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“The Oldest Pony Show in America”

Our 99th Year
97th Year

Dear Exhibitors and Friends,
Dear Exhibitors and to our show!

WeTheare97th Annual
planning the Warrenton
99thAnnual Pony ShowPony
Warrenton willshow,
be held
this 29th through
year from JuneJuly 3rd at
27th through
July st
at the Warrenton
the 1Warrenton Horse Show
Horse Show GroundsGrounds in Warrenton,
in Warrenton, Virginia.
Virginia. TheAsShow
is, our show is held
as always, held to
benefita local charity,
a local and,Again
charity. again this
this year
year,we wehave
chosenthe the
Fauquier County
Fauquier S.P.C.A.
County Over We
S.P.C.A. the past
makewea have donated
special in excesstoofthe
presentation $50,000
this important local animal protection organiza-
the show.
The Warrenton Pony Show is the oldest Pony Show in America and is the only
The Warrenton
show runPony Show iseighteen
by juniors the oldest PonyofShow
years in America,
age and younger. and,
only recognized
show in the country run by juniors. Our committee operates under the supervision of the Warrenton
under the supervision of the Warrenton Pony Show, Inc. Board of Directors—a group of
Pony Show, Inc. Board of Directors – a group of local adult volunteers and horse people. The valuable
local adultand
knowledge volunteers. The knowledge
practical experience andthe
gained by practical
juniors experience we gain
from orchestrating thisfrom producing
five-day “A” rated
show helps instill
this five-day “A” therated
importance of business
show are valuablemanagement,
in many ways marketing,
and helptime management,
instill responsibility
the importance of
and community and
responsibility service.
community service.
Board of Directors
Board started
of Directors a scholarship
started fund infund
a scholarship memory of Pullerof
in memory Hughes,
Puller a long-
Hughes, a long time friend and advisor of the Pony Show. This fund has allowed the Boardto
friend and advisor of the Pony Show. This fund allows the Board to award college scholarships
to awardmembers of the Junior Committee.
college scholarships to deserving members of the Junior Committee.
A few
This year,ofwe
year’s scheduled
having highlights
our third annualinclude:
$2,500Saturday a $2,500 Warrenton
night, Classic,
Pony Hunter Pony
graciously spon-
Show/Country Chevrolet Pony Hunter Classic, to be held under the lights and including an exhibi-
sored by Country Chevrolet. The class will be held on Saturday evening under the lights,
tors’ and spectators’ reception; Friday afternoon, the three VHSA/Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund
Pony MedalaEquitation
reception. Finals
And newthatthis year,
riders havethe show
been will host
working thetoVHSA/EMO
all year Pony
qualify for, also Medala
Finals. and, newhave
Riders this year
beenon Thursday
working allafternoon, a $1500for
year to qualify Pony
thisClassic for Local
prestigious finaland
Children’s Ponies.
be held Friday Tailgate
evening, spots
and are available
it will for each
also include of the events,
a reception, so please
sponsored bylet us knowBank.
Fauquier if we can
reserve oneexciting
Another for you. new class featured in the 96th edition of the show is the Pony Hunt Teams
class. It will be run in the style made famous by the Devon Horse Show and include a
It is with thanks to folks like you, our faithful sponsors and supporters, who have kept the spirit
and traditionsponsored byalive
of this show Signover
the Tailgate
years. Wespots
look are available
forward for you
to seeing eachonevent.
the rail!
We would like to extend a very special “thank you” to all of our faithful sponsors and
supporters who have kept the spirit and tradition of this show alive over the years.
The Warrenton Pony Show Junior Committee
The Warrenton Pony Show Junior Committee

Please patronize our
our advertisers
advertisers and
and thank
thank them

The Management reserves the right to vary or add to this list.

HUNTER, VHSA/LMCF MEDAL FINALS & BREEDING JUDGE....Jeanne Marie Dunford Miller, Keswick, VA
CONNEMARA JUDGE .............................................................................................. Christina Keim, Dunhan, NH
STEWARD .................................................................................................................. Wayne Eubank, Fredericksburg, VA
COURSE DESIGNER..................................................................................... Glenn Moody, Charlottesville, VA
RINGMASTERS.................................................................................................William Hair, Jr., Peter McGuire
ANNOUNCER........................................................................................................... Richard Isner, Madison, VA
SHOW MANAGER.........................................................................................Tommy Lee Jones, Warrenton, VA
SHOW SECRETARIES..................................... Debra D. Bowden, Windsor, VA, Neysa Bryant, Smithfield, VA
SAFETY COORDINATOR.............................................................................Tommy Lee Jones, Warrenton, VA
EMT .......................................................................................................................... Jamila Flowers, Henrico, VA
FEED......................................................................................... Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds, Marshall, VA
PHOTOGRAPHER............................................................................................ Teresa Ramsay, Middleburg, VA
SOUND.......................................................................................................................G.W. Sound, Richmond, VA
VETERINARIAN..........................................................................................Anna Russau, VMD, 540-788-4044
FARRIER.............................................................................................................Scott Whitehead, Rixeyville, VA
FOOD........................................................................................................................................... The Snack Shack
Presidents: Blake Bogin, Hailey Gunnell, Helen Lohr
Vice Presidents: Jude Schmidt, Katie Solomons, Kayla Wolfe
Secretaries: Susannah Gerhardt, Caroline Warren
Treasurer: Ballie Saffer
Reilly Canard, Ashley Gaines, Rachel Giampa, Lauren Hair, Zoe Lewczak,
Maddy Lohr, Marina Macklin, Laura Newbill, Leia Stuart

Madison Allen Brooke Fries Brookelynn Lober Julia Schmidt Katie Triantos
Maddie Bartee Erin Gill Kylie McClintock Grace Simpson Ellie Wicht
Addison Bzdak Riley Hogan Lindsey Milligan Kellsey Stern Jessica Willis
Jade Condrell Julianne Kessler Amelia Myers Aliza Talomie Lexi van der Woude
Clara Dart Naimh Kierans Bell Nonamaker Charlie Talomie
Claire Duckworth Molly Kirk Audrey Quinn Kate Tharp
Stephanie Fisher Willson Lee Lawson Bridget Scalia Will Tharp

