An Ifa Prayer Book For Beginners Vol. I, 2nd Edition

Moving The Ase
By Alufa A.S. Umar Sharif, MA

Inc. whether in print. Sale of such reproductions is a violation of the Copyright Laws. Box 51282 Phoenix. 2006 ISBN: 0-9637036-5-X To order additional copies of this CD Interactive Book. write to: Ile Awo Orisa C/O Sharif Enterprizes.] Reproduction of this publication.Ile Awo Orisa] © February. digital. in part or in whole. Arizona. P. Published in the U. Inc. [DBA Ile Awo Orisa.Copyrighted Materials This book is copyrighted by Sharif Enterprizes. [DBA . Inc.S. Arizona 85076-1282 ii . By Sharif Enterprizes. without the expressed written permission of the author is prohibited. or electronic format. The House of the Mysteries of Orisa in Phoenix.O.

And my greatest sources of determination are my many students. mentor.Dedication This work is dedicated to The Source of Human Spirituality and to those who believe in the Power of Prayer. Priest of Obatala and sixteenth generation Babalawo. Chief Adeyela Adelekan and Ile Awo Orisa. Homage to The One Who Sends. Iya Ile Awo Orisa (Alexis Thielke) and Chief Adeyela Adelekan. and find peace in the world in which they live. Moderator of All Babalawos Worldwide. Chief Adetunji Olokodana. And to those who are sent! Homage to Orisa and Ancestors. friend. Acknowledgements My greatest sources of motivation for all that I do are my children and my desire that they and their children can live in a more peaceful world. whom I am both blessed and most grateful to have in my life as a brother. and godchildren who are a part of my mystic journey. My greatest source of inspiration is this magical realm in which you and I live. Much gratitude is due my first Yoruba teacher. And to those who return Home to Good News! Iba Se Olodumare! For more information about the authors Journey to the iii . friends. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: http://sharif-enterprizes. Also my sincerest appreciation for Ayanfe Omo Oshun. and advisor.

I. Vowels Consonants Useful Pronouns Useful Verbs Useful Nouns Self Quiz #1 Self Quiz #2 Useful Adjectives Useful Prepositions Useful Conjunctions Answers to Self Quiz #1 and Self Quiz #2 A Brief Overview of Ifa Cosmology Iba Se Orisa [Homage to Orisha] Appendix v v v v v v The 401 Irunmole Orin Ti Ishipaya Traditional Ifa Stories Future Publications Bibliography and Recommended Readings Epilogue iv . I. 1st Edition Preface to Vol. 4. 3. A Working Vocabulary v v v v v v v v v v v 2.Contents Chapter Topic Page v vii viii 9 11 12 13 14 15 17 19 20 21 21 21 22 23 28 37 38 48 49 50 50 51 Preface to Vol. 2nd Edition How to Use this CD Interactive Book Introduction: The Path of Ifa Consciousness 1.

and Prayers of Supplication for others. and clarifications. When a person memorizes the traditional prayers of a religion in a language that is foreign to them. But in the meantime. By the time you complete Chapters 2 and 3. it is often the case that they find it difficult to maintain an emotional commitment to the prayers. and you want be able to pray with deep passion and understanding.] Similarly. v . The world has changed in some very dramatic ways since then. The Working Vocabulary is presented in the next section. I’ve included additional comments within [] that were not part of the original preface and made only a few grammatical and format edits. This Ifa Prayer Book For Beginners provides you with a very simple vocabulary. a set of prayer templates.] Until now. At some point on your and my journey it will be to our benefit to learn the language of the tradition that we are studying and following. Teaching you the traditional Iriki will require a teacher more knowledgeable of the Yoruba language than myself. but the importance of Adura (prayer) in our everyday lives is as important today as ever before. from the very depth of your souls. if you are a student and believer in Ifa. and a list of Other Orisa in addition to those introduced in the Iba Se Orisa section. the prayers become void of meaning and passion because the supplicant is not understanding and ‘feeling’ the meaning of the words at their deepest level. you will be able to pray in the Yoruba language with passion. my preface from the 1st Edition. 1st Edition It’s been six years since I wrote the 1st Edition of Adura: Ifa Prayer Book For Beginners. there are a whole set of prayers or Iriki to the Orisha in the Ifa tradition which are to be recited in the Yoruba language. You will be able to create dozens of such prayers using the simple guidelines offered in this book. [This may be the reason why even after learning to speak a second language. I experienced this phenomenon when I would pray the Islamic (Salat) prayers in Arabic. I. this book is for you! This book is designed to help you accomplish that wonderful purpose. This brief little handbook will enable you to create prayers of praise to Olodumare [God] and the Orisha [Spiritual Forces]. while you are reading and thinking about Ifa Cosmology and the Principle Orisha. a person in the heat of emotion will most often revert back to their native language to express themselves. I. Vol. and the process of translation going on in my mind. Chapter 1. The Iba Se Orisha (Homage to Orisha) included in this book are not the traditional Iriki but are based on the traditional and accepted characteristics of the Eight Principle Orisha. a process that could take many years. and an overview of Ifa so that you can create your own prayers. your loved ones and friends. so that you can begin studying immediately. understanding and power. I repeat here. Prayers of Supplication for yourself. you will be ready to begin plugging your vocabulary terms into the Prayer Templates provided in Chapters 1-3. the solution to that problem was to master the foreign language to a level of fluency where one could recite the prayers with understanding. the process of recitation of my prayers. This edition of Adura also contains the Yoruba names of the 256 Orisa Odu from the Sacred Oracle of Ifa. and if you want to be able to make these supplications in the Yoruba language. For that reason. We sincerely hope and pray that you enjoy and benefit from Adura: An Ifa Prayer Book for Beginners.Preface Vol. After a while. After only a few hours of study and practice. [There seemed to be a fundamental disconnection between the emotions in my heart.

