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Concept of Commercial Banks of Nepal

The commercial banks are those banks, which are established to accept deposits and
grand loan to the industries, individual and traders with a view to earn profit. Apart from
financing, they also render services like collection of bills and cheques, safekeeping of valuables,
financial advising etc. to their customer.
S.No. Commercial Banks Head Office
1 Nepal Bank Limited Dharmapath
2 Rastriya Banijaya Bank Singhadurbar Plaza
3 NABIL Bank Ltd. NABIL house, Kamaladi
4 Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. Durbar Marg
5 Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd. New Baneshwor
6 Himalayan Bank Ltd. Tridevi Marg
7 Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. Hattisar
8 Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd. New Baneshwor
9 Everest Bank Ltd. Lazimpat
10 Bank of Kathmandu Kamaladi
11 Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. Siddhartha Nagar
12 Lumbini Bank Ltd. Narayanghat
13 Nepal Industrial and Commerce Bank Ltd. Siddhartha Nagar
14 Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd. Pokhara
15 Kumari Bank Ltd Putalisadak
16 Laxmi Bank Ltd. Birgunj
17 Siddhartha Bank Ltd Kathmandu
18 Agriculture Development Bank Ltd. Kathmandu
19 Global Bank Ltd. Birgunj
20 Citizens Bank International Ltd. Kamaladi
21 Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. New road
22 Bank of Asia Nepal Ltd. Tripureshwor
23 Sunrise Bank Ltd. Gairidhara
24 Development Credit Bank Ltd. Kamaladi
25 NMB Bank Ltd. Babarmahal
26 Kist Bank Ltd. Anamnagar

Although bank can be categorized into different types on the basis of its function,
objectives etc, World Bank always refers to the commercial bank. 1 Basically the function, of
commercial bank all over the world are same of Basic functions are various types of deposits
facility namely currently save and fixed safety of public money remittance of money guarantee
locker facilities, letter of credit, loans serving as agent of credit, foreign exchange, etc. The
commercial banks of Nepal also do all these functions.

Mainstream function of commercial bank remains the mobilization rigid and scattered
saving of public for providing credit to needy firm industry or people to get productive use. All
other function can be said as auxiliary function. Commercial banks are a profit oriented financial
service institution where certain amount of interest is given to the deposits and a certain rate of
interest is charge by the bank in the loan facility. The second charge interest rate is higher than
the first. It is the main earning of the bank.
According to Nepal Company Act 2031 B.S., a commercial bank refers to such types of
bank which deals in money exchange accepting deposit advance loan and commercial transaction
except specific banking related to co-operative agriculture industry and other objective. Basic
source of funds of commercial bank are capital reserve, undistributed profit and several of
deposits. Basic uses of the funds are loans advance and investment.