2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS P.O. Box 794, Warrenton, VA 20188
Show Grounds Tommy Lee Jones,Manager
Briar Bogin Richard Isner 60 East Shirley Ave. 540-347-2675
Joan Bunn Tommy Lee Jones 540-347-9442 540-788-4806
Margaret Bzdak Glorianne Langan
Virginia Canard Jacqueline Macklin OUR WEB SITE!
Wendy Gaines Robin McGuire
Donna Giampa Jonelle Mullen WARRENTON AREA MOTELS
Cynthia H. Hair Teresa Ramsay Hampton Inn........................................................ 540-349-4200
Wilma A.Hoovler Shawn Teer Holiday Inn.......................................................... 540-341-3461
Avery Hughes Howard Johnson................................................... 540-347-4141
In Memory of
Doris Jones
To simplify your arrival at the show, please send the following items 15. Life, senior active and junior active members shall be eligible
with your entries: USEF and USHJA Membership Cards • Amateur to participate in all classes at Regular Competitions, Eventing
Certification • Measurement Cards (Ponies & Junior Hunters) • Competitions at the Preliminary Level or above and Combined
Negative Coggins Certificate (within 12 months) • EHV Vaccination Driving Competitions at the Advanced Level, Dressage, Reining
letter stating horse has been vaccinated within 6 months • Home and Vaulting Competitions and Endurance Rides. A nonmember
address and USEF/USHJA/VHSA/MHSA membership numbers for may participate as a handler, rider, driver, owner, lessee,
all trainers, riders & owners in USEF/VHSA Medals and Equitation. agent, coach or trainer at Regular Competitions, Eventing
(Numbers will not be issued until all of the required information has been Competitions, Dressage Competitions, Reining Competitions
presented.) and Combined Driving Competitions upon payment of a $30
Show Pass fee. Participants in the following classes are exempted
1. Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifica-
from the Requirements of this rule: 1) leadline; 2) exhibitions; 3)
tions of the current USEF, MHSA, and VHSA Rule Books will be
games and races; 4) classes for 4-H members; 5) walk trot and
conducted and judged in accordance therewith and in accordance
academy classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses
with Zone 3 specifications. All classes will be judged on performance
used regularly in a lesson program); 6) USDF introductory level
and soundness unless otherwise noted.
tests, pas de deux and quadrille classes; 7) NRHA Endorsed
2. Entries close June 15, 2018. No Telephone Entries. Online entries Reining Competitions. 8) Opportunity classes, 9) citizens of
accepted at Stall Fees must accompany other nations who have proof, in English, of current membership
entry blank. No stalls will be assigned until stall fees are paid. There in good standing of their own National Federation, 10) USEA
is a limited number of permanent stalls that will be assigned on a first beginner novice division; and 11) assistant handlers in Dressage
come basis. Temporary stalls with doors will be used. Sport Horse Breeding classes.
3. In case of horses or ponies being entered and not exhibited, the entry In order to compete at a USEF licensed with hunter, hunter
fees and/or stabling fees will be forfeited except if a horse or pony is breeding, jumper and hunter seat equitation classes (except
injured or becomes ill prior to being shown in any class. Applications those activities enumerated above in GR901.9 items 1-9) each
for refunds must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a horse must be registered with the USHJA.
Veterinarian’s certificate. There will be no refunds for stalls. There
will be a $35.00 charge for any returned checks. Post entries will GOLF CART RULE: (GR301.5): Minors who do not have a valid
incur a $30 late fee. driver’s license which allows them to operate a motor vehicle in the state
4. The Committee reserves the right to postpone, combine or cancel in which they reside will not be permitted to operate a motorized vehicle
any class or classes if, in its judgement, the entries are inadequate, of any kind including, but limited to, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters,
for reasons of inclement weather or dangerous conditions or for any or farm utility vehicles on the competition grounds of licensed com-
other reason it deems necessary. petitions. Minors who have a valid temporary license may operate the
above described motorized vehicles as long as they are accompanied by
5. All ponies must be ridden by Juniors, except in Connemara Division. an adult with a valid driver’s license. The parent(s), legal guardian(s),
6. All Exhibitors must wear protective headgear at all times while or individual who signs the entry blank as a parent or legal guardian of
mounted on the Show Grounds. a minor operating a motorized vehicle in violation of this rule are solely
responsible for any damages, claims, losses or actions resulting from that
7. Prize money will be picked up in office.
operation. Violations of this rule will be cause for sanctions against the
8. Neither Warrenton Pony Show, Inc. or its employees or owner will parent(s), guardian(s) and/or trainer(s) who are responsible for the child
be responsible for any accident which may occur to any rider, groom, committing the offense. Penalties may include exclusion of the child,
attendant, animal or equipment at the Show. parent(s), guardian(s), and/or trainer(s) from the competition grounds for
9. Dogs must be on leashes while on Show Grounds. the remainder of the competition and charges being filed against any of
the above individuals in accordance with Rule 6. Wheelchairs and other
10. Should any questions or disputes arise that are not provided for in the mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt
foregoing Rules, the same shall be referred to the Show Committee from this rule.
whose decision shall be final.
11. Classes may be held in an area other than designated. DIRECTIONS TO HORSE SHOW GROUNDS
12. All horses must have a negative Coggin’s Test made within one Driving from Washington — Take I-66 West to Warrenton/Gainesville
year. As per USEF GR 845, horses entering the show grounds must Exit (Rt. 29 South). Approximately 15 miles to show grounds on Business
be accompanied by documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Rt. 29 South (1st Warrenton Exit). Go thru approximately 6 traffic lights
Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within six on Rt. 29 South Business - Show Grounds on right.
months prior to entering the stables. Health Certificates (within 30 Driving from Winchester — Take Route 50 East to Route 17 South at
days) for all out of state horses. These documents must be available Paris, then onto I-66 East to Warrenton Exit (Rt. 17 South). Approximately
for inspection by a representative of the State Veterinarian upon 12 miles to traffic light in Warrenton, turn right on Rt. 29 South to show
request. Horses not in compliance with this rule may be required grounds on right.
to leave the competition grounds upon request by Competition
Management. Driving from Richmond — Via I-95 North to Fredericksburg, Exit Rt.
17 North. Follow Rt. 17 to Bus. Rt. 29 North; take exit for 17N & 211W
13. Jumps to consist of Brush, Aiken, Panel, White Gate, Picket, Roll approximately 3 miles to show grounds on left.
Top, Natural Gate, and Stone and Brick Wall.
14. The main ring is 180’x230’; both the main and schooling rings have ALL STALL RESERVATIONS
all-weather footing. MUST BE MADE BY JUNE 15, 2018!
Title Sponsor – Country Chevrolet
Boutonniere Sponsor – TuDane Farm/Jonelle Mullen
Custom Canvas donated by Teresa Ramsay
presented to the VHSA/Lindsay Maxwell Pony Medal Finals Winner
Custom Chaps donated by Journeyman Saddlers
presented to the winner of the VHSA/Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund Children’s Pony Medal Finals winner
Riders’ Gifts Sponsor – Railside Gifts
Reception Sponsor – Alexandra & WilliamLohr

Riders’ Gifts Sponsor – Railside Gifts
Boutonniere Sponsor – TuDane Farm/Jonelle Mullen
Reception Sponsor – Karen and Michael Crane and Warrenton Pony Show

Reception Sponsor – LMCF and EMO Agency
Boutonniere Sponsor – TuDane Farm/Jonelle Mullen

Picturesque Farm

Allen Real Estate - Children’s Pony Hunter
Magalen O. Bryant - Adult Amateur Hunter
Karen & Michael Crane - Junior Hunters
Hazel River Farm - 3’3” A/O Hunter
Hogan Horse Transport - Children’s Hunter
Norden Equine Worldwide - Regular Pony Hunter
Maria & Max Tufts, Jr. - Green Pony Hunter
Wetherburn Farm - Virginia Bred Pony Hunter
Helen C. Wiley - Short Stirrup Hunter
Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds - Pleasure Hunter

DogPatch Farm - Maiden Equitation
Family Allergy Center - Local Sm/Med Pony Hunter
Merry Point Farm - Young Entry

Bows to the Shows - Younger Lead Line
Deerchase - VHSA/EMO Children’s Medal
Gordonsdale Farm LP - VHSA/EMO Adult Medal
Karin Immerman - Schooling Pony
Rene & Lauren Woolcott - MHSA Hunter Seat Medal
Anonymous Chuck & Marie Lowe
Pam C. Baker, LLC Robert & Bridget McClanahan
Susannah Gerhardt Susi Mong
The Glover Family Mrs. George L Ohrstrom Jr
R. Barry & Elizabeth Hamilton Suzanne Scheer
Martha Horner Don Stewart
Aliene Laws Linda Taylor

Allen Real Estate Frank Laimbeer
Magalen O. Bryant Alexandra & William Lohr
Country Chevrolet Norden Equine
Karen & Michael Crane Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Oare
Mr. and Mrs. John P Cutting Jr Picturesque Farm
Deerchase Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds
The EMO Agency, Inc. Max & Maria Tufts
Hazel River Farm Wetherburn Farm
Hogan Horse Transport Helen C. Wiley
Joan Alberti Tracy Mullen
David & Mary Jo Farrar Mr. & Mrs. H.T.A. Nevill
Nina Fout Patricia P. Sanders
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gookin Shadow Ridge Farm
Feroline B. Higginson Sue Walbert
Gail Jefferies Eileen A. Wilson
Joseph J. Mullen Molly Poole Wolfe

The VHSA Special Events Committee
will host a Horsemanship Clinic at
The Warrenton Pony Show on Wednesday afternoon.
Tracy Mullen will be the clinician
and will present general horsemanship
topics for young riders.
Horsemanship test for pony medal finalists
to be administered on Friday
Open and free to all.

Ring open for Schooling 9:00 - 6:00

1. Young Entry O/F 7. Limit Eq. O/F 13. Local Large Pony O/F 36. Local Jr/Am U/S
2. Young Entry O/F 8. Limit Eq. O/F 14. Local Large Pony O/F Local Jr/Am Champ
3. Young Entry Flat 9. Limit Eq. Flat 15. Local Large Pony U/S Howard “Deacon” Lawson Trophy
Young Entry Champ Limit Eq. Champ Local Large Pony Champ
Brighton Say When Trophy
Sister Mary Olive O’Connell Trophy Local Grand Champ
Charles S. Gill Trophy
Helen B. Howard Trophy
4. Maiden Eq.O/F
10. Local Sm/Med PonyO/F 34. Local Jr/Am O/F
5. Maiden Eq.O/F VHSA Special Events
11. Local Sm/Med Pony O/F 35. Local Jr/Am O/F
6. Maiden Eq. Flat
Maiden Eq.Champ
12. Local Sm/Med Pony U/S Young Rider
Local Sm/Med Pony Champ
Royal Doll Trophy
Horsemanship Clinic