Mo juba awo Olodumare!!! Fun wa ni itona e ati iranlowo e!!! I humble myself before the mystery of God!!! Bestow upon us Your guidance and Your help!!! Alufa Umar Sharif .

and pray to avoid apparently bad things that do happen? Is our purely deistic understanding of the mechanisms of prayer sufficient to guide us into its true power? Are the mechanisms of prayer bounded by the words that we speak and the moments in which we speak them? Or do our prayers and their influence begin long before we speak them and continue long after we have spoken them? And more importantly. We often hear ourselves say. However. or Samadhi (a East Indian Sanskrit expression meaning that moment when the individual meditating and the object of meditation become one). Maybe prayer is the process of calling forth Manifestations of The Divine (wittingly and unwittingly). choices. Science and Spirituality have arrived at an important intersection and our scientific knowledge of the nature of creation can now enhance our understanding of the nature of prayer. or are they the manifestations of that which truly vibrates in the heart. But there are those who would argue (and I’m one of them) that WE call things into existence in our individual and collective lives by our words. Technology has already advanced since the 1st Edition was published and now we can bring you this 2nd Edition of Adura in this NEW CD-R Format. Perhaps prayer is that state of At-one-ment. are the consequences that we see the result of the words that we have spoken. and that this ‘calling-things-forth’ is both the magic and the trial of this world. Just click on the links and close the pop-up windows when you’re done. “Be careful what you pray for!” So why do we (human beings) pray for seemingly good things that don’t happen. and individuals from atheist to religious fundamentalists have their ‘prayers’ answered?” Perhaps prayer is more than a Dialogue with The Divine. an Expanded Iba Se Orisa. and New Self Quizzes and Templates. You will also find a wealth of information on our web site at: http://sharif-enterprizes. Nigeria and my continued experiences with Orisa have filled me with an even greater desire to provide you with the basic tools to further your Dialogue with The Divine. I with an Expanded Working Vocabulary. Thank you for supporting the goals of Ile Awo Orisa [The House of the Mysteries of Orisa] by purchasing a copy of this book. “Why then do people of all religious ideologies and traditions. actions. and that which we exude from the heart.Preface to this 2nd Edition My purpose in writing this 2nd Edition of Adura remains as it was expressed in the Preface to the 1st Edition. that I will refer to here as Moving The Ase. though it is contrary to the words we’ve uttered in our moments of prayer? We often approach our trials and difficulties in life as though they are the punishment of The Divine. Many religions or religious views argue that ‘their god’ is the One True But we should then ask. This book will offer comment on some of the questions raised. an Expanded Overview of Ifa Cosmology. Alufa Umar Sharif May Orisa and Ancestors Remove all obstacles from your Path! vii . You’ll find hyperlinks to our web site to help you with the lessons. It will also follow the same basic format at Vol. my journey to Ile-Ife.

If you’re viewing this CD then your already know that you will need Adobe Acrobatic Reader in order to view the book as a PDF document. At the end of each Iba Se Orisa you will find a link to information about that Orisa on our web site. You will also find a brief bibliography in the Appendix to increase you resources and assist you in enhancing your knowledge of our birthright tradition. or to the Internet. and fun. You will also need to be connected to the Internet in order to view information available on the Ile Awo Orisa web site. You should be able to have your Adobe Acrobatic Reader and Internet connection open at the same time so that you can flow smoothly between programs. you will find highlighted words that have been hyperlinked to other pages in the text. in most of the vocabulary lists and exercises. convenient. You can download a copy of Adobe Acrobatic Reader by clicking on the above link. As you read through the book. We hope this format makes it easier to enjoy spending time reading and studying the book. 2nd Ed. Adobe Acrobatic Reader will allow you to view the book in a scrolling 1-page or 2-page format on your computer screen. further enhancing your knowledge. The text also uses a color scheme to assist you in easily identifying various categories of information.How to Use This CD Interactive Book Adura: The Ifa Prayer Book For Beginners. viii . English words are highlighted in green. while the Yoruba words and expressions are in yellow. is designed to make your learning process easy. Most quoted material appears in blue. It will also allow you to zoom in or out to increase the size of the text on your screen. For example.

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