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SonicWall Leans into Mid-Tier Enterprise Market for Next Phase of

Company Growth, Leadership with Expansion of Disruptive Cloud-
based Platform

 Disruptive, enterprise-grade, cloud-based platform integrates next-generation

endpoint, firewall and cloud application security with management, reporting,
analytics and cyber threat visibility

 Volume and complexity of today’s cyber threats targeting enterprises require

automated real-time threat detection and prevention through machine learning
and multi-engine cloud sandboxing

 New enterprise product innovation brings unsurpassed TCO (total cost of

ownership), security efficacy and ease of use with 12 new products and more
than 35 million new lines of code to the platform

 Next-generation NSsp security appliance and services platform brings advanced

capabilities for MSSPs, distributed and campus networks, and segmented
enterprise data centers

 Company extends go-to-market leverage and support for channel partners with
increased direct customer touch and focus on retail, state, local and federal
government, education and MSSPs

PRESS RELEASE – June 26, 2018

DUBAI, UAE. — SonicWall, the trusted security partner protecting more than 1 million networks
worldwide, announces an assertive new focus for protecting mid-tier enterprises from today’s
known and unknown cyberattacks.

Enhanced with 12 new products and solution updates, the SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform —
expanded for mid-tier enterprises — now delivers integrated cloud-scale management and true
end-to-end security that protects networks, email, endpoints, mobile and remote users.
“The past 18 months were focused on expanding our security portfolio and restoring customers
and partners to the SonicWall brand,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner. “Now, we
are delivering a disruptive, cloud-based platform that brings together endpoint, firewall and
cloud application security with management, reporting, analytics and integrated threat visibility.

“Our Capture Cloud Platform delivers increased value, ease of use and the security efficacy
required for today’s cyber arms race, particularly given the likes of Meltdown, Spectre and
threats leveraging Microsoft Office files and PDFs.”

This initiative is headlined by Capture Security Center enhancements, new next-generation

firewalls and enhanced endpoint protection capabilities that together enable automated real-
time breach detection and prevention, delivering enterprise-grade performance and industry-low
total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Enterprises have unique security and business needs that aren’t properly met by traditional
networking and cybersecurity solutions, especially as it relates to encrypted internet traffic,
which now comprises of 70 percent of all traffic,” said SonicWall Vice President of Product
Management Lawrence Pingree. “Enterprises require the ability to easily deploy and scale deep
packet inspection of encrypted traffic at cost-effective rates and performance across endpoints
and firewalls. They also need to implement automated real-time management, reporting and
analytics, with integrated threat visibility, across endpoint, firewall and cloud application security
— truly defining this as a disruptive enterprise cloud platform.”

SonicWall’s diligence to deliver low TCO and high-performance security for wired, wireless and
mobile enterprise networks — with all security services and capabilities activated, will set new
standards and expectations from partners and customers.

“Many legacy network security solutions either don’t offer true decryption and inspection of
encrypted traffic or they can’t meet the performance demands to scale it properly,” said IDC
Program Director Robert Ayoub. “Coupling high-performance security, cloud-based
management and powerful analytics with real-time threat visibility at the network layer is a
compelling go-to-market offering that is long overdue.”

Cloud-Based Security Governance, Compliance & Risk Management

To better meet the needs of mid-tier enterprises, SonicWall is expanding the capabilities of the
Capture Security Center to deliver the foundation for a unified security governance, compliance
and risk management strategy.

The SonicWall Capture Security Center offers the ultimate in visibility, agility and capacity to
govern entire SonicWall security operations and services with greater clarity, precision and
speed — all from a single pane of glass. Now, mid-tier enterprises can easily manage their
complete security ecosystem from the cloud, including:

 New enterprise-grade firewalls

 Virtual firewalls for private and public cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure
 Endpoints inside and outside the network
 Remote users
 Email clients

Capture Security Center simplifies and automates multiple tasks to promote tighter security
coordination while reducing the complexity, time and expense of performing security operations
and administrations. Key updates include:

 Integrated Threat Intelligence — Improve security outcomes from the firewall to the
endpoint with integrated threat intelligence between the SonicWall Capture Advanced
Threat Protection (ATP) sandbox service, Capture Client endpoint protection and
SentinelOne threat databases.

 Workflow Automation — Conform to customary firewall policy change management

and auditing requirements of various regulatory mandates, such as PCI, HIPAA and

 Zero-Touch Deployment — Reduce time, cost and complexity associated with the
installation, configuration and provisioning of firewalls at remote and branch office

 Flexible Reporting — Leverage more than 140 pre-defined report templates to gain
awareness of network events, user activities, threats, operational and performance
issues, security efficacy, risks and security gaps, compliance readiness and post-
mortem analysis.

 Intelligence-Driven Analytics — Use aggregation, normalization, correlation and

contextualization of security data to empower security teams, analysts, auditors, boards,
C-suites and stakeholders to discover, interpret, prioritize and implement intelligence-
driven decisions.

 Scalable Cloud Architecture — Scale Capture Security Center on demand to support

thousands of SonicWall security devices under its management, regardless of location.

Capture Client Endpoint Protection Gains Cloud Sandbox Analysis

SonicWall Capture Client endpoint protection, powered by SentinelOne, is now integrated with
the SonicWall Capture ATP sandbox service. With this integration, suspicious files that Capture
Client labels with a moderate threat score (but not high enough to merit an alert) may be
automatically uploaded for analysis.

