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12 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-163 Singapore 059819

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2018 Yeo Shih Yun, Marking Time and Other Preoccupations​, ​National
University of Singapore Museum, Singapore
2017 INKPULSE​, ​Muse Art and Books, Hong Kong
2014 Choreographed Collisions​, ​Galerie Steph, Singapore
2013 Learning from Trees​, ​Art Forum, Singapore
AWARDS 2011 Traces of Nature, ​Community Wall, Esplanade, Singapore

1999 18th UOB Singapore Painting 43200 Minutes in Munich​, ​LW44, Munich, Germany
of the Year Competition, 2010 ​ tudio Kura Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan
408 Hours in Itoshima​, S
Highly Commended Entry
(Abstract Category)

2007 26th UOB Singapore Painting SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS
of the Year Competition,
Certificate of Distinction 2018 In the Mood of Serenity​, ​Hong Kong Visual Arts Center, Hong Kong
(Abstract Category)
The Third Print​, ​Dohing Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
26th UOB Singapore Painting
of the Year Competition, Instinctive 2.1: (in)significant​, ​Objectifs Chapel, Singapore
Highly Commended Entry 2017 80 by 80 Esplanade’s 15th Anniversary Exhibition​, ​Esplanade
(Abstract Category) Tunnel, Singapore
2012 Sovereign Asian Art Prize Instinctive 2.0: (in)significant​, ​INSTINC, Singapore
Singapore Top 20 Finalists
All That Is Changing by Jo Darvall and Yeo Shih Yun​, ​Australia High
Sovereign Asian Art Prize Commission, Singapore
People’s Choice Awards Instinctive 1.0: (in)visible​, I​ ON Art, Singapore
2016 South by Southeast: Art from Singapore​, ​Yibo Gallery, Shanghai,

2015 Remembering LKY​, ​INSTINC and ​One Raffles Place Atrium,
​ rtspace222, Singapore
aSita​, A
Scholars & Ink​, ​National University of Singapore Museum, Singapore
These Sacred Things, ​Jendela Visual Arts Space, Esplanade,
2014 INSTINC 10: Celebrating a Decade of Art and Collaboration​, ​Studio
67 Gallery, Singapore
Project 6581​, J​ apan Creative Center, Singapore
2013 ​ ne East Asia, Singapore
Abstract Innovation​, O
Robotic Innovation (Yeo Shih Yun and Justin Lee)​, ​Youkobo Art
Space, Tokyo, Japan
​ 2012 Semi Automatic​,​ Lesley Heller Workplace, ​New York City, USA
Rhythm Section, ​Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Galleries 1 & 2,
Lyrical Abstraction: New Works by Jeremy Sharma and Yeo Shih
​ ingapore Art Museum, Singapore
Yun​, S
Itoshima Art Farm​, ​Fukuoka, Japan
Global Village 2012, Projekt 072​, ​Alkmaar, Netherlands
EDUCATION Wisdom Beyond Borders​, ​Ngee Ann Cultural Center, Singapore

2002 San Francisco Art Institute​, ​ mbika P3, London, UK
Kinetic Art Fair​, A
Post Baccalaureate Program Sovereign Asian Art Prize Finalists Exhibition​, ​Marina Bay Sands,
(Painting) Singapore
2001 Lasalle-SIA College of the 墨 (Ink)​, ​Jendela Visual Arts Space, Esplanade, Singapore
Arts​, ​Diploma in
Communications Design 2011 New Readings​, ​Jendela Visual Arts Space, Esplanade, Singapore

1998 National University of
Singapore​, ​Bachelor of
Business Administration
Singapore Art Museum
Volvo Cars Singapore
Penfold Wine, Treasury Winery Estates
The Westin Singapore Hotel at Marina Bay
One Farrer Hotel & Spa
The Four Seasons Hotel & Spa, Hangzhou at Westlake, China
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Center
Moët Hennessy Diageo Singapore
Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore