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HELD ON 16th June 2009


Meeting opened at 7:10 p.m. by Michael De Jong

Present: Gary Smith; Troy Dwyer; Judy Holt; Paul O’Loghlen; Glenn Barker (RCI); Robert Carrigan;
Don Elkins; Ross Labinsky; Greg Stevens; Brian St. Clair; Ross Labinsky; John Smallwood; Brian
Coffey; John O’Loghlen; Cr Kathy Reimers; Judy Smith; Dominic Smith: Yasar Khan

Apologies: Brett Stevens; Tim Stevens; Ken Taylor; Col Eller; Don Brown; Dylan Smith

Minutes from previous AGM – were read and accepted as a true record – Moved: John O
Seconded: Gary Accepted

Matters Arising:-
• The status of the payment of $5,000 to Multi-Sports club still unresolved – committee has
“agreed to disagree” in the meantime and will raise the matter again at a more propitious
• Muddies “primary user” status still not formally resolved with Council – however seems to be
working informally

President’s Report: Written report tabled and accepted.

Moved: Michael De Jong Seconded: Gary Accepted

Key Points:-
• Mike highlighted another successful year for the club on the field
• The past year has been “incident free”
• The year has finished in a strong financial position largely due to the fundraising efforts of
various members
• The Muddies web site is up and running
• The playing grounds are looking great

Treasurer’s Report:
Troy tabled a report for the year – main points
• Finished the year with a positive bank balance of $8,500 and no debts – in real terms this is a
$15,000 turn around from the previous year
• Major contributors were the Goose Club and footy doubles
• Players numbers were up providing more fees
• Mowing income has increased
• Donations and grant funding income also contributed
• Grant funding for Wynnum applied for
• Maintenance costs (grounds and plant) a little higher than usual
• Books are with the auditors
• A Special Meeting will be called when auditors report is available

Troy thanked all those who had supported the financial turnaround during the year
Moved: Troy Dwyer Seconded: Brian S Carried
Election of Committee:
At this point all positions were vacated and Cr Kathy Reimers took the chair for the election of the
new Office Bearers. Kathy congratulated the club for its success over the past year especially for its
financial performance

President: Nomination from Michael De Jong for this position, proposed by Robert Carrigan,
seconded by Gary Smith. As there were no other nominations Michael De Jong was elected as
President, carried. Congratulations Mike.

Vice-President: Nomination from Troy Dwyer for this position, proposed by Michael De Jong,
seconded by Brian Coffey. As there were no other nominations Troy Dwyer was elected Vice-
President, carried. Congratulations Troy.

Secretary: Nomination from Brian Coffey for this position, proposed by Don Elkins, seconded by
Gary Smith. As there were no other nominations Brian Coffey was elected Secretary, carried.
Congratulations Brian.

Treasurer: There were no nominations for this position at the meeting. Appointment to this
position will be held over until the next Special Meeting. Troy Dwyer will continue to carry out the
functions in the interim

Registrar: Nomination from Gary Smith for this position, proposed by Michael De Jong, seconded
by Brian Coffey. As there were no other nominations Gary Smith was elected Registrar.
Congratulations Gary

Senior Liaison: Nomination from John O’Loghlen for this position, Nominated by Michael De Jong
seconded by Paul O’Loghlen. As there were no other nominations John O’Loghlen was elected,
carried. Congratulations John.

Junior Liaison: Nomination from Robert Carrigan for this position, proposed by Gary Smith,
seconded by Michael De Jong. As there were no other nominations Robert Carrigan was elected
Junior Liaison, carried. Congratulations Robert

At this stage of the meeting the new committee members took their respective positions and Michael
De Jong chaired the meeting. Mike thanked the outgoing committee for their hard work and
contribution to the club

Patrons – Judy Holt and Kathy Reimers– Offered and accepted – Moved, Troy - Seconded, John S –
Carried Michael thanked both Judy and Kathy for their support during the past season

Appointment of Auditors: Gary Powell was appointed auditor for the 08/09 season. The auditor
for the upcoming season will be decided at the next Special Meeting

Match Fees and Registrations: it was agreed to review the schedule of fees at the next special
general meeting – proposed changes to be published on the website for comment

RCI fees likely to increase by $7 per player

Moved: Mike Seconded: John S Carried

At this point the rest of the positions were filled.

RCI Delegates – Robert Carrigan and Gary Smith (back up)

QSDCA Delegates – John O and Paul O

BEARS Delegate – tba – Michael to back up in the interim

Grants Co-ordinator – Gary Smith

Statistician: Yasar Khan

Multi Sports Delegate: John Smallwood.

Moved: Gary Seconded: John Carried

RCI: Glenn Barker addressed the meeting:-

• AGM to be held on 27th July
• He is stepping down at the end of the month
• He congratulated club on its performance
• Acknowledged the work of Rob Carrigan and Ross Labinsky
• Urged the club to attend the “Club Committee” sessions run by Sport & Rec
• Times will be more challenging financially in the year ahead
Mike thanked Glenn for his valuable contribution to Redlands cricket over the past years

Annual General Meeting closed at 7.53 pm.

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