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“Year of Dialogue and National Reconciliation”

Faculty of Engineering
Professional school of civil engineering

Course: English I
Theme: Mental map of how to save water at home
Members: Beraún Dávila, Cristhian Jhoau.
Amasifuen Taricuarima Henry Jimmy
Teacher: Carrera Girón Lidia
1 Ciclo: III – Group “D”

Pucallpa – Perú
Close the keys Avoid the use of
while you wash hoses and check
or wash fruits, the condition of
vegetables or the pipes and
dishes. keys.

Use the washing Avoid long

machine intelligently. showers and DO
How to save NOT play with
Use the low
water at water.
consumption ones.the
keys while you wash
or wash fruits,
vegetables or dishes.

Use sources for

food washing.
Reuse in water for Do not discard
other tasks such them with
as cleaning floors water. 2
or watering