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Forge Student Ministries Newsletter

July 2018 | Issue 1 | Volume 1

Mission and Meaning of Forge Calendar

June 29 – New Smyrna Beach
We all have TV shows that we group, but also in the local church
always seem to get stuck on whenever body, with the church. July 1 – Parent Meeting after
it on television and we are channel
The logo communicates this mission
surfing. as well. First, the color scheme is the church
For me, one of those shows is same as the church’s logo. The student
July 4 – No Youth Worship
“Forged In Fire” on the History ministry is not on a different team and
Channel. It’s a knife-making we are focused on becoming united July 11 – TB Rays Game
competition where skilled smiths with the church family and its mission.
make blades in competition. Imagine The “F” in the logo is also not one July 19 – Rainbow Springs
“Chopped,” but instead of using complete block letter. However, it is
knives, the competitors are making multiple parts constructing the whole. July 24 – Top Golf
them. Different people in the church make
What makes the process challenging is up the body. It’s not a one-man show, August 11 – Busch Gardens
the competitors are asked to make but a group effort that we join in.
knives out of materials they wouldn’t But the “F” isn’t a complete letter
normally use. either. We have this because we are
Whether its ball bearings, metal continuing to be sanctified in Christ, Worship Schedule
springs or car parts, the smiths must until we reach our ultimate destination
July 11 – When Man Fell
create a blade using odd pieces. This with Jesus in glory.
process involves melting down metals This is the mission of Forge Student Genesis 3
to create one weapon of choice that Ministries.
will be able to go through a series of July 18 – Who is Jesus?
tests. Matthew 16:13-19
Different metals with different
properties are able to become one July 24 – Jesus Defeats Sin
through the fire of the forge with the Romans 5:8
skillful hands of the master craftsmen.
Doesn’t that sound like what a July 31 – Jesus Rose Again
church should be? 1 Corinthians 15
As a church, we all have unique
stories and backgrounds that make us
who we are, but even though we are
all created differently, we are all still a For updates on activities, text
part of the body of Christ. Through “FORGESTUDENTS” to
trial, tribulation and a master
craftsman, we are united with one 57711 and follow us on
purpose: to serve the King of Kings. Instagram at @forgeflorida
In student ministries, we are training
individual students to be faithful
servants of Jesus, but not only are we
forging individual students. We are Contact James Summerlin at
also coming together as a body. This 270-556-1838 or
should be seen, not only in the youth

This summer, our Wednesday night

series is called “Good News” and we are
looking at the basics of the Gospel in an
in-depth way, making this a series for the
new and seasoned believer.
Beach Outing – June 29 Top Golf – July 24 Tim Keller said “The gospel is not just
Students will meet at the church at 8 Take a swing at being a top golfer the ABC of the Christian life but the A to
a.m. and we will head to the Atlantic when Forge Students play a round at Z of the Christian life.” This means that
Ocean to New Smyrna Beach. There is Top Golf in Tampa. we don’t move on past the gospel, but we
no cost, but students are expected to Top Golf is a combination of a video live through the gospel.
bring their own lunch. We are game and a driving range meant for all Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection
expecting to get back to the church a skill levels of golf. should mean more than a simple prayer
little after 4 p.m. Students will leave the church at 11 we say to get saved. This summer, we are
a.m. and will get back at 3 p.m. looking at how that looks.
Below are questions for parents to help
Rays Game – July 11 Cost is $15 and includes unlimited
soft drinks. Food can be bought at the guide discussions on what we are talking
Batter up! Summer is baseball season
range. Deadline to signup is July 20 about on Wednesday night. Not only can
and the Tampa Bay Rays are hosting
we ask “What have you learned?” you
the Detroit Tigers in a Wednesday
can ponder these questions around the
matinee. Busch Gardens – August 11
dinner table or in the car. Take advantage
Students will leave from the church at With one last hurrah before school, we
of these opportunities to keep
10:30 a.m. and head to Tropicana will head to Busch Gardens for a
conversations pointed to Jesus in your
Field for the game. Afterward, we will group trip.
family time.
head back to the church for the Students will depart from the church
regularly scheduled youth worship and at 9 a.m. for the park and will be back
will be finished at 8 p.m. Tickets are at 9:30 p.m. Students can either use
$17 each and lunch money will be passes or buy tickets in advance for
needed. that date. Bring money for food and
Parent Questions
Deadline to sign up is July 8 snacks at the park.
What are some examples of how
Rainbow Springs – July 19 NOTE: If you would like to host or
plan an event to add to the summer we live differently because of the
Want to float along the river and relax
in the sun? calendar, contact James Summerlin Gospel?
Student will leave the church at 8 a.m. with a date and short description of
and arrive at the Rainbow Springs the event. Examples are pool parties, How can we know that God loves
State Park for a two-hour inner tube service projects and outreach us?
trail. Cost is $25 per student for the opportunities.
tour. Lunch money will be needed on Why did Jesus have to resurrect
the way back. Students will get back from the dead?
at 2 p.m.
How can we be intentional about
REMINDER sharing the good news of Jesus
with others around us?
In order for a student to attend an event, he/she must
Talk about when you came to faith
have filled out a NOTARIZED permission slip for the in Jesus. When did you give your
year. One notarized permission slip is good for the life to Christ and how did you
realize you needed him?
rest of the calendar year.

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