MARUTI Idea generation

The Maruti 800 was a collaborative effort between Indian state owned Maruti and Suzuki Motor Company of Japan. The first Maruti 800s were sold for a then princely sum of INR 48,000. Now, after 26 years the same Maruti 800 will cost you no less than INR 185,321. The Maruti 800 launched in 1983 featured a 796cc, three cylinder, carburetted engine pumping out 39.5 Bhp at 5000rpm.

Idea screening Concept development and testing
Maruti 800 fans and prospective owners had to wait for three long years before their favourite car got modern(for that time) luxuries like air conditioning and a music system. Along with these luxuries, the Maruti 800 got a new form factor, one that you and I can relate to and one that is relevant to this day This, however came at a steep price hike of INR 15,000. India being an extremely price sensitive market didn¶t really warm up to air conditioning in spite of the scorching Indian summers. Predictably, the non AC version of the Maruti 800 outsold the AC version may times over

Marketing strategy & testing
The day when the then Indian Prime Minister Miss Indira Gandhi handed over the keys of the very first Maruti 800 to a beaming Harpal Singh, in an elaborate ceremony held at the nation¶s capital, New Delhi. Harpal Singh, who won the ownership rights to the car competing against other prospective owners, through a lucky draw, still owns that white Maruti 800 as his daily drive, a testimony to the compact car¶s ruggedness and stellar engineering to suit India and it¶s harsh and varied vagaries .One such young soul called Sachin Tendulkar, fell head over heels for the Maruti 800. So much so, that the little genius bought a blue Maruti 800 as his first car.

Business analysis
The Maruti 800, in essence is a direct reflection of the Indian buying patterns and the state of the mind of the average Indian car buyer. Hence, it comes as no surprise that many an MBA student chooses the Maruti 800 as the subject of choice for college desertions. Deeply ingrained into the Indian psyche, that is what the diminutive Maruti 800 really is, and will continue to be for quite some time to come. In a nutshell, the Indian auto industry began it¶s rapid evolution with the Maruti 800 as one of it¶s enduring symbols over the years. If all the 2.8 million Maruti 800 cars sold in the last 26 years were to be lined up, one could cover the distance between Kashmir and Kanyakumari over 3.6 times. And I will stick my neck out and say, the Maruti 800 is to India what the Volkswagen Beetle is to Germany

Product development
The Maruti 800, one of the small cars which made history in India, will be withdrawn from Calcutta and 12 other cities, starting in April. The reason is quite simple: Suzuki Motors of Japan, which has a 54.21 per cent stake in the Indian automaker, decided not to upgrade the car¶s engine to Euro IV requirements

Test marketing
When it was launched, the Maruti 800 introduced Indian drivers to electronic ignition and floor shift gears. The car also made negotiating India¶s pot-holed roads a lot easier. This piece of news will obviously leave a lot of Maruti 800 fans emotional, and some even teary eyed at the icon¶s retirement. That said, the Maruti 800 has lived it¶s life, a long life filled with innumerable highs with an odd low. Let¶s hope that Maruti resurrects the Maruti 800 sometime in the future as a new classic, something in the lines of the Volkswagen Beetle and the Mini Cooper.

Commercialisation Maruti 800 is a trusted brand for a middle class Indian family. Easy to park structure. It can be smoothly driven in an overcrowded street or in a narrow lane. Its lowest fuel consumption cost has made this car an evergreen choice for the buyer.4 meters of radius has made it a user friendly car. Small structure with 4. . It used to be the largest selling car in India until the Maruti Alto recently took its title.

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