With the integration of the Capture ATP verdict database, administrators can query known
verdicts for suspicious files on endpoints and servers protected by Capture Client Advanced. In
addition, administrators can whitelist their own applications to avoid false positives.
New Next-Generation NSa, NSsp Firewalls Designed for Mid-Tier Enterprises,
Large Service Providers

A cornerstone of SonicWall’s mid-tier focus is the launch of five new next-generation firewalls:
the NSa 6650, 9250, 9450 and 9650 models, and the NSsp 12000 series.

The NSa series firewalls provide increased performance and value with added features and
enhancements. The NSsp 12000 series is designed for distributed enterprises, data centers,
universities and MSSPs. Both series of firewalls leverage innovative machine-learning security
technologies in the SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform that deliver proven protection from
advanced cyber threats, such as ransomware, zero-day attacks and networks intrusions — all
without impacting performance.

The new NSa models offer a high availability (HA) solution for sound business continuity at the
lowest TCO in the industry. Many competitors require a full-price purchase of the failover unit,
as well as full subscription services after the first year.

“This new range of NSa firewalls delivers the performance, value and security our mid-tier
enterprise customers can’t get from traditional security vendors,” said Boris Wetzel, CEO choin!
GmbH, a SecureFirst partner and NSa beta customer. “Coupled with SonicWall’s cost-effective
HA offering, the new NSa series will help disrupt a segment of the market that has been forced
into antiquated pricing and feature structures for far too long.”

The NSa 6650, 9250, 9450 and 9650 include 10-GbE and 2.5-GbE interfaces to enable more
devices to connect directly to the firewall without requiring a switch. The new NSa firewalls also
enable more connections than its predecessors, including nearly five times the number of
stateful packet inspection (SPI) connections and 25 times the number of SSL/TLS deep packet
inspection (DPI) connections. Additional technical features include:

 Enterprise-grade 10-GbE and 2.5-GbE firewalls

 Available in HA bundle
 Up to 1.5 times higher performance than predecessors
 Up to 10 times more encrypted connections than predecessors
 Real-time TLS/SSL decryption and inspection
 Redundant power supplies and fans
 Built-in modular storage
 Powered by new SonicOS 6.5.2

High-Performance Security Services Platform for Managed Service Providers,

Distributed Enterprises, Campuses & Data Centers

Complementing the expanded NSa offerings, the new NSsp 12400 and 12800 next-generation
firewalls are capable of scanning millions of connections for the latest cyber threats.
With multiple 40-GbE interfaces, the NSsp series enables the high-speed throughput large
organizations need into today’s fast-paced networked environment. They support more
connected devices and the large number of unencrypted and encrypted web sessions they

“Organizations serving thousands of concurrent customers require performance and security

capabilities not found in standard networking solutions,” said SonicWall Senior Vice President
and Chief Operating Officer Atul Dhablania. “We’ve engineered purpose-built security
appliances to align with the performance, availability and failover needs of enterprises, service
providers, data centers and other highly distributed organizations.”

NSsp series technical features include:

 High port density featuring 40-GbE and 10-GbE interfaces

 Cloud-based and on-box threat prevention
 Real-time TLS/SSL decryption and inspection
 Built-in modular storage
 Redundant power supplies and fans
 4U rackmount chassis
 Built-in redundancy features

“The volume and sophistication of today’s cyberattacks continue to grow and we require
reliable, high-performance security solutions that can keep pace,” said Antonio Cisternino CIO
University of Pisa, a SonicWall NSsp beta customer. “Because of the number of end users we
service in a highly complex and dynamic environment, we depend on networking capabilities
that can simultaneously support millions of connections and mitigate cyberattacks hiding within
encrypted traffic without compromising the research needs. The new SonicWall NSsp 12000
series firewalls combine the best of both worlds: high security efficacy and high performance.”

Manage Shadow IT with Real-Time Cloud Application Security

SonicWall Cloud App Security is a cloud-based security service that enables organizations to
secure SaaS application usage and reduce risk of shadow IT. The service provides functionality
like Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions, delivering real-time visibility and control of
applications being used by employees.

A comprehensive dashboard enables administrators to discover usage of risky applications,

track user activity, and set allow/block policies on sanctioned and unsanctioned applications,
ensuring safe adoption of SaaS applications.

Enhancing Go-to-Market Strategy, Leadership

Fundamental to the release of these new enterprise-focused products and services is the
strengthening of SonicWall go-to-market focus and resources.
“We established the SecureFirst program, rolled out SonicWall University and revamped
SonicWall Overdrive — all in support of our channel partners to help increase their productivity
and success,” said SonicWall SVP and Chief Revenue Officer Steve Pataky. “With these new
products, we are able to build the capability to work more closely with our partners on strategic
accounts and in key verticals.”

SonicWall will use focused, direct-touch efforts to engage with organizations in key verticals,
including retail, K12, higher education, and state, local and federal government. SonicWall also
will continue to focus on its partnership with Dell while building and expanding relationships with

“We’ve been a SonicWall partner for nearly two decades and the size and sophistication of our
customers have grown significantly in that time,” said Mike Johnson, CEO of Cerdant, a
SonicWall SecureFirst partner. “In particular, our retail and PCI business has grown significantly
as a result of our partnership with SonicWall. They continue to deliver the technology and
marketing support we need to be competitive, and with these new products, we’re looking
forward to joint customer-engagement in that fast-growing business.”

Enhancements for SMA, Email Security & SonicOS

This focused security strategy also includes a full range of updates and enhancements to many
SonicWall product lines and services, including:

 SonicOS 6.5.2
 Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 1000 Series 12.2
 SMA 100 Series 9.0
 Email Security 9.2
 Analytics (Cloud or On-Premise Options)
 Global Management System (GMS) 8.6

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