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Problem N.1

M2 , J 2 , R


C (?) O

M1 = 30 kg M2 = 20 kg J2 = 1 kg m2 R= 0.2 m OB= 0.4 m

AO= 0.3 m ω=1 rad/s ω'=0.4 rad/s2

The system shown in the figure is placed in the vertical plane. A peg, rigidly bound to the center B
of the disc, flows inside the glyph hinged in O, to be considered of mass and moment of inertia
negligible. At the end A of the glyph is a point mass M1 bound. The disk, with mass M2,
barycentric moment of inertia J2 and radius R, rolls without sliding along a horizontal guide. Note
the angular velocity ω and the angular acceleration ω' of the glyph are asked to calculate:

1. the angular velocity and angular acceleration of the disk;

2. the C torque necessary to guarantee the assigned motion condition.

Problem N.2




For the system shown in the figure, subject to the only active force F, applied in the vertical
direction at point B, we ask to calculate:
1. the groundbound reactions in A and D;
2. internal actions in the AC auction.

Problem N.3






M = 1800 kg JR = 3 kgm2 Jm = 0.8 kgm2 R = 0.4 m =1/4

D =0.9 R =0.8 fv = 0.05 F=250 N  =5°

The vehicle shown in the figure is placed in the vertical plane and advances downhill along an
inclined plane of "ALFA" with respect to the horizontal plane. The vehicle is moved by a longitudinal
engine having a moment of inertia Jm and able to generate a driving torque Cm. A transmission is
connected to the engine, of which the transmission ratio τ is known, the yield in direct motion ηD and
the efficiency in retrograde motion ηR.
Consider the total mass of the vehicle (including the mass of the wheels) equal to M, equal to R the
radius of the wheels, equal to JR the moment of inertia of each pair of wheels (front and rear) and
equal to "fv" coefficient of rolling friction of the wheels themselves.
An aerodynamic force F acts on the vehicle, of which the value for the assigned feed speed is known.
It is asked to calculate:

1. the engine torque Cm considering the vehicle when fully operational;

2. the driving torque necessary for the vehicle to have an acceleration of 0.5 m / s2.