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ISSI-2018 · NANJING, CHINA · NOVEMBER 2-5, 2018 Second Announcement

Aims and Scope of the Symposium Organizers

China Structural Integrity Consortium,
The 2018 International Symposium on Structural including following members:
Integrity (ISSI2018) will be held at Nanjing, China, by East China University of Science and Technology
Nanjing Tech University and Special Equipment Safety Hefei General Machinery Research Institute
Supervision Inspection Institute of Jiangsu Province, China Special Equipment Inspection and Research
during November 2-5, 2018. The predecessor of the Institute
annual symposium, Fracture Mechanics series, took Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection
place each year from 2003 to 2009, was renamed as Institute of Jiangsu Province
Structural Integrity series after 2010, and organized Nanjing Tech University
by China Structural Integrity Consortium (CSIC). Zhejiang University
Zhejiang University of Technology
Zhengzhou University
Nowadays, the need of higher efficiency, less
Changsha University of Science and Technology
consumption of resources and reduced emission has
led to higher operation parameters in process plants.
Southwest Jiaotong University International Symposium
Shandong University
Structural integrity for engineering components and
structures working at extreme conditions has been a hot
Beihang University on Structural Integrity
Tianjin University
topic. In addition, structural integrity has come to a new
era as a result of the design and manufacturing of Local organizers STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY
structures and components with the requirement of long-
life and high reliability service. The analysis, assessment, Nanjing Tech University THEORY AND TECHNOLOGY IN THE
and life prediction are requiring better precision. All this Special Equipment Safety Supervision Inspection
underpins the theme of ISSI2018, “Structural integrity Institute of Jiangsu Province PRECISION ERA
theory and technology in the precision era”. Sponsors
National Natural Science Foundation of China
The new era requires improvements in understanding
Chinese Materials Institution (Committee of High
failure mechanisms, based on the needed evolution of
Temperature Strength of Materials)
ever-increasingly precise experimental results, accurate
Chinese Pressure Vessel Institution
theoretical model descriptions and incorporation of this
Chinese Failure Analysis Institution
information into the rapidly progressing development of
numerical/computer modelling of real material/structure
behaviors with both high accuracy and precision. The new
era also requires more robust techniques in manufacturing,
structural integrity prognosis or structural health
monitoring of engineering components in critical Nanjing, China, November 2-5, 2018
conditions or applications.

The aim of this symposium is hence to bring together

people from both academic and industrial
communities to exchange ideas and network friendship
by discussing emerging structural integrity issues in the The symposium will be held at Jinling Riverside Hotel,
precision era, where papers towards are mostly welcome. located at No.8, Wanjingyuan Road, Yangtze River
Street, Jian Ye, 210019 Nanjing, China.

International Scientific Committee Symposium Topics Submission Information

S. T. Tu (Chairman, ECUST, China)  Materials modeling and testing The official language of the conference is English.
R. Ainsworth (Univ Manchester, UK)  Time-dependent failures Accepted papers will be included in the ISSI-2018
H. F. Chen (Univ Strathclyde, UK) proceedings which will be published by Key
 Environment assisted fracture Engineering Materials (indexed by EI
X.D. Chen (HFGMRI, China)
Compendex) after the symposium.
P.S. Dong (Univ Michigan, USA)  Failure in welded and jointed structures
T. Hassan (UNC, USA)  Fatigue and fracture under complex loads Abstracts (less than 500 words) prepared according to
T. Itoh (Ritsmeikan Univ, Japan) the layout should be submitted to symposium
 Non-destructive testing technology website:
Y.J. Kim (Korea Univ, Korea)
 Design and assessment codes and standards
Y.S Li (JAEA, Japan) Extended version of selected papers will be published in
K. Nikbin (Imperial College London, UK)  Structural integrity assessment special issues of the following international journals
A. Saxena (Univ Arkansas, USA) after peer review:
 Reliability-based design and manufacturing International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping
J.H. Shi (CGN, China) Advances in Mechanical Engineering
 Life prediction modeling
R. Sandstrom (KTH, Sweden) Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering
V. Shlyannikov (RAS, Kazan, Russia)  Structural health and integrity monitoring
Y. Takahashi (CRIEPI, Japan)
Registration and Accommodation
K.B. Yoon (Chung-Ang Univ, Korea)

Local Organizing Committee Topics not covered above but fall within the general Registration fee will be 360 USD. Students are
Jianming Gong (Chairman) scope of this symposium are also welcome. Abstracts welcome with a reduced registration fee of 270
and full papers should be written in English. Early USD. The registration fee covers admission to all
Jian Chen Xu Chen submission of full papers is advisable in order to get technical sessions, two refreshment breaks each day of
Zengliang Gao Zhichao Fan the full benefit of editorial assistance and fast the conference, lunches, dinners, conference banquet,
Guozheng Kang publication. and a copy of the conference proceedings, but not
Shuqing Lin
accommodation. Accommodation needs to be pre-booked
Zhengdong Wang Minshan Liu at the conference venue.
Sujun Wu Weiqiang Wang
Yining Wang Fuzhen Xuan
Key dates Symposium Coordinator
Duyi Ye Youjun Ye
Jianping Zhao Dr. Mingliang Zhu
Deadline for submission of abstract------May 1, 2018 School of Mechanical and Power Engineering
Symposium Secretariat Deadline for submission of final paper---July 1, 2018 East China University of Science and Technology
Notification of acceptance of final paper—Sept. 1, 2018 Shanghai 200237, China
Jianping Zhao (
Conference registration----------------------------Nov. 2, 2018 Tel: +86 21 64253776; Fax: +86 21 64253513
Luyang Geng ( E-mail: