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Water Management Plan

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CATEGORY 4 - Above Standards 3 - Meets Standards 2 - Approaching Standards 1 - Below Standards

Position Statement The position statement provides a The position statement provides A position statement is present, There is no position
clear, strong statement of the a clear statement of the author's but does not make the author's statement.
author's position on water resource position on water resource position on water resource
allocation. allocation. allocation clear.

Support for Position Includes 3 or more pieces of Includes 3 or more pieces of Includes 2 pieces of evidence Includes 1 or fewer
evidence (facts, statistics, examples, evidence (facts, statistics, (facts, statistics, examples, pieces of evidence
simulation data) that support the examples, simulation data) that simulation data) that support the (facts, statistics,
position statement. The writer support the position statement. position statement. examples, simulation
anticipates the reader's concerns, data).
biases or arguments and has
provided at least 1 counter-

Evidence and All of the evidence and examples Most of the evidence and At least one of the pieces of Evidence and
Examples are specific, relevant and examples are specific, relevant evidence and examples is examples are NOT
explanations are given that show and explanations are given that relevant and has an explanation relevant AND/OR are
how each piece of evidence show how each piece of that shows how that piece of not explained.
supports the author's position. evidence supports the author's evidence supports the author's
position. position.

Closing paragraph The conclusion is strong and leaves The conclusion is recognizable. The author's position is restated There is no conclusion
the reader solidly understanding the The author's position is restated within the closing paragraph, but - the paper just ends.
writer's position. Effective within the first two sentences of not near the beginning.
restatement of the position the closing paragraph.
statement begins the closing