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1. Make true statements about your habits or routines using the time and frequency expressions
below and the simple present tense.

Example: once a week

You say: I go to the movies once a week.

1. once a week ______________________________________________

2. every weekend ______________________________________________
3. twice a week ______________________________________________
4. on my birthday ______________________________________________
5. once a year ______________________________________________
6. at 7:30 in the morning ___________________________________________
7. on Friday nights ___________________________________________
8. in September ___________________________________________
9. in the summer ___________________________________________
10. all the time ___________________________________________
11. on December 31 ___________________________________________
12. at 6:00 in the evening ___________________________________________

2. Write your own schedule. Write an infinitive routine verb on each blank space according to the day
and the hour.










124 UNIT 8
3. Write your daily routine according to the previous schedule. Remember to use frequency adverbs,
time expressions and the hour.

4. Fill in the blanks. Use the simple present affirmative or negative of the verbs in parentheses.

Today, many Americans are under stress. They (move) __move___ at a fast pace. They (work) (1) long
hours. They often (work) (2) _______________ overtime. Some Americans (need) (3) two or three jobs
to pay their bills. People (have) (4)_______________ time for themselves or their families. An average worker
(have) (5)______________ too much work and (have)(6) _____________ enough time to finish it. As a result,
many Americans (take)(7) _______________ vacations. Why are Americans so busy all the time? One reason is
that they (want)(8) ____________ many things. They (believe) (9)____________________ that money brings
happiness. Another reason is modern technology. Modern technology (keep) (10) _________ people busy and
(give) (11) _________ them stress. Technology (let) (12) __________ people relax. We (wear) (13) ____
beepers. We (carry)(14) _____________ cell phones. We (use) (15) _________________ fax machines to send
messages fast. We even (check) (16) _____________ our e-mail on vacation! We (take) (17)_________________
time to rest. Even on Sundays, many stores (stay) (18) open and people (go) (19) ____
shopping. Today, stress is one of the top reasons why Americans (get) (20) sick.
5. What’s going to happen?

Match the sentences on the left with the words on the right. Then write the complete sentences
below using the future tense “going to”

D 1. I didn’t study for the test. A. take the next plane

2. He’s driving too fast. B. have a backache
3. Frank always eats too much. C. rain
4. He forgot to return his books to the library. D. fail
5. There are large black clouds in the sky. E. call a service station
6. Mr. and Mrs. Manning missed their flight. F. get a stomachache
7. Phillip has a fever. G. sink
8. Ellen and Bob are buying a lot of food and wine. H. have an accident
9. Marie is lifting very heavy boxes. I. take an aspirin
10. The boat is full of water. J. break her leg
11. John just ate four big hamburgers. K. have a party
12. Kristin is a terrible skier. L. get fat
13. Her car broke down. M. have to pay a fine

1. I didn’t study for the test. I’m going to fail. ________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________

3. ________________________________________________________________________

4. ___________________________________________________________________

5. ____________________________________________________________________

6. _______________________________________________________________________

7. ___________________________________________________________________

8. ___________________________________________________________________

9. ________________________________________________________________________

10. __________________________________________________________________

11. ___________________________________________________________________

12. __________________________________________________________________

13. __________________________________________________________________
Exercise 1: Look at the first picture. Complete these sentences with the verb in the brackets. Put each verb in
the present continuous.

a. The bus on a road. (travel)

b. One man on the bus a newspaper. (read)
c. A woman in her bag. (look)
d. A man on his mobile phone. (talk)
e. The passengers on the bus. (sit)

Exercise 2: Look at the second picture. Complete these sentences with the verb
in the brackets. Put each verb in the present continuous.
a. The students in a classroom. (sit)
b. The teacher to them. (talk)
c. He at the students. (look)
d. He them Math. (teach)
e. The students to the teacher. (listen)

Exercise 3: Look at the third picture. Answer the questions by

completing each answer. Use the verb in brackets in your
answer. Put the verb in the present continuous. One is done for
you as an example.

Is the woman watching television? –

No, she isn't watching television. She is working on a computer.
a. Is the woman singing?
No, . (sing) She on the telephone. (talk)
b. Is the woman wearing a T-shirt?
No, a T-shirt. (wear) She shirt and a jacket. (wear)
c. Is the woman holding a coffee cup?
No, a coffee cup. (hold) She the telephone. (hold)
d. Is the woman standing?
No, . (stand) She at her desk.(sit)

Exercise 4: Look at the last picture. Answer the questions about the picture. Use yes, he is / no, he isn't / etc. One
is done for you as an example.
Is the man swimming? Now answer these questions about yourself:
No, he isn't.
Is the man bungy jumping? Are you wearing jeans? _____________________

a. Is the man running? Are you holding a pen? _____________________

Are you doing this worksheet?________________

b. Is the man wearing a suit.

Are you standing?__________________________

c. Is the man holding a suitcase?