22. Sm/Med Children’s Pony U/S Children’s Pony Hunter 29. VA Bred Pony O/F
17. Schooling Pony O/F
Sm/Med Children’s Pony Ch Grand Champ 30. VA Bred Pony U/S
64. VHSA/LMCF/MHSA “Winnie” Howland Trophy VA Bred Pony Champ
23. Large Children’s Pony O/F
Children’s Pony Medal 26. VA Bred Pony Model
24. Large Children’s Pony O/F $1,500 WARRENTON PONY
25. Large Children’s Pony U/S 27. Young Reg. VA Bred Pony U/S SHOW OPEN PONY CLASSIC
20. Sm/Med Children’s Pony O/F 28. VA Bred Pony O/F
Large Children’s Pony Champ
21. Sm/Med Children’s Pony O/F
Twilight ZoneTrophy
FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 8 A.M. Equitation Finals
300. VHSA/LMCF Pony Equitation 44. Sm/Med Green O/F 58. Medium Pony U/S VHSA/LINDSAY MAXWELL
on the flat 47. Sm/Med Green U/S CHARITABLE FUND PONY MEDAL
37. M & S/USEF Pony Medal 49. Small Pony O/F 60. Large Pony O/F Conf.
38. Large Green O/F Conf. 50. Small Pony O/F Conf. 63. Large Pony U/S VHSA/LINDSAY MAXWELL
39. Large Green O/F 53. Small Pony U/S CHARITABLE FUND CHILDREN’S
54. Medium Pony O/F
43. Sm/Med Green O/F Conf. 55. Medium Pony O/F Conf. VHSA/LINDSAY MAXWELL
301. VHSA/EMO Amateur Equitation 72. Am/Owner Y O/F-3’6” 88. Small Junior O/F-3’6” Large Pony Ch
on the Flat 73. Am/Owner Y Handy O/F-3’6” 89. Small Junior Handy O/F-3’6” 56. Med Pony O/F
77. Am/Owner O O/F-3’6”
98. VHSA/EMO Adult Medal 93. Large Junior O/F-3’6” 57. Med Pony Handy O/F
78. Am/Owner O Handy O/F-3’6” 94. Large Junior Handy O/F-3’6” Med Pony Champ
99. Adult/Am Y O/F 147. Am/Owner Y O/F-3’3”
100. Adult/Am Y O/F* 148. Am/Owner Handy Y-3’3” 51. Small Pony O/F
101. Adult/Am Y U/S 152. Am/Owner O O/F-3’3” 52. Small Pony Handy O/F
Pony Medal
Adult/Am Y Champ 153. Am/Owner HandyO-3’3” Small Pony Champ
45. Sm/Med Green O/F Flash Gordon Champion Trophy
Billy England Trophy
302. VHSA/EMO Jr. Equitation 46. Sm/Med Green O/F Pony Grand Champ
102. Adult/Am O O/F on the Flat Sm/Med Green Champ James Cantwell Trophy
103. Adult/Am O O/F* 40. Lg Green O/F
104. Adult/Am O U/S 87. MHSA Hunter Seat 107. Best Child Rider/Pony
41. Lg Green O/F
Adult/Am O Champ 200. Small Junior O/F-3’3” 165. $2,500 WARRENTON
Lg Green Champ PONY SHOW/
Adult/Am Grand Champ 201. Small Junior HandyO/F-3’3”
Barbara Woolman Trophy Green Grand Champ COUNTRY CHEVROLET
205. Large Junior O/F-3’3” 61. Large Pony O/F PONY HUNTER CLASSIC
* WIHS/NAL Class 206. Large Junior HandyO/F-3’3” 62. Large Pony Handy O/F

Hacking only permitted in the ring Visit our Silent Auction– lots of good stuff!
until 7:15 AM each day if weather allows. Closes Saturday 2:30 PM

Reception Thursday, Friday and Saturday under tent at 5:00 p.m.

SUNDAY, 2016
JULY 1, 8 A.M.
64. VHSA/EMO Children’s Medal WARRENTON
105. VHSA/EMO Hunter Seat PONY 115.SHOW
Walk-TrotTIMETABLE Connemara Breeding
65. Children’s Y O/F Medal Fancy Footsteps Trophy 131. Purebred in Hand, 2 yrs and
66. Children’s Y O/F* 106. Dover/USEF 159. Short Stirrup Hunter O/F 18”
SUNDAY under
67. Children’s Y U/S Hunter Seat Medal 160.
July 3, Short Stirrup Hunter O/F 18”
8 a.m. 132A. Purebred in Hand, Mares &
Children’s Y Champ 161. Short Stirrup Hunter U/S Fillies, 3 yrs and older
79. Am/Owner O O/F-3’6” 202.
90.Small Junior
Small O/F-3’3”
Junior O/F-3’6” 124. Pleasure U/S 132B. PurebredHunter
Connemara in Hand, Stallions &
68. 80.
Am/OwnerO O/F
O O/F-3’6” 203.
91.Small Junior
Small O/F-3’3”
Junior O/F-3’6” 124. Pleasure
125. Pleasure U/S 133. Halfbred
Geldings, 3 yrs and older
204. Small Junior U/S - 3’3” Reg. Working Hunter
69. 81.
Am/OwnerO O/F*
O U/S 92. Small Junior U/S 125. Pleasure
Go As UGo As U Please
Please Under Saddle
70. Children’s O U/S 207. Large Junior O/F-3’3” 134. Purebred
126. Pleasure Hack Reg.Hunter
Am/Owner O Champ-3’6” Small Junior Champ 126. Pleasure Hack
Children’s O Champ 208. Large Junior O/F-3’3” Pleasure
Pleasure Champ
Champ 133. Hunter
Halfbred Reg.Saddle
Working Hunter
74. Am/Owner Y O/F-3’6” 209.
95.Large Junior
Large U/S-3’3”
Junior O/F-3’6”
135. Halfbred
Under Saddle
75. Am/Owner Y O/F-3’6” 96. Large Junior O/F-3’6” Reg. Working Hunter
Children’s Grand Champ 16. 116.
Alumni Class 134. Hack
Purebred Reg.
76. Am/Owner Y U/S-18-35 90. 97.Small Junior
Large O/F-3’6”
Junior U/S (2 jumps)
Mildred Foster Gaines Trophy 136. Purebred
WorkingReg. Hunter Under
Working Saddle
Am/Owner YChamp 91. Small Junior
Large O/F-3’6”
Junior Champ
92. Small Junior U/S-3’6” 116. Alumni 135. Hack
Halfbred Reg. Working
(2 jumps)
* WIHS/NAL Class Y-3’3” O/F
149. Am/Owner Junior Grand Champ Not to begin before 1:00 PM 137. Halfbred
Hunter HackReg.(2Working
jumps) Hunter
Small Junior Champ
150. Am/Owner Y O/F VA Wire & Fabric Co. Trophy Not117.
to begin before 1:00 PM
Broodmares 136. Over
FencesReg. Working
79. 151.
Am/Owner O O/F-3’6”
Am/Owner Y U/S 95. Large Junior O/F-3’6” 117. Pony Broodmares
118. Foals 138. Purebred
Hunter Hack (2 Working
Reg. jumps)
Grand Champion Hunter
80. Am/Owner O O/F-3’6”
Am/Owner Y Champ 96. Large Junior
Marshall O/F-3’6”
Hawkins Trophy 118. Pony Foals
119. Yearlings 137. Hunter
HalfbredOver Fences
Reg. Working Hunter
81. Am/Owner O U/S -3’6” 97. Large Junior U/S-3’6” 119. Pony Yearlings
120. Two-Yr-Olds Over Fences
154. Am/Owner O-3’3” O/F Purebred Connemara Hunter
Am/Owner O Champ-3’6” 108.
Child Champ
Rider/Horse 121. Three-Yr-Olds
120. Pony Two-Yr-Olds 138. Champion
Purebred Reg. Working Hunter
155. Am/Owner O O/F 122. Best Young Pony
121. Pony Three-Yr-Olds Over
The Fences Farm Trophy
74. 156. Am/Owner
Am/Owner O U/S
Y O/F-3’6” Junior Grand Champ 123. Breeding
Am/Owner O Champ 122. Best Young Champ
Pony Purebred Connemara Hunter
75. Am/Owner Y O/F-3’6” VAto
Not Wire & Fabric
begin beforeCo. Trophy
11:00 AM Margaret B. Little Trophy Halfbred Connemara Hunter
Rachel L. Gray and Colt Hills Farm
76. 105.
Am/Owner Y U/S-3’6”
VHSA/EMO Hunter Seat 113. Leadline (under 4 yrs.) Memorial Perpetual Trophy Champion
Grand Champion Hunter Connemara Breeding The Shanagarry Farm Trophy
Medal Y Champ The Sycamore Ridge Farm Trophy

Charlie Dashiell Trophy
Marshall Hawkins Trophy 123. Pony Breeding Champ Halfbred Connemara Hunter
106. Pessoa/USEF 131. Purebred in Hand,
149. Am/Owner Y O/F-3’3” 114. Leadline (4-7 yrs.) Margaret B. Little Trophy Champion
Hunter Seat Medal 108. Best ChildatRider/Horse 2 yrs and under
150. Am/Owner Y O/F-3’3” Boogie Midnight Trophy The Sycamore Ridge Farm Trophy
132A. Purebred in Hand, Mares
151. 202.
Am/Owner Y U/SO/F-3’3”
Small Junior -3’3” Not115.
to begin before 11:00 AM
Walk-Trot & Fillies, 3 yrs and older Please visit
203. Y Champ
Small Junior O/F-3’3”
204. Small Junior U/S
113. Leadline
(under 4yrs.)
Fancy Footsteps
Stirrup Hunter
TrophyO/F 18” Geldings, 3 yrs and olderPlease
132B. Purebred in Hand, Stallions &
Warrenton Pony Show’s
154. Am/Owner O O/F-3’3” merchandise tent.
114. 160. Short Stirrup
Leadline Hunter O/F 18”
155. 207. Large Junior
Am/Owner O/F-3’3”
O O/F-3’3”
161. Short
Boogie at Stirrup
TrophyU/S Warrenton Pony Show’s merchandise tent.
156. 208. Large Junior
Am/Owner O U/S O/F-3’3”
209. Large Junior
Am/Owner U/S
O Champ

invites you to become a supporting member of the
98th Annual Warrenton Pony Show
Please indicate your support below: NAME
(Please print name as it should appear in Program)
❑ DIVISION SPONSOR*† ..................................... $500
❑ LOCAL DIVISION SPONSOR*† ........................ 300 ADDRESS
❑ CLASS SPONSOR† ............................................ 200
❑ RINGSIDE PARKING (if available) ............... 150
❑ COOLER SPONSOR........................................... 100
❑ FRIEND ................................................................... 50 CITY

TOTAL ENCLOSED................................ $ STATE ZIP
*Ringside parking space included Please remit completed form and check to:
† To choose a specific class, division or ringside
contact 540-347-3067 for availability Warrenton Pony Show, Inc.
Post Office Box 794
Corporate and/or rail banner sponsorship space available -
contact 540-270-1734
Warrenton, VA 20188

Warrenton Pony Show STABLE WITH
Debbie D. Bowden,
14123 Foursquare Road, Smithfield, VA 23430 STALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY JUNE 15, 2018 ONLY ONE HORSE PER FORM
NO STALLS RESERVED WITHOUT FULL STALL FEE PLEASE enclose copies of negative coggins test for all horses entered
FAX: 757-299-8415 Online entries at MUST ACCOMPANY ALL ENTRIES. (BOD 1/16/05 - EFFECTIVE 4/1/06)
please circle

By entering a Federation-licensed Competition and signing this entry blank as the Owner, Lessee, Trainer, Manager, Agent, Coach, Driver, Rider, Handler, Vaulter or Longeur and on behalf of myself and my principals, SUBTOTAL
representatives, employees and agents, I agree that I am subject to the Bylaws and Rules of The United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. (the “Federation”) and the local rules of the Warrenron Pony Show (“Competition”). I agree to
be bound by the Bylaws and Rules of the Federation and of the competition. I will accept as final the decision of the Hearing Committee on any question arising under the Rules, and agree to release and hold harmless the ## _____Stalls
@ $225 _____
competition, the Federation, their officials, directors and employees for any action taken under the Rules. I represent that I am eligible to enter and/or participate under the Rules, and every horse I am entering is eligible as entered. I
also agree that as a condition of and in consideration of acceptance of entry, the Federation and/or the Competition may use or assign photographs, videos, audios, cable - casts, broadcasts, internet, film, new media or other likenesses
of me and my horse taken during the course of the competition for the promotion, coverage or benefit of the competition, sport, or the Federation. Those likenesses shall not be used to advertise a product and they may not be used in
## _____USEF USEFFee @$23
Fee @23 _____
such a way as to jeopardize amateur status. I hereby expressly and irrevocably waive and release any rights in connection with such use, including any claim to compensation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, or to (Drug Fee
(drug USEF
Fee$8,$15, $8, USHJA
USEF $8) $7)
misappropriation. The construction and application of Federation rules are governed by the laws of the State of New York, and any action instituted against the Federation must be filed in New York State. See GR908.4.
Federation Release, Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Indemnification ## _____USEF
USEFShow Pass
Show Fee @
Pass Fee
$30@ $45 _____
This document waives important legal rights. Read it carefully before signing.
I AGREE in consideration for my participation in this Competition to the following:
I AGREE that the “Federation” and “Competition” as used herein includes the Licensee and Competition Management, as well as all of their officials, officers, directors, employees, agents, personnel, volunteers and Federation affiliates. ## _____USHJA
$7 pass @$30 _____
I AGREE that I choose to participate voluntarily in the Competition with my horse, as a rider, driver, handler, vaulter, longeur, lessee, owner, agent, coach, trainer, or as parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor. I am fully aware and acknowledge
that horse sports and the Competition involve inherent dangerous risks of accident, loss, and serious bodily injury including broken bones, head injuries, trauma, pain, suffering, or death. (“Harm”). ## _____Schooling Fee @$25
USHJA Show Pass @$30 _____
I AGREE to hold harmless and release the Federation and the Competition from all claims for money damages or otherwise for any Harm to me or my horse and for any Harm of any nature caused by me or my horse to others, even if
the Harm arises or results, directly or indirectly, from the negligence of the Federation or the Competition. Fee @$30
## _____Office
Schooling Fee @ $25 _____
I AGREE to expressly assume all risks of Harm to me or my horse, including Harm resulting from the negligence of the Federation or the Competition.
I AGREE to indemnify (that is, to pay any losses, damages, or costs incurred by) the Federation and the Competition and to hold them harmless with respect to claims for Harm to me or my horse, and for claims made by others for any
Harm caused by me or my horse while at the Competition. I have read the Federation Rules about protective equipment, including GR801 and, if applicable, EV114, and I understand that I am entitled to wear protective equipment with- # _____ Office Fee @ $35 _____
out penalty, and I acknowledge that the Federation strongly encourages me to do so while WARNING that no protective equipment can guard against all injuries. If I am a parent or guardian of a junior exhibitor, I consent to the child’s par- Total Due
ticipation and AGREE to all of the above provisions and AGREE to assume all of the obligations of this Release on the child’s behalf I represent that I have the requisite training, coaching and abilities to safely compete in this competition. Total Due ___________
I AGREE that if I am injured at this competition, the medical personnel treating my injuries may provide information on my injury and treatment to the Federation
on the official USEF accident/injury report form. Amount Enclosed
Amount Enclosed ___________
BY SIGNING BELOW, I AGREE to be bound by all applicable Federation Rules and all terms and provisions of this entry blank and all terms and provisions of this Prize List. If I am signing and submitting this Agreement electronically, I
acknowledge that my electronic signature shall have the same validity, force and effect as if I affixed my signature by my own hand. Balance Due ___________
Signature: Signature:
Print Name: Print Name: Stable With:
Stable With:_____________________________
Address: Address:
Arrival Date_____________________________
City/State/Zip: City/State/Zip:
Arrival Date
Telephone: USEF #: Telephone: USEF #:

TRAINER (mandatory) COACH (if applicable)
Signature: Signature:
Print Name: Print Name:
Address: Address:
City/State/Zip: City/State/Zip:
Telephone: USEF #: Telephone: USEF #:

Parent/Guardian Signature: (Required if Rider/Driver/Handler/Vaulter/Longeur is a minor)

Print Parent//Guardian Name: Emergency Contact Phone No.: Is Rider/Driver/Vaulter a U.S. Citizen: Yes No
The last class listed is the Under Saddle. All Equitation Entry Fees $35.00
Conformation=c, Handy=h, Washington=WIHS, Class 19. VHSA/LMCF Children’s Pony Medal
North American League=NAL
8 ribbons in all classes Class 37. Marshall & Sterling/USEF Pony Medal

Pony Hunters Division $100 Class 48. VHSA/LMCF/MHSA Pony Medal
Prize Money: $55, $45, $35, $25, $10, $5
Class 64. VHSA/EMO Children’s Medal
Green Pony Hunter Sponsored by Deerchase
Sponsored by Max & Maria Tufts
Sm/Med. Classes 43, 44c, 45, 46, 47 Class 87. MHSA Hunter Seat Medal
Large Classes 38, 39c, 40, 41, 42 Sponsored by Rene & Lauren Woolcott
Regular Pony Hunters Class 98. VHSA/EMO Adult Medal
Sponsored by Norden Equine Sponsored by Gordonsdale Farm LP
Small Classes 49, 50c, 51, 52h, 53
Medium Classes 54, 55c, 56, 57h, 58 Class 105. VHSA/EMO Hunter Seat Medal
Large Classes 59, 60c, 61, 62h, 63
Junior Hunter Division $125 Class 106. Dover/USEF Hunter Seat Medal
Prize Money: $65, $50, $40, $30, $20, $10
Sponsored by Karen & Michael Crane Classes 107 and 108 to be judged throughout the show:
Small Junior 3’6” Classes 88, 89h, 90, 91, 92
Large Junior 3’6” Classes 93, 94h, 95, 96, 97 Class 107. Best Child Rider on a Pony
Small Junior 3’3” Classes 200, 201h, 202, 203, 204
Large Junior 3’3” Classes 205, 206h, 207, 208, 209 Class 108. Best Child Rider on a Horse

Amateur Owner 3’6” Division $125, Class $50 Class 300. VHSA/LMCF Pony Equitation on the Flat
Prize Money: $65, $50, $40, $30, $20, $10
Class 301. VHSA/EMO Amateur Equitation on the Flat
Am/O 18-35 Classes 72, 73h, 74, 75, 76
Am/O 36 and older Classes 77, 78h, 79, 80, 81 Class 302. VHSA/EMO Junior Equitation on the Flat
Amateur Owner 3’3” Division $100, Class $50
Prize Money: $55, $45, $35, $25, $20, $10
Sponsored by Hazel River Farm
Am/O 18-35 Classes 147, 148h, 149, 150, 151
Am/O 36 and older Classes 152, 153h, 154, 155, 156
The Hurst Trophy
Children’s Pony Hunter Division $100, Class $50
Awarded by the Warrenton Pony Show Board of Directors to the
Sponsored by Allen Real Estate
Junior Committee member who best exhibits the values and spirit
Small/Medium Classes 20, 21, 22 of the show.
Large Classes 23, 24, 25 2002 Victoria Ingenito
2003 Lydia Reynolds
Children’s Hunter Division $100, Class $50
2004 Lauren Barland
Sponsored by Hogan Horse Transport 2005 Lindsay Graves
Children 14 and under Classes 65, 66 (WIHS, NAL), 67 2006 Abby McGuire
Children 15-17 Classes 68, 69 (WIHS, NAL), 70 2007 Rachel Giampa
Adult Amateur Hunter Division $100, Class $50 2008 Lauren Hair
2009 Katrina Bess and Caitlin Palmer
Sponsored by Magalen O. Bryant
2010 Erin Flynn and Caitlin Palmer
Adult Amateur 18-35 Classes 99, 100 (WIHS, NAL), 101 2011 Caroline Newbill
Adult Amateur 36 2012 Sammy Bunn, Marina Macklin, and Kelli Park
and over Classes 102, 103 (WIHS, NAL), 104 2013 Carlee Snyder
2014 Rose Landoll
2015 Brooke Fries and Carley Gunnell
2016 Laura Newbill and Zoe Lewczak
2017 Reilly Canard and Leia Stuart
Pony Breeding Connemara Hunter Division
8 ribbons $35.00 per Class Class 133. Halfbred Regular Working Hunter Under
Class 117. Pony Broodmares Saddle
Class 118. Pony Foals Class 134. Purebred Regular Working Hunter Under
Class 119. Pony Yearlings Saddle
Class 120. Pony 2 Year Olds Class 135. Halfbred Regular Working Hunter Hack.
Class 121. Pony 3 Year Olds To be shown at a walk, trot & canter both
ways of the ring and jump 2 fences at 2’9”.
Class 122. Best Young Pony. Open to first place
Class 136. Purebred Regular Working Hunter Hack.
winners in Classes 119, 120 and 121. To be shown at a walk, trot & canter both
ways of the ring and jump 2 fences at 2’6”.
The Rachel L. Gray and Colt Hills Farm Class 137. Halfbred Regular Working Hunter Over
Memorial Perpetual Trophy donated by Fences
Warrenton Horse Works and Anna L. Russau, VMD
Class 138. Purebred Regular Working Hunter Over
Class 123. Pony Breeding Championship. Connemara Purebred Hunter Champion - Classes 134, 136, and 138
Open to first and second place The Shanagarry Farm Perpetual Trophy
winners in Classes 117-121. donated in memory of Rosemary Laimbeer

Connemara Halfbred Hunter Champion - Classes 133, 135, and 137
The Margaret B. Little Memorial Trophy to the Champion. The Sycamore Ridge Farm Perpetual Trophy
donated by Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Cheek, III
Connemara Division
Division Fee $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00 2018 UNRATED CLASSES
Entries in the Connemara division must be registered with the Class 16. Costume Class - Open to all $35.00 per team
American Connemara Pony Society, the Connemara Pony
Breeders Society of Galway, Ireland or any other Connemara Class 33. Warm Up 2’6” or 3’ $35.00
Society recognized by the International Committee of To be judged on performance, manners and
Connemara Pony Societies. Connemaras under two years of way of going.

age must have a Temporary Foal Certificate. All Connemaras Class 113. Leadline Class (under 4 years) $35.00
must be shown under their full registered names. Copies of Sponsored by Bows to the Shows
registration papers must accompany all entries. Adults may To be ridden by a child who has not
show ponies and stallions may be shown in performance
reached his or her 4th birthday. Suitability
classes. Judged on performance, manners and appropriate
as a beginner’s mount 50%, equitation 50%.
way of going. Classes may be combined if entries warrant.
8 ribbons. (All classes count toward USEF points.) Class 114. Leadline Class (4 to 7 years) $35.00
To be ridden by a child who has not
Connemara Breeding reached his or her 7th birthday.
Class 131. Purebred in Hand, 2 yrs and under Suitability as a beginner’s mount
Class 132A. Purebred in Hand, Mares and Fillies, 50%, equitation 50%.
3 yrs and older The Boogie at Midnight Perpetual Trophy given by
Class 132B. Purebred in Hand, Stallions and Geldings, the Holloway Family in memory of their best friend -
3 yrs and older “Boogie at Midnight.”

Class 115. Walk-Trot Class $35.00
To be ridden by a child not exceeding 10
years of age who is not entered in any other
class at show. Suitability as a beginner’s
mount 50%, equitation 50%.

Class 116. Alumni Class - No Entry Fee
Open to past members of the Warrenton
Pony Show Junior Committee. To be shown
at the walk, trot and canter. Judged on rider
50%, horse 50% by current members of the
Junior Committee. Various prizes.
Short Stirrup Hunter Maiden Equitation
Division Fee: $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00 Division Fee $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00
Sponsored by Helen C. Wiley Sponsored by Dog Patch Farm
Open to horses and ponies ridden by children 12 years and Open to Junior riders who have not won one blue ribbon in
under. Neither riders nor mounts may cross enter into any an equitation class at a USEF recognized show. To jump 2’.
division or class where they would jump higher than 18”. May cross enter with Young Entry. 8 ribbons.
Jumps 18”. May trot or canter over fences. Riders limited to Class 4, 5. Maiden Equitation over Fences
two mounts in the division. 6. Maiden Equitation Flat
Class 159. Short Stirrup Hunter Over Fences 18”
Class 160. Short Stirrup Hunter Over Fences 18” Limit Equitation
Class 161. Short Stirrup Hunter Under Saddle Division Fee $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00
Open to Junior riders who have not won 6 blue ribbons in
Young Entry Equitation equi­tation over fences at USEF recognized shows. Jumps to
Division Fee: $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00 be 2’3”, 2’6”. 8 ribbons.
Sponsored by Merry Point Farm Class 7, 8. Limit Equitation over Fences
Open to children 12 years and under as of December 1st of 9. Limit Equitation Flat
the preceding year. Rider must not have shown in a rated
class at a recognized show. Rider not eligible for any other Trophy awarded in memory of Sister Mary Olive O’Connell
class or division at this show except Maiden Equitation. and presented by Rose Landoll and family.
Pleasure pony or horse may compete in other classes or
divisions where eligible. Jumps not to exceed 2’. 8 ribbons. 17. Schooling Pony Hunter
Class 1, 2. Young Entry over fences Open Card Warm-up $35.00
3. Young Entry Flat Sponsored by Karin Immerman
The Fancy Foot Steps Perpetual Trophy given by the
“Brighton Say When” Memorial Perpetual Trophy Hair Family in memory of their pony “Fancy Foot Steps.”
to the champion.
Presented to High Score
Donated by Jeffrey, Carol and Andrew Cooper.
Local Divisions Division Fee $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00
The Puller A. Hughes Open to animals stabled within a 75-mile radius of
Memorial Scholarship Fund Warrenton. 8 ribbons.
In 1999, the Warrenton Pony Show Board of Directors
established a scholarship fund in honor of Puller A. Local Small/Medium Pony Hunters
Hughes, a longtime sup­porter and advisor of the Warrenton Sponsored by Family Allergy Center
Pony Show. A scholarship will be awarded to a deserving Small Ponies jump 2’, Medium Ponies jump 2’3”
member of the Junior Committee upon graduation who
exemplifies the ideals Mr. Hughes thought vital for young Classes 10, 11. Local Small/Medium Pony over Fences
people: responsibility, sportsmanship and manners. The Class 12. Local Small/Medium Pony under Saddle
Board of Directors hopes all the young people of the Junior
Committee are developing these traits through their work “Royal Doll” Memorial Perpetual Trophy to the Champion
with the Pony Show. donated by the Hoovler family
Previous Winners:
2001 Rachel Gray Local Large Pony Hunters
2003 Lydia Reynolds and Victoria Ingenito Jumps 2’6” Division Fee $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00
2004 Lauren Barland Classes 13, 14. Local Large Pony over Fences
2005 Lindsay Graves, Kira Lander and Briana Stone Class 15. Local Large Pony under Saddle
2006 Abbey McGuire and Kitson Marr
2007 Josie Ziluca Charles S. Gill Perpetual Trophy to the Champion
2008 Kristina Stone and Tamara Morse donated by the Ted Payne family
2009 Katrina Bess, Rachel Giampa, Lauren Hair, Stockett Marr,
and Emily Watt
2011 McKenzie Canard, Erin Flynn, Caroline Newbill, and
Caitlin Palmer
Division Fee $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00
2012 Kelli Park Open to horses within a 75-mile radius of Warrenton, not
2013 Samantha Bunn, Jacqua Flynn, Marina Macklin, and restrict­ed to owner-rider. Jumps 2’ 6” or 3’. 8 ribbons.
Maggie Pollard Classes 34, 35. Local Junior/Amateur over Fences Class
2014 Carlee Snyder and Kristin Anklowitz 36. Local Junior/Amateur under Saddle
2015 Madeleine Lohr
2016 Carmen Cantrell, Carley Gunnel, Rose Landoll, and Howard “Deacon” Lawson Memorial Trophy
Laura Newbill
to the Champion
2017 Reilly Canard, Ashley Gaines, Zoe Lewczak, and Leia Stuart
donated by William E. Howland, Jr.
Class 27. VPBA Registered Young Ponies Under Saddle
$35.00 Class 165. $2,500 Warrenton Pony Show/ Country
Open to any VPBA registered pony, 5 years old and under Chevrolet Pony Hunter Classic
which has not broken its green status, exhibited under its (Saturday night)
registered name, and by its last recorded owner who must be
a VPBA mem­ber. To be ridden by a Junior of any age and Entry Fee $100.00
shown at a walk, trot and canter both ways of the ring. To Sponsored by Country Chevrolet. To be judged on
be judged 60% on perform­ance, manners, way of going, and performance, soundness, suitability, and manners.
soundness; ponies will then be stripped and judged 40% Formal attire. At least twelve ponies from the first
on conformation. Martingales not per­mitted. Light contact
with the pony’s mouth is required . Ponies should not be round to return for a second round. The order of
eliminated for slight errors. 8 ribbons. go for the second round shall be determined by the
score of the first round, which will count as half the
Registered VA Bred Performance Ponies total score, and to jump their appropriate height.
Division Fee $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00 No cross entries.
Sponsored by Wetherburn Farm
Open to any VPBA registered pony, exhibited under its Prize money: $550, $430, $325, $250, $190, $175,
registered name and in the name of its last recorded owner $160, $160, $130; $130 and twelve ribbons.
who must be a VPBA member. To be ridden by a junior of
any age. All ponies must compete over fences. Fences are 2’ Classic Reception sponsored by
for small and medium ponies, and 2’6” for large ponies. To Alexandra & William Lohr
be judged on performance, manners, suitability, soundness
and conformation where speci­fied. Half points awarded Rider Gifts sponsored by Railside Gifts
in model class, full points in all other classes. All other Rider boutonnieres sponsored by
requirements to be in accordance with USEF Green Pony
Hunter/Pony Hunter rules. 8 ribbons. TuDane Farm/Jonelle Mullen
Class 26. VPBA Model
Class 28. VPBA over Fences
Class 29. VPBA over Fences - Performance 75%,
Conformation 25%
Class 30. VPBA under Saddle
Class 303. $1500 Warrenton Pony Show
Horse and Pony Pleasure Open Pony Classic (Thursday)
Division Fee $100.00 Ind. Classes $50.00 Entry Fee $50
Sponsored by Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds
To be judged on manners, suit­ ability, way of going, and
soundness. May be split if entries warrant. No martingales. To be judged on performance, soundness,
8 ribbons. suitability and manners. Formal attire. At least
Class 124. Pleasure Under Saddle. To be shown at a 12 ponies to return for a second round which
walk, trot and canter. Should stand and back will have a handy element. The first round score
easily. will determine the order of go for the second
Class 125. Pleasure Go As You Please. To beshown at a round and will count as half the total score. No
walk and your pleasure gait.
cross entry into other classic. Fences 2’ - Small/
Class 126. Pleasure Hack. To be shown at a walk, trot
and canter. No more than eight will be Medium Ponies; 2’6” - Large Ponies
selected to jump two fences. Fences set at 2’.
Prize Money:
$330, $260, $215, $150, $120, $110, $100, $90,
$75, $50, and twelve ribbons

Classic Reception sponsored by
Warrenton Pony Show and
Karen and Michael Crane
Rider Gifts sponsored by Railside Gifts
Rider boutonnieres sponsored by
TuDane Farm/Jonelle Mullen
Custom chaps to winner Custom canvas print to winner
sponsored by Journeymen Saddlers. sponsored by Teresa Ramsay
To qualify for the 2017 VHSA/LMCF Pony Medal Fi-
nals a VHSA member is automatically qualified with To qualify for the Children’s Pony Medal Equitation
two Blues or must have a minimum of 5 points. Points Finals, the top twenty point accruers based on a 10-
to be scored 10-6-4-2-1-.5 multiplied by the number 6-4-2-1-.5 multiplied by the number of entries in the
of entries in the class regardless of classification of the class point system will be chosen. However, two blue
show. Finalists will be requested to ride over a course ribbons will be an automatic qualification. Points to
of not less than 8 jumps; 2’3” for small ponies, 2’6” for be scored 10-6-4-2-1-.5 multiplied by the number of
medium ponies and large ponies jump 3’. All VHSA/ entries in the class regardless of classification of the
LMCF Medal Class courses must have at least two of show. Finalists will be requested to ride over a course
the following inside the course: a roll back turn, a bro- of not less than 8 jumps; 2’3” for ponies not exceeding
ken or bending line, an end jump, a narrow jump, or a 12.2 hands, 2’6” for ponies over 12.2 hands and not
long ride to a single jump. Jumping faults of mount not exceeding 13.2 hands, and ponies over 13.2 hands
to count. Fall of pony or rider or two disobediences by a not exceeding 14.2 hands, jump 3’. All VHSA Medal
pony does eliminate the finalist. A minimum of twelve
Class courses must have at least two of the following
riders, if available, will be asked to return to show at
inside the course: a roll back turn, a broken or bending
a walk, trot and canter and to perform additional tests
at the judge’s discretion. Martingales are prohibited on line, an end jump, a narrow jump, or a long ride to a
the flat. Jumping phase to count 75 percent. Flat phase single jump. Jumping faults of mount not to count.
to count 25 percent and following the flat phase, no less Fall of pony or rider or two disobediences by a pony
than four riders will return for additional testing from does eliminate the finalist. A minimum of twelve rider,
tests 1-18. if available, will be asked to return to show at a walk,
trot and canter and to perform additional tests at the
An exhibitor can qualify for the Pony Medal Finals up judge’s discretion. Martingales are prohibited on the
to and including the Warrenton Pony Show. flat. Jumping phase to count 75 percent. Flat phase to
count 25 percent and following the flat phase, no less
than four riders will return for additional testing from
tests 1-18.

To qualify for the VHSA Pony Medal Equitation On The
Flat Finals, the top twenty point accruers based on a 10-
6-4-2-1-.5 multiplied by the number of entries in the class
point system will be chosen. However, two blue ribbons
will be an automatic qualification. Points to be scored 10-
6-4-2-1-.5 multiplied by the number of entries in the class
regardless of classification of the show. All riders must
show all working gaits (walk, trot, and canter) in both
directions as well as lengthening of stride at all working
gaits in each direction. The sitting trot should be a
working sitting trot. The counter canter in both directions
is required and no more than 12 riders may counter canter
at one time. The judge may request additional tests on
the flat as a group or individually. Regulation snaffles,
pelhams, and full bridles, all with cavesson nosebands
are permitted. A judge at their discretion may penalize
unconventional bits or nosebands. Martingales are

Morning Donuts & Juice Sponsored by Teresa Ramsay
Pizza Lunch sponsored by Warrenton Pony Show

Morning Donuts & Juice Sponsored by Teresa Ramsay
Luncheon hosted by the “Lunch Bunch”

Classic Rider’s Reception
Sponsored by Karen & Michael Crane and Warrenton Pony Show

Morning Donuts & Juice Sponsored by Teresa Ramsay

VHSA/LMCF Medal Finals Reception
Sponsored by Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund and EMO Agency

Morning Donuts & Juice Sponsored by Teresa Ramsay

Warrenton Pony Show / Country Chevrolet Pony Classic Reception
Sponsored by Alexandra & William Lohr

Morning Donuts & Juice Sponsored by Teresa Ramsay
Cake compliments of The Warrenton Pony Show
Trophy awarded to the Junior Rider who best exhibits the qualities of good sportsmanship, valued by Ruth above all other qualities in a
young rider. The rider will be chosen by the judge and the show committee. The trophy will be awarded by her family.
1996 Mariana Bishop 2007 Caroline Ball
1997 Matthew Lowe 2008 Connor Deal
1998 Caitlin Lane 2009 Blair St. Ledger-Olson
1999 Sarah Tyndall 2010 Madeline Lohr, Barbara Ann Merryman
2000 Jessica van Brocklin 2011 Madeline Lohr
2001 Emily Bartlett 2012 Helen Lohr, Ethan May
2002 Christina Mangano 2013 Adam Edgar
2003 Elizabeth Coughlin 2014 Patrick Miller
2004 Vanessa Lavin 2015 Francesca Burby
2005 Kacy Jenkins 2016 ––
2006 Blair Curcie 2017 Cassidy Bosch

Trophy awarded in memory of Marshall Hawkins to the animal accumulating the most points in the recognized divisions. Trophy
donated by Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Hoovler.
1994 Lands End Spring Rain, Courtney Somers 2006 Little Black Pearl, Devon Walther
1995 Silver Belle, Caitlin Lane 2007 Hidden Spring Wood Star, Brooke Cole
1996 Among the Stars, Caitlin Lane 2008 Feathers McGraw, McKenzie Canard
1997 Foxlairs Poker, Caitlin Lane 2009 Highlands Bridget Jones, Avery Finkel
1998 Rosecroft Wise Guy, Drew Taylor 2010 Lakeview Pickpocket, Lauren Rockwell
1999 Princess Caroline, Caitlin McNaughton 2011 Anabel, Grace Anne Owens
2000 Solitare, Evan Coluccio & Ransom, Betty Oare 2012 Ledinjadou Exclusively Dun, Lauren Rockwell
2001 The Patriot, Keri Guanicale 2013 Practical, Elise Ledsinger
2002 Stolen Moments, Betty Oare 2014 Captain Jack, Jillian Ehrenzeller
2003 The Patriot, Keri Guanicale 2015 Bluestocking, Morgan Rosia
2004 Chateau, Vanessa Lavin 2016 Blue a Kiss, Virginia Bonnie
2005 Chanteuse, Kacy Jenkins 2017 Stole the Show, Francesca Dussek

Trophy awarded in memory of Helen B. (Polly) Howard to the exhibitor with the most number of points (on a single entry)
in regular local hunter divisions. Must be won three times by the same exhibitor for permanent possession. Trophy donated
by her daughter, Mrs. Helen C. Wiley, and will be presented by her.
1996 Savannah Rose, Hillcrest Farm 2007 Courtash Karousal, Caroline Nicewonder
1997 Borrowed Wealth, Virginia Skeens 2008 Cedar Spring McDreamy, Maggie Pollard
1998 Bold Expression, Kimberly Snead 2009 Cloud Nine, Morgan Rodgers
1999 Buy Me Pearls, Matt Lowe 2010 Cool Spring, Reilly Canard
2000 Risky Business, Abby McGuire 2011 Chawton, E. Sue Bopp
2001 Hillcrest Blue Sapphire, Devon Walther 2012 Sneak-A-Peek, Lauren Fraser
2002 Aims To Please, Christina Mangano 2013 Redrock, Rachel Hammes; Sneak-A-Peek, Lauren Fraser
2003 That’s That, Betty R. Oare 2014 Spring Place, Patrick Miller
2004 Nautica, Christine Fiore 2015 Spring Place, Patrick Miller
2005 Regalo, Betty Oare 2016 Zazu, Betty Oare
2006 Bruce, Sari Deslauries 2017 Nimbustwothousand, Patty Arwine

To be presented to the pony accumulating the most points in one of the Regular, Small, Medium or Large Pony or Green Small, Medium,
or Large Pony. Trophy donated by Pam Cantwell Baker’s “Pony People.”
1995 Silver Belle, Caitlin Lane 2007 Courtash Karousal, Hannah Spiegler; Anakin, Shawn Casady
1996 Child’s Play, Jessica Garchik 2008 Feathers McGraw, McKenzie Canard; Devil Mint, Dani Dipietro
1997 Are You Kidding, Sarah Rodgers 2009 Flash Gordon, Lauren Rockwell
1998 Rosecraft Wise Guy, Drew Taylor 2010 Meadowbrooks Elegant Edition, Madeline Lohr
1999 Quoth The Raven, Courtney Somers 2011 Meadowbrooks Elegant Edition, Madeline Lohr;
2000 Cinnaburst, Keri Guanicale Picturesque Decade, April Sautter
2001 The Patriot, Keri Guanicale 2012 Blue On Blue, Madeline Lohr
2002 Land’s End Madhatter, Nicole Brow 2013 Picante, Madeline Schaefer
2003 The Patriot, Keri Guanicale 2014 Captain Jack, Jillian Ehrenzeller
2004 Tristan’s Party Shoes, Samantha Schaefer 2015 Glynmagic Cover Girl, Emma Pell
2005 Jade Falls, Samantha Schaefer; Summer, Allison Wynne 2016 Blue a Kiss, Virginia Bonnie
2006 Truly Noble, Samantha Schaefer 2017 Our Song, Annabella Bozzuto
Trophy awarded to Grand Champion Junior Hunter. Donated by the Clementi Family.
1995 Arkus, Sheila Motley 2007 Cowboy Up, Harrison Stone
1996 Aslan, North Cliff Farm 2008 River Mist, Devon Walther
1997 Serengeti, Leigh Szubrowski 2009 Saving Grace, Evy Carroll
1998 Grappa, Chiara Parlagreco 2010 Hawk Mountain, Ashley Burke
1999 The Pirateer, Caitlin Lane 2011 Huntley, Parker Van de Water
2000 Solitare, Evan Coluccio 2012 Cover Art, Madeline Lohr
2001 Shades of Grey, Elizabeth Coughlin 2013 Lorenzo, Madeline Lohr
2002 Classic Sun, Elizabeth Coughlin 2014 Pin-Up, Lily Barber
2003 Private Label, Elizabeth Coughlin 2015 Lavaletto, Zoe Lewczak
2004 Chateau, Vanessa Lavin 2016 Tuscan Sky, Taylor Morrison
2005 Chanteuse, Kacy Jenkins 2017 First Love, Katie Solomons

Trophy awarded to Younger Adult Amateur Champion.
1998 Kool, Laura Scharfenberg 2008 Brilliant, J.C. Kennedy
1999 Boddington Gold, Ann Garnett 2009 Donnerkind, Kathryn Clapp
2000 Tally Ho, Chiara Parlegreco 2010 Catalyst, Beth Johnson
2001 Night Train, Honey Johnson 2011 Lord Ashley, Chiara Parlegreco
2002 Navarre, Karyn Zambrano 2012 All The Answers, Alyse Howse
2003 Crown Point, Gary Zook 2013 Juliet, Kathryn Davilli
2004 Rock Steady, Stuart Landin 2014 Little Whiskey Girl, Shannon Ferguson
2005 Walkabout, Rosalie Morton 2015 Barrister, Devon Zebrovious
2006 Private Malone, Andrew Parker 2016 Son of a Sailor, Neysa Bryant
2007 Quatro, Kirkland Brown 2017 Lost Love, Brianna Sims

Trophy awarded to Adult Amateur Hunter Champion. Donated by friends listed on the back of the trophy.
1996 Monticello, Mrs. Gordon Wheeler 2007 Top Brass, Elizabeth Sponseller
1997 Monticello, Mrs. Gordon Wheeler 2008 On The Air, Lysa Burke Horkan
1998 Kool, Laura Scharfenburg 2009 Donnerkind, Kathryn Clapp; Well Suited, Baba Zipkin
1999 Monticello, Mrs. Gordon Wheeler 2010 On The Air, Lysa Burke Horkan
2000 Tally Ho, Chiara Parlegreco 2011 Too Much Fun, Lysa Burke Horkan
2001 Nonetheless, Betty Oare 2012 All The Answers, Alyse Howse
2002 Navarre, Karyn Zambrano 2013 Capone, Betty Oare
2003 Sandstorm, Polly Cooley 2014 Nimrod, Kerry Hannon
2004 Next Step, Gary Peterson 2015 Barrister, Devon Zebrovious
2005 Regalo, Betty R. Oare 2016 Son of a Sailor, Neysa Bryant
2006 Honor, Heather Deane 2017 Lost Love, Brianna Sims

Trophy awarded to Breeding Champion. Donated by Bud Little.
1998 Tantallon Rhythm N’ Blues, Clinton O. Raymond 2008 Falling Moon Manhattan, T. B. Pollack & Beall Spring Farm
1999 Rapunzel, Perry Peterson 2009 Falling Moon Cabaret, Thora Pollack
2000 Rosecroft Smart Alec, W. Gary Baker 2010 Woodlands Magic Rain, Edee Ancell McGregor
2001 Fairfield’sForgetMeNot,RobinB.Greenwood&CarrieCamp 2011 Falling Moon Cabaret, Thora Pollack, Beall Spring Farm
2002 Fairfield’s Forget Me Not, Robin B. Greenwood 2012 Kenley Trademark, Terry Holmes
2003 More Better, Nancy C. Moore 2013 Julia, Stewart Kohler
2004 Spring Fever, Beall Spring Farm 2014 Orchard Hill’s Dragonfly, Oliver Brown & Orchard Hill Farm
2005 As Ever, Kathryn Southard 2015 Papillon, Stewart Kohler
2006 Plum Delicious, Moriah Farm 2016 Viceroy, Richard Taylor
2007 Falling Moon Manhattan, T. B. Pollack & Beall Spring Farm 2017 Viceroy, Drew Taylor
Trophy awarded to Local Large Pony Champion. Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ted Payne and Susie.
1984 Smallwood Showers, Sheridan Dold 2001 Picabo Street, Alex Paparsenos
1985 State’s Pride, Kristina Paul 2002 Moonshadow, Charlotte Harris
1986 Hail ‘N Hardy, Zan Martin 2003 Absolutely Fabulous, Tamara Morse
1987 Skipping School, Jim Chaplin 2004 Moonshadow, Charlotte Harris
1988 Zim’s Knee High, Susan Russell 2005 Wild Card Cody, Alexa Wilbrandt
1989 Lady Macbeth, J. A. Hartman 2006 Sneak Preview, Erin Flynn
1990 Illusion, Ashmont Farm, Ltd. 2007 Woodland’s Me First, Hannah Spiegler
1991 Snausages, Cynthia Thrift 2008 Texas Hold ‘Em, Ping Ni
1992 Bull Run King, Susan Bernabucci 2009 Sneak-A-Peek, Jessica Chapell
1993 First Frost, Jennie Carleton 2010 Cool Springs, Reilly Canard
1994 Reaching for the Stars, Margaret Barland 2011 After The Laughter, Mali Selman
1995 Silver Belle, Caitlin Lane 2012 Sneak-A-Peek, Lauren Fraser
1996 Savannah Rose, Hillcrest Farms, Ltd. 2013 Sneak-A-Peek, Lauren Fraser
1997 Snausages, Betsey Parker 2014 Spring Place, Patrick Miller
1998 Bold Expression, Kimberly Snead 2015 Spring Place, Patrick Miller
1999 Findeh Pescado, Maxine Janes 2016 Irish Rambler, Stephanie Vazquez
2000 Starlight Run, Leigh Stitzer 2017 Back Bay’s Face Value, Krystiana Stephens

Trophy awarded to Young Entry Hunter Champion. Donated by Jeff, Carol and Andy Cooper.
1992 Shalimar of Cedarcrest, Gayle Barland 2005 Dolce Vita, Kathleen Barkema
1993 Sneak-A-Peek, Avery Shepard 2006 Houdini, Krista Smickley
1994 Benlea Tempo, Avery Shepard 2007 Buckles, Boots-N-Spurs, Mary Elizabeth Cordea
1995 My Delight, Kristin Wellington 2008 Picturesque Mocha Latte, Samantha Hailey
1996 Paint By Numbers, Samantha Gritz 2009 Amazing Grace, Marie Lerch
1997 Farnley, Abigale Gonzalez 2010 Splash Art, Phoebe Bain
1998 Bradley, Fraley Coles 2011 Sand Castle, Spencer Davis
1999 Field Mouse, Elizabeth Abramson 2012 Who’s On Top, Victoria Pelletier
2000 No Worries, Morgan Fields 2013 Gold Lust, Sophie-Ann Stremple
2001 See Spot Jump, Meredith Harris 2014 Dance Til Dawn, Aubrie Wyatt
2002 Luck of the Draw, Tara Thorpe 2015 Sand Castle, Katherine Gonzalez
2003 A Promise Made, Kelsey Jeffries 2016 White Oak No Small Affair, Mackenzie Toone
2004 I Think I Can, Melissa Seventko 2017 Square Deal, Catherine Harmon

