore and
times, on time deliveries and availability of variety of oil Karachi Warehouses can only be done through
grades near by the customers, it has become necessary for containers due to feasibility in transportation
the company to bring on some innovations to operate cost.
their business. • Approximately 45 to 50 different grades
The major task for XYZ Company is to reduce delivery including different pack size products are
lead times and offer availability of products on time as imported and only stored at Karachi & Lahore
well as reducing delivery and holding costs. For this Warehouse due to the high impact of government
purpose the company decided to find the location for duties at BLENDING PLANT Warehouse.
northern cities of the country which is currently operated • Local products only manufactured at Lube Oil
by Lahore warehouse. Locating new ware house near Blending Plant (LOBP) located at HUB
some of the demand centers will reduce fixed and variable industrial Area near Karachi and stored in HUB
cost of the ware house as well as the capacity of Lahore and Lahore Warehouses.
warehouse will also reduce and provide help in delivering • Karachi Warehouse is only dedicated for the
products to the customers with lower transportation and imported products.
operating costs.
Since XYZ Company has its customers all over the 4.1. Warehouse Location Decision
country in various cities of Pakistan, so in order to satisfy
customer’s demands on time presently the company does Planning tackles four major problem areas: customer
have three warehouse facilities. service levels, facility location, inventory decisions, and
1) Blending Plant (Lube Oil Blending Plant) at transportation decisions, as shown in Figure 1 Except for
Hub. setting a desired customer service level (customer service
2) Karachi Warehouse. is a resultant of the strategies formulated in the other three
3) Lahore Warehouse. areas); logistics planning may be referred to as a triangle
All these three are company owned warehouses. The of logistic decision making. These problem areas are
Karachi and Blending Plant (Hub, Baluchistan) ware interrelated and should be planned as a unit, although it is
houses are satisfying the demand for upper and lower common to plan them separately [2].
Sindh along with some regions of Baluchistan. The
Inventory strategy Transport strategy
BLENDING PLANT is the exclusive blender and Forecasting
Inventory decisions
Transport fundamentals
marketer of XYZ Company Lubricants in Pakistan. It is Storage fundamentals
Storage decisions
the only company in Pakistan having the in-line blending N
The product logistics
facility of oil. The capacity of warehouse is about 5.5-7 services ordering N
processing & G
million liters and the capacity of commercial container is information system

about 70-75 drums i.e. about 16000 liters.
Location strategy
The Karachi site warehouse which mainly consists of Location decisions

international products is also shifting to the Hub.
Currently, about 40% of the inventory already has been Figure 1. Location Approach
shifted at hub from Karachi site warehouse. The capacity
of Lahore warehouse is 0.4 million liters that fulfils the
demands of approximately 0.35 to 0.38 million liters per
month and this warehouse is the source of supply to all
cities in Punjab and northern areas. This 0.4 million liters
capacity of warehouse is used to store both the imported
and local products.

495 200000 Multan 4.515 3. Mgt ! Vol. Table 4. Int. Lahore–Multan Alternative Lahore and Multan warehouse and twelve destinations (cities). (BLENDING PLANT) warehouse to the proposed 1 LAHORE – MULTAN warehouses must be minimum.09 4.42 4. The following table run by a third party.11 3. The first proposed warehouse is the Multan warehouse. location that can be strategically sound as it can cover the There is no capacity (supply) constraint on the new lower Punjab region and some cities of upper Sindh warehouse proposed warehouse as it will be run by third thereby dropping the load of Lahore warehouse. No.1. Here we have two sources i. evaluated mainly on the basis of their transportation cost.13 4. Chain. evaluation is being done. Warehouse Proposals XYZ Company focuses to reduce the transportation cost between the warehouses and the demand centers which has become the basis of the warehouse location. 5. The approach here is to save the transportation cost and it Another factor is kept into mind while identification of happens when the demand centers or the cities of which the warehouse location. there is no initial cost or fixed cost shows the basic transportation model for Lahore–Multan for it. Calculations (Transportation model) ! !These three alternatives have been proposed on the basis For finding the total transportation cost transportation of geographical analysis (strategic decision/heuristic model is developed. J Sup. 2.16 4. rather company would pay on the basis Rs/Ltr that warehouse is being stored. destinations.275 3.315 3.ahim Yar khan. [See Pakistan map in Appendices] Our objective function is to minimize cost.315 3.285 3. 2 LAHORE – ISLAMABAD 3 LAHORE – KOHAT 5.23 4.355 3. million liters. It will be party warehouse service provider.32 4. These whole calculations are done by approach) that mainly focuses over the demand centers or using the software DS-Windows and TORA.12 4. which is also our main objective. The new warehouse will be run by third party warehouse service provider and it doesn’t have any capacity constraints.e.2.575 3. the objective is to cut down the capacity of ewal. Islamabad.465 3.32 4.21 Demand 55800 30500 21550 23500 45000 64000 Kohat RY khan Bahawalpur DG khan Khanewal Sahewal Supply Lahore 3. the remaining inventory will automatically be shifted to the new proposed warehouse. 2.24 200000 Demand 50540 27600 32800 16500 12400 8600 388790\400000 .405 Multan 4. Solution of DS Windows Cost at Faisalabad Gujranwala Sialkot Islamabad Kohat Sawat Lahore 3.2 million liters. 5. Now for the alternatives are evaluated according their transportation cost from the demand centers (cities) and 76 Ware House from the main plant. XYZ Company will pay only the inventory holding cost to the third party warehouse service provider and logistics suppliers.385 3. the demand has to be fulfilled are near to the warehouse For the new warehouse facility location three alternatives and the transportation cost from Karachi and hub have been considered. The noticeable thing here is the capacity constraint at The reason for selecting the Multan as a proposal is its Lahore warehouse. Lahore warehouse to 0. June 2013 ! On the basis of geographical analysis and rule of thumb The demand centers (destination cities) are being (strategically) the locations are identified and they are proposed by geographical location and current allocation.94 4. By using the The detail analysis on each warehouse (facility) is given transportation model (Linear Programming) the as follows.435 3.