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gamesman problems

by Vaughan Clarkson

Problem #1: Lightbulb Moment Problem #3
You have three identical incandescent Given an m # n matrix A and an n # m
light globes such as you might use matrix B, prove that tr (AB) = tr (BA) ,
to ambush electrical engineering where tr ($) represents the trace of
graduands ( the matrix.
aIhk9eKOLzQ). You connect
two in parallel and the third in Problem #4
series with the first two. You If A, B are n # m matrices,
then apply an appropriate then AB - BA cannot be a
power source. Is any globe nonzero multiple of the id­ ­
brighter than any other? If so, ent it y. (AB - BA is t he Lie
by how much? bracket of A and B.)

Problem #2: Cost of Equilibrium Problem #5
Show that if p is prime, then a k k,
There are two identical ideal capacitors Numbers—© Can Stock Photo/agsandrew,
Android—© Can Stock Photo/kirstypargeter
connected by an ideal switch. One 0 1 k 1 p, is divisible by p.
capacitor is charged to voltage V0 . The
other is uncharged. You close the switch and allow the Acknowledgments
system to come to equilibrium. Initially the energy in the Problems #1 and #2 were supplied by Peter Farrell and
system is CV 20 /2. Later, the voltage on each capacitor is Problems #4 and #5 were suggested by Bill Moran, both
V0 /2 , and the stored energy is C (V0 /2) 2 = CV 20 /4 . Where of Melbourne, Australia.
did the energy go?

Problems #3–5: 100-Character Challenges
Here are some problems in mathematics. Can you prove If you have a problem for the Gamesman,
each one in 100 characters or fewer? (You don’t need to submit it along with the solution
to If we publish your problem,
count spaces within equations.)
you’ll receive a free IEEE t-shirt, so please
include your size. Thanks.
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MPOT.2016.2617404 Solutions are on page 5.
Date of publication: 10 January 2017

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