Trophy awarded to Local Small/Medium Pony Champion. Donated by the Hoovler Family.
1993 Beaugart, Pam Simoneau 2006 Justin Credible, Blair Curcie
1994 Goodday Sunshine, Baily Bent 2007 Courtash Karousel, Caroline Nicewonder
1995 Rikki Tikki Tavi, Caitlin Lane 2008 Cedar Spring McDreamy, Maggie Pollard
1996 Champagne Bubbles, Shareshten K. Senior 2009 Cloud Nine, Morgan Rodgers
1997 Borrowed Wealth, Virginia Skeens 2010 Sharper Image, Lauren Fraser
1998 Sunny Side Up, Paige Nichols 2011 Cedar Spring McDreamy, Blake Bogin;
1999 Beaugart, Diana Friedman M&M Touch of Blue, Lauren Rockwell
2000 Risky Business, Abby McGuire 2012 Jack Black, Ellia Giuliani
2001 Hillcrest Blue Sapphire, Devon Walther 2013 Damingo, Adam Edgar
2002 Hillcrest Blue Sapphire, Devon Walther 2014 Kelviden Wave Dancer, Margo Tack
2003 Looked Twice, Emily C. Watt 2015 Cedar Spring McDreamy, Emma Smith
2004 Dunkeroo, April Sautter 2016 Neapolitan, Sarah Semko
2005 Cedar Spring River Dance, April Sautter 2017 Nimbustwothousand, Patty Arwine

Trophy awarded to Grand Champion Children’s Hunter. Donated by the Gaines Family.
1998 From Virginia, Carrie du Pont;
The Missing Link, Amanda Hartmann 2008 Protocol, Kelsey Jefferies
1999 Best Regards, Alexandra Sheretz 2009 Weston, Madison Zimmerman
2000 Aims to Please, Christina Mangano 2010 Chartwell, Madison Zimmerman
2001 Consider This, Christy Graves 2011 Nimrod, Devan Graham
2002 Westward, Lauren Graves 2012 Seymore, Lauren Fraser
2003 Flora, Kate Thomas 2013 Luxurious, Alexandra Gilbertson
2004 Juliet, Kathryn Davilli 2014 Copeland, Eliza van der Woude
2005 Senator, Meghan Shader 2015 Take Flight, Natalie Tobin
2006 Blues Traveler, Emma Horoszczak 2016 Colonial BHF, Ethan Mave
2007 Protocol, Kelsey Jefferies 2017 Emerald City, Celine Kimata
Trophy awarded to Local Junior/Amateur Champion. Donated by the Howland Family and Land Ho Farm.
1994 Strike The Set, Betty Oare 2006 Bruce, Sari Deslauriers
1995 Natalie Mills 2007 Master Plan, Rachel Webster
1996 Right On Time, Tiffany Mueller 2008 Rosalyn, Betty Oare
1997 Camden Jones 2009 Five O’Clock Somewhere, Wendy Grifford
1998 The Missing Link, Amanda Hartmann 2010 Fargo, Kathryn Maginnis
1999 Buy Me Pearls, Matt Lowe 2011 Chawton, E. Sue Bopp
2000 Murphy Brown, Samantha Lavin 2012 San Romano, Kathy Danielson
2001 Surprise, Christina Mangano 2013 Redrock, Rachel Hammes
2002 Aims To Please, Christina Mangano 2014 Delorian, Devan Graham; Denny, Lauren Walker
2003 That’s That, Betty Oare 2015 Triple Crown Romance, Olivia Pringle
2004 Nautica, Christine Fiore 2016 Zazu, Betty Oare
2005 Regalo, Betty R. Oare 2017 Doctor Blue, Devan Graham

Trophy awarded to Grand Champion Children’s Pony Hunter. Donated by Bill, Cyndy, Lauren Hair, and Avery Sheperd.
2006 Farnley Hi Fashion, Robyn Burton 2012 Blue Valentine, Hannah Toering
2007 RPH Take One, Kara Smickley 2013 Mischief Managed, Rhiana Hughes
2008 Whispering Hill, Catherine Dipietro 2014 Hobby Creeks Gray Goose, Courtney Morton
2009 Cosmopolitan Girl, Kirklen Peterson 2015 Spring Place, Patrick Miller
2010 Telynau Monarch of the Glen, Leah Eller 2016 SCF Over the Rainbow, Christa Strasel
2011 Kiss The Rain, Rachel Tanio 2017 Sugar on Top, Katherine Gonzalez

Trophy awarded to Halfbred Connemara Champion.
2009 S. R. Diamonds for Diva, Caroline Shipe 2014 Denver’s High Ceol Caliber, Kathryn Vasquez
2010 Talari’s Junior McVai, Riley Moore 2015 S.R. Eastern Lily, Maggie Butters & Caroline Shipe
2011 Sycamore Ridge Irish Lace, Kamerra Brown 2016 Grendel McVai, Katie Zube
2012 Sycamore Ridge Irish Lace, Justine Weaver 2017 Oakfields Carnelian, Katy Carter
2013 Sycamore Ridge Irish Lace, Justine Weaver

Trophy awarded to Purebred Connemara Champion.
2011 Sycamore Ridge Eve, Ivy Sandberg 2015 Oakfield’s Peridot, Jennifer Daly
2012 Rock My World, Sandra Zimmerli 2016 Oakfield’s Peridot, Sarah Moran
2013 Sycamore Ridge Eve, Ivy Sandberg 2017 Picturesque Heartbreaker, Marina Franco
2014 Oakfield’s Copper Sparrow, Jennifer Daly

Trophy awarded to winner of Leadline (4-7 years old).
2011 Midnight Snack, Kellsey Stern 2015 Churchill, Skylar Ward
2012 Serena, Jordan Schneider 2016 Primer’s Jewel, Charlotte Tufts
2013 Poetic Justice, Emmy Buchanan 2017 Longacre Maybelle, Irelyn Diemar
2014 Prime Suspect, Jake Stern

Trophy awarded to winner of Leadline (under 4 years old).
2011 Rofantina Apollo, Madison Bodmer 2015 My McDreamy, Madeline Hashwah
2012 Tag A Long, Megen Meehan 2016 Pinky Promise, Madelyn Drunagel
2013 Gayfields Pattycakes, Lexi Caewood 2017 Something to Talk About, Lucille J. Lutz
2014 Duncan’s Smarty Pants, Caroline Tufts

In memory of “Flash Gordon” and presented by the Rockwell Family.
2011 Picante, Madeline Schaefer 2015 Forget Me Not, Emma Pell
2012 Blue On Blue, Madeline Schaefer 2016 Sparkle, Fielding Stichman
2013 Picante, Madeline Schaefer 2017 Our Song, Annabella Bozzuto

Trophy awarded to winner of Walk-Trot Class and presented by the Hair and Canard Families in memory of “Fancy.”
2011 Gayfields Pattycake, Kelly Baumgart 2015 Splashy Affair, Corinne Schilling
2012 Tantallon Special Edition, Addison Bzdak 2016 Glenhaven Adelaide, Alexandra Cawood
2013 Tiddlywinks, Helena Weiss 2017 Yours Truly, Caroline Pennington
2014 Dipped In Silver, Marie Presgrave
Trophy awarded to the winner of the Best Young Pony. Trophy donated by the Warrenton Horse Works and Anna L. Russau, VMD.
2015 Papillon, Drew Taylor 2017 Viceroy, Drew Taylor
2016 Viceroy, Richard Taylor

Trophy awarded in memory of Sister Mary Olive O’Connell and presented by Rose Landoll and family.
2011 Field of Imagination, Anne Diehl 2015 Spring Place, Patrick Miller
2012 Take Flight, Shannon Keany 2016 She’s a Rock Star, Lindsay McCarron
2013 Luxurious, Alexandra Gilbertson 2017 Formal Attire, Cassidy Bosch
2014 My Sweet Valentine, Adam Edgar; Sandstone, Erin Gill

Trophy awarded to Children’s Large Pony Hunter Champion.
2013 Mischief Managed, Rhiana Hughes 2016 Stoneledge Coralea, Kate Howlin
2014 Hobby Creeks Gray Goose, Courtney Morton 2017 Starstruck, Samantha Green
2015 Spring Place, Patrick Miller

Trophy awarded to the Warrenton Pony Hunter Classic winner. Trophy donated by the Lohr Family.
2013 Frosted, Madeline Schaefer 2016 Blue a Kiss, Virginia Bonnie
2014 Swizzelstick, Trinity Hammerschmidt 2017 Glannant Jackpot, Ava Smith
2015 Peridot, Courtney Morton

Trophy awarded to the winner of the Pony Hunt Team Class. Trophy donated by the Lewczak Family.
2016 Say Goodnight Gracie, Jennifer Markey &
Poplar Place Pied Piper, Emily Popp

The volunteer award donated by Wilma Hoovler and Family.
2012 Tommy Lee Jones 2015 Glenn Moody
2013 Donna Giampa, Robin McGuire 2016 Wayne Eubank
2014 Teresa Ramsay 2017 Lee Cross