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Project profile
Online shopping management system.

Front end

Back end
Oop ,php ,mysql.
About the Online Shopping management system
 An online shopping system is a virtual market place on the Internet
where customers can browse the catalog and select products of

 The selected items may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout

time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At
that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction.

 Usually, the customer will be asked to fill or select a billing address, a

shipping address, a shipping option, and payment information such as
credit card number. An e-mail notification is sent to the customer as
soon as the order is placed.

Feasibility study
Technical Technical feasibility involves how difficult
feasibility will be to build and whether the firm has
enough experience using that technology.

Operational Is a measure of how well a proposed system

feasibility solve the problem user satisfies the
requirements .

Scheduler Typically this name estimating how long he

feasibility system will take to develop .
Current system
 Manual system.
 More paper work.

 Time consuming.

 Not more secure.

 Not centralized system.

 More rate of error.

 No information about all product.

Proposed system
 Customer need not have to be member for seeing
product information.
 Details of inquiries made by customer also shown to
administrator and employees.
 Response is given to the customer based on the inquiry
 Customer can navigate through the site and see the
product information without paying .
 Customer feedback is given to the employee.
 Customer has to be logged in for making an inquiry for
any products.
Hardware requirements
Processor Pentium 4 or later
System memory 512 mb
Hard disk 20 GB or above
Software requirements
Server-side Language OOP PHP
Client-side Language HTML, CSS, Bootstrap,
Javascript, Jquery , Ajax
DBMS Mysql
IDE Netbeans
Strategy used in this project
It is the model taking business and consumers
Interaction. The basic concept of this model is to sell
the product online to the consumers.
B2C is the direct trade between the company and
consumers. It provides direct selling through online.
For example: if you want to sell goods and services to
customer so that anybody can purchase any products
directly from supplier's website.

Structure Diagram
Structure Diagram for Customer Activities

Online Shopping System


Product Order Payment Account Auction

Search Add Bid a product

View View
Update Conform
Add to cart
Add View Update Delete
Structure Diagram
Structure Diagram for Administrator Activities

Online Shopping System


Product Stock Order Payment Delivery Staff

Add Add
Check Auction
View View
Collect Status Check
Update Update
Delete Delete Report Check

View Shipment Delete Add View Update Delete

Process Flow Chart(user)

Is the No
Customer Customer ID

Customer inputs Details

Add the new


Update r Register

Figure: Flow Chart Adding new Customer
Process Flow Chart(Administration)
Open Product Entity form

Input name Type,

Price , Quantity

Are all inputs No

valid? Message
Product ID = Last Product ID +1

Stock = Stock + Quantity Update Product

Save and Update

Figure: Flow Chart For Adding new products
Name of database table
Admin Order Details
Category Payment
Customer Product
Manufacturer Temporary cart
Order Shipping
Order Details User Profile

Database Design : Table
Table Design for Products
Field Name Data Size Justification Format Example
Product ID Alpha 8 This is a unique key for PRO#### PRO-0012
Numeric each products PRO-0065
identification PRO-1452
Products Name Text 30 This field keeps the name Nokia,
of the products Sony
Category Text 15 This field keep category of Mobile,
products Computer
Purchase Price Number Integer Products price is store in 10024
the field 15478
Sell Price Number Integer This field record the 10200
products selling price 16000
Description Text 100 This field describe the It is non serial
products description
Database Design
Relationship Diagram
Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram: Registration

Fig : Data Flow Diagram for Customer Registration

Data Flow Diagram: Login

Fig : Data Flow Diagram for Login

Data Flow Diagram: Add item Cart

Fig : Data Flow Diagram for Add item to cart

Data Flow Diagram: Payment

Fig : Data Flow Diagram for Payment Details

Product Details

Shipping Information


Future Plan
On this topic further study must be needed
future development for:
Will make more dynamic for the user.
Will make the site more popular add Auction.
Will make more user interactive.
This is design with kipping quality assurance at
extreme the system is developed with the latest
technology with the aspects of oop php integrates
utilities with keep ahead from the current area.
The documentation of the system is developed in the
view of re-engineer and the
ability of system to prove efficiency in timely manner
for every long period.